Prom. In Pictures.


A few weeks ago we put out a call for prom pics. We thought it would be fun for CollegeCandy readers to share their favorite prom memories with one another and to compare prom experiences. Ok, that’s bullsh*t. We really just wanted to have something fun to look at in the CollegeCandy headquarters.

And boy did we. The prom pictures flooded our inboxes and left many of us “working” late to sort through them. The funny thing is, though, that no matter how many we got and how many different places were represented, prom is the same no matter where you go.

We chose a handful of our favorites to break it all down below. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy these more than the actual prom itself as much as we did.

The Posed Group Shot:


There are so many of us that there is no way we can all fit in one frame. Also, one person in this picture will look bad, thereby ruining it for the rest of us.


"Wait, no. You are ruining it! Everyone has to stand in front of their date. That is THE prom pic!"

The Glam Factor:


12 cans of hairspray, 3 bottles of self tanner and countless eyeshadows were used in the taking of this photo.

The Corsage/Dress Color Scheme:


"Thank you for listening and getting a flower to match my dress. Now we will look perfect forever."

The Corsages:


"These things are going to die in a few minutes, so let's get an artsy shot!"

The Putting-On of the Boutonniere:


Girl: "OMG my mouth is KILLING me from all this smiling. But we have to get the pic of me putting this thing on you." Boy: "Watch my nipple, woman."

The “My Baby is All Grown Up” Moment:


"Mom, this is really awkward. Stop crying. Mom. Mom! It's not that big a deal!"

The BFFs:


The just-girls shot must always be taken in a garden setting. Always.

The Limo:


"Ohmygod, mom. Get a picture of this! We're in a limo!"

1 or 2 pictures from the actual event:


"I had class with these girls once freshman year, but they look so pretty so we shoved the camera in my date's hands and made him get a pic."


Look how much FUN WE'RE HAVING!!


Aw. Together forever. Or until they go off to separate colleges and hook up with other people at their first frat party.

The Picture with Asian Tourists
(Ok, so that one isn’t quite so standard, but it is pretty awesome. How could we not include it?)


Sigh. Prom. What we would give to go back there and do it all again (in sweatpants…without a limo….and without that awkward date who spent the entire night at the dinner buffet instead of on the dance floor with us.) At least we can relive it through everyone else’s identical experience.

(Thanks to everyone who submitted prom pictures. You definitely made our week.)



    1. Meredith says:

      Haha! The Asian tourists one is awesome! The guys look so excited!

    2. Rebekah says:

      love it!

    3. Amy says:

      the one with the three girls wrists with the corsages reminds me of captain planet lol

    4. Gloria says:

      Aww the ones with the tourists are so cute xD

      I wish I had some random people to pose with me for my photos😛

    5. Reid says:

      Yes! Two of my pictures made it in (first and last)!

      Story behind the Asian tourists is that we (the girls) insisted that we all take pictures at a few of the monuments in DC so we made the boys go. On the way there they were complaining saying things like "It's just gonna be a bunch of asian tourists! This is so dumb!" The girls got really mad and we told the boys to shut up and that they were stereotyping and it was inappropriate and immature. Of course once we got there a group of about 60 Asian tourists showed up too, video cameras and all. They kept filming and taking pictures of us and then the boys insisted that they get pictures with them as well. It was pretty freaking awesome.

    6. LeeAnna says:


      I'm totally the one in the "look how much FUN WE'RE HAVING" picture.

      No idea how it got up here, but I'm glad now the world can see how much I ruined their sweet couple-dancing photo.

      These are great.

    7. Ibrahim | ZenCollege says:

      Absolutely classic. So many fond memories… =)

    8. Rebekah B says:

      yay! 2 of my pics made it!

    9. Allison says:

      I totally had a similar situation with the Asian tourist, except it was in Detroit and we had a couple of black guys, who called themselves Hoodsters, who wanted to take a picture with the "blinged out" white kids in their "shiny threads". best pictures EVA

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