He Said/She Said: What’s Up With Strip Clubs?


There are few topics in a relationship that cause more controversy than strip clubs. Many of us can’t understand why our man would need to watch some other girl strip it off and shake her ass in his face when he can have our naked ass in his face whenever he wants it (for free, I might add).  And isn’t watching some other girl get naked a form of cheating? He wouldn’t like it if I let some random dude come over and rub his crotch in (or on) my face for $5.

So why do guys do it? And what is the appeal of having some girl rub her boobs on him if he has to stick a few bucks in her panties to do so? I haven’t spent much time in strip clubs, so I turned to someone who does. Frequently. And loves it.

Here is the strip club lowdown from a dude who knows it (very) well.








    1. Celia says:

      Glad to see this…I work at a strip club as a waitress and it really isn't all bad. You get some skeezeballs, but the majority of our customers are genuinely nice guys.

    2. […] fought with our boyfriend about his love for strip clubs, we threw an end-of-the-year rager…and then spent the entire next day cleaning it up, and we spent […]

    3. sauer kraut says:

      if a guy has a girlfriend, why does he need to go to a strip club? I don't get that.

    4. michelle says:

      um, he doesn't NEED to go to the strip club, he WANTS to. male or female, we are both human. one gender does not need sexual gratification more than another. and twice he answered questions with, "oh your not a man, you wouldn't understand" girl, why didn't you defend yourself? surely you are smart enough to understand emotions.

      my favorite: "you lack the part of the brain that enjoys seeing women naked"

      hahahhaha! ok, now science has located a PART of the brain that specifically enjoys seeing naked women!?!?!? I never knew that a females brain "lacked" understanding along with a part of the brain that enjoys naked women. lets humor this poor guy and assume there is. If you enjoy seeing naked women, why go to a strip club? After all, you said they aren't women. Maybe if you said "part of brain that enjoys strippers" you would at least be consistent. And what about lesbians, they are women, do they also "lack" the part of brain that enjoys naked women? What about gay men?

      maybe this should have been posted under "Haha"

    5. Feefs says:

      yes michelle! this is some of the most sexist nonsense I've heard, the fact of which has very little to do with the actual stripping aspect of it.

    6. Genevieve says:

      I agreee with Michelle.

      I can understand, if you are single, it could be fun for a group of guys to go.. 'a laugh'


      There is absolutely no justification for it if you are in a relationship. None.

      I would leave my fiance if he went to a strip club, the fact that he would treat women as a piece of meat is just the tip of the iceberg for me.

      We all have sexual desires, being a neuroscientist I can assure you, michelle is right on the science front.

      Any male who trys to justify a strip club with science is on a one way losing streak with me.

    7. vanessa hugensen says:

      whoever is in the photo in that sexy outfit, you are So hot and sexy.

      Love u,


    8. Chuck Wepner says:

      So much bullshit here in the post and the replies! oh forget it, I'm too tired for this… fools

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