What Your Bikini Wax Says About You

bikini bottomsFor most of us, bikini waxing is a summertime requirement, along the lines of flip flops and SPF 15. You can’t go to the beach with a fur skirt, right? But did you know that how you landscape says a lot about who you are? It’s true – guys can read your vajay like a book. I asked a couple of dudes what they think when they come face to…er….vajeen.

What kind of story is your bikini line telling?

Goin’ Natural:
If a guy can get some booty, he usually doesn’t care what’s happening south of the border, but that doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention. A woman who lets her forest grow wild is either totally inexperienced in the bedroom or super hippie-dippie-trippie and lets that stuff grow everywhere. “I’m afraid to see what her armpits look like,” says dude #1.

The Traditional Clean Up:
So, you take care of anything that might poke out of the bikini bottoms and do some basic trimming everywhere else. What does this say? “She’s considerate, but probably not going to let me flip her around in bed.”

Landing Strip:
Leaving a little patch is a big turn on for guys. Duh. Dude numero 3 tells me: “She takes care of herself and knows what a guy wants. I’d be willing to ask for some more adventurous sexcapades from her.” Dude #1 chimes in, “The landing strip is the holy grail. When I discover it, I almost can’t control myself. Instant turn on.” (As if he really needed one at that point…)

Baring it All:
If you’re daring enough to go totally bare (and I commend you – OUCH!), guys don’t really know what to think. “I feel like a pedophile when there’s nothing down there,” said one guy. Another can’t stop wondering if it was a “shaving incident gone awry.” But there are some that like it. Guy #2 explained: “I’m much more willing to take myself downtown if there is no worry of coughing up a hairball later. And a girl who gets rid of it all is most definitely a freak in the sheets.”

Fun With Shapes:
Yes, there are women out there who treat their vajays like a work of art. Butterflies, hearts and arrows (?!) are some of the more common shapes women will shave into their nether regions. But what do guys think? “Do not enter. That woman gets around.” Guy #3 agreed: “Like a hot dog in a diseased hallway.”

Do you think guys are “reading” us right?



    1. Sam says:

      I shave it all off.. I just hate hair. I never thought of the pedophile thing though. lol My boy doesn't complain though and never has to worry about getting hair in his mouth.

    2. Manboy says:


      Shave it all off! I will still go down with the hair there, but unless you find your cat hacking up a hairball a turn-on I appreciate not flossing with human hair and will spend hours demonstrating my appreciation and affection for the work you hav put in for me. I do also like the triangle above the lips. To me that is a bigger turn on than the landing strip! Think about it, hundreds of people traveling the world in phallic shapes landing at your metaphorical airport. The landing strip just tells me you are busy, turning and burning through a lot of customers; trashy, I think. LOL

    3. Gloria says:

      I think its only fair that if a guy expects a girl to be bare down there, that he does the same.

      Grinding on pubic hair when you're on top HURTS!

    4. Angela says:

      OMG…Gloria, the grinding thing is so true! lol

    5. Denise says:

      I think there is no set rule for each…type…of bikini line. I hate getting rid of it all because I feel bare, so the occasional trim is all. That does not make me hippie…my armpits are bare =P

    6. Jenna says:

      Ew, I would never take it all off. Not only do I not want my vagina to look like it belongs on an 11-year-old, I really don't want to have sex with a guy who is turned on by my vagina looking like it belongs on an 11-year-old. I get rid of a lot of hair to make things run a little smoother, but I prefer to leave some in front.

    7. Chelzz says:

      But I reallllly like the heart I shaved down there once. I only have had sex twice, actually waiting for the right guy.

    8. Jenny says:

      I always shave it all off. I like the smoothness and it's not difficult to maintain. But to each her own, right?:)

    9. Kyla says:

      I shave it all of but I leave a heart on the top and I dye it pink. My boyfriend thinks its cute. I use the product called Betty. It comes with natural and funky dyes and 'cookie cutter shapes'

    10. Jess says:

      I don't understand why people act like it's so hard to maintain shaving it all off- you shave your legs and armpits don't you? Just add the bikini area to it and it's not that hard.

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    12. Sabra says:

      My "natural" bikini line doesn't say I'm a hippie or bad in bed. It says I won't let my pubic hair be dictated by pornography. No more, no less. Well, except "I have better things to do with my time than shave my vulva," which is pretty much the same. If it turns off some guys, I think I can deal. No interest in screwing someone so shallow he thinks my sexual ability is dictated by hair.

    13. bunny says:

      sabra, i concur with your statement completely.

      although i have to admit I'm a bare girl, too. I hate body hair – but if my boy ever shaved more than the occasional trim, he'd be kicked out the bed faster than you could blink haha!


    14. Kat says:

      Some of us are NATURALLY HAIRLESS! Alopecia Universalis can be bad, but it's great for bedsports!

      consider hairless😉 but no fetishes

    15. Jo says:

      Ehhh, shaving the vulva is too much work, and I prefer the look of hair there, too. And as a bi girl, I can say from experience that if you aren't willing to really take the time to shave properly – making sure there is absolutely no stubble, every single day you plan on having sex – it really hurts to give a girl oral!

    16. Frank says:

      I guess I'm a golfer at heart, because I'd rather stay on the short stuff than in the long grass. Totally shaved? Meh. It is nice to not get poked, but a patch/strip/heart is preferred. I like the look, and I hate stubble… totally agree with Jo.

    17. Ashley says:

      I love going bare. It's easy to do and I just prefer it that way<3

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    19. Carrie says:

      I've been getting brazilians for a few months and I only lost my virginity a month ago. I like the ease of being bare down there and how I can wear lacy panties without worry.

      I don't think it makes you look like a little girl and it doesn't automatically make a girl a freak in bed.

    20. Katie says:

      you know, I was against Brazilians for awhile…until I got one. It DOES feel nice to be completely clean down there. And I realize it's not natural, but you know what? A landing strip sure isn't either! Either way, it's a manicured vagina. And come on…even if the girl is hairless down there, doesn't mean she looks like a 13 year old.

    21. La says:

      That's funny, I had always shaved it all off until recently when I decided that, yeah, shaving it all off makes me feel like a little girl. I'm not and yeah hair grows there. Guys need to not be so ridiculous and add to list of unnecessary insecurities we have. Most men I know don't even trim!

    22. Emi says:

      I trim/wax to keep it in check, but other wise I'm pretty natural because that's the way my boyfriend likes it. And believe me, I let him do more then flip me in bed.:)

    23. grace b says:

      Looks like I'm the only virgin here (as so often happens to me…) but I haven't touched mine yet and I'm fairly content with it. Gotta say that those shick intuition bikini razor commercials are trying to convince me otherwise…lol

    24. knittycat01 says:

      ok i've never had a bikini wax because i'm nervous about the pain. any tips for it not hurt so badly?

    25. mck says:

      I disagree and I KNOW my boyfriend will disagree emphatically that just because I don't go and wax/shave it all off makes me conservative in bed. It's my opinion that guys shouldn't judge a woman's sexual prowess or preferences by the way she keeps her pubes (exceptions: poor hygiene, etc. That's just nasty)…Just because I don't shave mine doesn't mean I don't care or that I'm not down for something freaky. I simply consider myself lucky that the only one who can judge me in bed is my boyfriend and he already knows better than to judge a book/vagina by it's (naturally attractive, don't-need-no-stinkin-wax) cover.

    26. ao says:

      Knittycat01: I hear a couple of advil half an hour before does the trick.

      I've experimented with it all: shaving, au naturelle, brazilian, trimming. Trimming is my current favourite, keeps things from getting too messy at certain times of the month, but not as much work as taking it all off and having it itch as it grows back.

      To be fair, I don't have a steady boyfriend, and who cares what a random thinks? I don't!😉

    27. Sara says:

      ugh….. i tried shaving once, and once only! i was paranoid about shaving bits off D: … and ended up making a mess of it…..

      i waxed shaped above though….. lightning bolt/love heart/a tree? … because i though it was cute and funny (noone but me admired, and i lmao for a while!) ….

      tried giving myself a brazilian….. ouch is all i can say….. but my brother's gf was going to take me in (i chickened out eventually) …..

      Honestly.. i think that guy with the "balls" to complain about the bush is getting enough to be picky and should be kicked out….. however, steady bf's should be treated better / should treat us better!



    28. BG says:

      How about a companion piece about what a guy's pubic hair says about him?

      I'm kind of thinking that the only guys who can read vajayjays like books are manwhores that I wouldn't want to sleep with anyway.

      Personally, I'm adventurous, trimmed, and a little freaked out by anyone who assumes that getting a bikini wax is a "summertime requirement". No objection to personal preferences, but come on people, don't assume that *everyone* wants to look like a little girl or a porn star.

    29. hahaha says:

      lately i've taken to going bare a lot of the time but for years i've been completely natural, and trust me, i'm one of the freakiest girls you'd ever meet…so i feel bad for boys that judge based on that.

    30. Thomas says:

      Everyone, both guys and girl, will have a difference of opinion on what they 'like' or 'prefer'. This kind of falls along the lines of liking someone with long hair, short hair, a beard, piercing, etc. For me it has always been a respect or courtesy thing to keep that area trimmed. You take a shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, shave your legs/armpits/face (if you are a guy), etc all to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Now you are hooking up with them, expose your most private area…asking them to put their mouth down there and BOOM no maintenance? I am not saying that everyone should be bare, but guy or girl going down on someone is made a lot easier if the person took the time to trim things back. Finally, it is hair it grows back. Everyone tries different hair styles that the whole world sees, why shut yourself off to experimenting with pubes?

    31. Desiree says:

      theres a big difference between shaving your armpits and shaving your vagina. evolutionary biologists have a theory that pubic hair evolved in part to hold the smell because it turns partners on. for girls who get in-growns easily, you dont want to deal with that crap. "what guys REALLY think about your bikini wax" kind of misses the point. i find that when i wax [like once every 2-3 months cuz its just not that important to me or my boyfriend] it makes oral sex that much more intense. the landscaping is a must attitude seems a little sexist.

    32. Desiree says:

      and i agree with hahaha: i dont wax often but ive had guys tell me im one of the freakiest girls theyve ever met.

    33. Tess says:

      I've dealt with both of the clean-shaven points of view–one boyfriend said he felt like I was nine years old, and another was stoked because he didn't have to worry about pulling little curlies out later (yuk). But honestly, I started leaving a little patch because I decided I stopped liking it totally bare, but I also don't like body hair in general.

      Also, if a guy's mouth is all the way up to the strip, then he's doing something wrong.

    34. Zach says:

      My girlfriend and I just became sexually active, and she shaves it all off. I have to say, I prefer the bare vajayjay. It makes cunnilingus MUCH simpler, and much more enjoyable for both parties.:)

    35. Straight Guy says:

      Really, shaved is the ONLY way to go. Now I don't mind if I have to repay the favor, but remember … ours sticks out, there's no internal work that must be done.

      I also love to use the whole area during foreplay. One of the things I love to do involves teasing with my fingers, hands, feathers, a brush, anything to create a sensation down there. And on a freshly waxed pussy. Those feelings…. much like the breeze up your skirt, are intensified without the creepy hairy barrier between yours truly and the golden nectar of your pussy.

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    37. Darla says:

      i have to say the bare vajayjay makes me cum alot faster for sum reason i feel the senstion alot more and my dude likes it cuz he gets to see all of it with no hair in the way. Also as a bi girl i agree , and when i go downtown on my chick fling i like the smooth vajayjay feel. BARE IS THE WAY TO GO LADIES!

    38. Todd says:

      Personally, I only got my wife to try anything last year… I have kept myself clean down there for years. My wife hated it at first… thought it was kinky and thought if I shaved that I was 'expecting' her to as well. Once she realized that I have never asked her to… she let up and just started enjoying it and now that she has tried it… she just shaved the lower area… she enjoys the feeling of our bald areas gliding around on one another, after we've thoroughly enjoyed our mouths wetting it all up! The only problem I am having now is that (having been waxed before), I want to go get waxed and stop messing with shaving and she doesn't want some other woman handling my manhood… not even to just wax the area. So we are trying to deal with that right now… I told her that I will wait, but I 'will' be getting it waxed and not shaving in the next couple of weeks or month. I have a lady who even invited her to be there… she said no, but I told her that is the best I will do… I am going at some point.

      It really is nice to be clean down there for a man and I've never judged a woman for her grooming… but I have and do love a woman who will take the time to shave or preferably wax. I like to wax because it is smoother, no stubble and when it does grow out the stuff is so soft and doesn't itch.

      So, if a guy doesn't clean it up… he is an ass to expect a woman to. I have never seen a waxed woman as a child… you have to have a sick brain to even think about that! If that is you… judge yourself. If you have the vejayjay of a child, deal with it yourself. Shaving and/or waxing is not about pedifiles or perversion… it is a grooming preference.

      Anyone who sees it as more should just grow up.

      1. Helen says:

        wax it yourself!! it's not hard to do. put little bits on at a time. learn how to do it. It's not difficult. buy Nads Brazillian wax, it's really good. easy to use. keep the peace and learn to do it yourself… it's not hard to do. use a mirror for the tricky bits down under

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    40. Charles says:

      Girlfriends who have received oral stimulation both when bald and when furry tell me that smooth is the ultimate sensation. They like to feel every lick, flick, and flutter.

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    42. Sthefany says:

      Well I would say try getting it pieofssronal waxed at 1-3 days before you go swimming. That’s what I always do, but I understand if you don’t want too. Hair removal creams work really well. Sally Hanson, I think work the best. However, they don’t smell the greatest! Make sure your bikini line is wet, it wouldn’t hurt to exfoliate before hand. They have special kind of saving creams just for shaving your bikini line, I would reccomend getting that for sensitive skin. After you get done, was with anti-bacterial soap. Wait a little bit, and then put baby oil on it. Not a lot, but it’ll help. I PROMISE. Oh, and use a good razor. Not a cheap kind. Get one that has an aloe strip already on it. That helps a lot too.

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