The Top 10 Reasons I Am Hating Hipsters

hipsters pbrThere’s a new plague making its way across college campuses from coast to coast. Take one step into your local incorporated coffee shop, vegan restaurant, Urban Outfitters or American Apparel store and you will be afflicted. (Or blinded by all the neon spandex and overwhelming scent of cigarettes.)

I’m talking, of course, about hipsters.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t worry’ they’ve even got a Wikipedia page.

I don’t truly despise these people. In fact, some are my dear friends. However, the ones that aren’t my friends are becoming an issue – a taking-all-the-tables-at-my-favorite-coffee-shop issue – and here’s my top 10 reasons that they piss me off. Obviously, not all apply. And obviously there are many, many more.

1. OHMYGOD just because I don’t wear weird clothes doesn’t mean I don’t like good music, too.
Hipsters pride themselves on liking the most unique, underground indie music. And if they like something outside that realm? Well, they like it “ironically.” In fact, I’m pretty sure their entire subculture is based on irony. (Editor’s Note: Maybe Alanis Morisette started the hipster movement?!) They automatically assume if someone is in a polo shirt that their music taste only expands as far as Dave Matthews and OAR. WRONG. Not everyone wears their music taste on their American Apparel sleeves. Get. Real. Check my last.fm; I listen to just as much Arcade Fire as you do and my mom was at Pavement concerts when you were in diapers.

2. The corporations you support are just as bad as the ones you hate.
So, you enjoy taking over Urban Outfitters? Well guess what – UO supported Proposition 8, the recently passed proposition that banned same sex marriage. Urban is owned by the most anti-gay bigot ever. Maybe you should think twice before you go heading over there for your next ironic tee and skinny jeans.

3. Life’s tough. Get a helmet.
Adorn the helmet with Bon Iver stickers. Do what you must, just stop bitching and moaning and sucking down Parliament Lights and PBR cans like it’s your job. You’ve got a trust fund, you unitard-wearing complainer.

4. Hypocritical much?
So, you spend your time hating on people for being judgmental a-holes? While you sit there and judge them based on the fact that they’re wearing mainstream clothing and maybe enjoy rap music? I don’t think that frat boy gives a crap about your life, so why do you care how he lives his?

5. Sports are not the anti-christ.
I like basketball. It’s fun to cheer for things (I know. Enthusiasm. Scary.) and maybe you should try watching it. Just because a lot of people love it doesn’t mean it sucks.

6. People eat animals. They taste real good.
Don’t tell me how my burger came to be. Veganism is your choice, not mine. Do I tell you how your lungs are turning black when you smoke? No. Do I not-so-politely inform you that your skinny jeans are permanently damaging your nerves? Nopers. Don’t remind me that my sandwich was once a living thing.

7.  It’s okay to like things without being ironic.
I’d love to meet a hipster that can openly admit that they un-ironically enjoy Britney Spears or Fall Out Boy. Even just a couple songs. Come on! It’s catchy! I’m not judging you!

8. Starbucks is tasty. Organic coffee tastes funky.
Enough said. Maybe it’s overpriced, but oh my god, I have never had a decent frappucino at an indie coffee shop. Side note: your indie coffee shop is most likely a franchise, too!

9. PBR is gross.
Enough. Said.

10. Smile.
Sunshine, I don’t care what you’re wearing, but for the love of spandex and Ray-Bans, can you please brighten someone’s day and smile? Scowling is super unbecoming.

Melanie currently interning in NYC, taking full advantage of all margarita specials and those blonde summer boys. Stalk her on Twitter: @tinkermellie



    1. Heather says:

      hipster is the worst trend ever..and yes hipsters..you ARE a trend

    2. J says:


    3. wendy says:


    4. Kelly says:

      The worst incident I had with one is when one tried to order a PBR at my work (I'm a cocktail waitress) and I told him we don't have it but have Bud, Bud Light, etc for the same price, assuming it was because he was a poor college kid like me. Instead he orders a Red Stripe, which cost almost 4x more. It's all about the image.

      I definitely recommend looking up the "Hipster Olympics" on youtube…it was meant to be beyond stereotypical but it's actually right on the dot.

    5. Erin says:

      I love http://www.latfh.com/. I really hate them, nothing pisses me off more than badly dressed pissy ironic 20 somethings with mommie and daddies money. Please stop smoking weed at Union Square you low life fucking hipsters i just want to get to the grocery store.

    6. Amy says:

      love this article/ #6 made me laugh!

    7. karina says:

      I go to VCU, which must be the unofficial capital of hipsters outside of Brooklyn. We are over run with them, and while some can be cool, most are the extremely annoying.

      You dont know me so stop being so judgy because I like pink! and get your bike out of the road while im driving!!

    8. KS says:

      Well, you've certainly proven that judgment and hate goes both ways. Good job.

    9. Kelly says:

      So, because I support independent coffee shops rather than giant corporations with shady business practices, I'm someone who deserves your hate?

      And wake up honey, frappuccinos are basically milkshakes with maybe a bit of coffee in them. People who go to independent coffee shops likely care about coffee and its quality, not a massive, hundreds of calories shake.

      I know your post was meant to be humorous, but there was a definite tone of hate in it that offended me. I'm not a hipster, I don't really understand their culture, but if that's how they choose to live their life, who the hell are you to judge them? You even said it yourself when you said, "I don’t think that frat boy gives a crap about your life, so why do you care how he lives his?"

    10. callahan says:

      haters sippin' on haterade!

    11. Kurt says:

      Hipsters hate Urban Outfitters. This article is inaccurate.

    12. Sonia says:

      aw, i actually like pbr.

    13. Candie says:

      I liked this article, it was funny

    14. Lauren says:

      How about this:

      You destroyed the indie scene and standardized its music into a new kind of folky pop drivel.

      You have not come up with a single element of your identity that hasn't been stolen from an ACTUAL subculture.

      You look just like everyone else – you're not a trendsetter because no one knows who you are. You're just a canvas of cliches.

      You're not "alternative" because you are the first group of "I'm different!" types to be SOLD their entire lifestyle by a mainstream media masquerading as somehow subversive or grassroots.

      You spend tons of money on anything that will make you look poor, while driving out the actual working class you look down on – even as you fetishize their "lifestyle".

      Way to be a walking commercial, you souless little brat.

    15. Nicolle says:

      I think it's funny when people think that veganism/vegetarianism is about people. It's not about me, it's about the animal that is killed just because you think 'it tastes good' (terrible fucking justification, btw). If animals could speak for themselves, I wouldn't.

      Going back to the music comment.. I was reading a Fall Out Boy article from back in the day and the bassist was commenting on how he sees the same guys who made fun of him and beat on him in high school at fall out boy shows… and he wonders how they could possibly relate to their songs.

      1. JacqueDarcy says:

        It's a fuckin' animal. At least it isn't a dog or a cat. And "it tastes good" is a fantastic justification."

    16. Brooke says:

      omg kelly i love the hipster olympics! we watched that in one of my classes last fall while studying american culture

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    18. Ace says:

      Whoa, that was some serious hating that just happened. OK, I'm not a hipster, I'm just a person. But I suppose many of my friends would fall into that category and in some instances myself as well. I like PBR, and yes, I'm actually broke ass poor. I like thrift shopping, again, I'm poor. I live in Brooklyn, I work at an indie music label and for an indie management company. I do like Urban Outfitters but don't shop there, cause I'm poor. But that's really a misunderstanding, UO isn't popular with hipsters because it is mainstream and poorly political. I'm not a vegetarian but who gives an eff who is or isn't? Does it really offend you that much? Myself and many of my friends like sports, I love baseball games and one of my most "hipster" friends is a sports writer. And the starbucks thing is because starbucks is way over priced, did I mention I'm poor? Drink your starbucks all you want, just toss a girl the change when you leave? And by the way, we smile, it's just hard to grin at all your hating.

    19. Keightee says:

      Who cares? Let people be who they want to be. If people want to be part of the hipster trend or whatever, great. You've chosen to be a snarky, hateful-sounding blogger aiming to be funny – but really, it's just off-putting…probably as off-putting as you find 'hipsters' to be. Sure, it's largely an image thing, but what isn't these days?

      Live and let live.

      1. JacqueDarcy says:

        Who cares? People do. Without critique there is no improvement. And don't be ignorant. Not everything is about image; not everyone is as shallow as hipsters are.

        "Live and let live." Can you say naive? I can.

      2. I know! I totally agree with you, people should leave other people, alone and stop judging them. We aren´t all the same and we shouldn´t (if we are i suppose we are clones right? XD). everyone has the freedom to do what they want, why should that bother everyone.Itz their like, their decisions and their problem.

        No matter what u do, you´ll never please society. Haterz gonna Hate

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    21. Rio says:

      May I just add:


      I don't care that you like to cover mailboxes with yarn, or dip your ass in paint and smear it on cardboard, or whatever abstract drivel you create while the rest of us are working our asses off in real jobs. Why should our tax dollars go toward your "interpretation" of homelessness instead of actually getting the homeless off the streets? And, more importantly, why did the managing editor of our university paper think it was such a good idea to cut the sports section so you'd have more room to blather about it?


    22. Bridgette says:

      Didn't know Urban Outfitters supported Prop 8, I'm a little pissed to find out that information, I worked for them for a year ans 1/2 and I love the place and everything about it. But ish like that makes me mad. Yeah the hipster trend is an interesting one, it's modern day grunge for the most part.

    23. bobbygee says:

      Don't tell me what to eat or how to live. Read the Bible. Read the constitution. Check out my blog. Bobby Gee it's sports with a twist.

    24. bob says:


      Imagine the gall of someone such as Urban Outfitters standing up for what they believe in. I say we torch their stores and show them that they are only supposed to support that which is different. Down with those that uphold conservative values and other stuff like that.

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    26. lupe says:

      eh, this could have been funny if the authoress hadn't been drinking too much hateorade. i hate the hipster fad as much as the next person but this article did not make me want to side with you. way too bitter.

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    28. Allison says:

      After reading all of the comments here, I laughed harder than I did while reading the article.

      Everyone, take a chill pill. Freedom of speech? I enjoy reading the comments though.

      One thing to be pointed out, its more of a hate upon the hipster scene and those who try, and fail, to actually fall within it. There are the true hipsters who are environmentally conscious and care about what they put in their bodies. Then there are people who do shock value and try to be hipster. The hipster scene is not unique since it is a basic mesh of being a bit punk, a bit grunge, and a bit indie; it does though have some good fashion trends ( I love plaid) and the music tends to have a refreshing feel after hearing one too many repetitive cowbells in a snow.

    29. Allison says:

      *in a song


    30. Jess says:

      Thank God someone has finally put my thoughts into words. When you live in a city that is 70% hipster inhabited (Asheville, NC…. you know what I'm talking about) they are impossible to avoid. In fact my group of friends are almost entirely "hipsters". And it is incredibly annoying. While I do enjoy hanging out with them, they are assholes. They drink more PBR in three hours than I could stomach in a year. They complain about the establishment when at least three of them are on unemployment.

      ALSO I get really sick of walking into my favorite cafe only to be stared at derisively while ordering a cup of coffee. "That girl looks like she's taken a shower in the past 24 hours, and she's wearing a cardigan….. from HOLLISTER!!!!" I've been going to that place since I was 12 years old, you have taken over in the last twenty four months.

    31. Bubba says:

      Dey sounds like a bunches of damm hippies, fags and communists..

    32. Bubba says:

      Ship der ass off to 'nam..

    33. BP says:

      hipster olympics=awesome

      it's sad that in 2 years nobody has been able to say anything about the hipster subculture that isn't insanely lame, which goes double for this post

      i know way more about blitz packages or single A teams and could probably own the author in any physical activity and still think sports FANS are the devil incarnate, starbucks? really?, PBR is fine, non-bud heavy is only for the idiots they advertise to. I don't see anyone besting hipster olympics ever, but keep hating by all means, it's becoming on you

    34. BP says:

      OK, I hate your article, but kudos to you for putting your name and school and the UO prop 8 thing is way more than Slate bases a piece on, plus I did not notice that you were a girl when I commented, so strike the chest beating physical part above. By the time you are 25 I'm sure your insights will be incredible.

      so hard to not end with a preposition….

    35. Brian says:

      Alanis Morisette didn't understand the meaning of irony. Which in itself is ironic. As is a trend based on a cooler than thou ethos.

    36. Fuckey Youse says:

      Hating "hipsters" is just as absurd and distasteful as being one, don't you see? Actively taking time out of your days to mull over what you hate about people (the way they dress, the music they like, the fucking beer they drink) is tantamount to what you all accuse "hipsters" of doing. Not to mention all the prima facie judgments inherent in labeling someone a hipster. Talk about irony. The anti-hipster is just as much of a trend as the hipster, and the two are pretty interdependent for continued relevance.

      And, for the record, PBR tastes better than Bud Fucking Light. I'm not saying it's good, but it tastes like something. Sometimes being cost conscious and liking good beer necessarily come to odds. Furthermore, cyclists have every right to be "in the road" while "you're driving." That's just how it goes. Fucking deal with it.

      1. JacqueDarcy says:

        So having a critical eye on a sub culture is wrong? Judgmental? Yes. If you don't know WHY they're doing it then you're kinda naive as fuck.

    37. K says:

      I think that you should focus all this list-y energy towards people who just don't smile/act bitchy in general. I feel like the sad geek I was when I started exploring subcultures in middle school when I read this, because it alienates me based on the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the coffee I drink, and the music I listen to. That's mean. Not to be all that-one-crazy-girl-in-Mean-Girls, but can't we all just be friends? I'm vegan, I listen to weird music, I dress silly. But I smile all the effing time, and I do all those things not to be ironic, and not to be exclusive, but because I genuinely enjoy them.

      Hipsters ARE annoying, but it's not the things you listed that make them so. In every case, it's a person's attitude about something…

      But hey, compromise: Starbucks DOES make a mean soy latte.

    38. RI Guy says:

      If you look for the ridiculous in everything, you'll find it… Ill make an example using your model.:)

      1. Take a group of people:

      -African Americans

      2. Recall things that I've seen or heard from friends/ internet/ news that I did not like or found funny about this group:

      -they drink grape crush

      -they eat watermelons

      -they don't smile

      3. Create a witty anecdote to help people relate this stereotype Ive created:


      Sunshine, I don’t care what you’re wearing, but for the love of (watermelons) and (grape soda), can you please brighten someone’s day and smile? Scowling is super unbecoming.

      Douche-bags, Hipsters, Geeks, Jocks, Metal-heads, Whitetrash… I know this article was done in good humor and maybe to vent a bit, but it validates stereotyping people. It's easy to get a laugh ridiculing people behind a fake name it's much harder to find common ground and pick everyone up with out putting someone down.

      Im not saying "love everybody" I'm just asking you to hate one person at a time:)

      1. Bee says:

        Geez chill out, its harmless. Don't read it if it offends you so much.

    39. I'm with ya on most of these. But Starbucks tastes awful… do they put pennies in the coffee filter?

      I'd much rather go to a 7-11…

    40. Lisa Simpson says:

      Hipsters are so nonconforming in a conforming sort of way.

    41. teal says:


    42. cj says:

      FYI, the Prop 8/Urban Outfitters thing doesn't have any legitimate proof. I did research about it a couple of months ago, and it seems like the whole thing is rooted in a Wikipedia article (with no sources, which has since been removed for that very reason) and the fact that a shirt reading "I support gay marriage" was pulled because it wasn't selling, something the store does regularly.

      I know Richard Hayne (the UO founder/owner) and his family, and while they are traditional Republicans (Hayne donated lots of money to Rick Santorum, who is a bit of a nutcase), Hayne is not far-right leaning, nevermind the "most anti-gay bigot ever." (Obviously, that title is already taken by Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church, anyway!) While it is true that the Hayne family is a family of Republicans, and very wealthy ones at that, they are not the giant assholes you are making them out to be.

    43. Molly says:

      Ann Arbor LOVES to accommodate the hipsters…

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    45. DEB says:

      Took the words out of my mouth.

      12. Can't you humble yourself for a minute? Adoration =/= your material items.

      You know that wonderful 1960s find you BRAG incessantly about on your blog/when someone meets you in person 'cause there's nothing cool or genuinely interesting about yourself to begin with? Might be my poor grandmother's. During civil rights my grandmother had things (dishes/dresses/jewelry) forcibly taken from her and my mother. I can't have adoration for someone who prides themselves in happening upon dead persons' personal items. Just humbly appreciate those things please.

      13. Some of your clothes are weird. Maybe you should dress like an (professional) adult for a day. Do you work?

      14.You're intellectual and cultured, how? When you buy your "cool" from a thrift shop? Get tagged on flicker? From coffee house? When you snap a pic on your Iphone? UO or AA? Buy a mp3 tagged "indie"? With your parents money? Interesting…

      15.I DO stuff to make it better.

      I do community service voluntarily; I do not complain about an issue and make myself feel superior for it, drink PBR, and then go to a underground party. Kinda selfish.

    46. Anonymous says:

      you people are retarded.hipsters rock.stop hating.

    47. RI Guy, I'm not hiding behind any fake name. My birth name is Melanie and I attend Northeastern University.

      My byline is 100% real.

    48. Casey says:

      Ugh I totally agree! I worked at Urban Outfitters for a year and it was the worst job I have ever had! The people that worked there were so rude! Even to each other! All but three of them fit your points to a T! They all put me down because I also worked for Abercrombie and Fitch (where the people are all EXTREMELY nice and considerate to EVERYONE! despite what everyone thinks about Abercrombie employees) My UO co-workers put down my other job, my friends, and me, simply for working for Abercrombie. Had any of them ever talked to another abercrombie employee? NO! They put down the clothes that I wore, the music I listened to, and the way I wear my hair. My managers there did the same thing. The customers were just as bad, and probably mainly for the fact that UO (at least the one I worked at) gave HORRIBLE customer service.

      I know stereotyping is horrible, and I'm sure not ALL hipsters are horrible, rude, and arrogant people, however, the ones I have come in contact with all fit this article to a T.

      But I digress, Max Bemis says it best in the Say Anything song "Admit It".

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    50. random says:

      Whether you are wearing your ralph lauren polo with your tiffany necklace, coach purse, and keds, or your skinny girl jeans with your straw hat fedora and dads old concert tee with your black converse it's all to fit a stereotype. lets face it, we all fit into one category or another so quit hating. its lame.

    51. Megan says:

      I think half of these comments are irrelevent. The title is The Top 10 Reasons I Am HATING Hipsters. The hater comments just mean you can't read. Congrats.


    52. Alexa says:

      I love this! I live in Baltimore, where there are hipsters practically crawling out every concert venue and indie record store. I completely understand your annoyance. This article was amazing, it said everything I could ever want to say – ironically, of course.

    53. K8 says:

      This definitely made me chuckle. I used to work in a bar that was constantly crawling with this genre of students. A lot of them, especially from a particular private and prestigious college, were the most like what you described. I think everyone should just be able to be themselves and not necessarily be criticized, but I'm not gonna lie, this post your wrote made me laugh because it is a lot of truth. Keep writing:)

    54. pwall1 says:

      Oh my lord this is accurate. Great stuff.

    55. Leigh says:

      As much as certain trends can be annoying when my life becomes inundated with them (

    56. Leigh says:

      (sorry, hit submit too soon)

      …(Ugg boots, leggings as pants, too much eyeliner), I think it is a bit harsh to group people who enjoy certain trends into larger categories based solely on these trends. I wear skinny jeans, hats, and oversized cocktail rings, but I also love almost all mainstream music. I shop at thrift stores because it's very inexpensive, but I love Starbucks and usually spend $6 on a venti because it tastes good. I support gay marriage but eat meat, and love it! Moral of my story is, someone who may look like a hipster…or a prep…or a goth…on the outside, may just deserve a closer look before judgement can be passed. Try to get to know people for who they really are before you herd them into categories.

    57. danyell says:

      people suck in general when it all comes down to it. we're all SOMETHING. some sort of "trend" and we ALL have atleast one thing in common. so all of you get over yourselves. you are a person living in a culture full of sub-cultures full of people and music and clothing and etc. get over it. if someone wants to be stupid and live a certain way, so be it, its their mistake.

    58. elysianisis says:

      Is the hipster movement an East Coast plague? Cos im from soCal and we're all still stuck on adopting little dogs and trying to be Paris Hilton =p

      At least we're like, totally Hot

      Hipster's are not

    59. glenda says:

      I totally agree ,these mother f*ckers always pointing the finger at every body else,but obviously have not taken the time to look at themselves. Hey f*ckers live your life the way you want too. Nobody cares how you live your life, but leave the rest of the world alone.

    60. M says:

      PBR is not Gross, set one up next to a Stella Artois and I guarantee you cant tell the diff. But I know you think Stella is good because its an import and PBR sucks cause you grandpa drank it.

    61. M,

      My grandpa's a vodka man. Stella's pretty gross too.

    62. Rose says:

      I agree with most of these. However, I don't think PBR is gross. It tastes better than Natural Ice or Busch or Steel Reserve.

    63. Megan says:

      Don't assume all vegans are hipsters and vice versa. That is such a stereotype. And I don't preach about vegetarianism every five seconds, but if it bothers you that your sandwich was once a living thing, than why do you continue to eat meat?

    64. Ace says:

      As a fellow Northeasterner all this hating makes me sad. But then, I can't stand white hats and bitchy girls, so I guess I won't see you in Connor Larkins.

    65. Britt says:

      Hilarious article.

      Stereotyping is lame, but we all do it and that's life, and don't lie, we all enjoy making fun of people at some point (even though I'm the first to admit that jokes made in good humor can be hurtful)

      Keep writing, this shit's gold:)

    66. Ace, write an article about it!

      Too bad about Connor's, maybe we should grab a drink at Espresso Royale. I dig their spanish lattes and they give me lots of inspiration to write.

    67. Rachel- University o says:

      7-11 coffee is amazing… Seriously. I drank Starbucks 8 years ago cause I thought it was cool, I admit it.

      I go to school with Professors who are hipsters, we even have a hipster music festival (SXSW) that used to be cool & "scene free" 3 years ago…

      But they do make cool handmade jewlery, and give good eyeliner tips.

      There are things that annoy me about pretty much every "group" you can think of- even my own. Focusing on negativity only slows you down, and helps me jump in front of you :p

    68. University of Texas says:

      Why all the hate comment people? It's not stereotypes, it's probability :p

      Seriously, everything stated here has been almost exactly true for every hipster I have ever met.

    69. pants says:

      Organic coffee tastes funky? I'm sorry but if you are basing your coffee experience on … frappuccino's… then you shouldn't really have a say on coffee period. I think starbucks tends to taste kinda burnt.

      Unlike some of the others here… I'm all for hate. But… it needs to be a little funnier to make it worthwhile. Keep trying.

    70. Dre says:

      PBR taste delicious. Everything else in the article is fine.

    71. The Hipsters says:

      Way to comprehend, people. Predictably among haters, you don’t even know what it is you really hate.
      I like the woman who “just wants to go to the supermarket.” That’s actually kind of sad, because we should all want to do a little more with our lives than just that. Though I in no way devalue the importance of a good grocery store, because you need fresh produce. Hipsters eat apples. Hipsters enjoy crisp, sweet apples.
      And how are they stopping you? Are you paralyzed with fear and unable to leave your house because of the terrifying hipsters?

      1) Arcade Fire haven’t released an album for more than two years, so maybe Funeral gets a play every few months because it’s an amazing album. No doubt your momma saw Pavement because that band broke up a long time back.
      So, wow, to start, you claim equal footing in knowledge on underground, new music with a group of people whose passion is underground, new music. . . by listing a defunct classic band and a Grammy-nominated chart topping classic group that haven’t released an album since Feb 07. Cool. I guess that’s like when I pretend I know as much about his passion as a film snob because I’ve seen Being John Malkovich and my mom has heard of Fellini.

      2) HIPSTERS LOVE RAP. Hyphy, grime, pretty much anything from Rap-A-Lot is just stellar. And soul, and R’n’B, and jazz. The term hipster actually began when white kids started listening to jazz 20 years after that scene started. A few years before Alanis.

      3) I liked “Toxic” because the beat was sick, not because I’ve secretly enjoyed everything Britney Spears has released (lolno) or don’t understand what irony is (because, seriously, look it up, irony is all about someone not being in on a joke. Someone being the butt of a joke without knowing it. You may have been that person if you didn’t know that.)

      4) Hipsters love sports. Hipsters love stats. Fantasy baseball participants and hipsters have a big overlap in their Venn. Yo La Tengo comes from a baseball anecdote! There was even an indie album released last year all about moments in baseball history.
      But I guess cheering for things that you feel represent you makes you more a sports fan. Or an egotist, whatevs.

      5) PBR is a decent cheap beer but microbrew is true alt.

      6) There was this guy who lived by my apartment, and I’d see him when I walked to the store at night. He’d have his headphones in and the happiest look on his face. He’d walk around the block like that all the time, just beaming wide at whoever. You know why? He smoked crack! He’d smoke crack, pop in some tunes, be all ecstatic and high, popping into alleys to smoke more crack. I know this because once I asked him to buy me beer because I thought with a smile like that he’d be sure to help me out and then he showed me his crack pipe and told me about the heart attack he might have had yesterday. He was actually a standup dude for a crackhead.
      Point is, I smile when there’s a reason. And there are plenty of reasons. But I don’t walk around looking like I’m really fucking high all the time. Because, when I am, my combination nicotine-caffeine-THC buzz is very pleasant and productive and manageable, thank you. I don’t need to “grin like an idiot,” as they say.

      There you go, pastiche of your blogroll clumsily thrown together to make ugly and derivative site, fostering insecurity and forwarding no real ideas, a free counterpoint article, and better than anything you’ve yet published! Bye-bye.

      1. bob loblaw says:

        hippie douchbag

      2. oblida says:

        pretentious much? stupid hipsters.

    72. The Hipsters,

      I like your attitude. Let's date.

      – M

    73. Sarah says:

      I didn't have time to read through all these comments, but I had no idea an article like this would spark so much controversy!

      That being said, I know this was supposed to be funny, but it just wasn't. It didn't say anything more than any other article about hipsterism has said. It wasn't clever. It didn't appeal to the majority of readers. It wasn't well-informed or intelligent (except for that factoid about UO and prop 8…really?!).

      Hatin' on hipsters is a waste of time. They're a subculture that refuses to identify with itself so even though some people commented that they agreed with the article, they are most likely hipsters themselves. /laugh

      Can we move on from the high school sentiment of categorizing, labeling, and judging people now; please?

      1. bee says:

        Take a chill pill

      2. Drew says:

        Let's be realistic here. We can't move on from the "high school sentiment of categorizing, labeling, and judging people…" We've been judging, labeling, categorizing since the beginning of TIME. All the judging, labeling, and categorizing will only come to an end if every single individual were all exactly the same.
        I'm sure this writer was writing this article for humor.. and it doesn't matter if you thought it was offensive or not funny or whatever. It's your opinion. and your opinion doesn't matter to anyone else but yourself.

      3. Mattie says:

        Isn't that the whole point of the comments? to express how you feel about the issue? Some people do actually care, and want to see how others react. So yeah. Your opinion can matter to someone, would you like it if absolutely no one listened to you? It's a horrible thing. Don't chastise someone for having something to say. They're not saying it for you, they're saying it because they feel it needs to be said.

      4. Liza says:

        Actually, I really liked the author's opinion. And clearly it mattered enough for you to respond to it.

    74. oneoverphi says:

      The music snobbery really gets my goat. And where would I be without my goat? Alone on a Friday, that's where! I wrote a breakdown on 5 methods of the music snob which may be of interest to those who wish to combat music snobbery that is apparent in the hipster.

      "Unfortunately they don’t realise that you can enjoy the esoteric and the popular without sacrificing your place as an edge-case."

      More here:


    75. alaina says:

      Gosh. It must be terrible having so many negative feelings toward people who probably don't even notice you.

      1. art garfunkel says:

        why don't you just post "you mad?" instead. it's much more concise and just as pussy and passive aggressive and histerish as what you typed.

      2. Kelly says:

        Funny…you noticed!

      3. bee says:

        Geez chill out, its harmless. Don't read it if it offends you so much

    76. Cori says:

      Fun read, but I'm going to have to severely disagree with your attempted joke at the expensive of Veganism–eating meat intentionally harms animals. Smoking and skinny jeans primarily and unintentionally harm the perpetrator. It's all about intention here, and hipsters arguably have a nobler one than thou.

    77. […] stay with me here. Many, many people disagree – even some here at CollegeCandy – but if you can look past the obvious (like the mustaches and the outline of the boys’ […]

    78. http://www.heavytext says:

      PBR is the closest thing we have to sweet Ambrosia! You take back those filthy words!

      I suppose you haven't tried it with lime then, huh?

      Either way it won a ribbon. Enough said.

    79. vicmorrow says:

      I don't know what a hipster is.. i like a lot of things you are ragging on here.. I don't wear skinny pants.

      Either way I'm going on too much. I meant to just say I don't know what a hipster is, but that guy up there does have a very punchable face.

    80. Nicole says:

      For the record, not all vegans are hipsters.:) But yeah, I agree with this. I have the most annoying hipsters at my high school, and yeah, I'm best friends with some, but the others are like, "Oh, you like Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani?" in a very condescending way. And then say that they have 500+ friends on Myspace/Facebook, which is pretty hilarious. Or maybe that's the 'ironic' thing they want to have.

      Either way, it's a cry for attention.

    81. nick says:

      This is article is a poor attempt at humor.

      In fact the only thing funny about this article is that you think you are on the cutting edge because you because you listen to Arcade Fire…haha!

      PBR is good.

      Frappacinnos only exist so idiots like yourself will pay $5 a drink. It is a dessert not a coffee. There is nothing wrong with organic coffee. You know nothing about coffee and anyone who does can clearly tell you are a fool.

    82. ihatefedoras.blogspo says:

      Reason # 11: Fedoras

    83. Franky Starks says:

      Hipsters are fake. They're a bunch of upper middle class kids playing poor. They think culture is a commodty that they can appropriate for vanity's sake, and I never met one that wasn't a complete psudeo-intellectual nob. I find it funny that not one of them owns up to the label "hipster". Never was there a youth movement in which its practioners went to such lengths to deny membership. It's sad that the preceding generations had to sweat and sacrifce so that these kids can play bohemian. A real bohemain doesn't want to be part of a dominant tribe, but actively shuns it. Being a hipster is just a bourgeois way of being anti-bourgeois, a way to renounce mass society without actually having to suffer the painful consequences of isolation It's the most vacuous, superficial subculture the modern world has ever produced.

    84. […] Hipster: But, let’s be real, Hipsters are not sexy. […]

    85. […] ‘em or hate em, no one can deny that we are surrounded by the hipster generation these days. We are living and […]

    86. Andrea says:

      Kudos to the comment above me!

    87. Coralfangs says:

      A friend just sent me this post and I have to comment
      Look at the irony of your first reason. Arcade Fire? Can’t you find a better example? I see that you have a taste far beyond Dave Matthew.
      Why do people have to be so defensive when they are told that they don’t know enough about music? By mentioning about Arcade Fire, we can clearly tell that you don’t.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong if one chooses to spend a little more time discovering new arts and music. A lot of so-called hipsters take pride of their so-called eclectic music collection because they would actually spend the time and effort to see and hear what the world has to offer, instead of being spoon-fed by corporate labels or the local radio stations.

    88. lory says:

      I'm not responding to the article giving my opinion if hipsters are good or bad. I'm responding to those that state that this was a bad article. On the contrary, this is an excellent article since it was able to stir so much controversy. So many people reacted to this article that you simply cannot deny that this piece was great. Who cares if hipsters drink organic coffee, what matters is how this piece gauged so many reactions.

      This is exactly what writers should do…make people stop, think, and question.

      Ms. Melanie, please do keep up the good work.

    89. According_to_topher says:

      Typical of the hypocritical hipster. They can dish it out all over the internet (where they're vast due to their lack of a major social life) anonymously (for obvious reasons) and only within their core group in public (again, for obvious reasons), but they can't take it. They cry like little kids when the truth smacks them in their faces. No wonder why they sometimes have electical tape holding their glasses together.

      Their mis-guided arrogance is obviously OCD. And no, not obsessive compulsive disorder, but over-compensation disorder.

    90. […] these lists (lately) have been pretty mild and have settled down since my hipster-hating era. Let’s chalk that one up to me getting laid more frequently these days. Hurray! (Although, […]

    91. Thomas says:

      mankind has regressed. everyone needs to get a life (and possibly their own identity?).

    92. mishy says:

      wow… so many people actually took the time to type a response (myself included). The picture made me laugh because it reminded me a couple of retarded people that happen to also be hipsters. And anyone who sports the attitude described in the article deserves to be made fun of… but of course there are people who are not assholes who also happen to be hipsters. I also liked the response article in defense of hipsters. Anyone who comes across as trying too hard to be better than other people is fucking annoying, but you just can't say that an entire group of people is like that. But I get the joke. It is funny, and if you can't take a joke, lighten the hell up. I think I identify more with hipsters than the author, but really folks who cares. Although I agree with most of the previous posters, starbucks tastes like ASS (you would have done better to leave that part out) and PBR, while not great, is OK for a cheap beer.

    93. Elmer says:


    94. Mike says:

      The only useful thing about hipsters is their willingness to pay out the ass for some good weed. Seriously, I've ripped off hipsters at $70 an eighth without blinking an eye and they just keep coming back…

    95. Molly says:

      Right on, Ace!

      I don't fall into any category, but I attend an art school, I'm a vegan, and, yeah, I like to go thrifting every so often. But what have you accomplished by writing this article? It's a waste of time.

      My brother's a hipster and he loves sports.

    96. brandi says:

      some of the first hipsters were nina simone and langston hughes, so not a bad crowd to be categorized with. and why do people hate hipsters, like everyone else is so great?

    97. Sulki Yum says:

      uhm…you're dumb.

      real hipster do not shop at Urban Outfitters

      starbucks IS shitty is this is coming from someone who lives in the city where starbucks started. its shitty, over roasted and burnt. obviously you're one of those girls that drink frappes.

    98. Greg says:

      Being vegetarian and not drinking starbucks isn't a strictly hipster thing.

      However, making awful music and taking a style of music and fucking it up definitely is.

      I made the mistake once of letting an acquaintance talk me into going to an Allston basement show, at which I knew none of the bands.

      First group was this:

      I left right as the second song started.

    99. […] It’s amazing how many dudes wanna get with that girl… 6. Hipster As everyone may know, this is my favorite trend. Break out your neon flannel, Nike dunks, skinny jeans and Ray-Bans and stock up with PBR. Make […]

    100. Lara says:

      Here is my theory on the whole hipster movement "its a pathetic excuse for a trend" see me Im into the whole rocker-toned-down-cheek-look, I like my sytle to be edgy! Hipsters can be fucking disgusting, rude,and think they are "original" NO YOUR FUCKING NOT!!!!!!!! ESCPECIALLY NOT IF THE GIRL NEXT DOOR ENDS UP DRESSING THE SAME WAY! I dont want to beileve that UO supports Porp 8, they first started out in San Francisco how can you not be for gay rights if you lived in San Francisco? I buy almost all of my clothes from urban Outfitters but Im getting tired of it, I see alot of people that I suspect would not like it that all of a sudden shop there!

      Dont make fun of me for liking 80s Metal/Screamo/late 70s punk

      if your really into to music you would be open minded more about other peoples taste!

      Starbucks is fucking nasty!!!!!!!!!!! burned coffee, really? COFFEE BEAN IS THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!! I may end up shopping either at Forever 21/H&M/Planet Funk and Real Hipsters cant stand UO or American Appareal espcially where I hang out with my friend in Los Feliz,California they go to other cooler boutiques.

      Honestly im not gonna lie I LOVE SKINNEY JEANS AND V-NECKS!!!!!!! and dont want to see them go away

      1. Mattie says:

        You are…. You are why the internet is horrible.

    101. Dez Nielson says:

      So much to say, so little comprehension. When Malcolm McLaren/Westwood opened their alternative clothing store in Britain that featured strange new anti-establishment clothing and was only open for business a few hours a day (just because), a sub-culture (punk) was born. Into that culture was a music scene that devolved the capitalist's idea of mainstream. It was a 'real' thing for lower-class kids to be a part of and eventually the mainstream got ahold of the scene and killed it flat. Hipster culture is none of that. They believe their ironic take on the scene is 'original' when in fact it's just a regurgitation of ALL sub-cultures. To be trendy as a hipster isn't a lifestyle, it's a fad…and a hypocritical one at that. Maybe that's the irony…trust fund kids mocking poverty and trying hard to out-bizarre each other with calculator watches, sweet bikes, no-style hair everywhere, look-how-untrendy-I-can-dress parties, and gender-snapping poser-dom. Simply by competing amongst your own in this manner destroys precisely what you think your lifestyle stands for. Ahhhh…irony at last! When reality sets in and daddy's trust fund dries up, where exactly do you think your paycheck is going to come from? An indie bookstore? Maybe a retro coffee hut? Or maybe you think your wicked, introspective philosophy-laden blogspot is going to carry you into your golden years? One thing is for certain, time waits for no one and the clock is ticking loudly on this scene.

    102. Ellis Gibson says:

      my family is really interested in Coffee Franchise like Starbucks. we are still saving money for the franchise cost.:.;

    103. Jolie says:

      I'm a unitard wearing complainer. hell yes. pbr is water-beer, and it's funny that hipsters are the most hated subculture ever. never the less i do own a unitard. i fucking love it, and the moose knuckle it creates.

    104. my mom has a coffe franchise near seattle and she earns a lot from it.;"

    105. LA Artist says:

      A hipster is a kid who tries to act like an artist ,but yet has no art or artistic talent. So basically you try to look and act like the role but really you are the same as a fedora, ed hardy wearing douchebag in the end except with different but equally as stupid clothes.

    106. Julia says:

      I don't mind hipsters except for the way the boys/men dress: most unflatterng and utterly unatractive. And, of course, I dislike the irony thing taken to extremes.

    107. Julia says:

      PS: I also dislike how they try to elevate fashion, design and lifestyle (food, interior decoration, etc.) to art forms.

    108. Julia says:

      PPS: "utterly unattractive", sorry (I forgor a "t" along the way).:)

    109. Kait says:

      I don't agree with everything you say, but I'm not going to judge you for having your own opinion.

    110. David :D says:


      1. Yes, there are "real" hipsters who actually help out the community and then there are the "fake" hipsters. This article references the wannabes.

      2. Hipster CULTURE (music, clothes) aint bad. If you like it, you like it. simple. no harm done (:

      3. It isnt how they look, its what they do. That should be the only reason for hating any type of person (such as a hipster). If you met a hipster that did'nt brag, was'nt full of himself, wasnt rude, could back up his beliefs, and helped the community there should not be a problem. (and yes this person would technically still be a hipster)

      4. Some people hate others. The author has his reasons. And they are valid ones. He is not trying to make and argument and he has his own opinions.

      5. Dont get all your info on hipsters just from this article or wikipedia. Surf the web a bit and look around your schools. You will learn a bit more and wont be so hasty on judging them so quickly.

      6. Overall, IN MY OPINION hipsters are kind of annoying but oh well (:

      1. crimsonmaestro says:

        Those "real" hipsters are called indie, my friend:)

      2. XXX says:

        This article is written by a woman.

    111. David :D says:

      On last thing:

      Do you reaaly hate:








      Or do you hate the stereotype? Remember those are beliefs that are not to true for everyone!

    112. felicity says:

      Cool story, bro!

    113. zooey says:

      Why is it such an issue if people don't smile? Why is it anyone elses business? My biggest pet peeve is when a stranger comes up to me and tells me to smile, or asks me whats wrong. Maybe I'm having a bad day. Maybe someone in my family just died. Or, most likely, I JUST DON'T WANT TO SMILE. So don't sit there and hate on non smilers.

      And by the way, every single thing you said was a stereotype. Get over it.

    114. yep says:


    115. Clytt says:

      wow way to seem extremely bitter, hatefull and jealous.

      I need to stop reading blogs. Running into judgemental self obsessed and overly opinionated morons like you.

      Everyone needs to stop being so fucking concerned about hipsters

      live your own life instead of obsessively hating on another's.

    116. Sean says:

      The author of this article is an idiot. I know its hip now a days to make fun of so called "hipsters," but it just an attempt to group people together. Hipster is the new emo. The words are loaded to make fun of people and degrade them. Who cares if a dude wants to wear skinny jeans, listen to indie rock, and drink PBR. I think that's hardly enough criteria to develop a whole subculture. Also, don't hate on PBR. Its actually a great inexpensive beer and its consecutively voted one.

    117. i would like to put up a coffee franchise in our area coz people here love to sip coffe`~*

    118. Lucas says:

      you are fucking retarded.

      entry level tween.

      if you think that urban outfitters is where hipsters shop

      then you are fucking retarded.

    119. Lenoxuss says:

      Hipsters are so fucking superficial. It's like all they care about is fashion and judging people for it.

      Also, they dress ugly, fail to unironically appreciate Frank Sinatra, and drink the wrong brand of beer. They fail at almost every basic test of being properly cultured! What hypocrites.

      In seriousness, there's nothing wrong with hating on elitism. But it's pretty silly to couple elitism to one and only one subculture. Every single American subculture, without exceptions, involves a serious component of "How the hell are we the only cool folks in a world full of squares?" It's kind of like how every generation realizes it invented sex.

      The winner on this is the Onion's take on both sides of another cultural divide.

      Ah, fucking hipsters and their Onion…

    120. audra says:

      I think you are trying to peg a scapegoat for the rudeness that occurs in all types of people. Stop blogging and get a therapist.

    121. […] Weekly Ten: The Top Ten Reasons I Am Hating Hipsters By: Melanie Comments: […]

    122. Samantha says:

      FUNNIEST STORY. My friend and I went to Vampire Weekend. We both have active tumblr accounts, listen to The Smiths, Neutral Milk Hotel, but we listen to other stuff, too. I LOVE Top 40, and it's on my facebook profile. Well, the next day, myself and said friend are commenting on her status about it, where this hipster brat comments us, insulting us for going to Vampire Weekend, and so we start joking around about it, and I say LET'S GO LISTEN TO THE (500) DAYS OF SUMMER SOUNDTRACK. She tells me I don't know anything about music. It was great. LOVE YOU HIPSTER BITCHES<3

    123. Hamstergod says:

      lol nothin but hate in all the comments.
      Hey I hate hipsters too. My only excuse: your clothes suck. Let the 80s die in the 80s. It sucked back then, it sucks more now. You'll look back at your photos in 30 years and see how stupid it is. Stop annoying my environment with your shitty clothes and self-righteous attitudes, thankfully those ball crushing jeans are killig all your sperm so there won't be more of you in future generations conforming to each others bad sense of fad.

    124. emma says:

      I was actually just listening to a friend rant on how mocuh he hates hipsters today, and while I could understand his viewpoint, I realized it wasn't the clothes or music he disliked, but an attitude of elitism he acossciated with those clothes and music. I absolutely love indie music. Some of my favorite bands are The Smiths, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Tiger Trap. . Yet, I grew up in a household where I was exposed to many different forms of music form opera to classic rock to world music, and so I'd like to think I have a very open minded attitude towards music. I also listen to classic hip hop, some Barber (classical composer), a lot of The Who and The Beatles, and the occasional stupid pop song. Of course, some people are pretentious assholes when it comes to their tastes. A friend of a friend once went through my ipod, criticizing everything in it. He was in a band and he thought he was the authority on indie music.

    125. emma says:

      I can easily see why people hate "hipsters". The truth is there is nothing wrong with an appreciation for the arts or a creative approach to dressing or a unique (or not so unique) taste in music nor do those things make anyone a hipster. There is something wrong with elitist attitudes, but so-called hipsters aren't the only elitists out there. All in all, people should try not to be so judgemental. It's just pathetic and whoever wrote this looks like the hypocrite.

    126. Emma says:

      I found it really offensive that you insulted veggitarians. I've been a veggitarian for years. I grew up that way. There is nothing hip about being veggitarian. Plenty of people are veggitarian and most of them aren't acossciated with a media-created subculture. Pamela Anderson is a veggitarian, for god's sakes. Veggitarians are interested in boycotting animal abuse and protecting the environment and improving their health. There's nothing wrong with it. I am a passionate veggitarian and while I know you have freedom of speech, it outrages me that someone would insult a choice I made based on personal morals.

      1. supershrinkmeesh says:

        Vegetarian. That's how you spell it. You are extremely stupid.

    127. Inga says:

      My dad drinks PBR. Is he a hipster now?

      1. fuck you says:


      2. bananapiehead says:


    128. ALANA says:


    129. Hatersgonnahate says:

      I can admit I don't like elitists, and that many elitists are "hipsters", but why so much hate? Jesus, go find something better to do with your time and leave the losers who think they're soooo indie for listening to Sonic Youth alone, they don't have lives anyway.

      TL;DR fuk da haterz

      P.S. It's OK to listen to mainstream radio, but that doesn't mean it's not shit.

      1. bee says:

        go find something better to do.

    130. Ranger. says:

      This is sad.

    131. jah says:

      Bullshit about the coffee. Starbucks is sugar water

    132. Lily says:

      That's not what all "hipsters" do.
      I think being a "hipster" is not being the sterotype that everyone wants you to be. And you were judging "hipsters" because the coffee they drink sucks, the beer they drinnk sucks, yet you say that they shouldn't be telling you what's in your sandwich.
      and did you ever think that maybe, just maybe that if someone did tell you about where your meat came from it's because they are passionate about animals. It's not just hipsters.
      so maybe you should stop being so judgmental and move on with your life.

    133. c0rpse says:

      i think i love you. FUCK OFF HISPTER SCUMS.

    134. danyul says:

      well i hate "hipsters" to keep on keeping on lets put these trendy fucks in camps!

    135. Nobody!!! =D says:

      1. I'm hipster, I don't think that. Everyone is unique, and everybody has a different taste in music. It doesn't matter what clothes you wear.

      2. I've noticed, and I don't hate any stores (except supre)

      3. I don't BITCH and MOAN about it. Dickhead.

      4. I like rap, pop, indie, rock, heavy metal and all other different types of music. That's just the stereotype.

      5. I play football.

      6. I love the taste of meat … except I went vegetarian ever since I saw that documentary about animals being slaughtered … lol

      7. I don't judge you on the music you like. I love Fall Out Boy, btw=D

      8. BLAH!!! I hate starbucks coffee .. =P lol

      9. I agree.

      10. I smile all the time. Do you?

    136. David says:

      You go ahead and ignore everyone else.

      In the meantime, fuck hipsters.

    137. MC818 says:

      hipsters aggrevate meat eaters. hipsters make me wonder how they pay their bills. hipsters loathe doing something for a living. i wish all the hipsters were successful abortions.

    138. rockie says:

      hipsters dont wear that much neon and they dont wear ray banes for certain, they wear geek glasses and aviators, we cant help that we are bitter living in this god for saken world and rebeling is our comfort. we drink starbucks occasionaly and we smile all the fucking time…when we get wasted and when we make fun of mainstream people. you made some brilliant points though

    139. […] of my “brand” like all of the ridiculous hipsters who frequented the market would say. I loathe hipsters, but I LOVE this pendant. The two sentiments can […]

    140. Sam says:

      My friend labeled me a hipster my freshman year, but I am not afraid to smile and laugh around people. I like bands like Fall Out Boy as well as some of the indie rock out there. I used to play a ton of sports and I still go swimming at the pool once a week cuz I love it–even tried out for basketball. I collect comics by any company. I'll shop anywhere because you'll never know what you will find in a store. Just cuz it's not Hot Topic or American Eagle doesn't mean it's retarded. I don't hate organic stuff cuz my mom buys it cuz she thinks it's good for you, but I would pick a cheeseburger over anything on any day–beef and meat are amazing. I don't drink coffee though. And I don't smoke. So, yeah–I think it's just lame to label people cuz they wear something and like a certain category of music. I hang out with people who look like total preps and they're real nice and real cool and if some judgmental person saw us hangin' together then they'd think I wouldn't fit in and I hung with them cuz my mom wants me to.

    141. hipstersdontexist says:

      veganism rules! u must feel guilty if you dont want to be reminded that your chicken patty didn't enter the world as such.

    142. Joelle says:

      I love you for this. Absolute love.

    143. Kelly says:

      Learn about veganism before you judge it assholes: http://www.peta.org/

      1. I learned about veganism and I still judge. And PETA is f_cked up organization. They kill a good percent of their saved animal. WHHHHOOPPSSS.

      2. @FanOfAnna says:

        An asshole calling the kettle smelly. Fuck you and your perverse animal fetishes and stop being douchebags to every one who happens to eat what has been put on this planet to eat. You vegans are HIPPO-crites: You don't eat vegetables because you love animals, you eat veggies because you hate plants. Have a fucking hotdog and piss off.

      3. Nig says:

        MMMMM beef love it oh and rabbits too i hunt them down and kill as many as i can and eat them. sometimes i make the mistake of killing a smaller one so what i do is i throw it in the ditch. the birds will eat it anyway

    144. Izzy says:

      I have to thank you for writing this. I get called a hipster constantly at school, but after reading this I feel better about myself since I don't apply to any of the things on the list..well maybe the helmet thing but that's because I'm a stupid teenager and will most likely get killed in a bike accident. But irregardless I feel a lot better after reading this. But I have to say though, hipsters aren't the only pretentious assholes out there I face kids like that all the time and they can wear American Eagle OR Urban Outfitters. It doesn't matter how people dress it just matters on weather they have an superiority complex or not.

      1. Izzy says:

        *whether (sorry about my shit spelling):/

    145. Jackie says:

      I'm so happy somebody agrees with me! I'm spool sick of hipsters being like "I listen to REAL music and you just listen to pop". It's so annoying and I'm just happy I stumbled upon this website.

      Your article was funny and I can definitely relate

    146. WhoCares says:

      Arcade fire sucks just like this crappy blog honestly. You are worse than a hipster, you sit around on your fat lazy jobless ass and write shitty blogs no one cares about ABOUT hipsters.

      Good Job

    147. nicola says:

      All they care about is making themselves look different and edgy and hilariously they all end up looking exactly the same. Good thing they love irony.

    148. supercoolguyawesome says:

      i dont really hate hipsters because they way they look or express themselves, although i got to say some of the stuff they wear is not in my liking. but 7/10 times a hipster will be very rude to me, and that is why i dont like them. hipsters have called me ignorant on subjects i am very familiar with, just because my idea is different then their idea. i have been told i dress like a "bro" by hipsters, they make fun of me because i do things i like to do, idk what that is about but i dont judge them on looks or ideals, but they will. and that is why i do not like hipsters

    149. Anon says:

      I'm not even a hipster and I sort of take offense to this. Hardly any of those are true, they're called "stereotypes" which in the end, no one really likes.

    150. Please says:

      Pretty please take the hipsters away!

    151. Anonymous says:

      Well. This is a response to fucking reason number two:
      Do you have a fucking problem with people that are gay?

    152. VinC says:

      hipsters are queer, play a sport already lol

    153. Metronomic says:

      All hipsters need to be strung up and have their throats sliced open slowly.

    154. Mattie says:

      I am a hipster.
      I drink black coffee and red bull and polish beer.
      I wear over sized glasses and only retro skirts from my mom and grandmother's closet.
      I like bands like Oh Land, The Unicorns, and Tally Hall.
      I'm a vegetarian and a Buddhist.
      And yeah I go to urban outfitters and american apparel because I like the clothes they sell.

      But I do try to be a good person, a happy person.
      I put out an effort to be nice, polite, and helpful.
      And it drives me crazy when people make assumptions like this and call it humor.
      You know what you're saying right?
      "I hate it that hipsters judge me because I dress like a ______ so I'll judge them for dressing like a hipster!"
      People will always make assumptions like this, but until you actually befriend a hipster you can't see that they're just like every other social group. A large group of normal, nice folks being judged for a small, but loud, minority.
      So you think you're being clever by hating on a group already receiving so much negative attention recently? No, all this has been said before and will be said again. So I'm pretty sure the hipsters that have been judging you are right. You're a mainstream pig making preemptive assumptions because you think we all do.
      You commie bastard.

      1. Guest says:

        Unbecoming of a Buddhist

      2. Matt says:

        Yes, this is not an answer for someone that is a practitioner of the Buddist religion would say. True Buddists wouldn't be talking at all, with the whole silent vow.

      3. Anonolol says:

        Hating hipsters is SO MAINSTREAM huhh. GAWL, lyke everybody doesn't understand you and your Buddhist beliefs. PSHhhh give me a break, and get the sand out of your hairy hipster vag……Gross

      4. OhSugaSuga says:

        Saying that you are hipster is exactly what a hipster WOULDN'T do.
        …Even non-hipsters know that… DUH!

      5. Brooke says:

        good for you, but he does make some good points. like the american outfitters one. i personally am not a huge fan of the hipster thing. the clothes are kinda cool, i love coffee too and used to be a vegan (till i got married, can't afford seperate meal plans yet and my hubby doesn't like tofu) but the snobbism, the not being able to relate at all because hipsters try there best to be unrelatable, and the shallowness of it is hard to take. you want something real but everything about the image is so superficial. you can't say you're a non-conformist because you're conforming to the hipster scene. also, smoking is dumb, too many hipsters smoke because it's cool or what? it makes me want to punch them in the face for being stupid

    155. crim says:

      Hunting Hipsters-

    156. Anonymous says:

      I hate assholes that make posts about hating hipsters. How about make a post about how to cook food using solar energy or enlighten people about a socio-political problem in a remote part of the world. Get a fucking life….actually NO… JUST DIE.

    157. April Jane says:

      Hm. Well I figured I’d just put on my two cents or something, and unlike other commenters, I’ll try to respond to your judgementality in the nicest way physically possible. First of all, I’m just going to put it out there, I fit the stereotype one considers hipster. Okay. I’m not going to deny it, its annoying as fuck when people do. Phew, now that that’s done, secondly, I’d just like to point out that absolutely none of the things on this list give you grounds to hate ANYONE. Hate is a strong word and how on earth you could possibly hate someone for being vegetarian or for the beer they choose to drink completely eludes me. Alot of these so called “hipsters” are actually very smart or artistic people, and the fact that you think you can criticize them for their lifestyle choices makes you seem very petty and unintelligent. I do not know you, so I will NOT just assume that you are, but that, my friend, is how you are coming across. These people are no different then you are, I’m sure you fit some type of stereotype too, it is simply human nature. This article is very immature. You are how old, in your twenties? The sad fact of the matter is, I am only 15 and I am more mature. Please use your talent for writing in a more appropriate, less hateful manner. In other words, grow up.

    158. rkres says:

      I hate this hipster plague for many of the same reasons as the author. However, I also detest people who hate hipsters for being "vegan", eat organic, or work as graphic designers etc…

      Newsflash: Hipsters didn't invent vegetarianism, graphic design, indie rock, etc

      The only thing the modern hipster can be credited for is stealing every other true counter or sub cultures that ever existed before them, and turning them into "their thing", all under the guise of irony. But for the love of pete, please don't credit them with anything other than this.

      It is safe to say that with the influx of hipsters increasingly taking over every urban area in the US, they ARE NOT counterculture or "underground". They are becoming just as mainstream as American Idol.

    159. Chels says:

      I prefer to call myself bohemian over hipster, because I don't make an active effort to be different nor put down what used to be "cool." However, I do think that the mainstream folks can take it up the ass after outcasting the nerds and "weirdos" for so long.

      1. LVoka says:

        hipster alert.


      2. Because the nerds and "weirdos" are suffering SO much. Get over yourself. The victim hood card isn't cute to play unless you're actually a victim.

      3. JMG says:

        If your not a "victim" then you should not be saying stuff like that. You have no idea.

      4. Jennifer says:

        You can be a nerd without being a hipster. We're called 'fangirls' and we inhabit the other half of tumblr

    160. Bilbobillybob says:

      Nobody likes hipsters. You're all ironic and ironically enough a bunch of lemmings. Make sure that fedora and cardigan look nice before you go out to smoke though. You don't want people thinking you're weird!

    161. jason says:

      i dont know why you think youre funny, honestly youre worse than a hipster. part of the 85% of whats wrong with the youth of today and american society as a whole. if you could please refrain from posting lame rules about hating hipsters in the future that would be cool (aside from reason # 2… that ones legitimately funny… and true). thanks. oh, and pbr kicks ass. and before you presume im a dirty hipster myself (because i hope youre smart enough to not assume), i hate hipsters more than hippies. at least hippies have the decency to be passively offensive when the senses the human body has. in any case, please let some of your friends proof read these kinds of things before you post them on the internet for everyone to read. im sure more than myself would appreciate it.

    162. This Was Hilarious says:

      well done.

    163. Channel says:

      Oh this "HIPSTERS" are very similar like "FLOGGERS" in Argentina. But with very different customs. Fortunately are now extinct. I did not like them, because they were very superficial. From what i read, hipsters have nothing wrong.

    164. Rant Casey. says:

      Hipsters are annoying, and that is because they weren't always hipsters, they only became hipsters when 'individuality' became 'trendy'. The kids who were individual beforehand, are still individual, but to hipsters, they're now regular. The people who are hipsters now, were the kids who USED to be mainstream. So wait, what does that mean? They still are. It's a damn fad, and one with fake ideals at that. The amount of hipsters I know that claim to be hipsters, and represent hipster ideals, while still being consumers, still being judgmental, still being the same dickheads at heart that they were beforehand. Hipster is a pose, a fabricated set of ideals, and, at it's core, is just a way for people to validate themselves, as original. Because it's so cool.

      1. blake says:

        but technically being an "individual" has always been trendy. there have always been people who wanted to just "be themselves." I don't know where you live, but i live in America, and here, being an individual is the same thing as being human. Just because a bunch of people decided they like the same sort of clothing doesn't make them actual "hipsters" and its certainly nothing to be upset about. and if they think that doing what they like and being what they like is the same as expressing their individuality, why should that be annoying?

    165. Steven says:

      I understand your annoyance with hipsters has to do with how hypocritical and judgmental they are. And it is so true that it's a fad. Most of them are into it now because it's trendy. I get annoyed myself. And jeezus, are usually they out of shape (i don't mean fat); they hardly ever play sports!

      But organic things taste better in general. Starbucks coffee is gross, and they're fraps are just sugar in a cup.

      Pabst is gross in general, but it's definitely better than Coor's Light or Budweiser. They're the same to me. I'd rather get a nice Belguim beer of 8-9% alcohol instead.

      And them being vegetarians is actually a good thing! Being a vegan or vegetarian can save tons of energy, like literally lifetimes of energy to come. The country would be a lot better if we AT LEAST took in less meat. They also save money and energy riding a bike instead of cars.

      I don't mind hipsters that much, because they're efficient, value education and intelligence to some degree, they are (or try) to be artistic and they are completely harmless and non-violent. And the ones who try to be tough, you have nothing to worry about because they're so weak and frail. They do nothing to harm society and if anything, just contribute.

      And FYI, hipsters have been around since forever. I remember a bunch of hipsters in New York, when the Strokes were starting out in 2000, and there wasn't a term "hipster" used so fluently around people who weren't hipster. Hipsters have been around even since the 80's in the Joy Division days. In fact they originally come from the 40's — the beatniks and cool cats in the jazz clubs. This isn't new. "Hipster" is just going to find another way to evolve into the new decade just as it as since the beginning of the 20th century. It's simply a counter culture that holds ideals of artistic and intellectual values high.

    166. M83 says:

      hipsters are just conformists. most ''scene kids'' i know became ''hipsters'' and will most likely become what is popular in the next decade haha (probably not because they will be too old) and about veganism, i dont mind, just dont preach as if it was a religion. what will happen in a case of overpopulation of cows, pigs, chickens etc?, haha pathetic… i listen to anything from fleet foxes to interpol and wolf parade but would never put myself under a label…

    167. LAMF says:

      Yo check out this song about hipsters from The Japhies. haha!: http://soundcloud.com/thejaphies/you-ruined-every

    168. Mike says:

      I remember Elaine on Seinfeld calling Kramer a "stupid hipster doofus" on an episode from around 1995. I was in tears.

    169. giovanni says:

      If you like Starbucks, you're a hipster

      1. Guest says:

        I enjoy black coffee. I pass a Starbucks on the way to work. Today I learned I am a hipster for paying $1.50 for a cup of coffee that I enjoy.

    170. david says:

      i think the "hipsters" you describe are not actual hipsters. i think the whole ideal about being a hipster is liking what you like, yes that mostly means underground stuff. but the ones who do all the stereotypical hipster things are missing the point in my opinion. I dont like being called a hipster but i have been called it many times. I play soccer, and tennis. Both of them are important to my life. I will admit….i love kesha. her songs are just so damn catchy that i cant help but like it. I do get annoyed with people who subscribe to mainstream shit because….for the most part, it is exactly that…shit. biggest annoyance are those beats by dre. they are about the worst piece of audio equipment you can waste your money on behind bose. They are over priced and im upset because people fail to see that, and support a company that doesnt care about quality and then outright lies saying that their headphones are amazing. my 140$ ultimate ears triple fi 10s blow those out of the water. It annoys me that people are too lazy to find stuff that they like so they lazily accept pop culture. and that's what bothers me. That people wont do a little research before buying things, or that they simply dont care if theyre throwing away money. I do smile smile as well im not an overly mad or angry person. I like being happy. anyways just my 2 cents.

    171. Oscar says:

      These assholes have invaded my local bar. These hipsters have drove the regulars out with their rude condescending asshole behavior, I swear one of em will be killed soon. The problem is the new clientele are not around enough for the owner to make any money from them. But even when the hipsters are absent the regulars won't come around in case they show up unexpectedly and ruin their calm

      One obnoxious hipster who comes in has a neck tattoo. I have to laugh because the only people I knew growing up with neck ink were guys habitually in jail.

      1. Guest says:

        Hey hey hey hey hey, I am the farthest thing from a hipster (I mean that for real, not like every hipster says they're not a hipster out of denial), and I have neck tattoos (actually I have a ton of tattoos). Don't link my favorite habit with those douchebags. Thank you!

    172. theoriginaloreo says:

      I like both some mainstream and non mainstream. I like what I like but I don’t attack people because of it. i like variety and I don’t believe in faking a smile. What makes mainstream so good? That that’s all you can like. There’s a thing such as personal taste. I don’t hate you because I’m different. Unity comes in variety. I just like certain things that may be categorized off beat. And if you don’t… no one asked. Does labelling someone give you sense of security. Why can’t we like different things? It’s not arrogance, it’s called your own insecurities. People are always telling you to be yourself. And I could hate on society too, it’s not perfect! Label my hipster, but it’s just a word. And I say it again, I like both mainstream and non mainstream. You call them hipsters, they call you conformists :p

    173. Anonymous says:

      Are you thirteen?

    174. Rhiannon says:

      I also think we can add to the list "Stop Whining About Why It Sucks To Be A Human!".
      My cure for that is that Courage Wolf quote: " You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. F*cking act like it".

    175. Jay says:

      hahahahahahahahaha i cant say i agree but damn that was funny

    176. megsbetts says:

      You’re so ignorant; you should try taking some college courses, genius. Refraining from animal consumption is a legitimate, rational decision. Okay, we get it: you’re happy in ignorance, eating the flesh of slaughtered creatures, but I’m not. A growing number of educated, caring people are not, so keep your Top 10 lists to yourself. If being a vegan makes me a hipster, then I’m a hipster, but you’re still ignorant. Enjoy your pathetic, blog-writing life.

      1. Guest says:

        Shut hipster cry baby. Yea you take college courses now you know everything. I have multiple degrees and to be honest that doesn't really mean shit to me after reading "you should try taking some college courses."

      2. Guest says:

        You're THAT person who goes out to eat with friends and scoffs when someone gets a hamburger, aren't you? I respect your lifestyle choice and don't judge you for it, veggies are delicious. Don't be a hypocritical asshole though.

      3. elle says:

        fun fact:
        i love a good steak.
        fun fact:
        the reason some people have issues with vegans is that
        have a nice day!

      4. JacqueDarcy says:

        Enjoy your self-righteous, "I think I'm saving the world" life.

      5. w/e says:

        aren't you being self righteous by saying eating meat is the way to go? if you hate hypocrisy so much stop practicing it

      6. JacqueDarcy says:

        I don't think I said that. And if i did it IS the way to go with moderation. It's more about being right and rejecting subjectivism. Another hipster bites the dust.

      7. Elly says:

        Stfu Hipster. Stop shoving your stupid Vegan bullshit down peoples throats and go eat at Fresh with your other douche bag photography student friends.

      8. zyt says:

        classic hipster reply, do you think you're the only person who has taken college courses or does the fact that you took a few courses make you better than the rest of humanity, please do us a favor and STFU

      9. Jennnnn says:

        She was writing about you crazy asses who are vegan or vegetarian, coming up to us normal steak-loving patriots and telling us how our meat came to be on our table. Shut the fuuuck up.

      10. Jennnnn says:

        I have a bachelors of science degree, multiple certifications through nationally accredited associations, I minored in nutrition, I have been in the health and fitness industry since I was 15. I WENT TO COLLEGE. Didn't take a college course to tell me that a diet with proper protein is best. And if you want to get it from tofu, go ahead. College produces more idiots than geniuses. Idiots like you, who are influenced by that crazy ass liberal professor and are too stupid to take the time and put in the effort to do your OWN research.

      11. Bill says:

        No, no, Jennnn, not THOSE college courses that actually teach you stuff. He wants you to take the college courses that indoctrinate you in neo-Marxist vegan gluten-free theory

    177. Fernandez says:

      Mass produced individuality. And why is that vegan so pissed off?!?!? Jesus Christ, all that chlorophyll must be itching your vagina. She just asked you not to be an obnoxious prick about your food choice. Yes, we know red meat is not healthy, but I FUCKING ENJOY IT, so stop being a pompous prick, you pompous prick. Vegans, keep it coming, it only adds up to more meat for me! Oh, and get a real job you assholes. Your parents worked hard for what they have, remember, your trust fund is not limitless. In 20 years, you will still look like a douche bag, but a penny less douche bag

    178. Bert says:

      Whats funny about people who think eating meat is barbaric is that they are supporting the permanent destruction of species. What do you think will happen to all the cows, chickens, and pigs? If they can't give milk or lay eggs they will still be killed but instead of providing humans with their natural dietary needs they will just be destroyed senselessly. Do you know what happens when people stop hunting? Wild Game populations drop, disease and starvation run rampant, automotive collisions increase, trust me if it weren't for hunters we would have no wildlife.

    179. JacqueDarcy says:

      I love it how some comments say you can't be judgmental. Sometimes, being judgmental is a good thing. Without having judgment we become naive and it absolutely refutes our intelligence (if we have any to begin with). It's like petting a dog with foam coming from its mouth thinking it won't harm you. Guess again Oh So Open Minded. Hipsters ARE fair game to poke at. I don't care if you call me bitter, ignorant, pathetic, lame, square, a bigot – once things for sure: I like what I like because I have VALID reasons to. I don't like BS (like a majority of what hipsters like) and I don't like to waste my time.

    180. if it's not 'hipsters,' it's gotta be something, right? i don't understand people who take the time to rant about people they don't like. Why are they on your mind so much? I like indie music, coffee, and black rimmed glasses. I never thought of myself as something called a hipster. Do i have to self-consciously change my tastes so as not to appear like a 'hipster?' Can't i just like what i like without nasty bored people trying to attach a weak-ass label to it. Some of you really need to get lives instead of basing your existence on hating people you don't even know. have a nice day (yes, thats meant ironically!)

      1. dave says:

        jeez, who pissed in your indie coffee?

      2. Matt says:

        "Do i have to self-consciously change my tastes so as not to appear like a 'hipster?' "


    181. Daniel says:

      i agree with this post … i cant stand contradictive fucks just for the sake of being contradictive , i get everyone has a different opinion …. but at least you can say at the end of your opinion … " any way thats what i think so … yeah :)"…. not be a an arogant fuck and be like "Um….. no your wrong …. blah blah blah blah insult insult insult insult. ….. anyway thats what i think so … yeah:) ….😉

    182. jay says:

      all of you are f-a-g-g-e-t-s …..f-u-c-k hipsters! line em up n take em out. ps admin can s-u-c-k a d-i-c-k

      1. CaptainBongBrain says:

        What a wonderfully articulated sentiment Jay, you're quite the charmer. I bet the girls are lining up to hop aboard your miserable, negative, and revolting cesspool of a life.

        p.s. You're an i-d-i-o-t.

    183. Emily says:

      In my mind, a HIPSTER is someone who does/likes certain things JUST because they're obscure or contradictory. Don't confuse them with people who are UNIQUE because they're not afraid to be who they truly are, regardless of it being "mainstream" or not.

    184. Mcdouche says:

      Hipsters really are the worst kind of people. The only contributions these douchebags make to the world or their community is their fucking stupid opinions that nobody asked for. They all have shitty opinion based jobs that they use as a vehicle to voice these asinine opinions as well…if they have jobs at all. Most of them are trust fund babies that pretend not to be living off of their parents $$$$$. Most people that work for a living don’t have fucking time to care about all the bullshit these people care about. Just wait until these super-entitled asswipes have kids of their own! Too bad vegans don’t shoot blanks! Enuff said.

      1. Deezel says:

        Hahaha nice bro. Couldn't agree more about the contributions part.

    185. Why iz everyone hating on em? Yeah so what? they listen to indie music (music some people dont listen to) they dress the way they like (diferent from others) So? Maybe most people r only jealous of hipsterz because they have the damn nerve to be the way they wanna be, dress the way they wanna dress and do whatever the fuck they want… i know some people in this world cant do what they want cause they either: live with their parentz or are in a religion that doesn´t let them do it. So while they have the freedom to express themselves and show who they really are…. some people can´t so they decide to critisize them by the way they dress or the music they hear. Im not hipster, but im just trying to say that we should all respect otherz so that they can respect us.

      1. Your answer is the typical "let's coexist" talk. I mean, you seriously think people are jealous of hipsters because they "do what they want"? Seriously? Good grief, child.

      2. Larry says:

        I'd take your argument seriously if you could spell. Are you, ah, like, 11, OMG?

      3. Bill says:

        Yeah… pluralzzzz end in s, not z. Retard.

      4. Jennifer says:

        Generally being a hipster is not trying to be different, it's just trying to be the same as a load of other 'different' people. It's no longer indie/different because ALL THE MILLIONS OF HIPSTERS ARE DOING IT! It's not showing who you are any more, it's trying to be different (and failing) for the sake of it.

    186. riley says:

      i love bon iver and other indie music but i don't wear over sized glasses,skinny jeans(cause it's so damn tight),and i still love other kind of music like marianas trench,fall out boy,and panic at the disco.am i consider as a hipster or not?just asking though

    187. Naye says:

      Why can't we just be ourselves and not label ourselves in any group? I dress how i want. one day i could be and black and white polka dot dress and the next in cargo pants and a belly shirt. I listen to everything and just enjoy my life without judging anyone? why is that difficult?

    188. asdf says:

      why should hipsters piss you off so much? They are just trying to be different. And if that's too much for you to handle, than I am deeply ashamed of all of you so-called freedom lovers (you know what im talking about, those who keep saying they believe in freedom but cannot even tolerate the slightest bit of anything different) Why do you want a world where everyone thinks the same, acts the same, does the same things? Obviously you cannot tolerate those who are nonconformist. Why should it matter what people say? You cannot prevent people from saying things they want to. Im just sick and tired of people expecting a standard of "normal" behavior. Because there is no such thing as "normal."

      1. brooke says:

        conforming to the "hipster" scene is not being a non-conformist… i just don't like it because it all seems so superficial despite their wanting something real. they are impossible to relate to, and most of them smoke which just ticks me off to no end..
        my art class my senior year of highschool was full of hipsters, they all hung out and talked and sometimes i'd try to listen and join in but it was either stuff i couldn't relate to or stuff that was just stupid. so i enjoyed the crazy, stupid company of my nerdy, awesome friends who are all actually different and weird and are the real non-conformists because they're ok with being themselves and not hiding behind a stereotype

    189. Guest says:

      i think my girlfriend is a hipster – she's very vain and overly concerned about how people see her. she has the 'correct' political sympathies – greenpeace, amnesty but i suspect she doesn't really care that much as her recycling skills are hopeless. she's also a veggie but she doesn't like animals as far as i can see, buys marlboro cigarettes so thats industrial hypocrisy and eats a lot of crap on the side so thats the health angle gone. I'm hoping she grows up. All sub-cultures suck because they're rooted in alienation then condescension and inverse snobbery. None of which are healthy.

    190. Donia says:

      I’m just laughing at the fact that this article was posted 3 years ago and is STILL controversial. Oh and my dad’s almost a senior and he drinks PBR,

    191. ASLA says:


    192. EEA says:

      We are ALL guilty of the same things hipsters are known to do. If people aren't hating on hipsters then it's another stereotype: rednecks, hippies, republicans, "insert a race here", etc. Everyone is guilty of having the same attitude as hipsters: being a snob. Sure, maybe they will rub their underground indie music in our faces, but so what? Who says we're not guilty of the same thing. Maybe it's not music, but something else. Maybe that rich girl from CA will shove her Gucci purse is your face when you have a knock off? Is it not the same?

      I've been called a hipster a few times for dumb reasons: the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, and maybe I was a little snobby. And yes, those cute big, black rimmed glasses are cute. Also, maybe I prefer small coffee shops over starbucks. It doesn't make me hipster.

      Little do people know is that my clothes mostly come from Old Navy, I like music from Ratatat to Taylor Swift, those cute big, black rimmed glasses are indeed prescription, and the little coffee shops that I like are because I support small businesses. Being snobby? I'm just being human.

      So really-Editor of this article, I think you are hypocritical as well. And that's okay. We're just human like hipsters.

      1. Machu says:

        Give me a break… I'm crying for you. Hipster.

    193. EEA says:

      We are ALL guilty of the same things hipsters are known to do. If people aren't hating on hipsters then it's another stereotype: rednecks, hippies, republicans, "insert a race here", etc. Everyone is guilty of having the same attitude as hipsters: being a snob. Sure, maybe they will rub their underground indie music in our faces, but so what? Who says we're not guilty of the same thing. Maybe it's not music, but something else. Maybe that rich girl from CA will shove her Gucci purse is your face when you have a knock off? Is it not the same?

    194. Carnela says:

      Hi! I need the author's last name for a paper. I'm gonna be using this as reference:-)

      Thank you!

    195. Angelo says:

      Emo,hipster,hippies etc. Stop naming and branding people based on what they do and look.. There just extraordinary people doing their thing😀 and the girl who wrote this article seriously u have a long way to go..

    196. tamara says:

      hi i like thrift stores and planing to attend school and study fashion and makeup and don’t like todays music does that make me a hipster too?

    197. Ash says:

      Wow, reading a few posts and it's easy to tell who the hipsters are. Ironically fitting the label they are complaining about in the article. I'd expand my viewpoint but the comments explain themselves hehe. I don't agree with everything in the article but it hits really close. Not a fan of Starbucks. If it isn't home ground I'll take the cheaper coffee. I enjoy nice things when I can get 'em, but I'm ecstatic to have any conveniences at all so I'll take some Thorton's coffee thank you.

    198. Charity says:

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    199. pizdurnik says:

      what's wrong with anti same sex marriage ?

    200. Marla says:

      I know this is all about how hipsters annoy you, but categorizing people happens far too often, and I've missed out on a lot of great people because I was too narrow minded.
      So-I've learned through a lot of backlash-not to pinhole people that look like they belong to a stereotype you don't agree with, or like. It says more about you than it does them.

    201. Go ahead, label me! says:

      Really, an article about how "hipsters" annoy you?

      Are "hipsters" really getting in the way of your life that much that you have to exert this much time and effort to complain about them? Don't you have anything better to do?

      I really don't understand why people, including this author, can't just mind their own business and get on with their lives.

    202. superwesman says:

      "I have never had a decent frappucino at an indie coffee shop"

      this comment negates your opinion on everything.

    203. zyt says:

      wowie great points especially the one about being judgmental
      I hate these idiots because I see many of them running around in my local coffee shop
      The worst kind are the pseudo-intellectual kind who mostly don't even have a college degree and lack a lot of basic knowledge but try to show off every little bit that they know only highlighting the depth of their ignorance.
      I'm so sick of their utter bullshit why can't they wear God damn nice clothes or have genuine facial expressions? Why do they all look dirty and why do they try hard to be different? what is so God Damn wrong about being normal?
      I can't stand FAKE people

    204. Jungblood says:

      There is an American Apparel ad at the bottom of this page. Fucking brilliant! LMAO.

    205. jessica says:


    206. rinlope says:

      "no no no no no…" to all vegetarians and vegans who feel above everyone else that does eat meat sometimes. (which is A LOT of vegetarians and vegans) go actually donate all of your money (which is worth shit compared to a living thing, right?) to some animal charity (because burning down a slaughterhouse will just get you arrested and jailed) OR positively try to inform people why they should stop eating meat. otherwise, do not behave or speak as if people who eat meat do not care about other living things besides themselves. that is shitty of you.

    207. Are You Kidding Me says:

      Not too sure about this article. Since last time I checked you are doing the exact same thing that you are complaining about. #4 is basically hypocritical (besides the title). You are complaining about how they spend their time judging and hating other people. Aren't you doing the same thing? You are expressing your views on "hipsterism" and their attitudes while doing the same thing you are criticizing. Who cares?

      Don't understand why you felt like writing this article. These 10 reasons are a horrible excuse for expressing your views.

      This article makes it seem you are in a sorority trying to defend your "frat" boyfriend who was criticized at some party because he was wearing a tshirt that multiple people were wearing.

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