So, Who Will Be The American Idol?

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Everyone who reads this site knows how we feel about Adam Lambert and his weird acne skin and awful Kate Gosselin-inspired haircut. The truth is, we’d rather vote for Sanjaya to win tonight than have to see this guy on every channel/magazine cover/gossip website for the next two weeks.

Too bad we can’t be the final verdict in tonight’s American Idol finale.

It’s been a long time coming and tonight, at long last, 2009’s American Idol will be crowned. We plan on holding a moment of silence for our BF, Danny Gokey, as Ryan Seacrest no doubt drags the show into 2 hours of boring-ness before the winner is announced. We also plan on rekindling that relationship with god as we pray that Kris Allen takes the title. (He’s way cuter, no?)

What about you? Who are you voting for?



    1. Jess says:

      Now that Gokey’s gone I’m rooting for Kris, but it’s unfair to mock Adam for his “weird acne skin.” Adam was more exciting to listen to with his rock-scream voice, and they both have different but good voices. I can see myself at a Kris Allen concert though. Chilling out at an outdoor concert with little Kris. Adam’s more what my 14 year old punky sister listens to.

    2. Kay says:

      God. Gokey was awful.

    3. Jess says:

      Gosh, who writes this shit anyways! Please diss him for his performance and his music skills because thats what American Idol is about. From someone who has had serious acne it’s very depressing, and not something people like to have. Should you be so lucky, that you DO NOT have “WEIRD ACNE SKIN.” I don’t think his acne should be the thing holding him back from winning idol. I don’t think American Idol is exactly a beauty contest. You should really learn how to write, and find legitimate proof behind your claims.

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