I Want a Boyfriend

slogantee2.JPG“My Boyfriend” is a phrase many of us single ladies would like to add to our vocabulary.

Some of us are the Charlottes who are happy knowing at the end of the day there is a guy that will be thinking about us before we fall asleep. Some of us are the Samanthas who are happy knowing we have a guy we can shag before we fall asleep. Ahh, and then there are those in between-ers like myself. We want someone to love and shag us before we tuck in for the night.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s no wonder we’re all looking for that special person to “complete” us.

Having a boyfriend brings about a sense of pride and accomplishment. It gives us all feelings of worth, self esteem and validation. Oh, and a serious case of the butterflies.

As sad as that may be, it’s the truth. Sure, the powerful and independent woman can find all of that on her own, but the fact is we’ve been taught our whole lives to want a boyfriend. Case in point: romantic movies. Those friggin’ things don’t do jack sh!t for a single girl besides motivate those starry-eyed expectations of how the majority of real guys act. Homegirl, I’m not talkin’ only about movies along the lines of “The Notebook” either. Those Disney Princess movies of carpet rides and glass slippers laced our childhood hopes of boyfriends with metaphorical crack before we got our training wheels off.

So yes, I want a boyfriend! You want a boyfriend! Your dog wants a boyfriend!

And there is nothing wrong with that. It is normal to want to have someone to talk to at the end of the day and to remind you how amazing you are. Someone who is going to give you bear hugs, forehead kisses, and be an olympic gold-medalist cuddler. It’s a part of the human moral fiber.

So for those cynical singles who won’t admit at the end of the day that they truly do want “that special person,” stick that in your juice box and suck it! Claiming you don’t want one may make you feel better about the fact that you don’t have one, but I truly feel that everyone deep down wants a boyfriend.




    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, I think it's true for some. I want a boyfriend, I never had one before and I feel it's my time to have one but I'm not really sure if it's my time.

      1. saran says:

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    2. Charlotte says:

      I completely agree. Who doesn't want forehead kisses??!?!? Your crazy if you don't!

    3. Olivia says:

      You may jump down my throat for this, but I am one of those girls who just really isn't interested in a boyfirend at this point in life. I will admit that I have crushes and occasionally want someone to do, but that doesn't mean I want them as a 'boyfriend'. I have never bought into the disney princess or chick flick formula that you need a relationship to make you live happily ever after. A boyfriend would be nice sure, but getting one is definitely not a priority right now, nor has it ever been for me.

      I don't have anything at all against people who want boyfriends or who have boyfriends, but I personally don't feel that I need one. And if you don't believe me, well then that's fine. Think what you want.

      1. qasimali says:

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    4. Bethany says:

      oh totally! those girls who are all "i don't need a man" kinda make me angry. it's cool for them to be come of as confident? but i don't ever believe them.

    5. amanda says:

      Thank you Olivia.

      I dont think its always the right time to have a boyfriend. Sometimes a woman simply doesnt have the time to nuture a relationship and be there for her man, and that only causes problems. Sure, cuddling, kissing, and all that other wonderful relationship stuff is missed, but sometimes there are priorities. some might want a boyfriend… in their own little perfect world, where the guy only pops up fr those go to moments. But that isnt reality.

    6. Tori says:

      K, totally have to pipe in here. I'm kind of in between on this one. Yeah, sometimes it's nice to have a boyfriend, but what I've found out the last few months is that it's better to not have a boyfriend than give someone the "boyfriend" title who you don't really "click" with, just so you can say you have a boyfriend. Don't get me wrong — do I want a boyfriend? Sure, it'd be nice, but I'm not going to just settle for some guy just so I have someone to snuggle with.

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    7. Nan says:

      Tori–agreed! It'd be nice, but we shouldn't settle just to have the title and a date for national holidays!

    8. cambriaann says:

      I love my boyfriend!

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    9. nwqfk says:

      As a guy I feel it important to warn you that you may get what you wish for. So, my best advise is get a gold fish and name it Boy Friend. If you change his water from time to time he won't leave you a scared for life man hater.

    10. Camilla says:

      I definitely want a boyfriend (a soulmate, a lover, a male friend…). I'd be lying if I said I didn't. However, I've come to realize that it might not happen and I'm going to have to find a way of living with that. I'm not desperate enough to hook up with just about anyone, just so I can say I have a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend (lover etc) is important, but it's not all there is to life.

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    11. steadycat says:

      You said this: " but I truly feel that everyone deep down wants a boyfriend.


      Wow. That statement doesn't make any sense. Everyone? Really?

    12. sauer kraut says:

      dunno why this post is a wordpress hot post but I guess some people need the affection of some other person before they feel good about themselves.

      i've never had a boyfriend. but i've been a boyfriend once or twice. what's the big deal?

      learn to stand on your own two feet. having a guy is unnecessary to you being you. having a guy isn't what a girl needs "to be complete."

    13. klokoller says:

      well after 3 years in a relationship and bein left dumped and broken hearded by my first girlfriend i do not consider hastly picking up a new girl and starting the same shit again a good idea. think its pretty much the same for the girls isnt it?

    14. sethlestath says:

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      1. mmv says:

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    15. Sarah says:

      @sauer kraut

      I totally agree with you! There's nothing wrong with being single or being taken, but if you're in a relationship just for the validation and self-esteem boost, you're in it for the wrong reasons.

      It took me 2 very long, arduous, and emotionally crippling relationships to figure that out. Now I'm with a guy that cares for me just as much, but I don't need him to tell me I'm beautiful/intelligent/funny in order to know that it's true. ^_^

    16. Gay Guy's Girlf says:

      LOL, yeah, sure.. I want a boyfriend. Just not right now.. and definitely not a gay one.

      Watch out, girls.

    17. La Madre de la Gata says:

      Hi Christina! I've been dating this super wonderful guy for almost 4 years. I love him to death, but only because I suffered so much before I met him. When I was in college (almost 10 yrs ago) I thought it was my time to have a boyfriend. All my life I'd been expecting this super charming prince to come and sweep me off my feet. I'd seen friends dating (and breaking up), I'd dated a few guys but I had never had a serious boyfriend until the summer of 2001, when I started going out with this guy that 2 years later broke my heart. It used to be nice, because I was finally able to proudly say " hey ya'll, I have a boyfriend." We were not compatible in so many ways, for I couldn't see it because I was blinded by movies, by "friends" and by my own ideas back then of what a boyfriend should be and how he would "complete me." After almost 3 years of some nice moments, but some lies and heartbreak we broke it off. It was HARD. I cried myself to sleep so many times you would not believe it. I lost 20 pounds and a lot of misconceptions about what made me complete. I still have fears, ghosts and things now that I have to face, but I partly blame that yearning to be "complete" for my bad experience. I was so fixed on having a boyfriend that all the filters I'd put others guys through were not there when I truly needed them. After the break up I started going out on some dates and finally found a guy who is in many ways my soulmate. We have no plans of getting married or anything like that in the immediate future (we're still in school, grad school that is) and we've had a lond distance relationship for about half of those 3 years and some odd months of going out. I love him, but in order to do so I had (and still am) learning to love myself first, to know myself … and to enjoy those cute movies without losing sight and perspective. Yeah, it is super nice to have a guy act all Jerry Mcguire and all, but in the end it can't or wont happen unless we truly know ourselves and recognize that in order to have the fairy tale we have to work hard, and work every day to achieve it. Best of luck and if you are interested you can read "The Princess who Believed in Fairy Tales." It's an amazing little book.

    18. Natalia Vargas says:

      Yes, I used to be the one who never ever had a boyfriend. I secretly craved for one, but I never admited this to myself or to others my entire life. I didn't really NEED one, but I wanted one. It was very hard to be the only single person in a crowd. Even though I wanted a boyfriend real bad, I kept that in perspective and didn't become a depressed person or whatever. I just lived my life, did my things, partied with friends, studied hard. When I wasn't expecting, I got myself one. Our relationsip is not romantic-movie perfect, but it's pretty happy. Now, I see it was a good thing not to have a serious boyfriend to early in life, I'm more mature now, and can appreciate the company of a man, without all the demands and expectations you have when you're really young. Some of them, because of the movies, books and novels. Just a note, I'm not that old… I'm 25, LOL

    19. Suzanne says:

      How about trying to convert the boyfriend you have to a husband?

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    20. jporter852 says:

      I can't help but feel that you are treating this issue as if a boyfriend is a possession, like a car or a ring. We can't "own" each other, not really. "Love is a rose, but you better not pick it, it only grows when its on the vine". Does he cover your back? Is there a sense of commitment? Otherwise, I guess, boyfriends (and girlfriends) make such wonderful accessories (until you get serious!)

    21. amylouise2 says:

      AMEN ,

      im the same, last relationship was about 1 year ago , i miss the kisses and the cuddles and the "i love you's"

      it sucks , so yeah i want a boyfriend too



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      9. venom says:

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    22. Michael says:

      My two cents: I think girls want guys for all the reasons in this article but won't admit it. I want a girlfriend for the same reasons. I'm brave enough to say it. More girls should come out of hiding on this. I think it's why you like bad boys. You feel you can obscure if from them while they deliver. Again, my two cents.

    23. I didn't think I wanted a boyfriend until I got a boyfriend, and now I know I wanted one all along. I know lots of friends who say they don't but are kidding themselves…

      But girls should never just get with a boy because they come along and it fills a gap in your bed at night. We're worth more than that. Lots more. Wait for the right boyfriend…or you'll end up writing a blog about how all boys are rubbish!!

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    24. gullybogan says:

      @sauer kraut

      This is the second day in a row that collegecandy has been awarded a hot vip post spot on the wordpress front page. Clearly something is going on that we plebs aren't meant to notice at a conscious level.

      I'd like to know the algorithm behind the hot vip post allocations. They seem to be very US-centric for a start. Maybe that's because WP is US-centric? I'm sure that will pass, now that the New World Order is sweeping in. I expect to start seeing hot vip posts about Chinese and Indian politicians any day now.

      And how do you become a hot vip anyway? Is money involved?

      (I'm Gen-X – it's my *duty* to be cynical.)

      Oh, and, speaking as a boyfriend, i'd like to say that we really enjoy being assessed as lifestyle accessories in this manner. I'd like to put up a post in which men answer the question – girlfriends: should you choose them to match your car? Do you reckon that'd get a hot vip post allocation?

    25. Cristina-Michigan St says:

      Alright so I guess this article didn't exactly get across the message I was intending for. I do not consider having a boyfriend like an accessory, and also have never had a serious boyfriend. I'm sure there are a lot of girls out there who've always had to be the single one in the crowd, like me. Being single is a blast! But at the end of the day, you always slightly end up thinking about that really cute thing your friends boyfriend did for your friend and it just makes you wonder. I did not intend to make it come across that you need a boyfriend JUST to feel any sort of self esteem. Any single girl should feel proud of herself regardless of whether she has a boyfriend or not. All I'm sayin' is, sh!t gets lonely and MOST of us would like some love (physical or nonphysical!) from time to time:)

    26. brittanyadvice says:

      I totally agree.

      Some of my friends always say "oh I'm so perfectly happy living my life as a single woman" but when their crush comes along and wants to be their boyfriend they are all like "Oh I could not live without him, he is soooooo amazing, he means the whole entire world to me"… In my opinion, If you really don't want a man right now then thats okay. But don't lie and say your happily single when everyone can see through you while you flirt with guys across the street..



    27. eunice says:

      I agree. Its in the nature of humans to look for a partner. I believe that's why human race is present in two forms. Maybe sometimes the desire is overwhelmed by lots of worries, works and pride but it is there. I don't think there ever existed someone who doesn't feel such thing, even boys. Even children sometimes feel that.

    28. Dekonstruct says:

      I don't think movies are what makes people want a boyfriend, that's just your standard "don't wanna be alone" reflex. I think movies do taint the "kind" of boyfriend one wants though, and not for the better. I hope those that want one, find one, and they are loved and respected. We all deserve that.

    29. Reaper says:

      You can have mine…. I just worked out that I'm not gay.

    30. cholegal says:

      yes everyone wants a bf

      i know i do!!!

    31. sauer kraut says:

      husbands are worse than boyfriends… or so the other half tells me.

      I wouldn't know, tho, cuz I iz perfect.

    32. […] I Want a Boyfriend “My Boyfriend” is a phrase many of us single ladies would like to add to our vocabulary. Some of us are the […] […]

    33. corrinfused says:

      I was wondering if someone could give me advice on this…

      I have been dating this guy for almost two months now and i really like him. We have done everything but have sex because i told him i wanted to wait to have sex becasue i have been hurt before so he respected my request.

      Over spring break he came home with me to meet my parents and he took me to his house to meet his too so i just figured we were boyfriend and girlfriend but he had never called me his girlfriend or talked about us being in a relationship.

      One weekend i was out partying with my friends and so was he and he wouldnt answer my phone calls or texts and i didnt hear back from him for 2 days. So i decided to ask him what we were because if we were in a relationship, him not answering my phone calls isn't okay with me, so i decided to ask him what we were in terms of a relationship.. his response was "I cant be in a relationship with someone I haven't had sex with." he said its a big part of a relationship and he wants to have sex before we make us "official"… but i feel like he is going to have sex with me and leave. what do i do?

      1. ytiuy says:

        Wow. your example is the perfect example of why girls shouldn't be desperate to get a BF just to get a BF.

        The guy sounds passive aggressive and he's trying to indirectly pressure you into having sex. I don't know why you need the opinion of strangers on this issue because if you're old enough to have sex, you should be old enough to know better.

        The solution is simple. If you want to have sex with him, go ahead but only because you want to have sex and not because you want to make your relationship "official". Sex is not a stamp on some document to officiate anything. It's perfectly possible that after sex with this guy, he'll say he realized he didn't like you that much anyways.

        In the end, it's completely up to you.

    34. Bella says:

      Oh I want a boyfriend too. Think all girls want that, but maybe not in all phases of your life.

      And to Michael I want to say, just because a girl doesn't want you or one of the other nice boys (I suspect you feel you fall into that category since you bring up the subject) doesn't mean she wants a bad boy. Could just mean she wants some of the other nice boys. So stop feeding to the myth. Most girls doesn't want that bad and dangerous guy…

    35. Bella says:

      … and to Suzanne I want to say: why think so traditional? Why does a boyfriend means less serious? Why do you have to think marriage just make it more "real"? There was a time when girls needed a husband for economical support and for status. We don't need that anymore, we can get that on our own. Why don't get a man for love instead?

    36. […] the paps. There are a lot of things we won’t miss when we graduate. There are lots of pros to having a boyfriend… And lots of pros to not having […]

    37. […] the paps. There are a lot of things we won’t miss when we graduate. There are lots of pros to having a boyfriend… And lots of pros to not having one… Whew. We’re pooped. Nothing a big bowl of […]

    38. rahul says:

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      amylouise2 says:

      Mon, 6th Apr 20093:59 pm

      AMEN ,

      im the same, last relationship was about 1 year ago , i miss the kisses and the cuddles and the “i love you’s”

      it sucks , so yeah i want a boyfriend too


      ur rahul my mail………

      india 27 male

    39. maverick says:

      i love and respect my gf we never had sex, we respect that fact yeah , but mutual understanding is more important couple that with love you'll find what you're looking for , good luck to you all ,i believe we all will find that special someone someday it took me a long wait of 27 years to find her and i love her with all my heart

      and happy easter ,

      hope my bunny come bring me some easter eggs this year😀

    40. has says:

      There is no reason to NEED a boyfriend. I broke up with a great guy after two years, and jumped right into a relationship with a new guy, not knowing how to function without someone. Girls don't need boyfriends, we need to learn how to live independently of men before we can truly leap into a healthy and serious relationship with a guy. I grew too dependent and ended up in an abusive relationship.

      Learn to live on your own first.

    41. Emily says:

      you are right!

      I want a boyfriend! You want a boyfriend! Your dog wants a boyfriend!And there is nothing wrong with that……

      I think it is really a special feeling that you want someone to stay with you to take care of you right now.

      But I also consider that you need make an effort to find your love. After all, love won't fall down from the sky. you need to do your best to make yourself a better person and catch the chances while Mr. right is around you.

      Don't be lazy to catch your dream.

    42. smileyy says:

      i agree with you, most people want a boyfriend..someone who will love them and make them feel wanted! i am one of those people. i just cant seem to find the "one" for me. ive had a couple boyfriends but the relationships only lasted less than a month. its frustrating because i liike a guy, and they dont liike me back and then i get all depressed and everything. the guys that do liike me, i dont want. its annoying. for once, i just want to be the girl that has the perfect boyfriend.

    43. Matt-in-cali says:

      I think some have said it, but I think it is more towards human nature that all human beings want a partner. Obviously with time we have evolved from cave-man times of having a partner soley for reproducing, to having a partner for more emotional stability as well.

      Now although i am a straight male, and boyfriends really aren't my thing😛 some guys, like myself DO want the same things women want. We want someone to hold in our arms late at night. Someone to wake up to a beautiful sunrise with. Granted most men dont care about these things, but trust me, we are out there girls… Just spend some time looking and asking questions, dont be so quick to judge.

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    45. Billmac96 says:

      I have been single for two years now. I was married for almost nine. During this time of being single I have figured out that wemen are attracted to guys that are not very nice and think only about themselves. I'm one of the nice guys that do thoughtful things for people yet get ignored. I am polite and considerate of other people. You girls say you want a boyfriend, then pass up the nice guy to pick up on an A$$. Its not like the nice guys aren't out there. We want you just as much as you want us.

      Nice guy

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      oh man i been with somany guyss i been in love somanytimes and hurt all the time ………….it was time 4 me to take a break…..find me a lil job go to school .dont talk to no guys at all focus and wat i was doing and now everything is bk in normal my mind is clear im ready 4 a relatinship my problem now is finding the guyyyy who the guy of my dreamss nice sweet cute sexyyyy lol but i swear i dont want to get hurt……… me

    52. Iain bisexual guy 27 says:

      I know lots of girls at my church Exeter devon u.k. & they all seem to hate guys making these suggestions you speak of.

      I'm a 27 year old straight guy & have never had a girl friend in my life. People think i'm gay & i crave a girlfriend.

      But, after so long as a singleton i'm beginning to wonder if the only way to get any kind of physical attention. sexually or emotionally is simply to go & meet men in a gay group in my home town.

      Please e mail me: I really think that women today are simply afraid of men? Please tell me if i wrong. love Iain xxxx

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      However, I disagree with how you think that a boyfriend can give you happiness and self-confidence. "Having a boyfriend brings about a sense of pride and accomplishment. It gives us all feelings of worth, self esteem and validation. Oh, and a serious case of the butterflies." No, honey, all that must come from within. Because if they don't, any relationship (romantic or platonic…but especially romantic) won't work right.

      Besides, have some confidence and pride in yourself! How can you expect a guy to love you if you don't love yourself first! ;D

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      But I can't find anyone to fill this void and it pains me every day.

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      I'm trying to be hopeful that someone out there would be "the one". But sometimes waiting just gets tiring😐

      1. jay says:

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    85. Ok guys these aren't the classifieds. If you're interested in finding a girlfriend, go find her elsewhere. No girl here who reads CollegeCandy is dumb enough to date a guy who leaves his number online for creepy strangers to use.

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      but, though this is the trend in this world. i found hope and i am secured and confident today.Hope this link will help you find that too.❤

    90. hannah says:

      I also never had a boyfriend, not even one..many of my friend, didnt believe me, coz I'm quite popular, people always thought that I had a boyfriend, but the real thing is NOT…but it doesnt matter you know, sooner or later u will find ur soulmate..just believe it..

      1. jay says:

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    99. I actually read the whole thing including comments. That shows that – need to spend time doing something else. I'll cut to the part where I need a boyfriend. It's not that I need it but I really want one. I want a guy that I can be myslef and still be loved, respected, and appreciated. I haven't been a long or serious relationship ever and I really don't know what's that butterfly feeling that everyone seems to know of. Although, I know I am not desperate like some of my friends are. And that is probably one of the reasons why I haven't got one and for other ovbious reasons like my grammar and spelling, haha.


      hole thing including chomments.


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      I mean ofcourse everyone needs love.

      It's just that it takes time and well.. "You can't hurry love."

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      2. Rajeev says:

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    105. lovesick says:

      And wow, can't you guys (referring to the ones above me)

      read? It says "speak up our mind."

      Not "post your id and number to find a lover"

      How desperate.

    106. Halle says:

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      To obtain all the above I must be as "complete" as possible. The saddest mistake a lot of people (men & women) and especially some so-called pundits make is push the whole "you complete me" nonsense. If you walk about half naked, looking for someone to throw half a coat over you, don't complain if someone mistakes you for the loser you are portraying and throws a few rags of pity your way!

      Be the best you possible and you will attract someone of like quality. This is what needy people do – sitting back and expecting someone to "complete" you is one of the biggest relationship red flags. What you're gonna get us untold pressure on one or both sides – the enabler, the enabled, or both. Such codependent relationships are pure poison and they never last.

      I do want s boyfriend. I do not want someone to @complete" me. If I want a boyfriend, but don't think I'm "complete" enough then I have no business looking to burden an ordinary human being (not a miracle-worker) with my needy half-nakedness.

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      But really, I don't *want* to have a boyfriend. He just happened to be there and I can't just give him up.

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      Sometimes I think I'm the one who is stronger and more mature than my friends because I've never had somebody around to tell me how beautiful and intelligent and great that I am. I've had to learn how to love myself all on my own. It's not easy but it's mroe rewarding for me in the long run.

      1. janu says:

        i think i knw wht u're saying coz i was or rather m like this in a way but u knw i've experienced it therefore i can say everyone shud fall in love only thn they'll knw the power tht emotion its amazing whn u hav someone who loves n for u to hav someone u can love despite the pain or the sacrifices it really is worth everything i've been loved inspite of the pain n hurt i've experienced i wud do anything to find tht special one n feel tht way again

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      I miss the cuddling, 'i love yous' and talking on the phone or online until 4am, what should i do ?

      -Craving Love❤

      1. janu says:

        i knw i've been there it feels amazing whn u're in tht phase n whn its over u feel totally lost but whn u come out of it u'll be a lot stronger so just think of it as a wonderful experience u got to witness so early in ur life n a lesson for the time whn u find the one meant for u:)

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    207. […] boyfriends are wonderful; we love them more than anything. But if they did some (or preferably all) of the following, we’d be sending a mass text for a […]

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    231. 987 says:

      wow 90% of the comments here read like really bad dating ads.

      But anyways, I dunno if the idea that EVERY girl wants a BF is right because frankly we're not one monolithic group. Just like some women have no ambition and some women knew they wanted to become president from the time they were 3. Some girls love math, some girls love music and so forth.

      I'm worried about the concept that a girl's self worth is tied to having a BF. In my opinion, that kind of "achievement" is the lowest kind there is. Anyone can have a bf, get married and knocked up. For you to really have a 'sense of achievement" the guy has to be GREAT *AND* the girl should have a life of her own too, a separate identity from the guy.

      I've known gorgeous girls with no sense of security and they're always desperate to find the next guy when the last guy has left. I never say anything to them and always lend a supportive shoulder to cry on but I've always secretly wondered why these girls were constantly selling themselves cheap for guys who are good looking (in their opinion at least) but terrible people.

      That said, I want a BF too. But I don't want just a random guy to call my BF. I want someone who can actually bring out the romantic side in me…and that won't just be any guy. Just having a Y chromosome isn't enough of a qualification imo.

      Yes, lots of girls want a bf. I get that. I also get that some girls feel proud of themselves when they have a BF (I get that too) but frankly if having a lousy BF who makes your life WORSE for u than when u were single is still seen as a form of accomplishment…well like I said. I'm worried for these girls.

      And frankly….there are lots of really ridiculously gorgeous single girls too…… trust me, simply having a BF doesn't make you better. Sometimes it just means no one else wants ur bf. I've seen quite a few really fugly guys that some of my friends are dating but of course I never say anything. To be fair, some of the guys that I've dated, my friends found fugly also.

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