God’s Gift to Ailing Feet: The Fold-Up Ballet Flat

Picture 1It’s Friday night and you’re heading out on the town with your friends. You’ve got on your cutest outfit and a killer pair of heels – you’re all set for a night of serious bar hopping.

Unfortunately, when you’re getting ready to leave the second bar you realize that you no longer have the ability to walk. Your balance is already a little thrown off by the amount of heavy drinking you’ve been doing, and now you have to walk in 6-inch stilettos? No thanks. That stool you’re perched on will be just fine for the rest of the night, thankyouverymuch.

You continue ordering drinks until the wee hours when you’re friends are finally ready to head home. You carefully step onto the sidewalk and within 5 minutes decide there is NO way you are walking home in those shoes. Fueled by all the alcohol you have consumed, you decide that you’re going to take off your shoes and walk home barefoot through the city. Classy.

Does this sound like a typical night to you? Are you sick of waking up in the morning with black feet/someone else’s chewed up gum between your toes? (True story…) Perhaps you should invest in a pair of Fit In Clouds fold-up flats.

The “Clouds” are portable flats that fold up and fit inside your purse. Since they are only slightly larger than an iPhone, these ballet flats will even fit in a clutch. Unlike flip flops, these shoes are actually cute. Seriously, they look like real flats. And the best part is, they only cost $18.95! So bring them out next time you plan on wearing those sky high heels, and the next morning you’ll wake up blister-free (or, you know, you won’t have to walk-of-shame it home in a pair of super obvious heels).

Fit In Clouds flats come in black, gold, and metallic pink. You can buy them online at
To the women who created these: we salute you! There’s got to be a Nobel Prize for this, right?

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    1. Erin says:

      That is the best idea ever. I can think of using them while I walk to work in the morning. Surely I am not the only woman who has left the house for work in the morning walked to work in their cute shoes and in that time acquired so many blisters they can barely walk at work, and the best part, you have to spend the rest of the day on your feet then make that walk home again. I would love to wear those to work, so much lighter and easier than the other shoes I have carried with me to work.

    2. ari says:

      they have even cuter ones at redfootšŸ˜€ i need to get some after walking for 40 mins barefoot through london the other night….weak, i might be diseased now.

    3. Marion says:

      I ordered these Fit in Clouds shoes a while ago and I must say, they are the most comfortable flats that I own! Great even for wearing around the house. A COMPLETE blessing when I leave the bar at 2am!! Awesome deal for under $20!

    4. Jen says:

      I am growing another cool product in my dorm I wanted to share.

      It's called the TickleMe Plant! The TickleMe Plant is the REAL Plant that MOVES when you Tickle IT! The leaves instantly fold and even the branches droop when Tickled! My TickleMe Plant actually seems to crave affection (unlike my BF) It also opens up in the morning and closes its leaves at night when I go to bed. You have to see the video. This is no joke. It sure beats having a beta or gold fish. I love my TickleMe Plant! I found the Greenhouse to grow it indoors yearround at

    5. Anna says:

      FYI – I just got 2 pairs of these flats & they are SO comfortable!!

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    7. If anyone wants a 10% discount, use code "ILOVECLOUDS" at checkout!

    8. Heather says:

      That is great.. but there is a better solution called Footzyrolls, which looks like a real shoe and has a real skid proof sole that you can roll up or fold up. The shoes also come with a shoe bag for your heels and a pouch for the footzyrolls. Check it out at

    9. Amy-Kinnz says:

      I ordered mine about a week ago and still haven't received them. They said it takes 1-3 days to be shipped, but does anyone know the real amount of time?

    10. Rebekah says:

      the websites for footzyrolls and fitinclouds state they are also sold in boutiques located in boston, ma….but they dont state which stores :-(…would any one happen to know where they can be purchased at in person…i would like to try them b4 i buy them :-)- i do not want to get the wrong size..yi mean

    11. Jan says:

      The footzyroll shoes that I bought on were totally true to size and they actually stretch to fit your foot perfectly (its sooo cool). I was nervous about the size too but then I just went with my normal size and they totally FIT and are beyond comfortable!!!!

    12. Emily says:

      Just to let everyone know, these flats STINK when you first get them in the mail. I got mine a week ago and they still smell like rubber tires, and made everything in my pocketbook smell the same. How did everyone else get the stink out?

    13. Heather says:

      Emily you must be talking about the fit in clouds that smell like rubber.. because I hve my footzyrolls and they dont smell at all infact they are actually dont have any smell and are really nice and look like a real ballet flat. I cant wait to order another pair of them an tell all of my friends.

    14. Ariana says:

      Emily, I got a bunch of the fit in clouds in white for my bridesmaid, and they were completely fine. They all loved it, and some even ordered the black from the website later on. Under $20 including shipping is fantastic! The sizing worked out fine too, since they have an elastic on the top part. What a great idea, why didnt I think of it before!!

    15. Mary says:

      I ordered my Fit In Clouds after reading the reviews on CC. I received them a couple of days ago. I was so thrilled and happy with the product, that I wanted to get back on the site and give them props! You girls need to get this!! Order them online and you will get them in 3 days!

    16. Jose Resendez says:

      Well my girlfriends ordered flats from all of these sites including Fit Clouds, Red Foot, After Soles, and Footzyrolls. We live in Miami so HEELS are esential! The winner for best rollable, foldable, bendable, durable, stylish, affordable, fashionable, chic, ballet flats was FOOTYROLLS!!!!

      And they have 8 colors! and 4 sizes! and they come with 2 bags! haute!

    17. Jessica says:

      Hello, I have a pair of rollable shoes called Delicate Soles that I absolutely love. I first heard about them on the radio here in Denver. They are the cutest rollable flats I have seen and they are made so well that I wear them all the time. You can find them up at

    18. Susan Smith says:

      the best rollable shoes in the market place are FOOTZYROLLS they can be purchased at they were featured in O Magazine in the Dec 2009 issue you can wear them for hours on end and keep your feet comfy.You can also purchase them in over 400 stores around the US

    19. Jackie says:

      Footzyrolls have absolutely no sole support. Its like walking on thin cloth and you can feel everything on the road. Besides, they charge $30 for something that is available at and other vendors for $10! You get the best sole support from

    20. florist says:

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