5 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry


Some movies make you laugh till your tummy hurts, while some movies inspire you with their message. There are some that make you terrified to sleep alone after watching, or ones that are so graphic and disgusting that they make you puke in your mouth and consequently scar you for life. And then there are  the ones that make you shed a tear (or in my case, bawl my eyes out till they are puffy and swollen).

Those are my favorites. Sound strange? Then tell me you’ve never had one of those days when you just wanted to have a good cry. It’s ok. Everyone needs a little release (followed by a giant brownie) now and then. If you’re having a day like that, check out on of these: my list of the best tear-jerkers of all time.


I do not believe anyone who says they never cried at all during this two and a half hour love story. I can’t seem to hold back the tears every time I see Jack shivering in the water telling Rose that she shouldn’t give up and that she will have plenty of babies and grow old. By the time Rose realizes that Jack is dead, I’m  sobbing and running from the room to grab tissues to wipe the dripping snot from my nose.

The Notebook.

I always say that The Notebook is the best romantic love story since Titanic. How could you not cry when the old version of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams dance in the nursing home after she finally realizes that he is her husband and former lover? When she starts losing her memory two minutes after that it’s heartbreaking. By the time they die in each others’ arms at the end of the movie (shoot, did I ruin the ending?!), I am down a box of tissue…and a sleeve of my sweatshirt.

A Walk to Remember.

In this classic bad-boy-falls-in-love-with-good-christian-girl story, the tears begin to fall when the guy decides to show his love for his dying girlfriend by building the telescope, and start flat-out pouring when he learns how to dance and even asks for help from his estranged father. I cry for the sad ending, but also for the realization that there are only like 5 guys on earth who could actually turn from being the jerk to the devoted sweetheart.

Marley and Me.

I know that all dogs (and humans) grow old and die but as someone who has an attachment to dogs, finding out that the playful and mischievous Marley got sick and died sent me into fits of sobs. (Note: this might have something to do with the fact that I have yet to forgive my mother for accidentally running over my puppy when I was 9. Either way – sad movie.)

Forrest Gump.

How could you not feel sorry for Forrest? He’s just so naive and cute and kind. Forrest lost everyone that was important to him and each passing sent me running for more tissue. Not a good movie to see with a boy. Just sayin’…

Anyone have any other tear-jerkers to add?



    1. Kelly says:

      Forrest Gump does it for me every time!

      I cry during almost every movie I see. Airbud, Gran Torino, Stuart Little…any movie. Even Bruce Willis movies. I can't help it!

    2. Meg says:

      "My Girl" I lose it every time when she is at Thomas J's funeral. *Sniff sniff*

    3. Lindsay says:

      this might be weird… but click? that adam sandler movie? for some reason, every time i see the part where he is old in the futuristic hospital and he goes running after his family… i start sobbing uncontrollably!

    4. nikki says:

      Gran Torino made me cry like a baby. I I was pretty shocked by my reaction.

    5. Cait says:

      Oh goodness, Marley and Me! I will never watch that movie again, way to sad, but still a good one =) I'd definitely have to add P.S. I Love You, My Dog Skip (animals dying just don't sit well with me!) , Steel Magnolias and Life As a House!


    6. ccmm says:

      Oh yeah, I cried during Click. I also cried during the Family Stone. I knew the mother wasn't going to be there…

    7. H says:

      I Am Sam..has me crying for about 95% of the movie

    8. Megan says:

      seven pounds. omg that movie is the saddest movie everrr

    9. lucia says:

      slumdog millionare made me cry. but they weren't all sad tears

    10. maria says:

      I could find something to cry at in almost every movie. Field of Dreams, for some reason, always does it for me…but they aren't really sad tears. And agreed about My Girl….always hysterically cry—I can't help it!

    11. Amy says:

      Remember the Titans. Every. Single. Time.

    12. Toni says:

      PS I love you has to be on that list! I am a tough chick and movies never make me cry…

      PS I Love You made me cry and still does every time I see it

    13. Ruby says:

      Hotel Rwanda- I sobbed like a grieving widow.

    14. Jess says:

      I cried during Brother Bear haha. I tear up in many other movies, and Marley & Me definitely made me lose it.

      My bf's 8 year old brother started sobbing at the end too😦

    15. Alexa says:

      Crash. EVERY SINGLE TIME (at the part when little girl runs to her dad and if you've seen it, you probably know what I'm talking about). Also, I hear "Bridge to Terabithia" makes everyone cry though I have not personally seen it.

    16. Lauren says:

      OMG Im 22 but Im the biggest baby and most of you remember these movies- BAMBI and THE LION KING- In Bambi when his mother gets shot and he is running through the snow yelling "mama?" And Lion King when Mufasa- Simba's dad dies….? OMG

    17. lk says:

      click made me cry so hard when he lying in the rain. i dont think id ever cried that hard haha then i went to give my dad a hug

    18. chloe says:

      Pan's Labyrinth! The ending plus the the music…I start bawling like a baby.

    19. Ellie says:

      Bridge to Terabithia was much more sad as a book…same goes for A Walk to Remember and The Notebook.

      Click also made me cry.

    20. Tori says:

      I always feel weird going out with my girlfriends because I am like a rock! I just don't cry. Ever. Two exceptions: A Walk to Remember I cried a little bit the first time I saw it, and My Dog Skip I was crying. But other than those two…nope. I haven't cried from a movie in years. I'm like a robot:-/

    21. kay says:

      Can't watch Lion King makes me cry everytime my family still makes fun of me to this day… 5 year old crying hysterically. I am Sam & city of angels.

    22. I try to avoid sad movies. I say, life has enough sad moments, so why cry during a movie when you can laugh. Although I do really like the Notebook…

    23. Sarah says:

      The part in Return of the King where everyone bows to the hobbits. Nerdy, yes, but it gets me every time.

    24. Mwiza nyasa(zambia) says:

      Walk to remember gosh that broke ma heart ws da switest movie ever. Titanic was to long i dnt remeber it at all. And Hotel Rwanda ish tear jerker! Makes you grateful there is no war in your country

    25. SBG says:

      Rudy, Facing the Giants, Remember the Titans – all make me ball like a baby when the underdog team or player or person does well! I'm a sports movie lovin' crybaby! All football movie too naturally!

    26. Court says:

      I NEVER EVER cry at movies.

      only one movie has ever made me cry, and it was Ladder 49. I bawled. – wasn't expected it.

    27. Carly says:

      Gladiator….. when he finally gets to go "home" to his family and dies…. soooooo sad!

    28. Donnette - Manhattan says:

      Ahhh A Walk to Remember…

    29. Nish says:

      OMG…I watched Forrest Gump with a boy who came over with it (neither of us had seen it) to make me feel better after a crappy drunken night…needless to say I was a wreck after Jenny died…anddd the boy stopped bringing DVDs over haha

    30. AZCoastie says:

      "Pay It Forward", "Secondhand Lions"

      And thanks for listing "The Notebook".

    31. CM says:

      haha you people should start watching korean movies… they will make you cry the whole time or for like 20 mins. theyre good movies but they make you cry like a baby. a good movie recommendation is "Windstruck" and "A Sad Movie" (hence the movie title lmao)

    32. Christina says:

      Mmkay so it's pathetic but Mighty Joe Young.

      Yeah I know.

      I cried during Save the Last Dance too. Sigh. It's the weirdest movies that get me.

    33. Becca- Clarion Unive says:

      umm yeah… all those movies above? I cried…

      I'm a big weepy mess…

      during Marley and Me I almost had to leave the theatre I was crying so hard…


    34. crystal says:

      The Lion King for sure….. when Simba tries to wake his dad up after Scar threw him off the cliff. Simba says "Dad, day, wake up, get up" -but he cant because he has just fallen to his death!! OMG every time!

    35. Claudia says:

      None of the above movies made me cry. "The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas" however made me cry like a baby

    36. Reid says:

      Stepmom, Sleepless in Seattle… and HSM3. Can't help it! Hahaha

    37. Jack says:

      Nights in Rodanthe, The Bridges of Madison County,

    38. kdatx says:

      Con Air. I don't know why.. but everytime I cry uncontrollably.

    39. a girl from germany says:

      I love A Beautiful Mind its breaking my heart everytime I watch it and hear it, the score is awesome!

      you should watch it and of course Schindler's List, because you know the hole time what will happen to them and they don't

      so sad that im sobbing and getting traumatised

    40. Thu says:

      Life is Beautiful. Sadnesssss.

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    42. David says:

      The Green Mile. Another Tom Hanks movie. I've watched it four times and I still cry every single time… If you haven't seen it, go rent it. Fantastic movie…

    43. Whitney says:

      Ohh man, definitely Life is Beautiful and Man on Fire…sooo sad when "Creasy Bear" dies! T_T

    44. Jeremiah S. says:

      Jersey Girl


      but mostly Armageddon, I can't even stop myself. I am a dude, I am not suppose to be such a big softy. I don't even cry at funerals… why???

    45. smilessss says:

      A Walk To Remember is one of my favorite movies and even though it makes me cry, I just love the storyline.

    46. normma says:


      do you know joe black?

      the notebook

      still magnolias

      africa mia

    47. Nikki says:

      Life is Beautiful, I am Sam, P.S. I Love You, Moulin Rouge, Stepmom, I'm such a sap!

    48. Cry Baby says:

      i used to think i didn't cry at THAT many movies, but when i list them it sounds like loads!


      p.s. i love you (i cried the entire way through, couldn't stop)

      the fox and the hound (when the mummy fox is shot at the start)

      green mile

      sex and the city (after carrie doesn't marry big and that sad music plays as she lies on the bed)

      marley and me

      who's eating gilbet grape

      i think that is about it. still alot of films, but it's amazing to think how even a movie of fiction can affect a person's emotions so much to make them cry. It's a sign of a good movie.:)

    49. Alice says:

      what's eating gilbert grape

      into the wild

      The Godfather II

      these are just the first movies that come to mind.:)

    50. Shlo says:

      I hope you ladies know that you are all weak and big big babies. The only movie worth crying over is Lion King.

    51. Hillary says:

      Fluke- not many people have probably heard of it, but it's about a dad who dies and is reincarnated into a puppy. The puppy then finds his way back to his family (wive and son). It is a very sad movie, and it really makes you think about life.

    52. Ramy says:

      hmmm….i'm not kind of person cries in romantic movies, but movies that really made me cry re:

      Forrest Gump, when forrest told his girl "i love you" i couldnt hold my tears.

      Brave Heart, when william wallace (mel gibson) was being executed and saw his wife among the crowd, very touching!!

      Cinderlla Man, when he was begging with money by his hat, like the saddest thing i ever seen😥

      and Finally will smith's movie "Road to Happyness" when he was with his kid and subway station and made that "play" to convince his son to sleep in bathroom…. it just broke my heart and tears!!

    53. Betty says:

      Philadelphia….. Yet ANOTHER Tom Hanks movie!

      Tom Hanks plays an attorney who contracts the AIDS virus. I sobbed like a BABY!!

    54. michael says:

      There were a lot of good choices in here. For me it is a few as well. Ladder 49 everytime i am crying, My Hollands Opus, the ending is great. Saving Private ryan when the end shows the older private ryan at the cemetary

    55. Mimzy says:

      I was bawling after The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…

    56. Molly says:

      UGH!!!! I was no where near crying during Marley and ME!!!! Ugh that damn dog got on my last damn nerves!!! Lion King on the other hand…. OH MUFASA!!! "Dad! Dad? Wake up!" *BAWL!!!*

    57. channyne says:

      I cry when I watch The Price Is Right… so I'm not a good judge but among those listed above, My Girl is a HUGE tear jerker for me ("he can't see without his glasses!" sob! along with Beaches, Stepmom and Steel Magnolias.

      (However, Marley and Me… not so much?? I love the dynamic of the couple but I just can't get attached to the dog in this story.)

    58. katie says:

      I NEVERRR cry at ANY MOVIE EVER but the one that hit me: Radio FLyer. I was absolutely bawling.

      Everyone should really watch it. I didn't think it was that unknown, but no one has listed it.

    59. Valerie says:

      OMG What about the new King Kong!

      I hated it when they capture him and she tries to stop themm

      Then when he dies.. OH man I was bawling like you wouldnt believe.. P.s I love you is so sad too.. I read the book first.. which was fantastic . She is an amazing author.. I went with my BF.. cried for the whole 2 hours and all the way home haha.

      Im not allowed to pick the movie anymore.

      haha JK

      I cried in Click, marley & me, Titanic, A walk to remember, oh man.. all of the above. Bridge to terebithia ..those disney folks always are killing someone!

    60. Mango says:

      You shallow husks of human beings have got to be kidding me. Where's Hotel Rwanda? Schindler's List? The Pianist? The Constant Gardener? Vapid, pointless, blockbuster romances make you cry!? This world will always be a host to atrocities and suffering, because to change it you'd have to change what is fundamentally important to your average person. Which, apparently, is hyped up crap.

    61. jill says:

      the boy in striped pajamas.

      seriously, i think, the saddest movie i have ever watched.

    62. Casey says:

      I totally agree with Mr. Hollands Opus! That does it to me every time. I cry during a lot of movies! Even ones that aren't sad. I think it's because I don't cry over anything in real life so movies are like my way of letting it out. I am actually watching uptown girls right now and currently tearing up lol.

      Raise your voice (the Hillary Duff movie) did it to me like the first 5 times.

      Titanic and Moulin Rouge have all made me cry numerous times, but I think they have lost their touch now. But anything kinda happy or slightly sad will make me tear up. lol

    63. nicole says:

      i know this is a lifetime movie,

      but "christmas shoes" definately.

      you need to hear the song before you watch it,

      in order to get a feel for it.

    64. Abner says:

      Gran Torino, I just watched it..the ending made me cry. I was not expecting that ending or me crying.

    65. kaitlyn says:

      omg i sooo cried when i watched the note book & ps. i love you..oh and moulin rouge.

      but one movies that really really made me cry was grindhouse planet terror omggggg its sooooo effing sad i cried like a baby at the end D: haha yeah its a weird movie to cry to but its sad.

    66. Emily says:

      P.S. I Love You was just about the most depressing movie ever! I didn't even want to see it, but some girlfriends dragged me to the theater, and I pretty much cried through the entire thing!😦 I'll definitely never watch that one again!

      Schindler's List makes me cry every time (not to mention, shocks me and appalls me every time too!!). I want to see The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, but I know it'll make me cry too!! Stepmom, Steel Magnolias, A Walk to Remember…those all break my heart and bring tears too! My husband cried in Pearl Harbor (he is a Marine, and the scene with all the caskets in the huge hanger…yeah, that just made him break down!).

      Another movie that brings me to sobs every time is The Passion of the Christ. If you haven't seen it– watch it!!!

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    68. kristen says:

      i cried over marley and me it was so sad at the ending i cant beileve it would end like that and when it ended the mvoie had the whole audience cring it was kinda funny cause id look back behind my seat and there would be people balling their eyes out. that movie was the only movie that made me cry or at least thats the only movie i remember crying about

    69. Inez says:

      seven pounds really gets to me such a great sad movie.

      & million dollar baby😥

    70. Rox says:

      I recently watched Nell(1994) with Liam Neeson and his beloved wife Natasha Richardson.It's so sad at the end to see them so happy together and to know that she is now gone😦.Also the movie itself is quite sad and touching.You can't help but cry

    71. mack says:

      PS I LOVE YOU .. cried the ENTIRE movie.. letter after letter.

    72. Vickiee says:


      That's the biggest one for me.

      I've never cried at a film so much, and I cry at a fair few flms too.

      Titanic and Lion King are up there too.

    73. Monica says:

      I cried during Hancock… it was close to the end, where he and the other guy's wife are dead… just the look on that little boy's face… gets me every time!

    74. Jasmine says:

      definately the notebook- I had to see it after one of my high school teachers told me he cried and told his wife that was how he loved her (at the end)..cried like a freakin baby

      p.s. i love you..couldn't stop crying, especially at the end when she couldnt feel him around anymore.

      there are many more, but those are def my top 2!

    75. Aaron says:

      Has anyone seen a movie called "Dangerous Minds"? I don't cry during movies at all, but it broke my heart when Ms. Johnson broke the news to her class that Emilio (one of their classmates) was shot and killed. It was just so sad!!

    76. Christina says:

      Another Tom Hanks: The Road to Perdition.

      Really, Tom Hanks is drawn to tearjerkers.

      I did bawl like a baby in that one scene from Click, but I thought I had to be the only person on the planet that did.

    77. Rashel says:

      My whole entire life, I had never cried once while watching ANY movie at all. Even as a child, I couldn't be reached. At emotional heartwrenching scenes, I've ALWAYS been unable to stop the tiny little voice in the back of my head that says "What awesome/awful actors." "That was a dumb line." "The situation is too cliche." "The way the blood shot out of that girl almost made me laugh. How unrealistic." and "I think that was the stupidist thing I've ever seen."

      I'm this way with dramatic comedies, chick flicks, horror movies, and especially tragedies. Even if it's based on real events, I stay looking melancholic and without emotion.

      That is, until I watched PS I Love You.

      Yes, it's most likely because my fiance died in a car wreck three days after proposing. Plus, I hadn't gotten any sleep that week and was at a very sensitive time of the month, if you catch my drift.

      But I actually TEARED UP at the part where she's sobbing into her mother's back. "He's not here… I'm not here!"


      That was wicked awesome.

    78. Ann says:

      P.S. I love you does it for me…

      Titanic, steel magnolias when Sally Field is screaming "WHY WHY" for her daughter!! Pay it forward. I also agree on Korean movies. The orginial "MY SASSY GIRL!" also korean tv drama called FULL HOUSE!!

      Click was sad too and so was big daddy… I know I am weird..

      also Ya Ya sisterhood or something like that. I refuse to watch Marley & me because if I ever lost my lil mini doxie, I would die!

    79. AMY says:


    80. Seah says:

      Well, I would put 'Armageddon' as number 10 saddest movie… It is not the saddest but i did cry in the end when Bruce Willis sacrifice himself and his daughter's heart just fell… (Not to mention that i am a boy)

      Another movie is 'Cyborg She', a japanese movie… It brought me close to tears when she sacrificed herself for the man during the earthquake by pushing him away from the falling debris while she, herself, gets smashed… (I really wonder if i am bewitched by her beauty or something that makes me feel terrible!)

    81. Rob says:

      I guess nobody saw pursuit of happiness lol

    82. saket says:

      I never cry while watching movies but three movies that made me cry.

      1) P.S I Love You

      2) Pursuit of happiness

      3) Forrest gump

    83. JOSHUA TEH says:

      No matter how many times i've watched Prison Break: THE FINAL BREAK (FREE…the video recording by Michael), i still can't stand it. Tears just fell! Add-on: Climax-Resolution of BLOOD DIAMOND, Changeling(maybe, because i'm just half way through), …still thinking…Gracias amigos…good to have a forum like this!

    84. JOSHUA TEH says:

      Hey, nobody else is interested in this blog!

      I finally found a place that I belong to, but sadly, there's no response from other people who share the same idea! Come on, give yr comment. Tell us which movies/dramas that made u cry.

      Add-on: Ghost Town, Click, Cape No.7 (taiwan), Just Follow Law (singapore), I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Ip Man (hk), …

    85. shari says:

      people make fun of me for crying during forrest gump! the part where he's talking to jenny's grave gets me every time.

    86. Bethany says:

      I have 2 tear jerkers

      My Girl

      Pay it Forward

      Other movies that bring tears(not out and out crying but a shedding of a few tears)

      Martian Child

      The Bucket List


      October Sky

    87. Phoebe says:

      Deep Impact gets me every time. The scene when the mom and dad hand the baby to their daughter then hug each other as the comet hits.

      Also, The Bridges of Madison County, Million Dollar Baby & The Bastard Out of Carolina are tear jerkers.

    88. Adeline says:

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) when the robot kid find the blue fairy n pray to the statue for eternity

    89. Kirstie says:

      I've never cried in a movie before no matter how sad it is! It's actually annoying. I've tried to find one that will make me cry for years. But, that's not going so well. I thought Titanic would do it for me but nothing, I even tried to cried but it didn't work! argh!

    90. Kirstie says:

      oh, and something I thought was really sad (but of course, I didn't manage to cry) was an episode of Doctor Who – Doomsday (the second part). Random, but sad.

    91. Holly says:

      Bridge to Terrabithia is SO sad… a MUST see

      Click… me and my friend were sobbing

      No Reservations… i was in floods of Tears

      apparently Boy in Striped Pyjymas is really sad but i havent seen that yet

    92. Holly says:

      Forgot to Add… My Sisters Keeper is THE saddest film SOOO Sad… when it comes out on DVD you MUST get it!!

    93. 2000redips says:

      Never cried during a movie before. I tend to avoid sad movies, and when I do run into sad movies, I don't even get teary eyed. Chick flicks do nothing to me, and I'm probably the only person who has never seen Titanic. There are only two movies that almost made me cry.

      Dangerous Minds – When Emilio dies. I hate that part!

      Up (2009) – the whole movie was actually pretty sad. Especially near the end when Carl was flipping through…I won't spoil it for you!

    94. Kassie says:

      Please watch "MY sassy girl"

    95. Brontë says:

      The ONE movie that I REFUSE to watch ever again because it depresses me is……. Click. I HATE that movie. It just gets me, you know? When I first saw it I was at my dad's house and I was watching it by myself and he was sleeping (yeah, typical dad). But for some reason it ALWAYS makes me think of my dad dying….😥 It's just super depressing. Bed, Bath and Beyond and universal remotes kind of scare me now…. hahaha

    96. Sophia says:

      HSM3. Definitly. I never cry, especially at romance movies, in fact I think they're BORING. But in HSM3 the really sweet parts made me cry so much. All the parts I cried at were Right Here Right Now (both the one in the movie and the deleted one-I saw the deleted scene of the reprise on YouTube), Can I Have This Dance (both the one on the roof of the school and the one where Troy goes to pick Gabriella up from Stanford), the part where Gabriella says she's not coming back on the phone, and the graduation when Troy was saying about going to a college near Gabriella, then when they were standing on stage at the very very end before the ending credits. Gabriella was crying in that scene. I cried for most of the movie. Especially like the entire last half hour. I did not expect to need tissues. Even just hearing Right Here Right Now and Can I Have This Dance makes me cry.

    97. Shorty says:

      I enjoy romantic movies because i am a romantic kinda gal. I watched Titanic more than three times and i cried so much that people think that i have a crying diseases. Romantic movies gives me peace of mind and encourages me that no matter what happens in life, there is always a way out and love is possible if only you would believe.

    98. Annelise says:

      Yeah i agree with some of the movies people has listed.

      – Marley and Me

      – Fluke

      – The Lion King

      – Pearl Harbor

      – My Girl

      – The Notebook

      – Stormbreaker (lol Ewan McGregor fan & he dies)

      – Rabbit proof fence

      – Forrest Gump

      – Lagaan

      Not many people have probably heard of Fluke, Rabbit Proof Fence and Lagaan but I cry in those.

      I also didn't cry in 'My sister's keeper' even though i have heard that about 95% of people who watch it seem to cry. It just didn't do it for me, although I was close when Taylor died.

    99. Vale says:

      Oh my god, fluke was heartbreaking i cry at all these pet movies can't help. i loved turner and hooch but if u really want to have a break down watch "8 below"- it's by disney, dogs involved. English Patient is quite a tear breaker too…..

      bambi how could i forget…lol

    100. Vale says:

      oh oh….and Panted Veil….and Silk

    101. Patti Ann says:

      I would have to say my top 5 favortes are:

      5) Armagedon

      4) Ghost


      2)Con Air

      1)Back Draft

      I can't watch any of these without a box of tisues near by !!

    102. Karoline says:

      I NEVER cry at movies. Like ever. My mom used to make jokes that I was made of stone cause I would watch movies like the Notebook, but always end up saying "I just feel really sad, not at all like crying." Until I saw Beaches. I honestly don't think I've ever sobbed so hard in my entire life. And for some reason, I also cried a bit during Benjamin Button, but I'm not sure why.

    103. Mareeee says:

      My Sister's Keeper (throughout the whole movie!)

      Pay It Forward

      Pursuit of Happiness (Sleeping in the bathroom scene really got to me)

      I Am Legend (I cried about 7 times in this, even when he was speaking about music and Bob Marley! Inspirational <3)

      New Moon (I'm quite attached to the saga because of the books <3)

      Even in Blood In Blood Out (Ending scene❤ The emotion and acting = amazingly perfect.)

    104. Mareeee says:

      Oh and Titanic was on TV just a few hours ago. It was about the millionth time I've watched it, yet by the end of the movie, I was crying like a baby. That movie has always, and will always, inspire me in so many ways.

    105. moe says:

      Life is beautiful, Stepmom, the secret garden (the 90's one), parts of Amelie.. all movies that I looove, but that i bawl over..

      also agree with the lion king, my girl, the notebook, the pianist, green mile people.. what is up with tom hanks and making people cry? lol

    106. emma says:

      i have to agree with most people about fluke cuz in 6th grade which was last year my english class watched that movie omg everybody was crying even the boys! like at the end of the movie after the car crsh and the boy was in the snow everybody was like if he dies i'm gonna cry. no joke evn tho people were crying allready.

    107. kristyann says:

      MY SISTER'S KEEPER!!!!!! if u know someone with cancer any kind it will make u CRY …. n MARLEY N ME…. made me so sad my eyes were all dryed out towards the end cuz i used to have german shep. that were getting old one was named smokey saved my life MANY MANY MANY TIMES…. he was 11 before we were forced to move n give him to the pound😦 miss him but im happy cuz other wise it would of been smokey n me the new marley !!!!

    108. Rachel says:

      I have cried at every movie I have seen. It only takes a powerful moment. I even cry at dumb movies like the Lizzie McGuire Movie. I do not only cry at every movie, but multiple times. Say the movie…..and I'll tell you that I cried while watching. Oh yeah….I cry at the trailers too….and a lot of commercials. If I even think about a movie…I can start crying.

    109. kp says:

      i skimmed through some posts and was surprised to see no one mentioned blood diamond

    110. linds says:

      My Life Without Me = Saddest Movie Ever

      Sarah Polley plays a 23 year old woman, married (to Scott Speedman) with two kids, who finds out she has terminal cancer, so she makes a list of things to do before she dies. Mark Ruffalo is also in it, and Blondie plays her mother…it's beautiful-tragic, one of those movies that makes you reevaluate your relationships to others.

      The United States of Leland: tells the story of a young man's experience in a juvenile detention center that touches on the tumultuous changes that befall his family and the community in which he lives. Ryan Gosling is Leland.

      Requiem for a Dream: Drug Addiction. They actually show this movie in rehab centers to inspire people to stay away from drugs. It will make you depressed for a week and fear for your mother and cry for an hour after it's over. Jerod Leto, Jennifer Connolly, and Marlon Wayons. If you have happy things to attend to, or are feeling depressed, i'd actually not recommend this movie, it's really troubling.

      Up: If you have grandparents, or are dealing with family in old folks homes, this movie will make you cry. And I was expecting it to be a happy movie!

      Cartoons: The Last Unicorn, Watership Down, and the original Little Mermaid (The true fairytale doesn't have a happy ending. Imagine your surprise as a child, expecting the disneyfied version.)

    111. yuhh-thas says:


      Oh my toto.

    112. Hanaa says:

      Pride and Prejudice, both old and new, They make me cry, every single time, oh how a yearn for a Mr. Darcy of my own, -sigh- the way he claims his love for her, makes me tear up so helplessly.

      Just goes to show you how beautiful and meaningful relationships were in the 18th century, now it's all just, boy meets girl, for a short period, and then he calls her his EX, no meaning, whatsoever.

      Pride and prejudice<3

    113. kateo's mom says:

      this list is really current!

      I've probably seen It's a Wonderful Life a hundred times and by the time we see Clarence's inscription that "no man is a failure as long as he has friends" I am a happily sobbing mess.

      I always tear up in Stand By Me when the narrator describes the death of River Phoenix's character. In fact, just the first bars of that song will get me misty.

      What about Edward Sissorhands? Schindler's List? The Pianist? The classroom videotape from Bowling for Columbine? The Sweet Hereafter? Brokeback Mountain?

    114. kateo's mom says:

      Dumbo? Brian's Song? ET?

      I was seven months pregnant when I saw Sleepless in Seattle on a plane. Sobbed uncontrollably, embarrassing both my husband and my five-year-old son.

    115. Rolf says:

      Marley and Me shouldn't make anybody cry and shouldn't be on this list.

      But explain this please:

      "Forrest Gump.

      How could you not feel sorry for Forrest? He’s just so naive and cute and kind. Forrest lost everyone that was important to him and each passing sent me running for more tissue. Not a good movie to see with a boy. Just sayin’…"

      I'm a boy. This is my all-time favorite movie which still makes me cry. Overall it's one of the best movies ever

      Some other tear-jerkers:

      City of Angels "i'd rather have one…"

      What Dreams May Come "I found you in.."

      Buster (I bet no-one here has heard of this one; I advice you to watch it. Feat. Phil Collins and a near perfect ending feat. the song A Groovy Kind of Love)

      Ghost (just watched this a couple of days ago. Actualy not really a good movie but it has it's moments.)

    116. debbie says:

      oh my gosh TITANIC are you kidding jack died and she was like come back over and over … but that movie makes me mad to like the captain is really dumb telling the crew to go full speed agh and when jack and rose were in the water you couldn't have switch off and on being in the water instead of jack freezing his but of AND if rose would have gotten on a flipping boat jack probably would have found a boat or he could have had the door ANYWAY that movie is the saddest ever!

    117. stephen evans says:

      just watched the Kite Runner. If u dont mind watching a film thats subtitled, then its superb! my wife cried for about a hour during this film! Really moving film!

    118. Sophia says:

      Marley and Me the dog dies! It's sad!

    119. Morenithaa says:

      Hola😀 por aki di kien sabe como pero di… a mi si me gustan mucho las pelis para llorar, y en vdd recomiendo la cinematografía coreana… sobre todo "A moment to remember" dure como una hora llorando dsp de verla… esta preciosa la recomiendo ampliamente…

      Vean Ditto tmb no es romántica pero a mi me fascino y me hixo qe se me regaran unas lagrimas por mis mejillas..


    120. Kelsey says:

      I have read the posts and I don't think that anyone mentioned "The Guardian" with Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. I have seen that movie at least 20 times and the ending still makes me cry… no matter what.

    121. romit says:

      I don't know why. But watching Wall-E almost made me cry. I think it was the best love story i have ever seen.

    122. Steven says:

      Its A Wonderful Life,

      Marley & Me,


      Seven Pounds,

      My girl,


    123. Steven says:

      Also: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    124. Eric Ebacher says:

      "A Walk to Remember"; in the final days leading up to this movie's release, I was trying to decide if I should listen to some schoolmates who were going to see this movie on the night it was released; finally, the day before, I decided that I would, even though I thought I wouldn't like it. Boy, was I ever wrong. In fact, as the movie progressed, primarily during the last half hour or more, I actually began to see myself in Landon's (Shane West) shoes as the bad boy who later changed his ways. More than anything, however, the last 30 minutes or more brought me to tears, especially when Jamie first revealed she had leukemia and had stopped responding to treatment. I had a really tough time keeping myself from crying at the end when Landon said he was sorry that Jamie never got her miracle and Reverend Sullivan said "She did; it was you." All in all, very touching movie and one I will never forget for as long as I live.

    125. m burg says:

      if you thought “Marley & Me” was good, do try “Hachiko – A Dog’s Story”… it’s even more of a tearjerker! i’ve never seen whole groups of people walking out of a theatre sobbing away(girls & guys included)…

    126. sebastian b says:

      Reign over me? Anyone???????

    127. gus says:

      Marley and me, the end of gladiator and the Green mile always make me cry and is why i only watch them on my own. For some reason though i kind of like to cry at movies???

    128. gus says:

      Oh and i know its a childrens film but Taribitia aswell

    129. killing-cupid says:

      I very rarely ever cry in day to day life, but when watching a film where someone important dies and i have to see the reaction of the person close to them, it always gets me.

      Films that can make me choke up are armaggedon, a walk to remember, artificial intelligence, pay it forward (damn that haley joel osmond), 6th sense, titanic, truely madly deeply, king kong, my girl (every damn time), gladiator, my sister's keeper, ps i love you, a beautiful mind, life is beautiful, beaches and manyy more, well you get the idea.

    130. killing-cupid says:

      Ooh and beyond borders! Such a sad film😦

    131. Vee says:

      I just watched Philadelphia about 20 minutes ago and seen it dozens of times, and it still to this day jerks the tears out of me! Especially the ending when the family and friends are watching home movies of when he was a child and that song playing in the background, it gets me every time.

    132. greg says:

      Forrest Gump doesn't make me cry because it's a happy ending.

      BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. You can't avoid crying at that one. UGH.

      Anything where a little kid dies (bridge to teribithia, Boy in striped pajamas, and so on…) is just the worst thing. Children of Huang Shi has its parts too.

      Kids dying is just the worst thing cause they barely had time to live )=

      Oh and another really sad one is school of life (it's kinda corny, but once you get into it its great)

    133. greg says:

      OH and anything about the holocaust – schindler's list, boy in the striped pajamas (again), life is beautiful… you know. Saddest moment in history.

    134. Chris says:

      My Sister's Keeper! I cried from the beginning till the end.

    135. Jessica Foster says:

      These are all such sad movies! However,

      Green Mile!

      That man was innocent, innocent, INNOCENT I tell you.!!!

      1. shari says:

        i love d movie green mile…. i cry everytime i watch it.. n i agree completely… dat man was innocent

    136. Sam says:

      The only movie that made me cry was The grave of the fireflies.(South Korean)..

    137. annie says:

      its marley and me……not a tear jrkr for evry1..but for peopl wo r fan of dogs…

      M lovin it……..

    138. Sophie says:

      I love the notebook and all the others every ones on about, apart from a walk to remember because I was forced into watching it, so I there fore hated it. My friends all pick on me and think i'm weird because I NEVER cry in movies. But so help me in Remember Me at then end…. It's a boring movie but your thinking, oh everyones happy, yay and it all goes wrong.

      I had to leave the cinema I was crying so bad. It;s that and the Rabbit Proof Fence. If you havent watched that, you need to. It's a true story of these aborginal girls who are taken from there family (stolen generation). Breaks my heart everytime!

    139. Lilly says:

      It's impossible to not cry in Up. It's just not doable.

    140. Reah says:

      Forrest Gump made me cry!

      And yeah Korean movies ALWAYS make me cry! Eg. Windstruck, My Sassy Girl, A Millionaire's First Love (cried like an idiot)

    141. alvin says:

      i am a man and i cried like a baby when i saw my sisters keeper.😦

    142. Rebecca says:

      I also cried like a baby after seeing My Sister’s Keeper, for 20 minutes after it finished I was sobbing to my sister telling her how it was so unfair on Kate and she sat there laughing at me😦

      I’ve just finished watching Marley and me now for the second time and my face feels stiff with tears… again my sister is very amused.

      The final one that always gets me is Armogenden I’m being serious when I say I cried for two hours straight when the movie finished, I couldn’t get over it… luckily I was alone when I watched that so no embarrassment was caused:)

    143. Anthony says:

      Shindler's list, at the end when he breaks down from not being able to save more people.😦

      Steel Magnolia's get me everytime, at the funeral.

      It's a Wonderful Life, I HATE that movie, my famliy makes fun of me everytime we watch it during christmas:/

      Rendition and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood are up there on great tear jerkers too.

    144. Anonymus says:

      The Last Song made me cry when the dad died from cancer. My mom cried too. Actually, I think everyone in the theater was crying.

      Remember Me was another great movie that has made me cry. I, and everyone else in the theater, was literally sobbing when Robert Pattinson's character died in 9-11. Even the few guys in there were crying because they probably remembered that horrible day. I was only in preschool when it happened for real, so I was only crying because RPattz died in the movie. So sad…:/

    145. Nicole says:

      Oh my god I cried so much when I saw Remember Me.. Not just at the end, but throughout the entire film. I was literally shaking I was crying so hard. I don't think any other movie has ever touched me like that before. I don't usually cry when there are other people around, but I couldn't help it…it was just so sad. Literally everyone in the theater was crying and sobbing and hugging. Even guys were crying..but that's probably because they actually remember 9-11. Oh yeah it was sad because Robert Pattinson's character, Tyler, dies in 9-11. But the entire movie was so real and sad that I just had to cry. I will never forget that movie. Great job RPattz!

    146. Katelin says:

      Nicole, I am with you on that. i have NEVER cried so hard. my friend was on a date, and she asked me to tag along, and at the end of remember me, I BAWLED. it was so embarassing, my friend was holding me and the guy was just trying to make me feel better, by telling me it was just a movie. i felt so bad. that was a horribly life-changing movie.

    147. cks says:

      all these people crying over marley and me must definately see hachiko: a dog'd story, if they really want to see a sad canine film. marley and me is nothing compared to haciko:a dog's story.

    148. imz says:

      click def the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    149. Sara says:

      Omg, I can't explain why, but The Outsiders.

      I cry whenever I think about it.

      Okay, I can explain why.

      I loved the characters soooo much!

      I felt like I had known them forever, and we were best buds, and I loved them, and they loved me and….

      Sorry, it just isn't sappy romance like the Notebook and stuff, but still.

      It's a pretty old movie, too. 1983.


      -goes into mad fits of sobs-

    150. justme says:

      I cried at 300! Yes, the movie about the Spatans! D: What?! WHAT?! Ugh!! I NEVER cry at movies! I am sooo weird!

    151. Karen says:

      The Top 10 movies that made me cry, in this order:

      1- THE SAND PEBBLES, you have to watch this one with Steve McQueen, it will make you cry for so many reasons,

      2- DO YOU KNOW JOE BLACK, if you don't cry during this movie you are a robot.

      3- SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, unbelievably sad ending when the older Ryan is at the cemetary.



      6-PS I LOVE YOU


      8-CITIZEN KANE, how sad that all someone as successful at the end remembers his childhood "rosebud"



    152. Megan says:

      OMFG ladder 49 makes me cry every dang time! i love that movie tho:)

    153. monty says:

      IF ONLY…….awesome movie……..i cried a lot…….

    154. Becky says:

      Terms of Endearment-used to watch it to cry on purpose when I felt like a needed a good one. When Shirley McClain is begging the nurses to get her daughter the pain medication NOW! Just kills me. First time I saw it, I got to the point of the "ugly cry" on a first date and never saw him again.

      Parenthood-Just something about the fragility and complexity of raising a family broke my heart.

      Schindler's List-Beside the obvious reasons, My dad's best friend's family were Schindler survivors and they are shown at the end putting the rocks on Schindler's grave marker. I cried off and on for days over that movie

      Forrest Gump-Something about how it spans time (my parents era basically) choked me up. The sound track is amazing, too. Music makes me cry, too.

      I'm not ashamed to say I'm an emotional person. lol

    155. Mollse says:

      I always cry in Rocky 2. "Yo Adrian we did it" Amazing performance by Sly Stallone. Can't believe that people think he is an terrible actor.

    156. jackie says:

      the movies that havemade me cry are alot of them some of them are


      a walk to remember

      the notebook

      the boy in the striped pajajmas


      dear john

      remember me

      marley and me

      and also movies that are about the holocaust there are more movies bt this is enough lol

    157. Nicole says:

      P.S. I love you. Even my manly boyfriend cried, although he really tried to hold it back=)

    158. brobot says:

      TItanic and The Notebook just seem like exploitation films to me, and Walk to Remember was cheesy and creepy.

      Those other two though, damn man…

    159. nick says:

      must sound weird but gladiator… dad was always the super tuff guy never shed a tear in his life, until he tryer to hide it when he watched gladiator and the man dies and goes to his family.

    160. JessiCat says:

      I tried to think of some movies that weren't listed. Here goes.

      Number one always has been and always will be Somewhere in Time. I've seen it so many times I've lost count, but it never fails to make me cry. I rank it up there with Titanic and The Notebook.

      The Little Mermaid or almost any Disney movie.

      Schindler's List

      Saving Private Ryan



      Sex and the City – When Carrie is left at the library.

      The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Especially RotK. Arwen's vision of her son with Aragorn, everyone bowing to the hobbits, and the leaving Middle-Earth scenes get me every time.

      The Land Before Time

      The Joy Luck Club

      The Time Traveller's Wife

      The Neverending Story

      The Color Purple

      Reign Over Me

      Love Actually

      Brokedown Palace

      Finding Neverland

      The Last Samurai

      Dances With Wolves

      I Am Legend – The end makes me cry, and what happens to the dog.

      Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End – Towards the end, after Will takes Davy Jones' place. The part after the credits, where Elizabeth and their son are waiting on the beach for him to come home.

      What Dreams May Come

      Memoirs of a Geisha


      Harry Potter. I'm a diehard Harry Potter Fan, and I sobbed during Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. The next two are going to be tearjerkers, too.

    161. AB says:

      We are Marshall! I cried like a baby!

    162. RyRy says:

      I was bawling throughout My Sister's Keeper. And when i say bawling, i mean BAWLING!!!

    163. G says:

      Brokeback Mountain makes me cry like a baby, especially at the end when Ennis says "Jack, I swear…" Gets me everytime!

    164. ganu says:

      Heyyy how about Seven pounds. dont u people think that its a nice movie. that realyy made me cry for a long time thinking of it. i am not kind of weepy person but really its a good ovie about the helping mind.pls watch it nice movie.

    165. PETER says:


    166. Issac says:

      Movies that had me teary eyed would be, green mile, marley and

      me and Big fish.

      Movies that touched me but couldn't cry or tear up; gran torino, AI, Pans Laberynth.

    167. Lizeth says:

      If your looking to cry at least once throughout the movie try these….. Some may make you cry more then once….

      SWEET NOVEMBER…..Romantic

      THE CURE….. Friendship

      ALPHA DOG…… True story

      CRASH……. Realism

      WALK TO REMEMBER….. Romantic

      A MAN APART…… Action

      HARD BALL…… Kid reality

      CRUEL INTENTIONS….. Romantic

      ANGEL EYES….. Romantic

      LA BAMBA…… True Story

      SELENA…… True story

      THE NOTEBOOK….. Romantic

      ARMAGEDDON….. Action

      These are all good movies for everone to enjoy….. if your into sad movies they won't be a waste of time….

    168. eru says:

      i tend to cry in every movie's touchy moments

      the notebook

      antwon fisher

      pan's labyrinth


      bridge to terabithia even after watching half the movie and thinking it was dumb

      My sister's keeper

      the first harry potter when he was looking at his parents through the mirror

    169. Laurieee says:

      The Blind Side hits me like a wall of bricks every time. Beautiful movie based on the real story of Michael Ohers.

    170. corey says:

      forrest gump (when hes at the grave), rocky 3 (when mick is dying), the kid (couple of parts around the end), marley + me (at the end), click (when hes lying in the rain).. cant remember tearing up with any others but im sure there be anotha 1 or 2 out there lol.

    171. kay says:

      i only cry in dog movies. Oh and i just finished watch Hachi i've been for like 10mins now it's like i'm a little baby!

    172. Winnie says:

      Million Dollar Baby and Okuribito (The Departure) and MJ's Funeral left me with swollen eyes the size of Ultraman's.

    173. Laura says:

      I'm such a crier!! I cried my huge heart out at:

      – My sister's keeper!

      My utter favvvvourite!

      – Marley & Me, I came out of the cinema with a soaking top!

      – Stepmom, Cancer films always get me!

    174. Laura says:

      I’m such a crier!! I wore my heart on my sleeve at:

      – My sister’s keeper! – My utter favourite! Two sisters share a secret of which one has cancer, and there parents go through hell to try and save her, leading into a court case. Great film!

      – Marley & Me, – I came out of the cinema with a soaking top! Marley is the family dog, and the film is basically the life of the dog, from beginning to end. Sad times!

      – Stepmom – about a family, of which there parents have went through a divorce and the father has a new woman now. But the children find out there real mother gets cancer. Cancer films always get me!

      – Gracies Choice – about a family with drug addiction mother who doesnt take good care of her children So the eldest daughter takes over (Gracie) and acts as a mother towards her siblings so they dont get split up and adopted! of which leads into a court case and finally she gains rights to her brothers becoming her own children. Really good film.

      – The Last Song – Miley Cyrus is the daughter from hell after her parents split. Her mother drops her and her brother off at her fathers for the summer where miley and her father become closer, and we find out he has cancer. Tear Jerker!!

      – Bridge to Teribithia – OMG sadest film ever! a boy has no friends and there family is quite poor. he finds a new girl .. friend and hes really happy. but she dies. Saddest thing ever!!

      – PS I love you – A romantic story with Halle Berry and Gerard Bulter. Well Recommended. They are typically madly in love and he dies. Leaving love messages and things to do every now and then set up by her mother the only person she wouldnt have guessed would do it for her, as she didnt really like him. Tissues on the readyy!!

      – Stomp the yard – A dance film. The main character was a stomper, but his younger brother was killed in a dance battle that got dirty. He stopped dancing and was sent to live with his uncle in a new school too. Where he meets a young lady he likes and gets back to dancing. Really heart warming!!

      – The green mile – Everyone knows about this classic. Oh my god, i couldnt stop crying. perfectly acted!

      – The bucket list – Jack nicolson is the best acter ever. it has to be said. He’s a rich man who owns hospitals. He states in court that it can only be two to a room no less. so when he goes into hospital with cancer and is pairedin a room with a working class man (morgan freeman) hes not happy. but once they get to know each other they begin to create a ‘bucket list’ a list which contains things they wanna do before they die. Really heart wrenching!!

      – Eight Below – a disney classic. about husky dogs which have to survive the arctic weather when the research science den at the arctic has to be evacuated due to severe weather, but there is no room for the dogs to get on the plane. sad, sad, sad.

      – Raise your voice – Hillary Duffs film. Her brother is grounded for standing up to his father trying to allow him for her (duuf) to go to juliard to sing. So when she produces gig tickets for them they sneak out. On the way back from the gig they are in a car crash and her brothers died but she is still alive and blames herself. Emotive Film!!

      There are many many more films. but i do highly recommend these films!! there brill:)

    175. Jesse says:

      This is gay and all, but Where the wild things are makes me cry like a baby at the end.

      and the movie ''Stella'' has me crying throughout like half of it. Stella has to be the saddest movie ever, in my theory,

    176. Jesse says:

      Oh yes, and Reign over me, I bawled in the theaters.

      and during Planes Trains and Automobiles, near the beginning sortof when steve martin is about the leave the motel.

      Forest gump, too, at the grave.

      AND, I havn't seen this one on the discussion yet, but the movie ''Imagine: John Lennon" makes me cry.

    177. Katie says:

      Definetley Forest Gump, makes me cry everytime.

      Lion king, My sisters keeper, Elf – for some reason, Click – made me cry.. Alot, Armaggedon and Dear John:)

    178. Lyn says:

      Atonement- I was crying throughout the whole film.

      The Boy in the Striped Pajamas- I cried for half an hour after the film. Even when I think about it I start crying. No other movie has made me sob so much.

      I've Loved You So Long- I was sobbing when they reveal who she killed and why.

      Mary and Max- Based on a true story. Certain events in the movie made me tear up.

    179. Kkkay says:

      Philadelphia! I cry for a good half of the movie. It's so compeling and emotional. Especially the part at the end where Tom hanks and Antonio banderas are in the hospital room for the final time. Deffenitally need a box of tissues for that movie.

    180. Jackie says:

      I Am Sam …fer sure it's one of th saddest movies evar!! I've seen it so many times and I still can't help crying thru like th whole thing😦

    181. Brina says:

      Movies almost never make me cry, which is why I was so surprised when I watched Titanic last night, and started tearing up halfway through it, and even more surprised when I started downright sobbing when Jack was dying in the cold water….. No movie had ever made me cry so hard… In fact, I actually haven't cried that hard in years…. It was so sad…. I cried like a lunatic…

    182. Briejean says:

      Terms of Endearment, hands down.

    183. Josie says:

      Simon Birch – A film about a young boy who has a condition that affects his growth who believes god made him that way for a great purpose.

      Amazing, heart breaking film.

    184. dragon guy says:

      dragonheart is where i cried when bowen has to stab draco in the heart then he asks him where to turn to and draco replies as he drifts off "to the stars bowen, to the stars"

      and also what dreams may come

      and the man in the iron mask after D'artagnan get killed by hiw own son and they attend his funeral so sad

    185. kelvin says:

      i cried during the hours

    186. Chandler says:

      Oh my gosh, Titanic is my favorite movie in the world and I cry at the end every single time. Marley and Me also had me crying like a baby, I am a huge dog lover. Charlie St. Cloud also made me cry a little when the little brother died and at the end. The Last Song had me bawling so much when her dad died. Click also made me cry when the old man dad was lying in the rain.

    187. dayne says:

      The movie "Fluke" which is about a man who died and was reincarnated into a dog made me cry when I was I still a child. It's just so sad because his memory as a human keeps on haunting him down until he finally decided to find his way back to his family and make them aware of his existence. But ofcourse in the end all that's left is for everyone to move on.

      "A walk to remember" is also one of the best sad movies I've ever seen, and I love the book more. The book is much more capable of depicting how wonderful life is, specially with someone who truly loves you and who makes your few days all the more worth while than you could have ever imagined. I also love the movie "the notebook". Another sad movie which makes us realize that such great love still exist as well as the "The time traveller's wife" wherein it made me realize that if you truly love each other, you will always wait for his return no matter what happens. "The Last song" and "My sister's keeper" are movies that will surely make each family bond strong in every crisis there is. "Up" another movie of a great love, and ofcourse "P.s. I Love you", the movie that really made me cry so hard. It's just that in life we cannot guarantee how long we will live, so as long as we are alive we might as well learn to be patient and contented with what we have. We might as well make that special someone realize how much we love them and we might as well learn to establish a give and take relationship. A relationship full of love, hope, faith and commitment to each other. Instead of whining about each others' mistakes, we might as well learn to accept it and take part in correcting it. Sometimes, we cannot really have everything we wanted in life, but I guess if you really both love each other, you could act as one to be able to get it. And if you really love each other, you would do anything it takes for you to do just to make sure that everything will be alright for that person you love.

    188. Zrxiah Deyspi says:

      Well for me some of the movies that made me cry are City of Angels, especially when Nicolas Cage became human already and after all the sacrifices he did just to be with Meg Ryan, the latter eventually died, forcing Cage to be left alone without his one true love..:(

      Another movie is Message in the Bottle, another Meg Ryan starrer, most especially the part after Kevin Costner died leaving a bottle with a message in it (and was found by Meg Ryan) that he found his new love through the person of Meg Ryan..:(

      The Time Traveler's Wife is also a tear-jerker, there are lots of sad dialogues being spoken in the film, and I can't help but cry every time the lead actress waits for the return of his love without knowing when and the part when the guy wants her to move on and forget all about him..:(

      These were just some, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu😦

    189. Noel says:

      I don't really cry much, but being young-around 9 years old and sensitive and watching the whole movie, Artificial Intelligence and One Hour Photo made me cry.

    190. Belinda says:

      What Dreams May Come – both the happiest and the saddest movie I've ever seen. I've watched it so many times and still cry pretty much the whole way through lol! If you haven't seen it, I cannot recommend it enough!

    191. Daniel says:

      Surprised I didn't see Legends of the Fall and Glory. What about A River Runs Through it.

    192. Daniel says:

      Oh and what about October Sky

    193. Trent says:

      ok so i dont know if anyone else said this i was reading the comments and got about half way and scrolled to the end but.. 'step mom' would have to be one of the saddest movies i have ever watched. near the end when her son is like 'no body loves you like i do'…. it makes my stomach hurt its so sad. also 'pay it forward' at the end when he dies and all the people gather at his house with candles paying tribute to him. So sad😦

    194. Emily says:

      I totally agree with you! Since I saw 'Titanic' I thought it was the best romantic love story ever, but now when I have seen "The Notebook" I think that's the best. The movie has everything, and I cried almost the whole movie. But ofcourse I cry to almost every movie, like cartoons and Disney-movies..😉

    195. bridget says:

      i cry during everything.. even some commercials make me tear up. all these ones mentioned are right on but id have to add we are marshall and toy story 3 to the list. i was sobbing after just thinking about it😦

    196. rumpelstiltskin says:

      Some of the movies mentioned above did make me teary eyed.. but haven't anyone seen The Fall?? the movie about the paralyzed stuntman(who's also suicidal) telling tall-tale story to this little girl.. no one famous in this gem but.. I cried furiously during the ending scene, when the stuntman killed off his characters one by one rather hurriedly in his narration while the little girl begging him to stop.. just to show the girl how hopeless he is toward moving on with his life..

      but even The Fall offered a happy ending..

      so the ultimate saddest movie for movie for me.. Grave of The Fireflies.. i can only see it once, i can never watch it again.. there's no hope whatsoever, whatever happened had happened & for that, it shatters your heart to million tiny pieces.. so whoever listed out all these movies above, i bet they haven't seen GoTF.. because once you saw it, it'll be your saddest movie ever..

    197. Vaisakhan Thampi says:

      I would say, "The grave of the fireflies" and "Prayers for Bobby"

      Really too touching

    198. I says:

      I love watching movies that makes me cry. My favourite movies are the ones that makes me cry. The saddest but also the best movie of all time is, for me, Titanic. I can't wactch that movie enough. it just does something to me. I love it.

      Other sad sad movies are:

      – My sisters keeper – I cried severeal times, fantastic and beautiful move. If you heaven't seen it, do so!!

      – Moulin Rouge

      – A walk to remember

      – Grey's anatomy, the OC (when Marissa dies) and One tree hill!


      I cry a lot, but it really depends on which mood i'm in.

    199. me says:

      I Think the movie "Tuck Everlasting" sholud be one cuz i made me friken cry at the very end😦😦😦 im so sad!!!!!!!

    200. a person says:

      I never cry when I watch movies, but I watched Shindler's List in school and I kept it together, but as soon as I got home I started bawling like a baby😦

    201. Amy says:

      Oh p.s i love you was horrible! never watch it again! I cried like a 4 yr old lol Click was pretty bad too lol oh and another tear jerker is Charlie St. Cloud😥

    202. Miss T says:

      Pretty much what everyone else said, but one that wasn't mentioned (and I can't believe no one said it!)….

      The Five People You Meet In Heaven!

      That made me cry sooo much, and at so many parts but especially with the little girl who was burned.

    203. Janey says:

      " PS I love you – A romantic story with Halle Berry and Gerard Bulter."

      Umm Laura have you seen the movie? Hally Berry is not in that movie. How do you confuse a white lady (Hillary Swank, with an African American lady?) Both are great actresses, but they are nothing alike. I digress…

      I saw PS I love you yesterday, because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I did not shed a tear. I am usually a whimp in movies, I cried and still cry in Lion King, but PS I Love You did nothing for me. I adore Swank but this movie was not the greatest. Granted the story was interesesting in the beginning, but it got boring pretty fast.

      Movies that make me bawl my eyes out are (in no partcular order)

      * The Invisible (VERY SAD and a great movie)

      * Beautiful Mind

      * Titanic (stil cry after seeing it 10+ times)

      * Boy in Striped Pajamas

      * My Sister's Keeper (saw it with my mom, both of us were crying nonstop)

      * 13 Going on 30…no idea why, but I was going through a weird stage in my life and I couldn't stop whaling.

      * Seven Pounds

      I am sure there are more, but as a side not I always manage to cry in series of Ghost Whisperer. Damn tear jerker.

    204. kate says:

      Selena!!!!! saddest movie ever and its a true story😦

    205. Lauren says:

      I don't cry a lot in general, but I cry at the drop of a hat at movies and tv shows. definitely the ones mentioned in the post- plus some that other people mentioned… like stepmom, Armageddon, and the lion king.

      but one recent one that got me and i'm shocked hasn't been mentioned yet: toy story 3– you basically have to be made out of stone to not cry during this movie. which reminds me- it just came out on dvd, i need to buy/rent it! i'm due for a good cry!

    206. […] Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry By: Mazuba Comments: […]

    207. andrea says:

      High School Musical 3- i saw it during my senior year and i cried the whole movie, literally, especially when zac efron sings his awesome solo.

      every Pixar movie ever made- toy story 3 especially, even my dad cried.

      Harry Potter-practically all of them, especially at the end of HBP when dumbledore drinks the potion so that they can get the locket, i almost had to leave the theater even though i knew it was coming, i just didn't like seeing him that weak. and then when snape kills him, i bawled and raised my straw when everyone raises their wands. i am pretty sure that at the end of the finale i will refuse to leave because i will be crying so hard and i will be in denial of the fact that it is ending.

      Glee, when kurt sang i want to hold youre hand, basically that whole episode

      1. adasda says:


    208. Susan says:

      Today, I learned that if an article has the word "movie" in it, there will be many spoilers in the comments.

    209. Stephanie says:

      My name is Khan
      My sisters Keeper
      A walk to remember

      Those re my fav 4 movies of all time

    210. […] out of your pajamas, the days when all you want to do is eat some Chunky Monkey and watch a few chick flicks. There’s no use fighting it, so pick your favorites and plop. Personally I’m planning on a Back […]

    211. rey says:

      recomended movie :

      – Seven Pounds

      – Never Let Me Go

      – The Notebook

      – Aftershock

      – The Road

      – P.S I Love You

      – Fireproof

      – The Lake House

      – Remembes Me

      – The Pursuit of Happyness

      – Charlie St. Cloud

      – 50 First Love

      – If Only

      – The Last Song

      – 500 Days of Summer

      – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

      – Crash

      – My Sassy Girl

      – A Lot Like Love

      – Pride & Prejudice

      – Into The Wild

      – A Walk to Remember

      – Bright Star

      – My Sister Keeper

      – The Time Travelers Wife

      – Changeling

      – The Blind Side

      – Slumdog Millionaire

      – Dear John

      My colection movie..

    212. willem says:

      the lord of the rings trilogy gets me everytime

      also Requiem for a dream , about drugs

    213. ttdd says:

      wow thanks for ruining the endings…

    214. ANURAG says:

      u should watch hachiko:a dog story………i guarantee u that it will surely bring tears to ur eyes………

      1. poppy007 says:

        yeah dude its a grat movie..

    215. Andrea says:

      I make a point to watch all the sad movies I can and I’ve definitely seen all the ones listed. But “Never Let Me Go” is the absolute saddest movie I’ve ever seen. I was completely bawling by the end.

    216. jakki says:

      "The Others" made me bawl like a baby, "City Of Angels", " The Perfect Storm" will make you sob,…even men sob during this one,…"Mask" with Cher will make you cry for sure…and its a true story…those are some of my tear jerkers….

    217. patty says:

      how about my sister's keeper!!! i cried the whole movie

    218. penis says:

      cry because of how shit they all are!? Man-up pussy, and get some taste

    219. […] not going to lie to you, CollegeCandies. Over the years, I have watched, and even reveled in some really terrible chick flicks. There’s just something comforting knowing  the ending of a movie before it even begins, knowing […]

    220. Belle says:

      Remember Me! Such a sad movie; I cried for the whole rest of the day

      also Never Let Me Go – cried throughout the whole movie

      </3 x

    221. kierstin says:

      "Listen to Your Heart" should be on here if you dont cry you have to be like heartless!

    222. Kylie says:

      I NEVER cry watching movies. But, The Guardian makes me cry every single time!

    223. jazz says:

      7 pounds

    224. Ewa says:

      Hachiko. It's a movie about a beautiful dog whose owner dies from a heart attack, but the dog (Hachiko) still has hope that he will come back. Makes me cry every time.

      1. sourav says:

        hey u all pls watch the "GUZAARISH". tear will definitely come from ur eyes.

    225. wasf says:

      Toy Story 3 had me crying like a baby by the end

    226. It's not usual for me to cry in movies but All the movies on this list bring tears on my eyes, and Mostly Titanic it's a real romantic tragedy everytime i see it, it makes me so sad but never gets old.

    227. DHiren says:

      Seven Pounds , definately.

    228. prannayjha says:

      million dollar baby!!!!

    229. benny says:

      Leaves you crying and weepin and then sobbing..
      yes, All these may make you cry but Hachiko!!!Well , it stops your heart and all you know the tears are pouring down your face,,,

    230. […] 5 movies guaranteed to make you cry – College Candy […]

    231. abcd says:

      Hachiko,grave of the fireflies,laskar pelangi(rainbow troops)-indonesian movie that you all should watch!,mary and max,up

    232. KATIE says:

      my girl😥 soo sad
      cast away😦 wwiiillllsssooonnn!
      finding neverland !!
      boys dont cry!😥 i did (but im a girl XD)

    233. chris says:

      why doesnt anybody ever put john q on these tearjerker movies lists? if that movie doesnt make you cry, then you dont have a heart.

      1. LuvNLost says:

        I've never even heard of that movie

      2. kambumu says:

        For sure this movie make me cry like child

    234. Darlyn says:

      NO EVERYBODYS FINE! so sad..😦

    235. Ray says:

      My Girl. i cry every time i watch that:'(

    236. Laura says:

      Where is Hachi?

      I love this story. I saw it on tv years ago. It made me cry then, and I want to cry now. Thanks for making the story live on in words for others to see.

      I like this list better!

    237. Andreas says:

      The ending of Paying It Forward.

    238. sharan says:

      A walk to remember !!!!!!!!!!!! best movie ever !!!!!!!!!!! well……. best saddest movie with a sad ending ever !!!!!!!!!! i wish there ewere more landons in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    239. RATI says:


    240. sujith says:

      " I AM SAM " is one of the best movie which makes you cry

    241. Violet says:

      Boy in the striped pyjamas😥

    242. Lenny says:

      Prayers for Bobby
      The Boy in striped pajamas
      Million Dollar Baby

    243. Robersi says:

      Veronika Decides To Die.. Great Movie!

    244. fatimah says:

      lorenzo's oil

    245. Zachary says:

      1. Pursuit of Happyness
      2. A Beautiful Mind
      3. Big Fish

    246. WhoKnew says:

      BLOW with johnny depp and penelope cruz, and catch me if you can with leonardo dicaprio made me cry pretty hard and im a guy..

    247. Holly Molly says:

      UP by Pixar and The Curious case of benjamin button. Enuff said. If u are having a bad week and want to let it all out, lock urself in a room, dim the lights and wath these two movies back to back in that order. Really good therapy!

    248. Jay says:

      The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas oh my goddddddddddd.

    249. TwiHeart says:

      New Year's Eve, I cried so hard at the end that everyone was staring at me in the cinema.

    250. Dena says:

      yes the first 3 i saw and i cried soo bad!! but the movie i cried the most in my life was BRAVEHEART!! AND GREEN MILE and pearl harbor should be in the list too!

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    254. Elle says:

      Red dog soooo so so sad!😦

    255. Tomas says:

      how is seven pounds not on here?!?!?!

    256. danika says:

      A MOMENT TO REMEMBER!!!! its a South Korean film… its so SAD!!!

    257. Maryam says:

      My fav movies are:

      1. Seven Pounds
      2. Dear John
      3. Hotel Rwanda

      I cried like wholeee the time. Now im downloading A walk to remember and the new movie: The vow.

    258. Saffi says:

      sweet November should be in this list…

    259. ana says:

      la bamba.

    260. kit says:

      PS I love you… Saddest movie ever Cannot stop crying!

    261. Juju says:

      Beaches!!!! An older Bette Midler/Barbara Hershey movie about friendship and all it entails. The ending is very sad…I can't watch it without sobbing uncontrollably!

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    264. marylin says:

      thanks for spoiling the end of the notebook… great

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    266. liene says:

      Fining Neverland – absolutely balling for the entire last hour!

    267. Tashnia says:

      Bridge to Terebithia. I watched it an hour ago and i am still CRYING!! The only reason I watched it was because it had Josh Hutccherson and Annasophia Robb in it.

    268. vhox says:

      The green mile, the scene where john gets executed gets me going every time

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    270. sue says:

      hachiko were a man finds him and he dies.hachiko stills waits for him.

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    297. Johnny says:

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