Birth Control Gave Me Blood Clots

It’s been almost six months since I wrote to you all about my blood clot experience, and, let me tell you, has it been rough. I’ve gone through a lot of snags that I didn’t expect, but then again I didn’t expect to get a clot either.

I’ve spent the first half of 2009 looking like a heroin addict from all the blood tests I’ve gotten and a pill-poppin’ animal (thanks, Lil Wayne) from all the medications I’m taking. I can’t even count how many times I’ve told the story of what happened and answered countless questions. I particularly love the, “Aren’t you young?” question.

Yes, I’m young.
Does it mean I’m invincible? No.

The first few months were very difficult for me because I was still adjusting to the medication and trying to process the fact that I almost died. Coumadin, or Warfarin, is a blood thinner. I quickly found out that being on blood thinners makes you cold. Almost all the time. So walking to class was hard because I was freezing my little butt off. And don’t even try me on going to parties at night. Since my clot was bigger, it took a long time for it to disappear, which made it hard for me to breathe a lot of the time. Long walks across campus got me winded, and I couldn’t exercise. Pretty much, my whole love for being fit and athletic went out the window.

Along with my lack of exercise, my love for healthy foods like salad, broccoli, asparagus, basically anything green (yeah, kiwi too), was gone. Since foods that are green are rich in vitamin K, a blood thickening agent, I couldn’t eat them unless I did it consistently. I decided it was better not to eat them at all because my blood level was so hard to regulate in the first place.

While on Coumadin, they test your INR (international normalized ratio), which is a fancy way of telling how thick or thin your blood is. The margin is very small, and because I’m so young it made it much harder to get my blood to fall in the range and stay there. While the “average” person with a blood clot takes a few weeks to regulate, it took me about 4 months. I was getting blood tests two or three times a WEEK instead of once a month.

I’ve encountered several issues during this whole ordeal. I can’t be on the Pill ever again, which means I have to be extra careful (and, thankfully, my boyfriend has been great about that).  I’m currently debating my other birth control options. The Depo-Provera shot doesn’t have estrogen in it, but it still carries a slight risk for blood clots. I’m too young for an IUD, so I’m pretty much stuck with the shot or using a diaphragm or condoms.

Another issue is that I get sick… a lot. I’m prone to frequent bladder infections, colds and flu-type illnesses, and I tend to get migraines and headaches frequently.  Unfortunately, because meds affect the blood thinners, I can’t take anything. Think about trying to endure the flu without meds.  Welcome to my clotted life.

In thirteen days I will be of Coumadin and I am excited to celebrate with a salad and margaritas. Finally, I’ll be able to get back to some sort of normal life with vegetables and alcohol!  Not to mention I’ll have the tolerance of a five year old, and that is awesome.  I’m looking forward to not getting goosebumps when it’s 60 degrees outside and being able to walk around without feelings like I ran up ten flights of stairs.  I can’t wait to run into stuff and not immediately bruise, and for my veins to stop looking like I’ve been shooting up in some back alley on campus.

I can joke about the situation now having lived it, but I seriously want every single reader to know how serious a situation this is.  It can happen to anyone on birth control, especially you girls who like to light up. Whether you smoke like a chimney or you “socially” smoke (“I’m so drunk I need a cigarette”), it increases your risk for a clot.  I was lucky; had I not gone to the hospital or if I had been an hour late, I’d be dead.

Birth control has serious side effects like blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks.  Take the risks seriously and pay attention to your body!



    1. Chelsy says:

      For the girls on the pill: taking baby aspirins everyday will help lower your risks of strokes or blood clots.

      My sister was 21 and had a stroke due to birth control. It really can happen to anyone.

    2. Rose says:

      Hi, I was just wondering if you were a smoker or had any underlying medical problems prior to the blood clot. I'd really like to know just because I'm on the pill…

    3. Thanks says:

      Thanks for posting the update. Hope you feel a lot better soon!

    4. Erin says:

      It's amazing that it happens to a small percent. I was switched to a generic birth control because it was cheaper, after 3 months I was dizzy, moody, angry, always tired, my emotions were out of control I instigated fights with my partner and seriously hurt his feelings, I felt like I wanted to rip my skin off with the sharpest knife, when I didn't feel like that I felt like my skin was too tight and I was literally going insane, I cried everyday for no reason and wanted to kill myself. I ignored the warning on the pills so I could have sex, eventually after a complete melt down I was switched back to Ortho Trycline Lo, I have never felt anything like that since. Sadly my medical provider didn't take me seriously, she attributed it to me being in a bad relationship, even my partner realized I need medical attention, she thought I was making it up and said that I should be fine if I stayed on it. My partner and I have been together 3 years, we have no problems so it was not a bad relationship at home with him. Medications like this can cause serious problems blood clots are among the worst. I can't imagine what you went through, I hope you recover fully and never have any problems like this again.

    5. Margo says:

      I have an IUD (the copper one, I hate hormones) and I'm only 20. Actually, I got it when I was 19. No one is 'too young' for the IUD, although it is slightly more painful for women who have never given birth. That depends a lot on pain tolerance of course, too, and although it wasn't the most fun I've had, I wasn't crying about it either. But really, just go to a good hospital, with experienced doctors, get yourself some pain meds for the first couple days after (ibuprofen is fine, if you can't stand pain, maybe something stronger) and, voila, birth control that lasts for 10 years!

      Just want you to keep in mind all your options:)

    6. Molly says:

      I got my iud about 6 months ago, and I'm 23, no kids. I had awful cramps (tylenol 3 couldn't even dull the pain) for the first 2 months, until I started taking fish oil supplements. Sounds crazy, I know. But fish oil is proven to help reduce the pain of cramps and I KNEW when I had forgotten to take them, because the cramping started again almost immediately. If you get an iud, consider taking it. You can stop taking them after the cramping stops, too. I've been off of the supplements for like2 months.

    7. Caitlin-University o says:

      Rose- I did not have any underlying heath problems, nor was I a smoker. Now when I say that, I mean I didn't have more than 2 or 3 cigarettes a week. I did socially smoke on occasion, but my doctors told me that the amount I did would not have effected me to the point of a clot. Plus, the side effects they tell you say that it effects women over 30, not less than that. The last time I had smoked before my clot was at least 2 months prior. So no, I was not a "smoker". But I also have many friends that chain smoke and are on the pill and are fine. I'm trying to get them to quit.

      Margo-I did try to get an IUD. I was actually at my gyno a month or two ago, and it turns out I am too small. I have a very tiny frame and very tiny uterus, so she couldn't put one in.😦

      I am considering the Depo Provera shot more and more everyday. If I decide to get it, I won't for a few months probably. It's just a serious situation.

      Please stay updated with this. I'm starting an awareness fund, and I would love for everyone to be informed.

    8. Rozy says:

      @Rose "Sadly my medical provider didn’t take me seriously, she attributed it to me being in a bad relationship, even my partner realized I need medical attention, she thought I was making it up and said that I should be fine if I stayed on it."

      My medical provider dismissed me too when I told her of the severe emotional issues I suffered the first time I went on the pill, and didn't realize until AFTER I'd stopped taking them. Now I'm on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo again and I don't feel nearly as terrible. I let my body adjust to the stuff for a full three months, and I feel pretty good otherwise. I just wish providers took our mental anguishes a bit more seriously and don't just attribute them to "bad relationships" and all that.:/

      I am definitely considering getting an IUD because it just sounds so convenient, but I don't know how I'd handle the initial pain–I am a wuss. That and I've never had children yet, seems that a lot of folk discourage it otherwise…I mean, I got my first GYN exam this January and that was the most painful 2 minutes of my life. Even when the boy and I have sex (which is infrequently as he lives 600 miles away), I feel virginal every time. So I dunno how I'd handle the pain of an IUD…

    9. Rozy says:

      @Caitlin Oh yeah! Sorry for the double post. While I completely understand that different birth control varies amongst women, the only reason I shied away from Depo Provera (needlephobia aside) is because my friend got the shot once, and had to endure the godawful side effects including nausea and serious (period-like) spotting for as long as the medication was active…so if you have any problems with that, it's not as "reversible" as most other forms…just a heads up. I'm sure you've done your research.

    10. Jess says:

      It's so scary all the things that can go wrong with birth control. I had to switch birth control pills because I kept getting terrible headaches everyday and my Dr. was afraid I was going to have a stroke. Now that I switched I'm extremely tired all the time and emotional. It's better than headaches though.

      Caitlin- Thanks for doing this and updating everyone. I hope things continue to get better for you!

    11. Erin says:

      Rozy I am so relieved to hear that someone else felt dismissed by their medical provider. I think it's astonishing that they would dismiss a patient who has a serious reaction to a medication. I'm glad that you adjusted to your birth control. I hope that in the long run you find something that works even better for your lifestyle.

    12. pamela says:

      also a couple good articles on here

    13. Alexa says:

      Ask your doctor about Lea’s shield. It’s sort of like a diaphragm or cervical cap but it’s more modern and more effective. Plus, you don’t have to be specially fitted for it. (Just Google “Lea’s shield” to find out more if you have not already.) I think that in conjunction with condoms you’d be all right.

    14. pamela says:

      i’m so glad that you got through the ordeal. that’s terrible that it had to happen to you. i never had problems as serious as that on birth control, but ever since going off the pill due to personal reasons my face has broken out horribly (i never had acne before the pill), my hormones are totally out of whack, and i have developed pmdd when i never used to get pms before the pill. people don’t realize the trouble artificial hormones can cause your body. i’ve been reading up a lot on the positives and negatives of the birth control pill and in recent years there is a lot of new scary information coming up about the effects of these artificial hormones on women. birth control is relatively new if you think about it, and while yes the pill seems like a miracle it can really mess a body up. maybe not for everybody but it can happen to a lot of people. i went off birth control a year ago after being on it for 4 years and i am not the same person i used to be.

      i think you should take the advice of other people that have commented and get an IUD. with your history, you do NOT want to be injecting yourself with more articifial hormones no matter how low the dose. it’s not worth the risk. take care & good luck with everything!

    15. belle says:

      @Rose: I'm sorry you felt your medical provider tried to write you off and it certainly sounds like she didn't delve into your problem or take it seriously. But, I do think it's good she asked you about you relationships. A lot of physical problems are often caused by mental anguish and b/c of stigma this factor is often dismissed. Also, as a medical student, I know that Americans especially are prone to thinking that problems can always be solved by a medicine/pill – sometimes it's not that simple.

      Good luck to Caitlin!

    16. Caitlin-University o says:

      Pamela- I have no problem with birth control pills or shots, I actually think they are quite great. It kept me from getting pregnant for the 5 years I was taking it. It lightened my periods, made my cramps (which were the vomiting, I can't walk type) way more bearable, kept my menstrual migraines at bay, and cleared up my skin a little. I loved my pill. It's unfortunate that I got a clot from it, but I don't think women need to shy away from this method of contraception. I just want everyone to be aware of what can happen. I'm not saying down with the pill, I'm saying pay attention to your body.

      I do think there are great alternatives to the pill as well. I'm upset I can't get an IUD because it's the easiest, but I also can't change the size of my uterus. I have a diaphragm, my boyfriend uses condoms. It's not as convenient as the pill, but it works.

      Alexa- thank you for this info on Lea's shield. I've never heard of it before, but I'm going to look into it!

    17. […] We contemplated abstinence (sorta…), but only because we just do not want a baby and the birth control pill can kill us. […]

    18. Jamie Williams says:

      Hi guys,

      I recently went through almost the exact same thing, Caitlin. I started dating seriously and started on the pill in December. I went on a plane ride across the Atlantic this past February. On April 14th I started having problems breathing as I was walking a walk from my car to work like I do daily. I thought maybe it was time to start exercising again and didn’t think anything of it.

      On that Thursday – the 16th – I was drained when I woke up to get ready for work. I could barely do anything. I drove into work but ended up going back home because I could barely move my body. On Friday, the 17th I felt a LOT better and went into work. My boss, my second mother, encouraged me to call the doctor for an appointment. So I went into the doctor (I am a completely healthy person who never goes to the doctor and never gets sick). The doctor asked me to go get a CT scan JUST to ensure I had no blood clots. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous because there was NO way I would have anything that serious. I figured it was like an infection in my lungs or something.

      An hour later, the doctor called me in immediately and had me checked into the hospital immediately for blood clots throughout my lungs. I never had any leg pain, etc. This was the first I’d felt it, no warning signs and suddenly I’m hospitalized because they want to have me on Lovenox. It scared all of my friends and family and especially me. It was then that I started having the pains in my lungs and back. I was in the hospital for 4 days then released with 3 weeks of Lovenox. They determined, 98% sure it was my pill – Apri. The plane flight could have had an effect but it had been over a month and a half since the flight.

      They had found a lump in my breast in March and I was supposed to have a biopsy on it, which is why I was on Lovenox so long. They are now attributing the lump to the birth control pill as well. The Lovenox cost me $1,500 for three weeks, 2 shots a day I had to give myself. At the end they decided I wasn’t going to have the biopsy but put it off until maybe I’m off the Coumadin.

      I’ve just now, after two months, gotten to where my Coumadin level is ok. I’d like to take another birth control pill, but the only other option is Progesterone pills and I’m too afraid to do that due to everything that has gone on.

      I’m a 28 year old woman, too young for something like this to go on. I’m afraid to insert anything into my body that isn’t natural now. Had I not gone to the doctor that day I would be dead.

      Life with Coumadin is difficult, but I follow what I’m supposed to do. I’m too afraid not to. I’m hoping I’m not on it for the rest of my life.

      Just last month I heard of another friend of a friend who was on the patch and was in the ICU for a blood clot in her leg and in her lungs and was on life support to help her breath. I was lucky compared to her. She can’t breath on her own right now due to the pill.

      The other thing I have issues with is this – and if anyone has gone through this let me know.

      I’m engaged (to a fantastic guy who has not left my side for all this and has taken excellent care of me) and in a few years we want children. But the increase in hormones is what caused the blood clots and forced me on this medicine. I’ve heard that they put you on Heparin shots if you are pregnant and prone to this sort of thing – but is the Heparin shot the same as Lovenox? If you are on a shot like that for 9 months the cost can be up to 18,000 if your insurance refuses to pay for it, like mine did.

      Just be cautious, everyone. I wish there was a way to prevent this, but I’m finding more and more that it’s more and more common. My advice is to just life your life because I’ve learned during all this that it can be taken away from you in a moment. It’s nice to know that you aren’t alone though.:)

    19. NedNoD says:

      I hate HBC (hormonal birth control). I too have a copper IUD. Was on the mirena for about 5 years… lost a lot of hair, gained 40 pounds, had the psycho side effects, and couldn't figure out my X factor. It dawned on me one day and I had it removed and replaced with copper and I've never felt better. My hair's growing back, I'm loosing weight (20 pounds in 6 months so far without trying), and I feel like me again. Sure, I bleed more, big deal, get the right things and you'll be set every month (Diva cup rules btw). It didn't really hurt going in, but I do have a very high level of pain tolerance (I blame kidney stones for that, EVERYTHING that hurts on me gets compared to kidney stone pain, and is nowhere near it. Not even when I broke my foot and was walking on it).

    20. Kalene says:

      Hello all,

      It’s really helpful to see more women like myself and hear your stories. I was just released from the hospital 9 days ago after 13 days of hospitalization and hell due to the BCP Yaz I had been taking for almost a year so that I could actually have a normal menstruation cycle (I never got mine naturally). I luckily sneezed at work and must have dislodged a piece of one of the 3 blood clots later found in my brain. I say luckily since the CT scans and MRI’s showed major blockage and I could have suffered a full blown stroke in a couple more months. I was a social smoker, but as mentioned above, 2 cigarettes a week hardly could cause that much damage over the 4 months I had been social smoking.

      I had one surgery to remove some of the clots, and a second to remove the tubing and metal sheaths they used to do the first procedure (probably the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. It felt like the surgeons were ripping bones from my body). I had to be awake through both procedures “in case something went wrong.” That sure makes you feel great as they are wheeling you into surgery. The rest will hopefully be taken care of with a 6 month prescription of Warfarin.

      I feel like a drug addict now, I take so many pills and the side effects suck. I am taking Diamox for pressure reduction in my head and it makes me depressed and I have to pee ALL THE TIME and have to be religiously drinking water in order to stay hydrated. Due to the pressure, both my optic nerves are swollen and so I have double vision and cannot drive until the swelling decreases, which could be more than 6 weeks. Which also means that I have had to take a leave of absence from my job. I cry all the time, feel like a total stranger to my own body, and feel completely worthless to my family. And I have finally come to the realization that I could have died, and am now hearing about how hard this hit my family, which is depressing as hell.

      My INR levels have been all over the place, and after reading the article above, I’m readying myself for the long process of regulating.

      I am only 20 years old. I was taking the pill for strictly medical reasons. This should not have happened to me. This should not happen to anyone regardless. But more and more I am hearing of other people who have had this happen, some way more severe than I experienced. Thank you all for sharing your stories. It is so helpful, and please please please pay attention to your bodies and take the side effects of all your medications seriously!

      I would be very interested in supporting your awareness fund as well!

      Again, thank you and best wishes to all,


    21. Liz says:


      You are so very lucky to be able to go off the Coumadin. I, too, had a blood clot in my left leg (it went to my lung) in March of this year. I'm only 24. I had been on BC for going on 7 years just about. Unfortunately for me, they found that I tested positive for Factor V Leiden and a couple others factors so I will probably have to stay on Coumadin for life. Which sucks because I used to enjoy a drink now and then. But I'm lucky to be here so I guess it's a tradeoff. I'm worried about being able to find a BC option that works for me as well. I've been looking into the progestin-only BC options and the biggest thing that concerns me is that they can actually cause acne flare ups, which for me is not an option since I have very, very acne-prone skin as it is. However, I am looking into the very-low-dose BC pills since I may have to stay on Coumadin for life and I am hoping I could be dosed around them. Thankfully, my PT/INR's are easy enough to regulate. Truthfully, not being on a hormonal BC scares the crap out of me because it was always my "back-up". I hate that my boyfriend (who has been great and understanding) and I can't have enjoyable, spontaneous, worry-free, fuss-free sex anymore. I'm glad to know there are gals out there like me, but at the same time sad for us because there aren't better BC options out there for us.

    22. Liz says:

      Oh, and just to clarify… No, I didn't smoke, never have a day in my life. I was active (I used to walk to and from work every day) and I hadn't taken any trips within the six months prior to my clot. For me, it started out as a pain in my calf, almost like a charlie horse, for about a week and I didn't think anything of it. I had just started a new job and had been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off getting paperwork, etc done. The pain went away about a week later, and a week after that I woke up one morning with a dull pain in my side. I ended up going to work that morning and took a nap when I got home with a heating pad thinking I'd pulled a muscle somehow or slept funny the night before. I woke up from said nap with excruciating pain in my left side and shoulder and could barely move or breathe. I had my bf drive me to the ER to figure out what was going on. I about landed on the floor when they told me I had a clot in my lung. I stayed in the hospital for about four and a half days and it took about another week and a half for the pain to totally go away. It hurt so bad to move or to try to breathe deeply, I couldn't even sneeze it hurt so bad. And I had to sleep propped up on 2-3 pillows because it hurt so bad to lay down. It really can happen to anyone. I wish they could come up with a BC that doesn't contribute to such a serious side effect because it's so scary to experience.

    23. katie says:

      This was great to read! I just got out of the hospital, blood clot (DVT) in my leg. I was on birth control for years, the same brand and dose, and didn't smoke regularly…definitely would have a few socially though if i was drunk. Either way, woke up one day with pain in my leg. Thought I tore a muscle from running or something (i work out everyday). I spent 8 days in the hospital getting a shot in the stomach and getting regulated on coumadin. it took me a while to get to the theraputic level too since i am young (25)

      I'm in the exact same boat. Can't really drink at all for 6 months which is a big change for me. I am in the NYC area surrounded by bars and people that drink a lot. Plus I have to take it easy working out which sucks.

      no more birth control pills for me! I'm looking on the bright side though, i'll save money from not drinking! It puts a lot of other things in perspective too.

    24. Courtney says:

      I was on the Pill, but my gyno tested me for Factor 5 Leiden. Its a gene that makes it more likely for you to have blood clots. Long story short, I went off the Pill. I tried the Depo Provera shot, but it causes bone density loss and weight gain, especially for women 18-24. I'm now on Implanon- its an implant thats better than an IUD if you haven't dilated yet. Its awesome, if you're still looking for birth control options. Good luck!

    25. Caitlin-University o says:

      Wow, I am so amazed to see that so many of you have been through the same (if not worse!) ordeal that I went through. I didn't expect to see so many girls in this position. I am so glad that you all are okay and doing as well as you can.

      I've been doing a lot of research because it scares me to not be on any sort of birth control. I don't want to get the Depo-Provera shot after further research, but I've come across Progesterone only pills which are used as an alternative for women in our position. I'm going to ask my gyno what she thinks because they are very under the radar, and yet still 98% effective. They don't regulate your periods or anything, but that I can deal with.

      I wish all of you ladies well in your journey with Coumadin, and please keep me updated on your status! Stay healthy:)

    26. katie says:

      to add to my previous post and since some have mentioned it –

      my first form of BC was the depo shot. It was terrible (for me at least). I was soooo moody and depressed about NOTHING. Also, I felt like it defeats the purpose…you stop getting your period in most cases so if it happened to not work you wouldn't even know. i am paranoid and ended up doing a pregnancy test every month haha. I then moved on the Tri-Sprintec pill which was the culprit of the clot.

      I've been out of the hospital for 3 days now, and the leg pain is still there. It's very frustrating! i can walk somewhat normally again w/o a limp but when i'm just standing there, even with weight off my foot, it hurts. My doc said it'll probably go away in a week or so. here's hopin!

      I've completely come to terms with no drinking for 6 months and i'm actually happy about it. I get to put my health first and it opens up all kinds of doors, really. I won't have hungover mornings/days when i get nothing done!

      Also, a perk of no birth control…totally lost weight! probably lost all the water retention, but regardless I feel better in general…aside from the coumadin side effects and the leg pain still..

      try to be optimistic! thanks to all who are sharing their stories. At first I thought I was like the first 25 year old girl in history for this to happen to.

      Another plus from this, I will definitely be more picky with who I bring home….no alcohol and no BC, the guy will have to be very special now! haha. And when he is…condoms of course.

    27. Sue says:

      Blood clots can lead to many health complicatons including stroke and are more common among inactive and/or obese individuals.

      Blood clots are life threatening however exercise can help prevent their formation and assist in dissoving of existing clots. This fact was discovered and presented to the American Heart association in 2003 by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

      The study found that levels of an essential blood clot dissolver known as tissue type plaminogen activator (t-PA) are greatly diminished in overweight men (by as much as 30%). This reduced protection in the blood stream leads eventually to problems with blood clots.

      Walking for a period of three months for a mere 45 minutes a day, five days a week however increased the amount of t-PA in the obese participants blood by as much as 50%. The study showed that after this walking regimine the obese subjects had similar levels of t-PA in their blood to that of lean participants in the study. Read more at

    28. Ashley says:

      Hi I was wonding can you guys help me. My doctor had me taking one brand of birth control now he switch it how long should i wait before i start the new ones he gave me???

    29. DEB says:

      Got my prescription of Yaz on Friday, took it that day and for two more days and quit. I started reading reviews about Yaz and they were super frigtening. The 2nd night i could feel sensations in my body like muscles/arteries messing up maybe.

      couldn't get to sleep. Had mild chest pain/sensations. Felt my heart beat go out of sync here and there. Felt paranoid. And since I skipped yesterday I got itchy rashes on my back! Thank god for cocoa butter…

      I'm obese and fear for my health on birth control. I'm gonna get a CT Scan and check my hormone levels and cholesterol. I'm gonna get exercising again, keep getting scans and tests, and explore different brands of BC if possible.

    30. Lynn says:

      Interesting to read this. My 16 yr. old was on Yaz for acne. Severe pain which was misdiagnosed as pneumonia. Finally got a CT scan that showed significant number of blood clots (and significant size) in the lungs. Also caused damage to her lung since it went untreated for so long. I can't believe I let her suffer with that pain (but the doctors couldn't find anything). on coumadin but luckily she doesn't like green veggies and she doesn't smoke or drink.

    31. Caitlin-University o says:

      Ashley- that's really something you should talk to your doctor about. When I switched birth control pills, I was on my period so I was able to switch right away, but you should really talk to your doctor.

      DEB- Good for you for listening to your body! You know better than anyone else what feels right and what feels wrong. Good luck and stay healthy!

      Lynn- I am so glad your daughter is okay. If you or her have any questions, I am here to help. I'd be happy to help her through her journey with coumadin.

    32. Michelle says:

      Hey Caitlin,

      I know a bunch of girls have commented saying they've been through the same thing, and you can add me to that list! Reading your story felt like reading my own. I hope you are loving your Coumadin-free life – I'm off it in 10 days!

      As for the birth control, I'm going to spend some time off it (condoms w/ spermicide are as effective as BC pills), but my ob/gyn has told me that progestin-only pills are safe, although I'm a little nervous about taking hormones again.

      I hope you're coping with everything, I know I had a really hard time mentally dealing with what happened to me. I still have my days, 6 months later.

      Best of luck,


    33. Kristen says:

      I am also 18 years old and about 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my groin. They had believed there was also one in my lungs after I had been rushed to the hospital for not being able to breath but luckily they did not find one. I am going through all of the stuff that you are and I know exactly how it all feels. I am happy to know that you have gotten better it makes me realize that I will eventually too. My parents and doctors were all super shocked when they had found the clot in my leg and they are still in the middle of doing tests to determine what this is from and birth control is pretty much what they are blaming. It is super hard to cope with everything that has happened especially it being the middle of summer and I am supposed to be going away to university in September. I have been on birth control for 4 years and none of this has ever happened to me, all doctors were shocked. I'm finally off of the needles, they left my stomach with large black bruises and really not nice looking but I am glad that they are gone. I still cannot walk because of the clot and my leg being very swollen but I am happy to be off of my pain killers and only on warfarin. It's going to be a long journey for my 6 months but I am happy to see that other people have gone through the same thing and are fine.

      Hope that you are feeling better now and hopefully start to live your life normally again, I know I can't wait for that! Thank you for posting your story it made me feel a lot better about my own.


    34. Christine says:

      Be thankful that you listened to your body. I did 2.5 years ago. After being very winded doing minimal activity i went to the dr. After a few tests and a scan it turned out i had multiple blood clots (PE's) in my chest. So many that my doctor asked me if i really wanted to know "how many". Scary. The good news is that it goes away in under a year. You give yourself 12-24 shots, give blood 1/wk then 1/mo (go to an office that has the finger prick- so much easier and quick!!), ditch the green veggies for a while. After 6 months I was off the pills and have had zero dr appointments for my former clots. To this day i am completely healthy.

      My new issue is being ready to use something other than condoms and spermicide. I'm in a 3 year committed relationship and we've been using that almost the entire time. I've heard bad things about the depo shot, the IUD sounds like a pain with a potentially heavier period, and the diaphram seems like it would be more annoying than condoms.

    35. Elise says:

      I'm 22 years old and I just spent the past 5 days in the hospital with a blood clot in my thigh. This has truly been the worst experience of my life. Non-stop blood tests and getting shots in the stomach 2 times a day are awful. I had been taking birth control for the past 4 years with no problems. I was an on and off again smoker, but I haven't touched a cigarette in almost 2 years! I am thin and healthy… I never thought this could happen to me. My blood work is still pending but they think its from the BC. I'm on Lovenox and Coumadin right now. If I had known that this would happen I would have never ever gone on the pill. It was not worth it! Hopefully I can get off the Coumadin in 6 months!! I'm so happy I found this article & read these comments. There is such a lack of information online about what to actually expect AFTER this horrible incident happens. Thank you to Caitlin for writing and sharing your experience with everyone.. it has really helped!

    36. Jennifer says:

      I had never paid attention to blood clots much, being only 19 years old. But I too had a problem with blood clots. Ended up with a DVT and a few superficial clots as well. It wasn't all due to birth control, but most of it was. I was diagnosed with a genetic blood clot disorder. I haven't really heard of anyone else having this problem at such a young age, and it's nice to know that I'm not alone.. though I'm sorry anyone has to go through such an experience at a young age. Who wants to be on blood thinners, let alone when you're just starting your adult life.

      Now they just need to develop a birth control that is safe for people like us to take! My doctor told me I'm not allowed to use an IUD either, because it releases a small amount of hormones. It's really a sucky situation when you have to rely on condoms and/or diaphragms… I really think the worst part about this whole experience is, I've been told that when I ever do get pregnant, I'll have to take the Lovenox shots for 9-12 months on a daily basis to protect the baby and myself. Overall, I wish this experience on nobody else! And thanks for your story.

    37. Leslie says:


      I read your post and would like to compare stories. My 16 year old was on Yaz for three months. During that time frame, she developed tightness in her chest, some difficulty breathing. It escalated to pain in her arms and legs. Her ER visit with chest xray and EKG concluded sports asthma, to which I argued with the physician about. He sent her home with an inhaler that brought no relief. She recently had blood work, looking for lupus, thyroid issues, potassium levels, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Blood work came back negative. She has not taken Yaz for two months, but the symptoms have not ceased. This is frightening for both of us. We are chasing our tails trying to resolve this – any advice?

    38. Michelle says:

      Leslie – I happened to see your post. Tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, and pain radiating, usually in one side, to the shoulder are common symptoms of pulmonary embolism. Clearly, PE is extremely dangerous, and it would not become apparent in chest X-rays or EKGs. To rule out clots, your daughter needs to get a D-dimer blood test. An normal D-dimer rules out clots, an elevated D-dimer requires further investigation, usually a chest CT scan, or possibly a chest angiogram.

      I'm 18 and I know the ER doctors were very skeptical that I could have clots because of my age. I'm very lucky I had a doctor who decided it was worth doing the D-dimer. Chest pain and difficulty breathing are always serious symptoms – if I were you I would get right back to the doctor and rule out clots asap.

    39. Bibi says:

      Glad to hear that you're doing better!

      I've had blood clots in my right leg for 5 weeks now and i'm still in a lot of pain. It's pretty frustrating for me because (like yourself) i like to be active, go to the gym and now i can't do any of that. I'm always tired and in pain.

      I hope it'll be over soon!

      Take care and cheers for being a trooper! :)

      PS: im 28 and i still think i'm too young to have the clots :s

    40. Leslie says:

      Millions of women worldwide are exposed to the clotting risks, experience life-alterikng conditions and some die because of lack of information or not seriously evaluating the magnitude of risk. All this suffering, despite the pharma cos and medical community knowing of the disabilities and deaths.

      So let's have a dialogue on the practical ways to make young women aware all the facts and then get started!

      I'll start:

      1. stand-up card in gyn exam room with URL with facts;

      2. You know how you always look up a the ceiling in the exam chair, so a poster there with a URL

      3. dramatic photo of women with clots in ER or undergoing serious operation – with URL

      4. magnet for metal, public restroom stall doors with URL

      So what are your ideas? Let's get this going!

    41. Jess says:

      Caitlin – what pill were you on? im nervous to start mine now…

    42. Astrid says:


      About 4 months ago I fainted in the street and was brought to ICU wit lots of blood clots in my lungs. I'm 22 years old, healhty, non-smoker etc. and I am not predisposed to any blood clot conditions.

      I'm allowed to stop taking coumadin by the end of October and I am really keen on finding another contraception method than condoms. I spoke to a gyno who said that the mini-pill and Mirena should be fine, because there's no estrogen in them. However, when I google them, they advice you not to use it if you've had blood clots. The gyno said that they just write that so that people won't sue them in case they have a blood clot.

      What do you ladies think about that? Are the non-estrogen birth controls alright for us?

      And I am soooo having a green-leaf-vegetable/eneergy drink/alcohol party when I finish coumadin!

    43. Caroline says:

      Hello All,

      I just wanted to share my story as well. When I was 20 years old, I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo on January 9. The week of March 20, I had a headache every single day and I was someone who NEVER got headaches. I thought this was odd, but didn’t really think too much into it. On March 27, I woke up at about 8am with this horrible pain on my right side. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife every time I took a breath in. I immediately went to a local urgent care to get checked because I knew something was not right. The funny thing is, by the time I got to the urgent care place, the pain was gone. I explained it to the doctor and he did a physical exam and then took x-rays of my chest, but he found nothing. He asked me if I was on any medication and I told him I had just recently started taking birth control. The minute I said that he told me to go to the ER at the local hospital to get a CT scan because it could be a blood clot.
      As soon as I heard that I was a little freaked out, but he said since I was so young that it was probably something else, but just go check to be sure. When I got to the ER, they first took me to get ultrasounds of my legs because that’s where clots usually form and then they travel through the body. After the ultrasounds were done, the doctor said there was no evidence of any clots in my legs or having been in my legs. I was feeling more optimistic then, especially since the pain had not returned. Then they took me to get the CT and the nurse said “This will probably be pointless since you’re so young.” Again, I felt better.
      Well then as I was sitting in my ER room and my dad was in the hallway, I heard the doctor say to my dad “She has a clot in her lung, we’re going to have to admit her.” I have never been more terrified in my entire life. I immediately thought I was going to die and started crying and freaking out. The doctor tried to calm me down, telling me that blood clots are a very common thing that people get every day and since they caught mine before it did any permanent (or fatal) damage, I would be fine. I spent the next 5 days in the hospital getting Lovenox shots twice a day.
      After my release from the hospital, I had to be on Coumadin for 7 months. I got off the Coumadin on November 1 and my 21st birthday was November 14 (thankfully!!!). It’s been over 5 and a half years now since my experience and I have been just fine. I have to take Folgard every day for the rest of my life, which is a folic acid/B12 supplement, to help prevent anything further. I came to find out that I too (like many of you) tested positive for Factor V Leiden and that with the added levels of estrogen from the BCP, it triggered a clot.
      It is EXTREMELY important to get tested for any genetic mutation or problem that could have attributed to your clot. My dad, who is 62 and has never had any blood problems, just recently had one blood clot in his leg and two in his lungs. He tested positive for the same thing. The doctor said that it is genetic and it can cause clots in both women AND men, regardless of something like BCP to trigger it. So for all of you who have also had a clot(s), please tell your family members to get tested just to be sure. After my dad’s hospitalization, my brother got tested and found out he has it, too. So now he is also taking folgard as a precautionary measure.
      Most of you here seem to have just experienced this awful thing, so I just wanted you to know that 5 and a half years later I am doing fine. Just push through the horrible Coumadin phase and know you’ll be back to normal soon!

      P.S. I never smoked a day in my life and was very active in dance and cheerleading when I got the clot.

      Jamie Williams- In regards to your question about Lovenox and Heparin, I have researched this a lot because the older I get the more I am looking towards my future pregnancy plans. The reason women are given Heparin and not Lovenox while pregnant is because Lovenox will cross the placenta, while Heparin will not. From my limited research, it seems that it is perfectly fine to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery while on Heparin, so we should be fine! Hope that helps:)

    44. MC says:

      I'm 28, active and healthy. I just finished 21 days of birth control pills. I've never been on the pill before. About a 7 days in I started getting leg cramps. About 2 weeks in I started having chest/heart pains, trouble breathing, arm pain and numbness, neck pain, shoulder pain, and head pain. all on my left side. I followed the advice of a nurse and went to emerge, I explained everything to the doctor. I was dismissed after routine blood work. I didn't have a D-Dimer test. Two days later my symptoms became progressively worse. Head pain intensified. jaw pain, confusion, weakness, fainting. Taking the advice of my medical clinic, I went to another emergency room. I explained everything again to a doctor who said "we don't care about you, you are young and have healthy vital signs.",and that my symptoms were to broad and general. He said "I will not tell you this is because of the pill" again I was dismissed. I know something was very wrong with me. The worst may be over, I still have the same symptoms that feel very specific to me although they have lessened. I spent a week in bed as these symptoms were debilitating. From all of your post, medical advice I've received (outside of these emerge doctors)and research it would seem these are symptoms of blood clots, how can I get a CT scan or an ultrasound or both if I can't get a doctor to listen to me? Do they know something I don't. Does anyone have any suggestions.

    45. Kimberly says:

      I just want to let you all know that if you have problem with clot and one type of birth control you are likely to have problems with any type of birth control. I just found out 2 weeks ago that I have a brain full of clots I am on blood thinners, my doctor told me I would never be able to take any kind of birth control. I had the depo shot about 3 weeks before they found the clots they told me that is what caused them. I feel like I was given a death sentence, very hard to deal with and for my family. I cry every night because where the clots are it is very dangerous. I worry all the time that one will move and I will have a stroke or die. I am only 36 yrs old and a non-smoker. This was the first time I had tried the shot. Now I have awful headache all the time they never let up. I am on parnate which is an anti depressent, strong pain killers for the headaches that just take the edge off but does not take them away and blood thinners. I have to have my blood tested 2 times a week and my doctor put me off work for atleast a month then I will get another MRI if I still have clots he is not going to let me go back to work. This is having anvery neg affect on my marriage my husband is so worried about me that he doesn't know how to deal with it and I don't either, we are both afraid I will not wake up going to bed at night is the hardest time of day. It has put a strain on him because I can not be left alone he has to be in the bathroom while I take a shower I can't drive I am completly dependent on him, something he has not been use to since we have been together. I have always been an independent person now I am like a little kid that needs a baby sitter. It is hard and from what I understand I will be living this way for months.

    46. Amelia says:

      I am 20 years old. In February 2009 I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot in the lung). I was on the NuvaRing for a month! I had been on it previously for a year and had no problems. I was coumadin for awhile, but my doctor could never get my INR regulated. Gradually I stopped taking the coumadin. I have no evidence of clots (landed in the ER last week cuz I couldn't breathe) but am still having issues. I can never been on any form of birth control because of the risk, unless I use condoms. When I have kids I have to be on Lovenox shots for the pregnancy and coumadin for 8 weeks after delivery due to the increased risk of blood clots.

      Doctors have no idea why I'm having chest pain and difficulty breath and why I am having pain in my lower right leg.

      Being on Coumadin pretty much ruined my life. I couldn't take any pain relievers, not even tylenol. I was tired all the time, losing my hair and had to change my diet. And talk about freezing my butt off, I just couldn't get warm. I cut myself shaving once and landed in the doctors office because I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. My gums would bleed when I brushed my teeth and if you thought about touching me I would bruise.

      Clots are not something to joke around with. And they can pretty much destroy your life.

    47. Christie says:

      Caitlin, I could not have said it better! I was diagnosed with PE in the lungs on 7/24/09 and was scared shitless!! I'm a 32 years old non smoker with two children under age 5 and had a fear of not waking up in the mornings to see my babies for weeks after I got home from the hospital, I was mental head case! I was taking Yaz for 10 months and it turned my life upside down. I can wait for my life to get back to normal in March 2010! Thanks for your post! Take Care!

    48. Sarah says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Caitlin! I have been there, done that. Glad to hear others are writing about their situations too! Hugs!

    49. Amanda says:

      i just turned 20 and i just found out that 5 years ago when i took the depo shot i got blood clots in my led i almost died i was in the hospital for 3 weeks one of them in icu it is a very scary thing your story and others are helping me learn what it is that is going on with me i never new that green food changed my INR so much i hope buy not eating them they will get my INR regulated it is getting so hard for them to talk blood from me i am starting to pass out and getting poked 3 timed just to get one vile of blood IF ANY ONE HAS ANY MORE ADVISE OR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT EMAIL ME AT

    50. Lacy says:

      I cannot believe that so many young girls have gone through the exact same thing as me!

      when I was 18 I was checked into the ER for a PE, and about passed out when the doctor said she was surprised that I was still alive after 3 days.

      I had no idea that this many other young people have had this happen to them…it's crazy.

    51. Kami says:

      Like basically everyone above I too have had a PE… I was 21 when it happened and on February 2, 2009 I was watching my nephew with my fiance and his little brother. I went to change my nephew’s diaper and when I put him down in the living room I went to the bathroom to wash my face because I felt really dizzy. I then passed out and didn’t wake up for about 1-2 minutes. My fiance rushed me to the emergency room where they called a code blue on me… meaning that is is generally used to indicate a patient requiring immediate resuscitation, most often as the result of a cardiac arrest. As soon as that happened I had 20 doctors and nurses rush into my room and they all started poking me with needles and asking me questions.

      By the time I got into the ER I was a beautiful shade of light blue, they rushed me into CT scans and MRI’s where they found my lungs littered with blood clots, after doing so many tests they found out that it was because of my birth control (NECON). After all the people in the ER left the main doctor came into my room and gave me a main line in my neck which is a catheter into my jugular that leads into my heart where they pumped me full of medicines and other things. I have to say that was the most pain I have been in that I have experienced because I was awake and aware throughout my entire time I was in the hospital, I felt every cut he did on my neck and I was crying in pain and the doc said hang on I’m almost done…

      I hated the doc when he cut me open and didn’t even tell me but I guess it was necessary… to answer some questions no I have never smoked or consumed any form of alcohol in my life. I have played almost 20 years of sports and am very healthy, I also have no predisposition to have blood clots and am grateful to be alive.

      After being in the hospital for a week, traumatizing my whole family and my fiance I am grateful that my guy got me to the hospital in time, the doctors said if they did not rush me to the hospital I would have died. But I was put on coumadin for about a year, I was very easy to regulate and was regular before I left the hospital, I was on it for about 11 months and I am now off of it, thank goodness.

      I went to my Ob/GYN I asked her what would be the best form of bc for me would be and she said the mirena IUD. I agreed and had it put in because I do not want children for about 5 years and it wouldn’t make me form blood clots again.

      Now here I am just a year after all of that happened I am so excited to say that I finally feel amazing, I don’t have to take medications everyday, I can eat my salads, and enjoy going to places that are crowded and not worry about getting bruised or having to look like a human pin cushion or a drug addict.

      I am so grateful that I didn’t have to go through all of this alone and to hear everyone’s stories I feel so much better knowing that others like myself who are young and active have had this problem

    52. Lauren says:

      Hello everyone- I am so sorry to hear that you have all been through such traumatic experiences. It makes me feel bad for complaining and agonizing over mine. I just turned 29 (fit, healthy, non-smoker) and I have been on birth control pills for going on 11 years. I never had any problems with them. In the last few years I was switched to a new pill with a slightly higher estrogen level (Trivora) because I was getting ovarian cysts on the real low dose one (Allesse). A few weeks ago I started getting shortness of breath walking to and from work. I was tired and weak and had some minor chest pains and couldn't figure out why. About a week after that I started with the leg pains which became progressively more severe until one day after work I came home and literally collapsed on the bed. When I looked at my leg it was literally swollen to twice the size of the other one and purple! A visit to the ER confirmed I had multiple clots in my left leg and two medium sized clots in my lungs. I am currently taking the warfarin which has made me sooo tired and out of it. I feel like I have the flu! Does this stuff make anyone else feel worse than they did before they were on it? Anyway I had a million blood tests done for genetic factors and cancer antigens and so far all negative (still waiting for a few more). The doctors are making me so nervous about an underlying cancer b/c my mom had breast cancer. They keep searching for a cause other than birth control pills like they can't believe the pills alone caused this. I am so tired of people asking me how I got blood clots at such a young age. They tell me how rare it is to be a non smoker so young and get this from birth control. I am so petrified of having cancer and am in constant anxiety over these tests results. Has anyone gone through anything similar with this type of testing?

    53. Crystal Zynda says:

      I am 20 years old and currently in the hospital for blood clots in my lungs. I was admitted over a week ago and hopefully getting released within the next few days. I was coughing up blood and having chest pains, which is what brought me into the ER. After having a CT scan, it was discovered that over 50% of my left lung was clotted and deteriorating due to lack of oxygen. Yes, I WAS on birth control and yes I WAS a smoker. Both of these which I cannot partake in ever again in my life. I never thought that those commercials talking about potential blood clots from birth control would ever happen to me, but they did. I mean come on, I'm only 20!! I have no idea what is in store for me for the numerous months ahead of me on coumadin, but I guess I'll find out. What I really want to say is, blood clots CAN happen to you and please please please use caution!

    54. Tabitha says:

      I am 20 years old and have the same problem. I no longer can take birth control either. My Inr levels are never stable. I got my clot in December of 2009.I am hoping to get off wafarin June of 2010. It has been a pain😦. I also got an IVC filter which will be removed this summer. I am hoping that after all this I can do what I used to.:( I miss not worrying about how hard I fell or bummed my leg haha and playing sports with my lil brother.😦

    55. Angela says:

      I am on Coumadin for the rest of my life, and have been since i was 18. I am 24 now, and had a baby last year. Because Coumadin is not always safe when you are pregnant, I had to give myself Warfarin injections every single day in my tummy, for 11 months.

      I would like to get an IUD now, but my doctor is being weird about giving me one… so condoms it is for me and my husband.

      If anyone has any advise on life long coumadin and IUDs, let me know!

      I am enjoying reading all of your posts.

    56. Jessica says:

      I also had to same exact experience about 3 years ago, it definatly is not a fun experience to have. I was really close to dying my clot went to my lungs and I didnt even know it. I was getting ready for work one morning and in the shower I started to feel really dizzy and then I started breathing really fast, I sat down for a minute and it finally stopped and I could breath properly. I went to the ER and they did a scan and found the clot behing my knee and also that I had blood particles in my lungs, I am so lucky to be alive today. Thank god that I am because I have a now 8 year old son that I needed to be here for.

      Thank you for telling your story, women really need to know that these things really do happen! I know I never thought it would happen to me, but it did!!

    57. Catie says:

      Hello, I was on depo and it made me sick, so I was then put on trinessa and has a period for 2 months straight, so then we tried monessa and things seemed to go very well. until feb 9th of this year. i was having sharp pains in my side and went to the hospital. they found several small clots in my lungs (a pulmonary embolism) I was instantly started on the lovenox shots and coumadin. I was in the hospital for about 2 weeks. on iv pain meds because of the pain of something as little as breathing was enough to make me cry. now..yes I did smoke, and yes I am overweight. which my doctor knew all of the above when putting me on the pills. and kept telling me that they usually only see any real bad side effects in women over 30 and I should be fine. well..I wasnt. it was horrible I had 2 ct scans done and in the process found that I also have 2 masses growing on my thyroid and they are worried its thyroid cancer so I’m currently off the coumadin for a week to have a biopsy dont this friday, april the 9th. but other then that they look for me to be on the coumadin for at the very least 6 months. but as for the birth control My doctor made it very clear the the only birthcontrol still open for me was condowns..spermaside and IUD. I went for the IUD feeling like a moron and wishing I had did it years ago. I got the paraguard yes its the copper one. having it put it wasnt fun but it wasnt any worse then a normal pap..nothing like that is ever something you WANT to do. I do have slight cramps at weird time..sometimes during sex but it beats the hell out of a blood clot. all I can say is for anyone going threw this know that there is a silver lining. the fact that they caught it means you’re one of the lucky ones. too many women have and will die from this and its not as uncommon as people would like you to believe. it you are considering ANY birthcontorl doing see something on tv that looks easy and just go with it. if you’re reading this you obviously have a computer so do your research and know that whenever possible for you to get one that as much as it sucks to have one put in an IUD IS the safest contraceptive due to its lack of all the hormones the others carry. but like I said look up all the different kinds that you are thinking about being placed on..good and bad and dont just look at all the pros and think that the bad things wont happen to you because they ALL different types of women. I think this forum makes that rather obvious.

    58. Ashley B says:

      Hello everyone,
      I also had a Pulmonary embolism. I’m 26 years old, active, never smoked a day in my life, but I was on birth control for 10 years. I also sprained my ankle Dec 18th/09 and started having sympotms Dec 30th/09. For Two months I had these sympotoms of dizzyness, heart palpatations, high blood pressure spikes eventually, started having chest pain and shortness of breath. I remember one time walking up the stairs in my house and saying to my roomate “I should not be this out of breath walking up 10 stairs”!! I was 9 days in the hospital getting fragmine shots and warfirn. The thing that frustrated me the most is the fact that I had this embolism in my body for also two months before someone took me seriously. I went to the emerg at least six to eight times in the two month period and every doctor said, your having panic attacks, its beacuse u drank an energy drink, you just have high blood pressure, you have chest pain from the gym!!. Even had my GP send me to emerg to tell them to check me for a Deep vein Thrombosis and all the doctor did was measure and look at my legs!! No ultrsound, nothing. My vital signs were perfect except when I would have an “attack”. I was very persistant and asked each doctor am I going to have a heart attack and or stroke, and every doctor said I wouldnt send you home if I thought you had something seriously wrong with you!! Mean while I was a ticking time bomb. All becasue I looked perfectly healthy and had no prior health issues. I am a massage therapist and know the differnce of muscle pain and a pain thats not suppose to be there. So all I can say is be persitant!!!!!! If I didnt keep going to emerg and then my Family doctor I would be dead right now! Don’t let doctors take you for granted jus because you look healthy on the outside. You know your own body and like me I knew there was something wrong!! I didnt get chest pain until about one month in to these weird symptoms and even then the chest pain was never very painful, just more uncomfortable. Also had no symptoms in my legs besides my sprained ankle which could have masked my sympotoms who knows. So please i know its a pain to sit in emerg or at the doctors office for hours but its worth it. Life is so precious and I want to live for many many more years yet!! Good luck to you all and remember NEVER GIVE UP, ONLY YOU CAN LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF!!! xoxo

      P.S. my GP finally called me one day and said ashley I have a bad feeling about this chest pain your having and sent me for a CT scan the next morning and two hours later I was in the emerg. Thank god she came to her senses!!!

    59. Scared Mom says:

      I'm reading through these comments and I am just stunned. I am so sorry for all you have been through. I'm here because I've been wondering if this is a common problem. My daughter was hospitalized with multiple blood clots in her brain. She's home now and going through the warfarin pills and frequent INR checks. She had no risk factors. Never smoked, drank, did drugs. She is only 16 years old. Just a few months ago, we heard about one of her former classmates who died because of a PE. She was also 16. This should not be happening. There is something wrong with the BCPs they're selling. There has to be. Many years ago I took BCP's. Back then the dosage of estrogen was higher than it is today because they didn't know enough about what would work and what wouldn't. I was a walking risk factor. I smoked, drank, and rarely exercised, and I never had a single problem. All of my friends were on BCP's, practically every woman I knew and I never, ever heard of anybody having a blod clot. Now it seems as commonplace as a headache.

    60. jane says:

      hey there. I'm looking at a small clot in my arm right now, that I'm sure was caused by the progesterone only birth control i've been on while I breastfeed. I'm 22 years old, and planning to call my doctor in the morning. (it is very small, superficial, luckily) I stopped taking the pills and I order a speculum from this site

      I'm going to do Natural Family Planning which I thought I'd tell you about. Its really effective for a lot of women. It does require you to check up on and monitor yourself but i'm excited. It feels like a privilege to have a vagina to examine, and the cervix is really interesting. anyway not to weird you out, but its almost never discussed as an option. Probably because who could make money from it?

    61. Becs Mum says:

      Hi Everyone

      My daughter was 17 when she collapsed playing netball. She was rushed to emergency where she was incoherent. Drs assumed she had taken drugs. She was in her final year at school and was getting excellent grades and was a very well behaved daughter and student. Eventually she was flown five hours away to a large hospital where eventually after an MRI they found she had clots to both sides of the brain (stroke)which also indicated that their was underlying heart problem (hole). She also had multiple PE (clots in the lungs)
      She spent 4 weeks in hospital where she had an op to close the hole near the aorta before she was allowed to come home she could not go back to school for months after as she had some rehabilitation. She had to resit her final year again. We soon found out that she had a Pro Thrombin Gene Mutation (similar to Factor v)and the stroke was caused by the birth control pill. She was on blood thinners for quite a while but was given the option to stay on it for life or have a go going off them which she opted for. At first it was nerve racking and any sign of any pain in the leg she would have an ultrasound. Eventually she went off to University but within a couple of months I could see she was pregnant but she kept denying it (she was still getting periods)I was very concerned as I knew that any pregnancy she would have to be closely monitored. Eventually I managed to drag her off to a wonderfull doctor who got her to realise she was indeed pregnant. She was then given daily injections of clexane(blood thinners) and monitored very closely she gave birth 6 weeks later(university was deferred)she deliverd a healthy baby girl and came back to live with us for nearly two years. Now her daughter has just turned three and she went back to University last year to become a radiographer/sonographer. She is raising the little girl on her own and as she lives on her own 3 hours away from us we ring every morning to make sure she is ok (there is always the fear that she could have another stroke)….I know have a fifteen year old daughter who carries the same gene mutation as do I which we have only found out after our ordeal. I know have to educate her on birth control as she cannot go on the pill either. My son tested negative to the gene but my father has the gene.
      The only sign my daughter had before the stroke was two very severe headaches over a period of two weeks. We didnt take much notice as there is a strong family history of migraines which I suffer and my daughter had started to suffer with over the last couple of years.

      Just want to let you know that you have to keep going on with life and not let the hiccups along the way stop you from achieving what you want.

    62. roberta says:

      my daughter is only 14 she was on the birth control pill kariva 21 days. the only symptom she had of her blood clot was a severe headache. she spent 25 days in the arkansas childrens hospital with 6 of those being in icu. she has had 8 seizures a stroke and has 2 bleeds on the left side of her brain in addition to the blood clot in her brain. she is currently taking coumadin, levels are up and down also on anti seizure meds. this has been the most horrible nightmare and it is not over yet. we were told she will be at a 10 time greater risk of having miscarriages also can never take birth control. her life has been altered and as stated earlier this should never be allowed to happen to young girls.we are just 1 month out of our discovery so long way to go hardest part right now is managing the coumadin.

    63. Key says:

      I'd just like to point out that you said you were prone to migraines and headaches – that is risk factor for developing blood clots.

      I'm about to start birth control in a few days, but I was researching trying to figure out the risks. Everywhere I look it says that the chances are small for blood clots related to birth control, about 1 or 2 in 100,000. If this many people have had this problem on this same website, maybe the stats are outdated.

      I'm a bit afraid. I have an anxiety disorder, so now I'm having panic attacks about taking the pill because I'm afraid of blood clots.

    64. Key says:

      Sorry, typo in my first post. Meant 10,000 not 100,000

    65. […] Also of note–be sure to never smoke while on any birth control pill. It’s very dangerous for your heart and overall health. […]

    66. Shauna says:

      I just recently had a friend experience blood clots due to the patch. Her symptons began with respitory issues. She went to the doctor and was immediately rushed into the ICU. She has blood clots in her lungs and is on blood thinners. She is very lucky.

      I have another friend who was on Yaz and had a blood clot drop into her foot. Thank goodness it didn't hit her hear. Unfortunatley, she had to have her toes amputated because the clot killed her nerves. He symptons began with her leg going numb.

    67. Bray says:

      I started ortho tri clyclen lo when I was 18 for the typical BC reasons… shorter periods, better skin, bigger boobs and of course– no baby! However within a year I was in and out of the hospital non stop, after nearly 2 weeks of ER visits and "You don't have any broken bones in your leg, we need to run more test"s.. I saw a specialist who told me I had a DVT. SCARY! I spent nearly 2 years in the hospital off and on, countless tests and pills not to mention the shot I was giving myself EVERY DAY into my lower abdomen. Before all of this happened I was 5'9 and 105lbs. After, I was still 5'9 — and 80lbs! YUCK! Not to mention injecting a large needle into your non existent stomach is not pleasant.

      I am now 23. I have been a paranoid female when it comes to being sexually active due to my lack of ability to be on BC. As of last week I saw the doctor and have started taking ortho micronor. (an estrogen free BC) I'm extremely nervous but I've been assured that this form can't cause clots. Just like any other woman, I'm scared I'm going to gain a gazillion pounds, lose my hair, or have spotting all the time.. but it's better then another trip to the ER. Who knows– maybe I'll luck out and not have any mood swings or issues! Regardless, I'm not ready to have a baby, so I'm willing to give this a try.

      So girls be AWARE!

      – if you have sore muscles

      – you're tired

      – have any swelling

      – of just feel generally tight, like you need to stretch

      keep a look out, blood clots creep up on you, EVEN WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG and are extremely dangerous.

      Best of luck-

    68. Jaydee says:

      Same thing happened to me from the pill. When I decided to get pregnant it all came back and I had to inject heprin three times a day in my leg. The second pregnancy I went blind whila a clot passed through my head and applied pressure to my optic nerve. Now, years later I have had 2 more boughts of Phlebitis (clots in my leg) and that one leg swells a lot. Truly not worth the pill. Not only that but they have told my daughter that because of my history she is at a higher risk as well.

      This may sound sexist but if men got pregnant do you think they would have something better to postpone pregnancy without risking their lives?

    69. bgalleg4 says:

      What were some of the symptoms you all had before having a clot? I went to the ER a couple of weeks ago with shortness of breath and chest pain. I was released saying that it was only chest wall pain. Then a week later I began to have leg pain. I went back to the ER and was told that my D-dimer was elevated and they did a CT Scan on me. It was negative and I was released. I have continued to have severe leg pain, shortness of breath, and chest pain. I have had a doppler ultrasound done, which was negative on my right leg. I have been on bc pills for about 4 years. I stopped taking them during this. I recently have gotten more short of breath than usual. I do not know if I should go back to the ER or what I should do? Any advice would help me!

    70. Candice Johnston says:

      So many young females with blood clots. Saddens my heart. About 2 months ago I woke up with a sore right shoulder. I just assumed I slept on it wrong during the night. Over the next week the pain escalated into my back. And eventually I began having immobilizing pain in my side. Like someone was stabbing me. I went to the ER and they did a chest x-ray. Nothing showed up so the Doc diagnosed me with pleurisy. The pain was excruciating. Went to the doc 3 days later and he gave me steroids and Vicodin for pain. One week later and I still wasn’t better. I was in such pain for 3 weeks.

      Our family vacation was coming up and we decided to go in spite of my pain. 3 days after arriving to our condo I woke up with my left leg in extreme pain. Went down to the beach and my leg started swelling and I started panicking. I knew it was a blood clot. I am 27 and have been on BC for 7 years with no problems until now.

      I got to the ER and they did an ultrasound on my leg that confirmed I had a blood clots. Being as that I had been diagnosed with pleurisy they did a CT of my lung and found a blood clot there as well. They admitted me into the hospital and informed me that I had blood clots running the entire length of my left leg, in my groin, butt, back, and lung. They went in and vaccumed out as much of the clots in my leg as they could and deteremined that I had MAY THURNER SYNDROME. Where the illiac artery compresses on the illiac vein. Mine had collapsed and wasn’t allowing the blood to flow. They said the combination of birth control, pregnancies, and such had weakened the vein. They put a stent in to open the vein and a filter protect my heart and brain from blood clots that might break off and travel north.

      I am now on coumadin for 6 months and wearing TED hose every day except at night while sleeping. Been 3 weeks since we were discharged from hospital and my leg is still swelling. I am getting better day by day though.

      The mind game is what is tearing me up! Every little pain and my mind starts whirling thinking and analyzing what is wrong with me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Xray vision to see what is going on inside our bodies!!!:)

      I praise God that I have my life and His hand that has been upon me throughout this whole experience. I am believing in HIM for my complete healing and restoration and I hope that any of you that are still dealing with blood clots or symptoms will seek God for peace, healing, and wisdom.

      I will never take birth control again. It isn’t worth the risk.

    71. Cassandra says:

      I am 27 and I was just diagnosed with pulmonary embolism (blood clots in my lungs)due to taking the birth control pill. I am getting blood work every day and have to give myself shots in the stomach. It is aweful!!! I wish i would have realized the risks more. This has changed my life dramatically and i am telling everyone i know the consequences taking birth control can have.

    72. […] STDs, viruses, and unwanted pregnancy.  It happened to CollegeCandy writer Caitlin; she got a life threatening blood clot from birth control. She had heard that blood clots were possible on the pill, but she (and most of us) was made to […]

    73. Joy Marie says:

      I just came across this blog, and my jaw absolutely hit the floor!! I am 28 years old. Three days ago, I was diagnosed with a DVT (blood clot) in my left leg, behind my swollen knee. Never have I been more scared for my life!

      My story:

      In February, I found myself in the ER with a ruptured Ovarian cyst. They gave me a pelvic ultrasound and pain meds, then suggested I see my GYN. I did. My GYN put me on the birth control pill, Tri-Sprintec, to keep me from ovulating and possibly forming another cyst.

      Months after being on the pill, I still had ‘episodes’ of feeling ill. Thankfully, I quit smoking cigarettes in December of 2009, so I ruled out that added health risk. What I never took into account was that my father’s issue with blood clots (he’s had 3 now in his left leg) would affect me.

      Now, thinking back, I had warning signs in mid-September. Before a family vacation, I was experiencing mysterious swelling in my left ankle and foot, despite having suffered no injury. I dismissed it. Just two weeks ago, on October 11th, I woke up and realized I couldn’t walk on my left foot. The swelling was back…and far worse! Three days later, the painful and debilitating swelling in my left knee started. I was forced to use the aide of crutches just to walk. I was completely puzzled! Having no health insurance, I dismissed a trip to the doctor.

      A week later, I absolutely broke down and made an appointment with a local family doctor. My leg wasn’t improving. This decision to seek medical attention saved my life!!! At first the doctor ruled my leg problem as a bad sprain. It was only after telling him about my father’s DVTs, and myself requesting a doppler ultrasound, that he took me seriously. The ultrasound showed a clot behind the swollen knee.

      Wednesday, October 20th, I started treatment. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my 28 years…even worse than the ruptured cyst that put me on the BCP!! I’m basically on bed rest with a useless leg. I’m injecting two shots of Lovenox into my stomach daily and taking Coumadin now. Every other day I have blood taken at the hospital lab! My body is full of bruises, and I get tired very easily! I’m having to change my diet and completely cutting out alcohol (which is hard on college football Saturdays)! Also, I’m engaged to be married, and it doesn’t make me happy to know that I will never be able to take birth control pills again. Thanks for nothing, Tri-Sprintec!

      I’m unsure how long my recovery will last at this point. I have faith that I am young and will bounce back eventually. I HATE to read of this affecting so many other otherwise healthy women in their 20’s..but I feel better knowing that I am not alone! Women need to take this seriously and above all else, listen to their bodies! It CAN save your life!

      When I go back to the doctor on Tuesday, I will ask about being tested for the Factor V Leiden. I also am thinking about asking for a CT scan to make sure there aren’t other clots, besides the one in my left leg. Pulmonary Embolisms terrify me, and I won’t lie about having had random chest pain in the past few months! Ladies, after completing treatment or being on Coumadin/Lovenox for a while, did you ever get a follow-up ultrasound and/or CT scan? Should I expect to?

    74. britt says:

      what about weed? worse or better than cigs? I dont even take birth control. I just have a high level of estrogen from genes, but this article still caught my attention and im sorry for your ordeal =

    75. Nevaeh says:

      Im So Happy And Feel So Much Better To Know That im Not Alone August.2010 i Found Out

      That I Had Blood Clots in My Lungs From Birth Control I Was Terrified,I Paniced And Cryed

      My Symptoms Was Shortess Of Breath And Leg Pain Im 18yrs Old And Have a 8month Old

      Baby I had to stay in the Hospital for a week and 3days out of that week i was in icu and it hurted me tand Broke My Heart Not To Be

      With My Lil One Im Takin 5mg Of Coumadin a day ill Be Off Soon Thanks To Everyone Who

      Shared There Story ,it was the Worst Thing That

      Ever Happend To Me,i was a very healthy person (No Smoker&No Drinker) But I also

      Learned a lot From My Experience Never thinking Nothing

      Like This Could Happen To Me, But it Could Happen To anyone

      No More BC For Me! May God Bless U All:)

    76. mia says:

      I have felt so alone these last few days until i read this. i was just relseaed today from the hospital after finding out i had a massive bilateral clot in both legs and my hips from what i have been told(still trying to get my time line together) i had 3 days of surgeries to remove this monster clot so thankfull i am alive it is hard to be a 25 yr old girl being told that due to the bc you take u now have a huge clot that can kill u. PPL ask ur docs about new meds if something dont sound right dont get it always look at side effects and do some research of ur own online on new meds it may save ur life

    77. sabrina says:

      this happened to me when i was 15. i have severe endometriosis so i have to be on hormones to keep it at bay so i took ortho-tricyclen LO and immediatly it gave me chest pains, irregular heartbeats, and shortness of breath but i thought it was "normal" and i continued to take it for 3 months. i stopped and switched to a lower dose lutera and had NO issues for 1 year then thats when i clots came. horrible leg pains that ached nonstop. i stopped the pills immediatly and it took about 3 weeks for the symtpom to go away. i seen my doctor and he told me i was getting clots thorughout my body! so it can happen to anyone. i am now 19 and not on anything becuase EVERY homone ive taken,(estrogen pills, combined, progesternone only, mirena, depo provera) all have BAD BAD BAD side effects… i guess i cant take anything😦

    78. destaney says:

      Hannah im dealing with the same thing you are dealin with. i was diagnosed with blood clots april of 2010. im only 18 but was 17 at the time. its a hard thing to go through. my mom was the only one their for me. i felt alone and felt since i was taking birth control i was helping myself but i didnt realize that i wasnt helpin myself but i was harming myself. but i guess what i'm trying to say is i felt alone thought i was the only one out their with this. and i feel very selfconcious about my legs since i have clots. if ya could get back to me. please and thank you.

    79. tatiana says:

      sorry but this just pisses me off. i see why you're complaining and why u hate it so much, but some people have it wayyyy worse than you.
      1) you were able to experience being 21 and celebrating that with all ur friends before you went on the pill. i did not.
      2) you eat meat, so your food options are much greater than someone like me who is a vegetarian and therefore the only food i can eat now basically is bread.
      3) you just got it from being on the pill. i injured my knee and got it as a result of being put on bed rest for that. so you can still go out and do normal things (minus the alcohol). some people can't walk.
      the list can go on. your life is still relatively normal, just with a few nuisances here and there. appreciate it. some ppl have no life at all as a result of these damn pills.

    80. Jasmine says:

      This almost identical to how I feel the same thing happened to me and I thought I was the only one!! It is a blessing that we lived through it

    81. Jess says:

      Thankyou for posting this.

      I suffer with severe period pain and a blood clot formed as a result of taking the birth control pill to keep my pain at bay. I've been very wary of birth control medication since.

      This just put my mind at rest! Thanks!

    82. jay23 says:

      for the women who had the pulmonary embolism experience, i severed with the same thing. The only thing was, my doctor said I can never take oral conceptions again but use different forms of birth control. a blood clot was 2 nerves away from my brain but now that i'm on warfin and feeling a million percent better. i wanna live a normal and remain sexual active with my bf and remain safe with it.

    83. […] Birth control gave me blood clots – College Candy […]

    84. Jenn says:

      Thanks for sharing your harrowing experience. I am 40 yrs of age and I am a smoker (still trying to quit) and was taking Yaz bc for a month or two and then switched to Ortho Tricyclen. I don't know if it was the Yaz that increased my risk or both and just being my age and smoking. I didn't take baby aspirin everyday but frequently (prob 3 times a week at least) took Excedrin for headeaches. They were the average headache and not really strong. However over Memorial Day weekend this year, the headache started and it was only on one side of my head. Now, I was not someone who dealt with migraines throughout my life but I wrote this one off as a cluster headache..even though I had never had one, I knew they were on normally on one side. But the pain just kept intensifying and felt as if someone was running an ice pick through my head and trying to break through my skull on that one side. I was vomiting from everything I put in my mouth, if I did sleep I woke up with the blinding pain and the last day I had an episode of feeling numbness and tingling on that one side. It was as if I could draw a line straight down the top of my head, across the bridge of my nose and down to my chin. I went to an urgent care center, operated by the hospital since my GP would not take me (it was a Friday to make matters worse). The urgent care center Dr. prescribed a migraine medication and phenegran. Upon arriving at the pharmacy I was told that the migraine med was no longer on the market. Husband comes home from work and calls the Dr. back, to which the nurse tells him that a new Dr. is now in the office and advises me to take Tylenol. I was LIVID to say the least. I took the phenegran and slept for a few hours. I woke up with the headache again, not pulsing as strong but still hurting. By this time, I had learned to deal with the some of the pain. But at bedtime, I could take no more and went to the E.R. With the exception of the run and totally obnoxious intake person, the Dr. and nurse were awesome. They didn't order any tests, but did look in my eyes and gave me migraine meds which took the edge off. I went home in the wee hours of the morning. The next day, Memorial Day, the pain started coming back and off I went to urgent care again and it was the same freak that prescribed the wrong meds. They gave me a shot of Nubain and I went home and slept all night. The next day the pain was nearly gone but I did get to see my GP whom ordered an MRI. After the results came back my GP, himself called me to say the radiologist spotted an abnormality and while it may not be anything, he still wanted me to see a neurologist. I ended up seeing the most respected neurologist in our area (by luck) and after discussing the images with the radiologist herself she said there were 2 blood clots in my brain. Now this visit to the neurologist was almost a full month after the headache. One of the blood clots had started to dissolve and another was still there!! I was walking around with this clot for almost a month and have lived to tell about it! She immediately ordered a CT scan and I left her office to have it done. Unfortunately the clot was still there and she admitted me to the hospital where I was placed on a heparin drip, oral coumadin, and baby aspirin. I was there for 4 days.

      What is really weird about this and a lot of people don't think about is that when I was admitted to the hospital, I WAS NOT IN PAIN. My advice, don't EVER think that just because your not experience symptoms that all is well. I am now taking Coumadin and have about 2 1/2 mths left to go. I know too well how it feels to be poked every six hours, in addition to IVs being stuck in various places on your arms. I left the hospital looking like someone had taken a bat to my arms!!

      I know that a lot of people want to blame everything on smoking and yes it does cause a lot of problems, but IT IS NOT ALWAYS the main factor in illnesses. As I've read here and other places, it happens to young, old, smokers and non-smokers. More than likely it's a genetic predisposition. Regardless, I'm sooo very thankful to be alive and loved. I'm still having problems with sleepiness, but have to talk to my neurologist about that to see if it's related to this in any way. I had extreme sleepiness a year before all of this happened (which was also before the birth control) and wonder sometimes if it wasn't starting to develop then.

      It's not good to hear others stories of suffering, but it is good to know that you're not alone. God bless everyone.

    85. Amanda says:

      I feel the same way! I was diagnosed with a clot in my brain three weeks ago from birth control. Everything that birth control says claims that it is rare. It obviously isn't that rare!

    86. Lisa says:

      Last Tuesday, I drove back from NYC to WV with my husband – a 5 hour drive. I'm fairly certain that we didn't go for more than 3 hrs without stopping. That night, I gave a lecture to my students (I'm a professor) and was very out of breath – so weird. Also, my right calf had started hurting. My foot had been hurting for a month or so from wearing flip flops, so I thought that the pain had just moved into my calf muscle from over-compensating my foot pain, or from driving a long distance.

      The leg pain and breathing problems (when lecturing and when walking to/from work) continued. Saturday I did some internet research and came up with DVT/PE and my dad, who has a background in medicine, said that with those symptoms (leg pain, breathing issues), I should go to the ER. I went the next morning, this past Sunday. They said I was very low risk (no smoking, family history of blood clots, 37 yrs old) I had no lung pain, no coughing, no discoloration or swelling of my leg… they weren't expecting to find anything. The ultrasound of my leg showed no clots. The intern came in and said that my leg had no clots – and he was going to go look at my CT scan. My husband and I were planning where we were going to go eat lunch after the visit. Then, the guy came back and said "well, unfortunately, there are clusters of small blood clots and a bigger clot in your lungs. We need to treat those – Is it okay if we admit you?" I was pretty shocked – and so I responded, "wait, what? You want me to stay?" Very surreal experience. I'm healthy. I'm overweight, but have always been very healthy. I haven't smoked in 6 years, I'm vegetarian so I have great cholesterol levels, perfect blood pressure. This came as a real shock. Nobody talked at all about this being a result (possibly) of me using Nuvaring.

      I spent the night there, with lots of blood tests, Heparin IV and then they started Lovenox and Coumadin. They kept listening to my lungs and they were clear, which is great. I went home on Monday. I STILL had the leg pain and I asked if it was possible that the machine didn't see a leg clot and the Dr. said no. (of course)

      Magically, overnight (Monday) the leg pain went away. I know there was a clot. It went away with the drugs. I am going to tell my Dr. about this, but I don't think he'll believe that there actually was still a clot in my leg. We'll see. I've also been hypersensitive about every little thing that my body is doing – leg cramps, chest flutter/squeeze etc. I can't wait until this obsession goes away. That's the good thing about going back to work. More OTHER things to focus on.

      Anyway, I've been doing the Lovenox shots and Coumadin since Sunday and aside from them making me feel like crap, I feel okay. I've been back to work since yesterday (Wednesday), and giving my students PSAs about blood clots and birth control. I would have NEVER imagined that this could happen to ME, and with all of the scary stuff I've read online since Saturday about blood clots, blood thinners, and all of the complications, I've been freaked out but trying to stay positive. It's hard to know what is legitimate and what is over-reacting.

    87. […] these days. Some of you may remember my issues with the birth control pill, Yaz. After surviving a pulmonary embolism, I can now consider myself relatively healthy although doctors are not sure if I will have more […]

    88. […] these days. Some of you may remember my issues with the birth control pill, Yaz. After surviving a pulmonary embolism, I can now consider myself relatively healthy although doctors are not sure if I will have more […]

    89. Jen says:

      I am 37 and, over 5 months ago, I started having really bad headaches and double vision. As I was seeing my GP and he was running blood tests all symptoms got much worse. I ended up going to a neurologist over 3 months ago…. after 4 mri’s, 2 spinal taps, 1 CT Venogram and dozens of blood tests they have found a blood clot in my brain; however, for some reason they feel that “treatment” is to simply take me off of my bc pills (orthocyclen). They believe that it will dissolve itself within 2-3 months… not sure how I feel about this. I am nervous that I am not on a blood thinner bc it seems that every case that I have read about has been treated with blood thinners. I am uninsured and having to pay for all of this myself, which may be one reason why? However, I would much rather be in medical debt than take a chance of death or paralysis, etc. Also, they have not given me any restrictions or parameters to stay within…. any thoughts?

    90. Jen says:

      Also, forgot to post on my previous post, that they have had me on Diamox for 2 months beecause the cerebral fluid hasn't been draining, so I've had intracranial pressure pretty severely….

    91. Mary Stewart says:

      Just saw this post. This is why many elders discouraging not to use any kinds of birth control. But then due to lack of financial income, we cannot blame other couple agreed to use contraceptives.

      1. I don’t discourage the use of birth control at all. It’s more about being safe and learning about what kind of medication you’re taking, birth control or not.

    92. Ashley says:

      I completely feel for you I went through the same thing when I was 14 it’s pretty scary and when it comes to alternative birth control is hard bc your scared to try a pill again bc the chance of it happening again but all you really have as an option after that is condoms And diaphragms I was just offered the “mini pill” honestly don’t know what road I should take its not just me I have to think about I have 2 young children a husband and two loving parents that I don’t want to put through this ordeal.

    93. Carrie says:

      This article has def helped me realize that im not the only one. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for 4 months. The past month and half Ive had charlie horses in my right leg almost every night. I went to a primary care doctor (who i might add is a piece of crap) I told him he sent me away with doing blood work, come back in a week for results. I go back and he says well all your blood work is normal, no charge for visit. I was like well something is wrong I know my body. He says well there is an elevated level in your blood tests but that means there is an infection somewhere in your body. But dont know where. I was like umm ok.. he still sent me on my way (that was a tuesday) On thursday I couldnt walk.. I went to the ER they found a DVT in my right leg and admitted me into the hospital. Put me on lovenox and warfin. They kept me one night because I lack insurance since no companies or the govt want to help single ppl carry insurance. So i had to go home and shoot myself with the lovenox which I have a big fear of needles. So it was my life or give myself the shot.. Since then my stomach looks like i got beat up. then the past 3 days I have a rash on top of every bruise and they itch so bad… My leg still is in some pain. I have had my INR checked it is steady at 2.4 which I guess is good.. I hate that I can not eat green veggies, since I love them. I am hopeful that this will be over soon I hope… I do have PCOS which is why I was on birth control.. It seems I cant win for losing… Thank you for allowing me to post and read this article. It has helped me alot in thinking that this DVT is hopeful to go away and that I caught it before it was too late..

      1. Valerie Sell says:

        Carrie you are definitely not the only one. It's heartbreaking to know that more and more women suffer from clots nowadays. Good luck. Take care of yourself and be your own advocate

    94. shannon says:

      I too had a near fatal blood clot in my brain, that was 6 months ago, and it's still there. I too go for blood tests every few days because my blood won't stay at a therapeutic level. I'm on a high dose of warfarin and have to be really careful that I don't cut myself or bruise. I was taking natazia birth control pills given to me by my doctor who was very well aware of my age 45+ in addition to having a tumor in my uterus, all which apparently increased my risk for a blood clot even higher. I would be very interested if anyone else here was taking natazia?

      1. Kay Johnson says:

        Hi Shannon. I was on Natazia and my story is very similar to yours with the exception of the location of the blood clot. Mine was pulmonary and very life threatening. I was 50 at the time but absolutely no other risk factors for a blood clot.

        I would love to speak to you more on the subject.


    95. Our firm works with many women who have suffered from blood clots due to birth control like Yaz and Yasmin and as a women, these stories never get any easier to hear. You are absolutely right, it can happen to anyone on birth control, it could have happened to me. For those of you out there that are taking Yaz or Yasmin, the risk of blood clots is increased by 75%! Many women don't know that. Thank you for sharing your story and experience.

    96. Lacie says:

      Im going thru this right now. On May 24,2012 i was put into the hospital with 4 blood clots in my lungs due to birth control a week before my wedding day. Im on coumadin an having a horrible time with it my blood stays thick i have horrible headaches and now i have the urge to pee 24/7 i get my blood level checked every 2 weeks an its taking over my life! I dont smoke an a glass of wine every now an then is the most i ever drank. I always felt alone going thru this cause no one really understands how scared i am i read horror stories an im terrified they are still there or are going to come back.

      1. Kim says:

        Lacie – I feel for you, i know exactly how you feel. No you are not alone. I felt this way for 20yrs. Here's my story if it helps. As of Nov this yr it will be 20yrs since I have a blood clot/dvt in my left leg groin area. I have swelling in my leg & now its affecting my other leg. I'm 42yrs old now you do the math. I was on birth control pills. I was not a smoker, I had only been on birth control for a few yrs, I was only over weight by about 20lbs. 10yrs ago I developed hypothyroidism, i'm on levoxyl. I'm pre-diabetic also, through the yrs i've put on weight & have struggled to loose it. The combination of these problems hasnt helped. I finally got laid off after 15yrs from a sedentary job, which didnt help the situ. I needed work but now my health/legs are at risk so if I didnt get laid off I was going to have to quit.

    97. Kim says:

      ..My left ankle has swelld, I know its from the dvt I had many yrs ago. I walk treadmill 2 to 3x a week about 2miles but if my leg starts to swell I have to stop. I've been very upset over this for many yrs, its very depressing at times. I had been researching dvt's from "the pill" for many yrs now & finally people/doctors etc are talking about it. I thought about contacting these commercials about how u can sue if you got a blood clot from the pill but it was so long ago I dont know if I will have a case. I have an enlarged varicose vein, swelling, skin discolorations now. All my doctors have said is oh loose wt, "really"! I take water pills, I walk, I eat healthier than I ever did in my 20s. Wearing compression sox hlps sum but mks me feel old. It helps/prevents swelling, its not an answer. I felt alone mny yrs w/ no1 to talk to but I'm so glad I found this website. I dont feel alone any more. I know how all you must be feeling. its nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing. Take care!

    98. BASMomma says:

      I found this post when searching for "can't take birth control pills while on warfarin". I'm 36 and I developed a DVT when I was 6 mts with my 1st child. I have no clotting disease but am a medical mystery all in all with everything and due to explained vascular issues, I'm on warfarin for life. I had stopped taking the pill once "i knew" I was going to marry my boyfriend at the time, which was about 3 years before our first child. I think my body was rejecting the hormone knowing it was causing damage (clots). We were extremely careful and luckily my cycles were regular and I knew about when I would be ovulating, so we would be extra careful sometimes not even do anything. (He was understanding too. ;)) Anyway, we thought my DVT was due to pregnancy so we tried to get off of warfarin after 6 mts. I clotted, then I was on them again. After that, it was decided to be on them a straight year because the body should regulate itself by then…blah blah..I stopped taking them after a year. Then we got pregnant again (as planned) and I had to take lexapro shots, twice a day, every day for 9 months. Anyway, again, i'm on warfarin for life. I CANNOT have any hormones at all…of any kind. So needless to say,I'm the biggest B for half the month and I can't do anything about it. I was in search of possibe homeopathic stuff that might work, but I know I need to talk to my doc most of all. I really need something My poor boys and husband have to deal with crabby pants too often and that is not how I want to be remembered or be just in general. Bless all of you!

      1. BASMomma says:

        i meant to say unexplained vascular issues.

    99. Kaydie says:

      I had the same thing happen to me except I was 16. I was in the hospital or a week and I’m still on my medicine. The doctors said I will probably be on it for the rest of my life. I know how you feel always being cold and bruising easily. It looks like I get beat up all the time. If someone pokes me it’s an automatic bruise. I’m happy for you that everything turned out okay. Thank you for posting about it. I thought I was the only one.

    100. Shiori says:

      Even though this was posted a long time ago.. I have to say, I am currently going through your situation. Exactly the same (short of love for broccoli).

    101. alina says:

      its nice to talk to others who are going through the same thing. Take care!

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