Being Drunk Makes Everything OK

beer pong

It’s no secret that alcohol changes people. After a night of drinking, we’re often surprised by what we may or may not have done during a night of debauchery. Oftentimes we end up with great stories, but there are also those nights that leave us wondering how the hell we ended up on a stranger’s couch with only one shoe, a purse full of ping pong balls, and 17 new phone numbers in our phone (all listed under names like, “bathroom dude,” “cigarette guy,” and “hgjb52”) .

The truth is, alcohol lowers our inhibitions…and standards…for everything.  We do things when we’re drinking that we’d never, ever, in a million years consider when we’re sober (like mixing ranch dressing and brownies).

Here are five of the most common things that are oddly tolerable – and even preferred – when the booze is flowing through our systems:

The beer pong ball – Has anyone actually realized how unsanitary this thing is? Although no one EVER thinks about it when they’re playing, it’s pretty nasty. It’s falling on the floor (oftentimes a disgusting floor that hasn’t seen a mop since the between-tenants-landlord-cleaning) and god knows where else, but because you’re too drunk to notice how vile this is, you don’t care. Somehow it’s all okay because it’s been dipped into a cup of water. The same cup of water that was put there 2 hours before and  has been dipped into hundreds of times by people you may not even know (but may make out with later…)

Frat house bathrooms – As far as sh*tholes (literally) go, these may be the worst. I have been in ones that not only don’t have toilet paper (forcing me to use a crumpled up piece of notebook paper… I don’t wanna talk about it), but also contain a bathtub filled with things one would rather not think about, a sink that doesn’t work, and a door that doesn’t even fully close.  But because your drunk self needs to pee something awful, you will brave the bathroom anyway. And you might even sit, being that squatting takes concentration that your drunk ass can’t muster up. When nature calls, you answer. Even if the response is possibly hazardous to your health.

Creepy people hitting on you – Who hasn’t had this happen? Inevitably, everyone is much more confident when they’re drunk, and they throw caution to the wind. Sadly, this not only applies to attractive and normal individuals but also unfortunate looking and strange people too. Yet, somehow, you don’t mind. In fact, due to your desire to swindle a free drink or those thick-ass beer goggles you’re wearing, you kinda like it. And may even leave with it…er…him.

Nudity – As a rule, most of us do not feel comfortable when sober to take off our clothes in front of complete strangers. Yet for some odd reason when we’re drunk, it seems acceptable. No, mandatory. Is there any more explanation needed?

Talking about taboo and inappropriate subjects – This is yet another side effect of increased confidence due to alcohol consumption. One begins to think that because they are drunk now would be an excellent time to talk about everything and everyone. Your sex life? Everyone should know! That time you vomited in your roommate’s closet and played dumb the next morning? Confession time! Your opinions about certain people that may or may not be in the vicinity? Who cares?!

BONUS: Becoming BFFs with that chick you’ve hated for years – Nothing brings out the love like a bottle of booze. She may have stabbed you in the back and made your life hell, but now you’re drunk and hugging and you love her so much you just HAVE to do brunch next Sunday.  WTF?

Got any others?



    1. Courtney says:

      When will girls get more mature and have some self respect for themselves? Stop drinking until you get drunk and do stupid things. It is not attractive and it is disgusting how girls use alcohol as an excuse for their bad decisions. It is not the alcohol's fault, it is your own. People who use alcohol as an excuse are just plain stupid. Grow up. The alcohol doesn't make you do anything, it is your terrible morals and slutty ways which make you a vile piece of filth.

    2. Beth says:

      Shit, you want to be a slut, just skip the alcohol. Then, have them boys line up and fuck you in every hole until you are full of cum shots. Make it 100 or 200 guys in one night..

    3. This had me cracking up, especially about the fraternity bathroom because my friends and I have been there oh so many times and no matter how gross it is, you just go in there to do what you need to do. I also have to say, I love the added bonus of becoming BFFs with the girl you hate is always the icing on the cake!

      Great article!

    4. Ellie says:

      we always play beer pong with water cups…when you sink one, it gets taken away, and the opposite team drinks whatever they already have in their hand. no dirt in your drink, and you don’t have to drink beer if you don’t want to.

    5. Rose says:

      lol so true about frat bathrooms…the toilet can be clogged and overflowing and it really doesn't matter at that point. i know some people who just will end up peeing in the showers. lmao ewww

    6. Maria says:

      Wow, Courtney and Beth, you really need to chill out. It's JUST an article.

    7. Courtney says:

      I will not chill out. Alcohol is only used as an excuse by vile pieces of whorebag filth when they make bad decisions. Alcohol doesn't make you do anything. Girls need to stop being worthless sluts and need to take responsibility for their actions. It is revolting to the highest degree and really makes me want to puke how stupid girls are.

    8. Amanda - Reed says:

      First – thanks Charlsie :]

      Second – chill the f*ck out everyone. Namely Courtney and Beth..you two need some serious attitude adjustments. But you're soooo cool and badass and outspoken, so I shouldn't talk, clearly. This was supposed to just be a fun, humorous article, not a diatribe against society. Write to Bitch magazine (which does exist – it's excellent) if you want to say that crap.

      Third – While I did write this, not everything that is in here. In fact, a fair amount of the more er, inappropriate comments in parentheses were not by me at all.

    9. Amanda - Reed says:

      *not everything that is in here was written by me.

    10. peekaboo2 says:

      Alcohol just allows you to tolerate the other really drunk people!!

    11. Jay says:

      Alcohol also helps you tolerate the self-righteous people like Courtney and Beth who go out of their way to read articles about topics they hate (e.g., drunkenness).

    12. Courtney says:

      I am so sick and tired of girls using alcohol to justify being whorebag sluts and for making decisions that even a retarded person wouldn't make. They think it is cute or funny when it is totally the opposite. They laugh and think they are so cool because they didn't know what they were doing because of the alcohol. What a crock of horse shit. Girls are fully aware at all times what they are doing and do it for attention to make up for their absent fathers growing up. It is so predictable how girls think they are so cool but are just vile pieces of whorebag filth. Sluts.

    13. Lily says:

      Hey Courtney I think you should stop making such generalizations about everyone. Again this is a fun and light hearted blog so you need to lighten up a little. I think that people who pick fights over stupid stuff like this are just dying for attention that they didnt get from their absent fathers growing up….mmm feels good doesn't it? You obviously have never been drunk then if you think that "girls are fully aware at all times what they are doing" why do you think that people aren't allowed to drive when they are drunk?

      Anyway I digress. Good Article!!! Loved it. So true!

    14. LeLe says:

      Courtney, I'm wondering if you have ever been drunk, and you are completely entitled to your own opinion, but from my personal experience, no you aren't fully in control when you are drunk, and everything in this article is true to some degree. Although some can hold their liqour better than others, things do happen. Some people will pull the drunk card for their actions, but it's because they were drunk. If you are worried about women's stature being upheld, and getting people away from the bottle, then I don't think ranting on a humorous article is going to help you in that.

      I've pulled away from the party scene because I'm kind of over it, but I have to admit, I've been in nearly everyone of the above situations, and I had fun in the times.

      BTW, I agree, frat bathrooms are gross….especially when you find a retainer on the floor….(wtf?)

      Do any of you guys have any interesting experiences from the above list?

    15. Roberto says:

      Courtney, dawg you need to get laid, LAWL

    16. Kenny says:

      I kinda agree with Courtney and Beth. I mean, when you think about it, they're kinda right. It's great to have a little alcohol but not to the point where you look sloppy like Tara Reid.

    17. I can't believe that the phrase "whorebag sluts" is being used to describe women who socially drink. More importantly, I can't believe that "whorebag sluts" is being used at all. Who even says that?

      Although Amanda said to write to Bitch magazine, I would have to disagree and say that they would be UTTERLY disgusted that a woman is writing the word "whorebag sluts" to other women.

      CollegeCandy is a blog, and for anyone to feel the justification to come on here and call their fellow sex a "whorebag slut" is pathetic.

    18. Rosine says:

      I don't think that girls who have too much to drink are "whore bag sluts" necessarily, but that they simply have not used their best judgment. I don't think that justifies people like Courtney calling them "bags of filth".


      I wonder, what makes you so judgmental towards these women? Do you honestly think that you are any better than them? You really need to get off of your high horse and lose the holier-than-thou attitude because people are human and they make mistakes, sometimes under the influence of alcohol.

      That doesn't mean they aren't responsible for their actions, because they are. They most certainly do have to take responsibility for their actions, but you could stop being a raging bitch for a second, cut them some slack, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Because oftentimes, the mistakes they make are correctable. Short of going out and murdering someone, their doing something idiotic while inebriated is not the end of the world. What does it matter as long as they do no serious harm to others? What they choose to do with their own body is their decision. So if they choose to drink, more power to them, it's their choice.

      Also, I'm curious, does this judgmental attitude of yours work both ways? What about men who drink too much? Frat guys also drink obscene amounts of alcohol and often their actions have serious repercussions. I've heard you denounce women for drinking, but what about men? As someone who has been assaulted by a frat guy who claims to have been "black-out drunk," to hear you spout this misogynistic double-standard is immensely disappointing.

    19. Courtney says:

      It works for boys and girls. They are both idiotic failures and the most revolting scumbag filth that humanity has to offer when they try to use the excuse of alcohol. Everyone has full control of their actions at all times.

      Girls just use the I was drunk excuse to justify their disgusting filthy slutty ways like it gives them permission to commit crimes against humanity. No it doesn't. Stop using that excuse for being a filthy whore on your knees or spreading your legs. Nobody buys it. You are fully aware of what you are doing. You are in full control of your actions. Just totally revolting and vomit-inducing how millions of girls try to blame sucking d or spreading their legs just because they were drunk. WRONG!!!!!!!!!

    20. Lauren - University says:

      Courtney, if you don't lik reading about this, then go visit iamboringandisuck.com.

      No one forced you to read a rather hilarious article.

    21. Kristina says:

      Lessons from the Internet: sex = crimes against humanity. And here I thought that phrase more correctly described things like genocide. Silly me!

    22. Straight Guy says:

      I refuse to deal with drunk girls. Drunk girls suck at sex. They think they are so entertaining, but aren't. They are all about drama and dirty and disgusting drama at that.

      You may take your pants off quicker, but my dick needs to be earned. Especially since it can go for hours, not 25 seconds of drunk sex.

    23. […] intuitive look into things you avoid during times of sobriety but are fine by your drunken […]

    24. Rose says:


    25. Rosine says:

      Straight Guy, you really need to get over yourself.

      Courtney, it is clear that the majority of your revulsion is directed at women, and I'm curious as to where your point of view came from as it seems completely unfounded. Furthermore, your assertions about drunk girls automatically being sluts seems to be without any type of discernible evidence or support.

      In all, the article was meant to be fun. Just take it as it is.

    26. Casey says:

      I agree with Courtney actually. Ok hear me out. I DO NOT agree with the name calling AT ALL, however, I do not think it is acceptable for women OR men to drink so much that the make bad decisions, that really is not the purpose of alcohol, and while it is fun to throw caution to the wind, knock back some shots, and have no inhibitions at all, it is not mature (even for college students) and it is not ok. Yes, we all make mistakes, yes it is your life and you can do as you please, but stop and think about how it makes you look. Take some pride in yourself and make good decisions. Don't get so drunk that you make out, (or for heavens sake hook up with!) that nasty creep from your chem class. These are decisions you will regret, and that can be avoided. It is never cool to be "that drunk slut" dancing on the tables and making out with random people, or removing clothing in a very public place. I agree, please have some self respect, because you are not giving yourselves or women as a group a good name.

      Courtney, seriously, you need to grow up and learn how to expres yourself in a more mature manner if you want ANYONE to listen to you and take you seriously, no one responds to insults and name calling.

    27. Courtney says:

      I will not take it as it is. I am so sick and tired of girls blaming alcohol for being filthy dirty slutwhores. It just makes them feel better about themselves by being used and abused by guys who love the drunk filthy slutwhores and the girls fall right into their laps or crotch. What is so hilarious is that girls think they are so cool when in reality they are revolting vile filth. If they want to be slutwhores and be worthless scum to be used and abused by guys that is their choice. It is no wonder why there are so many slutwhores in the world when idiotic girls actually applaud this behavior and partake in it. I just threw up.

    28. Effie says:


      It's very simple. If certain types of people bother you, then DON'T be around them. No one is forcing you to witness these so called "dirty whorebag sluts" participate in the activities they choose to do. I can understand how you don't agree with promiscuity and the alcohol that often goes hand in hand with that (since let's face it, alcohol does tend to make people more flirty and sexual in general) and I also understand how you think saying "Oh, I was drunk" is a bad excuse for making not so great decisions BUT I think you need to refrain from middle school name calling because it shows a lack of maturity on your part PLUS makes it very hard for anyone to take your opinion seriously.

      Do I personally condone girls constantly getting drunk and hooking up? Not particularly but then again it's their decision and as far as I can tell, it is not affecting or harming me in any way. In fact, it's the two people that are doing the drinking and hooking up that get affected the most.

      I've done stuff when I was drunk that I later shake my head at but it's a common fact of life that people are human and people do things they later regret. Don't be so quick to hurl blinded insults and people may be more open to hearing your opinion.


    29. Casey says:

      I am most certain that "Courtney" is a guy trying to get a rouse out of a bunch of girls. The way "she" writes sounds/looks like a guys.

    30. Courtney says:

      ?????? Ok, let's think about this……Why would a guy object to hooking up with easy drunk girls? Um yea…. Try to use some common sense before saying another comment that shows you have the IQ of a toothbrush. Mmmmkay. Thank you.

      People who don't agree with me are just plain wrong and they know it. People are human and they make mistakes. That is a fact of life. But, becoming shitfaced drunk and sucking a dude's d or spreading your thunder thigs does not fall under the simple mistake category. It falls under a category so vile and so filled with revolting slimy filth ridden scum that so many college aged girls fall into. The dirty slutwhore category.

      The fact is, when will girls realize how pathetic they are when they do this? They think it is so cute and so funny when it is totally the opposite. It is revolting and shows they are the moral equivalent of a sewer. They laugh and giggle with their friends about what they did the night before the next morning as if they are so cool. Disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves for not only being an embarrassment to their family and themselves, but also being an embarrassment to society. I am glad everyone agrees with me.

    31. Lo says:

      How about the late night ATM trip. Emptying the last 40$ in your account for a few more drinks at the club!

      I'm guessing this Courtney girl had a boyfriend who maybe hooked up with her drunk best friend or something…just an idea.

    32. Casey says:

      Hey Courtney, Did you read "straight guys" comment? I know PLENTY of guys who will not hook up with a drunk girl, for MANY MANY reasons, mainly for the mere fact that the girl could turn around and say he raped her since she was too intoxicated to remember anything. Most guys will not hookup with girls that are THAT drunk, and the ones who will are just as bad if not worse than those girls you are talking about.

      How about you actually get out and educate yourself on a topic instead of basing your arguments off of stereotypes, because it really makes you sound ignorant and immature.

      And I will quote you here, which by the way is a very awkwardly worded quote, (like many others that you have wasted space on this thread with), and shows that your IQ is not too much higher than a toothbrush's, "Try to use some common sense before saying another comment that shows you have the IQ of a toothbrush. Mmmmkay. Thank you"

    33. eugene warner says:

      Courney is a expert on slutbags it seems. Wonder why? Are all her friends that and shes AMISH or something or maybe a real.. DOG..?

    34. Shea says:

      I was just thinking the same thing as Lo! It seems as if Courtney is 12 years old and just realized how to insult people who are not fun haters like herself, I'm a social drinker and never "that girl" at the party but I sooo understand the frat b-room and beer pong cups (gross!). & I would put money on it that ole Courts boyfriend cheated on her with some drunk girl at a party. It's okay tho, she seems to find pleasure in acting like a moron on a college website. Funny article Amanda and good idea Ellie! Best of luck with being a judemental beotch the rest of your life Court!

    35. Courtney says:

      Whore slutbags need to be called out for being vile pieces of filthy slimy scum. They don't need to be thought of as being cool. They are not. They are revolting and need to be talked about as such. They are terrible examples for girls and make me want to puke. I am glad everyone agrees with me.

    36. Lucy says:


      I guess I'm confused as to why you read collegecandy then? It was a funny article as everyone has pointed out. People drink, and just because a girl drinks does not maker her a 'slutbag' or my personal favorite, a 'slutwhore'. I'm sorry that you are unable to have fun and cannot even enjoy an article like this.

    37. Lily says:


      You need to wash your mouth out with that toothbrush IQ of yours.

      Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to call names?

      You are being no more mature than the girls you are condemning.

      You are not "changing lives", you're harsh name calling is not making anyone "think twice" about their actions. All you are doing is proving you are a very immature "girl" (which I agree with Casey on that) who does not know how to present herself in public, or have a mature argument. You want people to listen to you? You want to have an impact on something? Than please, use grown up language. This is a college site, leave the name calling to middle school.

    38. Jaclyn says:

      Girls who drink until they get shitfaced drunk and then proceed to spread their cellulite thighs and suck d, should be in prison. There is no excuse ever to be such vile subhuman pieces of horse shit. They think they are so cute and funny when they do that and it is revolting. They are not cute and funny, they are disgusting pieces of toxic waste polluting society and ruining everything. Thankfully everyone agrees 100 percent with me. If they didn't, humanity would be in trouble.

    39. Amanda - Reed says:

      Hey, Courtney, i wasn't aware that "slutwhore" was a word…thanks for educating all of us! Now that you're done, how about you go to the hospital and get the stick lodged up your ass surgically removed, because clearly you won't be able to get it out of there. Also, it's cute you check this constantly..I only just checked my own post again just to see what people wrote, and look what I got to read! Also, way to change your name to Jaclyn and write in the exact same fashion and use the same terms (i.e. "suck d"). You're really subtle. Chill out, get laid and go see a shrink.

    40. Amanda - Reed says:

      Oh, and how psychotic are you Courtney? I mean, Jaclyn. Maybe two people agree with you. Delusions of grandeur and intellect often?

    41. Courtney says:

      Everyone does agree with me. Girls who get shitfaced drunk and proceed to get on their knees and spread their thunder thighs need to be sent to Guantanamo. They are the most vile and filth ridden scumbag whorebag slut skanks in the history of the galaxy. They are revolting and vile vermin who are the lowest forms of scummy filthy whorebag filth that humanity has to offer. I am glad everyone agrees with me.

    42. Amanda - Reed says:

      Your comments aren't even amusing to read anymore…you've used the term "thunder thighs" one too many times. Give it up and find another post or blog to terrorize.

    43. Sierra says:

      Court…I promise you, there is another synonym for vile. Please find it and use it if you're going to write any future comments.

      Loved the article! The becoming BFFs part is so true and probably more awkward the next day than any walk of shame, haha.

    44. sAL says:

      Hey courtney, you take it in the cornhole?

    45. arc says:

      Jesus Christ, Courtney… Shut the f-ck up and get a life already.

    46. Courtney says:

      I am glad everyone agrees with me that being drunk just shows girls are the most vile and abhorrent subhuman feces infested anal brownie in the history of the galaxy. They need to be shunned by society for being the most vile pieces of worthless scumbag filthwhores they are by everyone. They think they are so cool and funny when they are disgusting. Everyone agrees with me and I thank you for that.

    47. Squirt says:

      Hey Courtney,

      How are you? I really enjoy your comments, they make so much sense. Perhaps we can get together sometime and discuss it further?

      Also, I want to fuck you in the ass. But only if I can duct tape your mouth shut first.



    48. Casey says:

      Seriously, someone break "Courtney's" computer. Her comments are just becoming more and more obnoxious and incomprehensible.

    49. Amanda - Reed says:

      I wasn't aware that "filthwhore" was a word either…wow, you must have gotten an 800 on the writing portion of the SAT! Now shut up.

    50. Becca- Clarion Unive says:

      While I completely agree with the fact that NO ONE should get black out drunk, if not for your own safety then at least for your health, I do not agree that those women or men who do are vile, or slutty, or scummy. I've hooked up with a number of guys when I was SOBER that I regret. I don't deserve to be sent to prison, nor do I find myself cool and/or funny. when I'm drunk (rarely) I tend to stay with my girls. And most girls I know have one person in their posse that makes sure they don't do something stupid. And I have yet to meet a guy who will go home with a drunk girl he doesn't know… hey Courtney, A number of people are rather educated in STI's and the like… also, explain to me why you are so vehement against women but not against the men who do the EXACT SAME THING.

      Just saying, if you're going to insult people, at least make sure there isn't a double standard there

    51. Sarah says:

      You know what I think? I think that Courtney is a loser and didn't have any friends. Therefore she didn't ever have the opportunity to party or be a "social drinker" because in reality, who would even WANT to be near her. Seriously, this girl is bad enough over the internet, but in person? I can't even imagine. She's just jealous and vindictive and really, really immature. Seriously Courtney? Go back to first grade. YOU have the iq of a toothbrush.

      and p.s. this article was funny, you rock Amanda!

    52. Diana says:

      I agree with Courtney to a certain extent: it is really really not cute and totally obnoxious when girls get drunk off their ass, carry on loudly and rudely, dance on tables, cry, grind on other girls' boyfriends, and have anonymous meaningless sex. Et cetera. That shit is just ridiculous. However, I do not agree that we are all filthy slutwhores and the like.

      Honestly, I'm pretty sure Courtney is a dude, and the comments make me laugh. Lighten up, y'all! It's just the internet! No use trying to win:)

    53. […] – something must be wrong with us, but it might be a good thing. We don’t want to do something stupid, and we never know where those pictures are going to end […]

    54. RELAX BEFORE YOU GET says:


      Is Courtney still commenting? Because I would like to let her know, that I quite literally just fell out of my desk chair and convulsed on the floor with laughter for a good 47 seconds.

      It's truly entertaining when someone who is trying to sound morally valiant uses the words "whorebag slut failure scumbag filthy disgusting slutty skank scummy revolting vile vermon," essentially all in one incomprehensible run-on sentence.

      There are ways of getting your point across WHILE maintaining an iota of decency and intelligence. Honestly the way you speak, Courtney, makes me suspect that you in fact never made it to college and formulated your opinions and perspectives on "slutty vermon vile" from watching a bit too much reality television.

      Whatever point you were trying to make essentially became moot when you demonstrated that you had the diction of someone who is blackout drunk themselves.

    55. Lauren says:

      i think courtney is a man

    56. Casey says:

      I already suggested that Lauren. She replied with "Why would a guy object to hooking up with easy drunk girls? Um yea…. Try to use some common sense before saying another comment that shows you have the IQ of a toothbrush. Mmmmkay. Thank you."

      Conclusion: she's a gay guy.

    57. steve-e says:

      Courtney, or should I call you Wayne?

      Don't let them grind you down.. keep going!

      This is better than watching the cricket!

    58. Dani says:

      Dear god "Courtney"!

      You need to buy a thesaurus or something. Great vocabulary you got goin on there.

      Why must you insist on repeating that you're glad everyone agrees with you? Nobody completely agrees with you.

      Yes there's a certain amount of logic behind the verbal diarrhea that your comments are made of but there is absolutely NO reason to use language like that.

      It doesn't make you cool. Shocking isn't it? ^.^

      Basically. GROW THE FUCK UP!

    59. Darin says:

      Fifty bucks says Courtney is pushing 300 lbs.

    60. Brandon says:

      The consensus is…Courtney…you are a dumb-ass. Yes, everyone thinks drinking too much is a bad choice, most educated folks agree on that. But most educated people also agree judgmental creepers like you suck at life. I hope you have a job that makes you a lot of money, and takes up all of your free time, because you would be a terrible bore to be around socially…but I doubt this is the case, since you have the time to read college candy…and comment every time someone says you are retarded. Again, the general consensus is…you suck.

    61. maggie says:

      haha, the atm thing is SO true!! for some reason justifying $$ for a few more drinks over food for the next week makes COMPLETE sense when i'm wasted until the next morning when all i want is vitamin water and advil. also, i have ALMOST made up with all my old enemies through some serious grey goose bonding.

      umm, courtney (? probably a fake name, but whatever) you need to chill. and i have a serious gut feeling that you're either 12 and just learned to swear, or you're a creeper who stumbled upon this site and found a good opportunity for some human interaction—why you chose to make it hostile, who knows?

      otherwise, great post! very funny and TRUE!

    62. Robert says:

      Man you guys got trolled bad. It’s so damn obvious she just keeps saying the same shit over and over lol! You all fail.

      She reminds me of someone like “meg” on family guy. The stupid bitch who no one likes because she’s so mean, so she pretends that she’s that way because being cool is “wrong” and is thus perceived as a bitch, keeping the cycle fresh.

      At least, she would seem that way if I didn’t know she was just a troll.

    63. AndreaH says:

      First of all, Id like to say I love this post its hilariouse.
      Second my vocabulary is not as advances as everyone else here who commented, better than courtney’s ovcorase but still down there a lil. I am now going to comment what I think about court.
      i am dieing of laughter ready everything she says, and reading everyones comments back to her. I am actually going to copy n paste this hole post including comments and save it somewhere n post to facebook to make everyone I know laugh cause this shit is funny!
      Courtney, your insane, youve repeated the same thing.. i think maybe 6 times, That people are totally aware of what there doing n are fully responsible for theyre actions and blame the alcohol to get away with it.. well Im sorry but for someone like me whos been drunk many times , as well blackout drunk, I know that i dont remember what Ive done, ive carried on conversations, ive left home with a guy or two. So yeah im a (slutwhore vile whorebag) like you say…BUT if you read millions of articles, INCLUDING THIS ONE the deep meaning of this one, and the general idea of others, PEOPLE LOOSE THEIR SENSE OF JUDGEMENT, BETWEEN WHATS RIGHT AND WRONG, when theyre intoxicated. SO THESE SLUTWHOREBAGS ARE NOT FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEYVE DONE.. i agree they are responsible in some sense by getting that drunk in the first place, but most of the time when these blackouts happen its when alcohol is consumed fast, wich is when people take shots, and everyone has a different limit of how drunk they get and how fast and when the blackout period begins. If a girl does the same thing she did the first time by drinking to fast, or taking to many shots one after the other, sure blame her for blacking out, but she can still, yes still, blame the alcohol for what she did druing that. No matter what you do to get to that point, you are not responsible for what happens DURING.
      I used to get blackouts from drinking bacardi gold, no matter how much I drank or how slow, i black out.. and not only not remember, but NEVER remember. Wtv I did during this time, and EVEN when i was blacked out, sounds stupid, something iwould never do, like talk to random people, or dance like ive never dances before…wether im blacked out or not i blame it on the alcohol depending on HOW DRUNK i am. Mainly blackout is when you can seriously blame the alcohol cause studies show you black out because of the level or alcohol…meaning you are at your peak (lemme dumb it down for you) MOST DRUNK then the hole drinking session….you are TOTALLY WRONG. 100% nothing youve tryed to state is true.
      on another note, insult the girls call them sluts sure, but dont call them fat or thunder thighs,….this just prooves your jelousy and immaturity. saying theyre sluts, makes sense sure it applies if theyre sleeping around, but calling them fat.. you can only call someone fat if theyre eating all day then say oh that fat bitch she cant blame hunger for her giggly fat!.. you know say something like that..
      another note..
      why did you make a fake name, jaclyn. You spoke just the same, and i think you took that persons advice and got a thesaurus just to accomplish this new person comment you had to make to make you seem like your right. Second that shows your very immature, if you were mature you would argue properly, and know that having one idiot agree with you doesnt change what everyone else thinks. Did you think theyd all comment and say ..courntey. your right, jaclyn said so, now we agree good job ! .. thats idiotic.
      take that toothbrush of yours, and stick it down your throat..loose the fat you have cause only people who are insecure with themselves are the ones who insult other peoples looks or weight or physical appearance.
      STOP SAYING IM GLAD EVERYONE AGREE’S WITH ME.. no one agree’s . what the hell is with that? where the hell does that come from honestly, thats like.. what i used to say when i was like 7 years old.. “ohh andrea your so dumb ” me:” I know your dumb but what am i”
      like wtf. seriously, just cause you say that do you think everyone will agree.
      plus, we know your not a man, no one thinks you are… we all know that youve been cheated on by one of the guys on a girl somewhere there was alcohol, or if not he probably blamed it on being drunk, or it was your friend and she blamed it on alcohol. And now your insecure.
      Plus you have probably never drank, or you really are pushing 300 and you go to single bars and never get hit on..no matter how drunk the guy is he still has his sense of touch and i think he’ll notice when his hands gets stuck in your love handles…hmm
      what else can i say, i love when people are immature, although i cant speak with such a great vocabulary im still getting my point across i hope.
      hey how bout you go back to your 2nd profile, ( i.e your new best buddy) and comment here about yourself. give yourself a little ego booste.
      lastly, grow up. realy.. i understand leaving on comment on a post you dislike, but repeatadly checking it , and commenting back againste people, not to mention the manner youve used to comment…thats really..really sad. i literally have a tear in my eye…oh wait thats from laughing so i hard before at how dumb you sound and potray yourself.
      you wana debate, do it in a grown up way, show proof of what your trying to convince us, google some articles stating girls are fully away of what theyre doing, wake up remember everything n only pretend they dont remember.. show us that. and dont go making a fake website now.., show us that and people will consider your argument, get some experience, go buy a bottle of vodka, drink it in shots maybe 6-10 shots in a row n come back here tomoro and tell us what you did. maybe videotape yourself n see if you actually remember doing it, or only remember once you see the video. god how many times have I wanted to videotape a drunk night to see what REAAALy happens.
      now my comment is to long. so yeah. maybe ill check this maybe not, if anyone says anything to me, or comments back about what ive sayd..sorry if i never reply i might forget to check again.:)
      goodnight courts…im off to do slutbag slutwhore vile sewer created filth things and then ill wake up tomoro and pretend i forget it all.:)

    64. AndreaH says:

      BLACKOUTS Seen In a New Light.
      USA Today Magazine, March 2008 by Donald F. Sweeney

      IN THE MID 1980s, I was giving a lecture on alcoholism at the University of California, Santa Barbara, when a young man stood up and asked, “What’s a blackout?” I had heard of them, of course. Hasn’t everyone? Alcohol blackouts are the subject of as many jokes as traveling salesmen, but this was a serious question, and I suddenly realized I did not know the answer. It was something I had overlooked. I gave some lame response, I am sure, and promised myself to seek a better one. I quickly discovered that references to blackouts in the medical literature were sparse and mostly inadequate. Usually, they were called a form of amnesia, but what was there about alcohol and the human body that caused the amnesia? The research cited most often was performed in the 1960s. It established that blackouts occur, but little as to cause.

      Clearly, one of the most common neurological dysfunctions–blacking out and not remembering while consuming a common and legal substance–had fallen through the cracks of medicine, or maybe it was swept under the rug because no one knew the answer. Thus, my search began and continues 20 years later. It has taken me far afield into neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, and anesthesiology, along with forays into the law, forensics, public health, emergency medicine, and other places doctors of internal medicine usually do not enter.

      In the end, the answer came from neuroscientists using the latest techniques to study the human memory and brain function. They had no interest in blackouts, but I did. At last, we had a pretty good idea what happens to cause an alcohol blackout. The answer is complex. We still do not know all the details but, eliminating the technical jargon, it is known that, under certain circumstances, alcohol in sufficient quantities blocks new memory formation in the brain. We so take our memory for granted that it is extremely difficult even to imagine what life would be like without it. Minus new memory formation, thoughts or observations last for mere seconds, no more than a minute or two. Blacked-out persons do not know where they are, what they are doing, even what time it is. They cannot learn, plan, or think. They have no idea what their actions are, let alone their consequences. Blacked out people suddenly are living in the exact present, with no idea what happened a minute ago. They have no clue as to what to do next or any possibility of carrying it out. They have no control of their future.

      Yet, their preblackout memory, coupled with procedural or how-to memory, remains intact, enabling them to function. They remember everything up to the moment of blackout, family and friends, all their schooling, everything they previously learned, all the procedures they know. These long-term memories enable them to walk, talk, drive, go to work, travel, write checks, have sex, appear reasonably normal–only they never will remember any of it. If they wake up in a bed with a stranger, deplete their checking account, or perhaps become angry, get into a fight, pick up a knife or gun, they will not remember that, either–or be able to stop themselves from using it. They are in what amounts to an unconscious state.

      Alarmingly, the blackout occurs abruptly, all at once, and without warning. Worst of all, the blacked-out person does not realize his or her condition, nor does anyone else. The blackout lasts until the body rids itself of the alcohol. It may be a matter of hours–or perhaps days. During this time, the person walks among us zombie-like, running on past memory, unaware of what he or she is doing now. There are documented cases of people hopping planes, traveling long distances, booking into hotels, writing checks. They go to work. There are reports of airline pilots flying cross-country and surgeons performing operations, remembering none of it.

      How often does this sort of thing occur? Long associated with advanced alcoholism, we now know that blackouts can happen to anyone, sometimes on very little alcohol. The fact remains, however, that we simply do not know how often–and, at the moment, few people are trying to find out. Yet, I believe it is safe to say that millions of people worldwide are blacked out at any given moment.

      Realization that the blackout is not amnesia or forgetting or malingering or Freudian repression, but rather is failure to form memory is just beginning to be understood. That knowledge enables us to develop simple tests to discover when a person’s short-term memory is gone and he or she is in the midst of a blackout. The individual can be observed and studied while blacked out. To my knowledge, though, no such studies have yet to be reported. I remain optimistic work will begin shortly.

      About all we know at the moment about prevention is that the blackout seems to occur most frequently when a person drinks rapidly on an empty stomach while in a state of fatigue. This makes the keg party on college campuses a virtual recipe for blackouts. They are said to be epidemic on the university level.

      In writing a book on this subject, the results have astounded me. It was as though a dam of silence broke. With a place to write and a person to listen and respond, a number of people were eager to write, describing what to them is shameful knowledge. Most of the letters reflect the sheer terror of having lost several hours of one’s life with no idea what happened. Men tend to write when they have hurt themselves physically or been arrested. Thus, most of the letters are from women. They write what I only can call “horror stories,” as they belatedly realized the extreme danger and outfight peril they faced while blacked out and defenseless.

      Edith, a respectable 69-year-old woman went by herself to gamble a little at a casino. She remembers playing the slots and ordering a second glass of wine. Her next memory is six hours later and she has no idea what happened. A quick inspection determines that she looks the same and is not hurt but, in her purse, she finds a W-2 form showing she won $1,500 at the slots. The money is missing and she has written a personal check for $4,000.…

      Lexile Reading Level: 1080
      Source : http://www.britannica.com/bps/additionalcontent/18/31474067/BLACKOUTS-Seen-In-a-New-Light

    65. TreeHugger says:

      Ha. Last weekend some friends and I decided to go swimming in the FREEZING cold pool. And of course, 4am, no one has a bathing suit.

      I jump in in thongs and pasties. My response when someone said, "Hey, you're naked!"—"No I'm not, I have pasties on!" Perfectly logical.

    66. slim timmy says:


      I fucking hate you. Now let's get drunk and make up.

    67. Wolf says:

      See, now if marijuana was a legal rec. Drug you can have fun chillin' with you friends and raid the kitchen laughing your ass off. Truthfully people high on marijuana have a less likely chance of getting hurt than sober people because when your chilled happy and mellow your not going to try to start shit, now courtney, try this before you comment smoke a blunt, and read the article again you would now understand why the article is funny. You would be too mellow to be having shit fly out of your mouth or typing shit… but anyways both courtney and the article kept me entertained

      Props amanda!


    68. Sabbi says:

      This was a hilarious thread, I read most of it becuase I just couldn't stop reading all the responses to this so-called "Courtney". I have much to preach to her, but alas I feel you all did a superb job in that.

      Thanks guys for the entertainment. I'm glad I found this blog and will now make myself a member.:)

    69. Ross says:

      Dear courtney-

      If those girls are making you vomit I'm guessing that it would help you lose those unwanted freshman,sophmore and junior 15. Then its a win-win-win. Guys are getting laid, you're losing those extra lbs and it makes you that girl at the end of the night that the drunkest kid at the party that throws caution to the wind by hooking up with a 3.

    70. […] ouch – there is a bruise on your left arm the size of K-Fed’s gut.  You’re still wearing the clothes from last night and suddenly images of a boy pop into your hazy mind. You feel the warmth of a body beside you in […]

    71. […] in brief status rants that are updated every other hour. A prime example of this behavior: “hit me up if you want a drink” OR,  the more mature: “there is nothing like family, friends and drinkin’ […]

    72. That_random_Girl says:

      I would like to know when “EVERYONE” started to agree with that courtney or whatever her new name is? I mean, seriously girl. Are you even listening to what your preaching? It’s utter and complete nonsense. You know that right ? It’s people’s own choice to either drink socially, go to frat parties (after all the stories, personally, I hope I never get invited to one. Lol) or just go and drink til dawn. I mean I’m sorry you had a bad view on us girls even the ones who don’t drink but maybe have a wine or two because they have to listen your filthy mouth spout off vile things. Seriously girl get off that high horse and stop judging people. Didn’t your parents teach you any good manners? Now go be a good girl and take that toothbrush IQ and go wash your mouth out with soap

    73. […] Being Drunk Makes Everything OK : College Candy71 Comments on "Being Drunk Makes Everything OK"; … I am glad everyone agrees with me that being drunk just shows girls are the most vile and abhorrent subhuman feces infested anal brownie in the history of the galaxy. They need to be shunned by society for being the most vile pieces of worthless scumbag filthwhores they… […]

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