The 6 Most Common Facebook Photos [GALLERY]

People can learn a lot about you from your Facebook profile. By considering your favorite movies, pictures, quotes and the things other people write on your wall, it is quite easy to get a good idea of who you are as a person. And knowing that, many of us are extremely careful about what we throw on there.

And I’m not talking about taking down all those drunk pictures from the Jell-O wrestling tournament so you can get that job with the government you’ve been coveting. I’m talking about leaving those up to show anyone and everyone who is looking that you are one cool girl who happens to enjoy wrestling in gelatin.

Your Facebook picture is especially important. It’s the first thing people see when they look you up, not to mention the fact that it comes up next to every wall post, Facebook message, chat, update, etc., that you do on that damn website. Naturally, you are going to put a lot of thought into your photo of choice. It needs to be a good representation of who you are, be it an artist, a class clown, or any other type of person.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook (is there a 12-step program out there?!) and I’ve noticed that of the 500 million people using the site worldwide, there only 6 basic types of photos that people post on their profile:

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    1. X says:

      I don't know about your friends list, but mine is full of people who insist on having a random assortment of profile pictures that never once include a photo of themselves.. but it's totally acceptable to have Chewbacca, a random with 389472 piercings on their face or a FAILZ drawing. Sadly, this greatly annoys me.

    2. Annie says:

      Right now, I'm a happy couple picture since we just had prom.😄 We aren't kissing, though. Just looking spiffy for the camera.

    3. NotChris Hansen says:

      Hmm she may be saying Look at Me! but who cares? I'd like to give her my own award. go Crescent Heights!

    4. Matt says:

      Yea, currently my pic is one from the blog 'Sexy People (http://www.sexypeople-blog.com/)' that has a striking resemblance to me.

    5. Ashley says:

      I currently have the accomplishment one; me with Fall Out Boy, lol… I don't even like them like that!

    6. Casey says:

      HaHa! This is so true! Except I agree with X, Half of my friends list consists of random pictures that they aren't in. I'm always like Ummm, who is this person that has a picture of a teddy bear as their profile picture!? But currently I have the Flattering/pretty picture which I think was number 48 of 76. lol

    7. Candie says:

      I'm guilty of the Happy Couple photo at the moment *cringe*

    8. enderfish says:

      Funny enough my facebook pic is of me painted like a clown when I was like 8

    9. Abyssal says:

      Spot on, Lauren!😀

    10. Martin says:

      Nice post. The style that amuses me most on the likes of Facebook is when the user has attempted the flattering / pretty version but somehow it didn't quite turn out right and it is not flattering or pretty!

    11. Richard says:

      Yep… you've got that about right.

      Nice article

    12. eddiebenio says:

      soo true!

    13. shardaws says:

      Oh yes! totally on the button!

    14. Ducker says:

      Yep..have each type of those photos, not on facebook though, im still on hi5, facebook is too much BS so I quit

    15. The Closer says:

      And #7 – "OMG my employer is going to see this" – remeber to look good even when you end up as an extra in the The Office:




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    18. Mike Tamillow says:

      Not only do I have to assume that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about (because I don't think I've ever concerned myself with my facebook photo, I simply put up a picture that I find interesting to me, right now it's a statue of niccolo machiavelli) I also have to assume that you hate the world. Not one of those examples did you talk of as if they had redeeming qualities and should perhaps be pursued. You simply showed disgust and contempt for each of the facebook profile pictures that you assume are the only ones. The best type of cynicism is matched with wit. Work on that.

    19. shanshanigans says:

      First, I agree with the first comment, there could definitely be a seventh point! I know many people who use cartoons and other images that do not picture them but they wish to be associated with. These pictures tend to communicate 1) I hate being photographed and don't think I ever look good in pictures 2) this picture has some sort of funny/interesting resemblance or connection to me and 3) this is my favorite movie/character/person-I-wish-I-was-like.

      Second, to address Mike's comment above… please, being able to make fun of your friends, and yourself, does not mean that you hate the world. Learn to laugh at the world, you can *probably* fit almost every one of your friend's profile pictures into one of these categories, and your own picture (which seems like it would fit best into the seventh category I mentioned). I had a good laugh at myself, my own pictures usually fall into the flattering and artsy categories!


    20. homelessgirl says:

      so true

    21. K - GW says:

      hahahahah i loved this

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    25. Jordan says:

      The 6 Most Common Facebook Photos were a lot more enjoyable to read than any of the random "5 things…" that have infected my Facebook friends and spread like H1N1 flu on steroids.

    26. kuracz says:

      You've made point in this! It's certainly true.

    27. arib says:

      Although in # 2, you're more likely cropping out everyone who looks better than you…

    28. theoates says:

      It's funny to realize that after I read this I've started to notice these! hahaha

    29. sauer kraut says:

      interesting observation but, yes, you do need to start with the 24-step facebook recovery program.

    30. zunedita373 says:

      I know one type you forgot! All the girls in my high school class are posting photos where they're holding up their babies. As if to say, Look! I got mine!

    31. Grady says:

      Oh, but don't forget the "Look at how silly/funny I am!" picture, haha. I have a fair share of friends (and sometimes myself included) who are huge fans of that one!

    32. medusah says:

      erm… so where does a picture of a rice cooker falls under?


    33. asobov5 says:

      haha ! this article is hilarious, and very true . i especially love the “i’m so artsy that i don’t think about facebook but went to the beach to play guitar and now it’s my default .” You couldn’t have captured that any better!

      And I agree with the 7th topic of having profile pictures that aren’t of the person . Oh , and I’ve also been seeing lots of baby defaults recently .. maybe category #8 ?

    34. Celina says:

      mine is the cropped one! i hate the ones with more than one person and theyre all little and you cant find the actual person whose profile it is grrr

    35. Sarah says:

      I'm a #6…damn. It's just mi novio y yo dancing and having an awesomely fun time.

      I think there should be an extra category to the aforementioned 7 (#7 being the random pictures of stuff that don't include the actual person): #8- What I looked like when I was a kid. I have so many friends who post their old photos from when they were little and they're so funny! My favorite was a picture of my friend dressed as a clown for her 3rd birthday.


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    37. bea says:

      you forgot two of them! the msn webcam printscreens and the distorted picture taken from a macbook in an apple store😀 those pictures with characters and descriptions with them (like reliable friend, lazy, hungry, maneater etc) and then you tag which friend matches which description are a big trend right now ahaha. but i follow none of these rules at the moment. i have a picture of leighton meester that says "TEAM BLAIR" LOL

    38. rewindtoforward says:

      Bahaha, I have the no.1 right now. I’ve had no.2 and 5 too haha.

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    41. Dom says:

      My profile photo is me looking startled while wearing a mustache made out of duct tape and wearing a cape.:) It's been up for two years so far. I love it! (and I'm a lady. I'm pretty cute, but my pic doesn't show it. I just like how goofy I look and I think it explains me at a glance!)

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    45. tiffaneydanielle says:


    46. ling says:

      TOTALLY AGREE ehehehheeheh

    47. vanessa hugensen says:

      I loved the

      Flattering/Pretty picture

      with love,

      Vanessa h

    48. drewaustin says:

      very funny and true, the accomplishment photos are great but its even better when that person takes that photo down when no one cares at all. You guys ever notice how ridiculous some of the fan pages on facebook are too? So weird look at this.. .http://www.precioustimeny.com/blog/?p=928

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    50. No, person stabbing another in the face photo?

    51. annie says:

      You forgot #7 – the "Camera Angled From Above to Look Down Into My Cleavage" photo, that I see so often.

    52. Liz says:

      I'm probably so guilty of #1, but at least I show my face! Unlike so many guys who only want to show their six-pack abs. If it's them great, now show your face, if it's not, nice try! There's also the "lost in the shadows" photos of girls, which only looks like their hiding something.

    53. bob says:

      Im writing a post called

      "The Typical Stupid facebook profile picture blog article"

    54. zulkefly says:

      its just the way people want to advertise themselves. hwy bob your article seems to be interesting. where can i find it

    55. Zimmer says:

      My photo has me holding a snake I caught in the woods.

    56. alternapop.com says:

      the cheesy peace sign with pouty lips pose, ala miley cyrus. they should be outlawed.

    57. dave says:

      what about the ultra-douchey…."i need to take a picture in the mirror, because there isn't enough pictures where you can obviously see i care way too much about a damn facebook picture"

    58. steve says:

      You forgot the "holding my spawn (children) up like a trophy" photo

    59. Lutza says:

      Great! Another condescending idiot writing an article. I am glad your puny fucking blob of mass you call brain was enough to help you categorize profile pictures…maybe if you try harder you won't come off like such a fucking tool. There's nothing wrong with any type of picturs, the whole point of the profile is that you are making available information about yourself. So some people post an artsy picture of themselves, some post a picture taken when they were having a really good time…so fucking what? Get a life you nachos flab loser.

    60. Jesus Christo says:

      this blog is more useless than my neutered dog's libido.

    61. Ohman says:


      It's just some fun, you don't need to take it seriously. Perhaps you were genuinely offended by this article? I wouldn't really call this condescending so much as observational. She's not really scathing in any of the descriptions of the pictures.

    62. Reverend says:

      What about the millions of users who have a pic of their baby as their profile pic?

    63. popurls.com // popular today…

      story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

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    65. Mike says:

      What about the kids photo? Or the family photo? This is the worst article ever, and doesn't come close to the truth. The number one facebook picture has to be the person's kids, plain and simple.

    66. Jamie says:

      I don't wish to be an arse….but, there are FAR more than 38 million facebook users. Try 250Million+.

    67. asdf says:

      The most common profile photo is one where the subject is holding a camera. Because apparently, wannabe photographers are "in" these days.

    68. Kush says:

      You definitely forgot the most common one, the club one

    69. Jackie says:

      Haha, mine is #7 I think… "look at my kid(s), they are such much funnier and cuter than yours."

      :0) jk.

    70. Brian Nissen says:

      You forgot about the picture of their pet, or an animal or a cartoon. cheers mate

    71. Gary Glitter says:

      Lol people dont use Facebook anymore.


    72. Sean says:

      There's also the myspace Tom photo.Sean

    73. Sean says:

      And not to mention the half naked shot, which is so myspace.Sean

    74. Jo says:

      Awesome observation….I currently have the first one – The flattering/pretty one (atleast I think so) and I have tried all of the 6 at some point….😀

    75. Eleanor says:

      I think my ex is in the picture for number 4.

    76. joey says:

      this is retarded. Someone holds up a medal after wining something and someone snaps a picture, suddenly they are lame. Someone plays guitar on the beach/plays flip cup/wants to have a nice smile in a photo and they are all also lame for not being "themselves". you guys suck.

    77. Tasha says:

      Dear Lauren,

      Imagine my surprise when directed by my friends to this blog, that a photo of me is plastered on your blog. I am number 5 and I Quite surprised indeed, my first thought, is where did you find it? I thought it was stored safely on my grandparents memory card. ahh but yes my grandparents have a flickr site, but i do believe all their images are marked with copyright, and therefore all rights reserved. I'm assuming you didn't ask them permission to use it, because they sure didn't tell me. Although I understand the vastness of the net, I don't feel all that cool with finding random photos of me on random blogs. So perhaps you will kindly take it down and replace it with another? Or perhaps send me a photo of you so I can post it on my blog.

      Thank you


    78. Bob says:

      Tasha^ is owning…

    79. umass2ucr says:

      what about all the thirtysomethings that post pics of their kids?

    80. Orionsaint says:

      They forgot the, i wear a hat and sunglasses and look down, don't really wanna show my face, hiding in the shadows.

    81. MANDY says:

      CollegeCandy.com? More like HighSchoolCandy. Poorly-written, uninteresting, cliche article #54691 about pictures of internet people to ironically be posted on the internet for those new to life. Obviously not by a psychology or sociology major, as this is 101 discussion fodder.

    82. Jo Kizzle says:

      Sounds like someone is envious of a life full of these topics that they seemed to have ran over with a car [metaphorically speaking].

    83. woman84 says:

      Lauren (author of this article),

      You seem very misogynist. I noticed you mainly attacked women on every photo analysis. Did it ever occur to you that sometimes the photo choice just ain't that deep. It could be something as simple as "I look good in this pic so I am putting it up"

      or "I had a good time friday so I am putting it up to share with friends"

      You put way too much thought into this.

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    85. Isabella says:

      This was great, fun article! Maybe the complainers see themselves in your article and can't laugh at themselves – pity.

    86. MrsJones says:

      WOW…great discovery! I am definitely a picaholic when it comes to profile pictures, plus I use certain pictures for certain social networks (FB/ MYSP/DIGG/TWIT etc). I have to add though that facebook pics aren't as raunchy as myspace…you would have to add the "I wish I was a stripper/porn star pic! …lol

    87. amy says:

      My picture is of a disgusting, gigantic slug. Which category does that fit into?

    88. Elena says:

      You forgot the pictures of their children/babies.

    89. christine says:

      yeah!your right but sometimes i really hate it very very much.

      but got to accept it coz i can change myseil cringe!

    90. spam mail says:

      you're missing the here's my reflection in the mirror with cellphone picture.

    91. QiQo says:

      And what about travel photo?

      Type of look at me photo, I'm travelling a lot, I'm so active and I live my life.

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    93. jen says:

      i see a lot of the "look at how many friends i have" group photo with all of said person's closest ten friends they met a week ago..

    94. Demi says:

      Perhaps you aren't yet old enough to see this, but you missed one other very, very common picture type:

      Pictures of their child/children in place of themselves.

      It is an irritating habit of parents on facebook.

    95. Benji Madden says:

      This article sucks. It could have been:

      1) a lot more funny

      2) actually true

    96. shari says:

      what about the logo/event flyer for whatever sorority/fraternity//oraganization that the person is in… i have a bunch of friends with those

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    98. nesoman says:

      true, true

    99. Erik Giberti says:

      Seems like a post I read a while ago… http://www.allfacebook.com/2009/03/facebook-photo

    100. Nick says:

      you forgot the self portrait in the mirror with the flash on😄

    101. Viktor says:

      What is Facebook?

    102. HP says:

      As a thirty-something I will tell you that there is a seventh category of profile picture: the user's kid(s) with no sign of the actual user. When ever I see this I'm like, did you lose all sense of personal identity when you had a child? Do you think that your friends are so fascinated by your children that they don't even care about what you look like?

    103. Brad Wellen says:

      Is our generation becoming too soft and dependent on technology? See an exclusive report on Generation Text at precioustimeny.com/blog/?p=3635

    104. Anthony says:

      Is it in "bad taste" to post pictures (In Memoory) of friends/family who have passed away?

    105. Anthony says:

      Sorry, typo above on my last post, i meant "In Memory"

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    107. LoneRanger says:


      This is soooo true. Think I fall into one of these categories on facebook as well!!!


      I'm a photo editor at http://www.myphotogenie.com/

    108. paul says:

      Best guide I've found so far as far as facebook pictures


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    110. brandi says:

      people it was a joke. lighten up.

    111. coolcoolcool says:

      :-)😀 .. B-)

    112. Jessica says:

      I don't think the 'fandom' pictures that the profile owner is not in are bad, as long as they have some meaning for the person. Like how I have a christian related photo as my profile picture at the moment. And my cousin has a picture of her mom and my aunts, while her mom was sick (its a kinds funny picture). But I do agree, random pics without the profile owner in them, that are VERY random (has little to do with the profile owner, or with what happened in the world around the time the picture is up. After Michael Jackson dies I put a pic of him as my profile pic).

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    114. Sooky Stackhouse says:

      You forgot the pet one:-)

    115. […] whose wall-to-wall with other bitches I tend to monitor. And those very bitches with their skanky photos and annoying status […]

    116. Krash says:

      A couple of people mentioned this: the "I am my baby" photo. Mostly done by young women whose sole identity is wrapped around being a mom. come on ladies, there's more to you than your kids.

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    120. […] }); }It happens every day.  You log onto Facebook and are confronted with a stream of photos and status updates.  Megan’s going to the mall.  Ben’s fishing with his dad.  Oh, and […]

    121. […] time (and experiencing pre-separation anxiety) seeing myself switch over. Even with all of my FB pet peeves. I’ve invested so much time into Facebook – building my network, loading my photos, […]

    122. […] for the camera!” might as well be “Smile for your future profile pic!” We take pictures in order to post them on our websites. To get our friends to […]

    123. Mark-Ethan Holloway says:

      I like the jonas brithers.

    124. […] you can spend time looking at yours own. I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve already looked at my own photos 9,246 times and detagged any photo where I didn’t have the skinny arm pose.” But what you […]

    125. […] you can spend time looking at yours own. I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve already looked at my own photos 9,246 times and detagged any photo where I didn’t have the skinny arm pose.” But what you […]

    126. […] like most girls, have the bathroom mirror shot to even help. In fact i heard a report about the top facebook profile pictures and the self portrait in a car or bathroom was the highest. Basically it all leads back to the same […]

    127. Kristen Paiva says:

      You left out some pretty funny 1s-

      1) The "trying 2 hard 2 look sexy" bathroom mirror shot.

      2) No pic of you but pics of

      a)your car

      b)your kids

      c)your dog

      d)some random pic-scenery, flower, etc.

      e)doppelganger photo

      3)baby photo

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    129. Koowie says:

      What about all those pics of people taking themselves in a cell phone in a bathroom mirror?

    130. hey thanks for wonderful information

    131. seven jeans says:

      1) The "trying 2 hard 2 look sexy" bathroom mirror shot.

      2) No pic of you but pics of a)your car b)your kids c)your dog d)some random pic-scenery, flower, etc.

      e)doppelganger photo

      3)baby photo

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    133. […] and many more (You can even read a summary of the different types here) […]

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    138. anorex0rcist says:

      […] Find a scenic landscape and have a photoshoot. You and your friends are all overdue for new profile pictures. […]

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    143. amitrptyline says:

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    149. Grainne Gillespie says:

      Eh, you forgot the one where every picture in their profile pics section is a pic of their kids without them being in the picture as well (and its the same in the rest of their gallery)

      HINT people, by Facebook's Terms of Service the pictures in your profile section have to be of you. If you cannot bare not to have a picture of your kid in your profile pics then put up a picture of YOU AND YOUR KID.

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    155. Some of these pictures remind me of my old FB profile, fortunately I changed it now and deleted all the bad pictures from it….

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