Trend Alert: The Forehead Headband


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What do Mischa Barton, Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie all have in common? They’re all embracing their inner hippie by sporting the forehead headband.

Now, we have to admit, we weren’t on board with this trend at first. Seriously, why not just push the headband back off your forehead? But after much consideration, and a few times actually sporting the trend ourselves, we’re convinced … once in awhile, it’s fun to feel like a flower child! And tons of fabulous fashion and accessory designers are getting in on the trend by creating headbands specifically for the purpose of being worn around the forehead, not pushed back up onto the crown. Check out our new faves.

Forever 21 Braided Headband.jpgForever 21 Fab Dual Braided Headband

With the word “fab” in the name, how can this one go wrong? The style is, well, fab … not to mention the amazing price. And we’re totally on board with the gorgeous pink metallic braiding.

$1.50 at

Alex and Ani Feather Headband.jpgAlex and Ani Phoenix Feather Headband

Phoenix feather? Wow, we’re now totally jonesing for the next Harry Potter movie. But seriously, this leather iteration with feather detailing is just too amazing for words.

$48 at

Free People Flower Headband.jpgFree People Large Evening Flower Stretch Headband

We honestly didn’t think we’d see the day when this style became appropriate for cocktail parties. But this black stunner really gets the job done admirably!

$28 at

Check out the rest at StyleBakery!



    1. beth says:

      ugh. this is one trend I wish would just die…

    2. Jillian says:

      This "trend" is so stupid. I hate it! They are a couple kids on campus doing the headband thing and they always look like dumbasses because the headband slides up their heads, pushing their hair up also and the just look like aliens. It's not cute. If anything, this trend is overrated and the only people that can adequately pull this look off are trying-too-hard faux hipsters.

    3. Megan says:

      I love this trend. I'm all about anything from the past. I also believe that nicole richie can do no wrong fashionable. love her.

    4. JM says:

      Isn't this "trend" old news?

      Didn't it start with the MGMT boys…like a year ago.

      I thought trends were current?

    5. samantha says:

      I HATE this trend. It makes people look ridiculous and, moreover, retarded.

    6. Anna says:

      No way. I refuse. There is a REASON this look died out with the hippies. Unless you are on some kind of drug, there is no way this is an ok look LOL

    7. […] that the dress is really the only accessory you need. But, if you wanna add a little more pizazz, a forehead headband, sunglasses and bangles should do the […]

    8. […] that the dress is really the only accessory you need. But, if you wanna add a little more pizazz, a forehead headband, sunglasses and bangles should do the […]

    9. Elisa says:


      forehead headbands are the BEST.

      i rock them all the time.

      i mean its cute AND can make your hair look better if shitty.


      hungover? hello….forehead headband + messy hair = FAB.

      …the only reason people put down this trend is because they arent able to pull it off themselves….seriously people, stop the hatin'. CHRIST!


    10. Dee says:

      Haters are just jealous cos they don't look good in it.😀

      Absolutely love this trend; my mum thinks the opposite.


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    12. Abubysacy says:

      Привет всем! Форум просто супер =)

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