Sexy Time: Check Your “Type” At The Door

interracial+coupleI’ve never quite understood the idea of having a “type” when it comes to dating. Favorite ice cream flavor? Sure. Favorite type of guy? Not so much. Perhaps this is because I’ve gone out and hooked up with a lot of different kinds of men, and I’ve found myself equally attracted to guys of varying ages, races, heights, and builds.

It’s puzzling to me, then, why I’ve encountered so many people who stick to a preferred physical type. I’m not talking about broad categories as much as I am about specific traits, such as hair and eye color or, more to the point, race. On the dating site OkCupid, for example, users can search for potential matches by filtering the database with specific criteria, including ethnicity.

I’m not even going to get into whether dating someone based solely on looks is a good or bad thing (because that would constitute a whole column of its own), but I have friends who exclusively date a particular type, be it black men, Asian women, or the ever-popular Abercrombie model. Some say, “But I’m just not attracted to Asian/Black/White guys.” Others claim they’ve never met a person they wanted to date outside their race. Unfortunately, if variety is the spice of life, then there are a lot of people out there dating the same bland types over and over again.

Some of them are self-aware enough to recognize where their preferences come from, but most are not. However, claiming that you “just happen” to prefer the blonde-haired, blue-eyed type (or whatever yours may be) ignores the biases we’ve each inevitably formed as a result of living in a society that promotes very specific beauty ideals. What many deem a “preference” is informed by their exposure to stereotypes, such as those depicted in television and movies. (The hypersexualization of black males and Asian females, the emasculation of Asian males, and the masculinization of black females are just a few examples.) Incredibly divergent interracial marriage rates are also a testament to the fact that physical preferences are really stratified by race.

Of course, it’s not easy to undo a couple decades’ worth of societal brainwashing overnight. But dating someone a tad darker or lighter than your usual fare isn’t going to kill you or your sex life. This also isn’t to say that we should reject preferences altogether. When it comes to personality or personal beliefs, preferences make sense to some extent. A relationship is probably not meant to last between two people with vastly different views on politics, money, or hygiene. But preferring to date people with particular political, financial, or hygienic attitudes is different from preferring to date people with certain physical attributes. The former is about compatibility; the latter has nothing to do with it.

Perhaps it’s telling that although OkCupid allows you to search for users of specific ethnicities, they also offer users the option of identifying themselves as “Human (Other)”. At least some of us out there would rather be pursued because of our more substantive qualities.



    1. Jess says:

      I'm white and only date black guys. I've tried dating other races in the past, and black guys are just my preference. I don't see the big deal about it. You have to be happy with who you're with, and if your preferences make you happy, then why does it matter?

    2. Chelzz says:

      My mom is mixed black and white and my dad is white, and whenever I meet a black guy we rarely ever click, they usually don't like me.

      And I think… not trying to offend anyone, I don't have a clue why this is, but I think I appeal to white guys more. I think its a social thing. Idk.

      But I find myself completely turned off by shorter guys and light voices never anything with race.

      But it's different for guys because a lot of them think with a totally different head.

    3. Jenny says:

      I'm Hispanic and white, and I've dated guys all across the board in terms of race, religion, and body type. Although I do have a preference for Asian men (who almost never like me in return), it's easy for me to put my preferences aside for someone who I have a connection with.

    4. Jess: Of course, the most important thing to consider is whether you're happy, not whether your dating history is diverse enough. However, your partner's race isn't a prerequisite for happiness, and many preferences that we take for granted were formed as a result of being socialized into valuing a certain type of beauty. That means that those who don't fit into that ideal are considered less attractive — which in part explains the lower rates of interracial marriage among certain groups (Asian males, Black females, for example).

    5. Jennifer says:

      Yet another one sided post on cc.

      Just because people share a look does not make them the same person. You can find completely different blond blue eyed people.

      And you seem to say that attraction is not important; either that people 'choose' to prefer a look based on society or should overlook their personal preferences in pursuit of what you think is exciting. Well attraction is a complicated and definitely partially genetic and not wholly cultural as you are implying. Saying you should, or even can, overlook it is idiotic.

    6. Emmie says:

      "The former is about compatibility; the latter has nothing to do with it."

      Sorry but wrong. Physical compatibility is just as important as any other kind. I'm attracted to white guys, and your occasional asian. I have never come across a black man or a hispanic man or whatever that I've been attracted to. Is this because I buy into societal norms of what is and is not beautiful? No. Hell, I even go for those emasculated asian men! It's because we're genetically predisposed to be attracted to certain things. Sorry that I don't ignore what I find attractive in the name of being diverse or accepting or whatever. Guess you're just way cooler than me because you're willing to date guys you're not attracted to…

    7. Jennifer & Emmie: I'm not arguing that people should date people they're not attracted to or not compatible with for the sake of diversity, but our physical preferences are WAY more socialized than they are genetic. None of us grew up in a vacuum, and none of our ideas of attractiveness are wholly natural.

      As for those who don't think their individual choices matter, well, they do. Check out this study of Yahoo personals:

      "Asians, African Americans and Latinos were more likely to include white people as possible dates than white people were to include them — suggesting that white people, as the dominant racial group in the U.S., hold the power when it comes to interracial dating …

      'Stereotypical images of masculinity and femininity shape dating choices and continue to be perpetuated in the mass media,' said Feliciano, UCI assistant professor of sociology and Chicano/Latino studies. 'The hyper-feminine image of Asian American women contrasts greatly with the image of Asian men, who are often portrayed as asexual.'

      In comparison, the image of the strong African American woman is at odds with idealized notions of submissive and frail women. This may explain why African American women faced high levels of rejection among men, researchers said.

      'Cultural portrayals of African American women in the media continue to stress traits seen as negative, such as bossiness,' Feliciano said."

    8. poppy says:

      These are the kind of blogs and post that college candy needs more of. This kind of stuff is why I liked this site in the first place, lately it hasn't been the same.

      hooray for an actual interesting and not artificial post.

    9. Kelly says:

      I'm white and have only dated Mexican guys. I've always preferred darker hair and eyes when it comes to men and the permanent tan isn't so bad either:)

      I don't feel like I'm limiting myself… I am open to all sorts of guys but there is a certain type that I happen to get along with better.

    10. Emily says:

      Lots of times physical attraction is biological, your genetically programmed to pick the best match for healthy kids. A lot of times the reason a person has a physical type is because they're genetically the best match for them.

      I bet if you went through guys you've dated they probably have some sort of shared physical traits, even if they are different races. Amazing what you can learn on the discovery channel, or in bio for that matter.😉

    11. Steph says:

      I'm black and Chinese and am only attracted to white guys 99% of the time. I'm sorry, I just don't find black/Hispanic/Asian/middle eastern men attractive. I do not think to myself "Don't like him, he's ___ race." Instead, I just look and think, "Attractive" or "Not attractive". I've gotten plenty of slack from my mother and the occasional friend or acquittance over how strict my taste is when it comes to race, but I don't know. At the end of the day, I am the one who will be with him, so shouldn't I be attracted to him?

    12. drewaustin says:

      To know your type you need to understand the various types of guys… Let The Campus Diva enlighten you at The Campus Socialite

    13. Joe the Drunk says:

      I usually prefer human but sometimes I go for dog. sometimes they are better looking than the chix in the bars, unless i'm beer-gogglin'. not into sheep, goat or any farm animals.

    14. Jack says:

      What is the least desirable race for a guy???? The race which you think is the ugliest in other words? Thoughts? Opinions?

    15. Star says:

      I like how Emmie says she doesn't judge based on race, but calls them "black man or a hispanic man or whatever".

    16. Star says:

      I think we have it so programmed in to us not to be attracted to people of another race, unless we're used to being around interracial couples, that we don't even notice it. We don't sit around and think "I'm not attracted to this person because of their race", but it's still there. It's like how other cultures have their own views on beauty, such as the women who wear rings around their necks. To them, that's attractive.

    17. Ryan says:

      What about a half asian/half white guy? Are they labeled typical dumb asian guy who can't get white chicks, or do they get to be grouped with the cool white guys? This is a serious question. Thanks for the replies.

    18. Jennifer says:

      Hi again.

      “Asians, African Americans and Latinos were more likely to include white people as possible dates than white people were to include them — suggesting that white people, as the dominant racial group in the U.S., hold the power when it comes to interracial dating …"

      So there are more white people and they can say, I want to date someone white and have a larger pool to choose from, while someone Indian might need to say, well I'll date either Indian or white people. How is that important? It's quite obvious.

      Of course we are influenced by what is around us. But you seem to assume that those influences are either inherently wrong or should be driven out of us.

      "Stereotypical images of masculinity and femininity shape dating choices and continue to be perpetuated in the mass media,’ said Feliciano, UCI assistant professor of sociology and Chicano/Latino studies." and the rest of that study basically says 'the media tells us this_'

      Well, I actually prefer slightly feminine guys. I never find guys on TV attractive. I actually choose people to date because I'm interested in them and their specific qualities (particularly intelligence. Although I've added caring as a major concern.) Basically I mean if you are dating someone based on a gigantic stereotype from the media, the the problem is that; not which stereotype you are buying.

      Ok, here I think I see your point: you are saying that we should be ignoring these stereotypes. I agree with you. I was just trying to say that what may appear to be buying into a stereotype to an outsider (or, say someone who compiles data with out looking at the people behind it) is really just a matter of personal preference, or actual compatibility in the case of a couple.

      You quote this study because "As for those who don’t think their individual choices matter, well, they do. Check out this study of Yahoo personals" I don't quite follow how this study of people influenced by supply and demand is supposed to illustrate how our personal choices matter. But I like how involved you are in the comments. Please explain it to me.

    19. Ryu says:

      Yes. The media influences our minds. Yes, that is something to think about. No, it is not controllable. Nobody can control their subconscious, and that's really where attraction comes from. Dating a certain "type" isn't a bad thing. Certainly, it limits some people. But there are 9 billion people in this world- I think we need some limiting.

      My first boyfriend was white, my second was chinese, and my current one is indian. I am white. I have a type: all three were the most talented men I knew. But I live in an extremely liberal area, where interracial dating is common and acceptable. If you grew up in the midwest, chances are that it would be much harder to date somebody, black, say, and find your culture to be accepting of that.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is that: yeah, it's all well and good to tell people to date outside their boundaries. But isn't love about the subconscious, rather than the conscious?

    20. […] College Candy’s got a smart essay on the small-mindedness of having “a type.” […]

    21. roadkill says:


      You might be surprised. Some of us little people out here in flyover country are pretty fair-minded. Maybe you're thinking of them crackers Down South? I actually suspect that any stigma against interracial dating has as much a generational component as a geographical one. Anti-miscegenation laws were on the books of more than a few states well within the bounds of living memory. In my experience, older folks are more likely to notice/comment on an interracial couple than someone of my vintage or younger. Blame Schoolhouse Rock and the PSA's of the '70s, I guess.

      For my part, I've never developed a physical 'type'. There are certain attributes which catch my eye, but their presence or absence is definitely a secondary or tertiary concern.

    22. […] of them (psh, purity rings don’t stand a chance against a girl on a mission – although open-mindedness is not a bad thing, […]

    23. Joe the Drunk says:

      Seriously you guys should think outside the box and try non-human. Blow-up dolls can be quite attractive and the best part is they dont talk. they are usually anatomically correct

    24. Emmie says:

      Star: One, I don't judge on race as far as "oh, they're black qed I don't like them" is concerned. I openly admit that I do not find black features attractive, nor dark skin. So no, I do not normally find black men attractive. If you'd like to call that judging, be my quest. And as far as calling them black or hispanic, they are. What would you like me to call them? "A man whose physical characteristics and genetics are consistent with the negroid model"? Sorry, kind of a mouthful. I'll stick to black, thanks, and I don't see what contention you take with that.

    25. Gabrielle says:

      Oooooooo. Damn!!!!!

      What are the most and least attractive races????? This is facinating.

    26. Holly says:

      What is so bad about Asian guys? Not full. They are ugly. But half asian and half white???? They aren't bad!!!!

    27. Ashley says:

      I'm a black woman and I am very frustrated at the lack or attention I get from guys. I'm significantly nicer, healthier, and all around cooler than my white counterparts but I STILL wind up being the 'ugly' chick. I gotta say, having to conform to European standards of beauty just to be found attractive pisses me off to no end

    28. Holly says:

      Get used to it Shaniqua.

    29. S says:

      i used to prefer blonde guys but now i prefer asian. preferences change. it's also the fact that most white males i've met here have no ambition while the asians finished graduate school or at least are in university. i'd say i'm generally open minded and it's just a matter of taste. i remember myself not being attracted to asians at all and now they're my #1😛

    30. Jen says:

      I'm black and I have never had trouble getting guys of any race to go out with me. Ever. I have even had more dating success than some of my blond counterparts (I have girlfriends of all races and don't choose my girlfriends based on race, only perhaps discriminating based on unfriendliness or general ugliness. I do have an image to maintain, after all). When I tried online dating my inbox was fairly full, but kess so from guys I would normally go for. So I would say to black girls, if you are an attractive black girl, stay away from online dating. Guys are way more likely to go for your gorgeous and fabulous self once they get the chance to see you or speak to you in person. Or, if you do go for online dating and you have a specific type, be prepared to make the first move and send the first message. That always worked for me. Not too much rejection to speak of taking that route.

      I'm primarily attracted to white and Middle Eastern men but I have, at one point or another, found myself attracted to men of every race (probably black men least often though). My current boyfriend is the Abercrombie type, tall fit and blonde. I do find that attractive, but that's not the only thing I find attractive.

      I like guys of various shades as well but I find I'm not attracted to DARK DARK skin (like, very dark Indian or black). I think I prefer medium skin tones best.

    31. Jen says:

      I guess maybe I should add that I live in a liberal Canadian city where race isn't really a big deal and IR couples are everywhere. The story might be different if I lived in the States with all of that complicated racial shit, I dunno. But if I'm being really honest, I think a lot of the time what black girls assume is rejection or discrimination based on race is really rejection based on ugly. Pretty-faced black girls with thin bodies (the Zoe Saldanas of the world) do not have any trouble scoring any guy they want of any race. Now, a more troubling question is why these Zoe Saldana-types so often go for white guys.

    32. Holly says:

      Education level is a huge factor in "types" too. It is hard to be attracted to somebody of any race who doesn't even graduate college or from graduate school. The huge amount of blacks and mexicans who don't go to college and end up just standing on a street corner hanging out or work as an auto mechanic make them undesirable to date along with their physical limitations. I am glad everyone agrees.

    33. Katt says:

      Personally, when it comes to physical or sexual attraction…even though it usually goes hand-in-hand with an emotional attraction for me, however, I AM only human :P…I can be and have been attracted to varying "types."

      Besides, I have always thought that setting your dating mind frame to look for a specific type of person, is just detrimental to yourself in the long run. Because…what if you're just looking in the wrong spot forever?

    34. Salome says:

      Ha, I always get crap from others because I'm rather particular in the personality department (for example, I couldn't date someone whose politics are too different from my own, and I'm a classical composer so musical taste and knowledge is bigger deal with me compared to most people) but I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to looks, and I've been attracted to guys of pretty much every skin color, hair color, etc. But I've always thought my priorities were more in order than my friends'. Thanks for this! I feel less alone now.

      I too think that people who have racial "types" should think about what that really means – what kind of societal expectations have been ground into a preference for a certain race, and whether that's mired in racism. I'm still waiting for the guy who thinks Asian girls are all submissive and domestic to try to hit on my best friend…and watch his shock as he tries to dodge the resulting snark and sucker-punches.

    35. Alex K. says:

      This article is maddeningly inane. It completely ignores the biological component of attraction. Individuals will naturally be attracted to those with traits that resemble their own, since it is evolutionary dominant to do so– these genes would perpetuate themselves. I also find it presumptuous that the author, in her comments, would aver that "our physical preferences are WAY more socialized than they are genetic" as if this claim were self-evident.

      Also, I'm not sure how invoking the study comparing whites' dating preferences for minorities and vice-versa aides the authors argument, but, in any case, the result of this study should be totally moot– it should be obvious that more minorities would be more likely to include whites in their dating preferences than vice-versa because there are more white people! Because of their majority, whites are more likely to be satisfied with their intraracial dating options than minorites, whose "pick of the litter" may be smaller within a minority group, especially since one must have an account with Yahoo! Personals in the first place to be available for consideration.

    36. EA says:

      Woah woah woah. This is getting heated!

      Honestly I have to say I agree with this article. I have dated/hooked-up with many different ethnicities and found the spice of variety to be very refreshing! Each person, regardless of race, brought something new and exciting into my life. Because of the vastly different attitudes and body types, I have had the opportunity to enjoy dating and sex more than I ever could have in my race category alone.

      I'm not so sure I believe we are biologically programmed to be attracted solely to our own race either; I seem to be more attracted to other races. Perhaps the upbringings of some alter the psyc. to think it is only attracted to certain types? From my experience I would heavily reccomend open-mindedness.

    37. Katie says:

      Steph hit the nail on the head for me, and the [parts] are my own.

      "I’m [white as white gets] and am only attracted to [black] guys 99% of the time. I’m sorry, I just don’t find [Hispanic/Asian/middle eastern men] attractive. I do not think to myself “Don’t like him, he’s ___ race.” Instead, I just look and think, “Attractive” or “Not attractive”. I’ve gotten plenty of slack from my mother and the occasional friend or acquittance over how strict my taste is when it comes to race, but I don’t know. At the end of the day, I am the one who will be with him, so shouldn’t I be attracted to him?"

      Living in West Texas, I've come to find out that if I do find a white guy that I'm interested in, they aren't interested in me once they find out that I have no problem dating black men.

      What's up with that?

    38. Donnette - Manhattan says:

      Ashley- you don't seem to have a problem with self esteem but you really shouldn't compare yourself in that way. I'm sure you're not "the ugly chick". I'm also curious about the "European standards of beauty". I'm pretty sure you can be found attractive within changing your image.

      I'm black and I haven't had any trouble with receiving attention or invitations from guys (of any races. I also have a slight preference to dating outside my race but I don't call it a type. Type is the extra stuff: tall, musician, athletic…

      btw Holly's "get used to it Shaniqua" comment is bothering me

    39. Mark says:

      I’m an chinese male living in canada- a supposed multicultural country. though I am open to dating anybody, my personal preferences do lean towards other asians. this is in part to a few bad experiences in the past where I’ve been shot down by girls with explicit comments such as “…ya so i only date white guys..”

      the media is a big contributor to the portrayal of sterotypes.
      for example, asian males get screwed in tv movies etc. its a perpetual cycle because network and movie studios won’t risk a project by casting an asian male in protagonist role for fear that audiences wont identify, and more importantly, find the actor/character attractive. audiences watch the programming and thus the cycle repeats. so the asian male actors usually get the coveted nerdy/effeminate/perverted/generic martial arts/comic relief roles:

      -vince masuka in dexter
      -lloyd in entourage
      -every teen comedy ever made (even harold n kumar before harold “grows a pair” at the climax of the movie, which only happened because harold is 1 of 2 protagonists in the movie…and the leading man always gets the girl..?)
      -the “chairman” in iron chef america (wow what a fucking sweet job…to mutter incomprehensible “asian language” phrases and to do flips n cartwheels, AND you get fed top notch food…)

      i am both a victim and a perpetrator of not “checking your type at the door”. due to reasons aforementioned, i think the only ethnic group i probably won’t readily consider as prospects are black girls.

      there was just this ‘je ne sais quoi’ feeling, until Lena Chen articulated the feeling by stating black females in American media are masculinized. its a shame, and alas it’s very hard to undue stereotypes, prejudices, and sentiments. i’ve met interesting, intelligent, sexy black girls at school, but never could overcome the mental barrier to proceed to ask them out. to be judge against a normative set of standards suck shit, especially if youre on the wrong side of the bell curve. ive worked many years to erase my own perceptions to try to keep an open mind, and i dont know if we’ll ever reach such an egalitarian dating paradigm, but i think Lena Chen is preaching that we should at least try.

      so please, in the future, if you see that cute guy/gal across the classroom stealing glances n smiling at you, smile back! you could have just met your soulmate.

      PS. where the hell are the moderators? we need to keep this shite positive. no more “holly” please.

      P.P.S. am i like the only guy who reads collegecandy? lol/sigh

    40. skeptical_guy says:

      This article doesn't make much sense. I'm a a mutli-racial guy from America and I only date Asian women (from Asia, in Asia) because there are many Asian women that I find attractive, feel compatible with and we're more than willing to put up with the faults of the other. There are other reasons as well but I don't think you'd truly understand. I guess I have a 'fetish' for Asian women due to our Hollywood based society that places blond hair and blue eyes over everything else. I must be brainwashed.

    41. precum says:

      i agreee with the article the majority trys to portray herself in her movies as the best thing arround
      (in american that is the white people)

      anyways there is an easy solution ot all this bullocks…..stop watching their movies
      throw your tv out of the window (dont do it if u live par-terre)

      i did it and those brainwashing media lies dont have much effect anymore
      i love all women
      the only type of women i ghate to be arround is low intelligence women
      also i hate racists (if they are aware of it or not)

      that being said

      dont watch tv
      dont go to the movies
      read some books instead
      not only will u get rid of stereotypes you also leanr in the process
      and dont waste your time to jerry springers racist program lol

      live long and in prosper

    42. […] place at 4:30pm in Lowell House’s Junior Common Room. It’s a topic to which I’ve devoted plenty of ink, so I welcome the opportunity to hold another audience hostage while I ramble away. […]

    43. Ed says:

      Great post and spot on. People who justify their exclusions based on race sound, short of a better word, stupid. Unfortunately, this predisposition represents most of western society.

      Jennifer you said in referring to the racially lopsided results of the yahoo pole:

      "So there are more white people and they can say, I want to date someone white and have a larger pool to choose from, while someone Indian might need to say, well I’ll date either Indian or white people. How is that important?"

      Did you even read what you wrote? Do you honestly believe white people choose not to select other races as potential mates because they believe they have an adequate enough white pool to draw from? Hahaha!! How hard is it to click on the Asian or Indian checkbox on the registration form.

      also you said:

      "But you seem to assume that those influences are either inherently wrong or should be driven out of us"

      Do think Holly's comments are social or genetics…

      "What is so bad about Asian guys? Not full. They are ugly. But half asian and half white???? They aren’t bad!!!!"

      There is an imbalance that exists. Even Tyra Banks said she became acutely aware that she had to straighten her naturally coarse/curly hair very early on in order to appeal to western standards of beauty. Black people (especially males) are only now in the last couple of decades seen as sex symbols. I can assure you genetically little has changed for black males in the last few hundred years, however they are heavily portrayed as strong and masculine and the hero in western controlled media or hyper sexual in music videos and porn.

    44. Orange Pear says:

      Um, for all those people trying to use biology as an excuse not to look outside your own race… it's not biology telling you not to consider them, but society. If you're a heterosexual male, your biology tells you to try to make as many babies as possible, so you will be willing to check out a wide range of girls, i.e. you shouldn't have a problem finding attractive girls of other races attractive. If you're a heterosexual female, your biology makes you more attracted to men whose genetic makeup is significantly different from yours; i.e., people with different genetic makeups are generally from different places and have different immunities. If you get two different sets of immunities, the chances are that your baby will get the best of the deal, with a relatively wide range of immunities and therefore will be healthier! If any of you are familiar with this study, women were more attracted to the pheromones of men who were genetically different from them. While this does not mean that all women are going to crave men from other races above those of their own, this means they should not have a problem finding men of other races attractive.

      Anyway, the biology spiel aside,

      Personally, I like to say I have multiple "types" as far as body types go (I'm into short guys, average height guys, tall guys, whatever, as long their body type is not overwhelming), and most of the guys I've been attracted to have been white, but that's only because I went to school in a mostly white school in the Midwest! (And people in general did not date interracially, which annoyed me to no end.) I've found guys of all races attractive, except for my own, but that's not really a biological thing as a remnant of my not-so-great relationship with my dad.

      I get very annoyed when people ask if my boyfriend has yellow fever. What, is he not supposed to like me for who I am?! He likes me, and I just happen to be Asian. Ohmigod, he's not racist. Get over yourselves, it's no big deal.

    45. asian women are petite and most of them are mild mannered compared to western women-'~

    46. Matt says:

      I'm opposed to interracial relationships — especially between white women and black men. They are attracted to each other for all the wrong reasons and, if I were a black guy, I would get pissed off at any white woman that showed an interest in me. I'm the opposite of a racist but I submit that just because you are fucking someone of a different race doesn't mean you are automatically not a racist. In fact, such people (especially white people) are often raging racists with disturbing perversions.

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    48. […] Discussion happening at 4:30pm in Lowell House’s Junior Common Room. I’ve written about my thoughts on intra- and interracial dating in the past, but it’ll be interesting to share these ideas […]

    49. […] Discussion happening at 4:30pm in Lowell House’s Junior Common Room. I’ve written about my thoughts on intra- and interracial dating in the past, but it’ll be interesting to share these ideas […]

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