I’m Pale, Get Over It: A Fair-Skinned Manifesto

fair skin

I was born with a skin-tone that falls somewhere between “fresh milk” and “blank paper.” I’ve heard every “where are the Seven Dwarves?” and “Ah! You’re blinding me!” joke in existence, replacing my joyful anticipation of summer with an ominous dread. As girls with non-glow-in-the-dark skin flounce down the street in their shorts and minis, my legs have been relegated to hot, dark jeans.

In years past, in order to reach the deep, savage “normal-people” color I have so longed for, I have resorted to the religious application of self-tanners, which, while making me darker, have also made me smellier. And we all know nothing is more appealing to a man than a girl who smells like chemicals and has weird, orange-streaked sheets. And to top it all off, after my daily self-tanning regimen, there would almost inevitably come the cruel mockery of the phrase “you’re so light!”


And so, after too many self-conscious summers, with my shorts (and skin) hidden away, I have decided to forget my regimens, leave the jeans at home and embrace the light. That’s right, I’m pale, so suck it! White is in this season!

Sisters of the Pale Force, let us unite! Forget about smelly self-tanners and tedious bronzers; slap on some sun screen and go. Go out in your shorts, your skirts, your tank tops and bikinis! Stop risking your health, your money and your time trying to be something that you’re not. Fair skin is beautiful and we should embrace it, not hide it! After all, in 20 years all those perfectly bronzed girls will be getting Botox and we’ll be getting the younger men!

I don’t know who decided that tan is beautiful; clearly they had never seen Dita Von Teese’s porcelain skin. Or Nicole Kidman’s. Summer ’09 is the season of pale, so bring. it. on.

And to anyone who has a problem seeing past our legs: put on your sunglasses, that’s what they’re for.



    1. Chelsy says:

      I'm right there with you! I went out the other day and bought all kinds of shorts for the summer. I'm going to rock the hell out of these pasty-white legs this summer.

    2. Casey says:

      Love it! I'm not pale (i have olive skin) but I think it's great that you're deciding to embrace your natural skin tone. Pale skin doesn't HAVE to look bad! Find colors that bring out the best in it. I think reds and teal blue's look good on pale skin, and maybe yellow? (I'm not an expert on colors and skin tones so maybe I shouldn't be suggesting any lol) but good for you!

    3. Lisa says:

      Me too! I'm pale, but whatever. I just ignore people. The amount of times I heard "You must have JUST got here!" while I was in Mexico was sickening. Bring on pale pride!

    4. Erin says:

      My skin is pale and pinkish and I always burn. I never tan at all! It is so difficult for me to embrace it because I just wish I was sun-kissed… not a tomato. *sigh*

    5. Sam says:

      I ALWAYS get called Snow White. I just don't tan, if I'm out for a little bit of time I burn. It's just not worth it. I guess having a black boyfriend really doesn't help, he just makes me look even paler. haha But oh well, we're beautiful the way we are.

    6. Jenny says:

      I'm olive-skinned, but much more pale than the rest of my family (I'm Italian/Ecuadorian, so everyone else is pretty tan), and I get so many condescending comments about how I'm so pale compared to my family. =/

      I think porcelain skin is absolutely beautiful, so rock the short-shorts all summer long, girl.:)

    7. Brittney says:

      Thanks for writing this! I am very pale, and have never been tempted to fake tan before (I don't naturally tan, like many fair skinned people). I like being a little different from everyone else. Plus, both of my parents have had crazy amounts of skin cancer – I've seen first hand how much it sucks (Think skin cancer is not a big deal? Have fun getting your skin cut off and having gross scars). I think people in general need to stop being so unhappy with what they were naturally given and make it work instead of trying to fit in with what is considered beautiful. Being pale and loving how you look is more beautiful than slapping on fake tanner and hoping that people accept you (or doing anything else to change your appearance).

    8. Leese says:

      Oh I love this. I am pasty year round. I am definitely embracing it! Bring on the bright red lipstick!

    9. Natasha says:

      CoCo Chanel made tanning popular because one day she fell asleep in the sun and liked her glow.

      I am pale, and do not believe in tanning

      have you seen what those tanaholics look 20 years later ew?

    10. Ayla says:

      Holla to the Dita reference; she's absolutely gorgeous.

      Yeah, I'm there with ya, only I don't just burn, I FRECKLE. Maybe this is just a personal preference, but I prefer a milk and honey complexion with a light sprinkle than a LiLo-esque freckles-connecting-to-look-almost-tan. It's just not a good look for anyone with any kind of red in their hair.

    11. ash says:

      Pale girls are nice im actually trying to get lighter

      alot of asian girls & models are light coloured and they look heaps nice and fresh

    12. Hailey says:

      I'm pale and have lived my life in dread of the "Oh my god…you're so pale!". I also once got a "You're so wonderfully pasty". Thanks. it's so rude. You wouldn't tell a black person "you're so black!". Anyway, I embrace it and everyone else can revel in my glow-in-the-dark glory.

    13. Allison says:

      While I wouldn't mind getting a tan, I don't even care about my paleness anymore. I'm pale and proud! And I don't plan on covering up at all this summer.

    14. Erin says:

      I'm so pale too, Irish skin, ughh. But I used to tan when i was young, I had beautiful dark skin, I dread to think of all the damage it has done to my skin now even though I'm 22. I'm proud of my pale skin but, because I am chubby and my legs don't look so good I use a little bit (okay a lot) of self tanner to make my legs look more healthy and less like two large hams made from cottage cheese. But it only makes them look a little darker and healthy which is a good thing. I don't like when people point it out though that your pale, it's usually kinda rude and makes you insecure for a little bit. But I'm really glad to see that people are embracing their paleness! I love my pretty white neck and shoulders!

    15. Ace says:

      Hurray being pale. My sister and I spent many a summer trying to tan our pasty selves to no avail. Now, I embrace my pretty porcelain skin. Thanks Dita, you make us all feel more lovely.

    16. chelle says:

      go girllll! i feel you, i don't hate the fact that people say i'm really white, or fair or light etc, but its that they say it while they are laughing about it. fuck them, i think darker skin is beautiful if its natural, i've always envied latinas chicks with golden olive skin. i esp hate when i can't even find make up my color because i'm "off the charts white!" (as one MAC cosmetics lady told me once :l) buuut its just not in my genes cant do anything about it, so i'm starting to not care about it. whenever people tell me i need some sun or laugh at my pasty legs i just say "this is what Caucasian looks like bitch":)

    17. Liv says:

      Love this! I'm naturally glow-in-the-dark white so I def appreciate any article about embracing it. The other day, when wearing a skirt, a girl I work with asked me if I was wearing tights. That was a new one. The only thing I really mind about being fair is that a tan usually makes you look thinner.

    18. Willy says:

      white power!

    19. tissue says:

      I think porcelain skin is the most beautiful thing ever.

    20. Heather says:

      I too, am very pale, and have never gotten into the whole tanning thing. kudos for writing this article.

    21. Kelly says:

      Hailey: I always think the exact same thing!

    22. Engineer says:

      My beutiful nerd skin

    23. Sarah says:

      That's good for you! I'm glad you can embrace your beautiful fair skin. I'm actually quite envious of you. In my country, girls with pale/light/fair skin are considered gorgeous. I don't have very dark skin, but I'm somewhere between light olive with a little shade of yellow and I'm an Oriental kind of Asian. Most people in my country are as white as milk, so I'm part of the "less attractive" bunch. I envy your nice white skin, so you should be very thankful for what you have:) Skip the tans, people! Tans aren't as attractive as they seem. It's not very pretty having shaded lines across your body😛

    24. Lauren H - The New S says:

      Much love to all my fair skinned ladies and our supporters! i'm so glad to see this kind of support out there for embracing who we are (regardless of skin tone). Feeling very proud of all of us girls now!

    25. Patricia UT says:

      I am glad I read this! I am considerably pale and I do spend too much money on "Mystic tan" and recently purchased a tan gun which put me back a few hundred. Their are times where I let my color be and others where I spray tan. My reason to spray tan is I LOVE the slimming effect a tan has and how certain clothes looks so much better. I cannot say I will stop spray tanning but I can say that I will be proud of being pale the times I dont.

    26. Lysa16 says:

      Wow. reading this was super interesting, as I never thought that pale skinned girls actually felt self-conscious about their white skin. In my opinion there are many different types of beautiful,. Because I am naturally caramel golden colored, I see it as an everyday thing and while I love it I never thought it so spectacular. Sometimes Ill see a a very pale skinned girl, with red, or orange hair and think its very beautiful, seems very rare to me. So embrace your beaty, if u feel different rock out your unique features!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Megan says:

      I have that wonderful Irish skin-tone also. Fair skin, red hair, freckles & being out in the sun gives me a nice red tint rather than a dark, bronze glow. The fact that I am so fair-skinned is something that I struggle with as I have spent hundreds of dollars over the past year & a half on those gradual tanning lotions just so that I have some color. For whatever reason, I cannot find a reason to say that fair-skin is attractive and I wish I could embrace my wonderful Irish genes. Maybe someday..

    28. Bubba says:

      Gotta get me some white pussyy

    29. Ariel says:

      Woot-Woot! I too am a member of the pale skinned women of the world, I have heard the numerous comments that were mentioned. But I too am done being insecure and am going to let my pale blind all their eyes this summer lol!

    30. amandahh' says:

      im with all of yall! im not SUPER white but im pretty dang white. People at my school are always sayin stuff bout it to but screw them. Who said there opinions mattered anyways?(: If they really have a problem with they can shut their dam eyes or look the other way cause at least we arent trying to be somethen we're not. So if you dont let being porcelain bother you, then it shouldnt bother anyone else. here's to summer Ohhh' NINE & shorty shorts!!(:

    31. Annie Spandex says:

      I'm totally pale too! It's hard not to want a little tan in the summertime… but yeah even when I'm tan I'm pale compared to others.

    32. Sarah says:

      I really appreciated this article. I am going to Mexico at the end of the week with my boyfriends friend and his girlfriend. Well his girlfriend has been fake tannning almost everyday for like a month, and she told me "you better start base tanning". Well I was super annoyed by her telling me this because I hear all the jokes, like "I know times are rough but the sun is free" and "Ahh I need to put on my sun glasses" and when I try to tan it just doesn't stick. I am just simply white!!! Anyway I started losing my excitement about going to Mexico all because this one thing this girl said. So this article is good motivation of me to be proud of my pale white skin. Thanks Girl!

    33. David says:

      I have been pale skinned all my life and have felt humiliated, laughed at, and the comments never have ended to this day. Yes, I am pale, I have fair skin, get over it. I was not born any darker and I will die this way. I think women are especially pretty showing their fairskin. Do not be ashamed with all the comments there are admirers in the crowd.

    34. […] “I’m pale, so suck it.” Best. Quote. Ever. —College Candy […]

    35. Kara says:

      Great article!

      Thanks for writing about us fair skinned girls! I hear comments all the time from my family — I'm half Irish, half Italian and my sister can tan in an instant and I turn into a lobster! And after years of hearing "Wow! You're SO pale!" and "Why don't you tan?!" I tried the Jergens Natural Glow stuff — and I turned ORANGE! So this summer (which I'm spending in London w/ other pale people!) I've told myself, So what? Vampires are SO in this year:)

    36. akrebecca says:

      I knew there were others of my kind out there who felt the same way! I too have heard "Wow-you are white!" more times than I can count! The last time was from a Native Alaskan. My reply? Well, duh that's what I am. What people don't seem to realize is that making a remark about a person is rude. As Hailey said "You wouldn’t tell a black person “you’re so black!"." Could you imagine the backlash if I a 'really' white person walked up to someone and said 'Wow, you are like the color of midnight!'

      I am proud to be white. I like to wear hats to protect my face & I use sunscreen everyday. I am teaching my kids to do the same. Having had a skin cancer scare, I don't want my kids to go thru the same.

    37. sparky says:

      i'm pale i've always been pale. but people always complement me. but it's also hard to cover scares when you have pale skin

    38. Merilynn says:

      Lauren! – we have always thought you had the most beautiful skin – remember snow white was the envy of her evil step mother!

    39. Ali says:

      I'm right there with you! I always get comments on how pale I am and though it bothers me at times, I just say, "Pass the SPF 50! No wrinkles and skin cancer for in 15 years!" I feel like by trying ot be tan, I'm just following the herd and not being my true self. Fair skin can be just as beautiful if only everyone weren't so self-concious in the first place.

    40. JOMOMMA says:

      If you are pale you can get darker if you are darker you can not get lighter .Contrast is beautiful,

      Pale is hot

    41. Darlene says:

      I probably have the palest skin in the world.

      I really wish i could get past it but i find it so hard!

      I cant stand the summer because i just end up feeling soo self conscious! I wudnt lay out in the sun all day or lay on a sun bed, ive thought about spray tanning but i'm worried il turn out orange.

      My skin wouldnt bother me so much if people didn't comment on it all the time! It makes me feel so bad about myself.

      Sorry 4 the rant!

    42. melanie says:

      I love you guys, honestly..pale skin are so into the season! I have lots of people telling me how terribly pale I am and asked if I am sick! Nice of them to say that.. well as much as I hate my pale skin but you guys have given me a reason to smile and be happy about my skin colour once in a while so thanks! I think I will try show of my really "pale" legs which haven't seen sun in oh, probably 8 months.. (if i can get to do it:) )

    43. tiffany says:

      you go girl!! i had such trouble going to the pool as a kid. now, i just arm myself with come-backs, like.. "thanks":) or, if they are being more rude.. "i'm sorry we can't all look perfect like you, but don't be so judgmental.":) embrace the pale.. yeeeah!:)

    44. Clara says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I hate the always comparing at the beach and by the pool during the summer. It pisses me off so much. I now feel a whole new sense of appreciation for my beautiful pale skin. I can't wait to own it!!! thanks again!:)

    45. LMD says:

      Just wanted to say years ago, I had a girlfriend who was very pale-skinned but was very pretty as well! She was what some would have called my soulmate. But through bad advice given by a family member, I lost her for good and for many years, regretted it. I hope she's doing well these days and wish her nothing but the best. Pale skin is just as precious as any skin.I'll never understand why people bug out over color issues but they do. I adore women of all hues, that includes pale!!!!!!

    46. HEYHEYHEY says:

      HEYYY!!!!! asians girls i've seen look goergous in their pale skin n they love it soo why not yhoo??? well ones in america turn to tanning. i live in scotland lol some girls are tan some are tht brunette pale then the red hair pale n i have this bruntee pale like these gawjuss asian girls

    47. Eva says:

      All right! I'm happy to see other people like being pale. I get teased all the time for being pale and people always calm me pasty but i LOVE IT! I brown hair and brown eyes, which pop because of my skin. I'm proud not to have fake tan skin. It's one of my favorite features about myself!

    48. Sandr says:

      hi:) I have never had any problems with getting tan, but because of Dita von Teese I fell in love with porcelain white skin!:) So last summer I put a lot of sunscreen and now I have light skin, maybe it's not white but whatever I like it. I even got my hair colored to red. I think pale and red looks great:) And I totally understand you. Since I decided to be pale my friends sometimes laugh and say "why you wanna be pale? do you want to look like EMOO?" I hate it but whatever. fuck'em all:)

    49. Darwin says:

      Pale/fair skin is super sexy. My friend once asked me, "Is there such thing as "too" pale?" I responded, "Nope." Okay, that maybe taking it too far, but still. That's hot.

    50. Brittni says:

      The "You're so pale!" comments never fail do they?😄

      I've never really been sure how to respond to someone when they say that. I usually just say "Yep! My skin has no tanning ability, I just burn =]" right off the bat so they dont hassle me about trying to get a tan.

      Anyway, once people are around you they become used to it and really dont think anything of it. Well…thats been my experience anyways….

      I'm trying be become completely comfortable with my white skin, but I admit I do get uncomfortable around tan people at pools and such places.

      But at least we never have to worry about tan lines! =]
      ❤ Power to ze pale =DD

    51. ella says:

      wonderful article!

      i had no idea that some people with pale skin feel unconfomferable and wish to tan.BUT YOU MUSTIN!!!!!

      i love pale skin it seems so beautiful on histpanic but i have some asian and other things thrown in there but i tan very easily, SO i am so JEALOUS of people with pale skin!

      emprace what you are with!many people with they could have your skin believe me!!!!I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!

      i always complement people with pale skin ALWAYS telling them YOU ARE SO LUCKY!I WISH I HAD YOUR SKIN TONE! but if this makes them(people with pale skin uncomfertable i AM sorry i had no idea)

      im always trying to find ways to get paler(when i was younger i had some-what pale skin*more like peaches-and_cream skin* but i lost it!!!!!!:( so im tying to get it back but it seems so impossible)

      but love who you are!and for the people who do love their pale skin RIGHT ON!

      and for the others who are not when people insult you they are either jealous or just love to hurt people! try to ignore them and if you want and are brave enough tell them back "so what if im pale!what about you!your so_____ skin!

      kay!:) goodluck!

    52. dude says:

      I never had a problem with my pale skin, but maybe it's different for guys and girls.

    53. Darwin - New York Un says:

      Whatever, girls should just stay the way they are. This tanning business has gone way too far to the point where girls are just looking out right disgusting with their unnatural darkness. Light skin can be just as beautiful as darker skin. Then again, I do prefer the light.

    54. Snow_White says:

      I'm fair/light as well (not pale but very light), and personally, I love it! I think tanned or dark skin looks dirty. If I had the choice, I would definitely stick to the lighter look. Western society is the only place where tanned/darker skin is embraced. India, Asia, etc. all openly say the lighter the better.

    55. Condessa says:

      When younger, I used to be a tan-aholic -on and off- for almost 10 years, i used to feel like i was never dark enough, until one day I took some snapshots of my face, and noticed how uneven, damaged and stressed my skin was, my pores looked like swish cheese, and had a weird orange oxidized color that does not belong to me, making me look old and tired…. that was more than 4 years ago, since then i stopped the nonsense tanning, and now I use spf >50 even to go to the corner deli, I walk on the shady side of the sidewalk, etc. i hide from the sun like a vampire… also, for the last 6 month Ive been doing weekly lactic acid peels, and now I feel like I took off at least 8 years off my face, in fact someone recently thought I was 27, and im almost 37, I have my peaches and cream color back, my pores have diminished dramatically, and my face has a natural glow again, and it keeps getting better!. so no thanks im NEVER tanning again.

    56. scott w says:

      people want tan? i want to be whiter, im a british-american, i live in arizona where tons of mexicans live and i am tanner than some of them i wish i were whiter

    57. emily says:

      im really pale with really bond hair and light blue eyes

      id like to be some whoo wakes up in the morning and not think omg im soo pale quike ! put make up on

      its gettin to the point now were i cant go a day wihout make up on

      im not ashamed of my pale sskin

      ii jus cant stand the names and it makes me feel worthless


    58. RIss says:

      Wow, thanks Lauren you have made my day and it's only 9am!

      I never thought that my Irish background contributed to my paleness (or 'pastyness')…I have even asked my doctor if there was anything I could do about it! Of course, she said it's just a genetic thing and encouraged fake tan. I don't do the fake tan thing. My boyfriend actually loves my pale skin, and encourages me to not get a tan!!!

      This thread has reassured me that my boyfriend isn't just trying to make me feel better lol. I'm an aussie, I love summer and the cute clothes you can wear, so why not enjoy wearing them! And girls – boys LOVE summer dresses! And check out supermodels, actresses..the most beautiful ones are generally pale too!

    59. JustMe says:

      I think pale skin on a woman is gorgeous!! Especially their legs, so smooth and porcelain-looking. It looks sooo much nicer than that oompa loompa leather hide look of those girls who insist on tanning. Lets not forget that disgusting look of those girls who use tanning beds but their eyes are still white because of the goggles…barf!!!!!!!! That looks gross!!!

      So wear your shorts…red or blue looks best with fair skin…and us guys who love that regal look will continue to ogle you from afar!! Actress Kat Dennings is a great example of a fair-skinned hottie!!!! Her fair skin MAKES her hawt!!

    60. Faith says:

      I'm olive skinned Arab, let me tell you're right, be yourself I'm sick of people who don't like pale skin i find it completely gorgeous much better than fake tanning, you have beautiful color no need for change, American people are so obsessed with tanning that's why most of people there are not satisfied with their own beauty especially pale skinned, natural color/beauty should be more appreciated i blame it on the media LOL

      a Syrian female friend of mine has the palest skin i ever saw it was beautiful no need to compare we should celebrate diversity

    61. Pale says:

      I'm white as a sheet naturally, and does occasionally use fake tan, but really can't be bothered to do so all the time. So many people said horrible things to me when I was younger which lead to me covering up all summer for years. It makes me angry just thinking about it. Why should I be made to feel ashamed of my skin colour or the fact that I don't tan very easily?

      Fact: Commenting on someone's skin colour is racist. No one with a brain would ever consider saying to a black woman that she's too dark, so why do people think it's OK to tell a white woman she's too pale? Idiots.

      1. Jen says:

        damn straight! I get those comments all of the time…from other white people. it's like ok well i dont feel like getting skin cancer or wrinkles prematurely. I will be 29 in 5 weeks and I honestly get mistaken for a recent high school grad,no joke. and I am a wife and mother.:)

    62. la la la says:

      this is so true im very pale && all irish babyy (: and i hate it i use the creams , i even tried tanning and that didnt work.

      but last summer i tried something new i went to the pool/beach and didnt put on sun screen i know sound dump and off course got burn. but when the painful sunburn went a way i was a little tan!

      i couldnt belive it i still have pictures and i look tan

      but now it winter and im pale again but thats what i did but i didnt lay out all day.

    63. Ashley the best says:

      I seriously feel the same way! Stop the fake and bake! Look at those women in paintings from the 1800s! Images of beauty and they are white as hell. That is real beauty. No one likes leather skin

    64. H Jones Sanchez says:

      I agree! Your article is terrific. Pale is natural and beautiful… I really don't see the point in exposing your skin to harmful UV rays and setting yourself up for ugly, damaged skin a few years down the road.

    65. Adrie says:

      I totally agree! I never wear shorts in the summer because of my pale legs, but seriously, what is the problem? Yes, I'm pale, so what? I'm not gonna get any tanner by wearing pants and besides, my paleness is my own business. Fair skin is beautiful:)

    66. Pru says:

      I'm so proud of my pale-skinned sisters! Pale is beautiful, and only until the latter half of the 20th century was it considered to be undesirable. Crazy, huh? Check back in your history books, every woman strived to be as fair as possible, even bleaching their skin for that peaches and cream complexion. So, I agree! It's the revenge of the pale!

    67. Elaine says:

      I agree – Who made brown, tan skin the accepted standard for beauty??? My experience is exactly the same as the writer of this article. I, too, have decided to screw up enough courage to go my natural pale. I hate the smelly self tanners, which don't make enough difference in my skin color to make me tan anyway. Thank goodness I have always protected my skin with sunscreens! I look much, much younger than my 60 years! And yes, those tanning booth/beach babes will pay dearly in a few years for their time in the sun! Thanks for the positive reinforcement from you other palefaces. White is beautiful!

    68. sally says:

      Im naturally pale, with green undertones. I started wearing sunscreen this year, and just a couple days ago switched over to PHYSICAL (the old-time) stuff. It makes me a bit paler, and I think since it actually blocks the sun, I'm becoming even paler without it on😀 Today I wore it when I went to class, and it was so funny because lots of people stared at me, this guy waited for me to get to the door so he could open it for me, and then when I held the next door open for him, he insisted I go first; a girl in my class who I don't know alerted me that class was canceled so I wouldn't have to find out myself; people were really friendly to me, and I got tons of stares😄 I'm not sure if being white as a ghost makes me look sickly, or beautiful…but I'm happy😀

      I love being pale. Since I have thick, wavy auburn/blonde/brown😄 hair I'm growing out and turquoise eyes…I'm gonna wear a turquoise swimsuit and my pale skin to the beach this summer😀😀😀 I live in CA so I can pretend to be a tourist😄 And I agree that we'll look younger when we are older! I just turned 20 last month and my mom is 62, and although I look a bit older due to my features, my mom looks like she is easily in her early 40's — and she didn't start using sunscreen until her 20's I believe😀

    69. Leslee says:

      I hate hearing "hey leslee, haven't you ever heard of a tanning bed. I bring out a strong face and reply "havent you ever heard of skin cancer". But when I'm trying on clothes with my very peach tan best friend I can't help but wish I had the tan. But I dont dare hide my legs because God made me this way and My boyfriend loves me the way I am so why should I worry. I dont love being pale…but I rock it!!!

    70. SoiLy says:

      I just know how it is…. Try to be just as pale as milk in a tropical country, with everyone going crazy to get tanned. But less sun means less skin problems, your skin will look younger. And less chance to have a melanoma.

    71. amy says:

      i wish i could jsut embrace my pale skin,

      but the one time i did pick up the courage to show of my paleness i got insulted from everyone,😦

      im 17 and it hurts to see other girls wearing what they want in the summer and looking lovely and im just ugly and pale.

      even my boyfriend said i would look better with a tan, talk about confidence booster!

      i dont think i will ever be able to be proud of my natural colour, summer depresses me soo much

      1. chewey says:

        pale skin is awesome!

      2. Meg says:

        I can't believe you feel that way, especially now that tanning is becoming yesterday's fad. Even the word "pale" to describe white skin is a recent ploy from the tanning industry to make young, impressionable people feel bad about being white. The correct word is "FAIR". You're simply immersed in a culture that is currently obsessed with tanning, tattoos, and body piercing. Don't follow the crowd, and learn about history. You'll gradually learn the truth, and see "whiteness" in a whole new perspective. Then, you'll actually want what you already have!

      3. Tabs says:

        Wow. Screw everybody else! I have 6 sisters..2 of em too young to tan.but the others tan..except now I don't and they put me down for being so white and not choosing to tan.
        Your bf is an ass.. apparently he cares too much about how you look. He should love you for being how you are. I understand..when summer comes along, we do anything to look tan.. but screw it. One day they will look disgusting and old and we will be beautiful and natural:)
        The only thing now that I will do to look slightly darker is try to pick a swim suit that compliments my color haha

      4. tone says:

        accentuate your beauty! don't cover your lightness or paleness. there are guys out there that loooove that creamy, or freckly, or pale skin! trust me. i'm one of them. Wear something that you think makes other girls look beautiful and go somewhere with confidence, on your own, without anyone you know. A nice coffee shop, the museum, etc. You will be approached or complimented, guaranteed. And keep your eyes open, sometimes it takes our breath away and we may be reluctant. you may only see a smile.

    72. nope says:

      I'm pale and I'm so glad that so many other pale kids are embracing the white!!! I live in the deep south, so it's even worse in this sunshine state, but I've given up trying to look anything like the blonde, bronzed goddesses I'm surrounded by. I find comfort in knowing that they're fake, fake, FAKE! Here, bleached hair and tanning bed skin is the new religion. I also take sick satisfaction in knowing that they're prematurely aging. And my dark brown hair is long and healthy, while theirs is breaking off😉

      But to the girls who mentioned that they are pink-toned — please, love that too! I'm not anything toned, just very neutral and incredibly pale. When I do spend time in the sun and darken, I eventually turn a sickly yellowed color instead of a pretty brown like people with pink undertones. I look like a pale person with jaundice. So now I embrace the pale and slather on the spf 45!

    73. Chris says:

      I'm so happy there are other people out there going through the same cr@p I do. I've been teased and tortured for as long as I can remember, and when I try to get color, I just get made fun of even more because of how red I get. I thought when I hit my 30's the jokes and stares would stop, but I just got a snide remark the other day that brought it all back again. I pray for the day people get over the fact that all "white" people aren't "tan"!

      People who think they're perfect because they get a tan need to realize that people like us enjoy swimming, and hanging out on the beach just as much as they do…so shut the hell up and let us live!

    74. Kelley says:

      I too enjoyed this article on fair skin. It's nice to know I am not the only one with very pale skin. I too am criticized for my skin color – paleness. Most of the time it doesn't offend me unless it's family, a large number of people ganging up or others saying "I thought it was a complement"? The worse insult had to be at a spring party. A large group of men of many different races yelled the following "You would be beautiful if you didn't have such ugly white pasty skin. If I was as white as you I'd kill myself. You should get color or drown yourself". My husband didn't stick up for me and was mad that I wanted to leave. Second worse is others assuming I must not be white cus I'm pale and that all Native Americans have dark skin, not! Others think only red heads have fair skin, Senseless.

      I'm continuing everyday to embrace my skin color. All skin tones are beautiful including the darkest shade. Out of all the races Caucasians are the only race who don't careful for pale/light skin. It's completely the opposite for most all minorities.

    75. Steve says:

      I am an extremely blonde pale guy. I will NOT be trying to tan – it leads to skin cancer.

      I just got advise on what shorts to buy (I asked at an "answers" site):

      1)I think the key to looking good in shorts if you are not tanned is to get a medium colored pair like khaki, a lighter blue (but not baby blue), or a medium light gray color. The color is key because dark shorts will only make you look paler and white or super light colors will blend in with your skin color and not look that great either.

      So pick out some shorts in a lighter medium color and get some that have pockets that will lay fairly flat and not pooch out too much. Have fun shopping!! :

      2) Lee® Wyoming Cargo Shorts in the Toffee color. I would suggest a turqoise polo to go with them (un-tucked).

      I followed both advised and 2) in particular was a hit.

      Pale people of the world unite!!

    76. Yue says:

      I'm an Asian girl with pale skin and all my Asian friends are jealous. In Asian cultures pale skin is considered very beautiful. Although I'm thankful of this feature, I don't like to see people try so hard to change their skin colour. In the western culture, people lay in the sun for hours to get that perfect tan while risking skin cancer. Meanwhile, in the eastern culture, girls buy all sorts of skin whitening/bleaching beauty products in hopes of getting paler skin. I think a healthy, glowing skin looks beautiful no matter what shade it is. So take good care of your skin by exfoliating, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen!!:)

    77. Anonymous says:

      Fair skin really stands out in a crowd these days, so wear sunscreen and embrace it!

    78. Becks says:

      I'm pale as well, and being Puerto Rican I get TONS of flak for it! But I have learned to embrace my pale skin. Its pretty and soft, and when I'm 40 I'll look a heck of a lot better than all those bimbos who lay in the tanning bed too much. I'm 21 and I have a classmate from HS who is 22 and looks like she is 30 because she tans every day. NOT cute.

      Look at all these beautiful women – Christina Hendricks (just voted sexiest women in America by Esquire), Dita Von Teese, Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler, Scarlett Johanssen…

      I think its time that women just worry about what is natural, and not fake! Let your body settle to its natural weight and you'll look so much more gorgeous rather than starving yourself to be thin. Let your skin be its natural color!

    79. Ana says:

      Totally agreed ! And good for you ! I am 42 and have basically avoided the sun my entire life. It was really hard when I was younger, hearing the tanned girls always making fun of me. But I got the last laugh; people regularly guess i am in my early thirties. And now those girls have tons of wrinkles and sun sports. Attention all tanorexics,,,,it WILL catch up with you as you get older. Better slap on that sunscreen !

    80. Haley says:

      I agree. Im not like super duper white but im pretty white. People would always make me feel bad about my skin. They would say "wow your sooo pale, go tan you marshmallow " "dude it looks like you havent came out of your house in like 3 months". Then after reading this and a little help from my grandma (who also has fair skin) i realized all pale skin is beautiful. And this next coming up summer im gunna show off my skin and feel good about it. Cause in 20 years when all the girls who have been tanning look all wrinkly and look far older than they really are, and we look younger and wrinkle free, we'll see whos laughing then(:

    81. Fie says:

      I'm really, really pale as well. I don't tan whatsoever, and I have redhead genes despite being blonde. And although I'm Scandinavian, it's not in the least seemingly acceptable to be pale – the tanning syndrome has taken over completely. I never used to mind my skin colour, and I've met a couple people (my boyfriend for one) who adore my skin, but over the years, I have just gotten so many jokes and puns to make me think I look wrong at times. I even find myself almost excusing my skin colour – when I should be telling people off instead!

      It's funny how being pale seems almost banned in most countries, whereas any other shade of skin is perfectly acceptable. To me, it just says something about how insecure OTHER PEOPLE are. If they have a problem with my skin, they can just walk away and shut the hell up. And the funny thing is… They never consider I might think their skin colour is unattractive in return. Fake tans should be banned instead of pale.

      I've started to embrace my pale skin more now. It's motivating to remember how many nations actually think pale is the more beautiful, like in Asia. And articles like yours really help reminding me that I AM beautiful, because sometimes those annoying, ignorant comments do strike home, no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

      But now, I've bought myself lots of pretty dresses to show off my skin this summer, and I can't wait! Rock on, my fair skinned ladies!

    82. Ahmed says:

      Are you serious? Why would you want to ruin that gorgeous extremely pale skin?, it's the sexiest skin tone I've ever seen in my life.. If I was your guy, it would be more than enough for me to just look at you..

      I go frenzy whenever I see an extremely pale skinned woman.. Same reason I love real redheads cause of their amazing perfect pale pinky skin..

    83. BrownEyedBeauty says:

      I love this article…and I love all the comments. Fair skin rules!

      Dark skin can be beautiful if it is natural, but white skin can be beautiful too.

      Marilyn Monroe had very fair skin and she was gorgeous. Christina Hendricks is beautiful and she has white skin with red hair.

      Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen have been pale.

      I'm biracial, both black and white. I look more white. My skin is VERY fair…I turn bright red instead of tanning. I've had people make some ridiculous comments about my skin.

      When I was younger, I dated a black guy. His family, especially his mother, had a real problem with the fact that I'm light-skinned. His mom would always make offensive comments about it.

      Funny…light-skinned people made to be ashamed of their lovely skin, but if we were to insult a dark-skinned person, it would be racist. It doesn't make sense.

      I believe that it comes down to insecurity. If somebody else has something special, other people will try to tear them down.

      Hopefully I will be confident enough to wear whatever I want, no matter what people say. This article helped boost my confidence. I'm not alone.

      Fair-skinned divas, we are beautiful!

    84. reba burningham says:

      I am so pale that my neighbor ran outside to meet me at my car with a bunch of tanning minutes she wanted to donate 2 me. i said no thanks i am like this on purpose. my mother worshiped the sun she would literally spread baby oil all over herself and lay in the sun on a sheet of tin foil for hours. my sis caught the bug 2 she is always baking herself. her and i look alot alike i mean alot. except we are very different colors. i except and love my pale skin…i was told i have alabaster skin "a poets dream" i kinda like that.

    85. Samantha says:

      No matter what the color (or lack thereof), NATURAL skin is the prettiest. I can always tell a fake tan from someone who just has dark skin. People might think it's not noticeable, but believe me, it is.😛 Natural dark skin looks just that, natural. Tan-a-holics, whether from the sun, a tanning bed, or fake tanner, usually look like they've spent too much time hanging around nuclear power plants.

    86. Jojo says:

      Ok, I don't want to sound stupid but, when I read this I almost cried. All my life (since age 10) I've been struggling with my skin color. Almost everyone made fun of me about it. (Even though there was probably 500 other pale girls who were never picked on about it but thats a different story…) I went through ugly orange self tanners. But one day I descided to not put on false tanners and just go outside. And a few days later my skin was pretty tanned!

    87. BrittneyLee says:

      I was working today and I walked up to a mother and her two daughters to ask them if they needed any help. The mother looked at me and said loudly to her daughters, "and you think YOU'RE pale?" The daughters looked mortified that their mother would say something. Earlier in the week, something very similar happened; a customer commented on my fair skin.

      I just don't get OTHER people's obsession with it. If people didn't say anything, I wouldn't even give it a thought. I like me the way I am and trying to look like every other girl in the world just sickens me. Why would I want to die and disappear? If I don't stand out, that's what will happen; I will be forgotten.

      1. Lenore says:

        Same crap happens to me people are always saying "oh my god look how white you are!" Imagine how pissed people would be if we went around insulting how brown and orange they are?

      2. suzanne says:

        You hit it Brittney, if people did not comment, then we would not think about it. A friend said not so long ago that she is glad she is not as pale as me ie reddish pink colour! She is french and has that typical olive type of skin, but lives in England and it is not so strong now and her husband was teasing her and she came out with that comment.

        It is so damn cruel.

    88. Kay says:

      Ha, I say tans are overrrated. I have naturally fair skin(whiter than anne hathaways) but its a nice pearly white. oddly enough, i tan very easily and can get very dark, like i used to be a few months ago. until i realized….whats the point??? Spending money to tan, buy lotions, etc. its pointless, because in reality tans are UNhealthy, pale is healthy. Ive been called snow white, flashlight, and vampire soo many times, i just laugh and say "at least when im 50 ill look good and not like 200". Skin cancer is a very serious thing, why risk it bc of ur skin insecurities? i think everyone should just face that they are stuck with the skin they are in, and embrace it, why try to look like others when u can be urself? when u truely love urself for what u naturally look like, thats when ur silly insecurities can truely be gone:) besides, pale is much prettier than fake bakes😛

    89. Summer says:

      I don't mean to rant, but I hate my paleness. Can i get some help over here?!? I used to go to a black school. (I have no problem with black people) A lot of my friends always made comments about my skin in gym, and they didn't understand I couldn't tan. Fake tan is just, well…fake. Haha.:) I want to be comfortable with myself, i just hate everything about me. I have freckles, light blue eyes, very pale skin, and honey blond hair. I never thought i was pretty and always had low self esteem issues. I never care about what people think, but I kinda do at the same time. I am 12 almost 13. I am not fat, but i like to stay healthy so i exercise everyday. (Does anyone have any exercise routines, b t w?!?) Anyways, my legs usually have bruises on them. Just maybe one kind of noticable. I hate my legs!! I have stretch marks, even though i"m not fat. I guess from puberty, does anyone have any tips on getting rid of them? I feel like my body is falling apart!!! And I'm young. Please help my fair skinned girls! =D

    90. James says:

      I know it's been over a year since you wrote this but I figure I'll chime in. I absolutely love pale skin girls even though I myself am a bit darker I would prefer to date a girl with pale skin instead of an orange.

    91. Lexy says:

      I'm just as pale as you are, and believe me, living in a tropical country makes everything harder. Because when summer comes and most of the people (even with light skin) get theirselves some healthy colour, mine is barely light. Always pale, the most close thing to a piece of paper. Seriously, my brother loves drawing on my skin because he says "it's clear like paper". He doesn't have the same dad, but my mother and grandmother and greatgrandmother… They're all like me. And we've been facing this jokes for generations, since greatgrandmother came from Germany. That's it. Thank you for supporting us pale girls and glad you will stop using self-tanners. Don't believe I'll ever have the opportunity to do the same.

    92. Ellie says:

      I love that everyone is embracing their skin tone! I too am veryyy white but I can tan a little. BUT I use neutrageina spf 85 to actually stay pale =) I just think it goes better with dark hair and blue eyes. I hate the super tan trend… everyone just ends up splotchy and orange. Plus! not tanning helps your skin stay nice =)

    93. […] I would also rub aloe vera on my sunburns if I were stupid enough to get sunburns. Pale Pride! […]

    94. Vivian says:

      I'm naturally tanned and I don't like it. Because it isn't that orangy glow that you get when you fake tan (professionally) or when white people get tanned, it's more olivy tanned.

      I would love to have your skin colour. Sometimes I put light foundation on to look pale. But I wish I could be pale naturally.

    95. donnie says:

      I feel for you white skin girls,but like the other lady said,I have a friend like that also,and she starts out with a stronger sun screen,then after a few weeks she drops it down to a lesser sun screen. She lays out in the sun for about 35 minutes a day or ever two days,and she is very tan. But yes wither you are white skin or dark skin,we all will get wrinkles,except for Afro Americans,they never show their age. they were born that way. good luck

    96. Sherley says:

      First I have to say, power to you for embracing your skin tone and rocking it. Second, I have to say I a bit surprise, I wasn't really aware that pale skin people (mostly women it seems) get teased about their paleness. Personally I am black and I have sometimes been told by people that I am either too dark or get teased because my skin is not dark enough because I am from the Caribbean. It's seems that no matter what your skin tone there'll always be someone with an objection. Personally I like my skin tone because I can rock pretty much any colour I like (especially nail polishes). As one of the other posters suggested, find colours that fit your skin and rock it and I'll bet your no one will dare say anything.

    97. rachelY says:

      heeey nice post:)

      im fair but not pale and i love pale skin its so soft looking…i think girls look more cute with white skin.

      i love the diffrent names i can call my skin colour like.,, snow, milky, pearl skin, its so freash and clean looking

    98. readymantoday says:

      I love pretty proud porcelain pale white chocolate women!!!! But all I ne is one to rock my world! They are the sexiest women in the world! I just love them even albino women that are black I have always love pretty and pale and I always will. So all of you sexy pale women keep rocking and forget the negative people! Take all the good complements show your sexy sweet pale legs!!!!! I am completely turned on by pale skin! There is nothing like a blue or green eyed red head, blond or brunette pale woman. Keep on being proud okay? I am a black man and I have Irish ancestors.

      1. james says:

        They look good to me.

    99. :-) says:

      Ridiculous, I have never thought tans were attractive.

      In fact, it is so much harder to have perfectly white skin than it is to ruin it in the sun. Doesn't anyone else recall the Victorian ideals of porcelain skin and beauty?

      I don't really care/notice what looks "healthier" either…

      I suppose you could call me a goth, and I'm quite Irish, so my opinion is a bit biased,


      I have paper white skin and I'm loving it.

    100. Anotherpalegirl :D says:

      I'm like all the girls/woman who commented here, i'm pale as hell and always got picked on at school, i have a porcelain skin with freckles, bright green eyes and very dark brown hair which makes me look even paler! I have dutch heritage with apparantly/maybe a little bit of jewishblood. I always tried to tan and it never worked..i tried so hard to be someone i'm not, never got to the beach and when i did i just wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt, when i finally had the courage to walk around in my bikini it was horrible all people started and some guy walked by me and said 'damn, did you bleach yourself or something'😦 now i'm almost 23 years and i decided to get my hands… back to porcelain color and i will wear sunblocker for the rest of my life, all year through which hopefully help me stay as pale as possible….i'm happy with the twilight stuff etc. that now pale is considered beautiful. Too all my pale looking sisters around the world forget about everyone YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! why be like everyone else when you can be different!

      1. ajk says:

        I'm a 22 year old male and I think pale skin is really beautiful! I think the problem is that when your younger, people read magazines and see all the tango coloured girls. I have nothing against darker skin tones either but you should be proud to be pale. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I for one have a real likeness for it and my last two girlfriends have both been pale.

    101. Raina says:

      yesyesyes!!! i was actually just at the beach attempting to tan and got burnt. badly.😦 this just made me feel so much better about my paleness :)) living in hawaii doesnt necessarily guarantee compliments on pale skin. i guess it CAN be beautiful!! so thank you. here's to being the best looking old people!!

    102. Jesse says:

      I think pale skinned women are beautiful. I also think that tan women are far less attractive.

    103. iluvpalegirls says:

      Pale white girls…skin like pure cream or vanilla. Just want to kiss and lick it. Yummy!

      1. Jen says:


    104. Allison says:

      I am the whitest person I know, I'm SO WHITE. I'm convinced I'm albino lol. I have blue eyes and blonde hair so it's even more noticable, and most of my friends get tan in the summer. GAHH it's so embarassing, but it definitely helps to know i'm not the only one

    105. Mark says:

      I agree with ya. I'm a pale white guy who bodybuilds. I'm probably just as white as you but maybe look a little less because my hair turned brownish. But still has light blonde highlights and red tint to it under certain lighting now that I am older. I use to be a full blonde. I have three colors to my hair naturally to be exact. It's quite annoying since as a guy you're fit into this stereotype to be tall, dark and handsome. I'm average height and been called casper lol. I never changed my skin color though. I don't care about being the stereotypes but society is ridiculous and very materialistic to this day.

    106. Gail says:

      I almost started crying reading this and then the comments. I’m incredibly pale and have also had to endure ridicule and innocent but hurtful remarks for most of my life. I stopped wearing shorts in eighth grade when I really started to realize how white my skin was in comparison to others. I live in a southern state where everyone is always tan, even in the winter they’re tan, and at age 29 I still always get people commenting on how pale I am, why don’t I go out in the sun, etc. I’ve had people ask me if I’m albino and many other mean things.
      Also people don’t seem to understand why my skin is SO white since I don’t have red hair (I’m a brunette). It’s amazing the number of people who seem to think that only redheads have pale skin!
      I’ve been panicking a little the past few weeks because I’m going to be in Mexico on vacation soon and I know everyone around me will be showing off their tans in their little shorts and swimsuits. I’m so worried about people staring at me because of my skin color. I wear jeans even in 100 degree weather because I just can’t bring myself to wear shorts. Being made to feel like a freak for so many years has caused me to be extremely self-conscious. I’m compromising and wearing capris while I’m on vacation but I won’t wear shorts.
      It’s nice to see so many other people here also have pale skin and I’m not alone. Reading this has given me a little bit more courage to just ignore everyone else and enjoy myself. Thank you all!

    107. Lilith says:

      Thanks for this article i feel confident knowing im not the only milk white girl in shorts and a tank:)

    108. Diana Palinkas says:

      I always get insulted because of my pale skin. It didn't bother me when I was young, but that changed. I am 24, and I don't own a tank top a short or a skirt for more than 15 years, because those would show too much of my skin. Every summer, while other people wear light clothes, I wear full length trousers and T-shirts, and I still feel like everyone is looking at me strangely. I don't even wear shorts or light clothes at home, beacause my father always highlights the fact that I am "white as a dead corpse".
      Anyway, I am glad that I found your writing. It's very inspirational.

    109. Angela says:

      This article really spoke to me. 😀 I have the same THING, and I just can’t find a cure~ so I guess this means I’m going to be a ghost for the rest of my life. Next summer I’m going to wear shorts, world, so deal with my snow white legs the way I have to deal with your rusty orange ones!!!

    110. Rach says:

      After a couple years of tanning my (normally very pale, irish) skin in a bed, I decided I'm over it. Not only do I spend far too much time and $ making my self…orange, but while I'm at it, I could potentially be risking my health or my life. I will not risk my health for the sake of vanity. I decided I am going to learn to be comfortable with my given skin color, and I absolutely will not hide under jeans and whatnot while everyone else is wearing shorts. I've got nothing to be ashamed of. Hopefully, I can be somewhat of an example to others that its OK not to look like you're part of the Jersey Shore cast.😉

    111. Henry says:

      I’m a guy, and I❤ pale girls.

    112. G Green says:

      Chill out, skin tone just like and other fashion changes season to season, you just sound envious and bitter the way you write it, Plus you shold not base what you do on what is attractive to men, thats sexist

      Truth: whatever your skin tone your going to get smoke your way for it, but at the same time if your happy with the way your skin looks why shold you mind? and on top of that there's also bound to be people that like your color if you must have the approval of others.

      Sincerely the only pale lady in an ethnic family.

    113. victoria says:

      I am fed up with people saying how pale I am and I dont like the sun well that is true do I need to die to have a tan I have had a lot of sun spots removed from my face after years of sunbaking why do I want to get a tan now at my age and risk my life

    114. Morgan Le Fay says:

      Right there with you, I can totally dig it.

    115. Vanessa Pale. says:

      Im with you girl!!
      I agree with every singlw word you said!
      Finally someone who feels the same:)

    116. Julie Rose says:


      I have red hair, freckles, and VERY pale skin. All my life, I have been worring about why I cannot find makeup in my skin tone, or why tan skin is so “cool”. I wear bikinis on the beach, and short-shorts in the summer, and you know what- I’m not afraid to show it. I’m not afraid to bring a bottle of SPF 110 to a pool party. I’m not afraid to be me. I used to know a girl, we were friends. She had redhair and even lighter skin than me. She told me “Everything goes in and out of style. While tan is popular now, pale could be popular in 20 years, when everyone starts dying of skin cancer.” Those few lines she told me, really helped me.

      It’s nice to read something a fellow redhead wrote. Sometimes I feel like the only one, living by the Jersey Shore. I posted a similar thing on my blog. I think if redheads keep posting, we can boost our confidence. I’ll be honest, I have asked on Yahoo Answers why people make fun of my fair skin. Everyone replied things about pale skin being so pretty. Where are all these pale skin lovers? So, thanks. Thanks for posting this little “blog”. It really helped. Good luck all you little gingers!

    117. Tabs says:

      It's so hard to embrace pale skin. I have medium brown hair, and I have tanned but in all that I have done I have risked spots on my skin and going back to my pale skin. Not VERY pale, but way whiter then other girls. For the first time I am going to the beach pale skinned. Recently got married to my husband and he gave me confidence in wanting to not tan anymore. Says he loves me for who I am, not for how I look. Although looks is a plus, he doesn't want me looking fake. It is SO very difficult to see other girls all pretty and tan looking amazing in their swimsuits and clothes.. and it hurts my self esteem. BUT down the road, I will be healthier, natural and beautiful the way I am unlike others. More power to us pale skin girls!😀

    118. craig says:

      when I was a young boy I was attracted to the blonde with a tan basically. now at the ripe age of 21 im am the complete opposite. I absoloutley love pale skin no matter what the hair color but im a sucker for dark brown or black , I guess it stemmed from scene/emo/alternative girls. idk im really self concious about my weight always have been,just seems to me like this isnt something to get worked up over😛 when people joke about it its just for their amusement dont take it to heart(not easy i know)

    119. Dude says:

      white power!

    120. JackieD says:

      As a stage IV melanoma survivor (who is lucky to be alive), I commend your commitment to BEAUTIFUL pale skin. When I was younger, I thought a tanned self was better than a fair-skinned self. But now when I see tan people, all I can think of is how fake they look… and how their skin will be much more wrinkled much sooner than they would like. I believe a person is their most attractive in the natural skin tone. Society's obsession with tanning started in the 1930's, when Coco Chanel came home from vacation with a tan. Since then, the incidences of melanoma have increased over 2000 percent. So I applaud your decision to maintain your natural beauty. You go, girl!

      1. Jen says:

        Glad you're okay,Jackie! My brother passed from that 13 years ago,and it was a surprise since he was so dark,while I am extremely(and very proudly) super pale.:)

    121. Demetrius says:

      I think pale skin girls are extremely beautiful. You so rare and gorgeous not even the sun touch you.

    122. Demetrius says:

      It’s fair skin, not pale.

    123. Jim! says:

      It's quite ironic, really.

      I'm EXTREMELY "fair skinned" and today some African Americans were joking about the paleness of my skin.

      I wonder what would've happened, had I said something about the color of THEIR skin!!!

    124. jasmine says:

      i have blonde hair, some freckles but not that much and also have VERY pale skin too!!! I love that my skin can stand out! I can be myself without trying to look the the people in Jersey Shore! You are right that tan is in TODAY but in 20 years PALE will be popular!! I am starting to like my skin. However, I get made fun of because of my skin color. people would always point out my pale skin!! they always told me to get out into the sun without NO sunscreen!!! I heard the same thing over and over so i did it!! and i just got a really bad sun burn!! and after it went away my skin was the same as it was before i got the burn. Some of the people who made fun of me are black! they say that they don't like people be racist about their skin so why are they being racist abut my skin?

    125. Suzanne says:

      I am a redhead too but now more strawberry blonde (42). My skin tone is a pink/reddish colour and I HATE it with all my being but only since moving to France!! In England, no one said anything about my colour, so I never thought about it. Oh I tried in vain to use false tans but that was simply because I hated being different.

      Since living in France, I cannot believe the nasty comments. I get women pointing to my neck area and saying: ooh what is wrong with you; you are so red? Generally it is because I am blushing horribly and they just make me worse!!! I have been told to ignore the comments, but it is pretty difficult to do when I hate my colour as well.

      I am thankful that my husband finds my skin colour sexy (lol good job too)! I read a comment from someone who said that it was mainly black people who say something and wonders what would be said if she said something about their skin colour? I so agree because I have it from black women a lot and feel so embarrassed next to them!

      I thought that as one gets older, acceptance comes along, but it is the opposite with me:( I even find myself looking for others with my skin colour and yet when I find, I can't help but think – yuck because the truth is I really do think pinkish/red skin is ugly and so every time I look at myself in the mirror, I want to die and feel shame for feeling this way.

      Oh why can't people just keep their opinions to themselves!

      1. Guest says:

        *hugs* I too have pinkish pale bluish skin (Irish) and I hate it. But..I look like an arse when I tan so..I am stuck with the colour I am..

    126. Elbert says:

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    127. Jen says:

      I have always had rude comments about my skin color(especially from my own mom!),and I have always LOVED my super fair skin. I am 29 and I get mistaken for being in my late teens/early 20s. I have not one wrinkle,crease,line or hint of 'leather face'. Of course,I don't think I am the age where you typically have wrinkles and such,but with all of the hardcore tanners starting out in their teens,by the time they are my age they look about 40.
      Oddly enough,the ones who make rude comments about my skin are other caucasian/white people. I have found hispanic and black people find my skin beautiful and exotic,and I have had MANY compliments from them. I am proud of my skin and hope the rest of you are,too!

    128. lydia says:

      Olive skin is very fair in color!white in the usa is defined by the us census bureau as people of middle eastern/northafrican​/european blood! many countries in europe originated in the middle east,,,dumb folks dont know that
      !!Even racist sites like sormfront know that whites come in MANY shades!!! the majoirty of whites have brunette hair! whites have pink/olive/yellow/go​lden/red undertones and be darker or lighter!! fair skinned can be pink and olive! olive is very pale!

    129. […] I’m Pale, Get Over It – College CandyMay 30, 2009 … Pale girls are nice im actually trying to get lighter. alot of asian … In my country, girls with pale/light/fair skin are considered gorgeous. I don’t … […]

    130. Carlos says:

      Don't tan. I'm a Filipino and I think fair skin is so beautiful! I find women with fair skin, exotic. A lot of people from Asia uses excessive whitening products to get fair skin. Just love your skin, use sun lotion when you're outside during summer so you do not get sun burn. Even I get sunburn if I don't use sun lotion and I have a brown skin. Lol! I find caucasian women with fair skin really gorgeous. They're like porcelain doll, they're so pretty much more attractive than women with fake tan.

    131. Lisa says:

      I am 53 years old and have Red hair blue eyes, I never wear shorts because I'm embarassed. I cannot take being in the sun all day not only because of the sunburn but my body just doesnt like it. My ex hubby could never understand my mole like behaivor.
      Thanks for the support

    132. Ava says:

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    133. John O'Connor says:

      I love fair skin. It used to be the most attractive thing. You're beautiful. Stay white. (Not racist).

    134. Susan Neal says:

      I don't think that anyone should go out and bake in the sun and damaging there skin. but i don't believe that pale skin is nesasaraly more beautiful than someone with a darker skin tone that is glowing and natural. I mean who's to say what's beautiful and whats not? There are women of all skin tones who are beautiful. There shouldn't be a monoply on eaither skin tone. It all depends on the person and what other features they have going for them.For instance, take Nicole Kidman, very pale but very beautiful. Take Jenifer Lopez with her beautiful glowing bronzed skin, she is also beautiful. So It 's really just that beauty can come in all forms, Pale or darker, depending.

      1. Jayne Bennett says:

        Think we are talking about natural – what is natural, if it is pale then great if dark then great but we want to make ppl see that they dont have to change the colour of their skin just embrase it, esp as spray tans can cause cancer esp in lungs and sun beds can cause various skin cancers, people who try to change their dark skin with bleaches put their health at risk too. x

    135. Helen says:

      I absolutely hear you.. my heritage is mixed. My mother is Irish and my father is an eclectic mix of Irish, Latin American, Iranian Kurdish and English. Though I tan and dont tend to burn, it takes a little work (well a lot if you consider that I have lived in England my whole life!). I went to estee lauder a few months ago and the assistant tried to match my skin to a shade darker than I knew it was. Her comment, as she expertly applied the foundation with her orange hand was “well, we don’t want to be paler than we have to be in winter do we?” My reaction was kind of like this-> :-O… more recently, when I tried to buy foundation I was told “you’re our palest shade I’m afraid” I’m still not sure why she was afraid, I certainly wasn’t. I have never been ashamed of my fair skin, in fact I quite like it. I’m happy to save my tan til summer and blend with the snow in winter… it’s the way god intended me to be and I personally find it a little offensive that people feel the need to be pass-remarkable really.

    136. Helen says:

      Also, having read some of the previous comments, I thought id tell u this… iwas out and about at the beginning of summer (pre-tan) and I also had a couple of black girls say “she looks like a ghost” as they walked past me… that smacks of racism to me as well… I love all shades of skin from very dark to very pale… I think that if ur lucky enough to have flawless skin it’s beautiful whatever the colour… it would be pretty dull if we were all the same and as for the red heads… embrace it! Red hair is GORGEOUS… I say this as a brunette

      1. Alicia says:

        Why would two black girls making an igorant comment smack of racism? They didn't say "She looks like a ghost so therefore we are superior!" That is racist. They made an observation and remarked on it. White people say the same thing all the time of other pale skinned individuals and while I never understood, I didn't think it was racist. As an artist I love creating red heads with freckles and such–I also think pale skin with jet black hair and light eyes is stunnung and gorgeous. Something or other will always be in and out of vogue, but being comfortable inside your own skin will never go out of syle.

      2. natalia says:

        i dont call it racism i call it ignorance , and bullying . and as a black person knowing how skin can make you feel different you guys should know better . and that is not a observation ALICIA if i tell you look like charcoal i dont think you will quiet take it as a observation i made about youre skin , probably will be the first one to scream out about racism . so please . ive met 1 black girl in my whole 16 years since i been living in a black community( shes a artist as well) she was the only one commenting positively about my pale skin and i was so suprised because a big majority of black girls say ignorance .

    137. guy says:

      I really am crazy about pale skins! I hope marry a pale skinned!

    138. Alicia says:

      It doesn't matter if you are black as midnight or white as alabaster, if you love the skin you are in you will always be beautiful. Don't let market trends determine your value (or even the opinions of loved ones). You have to make a line in the sand and define who you are. When you have that confidence, nothing and no one can stop you–or make you feel less than. You will also feel less of a need to apologize or confront idiots for stupid opionons. Live your life, have fun and don't let the haters bring you down.

    139. jennifer says:

      I think we women who are pale and tan experience different worlds, almost. I am very fair and do not tan and at 41, don't even try (we know how well that works….sunburn, peel, white again). Dont even use self tanners anymore. Frankly I am a little bitter toward those who are tan and say in front of me "look how white I am, I've got to go tan!" but oh well. lol :)

    140. Astoria says:

      I'm getting very irritated with women's magazines treating self-tanner and bronzer as staples. There are a lot of us out there who wouldn't touch those things with a ten foot pole. Why aren't all women being told to embrace the skin we're born with? They act as if they deserve a nobel prize for endorsing self-tanners over tanning beds. I say both options suck, as both options detract from embracing the beauty of our natural selves.

      Besides, I think women who use self-tanners or bronzers looks odd – either orange or muddy, and of course women who tan soon look like wrinkly leather. The only beautiful dark skin I see is on those who were born with it (like my dad!).

    141. So glad that I found this, now at least I know I'm not alone:) For years I boycotted shorts and skirts and those cute summer dresses that the tanned prance around it. My excitement for summer always out shadowed by the growing anxiety about the never ending game of "look how much darker than you I am," (Which, by the way, to a fair skinned person is equivalent to walking up to someone who is struggling with their weight and pointing out how much skinnier you look in a bikini). It wasn't until last year that I looked in the mirror and realized that I love who I am, fair skinned and all, and I shouldn't hide away, even if I may blind people on those especially bright days! And besides, when I am 50 I'm going to look significantly younger and less wrinkled than those who frequent the tanning salons – that's when I'll shine (literally)!

    142. Chris says:

      Don't listen to the haters. Pale skin women are very attractive.

    143. Mia says:

      I'm very pale. Finally, I embrace the beauty of my porcelain skin. I don't need , or want to be tan. Get over it is right. Get over your white guilt too. My skin is beautiful too. We're all beautiful.

    144. Kent Harris says:

      Pale skin is very beautiful. It is very feminite. Dark skin is unhealthy. I want my kids to be fair skin.

    145. cheap melanotan II says:

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    146. natalia says:

      omg i am not alone . i been hearing all my life comments like why are you so white especially from black girls and ask them back why are they so black ? people envy us because we are rare and different we stand out i unfortunally started understand that only close to my 30😦 i used to be ashamed , and went to tanning salon , torture my self with seltanners and as well will wear pants during summer . now i embrace my skin because i am born with it and in some cultures we are considered divine beauties .

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