Sexy Time: A Closer Look at the Taboo

fantasy1.jpgWe all have our own sexual fantasies. Some of us want to try threesomes, some want to be blindfolded, some want to have sex in public. None of these fantasies are all that unusual and I doubt anyone would raise an eyebrow if they came out in a game of never-have-I-ever (well, unless you’re playing with Grandma).

But what about those fantasies that are just “weird”? The ones you’re afraid to share with your boyfriend, the one’s you hear rumors about in the caf, and the ones you read about online when you accidentally Google the wrong thing and then quickly delete your web history.

This week’s Sexy Time will take a closer look at a two of the more cringe-worthy sexual fantasies out there to see what they’re really all about.

Daddy/Daughter Fantasy

What It’s All About:
The daddy/daughter fantasy isn’t necessarily about incest, it’s about domination, submission and seduction. Daddy/daughter fantasies come in all forms: an innocent little girl playing “games” with daddy, a bad little girl being punished by daddy, a naughty little girl seducing daddy… use your imagination.

The Appeal:
Many women enjoy daddy/daughter fantasies because it allows them to be submissive. Despite how far feminism has come, the “slut” stigma is still very prevalent in society. Daddy/daughter fantasies allow women to enjoy sex without feeling any guilt or shame. Rather than being labeled a “slut” for enjoying sex, they are simply a little girl who is doing what their daddy wants them to. Other women enjoy playing the “Lolita” aspect, the naughty little girl who no man can resist. Daddy/daughter fantasies come in all shapes and sizes and men and women all have different reasons for finding them hot.

The Ick Factor:
Since when is acting out incest and pedophilia sexy? Does calling your boyfriend “daddy” in bed mean you actually want to have sex with your father?  Is a guy who is into this sort of thing also into children? The answer is most likely NO to these questions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pop into most people’s heads when they first come into contact with a daddy/daughter fantasy.

Water Sports

What It’s All About:
Wikipedia says, “Urolagnia (also urophilia, undinism) is a sexual activity in which participants derive sexual pleasure from urine and/or urination.” Many people enjoy urinating on their partner or being urinated on as a part of sexual activity.

The Appeal
: There’s something kind of hot about two people who are so turned on by each other that they even find the other’s piss sexy. For the urinator, the pleasure in urine play usually comes from putting their partner in a vulnerable position and being able to act in a manner that would otherwise be completely unacceptable. For the partner being peed on, urine play can be a way to explore submissive tendencies, or they may just simply find urine a sexy thing. After all, many girls like having semen on their boobs or face (I am not one of them!), and urine is just another liquid that comes out down there.

The Ick Factor:
But pee is icky! What if you get some weird disease? Even though urine is actual sterile and safe for consumption, most people can’t get over the “ew” feeling associated with it.

These are only two examples of the many taboo fantasies out there. What’s important to note, however, is that while many people find these fantasy’s “icky” or “wrong,” plenty of people find them pretty damn sexy. Really, Google searching “daddy/daughter fantasy” wields over 11,000,000 hits, and “water sports sex” turns up over 26,000,000. I feel pretty confident in saying that no matter how weird or unusual you think your personal fantasy is, there are tons of people who share the same one. Maybe it’s time we start opening up and pursuing the things that turn us on, rather than conforming society’s “missionary with a sprinkling of cowgirl” script for sexual fulfillment.

What do you guys think? Ever tried either of these? Do you have any of your own taboo fantasies?

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