I Danced Naked For Strangers!


A few months ago my roommate and I went to a strip club with some friends. I was expecting a trashy bar with dirty-looking girls, but it wasn’t like that at all. The club was small, clean, and felt safe. The girls were all attractive, not supermodels, but they looked real. And we had a blast.

We made friends with a few of the girls, and even got one’s email address. She told us how much fun she had dancing and how empowered and sexy she felt afterward. We left that night wanting to be strippers, and swore we would do amateur night some day.

Well, we finally did it.

Amateur night happens every Tuesday. The club is 45 minutes outside the city, and neither of us have cars, so it was tricky trying to find a day we both didn’t have homework and could get a ride. My roommate’s friend offered to drive us and we no longer had any excuse to put it off.

I was nervous as hell. I hate being on stage, and I’m not very confident in my dancing skills. I’ve never really been that shy about being naked, though. Still, when you combine the three together, it’s pretty damn frightening.

I had a few (much needed) drinks beforehand to kill my nerves, but was careful not too drink so much that I wouldn’t be able to balance in my heals. When we got there, the stripper who we had made friends with let us borrow some outfits. I was in a see-through lacy white outfit and my roommate had a see-through lacy black one. Typical stripper-wear.

We had both burned CDs with the songs we wanted, but the DJ told us we danced to two songs, not just one. We told him to pick a slow song for our second songs, because dancing to two fast songs would wear us out.

It was a pretty slow night at the club (only about ten customers) and we were the only two amateurs. All the real strippers got a turn before we went on. Talk about intimidating! But it did help to watch them and get some ideas.

My roommate went first. She was AMAZING! Better than some of the strippers in the club. She does Rocky Horror Picture Show, so she’s used to being on stage half-naked. This was just the natural next step. Her first song, the Toxic remake by A Static Lullaby, was awesome. She rocked out and everyone loved it. The song the DJ picked for her kind of sucked, but she worked it.

Watching her (and how much the crowd loved her) made me even more nervous, but I couldn’t back out now.

My first song, C’est Beau La Bourgousie by Discobitch started playing and I made my way over to the pole. I don’t remember much of what happened afterward. I tend to blank out when I’m on stage. I just focused on keeping moving, circling the stage and dancing for whoever had money out. I even spun around the pole the few times, which I had no clue I even knew how to do.

The song the DJ picked for me was Tonight and the Rest of My Life by Nina Gordon, which was great because I actually knew it. The second song is when you take your panties off, so I spent most of the song rolling around on the floor naked. I used to do gymnastics, so I pulled off a few splits.

Collecting my money when they song ended was the hardest part. There I was scampering around naked on the stage trying to collect handfuls of dollar bills while the next girl is trying to dance. I made about sixty dollars. Not bad for five minutes!

Overall, I had a great time. I left feeling pumped up and wishing I could have danced a second time! It was definitely an experience worth having. My roommate told me she felt a little guilty this morning, but I don’t at all. I guess it’s not for everyone, but if you’re confident in your body and can overcome the stigmas we all have about stripping, I would encourage you to try it. If a strip club isn’t your scene, why not put on private strip tease for a significant other? It’s a great way to feel confident and sexy.

What do you guys think, would you ever strip? Comment below.



    1. CHENA says:


    2. Kirsten says:

      I don't know if I could actaully strip, but I would love to mess around on the poll. It looks fun!

    3. Lauren - University says:

      1. Working a poll is hard – I tried it once at a pizza place (don't ask)

      2. Way to go! I would never have the balls to do that!

    4. Alma says:

      Wow! Well all the power to you! I would not know what to do! I'm a dancer so just walking around would feel really dull to me. I would love to try it some where far away from home lol

    5. Celia says:

      I love this! I'm a waitress at a local strip club, and am friends with a lot of the dancers at work. I'm glad to see someone writing about this without the usual acidic wording and judgement that's normally seen. Thank you thank you thank you😀

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    7. Lily says:

      I'd love to try, but I don't think I have the nerve…or the dancing ability, ha.

    8. A says:

      I DO dance:) THANK YOU for this!!

    9. Andriy says:


    10. Biche says:

      Oh my gosh, that seems like it was so much fun. Worst case scenario, at least you got some life experience that very few people will ever get to experience. Kudos! I would like to say that I would try it, but I am not so sure that I'd actually go through with it faced with the situation. I'd hope I'd have the courage too, though. Thanks for sharing.:-)

    11. klokoller says:

      holy shit girl you got bigger balls then me ….😀

    12. rioboutique says:

      Did you leave the club with your self-respect intact? Have you been really honest in answering this question? When all of the hoop-la was over, what was facing yourself in the mirror like? Did you like the inner-self that stared back at you?

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    14. she talks like june says:

      I accidentally flashed my boobs to a crowded bar once and refused to get out of my house for months. So No.

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    16. theshadowpanther says:

      Wow. Talk about a new experience. Go you for trying it out. Not sure I'd ever do it, but maybe that private thing you were talking about. *winks*

    17. Kelly - Simmons Coll says:

      Thanks everyone! I felt great afterward. I was incredibly shy growing up so this was kind of a symbol of how far I've come from that. A week later, I still feel more confident and sexy. It's definitely something I'm glad I got to experience.

      1. Robert says:

        If you plan on getting the private experience, you know who to do it for😉

    18. Heidi says:

      i used to be a stripper at spearmint rhino in las vegas, it was all good fun until the drugs were to available and someone who i was in love with who didnt love me back was stealing my money

    19. Becca- Clarion Unive says:

      I want to soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

      unfortunately… i'm not quite comfortable enough to be a plus sized dancer.

    20. sauer kraut says:

      Why do the women who post these types of articles never include pictures??

      It's okay… coed at Simmons have been pole dancing since before I ever went to college. Dunno 'bout them Clarion dames, tho. pennsyltucky and all that, yanno. 😉

    21. natashasmirnoff says:

      i would love to try this, but i'm going into teaching and im terrified someone would find out and i'd lose my job.😦

    22. marianne says:

      i'd love to, but I'm too skinny to pull it off. I have virtually no boobs, people would be like "what is that 12-year-old girl doing up there??"

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    26. Laura says:

      Woah, Riobotique. Judgmental much?

    27. Natasha says:

      To the poster way above: WTF does self respect have to do with this??

      She is not a single mom of 10 that dances to support her crack habit, but someone who was curious and brave enough to pull that shit off. Literally, haha

      People used to walk around naked, whats the big deal? Fun how people pass around judgment based on someone's level of being clothed.

    28. Lola says:

      I'm auditioning tonight at a strip club, and I have no experience! This post really helped to calm my nerves lol.

    29. Katee says:

      really considering doing this!! maybe do a few crunches and squats first but definitely want to do this!

    30. Dre says:

      Where was the club located?

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