If Zac Efron Cuts The Man Bangs, Is He Still Zac Efron?

zac bangschase bangs

Mmmm. Man bangs.

Who else can rock those sexy, wispy (but gotta be annoying ) bangs better than Zac Efron and Chase Crawford do? Or did, for that matter, because it looks like the two have chopped off their luxurious trademark locks that us ladies have been going gaga over since the first time we saw them fall into the eyes of Hollywood’s hottest hunks.

The way those strands fell on their forehead, framing their flawless faces of perfection made us wonder what was hiding behind them. Would we be able to handle the sexiness that would come with Zac and Chase exposing another 1/3rd of their faces? Was there more hotness backthere to be exposed?

Okay, so maybe they were getting a tad bit outta control, but a trim would have been just fine. Did they really need to get rid of the bangs completely?

What drove these mad men to do such a thing? Zac and Chase with no bangs is like Lil Wayne with no dreads…it’s just not right. Are they going for a new clean cut look, a new vibe? Or do they just want to flaunt their blazin blue eyes in which every girl is swimming? Why, God, WHY?!

What do you think about the new ‘do? Or should I say don’t?



    1. Lauren - University says:

      They look so much better with the bangs. BRING THEM BACK.

    2. Linda says:

      Zac Efron looks 1000x times better. He actually looks relatively attractive to me, now. Chase also looks better.

      I typically don't like bangs on guys, looks very fem..not my sort of thing.

    3. carla says:

      they look less like 13 year old boys and more older. i say yum.

    4. Lilly B. says:

      Zac is hot no matter what, but I like his short hair better. The bangs and long hair covered up that gorgeous face and those sexy eyes.

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