The 7 Best Web Time-Wasters


It’s Monday morning.

Are you sick of studying?

Bored out of your mind?

Too tired to get up and get your ass to class? (I know, FML.)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the following list of websites and things to do may help bring some joy into your life. The internet is a black hole of time-wasters, but these are by far the best. Well, besides CollegeCandy, duh hickey.

StumbleUpon – This is probably by far the coolest Firefox/Internet Explorer/anything application ever. When I mean it never gets boring, it never gets boring. The way it works is this: you sign up with the site, and are next given a huge list of different topics and things that interest you (whether it be Medieval History or bargain shopping). After making your selections, you download the StumbleUpon toolbar, conveniently located in your browser. You then click “Stumble,” and this brings you to a seemingly endless amount of sites that are within the interests you picked. It’s not just for finding cool websites though: you can also “stumble” on news stories, funny pictures and videos, and the like. This is possibly the greatest – and most fun – time waster of all time, and I highly recommend it. There’s something for everyone!

I Am Bored – As far as boredom websites go, this is the creme de la creme. It’s a bit raunchier than similar sites and has much more unique stuff on it. It has games, weird news stories, strange/cool videos and interesting pictures, among a million other things. Where else would I discover that there’s a children’s furniture company that makes a Cinderella carriage bed (that costs $47,000)? Answer: nowhere.

Pogo Games – Sort of self explanatory. It has tons of different kinds of games, and each time you play you win tokens that go to..something. I’m not exactly sure, but there is something. Either way, it’s always satisfying to see that you’ve won 600 tokens upon finishing a game of solitaire.

Angry Alien – In contrast to the name, this website has videos known as “30 Second Bunny Films.” In other words, it’s your favorite movies being acted out in 30 seconds by bunnies. Although they’re always doing the clips for new movies, seeing an angry rabbit reenact The Shining rarely gets old.

YTMND – The acronym stands for “you the man now dawg.” I have no idea how it relates to the content on the website, but it is what it is. The genius of this site is just the simplicity of it. Users basically just make these pages with video, audio and maybe one or two pictures on it, but still manage to make it hilarious. Take this one, about a cold poptart. The graphic is weird, yes, but the audio is quite amusing (and it does speak the truth – the PopTart wrapper does indeed say to put it in the microwave for 3 seconds). I suppose you need to have a certain sense of humor for it, but I think most people still enjoy it.

Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger – Everybody likes adorable animals and a good LOLcat now and then.

There you have it. Happy time-wasting!



    1. Rachel says:

      I just discovered Sporcle ( – they call themselves "mentally stimulating diversions" – everything you could ever want to be quizzed on!

    2. Brittney says: or now called

      It has a lot of fun games to waste time.

    3. Gwenivere says:

      The 30 second bunnies from Starz are hilarious. I discovered that a few months ago. They just never get old. I also have the "I can has cheezburger" app for my iPhone. I look at it if I'm feeling down. Those cats are so cute and what people write are hysterical!

    4. Honey says:

      Tokens have no monetary value, but are used to enter daily, weekly or monthly prise drawings on The more tokens you win playing games, the more tickets that you can enter. There is an age restriction to who can win prizes depending on

      where you live.If you belong to Club Pogo, you can use the tokens to dress up your personal avatar — basiscally the more you play, the more you can go shopping for viritual clothes and goodies.

      Full disclosure: I work at

    5. mk says:

      in addition to wasting tons and tons of time, also a good ab workout from laughing….

    6. Regina says:

      I know it sounds crazy, but Cracked magazine's website has some of the funniest lists I've ever read. '9 Most BadAss Bible Verses', '7 People Who Lost a Deathmatch with Dignity', and there are a TON about movies. I can get lost on that site for hours…

    7. […] were so busy we barely had time to breathe, let alone sit at home and waste time online. It’s a good thing we have a giant purse; no need to stop at home when we can load everything […]

    8. […] were so busy we barely had time to breathe, let alone sit at home and waste time online. It’s a good thing we have a giant purse; no need to stop at home when we can load everything […]

    9. Abby says:

      This article introduced to me and I have been HOOKED ever since!! I have introduced it to a few friends who have now also become addicted…BEST THING ON THE INTERNET!!!! -other than cc of course😉

    10. Pete says:

      Here is a site I put together of things to do online for free when you are bored.

    11. […] 9. Waste some more time online: Check out our list of instant boredom killers. […]

    12. Rob says:

      Try this great Time Wasting website! – !
      Rank everything on the planet!

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