Day-to-Night Styler: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

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Floral prints are flirty, feminine and perfect for spring/summer.  Have no fear! Finding floral prints that don’t resemble your grandmother’s couch is easy these days, as the oh-so-classic rose print got some modern touches this season.

You can find an assortment of styles & prints in a vast price range, but for those of us on a recessionista budget, this dress on sale for 60% off (!) at Nordstrom is a great bet. It’s light & casual enough for running errands, going to summer school or just chillin’ with friends, but can be easily vamped up for night time with a switch of the bra and a few extra accessories.

For the Day:
Just throw on some cute red flats and you’ll be set. The dress has so much detail, you don’t need much else! I love the peep toe on this shoe – it’s obviously dressier than a flip flop, but the buckle and open toe make it perfectly acceptable for daytime fun. Just make sure your toes are peep worthy.

For the Night:
Now it’s time to hit the bars or go on a date with your summer hottie and you wanna put a little more za za zoo into your look. Just add some teardrop earrings, dainty bracelets, and a pair of red wedges and you’ve got an equally stylish nighttime look. (And if you’re really turning up the heat, a push up bra wouldn’t hurt….)

red wedges

With this look, there’s no doubt your style will be in full bloom.