CollegeCandy’s Favorite Bromances


Spring has sprung and bromance is in the air.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there anything hotter than two men who are such good friends they are often confused as lovers? I think not. Maybe it’s because they exhibit the exact characteristics I look for in my own relationships with men. Think about it, guys in bromances are sweet and understanding, they crave intimacy and inside jokes, they use nicknames and share common interests, and they aren’t afraid of affection (even with other men). It’s the perfect relationship – and no need to search for the
right diamond engagement rings or plan a wedding!

Of course I would never get in the way of a bromance. It’s just not my style. But I would have no problem, say, nestling into a bromance sandwich. Why break up the friendship when we can make it a threesome (or in some cases, a bromance orgy starring me)? Unfortunately it may be some time before I end up in the same room as the Apatow hotties, so for now I’ll just have to settle for the hottest bromance gallery of all time. Click on each image to get a full size shot and enjoy!

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    1. Kelly says:

      Best Old School Bromance: Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and James Franco in Freaks and Geeks. One of the best shows ever, and it started the careers of today’s funniest people.

    2. Kaycee says:

      They're not really celebrities, but the Chet/Ryan bromance on The Real World: Brooklyn was soooo funny/cute.

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    4. Erin says:

      Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry anyone? On that note if we're doing Joey and Chandler why not House and Wilson?

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    8. Loving the Bromances says:

      They even play real brothers on screen!

      Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki (the Winchester brothers)

    9. Chelsea says:

      Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express.

      "I'm so glad I dipped my pen in your ink, bro."

    10. Sandra says:

      This is so dumb. Seth Rogan sucks. Poor mans adam sandler with the exception that Sandler actually made some good movies. Rogan is a fat donkey.

    11. Dylan_White says:

      Bromances crack me up. I love that Hollywood has made them an epidemic. My boyfriend and his buddies just built a man cave in their basement. All they do is watch football, play video games and eat. I guess men haven't evolved much since the caveman years! http://www.become.com/resource-center/infographic

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