10 Things We Wish Guys Knew


I recently ran into an article in Cosmo in which a guy listed 10 things he wished girls knew about guys.  Funny, sure, but not quite on target about everything. Anyway, it got me thinking about some things that I think guys need to know about us.

1.  We don’t like it when you fart.  Especially if you do it in bed, or while we’re eating.  Gross, not funny… and you’re wasting your time thinking that we’ll ever “learn to love them.”

2.  Don’t make fun of us when we’re with our friends.  Funny in small doses, annoying when you do it constantly.  Keep doing it and you’ll pretty much guarantee yourself no “goodies” for awhile.

3.  We know you’re hot, that’s one of the reasons we’re dating you.  But that doesn’t mean you have to act like you know how hot you are by constantly walking around shirtless, flexing your muscles, etc. Confidence is hot – cockiness is not.

4.  Even if you guys say you like us better dressed down with no makeup, wearing makeup and dressing up makes us feel pretty and boosts our confidence, so at least reward the hard work we do to make ourselves look good by telling us so.

5.  Those t-shirts with the giant designs on the front (or, worse, the button downs with the giant designs on the back) are not cute. They are douchey. Please don’t wear them. (Also on this list: sweatbands, sweatpants with the elastic in the bottom, slip on sandals and over-sized plastic sunglasses with giant designers names on the side.)

6.  Holidays and anniversaries might not seem like a big deal to you, but they are to us.  Even if we say we don’t want something for Valentine’s Day, we want something. It isn’t the “thing” we care about; it is the fact that you are thinking about us. So think about us, dammit.

7.  Thongs are really uncomfortable. You may think they are the end all be all of sexy, but they hurt.

8.  Our friends are like a second family to us, so once you’re in with them, you’re set for life.  Even though we know they’re loud and obnoxious sometimes, learn to love ’em. We deal with your boys, so do the same for us.

9.  There’s nothing we hate more than being called crazy or dramatic.  No matter how much you think we overreact about our problems, they matter to us and we need you on our side to support us, rather than making us feel worse.

10.  If it’s possible that there is anything worse than calling us crazy, it’s comparing us to other girls.  I know it’s a double standard that we should be allowed to drool over any shirtless picture of Zac Efron we find in Us Weekly, while freaking out when you make a comment about any female celeb in a bikini.  You might not realize it, but we automatically compare ourselves to every other girl on the planet, so saying another girl is hot makes us think we’re not good enough.  Crazy, maybe, but we’re just being honest.

What else do you want guys to know?

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    1. nikki says:

      I'd like to add on to number 5…… If you're wearing Ed Hardy, I'll think you're a douche.

    2. Kat says:

      #5 slip on sandals? what does that entitle? because I really like my boyfriend's flip flops on him, i bought them.

      #7 I didn't know other girls had a problem with thongs. I only wear thongs, unless im on my period (then i wear low rise bikini bottoms) thongs are comfortable to me and they make me feel sexy.

      that said…

      #10! I totally agree!

    3. Kat says:

      p.s. I'd like to second that ed hardy comment….automatic douchebaggery status in my book

    4. I'm glad someone else agrees about thongs. Try as I might, they're just not super comfy!

    5. Linda says:

      Thongs don't have to be uncomfortable..

      But after a while they are, nothing wrong with wearin em for a hot date though. .

    6. Casey says:

      I don't really agree with any of this, and the ones I can kind of agree on (like the ones about what not to wear) are just stupid and pointless, cause really who cares what the hell he wears. If he likes it and feels comfortable in it, then good for him. Are you going to stop wearing your favorite shirt cause some random guy tells you too? I don't think so. I don't know many girls who still think thongs are uncomfortable. I only wear thongs. And I'm sick of double standards. If you don't want a guy making you feel bad by comparing you to a celebrity, DON'T DO IT TO THEM! Guys are people too and they have feeling just like we do. Shit have some compassion.

      To any guys reading this:

      This is CERTAINLY NOT how most girls feel so you can basically brush this article off.

    7. Sam says:

      I completely agree with Casey. It's so ignorant of a girl to tell a guy he can't do something when she's doing the exact same thing. Different fit with the shoe on the other foot, eh?

    8. Liz says:

      Sorry, but i disagree with most of this article.

    9. k says:

      yeah i disagree also. how does a guys clothes make him an automatic douche. and i wouldnt care if my guy thought lets say megan fox was hot . she is damn hot

    10. Kevin says:

      So for those who think this article is telling guys what to do, as a guy, I couldn't disagree more. I am pretty sure the point is to give some insight on the things that bother girls that guys may not understand. This article isn't a simple declaration of things guys can not do. It in response to an article talking about things guys wish girls knew, and its pretty similar stuff. So before you go off all high and mighty mouthing off make sure you understand the premise of an article. Or you might just end up dating a spiked haired, ed hardy wearing, socks and sandals rocking guido…but maybe that goes well with your velour sweatsuit and orange skin.

    11. talkgreen says:

      Casey I totally agree with you. As a guy I would want my girlfriend to say an other guy is hot when I can even say an other girl is hot.

      I think its an agreement you have to do in your relationship.

      either it goes for both or it doesn't

    12. M says:

      I think thongs are very comfortable, you can barely tell they are there

      1. gurl says:

        0.0 i like to know im wearing an underwear (to be honest)

    13. Nan says:

      Kat and M–totally agree. I can't even feel them, and they don't get all bunched up in my jeans like regular bikinis do.

    14. Gwenivere says:

      Well Kevin, I did read and understand this article. I know what the reader was trying to get across and I have to say I disagree with most of her list. That is what these other girls were trying to get across. Not the fact that she is telling guys what they can and cannot do, but the fact that her list is supposed to be speaking from "us" and most of do not feel the same way as she does.

      They were also upset that she would have the audacity to say that she thinks it's ok to look at pictures of Zac Efron(why?), but her boyfriend wouldn't be able to say something like Jennifer Aniston is hot. That's wrong no matter how you spin it. There should never be double standards in your relationship.

      And by the way, I know you think that this article isn't a list of some things guys can and cannot do, but half the list is. Let me sum them up for you:

      -Don't make fun of us

      -Tell us we look hot when we dress up

      -Don't wear clothes we don't approve of

      -Show us you think about us by buying us stuff

      -Like our friends even though their obnoxious

      Those sound like commands to me. Even though her WHOLE article wasn't about what guys can and cannot do, she still threw in a few commands for guys.

      So yes I agree with what Casey said. We have our opinions just like Laura from St. Johns has hers. By the way, I don't fake bake and would never own a velour sweatsuit plus my boyfriend doesn't even come close to a spiked haired, ed hardy wearing, socks and sandals rocking guido. Maybe YOU should read and understand our comments before you spout off like an ass and insult us.

      1. collegegrad says:

        ok. so I can understand how you came up with what you said (the dash marks).

        for the first one, it isn't nice to make fun of someone, no matter who they are.

        for the second one, not necessarily that women look hot, just say they look nice. it's called a compliment. not necessary every single time men see them, every once in a while could be nice.

        for number 3, if clothes matter, then it isn't about the person and their personality.

        for number 4, what I think the author meant wasn't by buying women stuff, just by showing that men actually care. Maybe a nice homemade card, or a nice walk on the beach, or maybe a night in watching movies. Maybe something like that.

        number 5, just be civil. it's a give-and-take. if men/women don't like their relational partner's friends, then they aren't worth the time.

    15. projecktprometheus says:

      Here are MY ten things I wish girls knew:

      1.) anything relevant. girls are champions at being able to talk for hours without saying anything.

      2.) Math

      3.) Proper English

      4.) Anything scientific without being told by Oprah

      5.) Babies are not like those stupid purse dogs you constantly carry around don't try to get one because it's "cute"

      6.) Even the most handicapped man is more productive than you. Steven Hawking owns Helen Keller

      7.) How to actually do "work" not facebook, solitaire, and whatever else dumb shit you retards do on the computer while at work.

      8.) How to drive safely!

      9.) How to not get raped

      9.b.) how to not use your sexuality at every job ever

      10.) How to be less annoying.

      1. Common says:

        This would be the reason you're still single. For someone who has nothing better you do than to go onto this site and spend decades trying to come up with some form of insult to make up for the fact that "projecktprometheus has a small penis" You're a discredit to our gender and I pray that you die a most agonizing death. Or at least stop being so darn GAAAY.

      2. alex says:

        fuck u!

      3. Tali says:

        12 things i wish mist high and mighty (projecktprometheus) could figure out
        1) Just because girls don't talk to you about anything relevant does not mean that we do not know how.
        2) I do not believe that you have a 95% average in math so shut your sexist mouth
        3) Most women are better with english than men
        4) Oprah saying anything scientific is like you saying anything smart
        5) Babies are cute and for some of us who have them its because of the fucks who knock us up before we are truly ready and then don't stick around to support us
        6) Helen Keller was deaf and bblind and she learnt how to read in an age where there was hardly any technology.Nellie mclung and the famous five did more than you will ever do in your pathetic life. Shes the reason we have rights and if you dont like that go to hell 7) Don't use the term retard it is derogatory to people who have mental disabilities. We work and i hate to break it to you but we do more labour intensive jobs than most men as well and don't facebook on the job you misogynistic loser.
        8) More men have car accidents than women and they talk on the phone in the car more as well
        9) Men are responsible for most of the rape that happens to women and we take self defense classes just so we can kick them in the balls and hopefully impair them
        10) what is your definition of annoying because we find guys like you more than annoying because of your sexist additudes
        11) Stop being an ass girls ee things like this and think they are un lovable
        12) you are part of the reason so many young girls commit suicide every year
        13) go f*** your self because that should be the only sex you ever get

      4. Hannah says:

        Ya know what… Shut the hell up! every girl here is better than your sorry ass…And by the way i can do math, Im secretary of my school student council… So go ahead and say what you want, but your bitchy comments arent getting you too far in life!

      5. Hannah says:

        by the way i was talking to project!

    16. Lisa says:

      projecktprometheus has a small penis

    17. Lisa says:

      Here are my four things I wish projecktprometheus knew:

      1) How to keep an erection for more than 45 seconds

      2) How to get to second base with a girl

      3) How to not use the same towel that he masturbated into tonight to dry his face tomorrow morning

      4) How to download midget porn without getting a virus

      1. gathwick says:

        number 1 is simple just stand naked in front of your BOY FRIEND
        2 GUYS already knows the answers to that
        3 throw it in the roundly guys aren't that stubborn
        4 download a anti virus!!!

    18. projecktprometheus says:

      Wow, good one. Tell you what, for the sake of you pathetically feeble insult let's say that is true. I "have" a teeny tiny barely there penis. I will still be richer, more productive, better liked, and known for something other than being that drunk girl who can't keep dicks out of her mouth.

      Oh yeah and I'm a man FTW!

      This should enlighten those of who who have the mental capacity to be enlightened:

      Owned bitches.

      1. collegegrad says:

        well whoever made that website seriously needs to get a proper education and a life.

    19. projecktprometheus says:

      I'm thinking that Lisa is a middle aged, overweight "happily" *shudder* married woman doing this from her work computer. Get back to work you waste of a salary!

    20. projecktprometheus says:

      Just for the record I find it very amusing that Lisa only uses sexual deficiencies to insult me. This goes hand in hand with my statement that women derive their self esteem and their very purpose for being from sexuality, sorry fatass but the ship has sailed for you so you're basically a worthless sack of organs, you might be useful if your liver wasn't damaged from you binge drinking and you heart can barely heave that bulk out of bed in the morning.

      Anyway, back on track. As a man I and other men realize their is more to life than getting attention. That's why we accomplish things. That's why we build things and make this earth better for you ungrateful whores. But we don't need your gratitude, we are sufficient in the knowledge that we've done well. Men are smarter and you know that, that's why your only insults are sexually derived, that's all you have… excuse me… had.

    21. Lisa says:

      LOL!! Pulling out the Dick Masterson shocker.

    22. projecktprometheus says:

      Yeah let me know how the recover from that shellacking goes…

      Or you can kill yourself. Please???

    23. projecktprometheus says:

      Ah I see you're back from checking the link I gave you?

    24. projecktprometheus says:

      Oh and before I go, open you weak woman eyes and look around this web page. There are links for sex toys and ads for how dangerous oral sex is… what does that tell you about the state of media directed at women? Hmmmm? All you have to offer is wombs, AT YOUR BEST. At least that's what every woman, feminist, non feminist, Jew, black , ARYAN, will tell you. I have no reason to doubt them, women have never presented compelling arguments in opposition to that statement, never.

    25. Brooke says:

      How about if you're (some of the girls that commented previously) going to get upset that she is "speaking for all of us" then you don't go around saying how "most of us don't agree"? I happen to agree with most of this list.

    26. Gwenivere says:

      Brooke- Notice I said MOST not ALL of us. Geez, you even typed it yourself.

    27. Casey says:

      Really Brooke, I don't think anyone said they were speaking for everyone like the author did. We all said "most of us" or "I don't agree" And you are in the minority of people who agree on this post. So yes, we can say "most".

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    29. projecktprometheus says:

      I’m way smarter than you… all of you.


      1. A MAN says:

        get off your bloody band wagon and have a look around in this world!
        if you haven't noticed, you came from a woman, and without a woman,
        you're line of family will fade. I, along with many other many would
        appreciate this happening.

    30. Casey says:

      Ok first of all, please tell me you are gay…ok now that that’s cleared up, I’d like to address your list of ten things you wish girls knew.
      1. Yes (some) girls can talk forever and usually about nothing. However, it is better than sitting in silence by yourself learning new information that will never be shared with anyone because you don’t believe in telling anyone anything more “relevant” than your name, age, and where you went to school.
      2. Math? I don’t understand. 60% of CPA certificates go to women every year. That’s a lot more women who do math than men.
      3. Did you ever notice that almost every English teacher is a woman? That is in middle school, high school, and college levels. I have never had a male English teacher (and there are only 2 at my school)
      4. I have never watched Oprah in my life, I can’t stand the woman. I do however know the name and how to identify hundreds of rocks, I know the name’s of over 250 dinosaurs, and can correctly label the parts of a plant and animal cell and tell what their purpose is in under a minute (I, a girl, did it in less time then it took any of the males in my class)
      5. I agree with you on that one.
      6. This one doesn’t make any sense, and doesn’t even merit a response.
      7. I don’t work anywhere near a computer. And I (the only girl of 10 people in my position) have the best scores and make the most money out of my entire region.
      8. Men have a 77% higher risk of dying in a car accident than women. (ok seriously now, where are you getting your statistics from, cause I’m proving you wrong on a lot of these)
      9. An estimated 1.9 million women and 3.2 million men are physically assaulted annually in the United States. Rape is never the fault of the victim, it’s not our fault men can’t control their urges and are [usually] a lot stronger than their female victims. And those 3.2 million men who are physically assaulted annually were more often than not assaulted by other men.
      10. Sorry if I am annoying you by proving you wrong. Your 8 hateful posts annoyed the fuck out of me.

      If you don’t like women that much than please stay away from a site targeted at women (hmm, another indication that you are in fact a homosexual).

      1. Liek says:

        No.4 – No need to brag about that, because who knows maybe it was retard school😛
        No.7 – That sentence is complete bull if u cant back it up – ur the richest in ur area? im the richest man in the world😀

    31. evgeniy1712 says:

      Guys and girls, you don't have to argue over nothing…

      It's just a list, it's different for everyone, you don't have to agree with it. Don't like it? Simply move one, otherwise comment something useful…

      projecktprometheus grow up dude.

    32. tdar says:

      Well these are okay, girls expect and we boys should respect them.

      Anyhow i wrote "10 things WORLD should know", do give it a look:)

    33. kallie says:


      Wow. Your list totally pissed me off… but the thing that drives me nuts is the whole girls can't do math comment. Same with the science on Oprah. I'm an engineering student, jackass. I can do math in my sleep. Call me a nerd, but I'll likely be making more money right out of university than you ever will. And science on Oprah? That's not science. It's bullshit they tell the masses to make them feel smart.

    34. Shea says:

      Casey you completely made my day. Seriously. Thank you.

    35. Jon-Paul says:

      I'm all-in with Gwenivere says: Although not nearly as seriously! Therefore from a seasoned gentleman,

      #2 about the "goodies" isn't this using your assets for power and punishment?

      #3 no, no….'Cockiness is good' arrogance is bad, agree?

      #4 does this include the guy bending the truth? I mean, if you look good, you look good; and if not, should he lie?

      #5 simply good advice

      Honestly, the rest of it is plain fodder. Cheers!


    36. qmlk says:

      wow. this is stupid. and it just set women back by at least 8 years. Thanks for nothing…

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    38. Danyell says:

      well, projecktprometheus, I can easily say you're sexist, and you obviously have no right to be judging people on what they've posted on here, because you posted on this specific article 8 time, who doesn't have a life again?

    39. sauer kraut says:

      LKis!! eeewww to that thing about toweling the face… don't wanna know where you came up with that one but hahahahaa!

      I agree about the thong thing. Not that I ever tried on a thong.

      btw, if any of youse readers are larger than a size 30 (thirty), please don't wear skin-tight anythings on the beach!

      as for projeckt… he was looking for a rise. looks like he got more than the 45 seconds from all of yas.

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    41. Effff says:

      I certainly hope that projecktprometheus was only trying to get a rise out of everyone…I thought that the pig headed sexist assholes were diminishing in numbers. Also, if he's going to criticize women about math and English, he really should brush up on grammar, since in this particular post he used the wrong "there", a prime example of incompetency with the English language….

      "As a man I and other men realize their is more to life than getting attention."

      As for the article, per usual, people are reading far too much into this shit. It's a site for entertainment and I have never taken any post seriously! Stop attacking the author.

    42. Lucy says:

      Wow, what a controversial list! I liked it and thought it was very funny and honest. I don't know why girls are getting soooo pissed that someone doesn't have the same exact list as them. Get over it!

      P.S. Casey–you're fucking brilliant. Best comeback to projecktprometheus yet!

    43. Mands says:

      Completely agree with #5 – if a guy is wearing anything bedazzled – automatic dbag

      1. chick says:

        lol bedazzled

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    45. […] habits are just not worth it. Vitamin Water is now almost calorie-free! There are a lot of things guys just don’t know about us. Pretty people have it really easy. Lindsay Lohan deserves a break from the paps. There […]

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    47. Jacqilyn says:

      NUMBER 4!!!! The most true statement I've heard all day!

    48. So Sad says:

      So funny to read articles like this. Now I know why I moved to Asia. Why American guy's have become so wimpy to put up with girls like this is beyond me.

    49. The Great Land says:

      Actually I stopped reading at 5. This is silly, shallow nonsense.

    50. Mikey says:

      Typical woman's mindset in this article. You try to make your man 'perfect' for you. No one is ever perfect yet people are still looking for relationships. If you can't stand the other person you leave them, not make them change completely to accomodate your needs. Same bullshit here, double standards through the roof.

      Also, I wear shirts with big logos up front. I don't act like a douche bag, but if you think I am because of what I wear than I wouldn't want to have anything to do with you anyways. Also those big logo shirts from Levis are far superior to non brand name shirts that look 20 years old after 2 washes.

    51. name says:

      i totally dont get number 10

    52. JR Ewing says:

      If any man did manage to do everything on this list right, the woman would soon find another 'fault'.

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    54. Katie says:

      Hahaha. Wooow.

      I LOVED the article. Why is everyone being a hater today?! This website is for silly non-serious things!

      I found it very silly!

      I personally LOVE thongs though – the only thing I disagree with on the article.

      And to projecktprometheus: Girls like sex. No, they LOVE it. That's why we talk about it, and that's why we have advertisements for it.


    55. projecktprometheus says:

      I have mommy issues. I am 14. I need to beat women down to feel better about myself. FEEL BAD! ALL OF YOU! ACKNOWLEDGE MY MAD SMARTZ!!! I'M AFRAID WOMEN WILL BEAT ME IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE SO I PREFER THEY NOT COMPETE AT ALL!! I HAVE A NARROW WORLD VIEW!!!

      PS. Notice how I can't spell project? What's with that?

    56. Monique says:

      Honestly, I just think everyone should stop creating these lists and rules that go along with relationships. Without pick-up lines and secret meanings to everything people say maybe people could actually be happy. Follow these five steps of no steps.

      Step one: Find someone who you are atracted to and actually hope to have a future with.

      Step two: Get. To. Know. Them. Just talk. Don't worry about flirting or acting like someone else. I know it is cliche, but be yourself, because if you're not then they can't get to know you.

      Step three: If you still like them then come strait out and say it. I know it is easier said than done, believe me I've been there, but in the end it is better and simpler for all involved. Plus people of both genders enjoy the honesty and actually find it sweet. No pick-up lines needed!

      Step four: The other person should say something sincere, gentle and honest whether it is a rejection or not. Respect the person's courage! If it is an exeptance exchange numbers and forget that whole three days crap! Also don't obsess over a phone call. It is a conversation, not a love confession.

      Step five: Set up a time when you two can be together as more than friends. See how that works out and don't read too much into what the other person says or does! Like they are monitoring their every movement!

      Honestly, first date rules are your choice. Personally I play it by ear. There shouldn't be all the rules to when it is okay to kiss and all that. All dates are different and if you feel like kissing on a first date then see if the other person is up to it and then go for it.

      After that it is just living. no rules or structures. If it works out and you two can live to be around eachother, then great. If not, keep looking. So will the other person. No hard feelings, everyone is just looking for their Mr./Mrs. Right!

    57. Monique says:

      projecktprometheus, I know I am the tenth girl who wants to kill you right now, but I'll keep going anyway.

      You're an ass. Women are just as good as men and are sure as hell as smart as them. Women have invented windshield wippers, have contributed plenty to medical science in medicene and X-rays and newborn health, dish washers, colored cotton and plenty of other things that you use everday.

      And who invented the atomic bomb…lets see?

      Honestly I don't care if you are gay or have a small penis because with your attitude I don't think it matters. I, aswell as many women, am smart, independant, am worth a damn and would never put up with your shit.

      If you have a problem with it then you come over here and I'll beat you at math.

    58. Kelsey says:

      okay so most of these people are fighting with eachother

      and im just gunna stay out of it,


      i agree with most of this artical thingy ^_^

      sorry for those who dont agree with me.

    59. casebound! says:

      personally i agree with some of these.

      i think that a guy should be a gentlemen and

      a few of theses were about that.


      and my opinion is only freaks dont.

    60. NICOLE says:

      i think where she was going with the ed hardy wearing big printed t-shirts wasnt meaning any guy who wears this stuff but the guys who spend soooo much time making themselves look ridiculous. we do the same thing with the makeup and hair. but thats because were girls… thats stuff almost all of us do. and me. i think its unattractive when a guy spends more time on his apperance then i do.


      #10 yes no girl wants to be compared to another esp. if they are not celebs. but i dont think anyone guy or girl does. and the people who attacked her mentioning how girls dont like it and not that guys dont either its because this is an article about what girls…

      WHAT GIRLS LOOK FOR IN GUYS: (well at least what i do)

      all girls want is a guy they can feel comfortable with.

      a guy who they can have a real conversations with.

      a guy who will be loyal.

      a guy who will tell us were beautiful at our worst and believe that we are.

      a guy who will has the ability to be spontaneous and romantic a guy who when we are feeling down or ugly will be to make us feel like we are amazing :]

    61. Cai says:

      I think thongs are comfy, just getting that out there. And I disagree with most of this, but i'm simple. I'm not a complex girl who plays with guys, i'm straightforward, but i'm one of the few girls in the world like that. I just have to say to all guys, if you like a girl, just tell her. Girls have a hard time going up to guys, even if they know the guy likes them! You need to make the first move, I know it's not fair, but if you don't I doubt you'll get anywhere. Telling a girl you like them is probably hard, because you can never tell with a girl, but just do it. Most girls would tell you the truth, either they like you or they don't, but they wouldn't make fun of you for admitting it, most girls would admire it.

    62. MAN says:

      All of you people who are arguing on the comments shut the fuck up. Men are better than women. Get over it. God created MAN before the woman. And it was the woman that got the forbidden fruit and fed it to the man. On the other hand, men can't live without women. The same thing goes for women. Without men, nothing would get done. Without women, there would be no babies born. Were even.

    63. MAN #2 says:

      MAN, the beginning of what you said above makes no sense at all. Men are not better than women. Sure God created man before woman but he created both of them in his own divine image which makes them equal. And hate to beak it to ya but women are just as capable at getting stuff done as we are. And the babies part, that goes equally for men too because we have to get the girl pregnant and do our best to care for her in those 9 months.

    64. missyG says:

      "10 things we wish guys knew"?….well, euhmm…more like.: 10 things "YOU" wish guys knew. i totally disagree. why bother with th "… things we wish boys/girls knew"… " we hate it when"… " never…" . ofcourse there is nothing wrong with telling the opisite sex how your sex thinks, feels or wish you knew… we know that woman think differently then men and men differently then woman. so why bother trying to make chances in woman or men? woman are woman. and men are men. sometimes i love it when i hate something about a guy. it prove's he is totally a guy.

    65. Skylala says:

      Err, i dont agree with any except for the last

      and ther aloud to call me dramatic because i know i am

      what i hate is when they tell you your ugly, not smart or not great at what you try best at- and tell me to face it D:

      i will, only with tears..

    66. hanalulu says:

      Try to understand us before getting sexually excited ^ ^

    67. hanalulu says:

      MAN, the beginning of what you said above makes no sense at all. Men are not better than women. Sure God created man before woman but he created both of them in his own divine image which makes them equal. And hate to beak it to ya but women are just as capable at getting stuff done as we are. And the babies part, that goes equally for men too because we have to get the girl pregnant and do our best to care for her in those 9 months

      i dont believe i guy said this ^

    68. DryTeers says:

      I most defintitaly agree. Oh and if we r meen on our pierod just be nice e.e

    69. Greta says:


    70. Tom Tommy says:

      All of you cry about everything, complaining about what she said he said bullshit.

      Let's all just grow up? Okay.


    71. june says:

      Hey, I don't agree with anything the artikal said

      but i'm just a lady thet has guys pey me to slep wit em naked!

      i hav sleped wit about 38-76 guys, so now i'm lik rich baby!

      i hav too had sex with about 20-52 guys and i lik to were thongs, ther not comfy tho

    72. Dacy says:


      You are the reason why this world is still stuck in it's Christian-male-egotistic state.

      You would not exist if it weren't for women. Clearly, you were a mistake.


      I agree whole-heartedly with Casey. NOT because I am in fact, female, but because she's right, and unlike someone she actually did her research.

      PS. Women should do better to not get raped? Do I even need to point out all the flaws that statement has?

    73. Richard says:

      projeckt prometheus, fuck you. This is one of the most offending things i have ever read. What is wrong weith you? first of all, dont go to a conspiracy theory site for your information because thats what the site you showed is. secondly, if you are that much of a mysoginistic pig, shut up and stop giving the rest of us guys a bad name. you are the reason why there are so many women out there who think that men are horrible, we all arent, hell most guys are sensitive caring nice people who actually care asbout the lives of others. Its just the ones that arent are louder. ugh, i wish guys slike him would shut the fuck up

    74. Tori says:


      So where to start? Well, I agree with most of the things in this article. Maybe not every single detail, but hey, we don't need to get all bitchy about it hmmm? Anywho.. The Ed Hardy thing, everyone was getting pissed about that right? Well, I agree, not in a command sort of way, but just as a suggestion.

      Guys who wear those type of clothes have usually got the whole guido thing going on, sort of douchy, they spend a lot of time on there appearance, and if they use more hair product than me.. Well that's just a no-no. I don't use hair product by the way. Don't wear the chain necklaces with it either, you just look like a moron.

      Really girls, the whole thong thing? No need to get mad about that. That's your own opinion. Leave it alone okay?

      You just seem like you're looking for drama. Which is annoying.

      I agree with the Zac Efron thing. Guys are more chill about that sort of thing. Girls over think things too much so it hurts if our boyfriend compliments another girl. We compare ourselves and end up coming to the conclusion that she has something we don't. Megan Fox for example, has an amazing body… But also quite a few STD's.😛

      Projeckt…Whatever the rest of your name is. Just shut up and leave. No one appreciated your sexist attitude, and really, you just sound like an uneducated idiot.

      English? Really? You went to intelligence? Women are just as intelligent as men. And ladies who replied to his, you said what he said right back. That we women are better. We aren't. We're equal. Don't try and fight what he said with the same thing just opposite. It makes you sound uneducated and unorginal.

      Also ladies, you can't exactly say that the majority of girls don't agree with her, and you can't say they do. You would have to take quite the survey to become sure of that, don't be biased to your own opinion.

      And Richard, I saulute you for sticking up for the guys out there who aren't idiotic douche bags. =)

      Thank you.

    75. Dan says:

      Stfu everyone… stop bashing on that projecktprometheus dude,

      he was at least little bit funny you assholes.

      And for the article… my best advice is just dont be stupid guys ok? And don`t take any online shit too seriously, you know… both guys and girls can sting. So, who is better guys or girls? I believe in equality of genders and races motherfuckers, of course as a boy i see a little bit more of girls bad sides than guy bad sides (few girls almost made me commit suicide, overeacting much?), but that doesn`t means i cannot be fucking objective, sorry for the bad english(propably) and a lot of trash-talk, but itz da internet bitches! Have a good day… and if you want to contact me personnaly for some reason mail me at: the dot at the end of course)

    76. Dan says:

      Just wanted get new post notification now, thats reason for THIS (NOT the one above) pointless post, i will own you all… Bye

    77. Andy says:

      I'm a guy, and here are my responses.

      1-3) Agreed about these. Guys who do these things around girls are pretty immature.

      4) If we tell you we like you better with no makeup and dressed down… then why do you go to all that "hard work" to look pretty when you already are? Don't expect us to reward you, you're just being stupid.

      5) Couldn't guys respond to this one in the same way you responded to us wanting you to not wear makeup/dress-up?

      6-8) Okay.

      9) Then… don't be crazy or dramatic? We'll try to side with you, but a lot of the time we're siding with you on something that's REALLY stupid. Or crazy and dramatic. Don't overreact so much.

      10) Okay, girls don't like it when guys marvel at other girls. That's understandable. But you think guys are totally fine with you marveling at other guys? You seriously think that doesn't make us feel good enough? You're an idiot.

    78. zfire says:

      first of all that last comment by the project dude was obiasly a girl trying to make him look bad.second of all Casey and all the other feminists on this sight stop being nags, and projecktprometheus chill dude . third of all i'm going to give you guys a run down of what I think is true

      1 i dont like my farts eather

      2 he is joking

      3 well maybe i like doing that

      4 go ahead do it you still look better without it though

      5 we dont give a crud and we never will as long as we are wearing cloughs were good

      6 cant argue with this

      7 ill take your word for it


      9 stop being drama queens

      10 then stop gaga over celeb boys you dont know

    79. matt says:

      zfire, "cloughs"? i assume you mean clothes? lmao tard burger

    80. Small_Town_Girl (: says:

      wow,i dont agree with any of this either, haha..

      projecktprometheus, because your really going to get a girlfriend lol😄

    81. marzzay says:

      projecktprometheus, u really are a bastard… i think every gender is to be veiwed the same, its guys like u that make us think guys are bad, guys like you that abuse girls. if it werent for girls on the earth how the hell would you live? huh? i knwo u need your jackign off so your telling me that you want to jack of to guys? i bet youd enjoy that. without us girls imagine how this world woudl be. so you know what bud? dont hate, appreciate! cuz us girls are thee sexiest thing on this earth, ( of course next to my boyfriend😉 ) okay? now not much ot say, i think the other girls and guys have doen a good job on tellign you off. nad this article? well it was all in fun, althoguh to be honest i dont want a guy to read this and start treating a gilr liek this. it would jsut make me fele akward.:) GUYS THE ONLY THING US GIRLS WANT YOU TO KNOW IS TO ACT LIKE YOURSELF… trust me we will love you all the more for you😀

    82. Aaron says:

      this is just a list of personal preferences

    83. zfire says:

      mat you hit the nail on the head .my spelling stinks:-)

    84. zfire says:

      oh and greta i hate to burst your bubble but it is actualy scientificly proved that men are stronger than women.its in genes .let me explane since men have a higher center of gravity we need more muscle just to stand up.otherwise every male in the world would be born paralyzed from the waist down.

    85. zfire says:

      insulting me or any of my articles side effects include hemorrhaging,explosive diarrhea,implosive diarrhea,ownage,and getting mauled by rick astely.

    86. zfire says:

      oh i almost forgot greta just because more girls graduated college dosnt mean there smarter(for all we know they could have just been toga partying the whole time.

    87. wolfiekin says:

      Wow@11:00! Writer gets bashed by unexpected haters and offended audience…. my opinnion? Let`s see…I think everyone is different. The opinnion, this lady must of had this experience. She is expressing herself. I can honor that. However this should be taken as advice for certain people..Good LUck!!

    88. erica says:

      Alot of guys can be very immature. Any adult or near-adult who thinks fartings funny needs their damn heads examined! Do guys think its funny when they cough, or vommit or whatever? No.Its very embarrassing and can make a girl feel like a total idiot, even when the guy is being the sicko.

      Another point is #3.I HATE cocky, arrogant,full of themselves guys. I don't want a low-esteemed guy, but just someone who shows they care for more themselves.The last guy I was with and I dumped him and it wasn't even an hour. One thing he did was bragged about the size of his….you know—A total turnoff!

    89. erica says:

      That said, I shouldn't say alot of guys are immature.Everyones different,but fart jokes and arrogance….no. But, I like a guy who tries to cheer me up and is funny.

    90. DavidPaul says:

      @ Monique

      Wind sheild wippers and atomic bombs were invented by guys, not girls. Sorry.

      But i agree with everything else you said. And i think that the list has problems but it also has things that are correct.

      @ Projeckt

      Dude, seriously, lighten up. No one likes an ass. Your probably going to live your life without someone who will love you. And if you do, itll probably be some hooker off the side of the road.

    91. EFFING HILARIOUS says:


    92. Drocks says:

      10# It's exactly the same when u drool over guys. Do not think think that guys don't compare themselves with those muscular photo-shopped guys, u see in the magazines! Guys have feelings like that to, as much or more than girls, we just don't express them, god knows why…..That said, i totally agree!

    93. Dan says:

      I agree with drock.
      guys have feelings to.

      also girls, I don't like how half of you dress.
      all slutted up in your revealing cloths, then winge that everyone is perving on you or winge you got raped.

      sorry I am been a arse but that's how I see it.

      by the way I'm a nice guy and you would probably call me a loser as I'm 18 and never had a girl, so my veiw of the world is a little hazy.

      I see all the jerks getting girls and most of the time she gets abused, but the girl 90% of the time goes back with the jerk, and guess what, she gets abused again and it just goes on and on.

      and don't think I haven't tried to find a girl or asked them out to get told they already have a guy or they ain't interested, it just gets depressing.

      I'm just going to talk and talk, I'm feeling better already. well not much but a little better.

      I've tried dating sites, but they don't work for me.

      yeah I'm a little fat, but not much (I'm 170cm and weigh around 95kg), I'm funny, I'm nice, girls say I'm cute. but fuck I don't feel cute I feel like I'm ugly because no one wants me, I'm a good listener (even thought I'm deaf in my right ear), I wear glasses.

      any way who gives a fuck.
      sorry about all my whining (or is it whineing)
      sorry I can't spell or punctuate properly (I'm not good at English, only good at maths or science or ag or tech drawing and a few other things)

      well anyway good luck and thanks for listening.

      please note I am not insane. and now you are probably thinking sure.

    94. Samanta says:

      I dont agree with any of this. you sound like a stupid stuck up bitch. i dont compare my boyfriend to hotter guys cause obviously there is someone superior to him. everyone has someone who is superior to them so its stupid to compare anyone. and when i say i dont want a present, i really dont want a present but i would return the favour. i only wear thongs. i agree that ed hardy shirts are douchey but there are ed hardy shirt wearing girls who will go for them… and ive never been called dramatic. but you really sound like you are. guys are so honest, they dont mean to hurt our feelings or whatever. we want them to tell us to truth so why be mad when they do. the truth hurts.

    95. Eimear says:

      *Dan, I 100% agree with your last post. Double standards are a pain in the arse. Why should girls be allowed dictate what guys wear or whatever? That's just bullshit. If you wanna change the guy, then it's obviously not him you want to be with. Girls who do that, do us all a favour, and go find someone you actually give a shit about, because if you gave a shit about the guy, you would love him for who he is personally and intellectually, not for the clothes he wears. *Also Dan is completely right about the clothes thing. Girls complain about guys feeling them up or them getting raped, and I'm sure, well if you weren't wearing those slutty clothes, maybe it wouldn't have happened. Before someone bites my head off, I am not saying this is the case for ALL rapes, because certainly there is the unfortunate few who did nothing to get assaulted, and my heart goes out to you people. BUT all I'm saying is don't whine if something happens to you when you looked like a slapper.

      *Intellectual ability has nothing to do with your gender. Get over it and stop using the argument ''yeah well we're better at Math or English!!'' because it just makes you sound like a dumb fuck with no valid point.

      *It is scientifically proven that men are stronger than women. It's a fact. Also deal with it. There are more important things to be worrying about.

      *Also whoever wrote this article, I will assume you're a woman. I'm sure you're a lovely person, but should you not be promoting woman's independence and respect for themselves, rather than bullshit about guys that no self respecting woman cares about? Just a thought.

      *Whoever used homosexuality as an excuse for someone's ignorance, quit it now. You yourself are being a stuck up prat when you say something like that. People like you are the reason homosexuals have such a hard time accepting themselves and having others accept them. I don't give a particular what religion, ethnic race, gender, etc. you are, dissing homosexuality is NOT right.

      *I'm a woman, if no one caught onto that. And Dan, I'm sure you're a lovely guy and please believe me when I say the majority of women aren't that shallow. We just get a bad name from a certain few.

      *End of rant* =)

    96. Tony says:

      Well, personally I don't think much of it is fair at all. It shouldn't be right that a girl expects to be able to do certain things and the guy is not. I do however, believe chivalry is infact dead and you don't see enough of it these days, BUT, it could also be thought true that girls are the ones who killed it.

    97. Ryan says:

      Now, call me a traitor all you want guys, but i agree with quite a lot of the banter coming from the 'womans' side. However, i totally agree with the comparing to other guys, that deeply hurts.

      Now, about the intelligence thing, i would probably say women are usually more intelligent due to maturing before guys therefore paying more attention at school. Any guy that argues we are of superior intelligence due to inventions and/or creation is deluded, for many thousands of years men have successfully opressed female intelligence.

      I would like to add the fact that a lot of women here don't realise if we do comment on another woman, it isn't to crush you, we either do it to wrongly attempt to create jealously or we do it to show how much happier we are being with you and pointing out we love you so much more than some celeb whore.

      All i have ever wanted out of life is a nice girl who loves me for who i am, and loves me back, but instead you drive me to spend 45 hours a week at the gym or out running or swimming and spending my whole time extending my mental capabillities. I even spend 2 hours when i get up washing and styling my hair and making sure i have removed almost every possible letdown, but yet when i face you, there's never a single compliment for devoting a lot of my time to keeping you happy.

      Girls, us guys don't love anyone more than you

    98. wtf kind of name is says:

      hahahaha, can literally not beleive i just spent 10 minutes reading this whole thing, everyine is sooo stoopid!! why bother?!?!? wtf are all these arguments for, and (admittedly i have myself) why on earth do people spend so much time on this if they feel so strongly against whatever any says or writes, is that literally all u live for, to read through the internet, page by page, correcting anything u come across?!?!? the big argument and stack of insults closer to the top are so shit its ridiculous, u guys are so petty. if u want a girl u hav to learn how to talk to her so that she thinks ur interesting and (although most guys cringe) sweet/cute. be romantic!!! girls just hav to play along with guys, be honest!! and tell them if u like them. guys, u have to make it clear u like somone but build it up gradually. email/facebook is a great way to send a message to a girl if ur not seeing her for a few days/while. just say loads of romantic stuff/loads of love and each time u write, build up how much u let her know u love her each time. girls as well hav to understand that most guys are nervous and really unsure about anything they do with/around girls. learn about eachother, cooperate, understand how difficulot it is for eachother. girls be nice and try and let the guy know if ur interested. main thing is, if ur finding it hard or embarrasing or whatever, then it is even more so for the other half. go at it slowly and be romantic always works! however u hav to understand that if he/she doesnt like u u have to be gracious in defeaat and back off slowly, and let them know ur not interested but nicely. dont be cocky/arrogant/harsh/mean/fake. be urself gd luck

    99. Paige says:

      one thing is thongs are really guite cofortable and Casey i agree with just about everything u said projecktprometheus u really do need to grow up and stop whining about everything and I don t agree on a lot of this but thats just what i think u may think different and u can cause we r free

    100. Whisperz says:

      MAN, you are such an ass!!
      Men are so not better than women!!
      And by the way, god doesn't exist! Gosh, it's just so unlogical!! How can anyone believe that. Well. I really don't have anything against ppl who believe in god (I have many friends who do) I just don't believe itand nothing gonna make me change my mind.
      MAN, how can you say that!! Woman are equal to men. Of course there are some men who are smarter or more attractiv than some woman but there are women who are way smarter and pretier than guys too.
      Face it your equal to us.

    101. ManofCommonSense says:

      Girls may think it is okay to compare their guy with other guys because they compare themselves to other girls all day long, but guys compare themselves to their fellow man all day long too. If they see a guy with a cute lady with them, they immediately start looking them over to see what he's got that he doesn't. Guys also realize when another guy is handsome or appealing to women and that really gets us thinking that we need to improve and that we don't quite stack up to what girls want.

      We know that girls don't really care about looks when it comes down to a serious relationship, but guys think about that and really want to please visually. So tell us if you like or don't like something so we can improve. Just do it sweetly like ladies should. Thanks.

    102. kailla says:

      Seriously people. the comments are for commenting on the article itself. it is not for commenting on other peoples comments for commenting on things you disagree with and inn so disagreeing have to comment on the comments you disagree with. i guess what I just said is shit since I'm about to do the same thing. *inhaling* Here we go… I'm a girl, i don't really agree with everything in the article. for one, i don't care what guys wear, its no big deal as long as they don't look like hobos. I think that both sex's should keep their eyes where they belong if either is in a relationship with the other. and even if there not in a relationship; guys, please keep your eyes where they belong, girls will appreciate you for it. tho i do agree that if girls got stuff hanging out everywhere it might be difficult. Projeckt..A..whatever, get a life honey, you've got some major issues and that attitude will get you nowher.

    103. FU YU says:

      All this was pretty much just BS.. honestly the 10th 'double standards' thingy sums this list up. ADIOS!

    104. lol says:

      projecktprometheus is gay

    105. stacy says:

      first of all not all women agree, wish, and do what this article says. i personally like guys who wear t-shirst with with crazy pictures on them. and when it comes to wearing makeup and getting all dolled up even if its just to go to walmart ill agree that it is to make us feel better about ourselves but it only goes to a sertain extent. if a girl wears makeup to the point wear it looks plastered on their face…not so sexy. for the whole holiday thing, i can see its important for a girl but in my case, id rather spend that special day with my boyfriend and have a great time then getting gifts. this is my personal list that i think guys should know:

      1. what all women truely want is respect, loyalty, and trust.

      2. not all women plaster our faces with makeup, and wear clothes that require no imagination at all to see that woman naked.

      3. we really appreciate the little things. like a random hug, note, or comment that makes us feel better and know that you care.

      4. when a girl really cares about a guy, we mostly think about him and how to make him happy.

      5. if we come up to you and ask you or tell you something serious take it serious too. dont laugh about it, get mad, or be rude all of a sudden.

      idk thats just my opinion. i got a great laugh though with this article! and to that sexist guy…what are you doing reading this stuff in the first place?!

    106. zfire says:

      ive got 2 things to say first of all WHO YOU CALLING IMITURE second of all i wasnt bashing her i ment to put that all in one coment but zoned out and ended up not doing it

    107. zfire says:

      oh and by the way lol is that the only insult you can come up with because using that as a insult is douchbaggary at its finest

    108. zfire says:

      hey project i dont give a shit of what your name is there is one thing that we all agree with in this thread and that is you have no life and need to go to a mental phasility on the count of being a musty crusty rusty moldy toaster dumpser diveing sock devouring infected testicle

    109. RIKO says:

      ^you had a good rhyme scheme going and then ruined it. RUINED IT!

      also is she a dumpster diving sock or a diving sock devouring or what…? i'm so confused😦

    110. Dude says:

      Dude, the thing about the magazine people, if you talk about them guys, it makes US get so jealous, you have NO idea

    111. danny says:

      wow, this article is actually informing not like other sites where they say the same obvious things. thanks

    112. Karl says:

      I'm a guy but my friend says that thongs are more cumftorable and the last one, #10 is total BS. All guys care about is how girls think about them, everything we do is to impress girls and girls don't realize how much guys care about them. And by the way, we do think about more then just boobs. Guys want a relationship too

    113. joe says:

      project you give men a bad name, go get a life and do something usefull.

    114. Daniel says:

      wow I just read all of the comments and holy crap. I got a lot out of it. Oh and for that Project guy…. get a fuckin life!

      No one cares about how stupid or sexist you are. Me personally didn't agree with most of the list, but hey its my point of view and that list was obviously her point of view. No one should get mad over it. Anyways Thank and have a nice life.

    115. angel says:

      I disagree with most of this. its like shes ordering guys what they can and cant do. I just want my guy to be himself without having to listen to what people say on the internet or what the media says.

    116. Andy says:

      well on thongs.. guys dont care if they ant comfey. us knowing that our gurl iz wearing a thong iz a MAJOR turn-on. and would u rather have ur bf wearing a blank shirt with the sleevs cut off, or a guy in nice shorts and a DC tee-shirt? (with flip-flops) persionaly Idgaf wut im wearing cuz i got my gurl and i dont need to impress her anymore uz she iz mine, and idc what other people think about me. cloths dont matter.

    117. Jessica says:

      The only thing that really stuck out to me was number 10. I dont agree with this. Yes, girls do compare themselves to every other girl on the planet, but how are we supposed to know if guyzz dont do the same thing? Maybe both the guy and a girl in the relationship should both stay away from drooling over other guyzz/girls!!!

    118. true says:

      Most girl`s are shallow..

    119. Meeeeeee! says:

      What is Adam without Eve?

      Ps. How can you winge about getting raped???

    120. jon says:

      ok so you girls would rather wear disgusting slobby makeup and have us break up with you and desert you then not wearing it and feeling slightly less confident?? we dont mind small portions that much, but if we see your lips shining we immediatly start gagging, i almost threw up once. and NEVER put it on in front of us. and were not stupid you know, we know you dont like farts, no one laughs when they fart unless their under 5 in their maturity. but dont blame us or freak out when we do, its not our fault, and trust us we tried to hold it in as hard as we could but sometimes they just slip out. another thing is dont freak out about something stupid, my old girlfriend imbarassed me so freaking badly when she screamed and almost started rolling around on the floor in the middle of our school hallway because a guy liked her best friend, even though a few guys do. its pissed me off and i almost broke up with her because of it. also never ask what we think about another girl, especially if other guys think shes "hot or very cute" or something cause if we lie, then well feel bad and have it hanging over our head the rest of the time were together. if we tell the truth then our concience will be clear but youll get pissed off at us, which then pisses us off because, WHY THE FU** DID YOU ASK!?!? also never pressure us into kissing or anything, i know guys usually want to kiss sooner then girls but if you lung at us or anything it pisses us off. if you EVER pull us down to you and try to make out with us, especially in public or on a bus (im speaking from personal experience -.- ) we just want to give you a swift punch in the face cause we dont want everyone to be staring at us unless we dont get attached to people and date everyone, therefore we are a manwhore and dont care who we date, what we do with them, or where we do it. hope this helps! and trust me on all this, everything i said is very very important if you want a guy to like you

    121. Aidan :) says:

      i am a 13 year old boy and i have just seen all the comments on this page,i looked at this so i could see what annoyed girl etc and i find myself seeing adults arguing over which sex is better what a great example to the future generation .btw project wateva his name is is a gay spas.

    122. Chris says:

      Just read this whole thing for the past hour or so. Pretty funny stuff.and yes, I also disagree with #10. Us guys can feel jealousy as well.

    123. Kevin :) says:

      I love women:)…. This world has no time for sexism. ENOUGH SAID

    124. hsbro says:

      um wow incredibly stupid? that sums it up. i either already knew or completely disagree with all of this. so girls can dress up and wear makeup even though guys dont like it but we cant wear slides or sunglasses or designed tshirts cause you dont like it? to quote a song (cant think of the name at the moment sorry) YOU'RE SUCH A F***IN' HYPOCRITE!!!! i wanted to learn something to help myself understand girls more but all this is either totally freakin obvious or total bull s**t

    125. hsbro says:

      oh sorry i just read 10 uh you dont think we get jealous? that goes under total bs for me i knew girls got jealous buti thought girls knew guys did too. cause we do. so how about we can all call celebrities hot and everybody deals with it or if we cant do that just dont do it at all, guys AND girls. so yea like most people, i totally agree with casey

    126. ben says:

      ok well i think most of these are b.s (except number one…i completely agree with number one) and granted i dont know what its like in a thong, but number ten is bull shit. you should not be allowed to drool over pictures of any guy. do you know how much a guy tries to make sure that no guy is making moves or checkin our girl out? we get so pissed off just to hear that they were by guys without us. and most guys in relationships won't even be looking at girls like that. so to finish this up, no, you are not allowed to drool over any guy and whatever gave you that idea is crap

    127. Daniel says:

      My 10s of what I want out a woman to know/do;

      1) As much as I say that I like you better without makeup, don't take it literally I'm just trying to make you feel better. So put on that f***ing makeup!

      2) Please, for the love of god get a hobby (and no I'M NOT A HOBBY) besides shopping and talking crap about your friends behind their backs. Anything, something, whatever it's good for you!

      3) No, Yoga Pants are not hot, they are hot on Salma Hayek, but I got news for you baby.. You are not Salma Hayek.

      4) And NO, NO NO NO, you didn't save ANY money just because stuff was on sale!!!!!


      6) I like toys, electronics, things that bleep and blop it's my way of measuring my success compared to other men. It's a competition, I know; It's ridiculous but that's the way it goes. My car is faster, my tv is bigger and when I watch movies the whole neighborhood watches with me.

      7) I wanted a five month long party spree on Ibiza, YOU wanted a 9 month pregnancy.

      8) Don't ask me of my opinion because you know before you ask that you won't be satisfied with the answer I give! And in the end, we'll have pink cushions anyway so why even bother?!

      9) Saturday night is poker night and no, you're not sitting in.

      10) While we should make an effort at foreplay, it's seriously one of the most boring things we know. You need 40 minutes of foreplay to get into perfect pole position.. We've got an attention span of 5 minutes and that's stretching it.

    128. ee says:

      i think some where true and some weren't and about how should guys dress i dont think one bit of it is true and yah thats the only one that pissed me off lols

    129. BamBam says:

      Being honest now, here is what i thought when i read these 10 things:
      1) TRUE! however, i still laugh anyway because its slightly funny.
      2) When lads make fun of you when your with your friends its either out of insecurity (They want your friends to like them so they show off) or just playfulness. It is not mean’t to undermine you completely. Its called taking a joke, don’t get hung up on it. See the funny side and learn to make fun of yourself as well, we have a voice too you know. We can make fun of them too.
      3) Arrogance is a turn off, but if i was walking down the street i wouldn’t mind seeing a nice hot boy with his shirt off. The reason this bothers us sometimes is because if the person you like does it…. and they look good doing it…. they’re attracting other girls and as far as were concerned if we like a boy he’s officially ours! As far as were concerned we’ve put our stamp on him and hes been put on hold.
      4) This is TRUE! boys talk so much bull crap, its just because you lot can’t be arsed waiting for us to get ready. If you’d have seen us walking down the street with no make-up on and dressed down you wouldn’t have looked twice at us. You liked us from the start because you were attracted to us…. make-up and all…. so deal with it.
      5) Just no! Those shirts are so douctastic!
      6) A card will do boys. As a girl though i’m not bothered about presents as long as there is a happy birthday…. or happy valentines day. Why waste money on the present, use it to go see a movie, its something you can do together at least.
      7) Thats a lie. Thongs are comfy, you dont even know they’re there…. coz they’re kinda not i suppose…. and they’re handy too. Seeing someone’s granny knickers through their skinny jeans is not a good look.
      8) This is not true, sometimes friends can be bitter towards a boy at first because of 2 factors: The jealousy factor…. or the stealing factor. The stealing factor is when a friend dislikes a friends boyfriend because they think their friend will become a total recluse and not spend time with them anymore. The jealousy factor is more common. Human nature is to want to be special, which means wanting a nice, good looking smart handsome boyfriend and good friends. Basically, you don’t want everyone else to be happy because then your not special. Friends are more likely gonna like a friends boyfriend if they aren’t as good looking etc. It can just be out of jealousy.
      9) TRUE!! Boys are getting more and more dramatic by the years anyway.
      10) This is hypocritical to be perfectly honest. Boys are wound up when their girlfriends say stuff about celebrities, they just need reassurance sometimes, they’re more sensitive than you think.


    130. ed says:

      Ladies I'm sorry for the rudeness of Projecktprometheus.

      I just want to say that there will always be guys like him that are sexist as hell.

      And to be honest I think he will never get laid by a cutie.

      So that being said, PLEASE ignore his stupidity! :]

    131. Jocelynn says:

      Well might I add to the list:

      11: We do not like guys who have so much muscle that it makes you look sick. We like it better when you can't tell you are strong until you flex!!!

    132. samantha says:

      for the slip on sandals i think flip flops look good on my boyfriend and add NO socks with sandals! i meant their tacky and untastefull

    133. antonio says:

      im a guy and well number 1-10 is stupid just saying. and next time u want to tell us what we need to know about girls u should not just put stuff up there that u think. u should put stuff up there that all girls think ok. and the number 5 on the list is retarted we wear flashy stuff because we want to ok just like u girls wear your flashy stuff. so next time u want to say something about what we wear u should look at what u wear. so when u say we look stupid in flashy stuff think about what u look like in it to us.

    134. antonio says:

      O and one more thing this is true 90% of guys dont look at other girls when there dating but girls do i know that for a fact because unlike some of u i ask girls questions to there face and well i dont care if they lie or not, because i see and hear girls always talking or looking at other guys all the time. but this is to girls and guys 1. dont watch a movie and think thats what everyone does or is like because its not.

      2.girls and guys our with eachother because u both have something u like and need.

      3. this hole converstion u girls and guys got going on is stupid step up and ask your partner your questions and if u cant then u should not be with them.

    135. Tina says:

      @nikki whats wrong with Ed Hardy?????

    136. Weenelly says:

      Really lets just stop rageing at each other and please get on with our lifes. Just because one person is sexist we all rage at him for half a year. That's the reason why some girls thinks most guys are sexist pigs. Hate show out stronger then love becuase we worry more about hate then love.

      PS: I'm a guy.

    137. Bryce says:

      well in the end girls still control my mind im still gonna chill with my friends and bitches still be crazy but hey woman are alot better than gays so ill stick with them….guys one up woman in evrey way but the only reason for this is so we can impress woman so in the end the girls are the smart ones

    138. me says:

      well that was fun. lots of cussing and sexist comments. and if anyone has seen John Tucker Must Die… thongs are very comfortable, he couldn't have done a front flip dunk without his thong. it gave him room to be free.:)

      PS: That movie is 100% correct!

      1. o.o says:

        2 b honest.. how do u think thongs are comfortable??

    139. Kenny says:

      this is the only thing I wish girls knew

      1.Guys aren't mind readers, if you have a problem with something and we say we don't know what's going on we probably don't. Just tell us or give us a clue.

      1. Jill says:

        That goes both ways, I think. Both girls and guys assume their partners know exactly what they're thinking at times when, in fact, mind reading only happens in fantasy movies and really horrible romantic comedies (or is that redundant?).

      2. Alex says:

        Obviously this was posted a long time ago, but it's true. My girlfriend gets too embarrassed to speak her mind, I assure her that It won't change my opinion of her (which is also true) and she doesn't say anything until I one or both of us is frustrated. I want to help her, but it's like she just won't let me.

      3. chris says:

        man im right there with you on this one, im dating this girl who is really hot and cold because she is afraid of me getting to know her. i want to ask her about it ,help her out, or at least show her that she cant scare me away because of the demons of her past on the flipside i dont wanna make her uncomfortable and push her away, plus part of me feels that she doesnt need to tell me about her past, because we should only be concerned about how thing are now and possibly the future, and enjoying each other

      4. Ghostman says:

        If shes afraid of you getting to know her ( be sure of this*) because of something that happened in the past, and acts hot and cold, it's probably something bothering her regularly in the back of her mind. Try not asking about it to avoid the temperature changes. getting to know her better in present by just spending time with her just making her smile and showing her how much you appreciate her, don't worry about any demons, they all die off eventually, just be patient she'll warm up to you…😉 LIVE IN THE NOW😀

      5. Chloe says:

        Same for the girl's side as well. When a guy does something or doesn't do something its hard to tell him, because then we come off as high matience (sorry if improperly spelled) or as perfectionists. So we don't and that leaves the rest to our imagination. As for hints, what do you do when the guy doesn't really get it at all?

      6. sparky says:

        if the guy doesnt get it at all no matter how much you hint, he's either really shy, or a a complete 5%braincelled moron.. or gay…

    140. Meztek says:

      Its really sad that guys like projektprometheus are so stupid. Sure, he commented over a year ago, but I want to add my two cents.

      It is doubtless to say that the human race would not survive this long without woman.

      Coming from a guys perspective, I completely agree with the girls here. It also infuriates me to read what guys such as projektprometheus say. The fact that there exists a website is an embarassment to my gender. Any girl that reads what he wrote, I hope is not insulted.

      I don't think projektprometheus is enjoying his sad and lonely life even half as much as I enjoy life with my wonderful girlfriend.

      1. Drama Kid says:

        Um, its doubtless the human race would survive long without men either.

    141. Stephen says:

      in response to the thong thing…guys dont care that they are uncomfortable for you…they are hot…and we like them…so just wear them and shutup

    142. John says:

      As a guy, I agree with your list, but the trouble is – its just so hard to do those things! For example, sometimes a girl gets all dressed up and looks really hot, but other times she really should have stayed in track pants and t-shirt. On those "other times", you feel like a fraud if you say she looks really good, when she doesn't. Sigh.

      1. gathwick says:

        the man is right that's just down wrong I'll just be honest with my girl friend than lye to her face to face!!!

      2. brian says:

        i love throwing lye into a girls face.

    143. […] 6. 10 Things We Wish Guys Knew By: Laura Comments: 139 […]

    144. […] 10 Things We Wish Guys Knew- I definitely have not experienced every single one of these situations, but reading some of them I couldn’t help but think, ‘YES!’ All the ladies out there will agree with me. Remember, this doesn’t just go for boyfriends, but all fellas. […]

    145. Yoshizzle says:

      Lol these comments are hilarious

    146. man says:

      Is this a joke or something….one of my friends had a psycho bitch like this and thats a sad scene. Girls like that are self centered control freaks who a guy with any intelligence knows to avoid

    147. man says:

      to make a more constructive comment, ill comment on each part.
      1. I agree, not all guys do that, and myself, I think its immature.
      2. Again, I agree, but what does it matter if your with friends or by yourself, I mean, do you have to hide how your guy treats you. This is one of the things that has me worried…Is a guy an accessory for you. Is it something you keep with you to show off to your friends, in that case, your the one with problems…
      3. Again something I that guys probably wont do after theyr 20, or if they do theyr immature.
      4.This one I did not know, and it kinda makes sense. (atleast I learned something😉 )
      5. Ok, noted.
      6. Ok, noted.
      7. Its not as a big thing for guys as you probably think it is.
      8. Right back at you, our friends are important to us too, and guys are guys, you probably be the target of some guy talk from our friends. No matter how much you whine about our friends, their still our friends and wont go anywhere, so better just be cool about it and be friends with them.
      9. This is where it gets freaky. You got to be able to handle stuff like this, were not gona change the way we are, just to please one person.
      10 Looks like you got serious issues. This makes you sound shallow self centered. Probably someone who looks in the mirror several times a day, keeps asking her guy all the time "am I hotter than she is". Why do girls say boys are shallow when girls keep looking in the mirror all the time, think that if their uglier than someone else then your guy will run out with that girl instead. Heres some news for you, personality matters, we want a cool girl, who is laid back and can have fun, not someone who goes mental about her looks.

    148. Ian Paulson says:

      Okay, on 10… Really? If you really think that only girls compare themselves to others, think again! Get real! Guys, think about it! If you're with your girlfriend, and she looks at a magazine, poster etc… and says "wow, he's hot!" What goes through that mind? Be truthful! It hurts us. We think oh, he's a celebrity, got money, a body, and can fu**ing change into a werewolf… well.. no chance in hell im gonna be that, im screwed. Thats what goes through our heads!

      1. Nick says:

        Couldn't have said it better myself.

      2. Diego says:

        You're the man.

      3. nic says:

        i like your words bro, i can relate

      4. Aurealous says:

        When girls go out to clubs and parties etc, they don't get dressed up for you. They get dressed up to look better than the other women who will be out. Guys if you get dressed up for the same reason, you really need to change your tampon. If you can't handle it when your girl gets a little woozy over Clooney or Cooper, you are severely lacking in maleness. Its gut check time boys……(and I do mean BOYS!) Goddamn! Man TF up!!!!!!

      5. Brett says:

        This is so stupid cuz when your girl looks at a twilight poster or something… Its like who do they have a better chance with anyway? Us or that guys that ten million other girls like?

    149. Tom says:

      I don't get it.You don't like wearing thongs,but you still want to make yourself look sexy.And also,you like wearing make-up to make yourselves look sexy,but don't like to wear thongs to make yourselves look sexy?

      1. Abby says:

        thongs hurt and make you feel trashy, make-up is fun and makes you feel pretty. We do have some self respect.

      2. Tanner says:

        true true

      3. Zoe says:

        thongs are really uncomfortable. I dont like them and i never wear them. Sometimes girls dont wear thongs to make themselves look sexy they wear it to hide pantie lines. Girls who wear thongs to look "sexy" are usually really trashy and cheap.

    150. Common says:

      I'm a guy and while I may have my disagrements, what will cursing and ranting on on how hypocritical this is solve? You don't like the 10 things, than tell them whats wrong with it, dont go on and on about it cursing in every other sentence, just cause you dont find it politically correct. I agree with certain things to an extent, but as for the makeup thing I disagree with on a higher level. Girls like confidence, yet you say how you get to wear makeup to suplement the courage you seem to be in short supply of. The natural look is better, and in all honesty, the money people spend on it would best be put into educational savings, or for charity.

    151. Will says:

      Just sayingg, guys feel the same way about number ten too.

      1. dalina says:


    152. Miloh says:

      4. Personally the only makeup I wear is eyeliner, mascara, and sometimes eyeshadow. I never wear foundation. The only time I do is for special occasions. Sometimes we spend a good majority of our day looking good to please you. Like the prom if you're going with someone you really care about most of the fun goes into preparing yourself to look good for your date. Our intention isn't to look trashy but to please you. And I'm sure most guys would appreciate that. It is our way of saying…I'm doing this because I love you and you're worth it.:)

      5. Guys can dress however they want, but I will agree you must have some class. Dress respectfully. Other than that I don't care.

      1. Tyg says:

        true that =]

      2. Some dude says:

        What the fuck are you talking about?

    153. Miloh says:

      Just thought I'd do 5.

    154. collegegrad says:

      i didn't finish the sentence for number 2. I meant to say the woman with the big boobs that only uses her"features" to get what she wants.

    155. BlackCardHolder. says:

      Projecktprometheus. Thank you for the entertainment. You have very well spoken on what every other non-gay man wants to say. You have balls, but you may have been a little harsh. However, I do agree that womens lives consist of attention and sex, but so do mens. Men just add bussiness, and the chase of success.

      Women have the potential to succeed, Just not the desire.

      I love a woman.

      But, I love a woman that judges by personality, rather than looks.

      I love a woman, that was never a whore.

      I love a woman, that isn’t an egotistic maniac, like the author of this article.

    156. Jenny says:

      #10 was spot on. Thank you. I hate it when guys do that. It really brings me down. Haha.

    157. Aik0 says:

      Thongs aren't that bad. Anyway, sexy underwear isn't all that important–it's coming off anyway. You can't go wrong with sheer lacy boyshorts.

    158. james says:

      girls can get all drooly about guys with big muscles and we're just suppose to be cool with it? no no no no i'm gonna get talk about hot girls.

    159. k1019 says:

      Honestly this article is stupid, you're the typical girl that guys complain about that makes us other
      girls look ditzy and annoying. You're only talking about you as a person, not all of us, so
      don't bring the other part of the female population down with you.:)

    160. Tyg says:

      cant believe i wasted so much time reading this.. but since i did..
      projektp.. your the definition of an asshole. its guys like you that cause judgement drama and other dumb shit
      guys in favor of projektp… go fuck yourself. your either retarded, gay.. or a complete jackass. eitherway, life must blow to be you..
      girls.. you had some good things to say atleast. and casey–by far the best haha
      but if you don't agree with what this author said, frankly just respect her and move on. its not her fault that is how she feels. she probably spent some time coming up with that list and for people to go on here and call her a dumb whore or whatever else, its just not right. if you dont like what she said, go make your own list or something. shes not speaking for "all" of you, although she did say that. she didn't actually mean it like that, she was speaking for herself.

      but overall.. the posts shouldn't have turned into a battle of the sexes.. but since projektp made it so.. girls definitely DESTROYED. guys on here, sorry, but your simply pathetic

    161. Jordan says:

      I’m a guy and I’m just sweet to girls and try to make them feel like a princess and that works for me

      1. martin says:

        It does? :O Lucky basterd.

      2. nate says:

        lol ^^ this guy

      3. bryan says:

        yeah what a eatass trying to suck up to the girls haha

      4. Katrina says:

        just don't call them princess because I don't know about other girls but i hate when guys call me princess…it's like that's something a dad calls his spoiled little daughter.

    162. Alex says:

      This article is illogical and full of inconsistencies, just what one would expect from a spoiled little princess. The author is the type of girl most men try to avoid at all costs.

      1. Lorna says:

        Well I'm A Girl And I Agree With Everything on the list! It's Not That The Author Is Spoiled, She's Just Trying To Make Boys Like You Understand Girls Better And Yet All You Can Do Is Critisise It!

      2. Alex says:

        Of course you agree, you are a girl. And if a guy wrote an article titled 10 ways in how women act illogically, every guy would agree and every girl would yell that's not how she acts. The point? Don't take dating advice from the same sex that you are interested in because of the profound difference in the way men and women think and behave.

      3. Paige says:

        I gotta admit this, I'm a girl and I disagree with about 95% of what is above, and the 5% pertains to the thong comment so I really hope you can't argue that point. Every girl wants guys to know something different, just like each guy wants girls to know something different. Maybe the author believes this, and hey, maybe she MIGHT just find a guy that respects all 10 of those things, but she's gotta realize she can't title the article 10 things WE wish guys knew…just because SHE thinks that doesn't mean I or someone else thinks that. I WILL CONCEDE THE THONG COMMENT THOUGH…OUCH

      4. @Tanaja1 says:

        im a girl and I dont agree with everything on this list!(:

      5. Paula says:

        And just out of curiosity, why are all your words capitalized? If you're trying to make a statement, wouldn't every letter be uppercase? Just wondering…

      6. Nikki says:

        Sorry but I hope you neva have a girlfriend…and if you do…then I hope she realises her mistake soon..girls think as the article says above and if the ones you know dont…then they do not fall under the category GIRL

      7. Barry says:

        I'm sorry but that's f**king stupid and a horrible thing to say. Well, i hope you "neva" have a boyfriend and if you do I hope HE realises his mistake soon. Only spoiled bi*tches would agree with the article above.

      8. Kyle says:


      9. nicholas says:

        ok, honestly i love spoiled little princess girls, i think its really cute, but hey, thats just me

      10. Tali says:

        you are so right i totaly disagree with almost every thing she said except farting its kinda groo so guys should try to make them quieter – which is possible lol

      11. Katie says:

        there are plenty of articles that say "things men wish women knew" and none of us "yelled." aside from you being insanely sexist, I did agree with your statement. This whole article seemed to be written from the viewpoint of one obviously screwed up, jealous princess. On your other statement, however, Both males and females behave differently….but there's a difference between male instinct, such as looking at a pretty girl, and behaving like a douchebag. There's also a difference between my instincts and becoming a jealous psychopath. That's why people write these particular kinds of articles, you dipwad.

    163. BobDylan says:

      I am a girl (woo) and I disagree with absolutely everything stated here… nice.

    164. youhan says:

      wit Thongs hurt ?

      1. chick says:

        yeah they do xD

    165. Alyssa says:

      A lot of this is wrong. I mean, as long as the dude treats me right and I treat him right, everything is alright. I don't care if he farts, wears unattractive clothes, etc. I'm not gonna change who he is, and he shouldn't do it to me either. As long as the two are happy with each other and respect each other than everything is fine!

      1. Fabricio says:

        Word… You're a good girl:)

      2. LoveLike_Woahh says:

        THANK YOU! This post is kinda rediculous!

      3. Erin says:

        I agree. Looks aren't everything, and I don't mind if a guy farts, but I do agree that they shouldn't do it at the table or any other time when it should be romantic. And while looks and what they wear aren't everything, I do think that they help, even if just for first impressions. When it comes to actually knowing a guy, I couldn't care less what he looks like.

      4. mike hawk says:

        Wow you must be fat😄

    166. David says:

      this is so gay

    167. Emilie says:

      I really dont agree with any or most of this. its crazy.

      1. joan says:

        I'm a girl, and I disagree with most of this too. The actual reason I read this was to see what most girls bitch about. Honestly, I think girls bitch too much, and if they have a problem with their guy, they should talk about it with them, rather than thinking he's a mind reader. And valentines day? Just another way to get hallmark rich. haha And I love a guy that dresses however the fuck he wants.:p

    168. Zac says:

      … ok how bout we try this SAY YOU WANT SOMETHING FOR VALENTINES DAY AND WE'LL GET YOU SOMETHING dont think just because you SAY you dont want anything means it will imply we should get you something be direct for crap sake

    169. Bro says:

      This sounds like a bad movie.

    170. Ash says:

      This is all bullshit, you know this girl is a big batch of CRAZY! suck it.

      From, A GIRL c(:

      1. dan says:

        Why does almost everything on this list contradict the kind of woman I have on my arm? lol I agree with you big Batch of CRAZY!!!

    171. Mathew says:

      I agree with these 100%. I am a guy on a mission to show that guys have a soul, can be polite, act honest. And not just to "get some". I was raised in a family where girls werent treated right and i had enough from day one when i realized what was going on, so i now do my damn best to make sure the females that work so hard to be who they are, w/o being judged, compared, or talked down to. Can and will be treated the way they should be.

    172. Tyler Myers says:

      You people realize, None of this is right. A girl likes what a girl likes. Me and my girlfriend joke around all the time, she calls me gay, I say Bitch! And she cracks up? I really dont know why but she doesnt mind it. She wears thongs all the time, without me even knowing most of the time, And she has never said they hurt. When Im around her friends, she will actually kiss me to make them jealous, she doesnt care what they think. And shirts, I have no Idea what your talking about there. But What Im really saying, Is you have to get to know your girl to understand what she really likes, Who knows, She may actually HATE when you call her beautiful? She might prefer pretty? You just have to find out yourself.

      1. Hannah says:

        Tyler, I 100% agree with you! This girl has no idea what shes talking about… She just discribed herself, which I find to be bitchy!

    173. Bianca says:

      Im a girl , and I disagree with Number One. I have no problem with my boyfriend farrting around me.

    174. martin says:

      Most of this is true but guys also care if you state that some one else is hot.

    175. Diego says:

      Most times I just want women to be straight forward about stuff… If there's something bothering you, something you need help with, a gift you'd like receiving (although you might think it's tacky to ask)… Just please TALK to your man, tell him what you think about a certain aspect of your lives, I'm sure he'll gladly talk to you and together overcome the problem at hand.😉

    176. Nikki says:

      I think this article is great except for the part about guys clothes…those shirts arent bad…but anyway glad somebody is saying what really goes through a girls mind.

    177. @joisyhearts says:

      i agree with some of it but i just wanted to say that guys are simpler than girls and they want girls to be simple and straightforward as well, not in some cryptic language. maybe you are expecting too much from a guy, but its good to keep your standards high, BUT its hard to find guys like that. if you find one, then he's definitely a keeper

    178. Katie says:

      thongs are uncomfortable? haha I can't even feel them! I would never wear granny panties. Now THOSE are uncomfortable. Girls, you should say you want something for Valentine's day. I do, why wouldn't you? I told my boyfriend exactly what to get me. Also, why should valentines day be centered around us? I bought him a free meal at Cheesecake factory. I get pretty flowers and chocolates, he gets a big meal. We both were happy that day. #9 should never be the case. If your boyfriend thinks you are crazy…. you definitely are. If #10 applies to you, then dump your boyfriend until you lean to love yourself and not have such a low self esteem. It IS a double standard to bring up good looking guys and he can't do the same. I openly talk with my boyfriend about good-looking girls.

    179. Arla says:

      hey guys, so i think this whole thing is retarded i hate lists of how we should act i just think we should follow the golden rule & be ourselfs and if someone likes you for who you are then why change yourself, am I right ??

    180. Phillip says:

      I know it seems that boys seem these days to be quite neanderthalish but speaking on our behalf I think that we do try to learn ,the list itself does seem to be right to the most of the extent and i feel girls are amazing seriously more people need to show more of an understsnding of girls feelings , think about it guys were would we be without them girls.

    181. Nicole says:

      …I love thongs. I like them better than regular underwear. I don't know what kind of thongs you're wearing, but mine are ridiculously comfortable

    182. terence says:

      i just beleive in togetherness…. and respect!!!! love and care is all we both sexes need….. so lets saitsfy each other…😀

    183. julia says:

      most of this is commpletly true but logos and disignes are perfectly fine its just abricombie and aropostile they are girly and if you ware them its fine we just might think you look a bit girly but thays ok as long as you ware a different outfit the next day cuz if not your just nasty

    184. Boygee says:

      Firstly, I dont get why there should be beef between us guys and ya’ll ladies. Ok, thats not why I’m writin this. I wanna know, is labour really painful or do ya’ll ladies scream bcuz ya know it looks nasty down there? Im confused bcuz i recently heard about fistin, which sounds like… repeated labour and is pleasurable. Before this discovery, i thought labour was terribly painful like… kickin a bed edge with a toe, which made me think we should treat ya’ll ladies with deep respect and better, because i thought ya’ll felt pain that amounts to that of the toe. So is labour painful at all (maybe like a mild headache down there) or is it the sight that shocks ya? Or maybe the fear of what the baby looks like? (I’m serious)

      1. amy says:

        … you do realise that pushing out a child through the vaginal cavity does require some serious muscle stretching right? And while the opening has been stretched before, it's unlikely it's been stretched that far that often. Thus it hurts.
        It's also not just the vaginal muscles either, it's abdominal and diaphragmattic muscle that helps push down to help the uterine muscles contract and guide the baby out. So it's a lot of muscle contraction going on. And the muscle tires and it's painful.
        But mostly, you're pushing a watermelon out of your vagina. So yeah, it hurts.

      2. Katelyn says:

        Ask your mum. I'm sure she knows.

    185. Randomflguy:) says:

      Alright to the chick that said thongs r unnoticeable they are noticeable sorry to say it but guys r simple minded we look for 5 things in a girl from highest to least 1 being first 5 bing lAst
      1 personality u could be thae best looking chick in the world but if your a total bitch all u are is eyecandy
      2 face we like a nice cute face makeups nice but honestly most of the time no makeup can look a whole lot better
      3 ass Nuff said
      4 boobs they don’t have to be huge or bid they just have to have a nice symmetrical shape
      5 your friends

    186. khushi says:

      fuckoff i m always ready for f***kn………….

    187. alondra says:

      im a girl . . . . and i dont agree with most the things on that list

    188. chanel says:

      woow some of this true some of its not< but oh well idk why im even on here i am just bored

    189. Bhumi says:

      I agree with the 1st..i really hate those who farts..

    190. K.go says:

      Dammitt! This is 100% true! Especially #10. It happens to me a the time!

    191. desi says:

      ok honestly this post is kinda stupid cuz mmost of them are wrong but i agree with a few things i mean yeah 7. is totally right on (thongs f***ing hurt) but i dont think any guy would expect u to wear that? and i think 1. is just kinda harsh..

    192. feel GR8 says:

      Like many things in life, realtionships start with a take it or leave it attitude. A person’s clothes should not be the basis for judgment nor should their willingness to say other people of differrent sexes are “hot,” that would be a leave it attitude. But a person who cares about forming a relationship will always take way is presented to them and form a bond of togetherness. If anyone can tell me that a pair of happily married 80 year olds never worked through their differences to find a relationship, I would love a response. Oh and I believe a true guideline for telling girls and girls what do is this: 1-give him or her a try and don’t judge until you can talk. 2- listen to him or her speak no matter if its interesting or not. 3- noone cares about the money, cars, or houses; for those people are granted a life of court dates and lawyers up the arrs.
      the GR8ful one

    193. Singularity says:

      I am glad to say I am not like other men/boys. I am supposed incredibly smart, I’m tall and muscular, I understand girls almost completely, I DO have to wear glasses sometimes (no one is perfect) and everyone thinks…
      I’m a total freak -_-
      But, I live a normal life, apart from my mother and sister abusing me (I have no father)
      And all I can say is, GIRLS FTW!!!😀

    194. Singularity says:

      I would also like to say I am feminist

    195. Alex says:

      I know that this wasn't on the list, but I ALSO know that girls hate it when they ask "What'cha thinking about?" And guys tell them "Nothing." The truth is, we're REALLY not thinking about anything. You've probably heard this before, but these are good examples of Males' and Females' brains. Girls: Like a plate of spaghetti. Guys: Like a waffle.

      For girls, every piece of "spaghetti" is connected to every other piece, which allows multi-tasking and constant thinking about things.
      For guys, there are boxes for each individual task or idea. (Even though some guys, like me, can SORT OF multi-task) For a lot of guys, there is a "Nothing" box. This is like a white room. With nothing in it, whatsoever. We just stare into space until someone talks to us. IF we say "nothing", do not get mad unless you can tell that we are lying, such as moping, replying in an angry tone, etc. We are usually NOT lying, however.

    196. Blake says:

      I try to buy my Gf things and she wont let me, one time we we walking around holding hands and i bought her a soda; she tried to dump it on me and ended up giving it to her brother, What is the problem?

      1. the dude says:

        some girls dont like getting gifts, this type of girl isnt into conventional romance most of the time try just spending time with her and using good coversation………. believe me she doesnt want gifts = your a lucky bastard thats all

    197. […] from this wonderful 10 Things We Wish Men Knew, I’ve compiled my Top 3 “Critical, Brad let’s change the way you do […]

    198. David says:

      I am a guy and I do argee that we as guys should take girl’s feelings in to conideration more then what most guys do and to state your mined but to nise at doing it. mostof my friends are girls and I alway keep what they wount in mined but a good tip for guys lison to what the girl say and keep that into consideration. Dont jest nod your heed and think nuthing of it

    199. CONFUSEDGIRL... says:

      i know for a fact; most boys are clueless when it comes to this stuff! i'm a girl, but i have 3 brothers, so i have a slight advantage on what they really think..
      but one thing that really confused me; my ex-boyfriend always said, he loved it if i wore some joggers and a baggy top, but then always complimented and drooled over me if i wore tight jeans&a top.. – which one is it!? do boys really prefer us to be all dolled up and extenuating our assets? or do they just want us to be us; comfortably?

    200. MideasternBarbie says:

      AMEN! Especially #4, for some of us colors and cosmetics are a passion and I'm sure not gonna let some d-bag try & take that from me.

    201. kailyngracee says:

      I'd like to add something to #7. When we do wear thongs, don't try to be funny and pull them up our asses. It's NOT funny and it will get your girl EXTREMELY mad at you. We wear them for you, not for you to give us an even worse wedgie.

    202. carlos says:

      my girl loves me when i fart in bed or not

    203. tony dice says:

      my girl loves me when i fart in bed plus they smell good

    204. Rusty says:

      you guys are all idiots.

    205. Jonas says:

      This list is a very good reason for going gay.

    206. JC says:

      FUCK that, I would never be with a girl that thinks like this!

    207. Harold says:

      This is why women shouldnt be allowed to vote…

    208. Brittany says:

      well i disagree with This all together, it doesnt matter what Guys are Like, Like ha! Come on im a girl and Girls acts exacually the same way as Guys and it doesnt matter what they Look Like as long as u people tret eachother Good and tease eachother a bit Like dude i had a boyfriend and he wasnt that pretty but i still loved him and when u tease eachother it makes a girl feel Good in siide cause Girls Loves when Guys teases youu its ADORABLE:) But anyways im just making a point here Nobody's perfect, am i riight yeah i'm riight:) lol

    209. Ariana says:

      One thing that stood out for me is the whole thong matter…. I LOVE THONGS!!!!! they aren’t uncomfortable! They are all I wear unless I’m on my period…my boyfriend even has this silly rule if I’m in his room I am only allowed to wear a thong… But that’s just a dumb rule he made to get it on ;P

    210. Covie says:

      True. Guys aren't mind readers, and we shouldn't treat them like they are
      But sometimes when something truly bothers us, we just try to deal with it so we don't upset you in return (or worse, you call us crazy and say we're being over dramatic.) My boyfriend does wear sandals, and it doesn't bother me. I think its stupid, but I'm not going to say anything.

      #10 has the most truth, I've never compared a boyfriend to any ex or random guy (Unless it is a random cartoon character like Garfield or something); however, I've had many ex boyfriends compare me to their ex girlfriends. That will make me stay mad at you for as long as I want, even if you do apologize.

    211. brittz says:

      this girl is so wrng yu have problems yur trying to change a boy and his image its gonna be hard fo yu to find love but boys listen an listen clearley if yu meet a gurl and wen a gurl meets yu and he smiles and yur heart want to burst out of your chest its love wen she's mad and say i hate yu and yu no yu love her say i love yu back wen she cry's be there until she's done learn to love her family and frens an she will try to love yours all girl arent the same but every girl wants love

    212. […] “You’re the biggest I’ve ever had” I don’t blame any woman for ever saying this to a man because we beg you to tell us this lie. We need this lie. We poke and prod until you tell us we’re big enough. Call it an emotional hand job. And it’s appreciated. And hopefully he’ll return the favor (with whatever the equivalent is. What is thefemale equivalent?) […]

    213. Raul says:

      Most of this is complete crap this girl obviously does not know what she talks about. Girls just want guys
      to love them forr who they are. Yes we know you girls like yoru make up and htat it makes you feel pretty… but if we really do care about you we obviously thingk your beautiful and attractive so lose the make up its annoying and stop drooling over guys infront of us. DOUBLE STANDARDS are a thing of the past.

    214. Ian says:

      I dont totally agree with the thing about how girls can talk about hot dude celebs and its ok. i dont think guys should say anything about any other girls than the one he's dating but girls should do the same. when you say stuff like oh he's so hot its like saying any other guy other than ourselves looks hot it hurts for us too.

    215. jordannahbexie says:

      everything about these types of lists is sexist to both genders >.>

    216. carrie says:

      Hahah this thing is ridiculous. Some girls most girls dont feel this way. You shouldnt judge your boyfriend on what he likes/wears etc. We check out guys he most likely will be checking out other girls….so what? Hes with you he loves you not some girl with a cute butt or busty chest. And if youre complaining no ones forcing you to have a boyfriend! huggshuggs:)

    217. Taylor says:

      my boyfriend says im crazy all the time, he means it but hes crazy to, everyone in this world is in some shape or form, i think its cute

      1. jason says:

        well same with my relationship to be honest anytime we argue over silly things ( literally silly things that arent big for both of us ) we just say omg we not normal sometimes nd that we are fucking wierd…..but anyway thats what i like about her she's different and unique compared to everyone else I KNOW …………^_^

    218. lin says:

      10 is listed there, but girls usually compare us guys to other guy. A bit not fair eh?

    219. @Tanaja1 says:

      Ok, some of this stuff i DO NOT agree with. But somethings I do!

    220. t-boss says:

      I think all of us are allowed our own opinions.. Whether u like the list or not don’t fight or judge each other take it easy.. I think the link isn’t true and its speaking from a totally different view

    221. CHELSEA says:


    222. jason says:

      IM ON HERE BECAUSE I AM THINK OF MY GIRLFRIEND ! DOESNT THAT SAY ALOT HAHAHA USUALLY I DONT BOTHER WITH SUCH WEBSITES BUT MAN IM IN LOVE SO GOD DAMN BAD ITS SO LOVELY……… all i can say is just be yourself and always be honest and truthfull and always be a gentleman and show affection simple not hard lads lol

    223. BJORN says:

      Whoever wrote this is a complete bitch

      1. Laughterer says:

        Dude! I love you

    224. matt says:

      frustration it is im reading in between the lines…

    225. katt says:

      @projecktpormetheus – lol sucky link. You were made by a women, what gives you the right to disrespect one? Ik this was prob a long time ago but still!

      1. A.J. says:

        god i hate that quote and i see it a lot. first off, we also wouldn't have been created without men. thus equally so, what gives you the right to disrespect a man? secondly, those words grant ridiculous immunity to women. what if a woman abuses her child to the point of suicide? do i still not have a right to disrespect her because she's a woman?

    226. Zoe says:

      This article was probably writen by some self-absorbed bitch. and yes I am a girl by the way. "our friends may be loud and obnoxious" only loud and obnoxious people have loud and obnoxious friends. and by the way not all girls sit down drooling over guys in magazines all day. Zac Efron really? You may have some good ideas inthere but this article should be completly rephrased.

      1. Kate says:

        Don't be so presumptuous, It really says something about you that you automatically assume she's self absorbed and a bitch. I thought it was a funny post. She said things you didn't agree with because she's not you so don't dictate how the article should be phrased. By the way there's a reason Zac Efron is a celeb and famous. It's because a lot of people find him sexy. You may not, but the world doesn't revolve around you. Get over yourself. Nobody wants to hear your judgement.

    227. Johan Emil says:

      Girls tell me to chill, but its only for fun that they say that, so should i stop telling them to chill? hell no. When i talk about my problems, all girls tend to say what they want, but when they talk about their problems, i have to support them? Screw you.

    228. denz says:

      I think this sounds about right….

    229. Lisa says:

      The last one is right on point! I hate it when guys comment on some girl in front of me. It makes me feel like I'm not as good as them.

    230. lexis says:

      she has expressed much as she felt leave her alone"

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