Is Megan Fox Bad for Women?

megan_fox_gq_02If you ask a guy what he thinks of Megan Fox, 9 times out of 10 he’ll start drooling all over himself as he tries to explain how her hotness defies the laws of the universe (and that one other time, he’s probably gay). It’s easy to see what her appeal is to members of the male species: she’s beautiful like a young Angelina Jolie and plays up her sex appeal in her movie roles.

But then you watch her on a late-night talk show or read an interview with her in a magazine, and you wonder how any guy can find her sexy. Not only is it unbecoming for a young woman to say the things she says, but her comments are also unprofessional for any actor to say while promoting a film. No self-respecting professional in their right mind would mention their poor hygiene habits on national television!

And yet, men everywhere are enamored with her. Either they are able to look past her idiotic remarks, or they embrace them. If the latter is the case with Megan Fox, then we women have a problem.

That this type of woman – who comes across as a crude simpleton and takes on movie roles nearly pornographically portraying her body – is the ultimate male ideal, should trouble all women. Intentionally or not, the global obsession with her sends a message to women that perfection means impossible beauty and a serious lack of social graces, if not a lack of intelligence.

It’s true that women often objectify male celebrities in a similar way, but we seldom see such pandemonium over one actor/actress, especially one who has only had two major movie roles in her career thus far. And this commotion has to mean something, since all the tabloids and blogs can’t seem to stop writing about Fox.

What it means for women is that we have another damaging prototype to contend with. She may not be setting us back sixty years quite yet, but she certainly isn’t helping women achieve the level of respect in the media and in society that they deserve. Men can claim she’s just a harmless fantasy, but even fantasies can be very telling of what people truly think.

What do you think? Is Megan Fox trouble for women, or just a male fantasy?



    1. hannah says:

      I have to admit, Megan Fox is seriously hot. Transformers 2 was like an expensive Megan Fox sexy video. Clearly, she's too TMI for my taste! Who says those kinds of things anyway? Is it me, or has she had anything "done"???

    2. Lauren - University says:

      She's really effing hot, but so dumb it hurts. I think the obsession will wear off soon. I think even the horniest guys will get annoyed with her soon enough.

    3. Alyx says:

      Megan Fox has toe thumbs… and no woman should ever want to have those. GROSS! And kind of scary, actually. I wouldn't want her thumbs.

    4. Ibrahim | ZenCollege says:

      I just can't find myself interested in such an unintelligibly loud woman. Plus, she's really not that great looking. I'm sure under all of the make-up and airbrushing she's just another Britney Spears…

    5. grace b says:

      I don't really think she was acting in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. What a shame. Some of those quotes are horrendous!!

    6. AmyKate@BYU says:

      I totally agree. She's a terrible model for teenage girls – but then again so is anyone on 90210, Gossip Girl, you name it. She should be more aware of how to use her media attention to be a decent young woman, not just a publicity ho.

    7. Nicole says:

      I can't stand her…and I hope that she's just a phase the world is going through. I might have a bias opinion though, I had a friend that was like Megan Fox (not as hot though) and guys would love her never ending talk about sex and how she would wear the most inappropriate things given some events. Needless to say my 12 year old brother was probably smarter then her. To make a long story short, guys would hang with her for about a few weeks and then move on to someone they could settle with and have a normal relationship.

      We do not need a whole generation of girls running around like this.

    8. Vivid Hallucinations says:

      Megan Fox is not hot at all. She is extremely bad at acting, she is dumb, and she thinks WAY too highly of herself.

      Her role in Transformers 2 was to have her boobs bouncing up and down the screen, that is all she was there for.

      I don't see what other guys can see in her, she is attempting to be like Angelina Jolie so much, and is constantly failing.

    9. Marisa - Wesleyan Un says:

      "Classy women don’t have a thing to worry about, men still want demure and socially graceful, and if they don’t, they’re idiots."

      Thanks for the reassurance!

    10. Caitlin-University o says:

      I think she's hot. I think the reason guys think she's hot is because she doesn't give a shit what other people think of her. She's outspoken and somewhat of a bitch, and guys seem to like that. She's laughing all the way to the bank. If you don't like her or are annoyed by her or whatever, don't write about her. You're just giving her more press that she's feeding off of. Negative press is still press.

      I love Megan Fox because she lays it all out there and she's honest. Yeah her acting may need some work, but she's not pretending to be a role model for anyone. At least she's not going out and getting wasted, doing coke in club bathrooms. I think she's definitely a better role model than Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton. So she says things that are unconventional. Who cares?

    11. JACK says:

      Finally! It's about time people realized she is nothing BUT a crude simpleton. She may be gorgeous, but the second she opens her mouth she becomes a disgusting swine. Someone needs to send her back where she belongs – really high-quality porn.

    12. Jihan S. says:

      It's so funny that you should bring that up b/c I saw a clip of her doing an interview for her latest movie and she sounded bad! LOL!

    13. A says:

      Ugh, she's so obnoxious.

    14. Erin Scottberg says:

      Toe thumbs aren't her problem, so I hate when people bring that up. You can't help what your born with.

      And those aside, the girl totally won the genetic lottery — she's gorgeous. And like the first commenter said, T2 was basically just a full-length Megan Fox Is Hot video, not a movie.

      But this article hits it on the spot — her total lack of social graces are disguisting. And this is coming from a girl who didn't shower before work this morning and lives by the 10-second rule (if not 1-min rule). I'd much rather aspire to be a sexy AND classy woman who can handle herself. Not just another hot bitch who gets high and plays video games (and to that I say, stop riding on my coattails, Megan, my girls and I have been doing that for years…)

    15. Susan says:

      Personally I think that Megan Fox is hot, and I don't think she's bad for women. She's exactly the kind of girl that you play around with, not the kind that you bring home to mom. The girl is eye candy and knows that so she plays it up. If I saw her in a serious movie however I think I'd be concerned.

      I say let those boys drool they have about as much of a chance with her as I do with Shia Labeouf.

    16. Winnie says:

      Shes hot until she opens her mouth.

    17. will says:

      by the way, I read the article posted at http://coedmagazine.com/2009/05/08/10-megan-fox-q… and really didn't find anything that I thought was mind-numbing or stupifyingly inane. In fact, I thought the majority of it was quite interesting. She had a lot of cool shit to say, and once again, clearly doesn't really give a shit what people think about her. Hot. How many chicks like that give that kind of satirical rip on High School Musical and then say you have to blaze to watch it? Marry me?

      Also, consider that's a page of her most "stupid" quotes, taken out of context, and they're really not that bad. Even if you do think they are, which I wouldn't really get, you have to take that into consideration. I bet you a dime that if you took some female star you probably exalt, like Cameran Diaz or something, and did a page like that on her, you'd be like "wow, this chick is retarded." I know my page would be like that.

      Anyway, this article is just dished out by some hater. Don't hate her, hate the system. The fact that Megan Fox is a really hot super star shouldn't make you so mad. Alright I'm out, nice little break from work, peace.

    18. Lora says:

      Well, for starters, she admittedly has some plastic parts. That's not to take away her natural beauty, but with nothing between the ears, a foul mouth, and next to non-existant social graces, you may be able to call her a "woman", but a gal, a lady she is NOT (let alone an actress). Unfortunately, that's precisely what our country's youth need today…they need a dose of dignity & resepect for themselves & for each other. Could you imagine if she was as beautiful on the inside as much as she is on the outside? If she worked half as hard on her character as she does primping to be the world's perfection, she could inspire MILLIONS. *sigh*

      For that reason alone, many REAL men, my husband included, do NOT find her attractive enough for all the hype she's getting.

    19. Brian says:

      I'm going to play devil's advocate here.

      "It’s true that women often objectify male celebrities in a similar way, but we seldom see such pandemonium over one actor/actress…"

      I remember after Fight Club came out that Brad Pitt, with his chiseled body and good looks, produced a similar response, and I would say that some girls still swoon over him. Who can forget the boyish looks of Orlando Bloom, or the allure of Johnny Depp?

      There are people on either side of the gender divide who are going to be more crass than others, hungry for the sex appeal of celebrities. The reason we see so much of it, and not as much sophistication as some of the rest of us would like, is simply because sex is too easy to sell.

    20. Anonymous Coward says:

      Honestly. She is hot. She’s also exactly the kind of girl that I would have hooked up with in college and never called back. A person who doesn’t earn respect doesn’t deserve it. Classy women don’t have a thing to worry about, men still want demure and socially graceful, and if they don’t, they’re idiots.

    21. Morgan says:

      All in all I would say that I would not want to hear actors or singers speak outside of their work. The entire experience ruins it for me when I realize that they have not much to say. Excruciating to say the least.

      As far as Megan Fox? Yeah I am jealous, I admit it. The focus on her beauty makes me hate myself some more. As if the media didn't accomplish that for me, already. Blaaah.

    22. Marisa - Wesleyan Un says:

      Will – I appreciate your argument, but just FYI:

      "But, isn’t your job as a journalist/editor to present fair, unbiased, and factual analyses?"

      This was never intended to be a completely fleshed-out op-ed or anything like that. It's commentary – casual, lighthearted, if not ranty. Don't mistake this for "proper" journalism, because it's not supposed to be that. It's just a blog post of thoughts and opinions. No need to get worked up!

    23. Mik says:

      Just like Jessica Simpson, she'll be all the rage for a while and then we'll be over her. Hot girls only last so long before the next hot girl comes along and pretends to be so edgy.

      She honestly thinks shes a new breed?? She curses and burps, hangs with the guys, dresses in skimpy outfits for their delight…..hi, i went to high school with like 20 of you. Get over yourself already.

    24. TheFamilyMan says:

      Apparently it's bad for women when a woman speaks her mind and tells the truth. Thanks for the tip!

    25. Joe says:

      I personally think that women like Megan can teach women of the world a few things about being theirselves instead of trying to be what society thinks they should be. Megan doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, good or bad. She just lives her life and accepts the consequences. If all women done this there would be less plastic surgery, less anorexia, and less confusion for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to eat donuts until your heart starts to fail because you like them but don't not eat them because you think that they will ruin your Megan Fox like figure. All I'm saying is be yourself because on the day you die most of the people you worry about judging you will not care either way!

    26. megfaye says:

      I at least like that she's honest and doesn't care what people think. (Even if she's honest about some pretty dirty things…)

      It's not like she thinks she's some amazing actress, she knows she's getting roles because she's hot.

      For some odd reason I like her, and I don't think she's a problem for my self image. I'm smart enough to not start thinking that I have to be slutty and act dumb for guys to like me.

      But then of course, there are girls out there that will think that, and do think that.

    27. ginger says:

      yeah "being yourself" and "embracing who you are" isn't really the message I get when I see a 22 year old girl get restalyne lip injections, a completely new nose, and cakes on so much makeup that she looks like a 35 year old porn star.


      Any skinny girl with money could buy that face and be the new hawt but terribly untalented actress/singer/whatever. I'm not impressed. At least guys have to work out to get a brad pitt type body…that requires fitness and dedication. All she did was not eat until her hair fell out according to her.

    28. will says:

      Sorry, I don’t think your assessment of Megan Fox’s personality is fair or informed; in fact, it seems to originate from jealous or envious feelings. Not that I’m going to back her up on the personality or intelligence front, because frankly, I don’t know her. But, isn’t your job as a journalist/editor to present fair, unbiased, and factual analyses?

      You mention how she publicly discusses her poor hygiene; personally, I think it’s hot that she’s being open and honest about it as I’m sure plenty of girls would either try to cover it up or lie about it. Ladies, straight up honesty/not giving a shit is sexy. I think you all would probably say the same about men.

      Also keep in mind she probably has little say in her onscreen appearances. They might not explicitly tell her, but I’m sure directors might “cut” and shoot another take to get more titty bouncing. Shit makes money, and nobody is going to tell you that she isn’t there to look good.

      “What it means for women is that we have another damaging prototype to contend with.” Jesus, please. This is clearly your squirming ego speaking. Don’t mistake her beauty as objectification. I agree that her portrayals may perpetuate a harmful, eye-candy-like purpose for women but like I said, Megan Fox probably has little to do with whatever negative side of femininity she projects. Blame the writers, directors, producers, etc. that pay the big bucks to have the hottest chick flaunt her body for movie ratings.

      Also, there’s no coincidence; the only reason dudes unanimously will tell you that she looks super hot is because she does. Plenty of gorgeous people are dumb as a brick, or assholes, but they still look gorgeous. I couldn’t tell you if I’d be attracted to Megan Fox as a person, or after hanging out with her, but I can tell you she is the hottest chick I’ve seen in a long time.

      Really though ladies, don’t worry about it all; the fact that Megan Fox is really hot doesn’t interfere with the fact that you’re beautiful too. Everyone brings their own looks and personality to the table. Just relax, and be yourself, and I’m sure you will find a partner you might drool over like DiCaprio (let’s not forget about the similar female frenzy when he hit the screen… hypocrites. haha).

    29. Seminnepateama says:

      OMFG! Can be please be over this self-important, inbred skank already? I am sick to death of seeing her vapid O-face everywhere and so tired of the endless articles written about her online and in print. She can't act in any manner other than uncouth, looks like the last shower she took was about a week ago, and speaks like she managed to make it all the way to the eighth grade before she quit school to become famous. If we ignore her, perhaps she'll sink back down into the ooze she crawled out of.

    30. Kelly says:

      This is old news. When Baywatch was on, it was Pam Anderson. When Mean Girls came out, it was Lindsay Lohan. Now it's Megan Fox. The cycle will never end, so just get over it.

    31. cdy says:

      she is hot, what men want to go to bed with, not anything else.. nobody is impressed with anything else besides her body… women chill out, dont be jealous and make remarks saying "hopefully this phase wears off", she will be beautiful for many many years just like say Angelina Jolie, she is just starting to build her career and see the spotlight. she is who she is. you can not despise individuality.. she is the object of many mens/womens desire for a reason!! bam bam bam

    32. cdy says:

      women crack me up! jealousy jealousy jealousy, why else talk about megan fox? not ANY women can get plastic surgery and be hot.. trust me haha! notice the majority of comments are women.. hahaha

    33. chellechelle says:

      whats funny about this is i just had a convo with my boyfriend about her, he's one of those guys that doesn't think shes that hot, he said 'eh shes pretty i guess, but her features are too hard, not my thing" i was shocked. and i know for a fact that this man is not gay. he's head over heals for zoey deschanel though..

    34. Queen Speaks says:

      Keeping in mind that Sex and Sex Appeal sell movie tickets, draw people to TV shows and sells magazines, what's so surprising about Fox? She is simply another pretty face using her assets to get what she wants. Trust me I am sure millions of people men and women would do the same exact thing if they could. There is no shame in it, I sure don't want to see unattractive men although there are plenty of famous one's I prefer the hotties.

      Women need to stop hating on other women. Megan Fox is no advocate for women's issues that is what we have Oprah for. I'd love to be the object of someone's sex fantasy hell why not. I daydream about sexy guys and love and marriage is never part of that fantasy! Hell I am not made at her or any other women that can work it. Shit Megan you do you and let the haters kiss your pretty litte ass in the process.:-)

    35. chickp says:

      Marisa, when you graduate from college and start living life in the real world, you'll feel less threatend by someone like Megan Fox. She's young, she says stupid things, she's laughing all the way to the bank. I say "Go Megan!" As for setting women/feminism back? I doubt it; men think with their dicks, what're you gonna do?

    36. Sarah says:

      First, you are GROSSLY overreacting. To say that any man who doesn't find Megan Fox hot is gay is also pretty offensive.

      Second, Fox is not "the ultimate ideal" woman for men. They think she's hot. PERIOD. Her intelligence, acting skills, and interviewing prowess don't come into question for a man if their first reaction to her name is drooling.

      Third, she obviously isn't perfect if she has poor hygiene habits AND admits them publicly. You claim that she represents some unattainable standard for women, but what I don't have in looks, I make up for in intelligence and daily showers.

      If a man sees Megan Fox and then makes some personal declaration that he will not date/marry/fuck anyone below the standard of his fantasized Fox, then he's NOT worth anyone's time. Any man who's naive enough to think this woman's perfect and that every other woman should be the same needs to get a reality check.

      In conclusion: no, I don't think Megan Fox is a "bad for women." Any claim that Megan Fox does anything more in society than make a few guys get stiffies in the movie theatre is outlandish and plain stupid.

      Stop being so jealous of other women and learn to love your own positive qualities, ladies!

    37. Sarah says:

      P.S. will, brilliantly said; and chellechelle, are you sure we're not dating the same person? lol😛

    38. wedge says:

      There is no reason to hate on Megan Fox. There are plenty of actresses who are alot more annoying.

      INTELLIGENCE. I haven't seen Fox say anything that qualifies her as dumb. Now Jessica Simpson – that's another story…

      ACTING. Fox hasn't shown she can act — but then again, she hasn't shown that she CAN'T act. And you know what? You could say the same about Harrison Ford and Schwarzenegger. Now Jessica Alba — she really can't act…

      EXHIBITIONISM. Sure she shows off her body. So do alot of people. Why are we giving her a hard time? Because she's really hot right now? Makes no sense.

      Give me Fox anytime over pretentious jerks like Scarlett Johansson.

    39. Goodies! says:

      […] Is Megan Fox is bad for women? – College Candy […]

    40. julie says:

      Yes, she is beautiful and sexy…but did ANYONE read the news about her plastic surgery???? She has had her nose, lips and breasts done. She was adorable before, but that sends a message to young women everywhere. If you are 23 years old and need "work", then how real is it all? This is a plastic babe and not a true representation of real beauty. SO SAD.

    41. Christian says:

      Okay so I can see why men completely drool over her. She has big huge boobs, stunning features, long dark hair, and that complete bad ass look. But people should realize she's about as fake as they get. She sounds pretty damn ignorant in every interview she's in. Her voice sounds like a baby prostitute. And she looks dirty every time I see her. She just comes off as another conceited little Hollywood moron.

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    43. Sara says:

      Man, I am so sick of men accusing women of being jealous of some other woman they don't like! I'm a woman, and I think I would be gay for Angelina, Beyonce, Scarlett, the list goes on..yes, Megan Fox is gorgeous, but she says dumb shit period. I'm not jealous of her AT ALL, I do very well with guys myself. No man should think she is "the perfect girl" and if they do, they are probably the ones who think porn sex is realistic (dudes, it isn't. Please take a look at how wet those women are. They are usually bone dry, even with lube, so do you think they are enjoying it?). So, while I don't think she's necessarily bad for women, I might change my mind if I hear guys start saying, "Man, I wish there were more women like Megan Fox."

    44. Dawn says:

      I’m tired of women saying what slobs they are as if it’s cute and quirky. It’s not cute. You’re not quirky. You’re a mess. Big girls pick up after themselves. Smart girls NEVER announce their flaws. Perhaps Megan will one day look back at her quotes and cringe, as we are now, and take a look at how Natalie Portman carries herself and take note.

    45. yowsers says:

      A lot of sweeping generalizations in that article.

      She's a poor-man's Jolie, but both are Trailer Park Chic tattoo'd messes (if you go for that kind of thing….)

      Sure – any guy would love to do her for a weekend or three. An LTR, tho? Ah, not so much.

    46. ll says:

      I can't believe you go to Wesleyan. If Megan Fox were as dumb as you think she is, she still would have written something better than this. I don't think you're jealous. I think you need to examine your internalized sexism. And maybe to see that homophobia that you think it's lighthearted funny to question men's sexual orientation if they're not attracted to Fox. Maybe you'd notice how often this happens – hot girl is judged incompetent, ridiculed and torn down for being stupid. Actually, it seems to happen every summer, with different women inserted into the same story.

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    48. Melissa says:

      Megan Fox is the opposite of troubling to me. I am happy every time I see one of my sisters (read: a fellow woman) DOING AND SAYING WHAT THE F*** SHE WANTS. On the other hand, I am troubled when I see this article and others like it. NO WOMAN is "bad for women." To say she is, is nothing more than a throwback to antiquated, male-dominated standards of being a "proper lady."

      "Bad for women," ha, I see we haven't moved on a bit from putting scarlet letters on people. And yet you yammer about being "set back 60 years." Hilarious. You want old-fashioned, what is this "tsk tsk she's trouble" CRAP? Female misogyny. Nothing drives me more nuts than women hating other women for failing to play by some retarded, stale, VICTORIAN, PURITAN, PATRIARCHAL set of rules. Yeah, try and tell me "what self respecting women do." Like I'm supposed to up and obey. JUST like a man from the last century.

      And that's what it is. If it were ONLY a matter of her being "dumb" I don't think ppl would be so angry. Someone on here mentioned Jessica Simpson. No one ever said SHE was "bad for women." We just laughed at her chikken of the sea stupidity. And left it at that. "We women have a problem?" Speak for yourself. I hope you're joking. Since when is it healthy to let some random hollywood actress become your "problem?" Get a life.

    49. vibius says:

      Her and Jolie are both WAY over rated. They have great PR, and the hotness ideal has become self feeding. When both of them talk on talk shows they are both annoying. Remember how insane Jolie was when she was Foxs age?

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    51. Megan'sHotterTh says:

      "But then you watch her on a late-night talk show or read an interview with her in a magazine, and you wonder how any guy can find her sexy."

      The problem with this statement is that the, female, author is assuming that guys are actually listening to what Megan Fox is saying on TV or in interviews. Get a clue.

    52. troyw1967 says:

      She is pretty but also pretty stupid. While I agree with being honest; I also agree that less is more and one should know when to speak and when to shut up. Remember Vanilla Ice trashed his career with his mouth and if she doesn't want to end up on an episode of "Where Are They Now: Hot Chicks of The New Millineum" I would suggest she be more discreet. Note to Meagan: Stop trashing your performances before the studios start looking at you as trash. What you say can come back to haunt you and ruin your career.

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    54. Yv says:

      I agree 100% with Melissa. Articles like this are what upset me. I clicked on it just to see the picture. Personaly, I work in a male dominated field and in my opinion Beauty and Intelligence are needed for success. I bet you think I said this because of the men I work with, wrong! I feel more judged by the women I work with than the men. Everyone say’s she is pretty. So if she takes a few classes and learns to fit in to your personal bubble, Then what would your big problem be? She’d be perfect right!! You are ignorant! Ugly can be fixed with hard work and money (Her boobs look great, I want mine done[for me to be happy]). Stupid can be fixed for alot less. We all have pro’s and con’s. Life is a jouney were we fix them or end up JUST NOT GIVING A S#!T!!

    55. Scott says:

      There is nothing this woman has done that makes her deserve the stupid label, OR the "uncouth" label.

      Honestly, I think it's people like the author of this article that are hurting women. Probably 8 out of 10 of those quotes are just humorous. They're jokes. They're OBVIOUS jokes. But people like the author of this article like to get all serious and act like she's somehow totally OMGCRAAAAZY!

      She's not. She's sarcastic. She actually seems pretty smart. She's also clearly very honest. The big reason she gets so much attention in the tabloids is because she doesn't seem to put up the incredibly obvious and fake front that most celebrities do. That's why she's interesting. She speaks her mind, and she's not afraid to joke around with an interviewer.

    56. Dan says:

      Oh for crying out loud people! Lets live in a world where nobody is judged by how they look, no man looks at a beautiful women and desires her, and women are judged only by their personalties and minds. While we’re at it, we’ll be solving the world population problem by becoming sexless drones! If Megan Fox chooses to be honest about what she thinks of herself, more power to her. If her beauty makes it tough on women who aren’t in her league, I’ve never been compared favorably to a George Clooney or Brad Pitt, and I’m not whining about it because THAT’S LIFE! If some of her beauty is from plastic surgery and other beauty aids that’s no different than some of the things men use to increase their masculinity (can you say steroids boys and girls). What’s that you say, that has nothing to do with a guy getting a desireable woman? How often does the beautiful cheerleader get paired with the nerdy science geek instead of the star athlete? Has anyone else noticed that the athletes in just about any professional sport happen to have wives who are a lot above average in beauty? I may resent not being one of those men who are above average in looks but I don’t complain about it either. Bottom line is that women gravitate to men who meet their ideals just as much as men do, and if a mans ideal women is more heavily weighed on what she looks like, all that means is that guys are just graded by different standards. Somebody is always left out.

    57. Duke K says:

      It's easy to sit back and read or observe tabloids,TV chat shows ,current affairs and showbiz propaganda.They try to spoon feed us and grab our attention of what is morally or socially good and shockingly bad.I'm a firm believer of the cliche "don't believe what you see or hear".

      These people behind the headlines (u know who u are) need to make a living and sensationalise a story for either financial gain, egotism or make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. I should know..been there done that people.

      Megan has a bright,sassy,intuitive and yeah,vanity persona she carries well.Unlike most celebrities who have a fake front & overdose on the botox or surgeon's scalpel she speaks her mind & IS dazzlingly gorgeous. Personally she probably has a very good publicist and agent manager that have molded her well in the public eye. Unfortunately every hot blooded male don't really give a shit…they just wanna see the lady on the big screen and those delectable mini shorts. Hats off to them and her.

    58. Sage says:

      Anyone want to take bets that the Marisa who wrote the article is a chubby-to-fat, barely attractive studious type, jealous of any beautiful moron (like Fox) who makes a few million bucks.

      And lest you think I'm a horny straight male enamored with Fox, think again. I'm gay and think that both "Transformers" films were junk, and that Fox is not really an actress at all. But good for her for doing well.

    59. RT says:

      Megan Who?

    60. Peadar OHanlon says:

      it's amazing what an unhealthy amount of barely-suppressed jealousy will cause a person to write in the name of "journalism"…

    61. Jenn says:

      She's not hot to me. She looks dirty and overly made-up. Her skin looks orange, her facial features are too close together, and her forehead is ENORMOUS. Maybe it's a guy thing, but she's not on my list of female celebrities I would sleep with….

      Whoever said "poor-man's Angelina" is right. But maybe Megan will

      get sexier with age, who knows.

    62. Brittany says:

      I love Megan Fox. Not only is she beautiful, but she's not afraid to say it like it is. All of this b.s about women looking bad is just one of jealousy's many faces. If she was ugly, no one would care about what she has to say. She's gorgeous, and she uses it to her advantage; nothing wrong with that. She's deep, poetic, a nerd at heart, knows what she wants, and doesn't put up with bulls***. She, as a matter of fact, is a great role model and I look up to her for her confidence and her indifference to all of the critics. Keep on being foxy, Megan, I'm there for ya!

    63. Joel says:

      I'd fuck her in many ways, but if I talked to her at a bar or something I'd probably walk away.

      Ehem… y'know how the internet works.


    64. DERRUFO says:

      i am so happy for megan fox, and i hope she reads some of these comments to see real people with real normal attitudes support her. i hope she doesnt get too involved in the fame of hollywood and movies… i recall how some people who got famous took some time off from it all to get back to themselves and their lives before they were all that we care about. the transformers movies are so great… her smile in transformers one was electrifying, i thank god she was discovered and given a chance to be in such movies and i am hoping she and the producer patch things up so that more can be done–they work as a team. hats off to that great young male actor Shia LaBeouf , you are doing gre4at work, i wish you all fantastic futures in the USA in movies. -DERR UFO

    65. Brian says:

      "perfection means impossible beauty and a serious lack of social graces, if not a lack of intelligence."

      Obviously the the person who wrote this article isn't very intelligent nor do they understand what men want in women. Because perfection(which is by its very definition is unattainable) means impossible beauty not flaunting your social graces, and has nothing to do with a lack of intelligence.

    66. Jim says:

      Megan super Fox the kind of woman who men drool over and women hate just cause she looks so damn good. I understand her comments on the Transformers movies. As far as acting abilities go they could of cast any one of many fine looking young ladies to play the part, but they didnt. I think her looks fit the bill of what the director was looking for. As far as Megans acting abilities go one day a part will come along that will either make her or break her. At the moment all Hollywood can throw at us are remakes of older movies and horrer flicks and Transformers is a breath of fresh air. True it was taken from a cartoon but ya know what, It was a cartoon that was watched and enjoyed by both kids and adults. Personally Megan makes me wish I was 30 yrs younger. To all you haters, get a life. Megan gives men something to drool over, I know I do and my wife thanks her.

    67. Rich says:

      Wow. So many opinions…..yes Megan chooses to be in the public eye, but really, does any of the interviewers or anyone that comments here really know Megan Fox?! Beauty has always held a special place in society, female and male. Like it or dislike it will not change change a thing. Megan is an entertainer, first and foremost, here to sell tickets and OMG stimulate the economy. Some will blame her for being a poor role model, instead of looking at their own responsibilities as parents. Some will be jealous because she is in the 'lucky sperm club'. And, some people just have to shoot their mouth off, because they can.

      At the end of the day, if anyone feels the need to find a cause, there are much more significant ones than this!!

    68. S says:

      It's her business what she wants to portray.

    69. vanessa says:

      haaa people make me laugh at how they hate at megan fox and i bet tht the people who are trippin over her and how she is so "bad" for women are prob ugly and jealous tht just my opinion lets see you be in the tabloids and what other people will say bout you..its not gona be nice… as for megan she is hot and its not like she is the worst actress in the world hey if your beautiful why not show it off there is no problem wit tht fuk the shit everyone says like o she is so dumb you dont no her nor do i so back off jus let her be and do her stuff

      all your doing is jus judging by wat the media wants to show you so tht wuld make all those people dumbasses in my opinion not her

      but wateva hey she standing her ground so i look up to tht hope all does well with her career and shove it down all the critics throats =]

    70. Tina says:

      Looks fade! No I'm not jealous of that shallow, callous, self-centered, self-absorbed "girl" who opens her mouth and all her beauty "fades to black". Yes, she is insurmountably beautiful…physically, but I have yet to hear her speak of anyone besides herself unless it is to bash them in some way shape or form. The "girl" can be downright cruel. Oh, and she never apologizes for her inappropriate comments against her colleagues. She just says, "I was just kidding". Well, stop "kidding around" Megan. Your career is going to end faster than you can say botox if you don't start using your brain!! I had a friend once who was equally as gorgeous as Megan, if not more gorgeous (if you can believe it). Well, she ended up completely miserable. Became hooked on drugs, ended up with all the wrong guys. Used her looks and body to get what she wanted and she became all used up. You can say it won't happen to her, well I really do hope not. But, if she keeps burning bridges and behaving the way she does, the only show she is going to star in is Howard Sterns.

    71. Herb D says:


    72. Caleb says:

      If's shes so bad for women, stop talking about her. More you talk about her, the more famous she is. I personally think shes physically gorgeous, but couldnt tell you how i feel about her personally as i've never had a chance to sit down and talk to and get to know her, And, i'm assuming, correct me if I'm wrong, neither have 99.9% of the people on here. So stop badmouthing the girl unless you actually know her, and let her be, is my personal opinion.

    73. what a waste says:

      Megan Fox is a dime a dozen. She's nothing special. The girl lack intelligence and talent. It's hilarious to read about her. Some guys don't even think she's hot. The girl needs to find another career. Maybe she'll go crazy like Brittney Spears. Either way, I don't care.

    74. Mel says:

      I don't know Megan Fox so I'm not going to judge her. But I AM sick of hearing people talk about something she said when, as someone mentioned before, it is sometimes taken out of context. Never mind the fact that her antics aren't the worst of the 20-something-year old celebrities out there.

      It's a "look but don't touch" kind of thing with me with male celebrities (ex: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Chace Crawford… :P) that are good looking. I'm smart enough to know when I'm idolizing someone and putting them (or, at the very least, their looks and image that the press give them) on a pedestal of sorts and I have, hopefully well-placed, faith in everyone else to know when they're doing the same.

    75. Don Reid says:

      What a crock of sour grapes! All I know of Megan Fox is her appearance from photographs I,ve seen. She is beautiful despite the push up bras which give her and all large breasted who wear them a look of painful artificiality. I suspect the author of the blog jealousy diatribe and most of those who have posted on this forum know little if anything more about the true inner woman. Have you never heard of movie stars crafting a public persona designed to achieve a desired reaction from the public. If you do not like that persona ignore her. To devote time and energy to badmouthing her probably has her laughing all the way to the bank.

      To refer to the fact that she doesn't feel compedlled to shower every day as bad hygiene only shows one to be amazingly shallow and uninformed. Are you so ignorant of the world that you do not know that outside of the USA and Canada the overwhelming majority of human beings do not bathe every day. I'll wager that most of the ladies who shower daily then have to apply emollients to their skin to replace the natural human oils they have just scrubbed away. This wasn't true even in North America until until ours became a culture so controlled by commercial advertising. Those who ignorantly complain about Ms. Fox's hygiene strike me as being the type who are so phony and mind controlled by advertising that they have a compulsion to rub or spray chemicals on their armpits daily to avoid smelling as does a natural human being. Now that's dumb.

    76. Michael says:

      I'm going to post a condensed version of what I posted on the AOL forum about this…

      We, as a people, need to get over the idea that everything anyone does in any form of media sends a "message" about a group of people.

      I am a theater student, and I constantly get complaints from the female actors I work with. They say "Why are there no interesting female characters?! They are all just varying degrees of what "a woman should be" *yes, they do the little finger bunny ear move." But at the same time, they complain that a female character, outside the very general stereotype female characters have in the film or theater productions, are perpetuating some ever changing, ever present male fantasy that men apparently expect women to live up to. Or a unique female character isnt a character at all, merely a vessel in which to carry the idea that a woman needs to meet certain stereotypes.

      It's ridiculous! The best way to deal with these silly little "messages" being sent to any demographic is to, frankly, stop looking for them.

      Once people stop looking for messages that are being sent to women (or whoever, but just for this example i'll say women), people will stop caring about those stupid little unintentional messages and start seeing a character, because that's all they are. A character.

      And really, in 10 years we will think back to this controversy and say "wow, we got into a debate over women being portrayed in the wrong fashion in a movie about talking robots from space who blow things up a lot!"


    77. Erika says:

      I read the article about her in the June issue of ELLE, and she didn't come off as too intelligent, except for when she said she wanted to keep the details of her relationship with Brian private.

      Also, the tattoos are not a good idea, especially a tattoo "sleeve". If she is truly smart, she will class it up

    78. Janene says:

      I saw Terminator and was truly disguested by Megan Fox. She is a humilating depiction of being a woman…all that was visual of her was body, body parts and a peroidic face view. Why she had to be shown in a sexual position most frames of the movie made her obsolete. If Megan Fox thinks she can be considered an actress…I believe the best she can hope for is soft porn. After all the hard work of other true actresses it is sad she can backtrack their hard work.

    79. zella says:


    80. Whitney says:

      Okay. So you're basically saying that all men (oh, excuse me, 9 out of 10) all salivate mindlessly over the same thing. Oh, the hypocrisy.

      There are plenty of men in the world (who aren't gay, by the way) who don't have that kind of reaction to Megan Fox. My boyfriend is just one of them. Yes, he thinks she's good-looking, as do I. But he's not the robot you're painting all

      (excuse me, most) men to be.

      And another thing: Men are also attracted to women who are beautiful and intelligent, like Natalie Portman or Michelle Obama. So there's really no cause for alarm in Megan Fox.

    81. trricia says:

      Michael, I agree….there are plenty of interesting female characters. I don't get that complaint. Sounds like sour grapes from failed casting calls.

      Ms. Fox's bathing thing, I agree with Don. Doctors believe it's causing a whole host of problems. Won't get into that.

      And Megan Fox? In tv interviews, she's a total space-shot. She's lucky to have found a genre that requires little acting or speaking. Stop biting off the hand that MAY continue to feed you if you shut up, Megan!

    82. lin says:

      Take good care of your health, exercise, stay away from drugs, enjoy your relationships, and don't pay attention to "Megan Fox". I guarantee you that "good looks" are not a guarantee of happiness, success, or long life. Appearance will fade, our faces lose elasticity, our bodies will change, as years go by. Would you want to be a slave to botox, restylane, fillers, tucks, and painful surgery for the rest of your life? Fox is already injecting and using gels and implants. I find that desperate and pathetic.

      What matters is how you feel about yourself. Women need to realize that they are the beautiful person God created.

    83. Kate says:

      I really don't think Megan Fox is bad for woman. I like her a lot and she's a great actress, I loved the first transformers movie and the second one, so what if guys go gaga over her. I don't it matters.

    84. Kevin says:

      Leave her alone, she is, after all someone's daughter. Who gives a shit about her 'acting' ability, she's there for one reason people EYE-CANDY. It sells movie tickets.

    85. Dee says:

      Her honesty was never a bad thing for me.

      She was right, when she said she hadn't really acted in Transformers. I don't think Shia did either. It's an action movie, for goodness sakes! Not much acting required.

      Pretty much, I just think the woman that are complaining about Fox are jealous. It's kinda annoying to hear how she's a poor representative for woman around the world. The hell is that? She's not representing me. She's representing herself!

      I feel like you're saying Fox can't say the things she want to. Why not? She has the freedom of speech, no? As do every woman in America.

      So, being honest and a woman, is wrong?

      It's nice to see a woman who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. It's also nice to see someone in the movie industry who is being honest about what they did in a movie and such. Hell, I wouldn't respect her at all if she said Transformers was the best acting she'd ever done.

    86. Dee says:

      I didn't use women in that post at all.

      Way too late for a Megan Fox debate.😄

    87. greg says:

      The bottom line is for all you feminist out there, that you say it is the women's body to choose. And that means if they can choose to commit murder(abortion) then why can they not use there body to further there career. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    88. Shawn says:

      Marisa maybe if you concentrated more on yourself and less on Meagan Fox maybe you can get a man,it sounds to me you got a little hater in your game Angelina Meagan it doesn't matter these women always appear in male movies cause women wouldn't go see their movies anyway because they are jealous of seeing a very attractive woman on the screen ,like any common Joe in the movie theater is going to base his life around Meagan Fox is absurd as well as singling out Meagan Fox as some down fall of women ,don't worry about Meagan fox and worry about yourself I wonder how many people was even thinking about her until they saw this article get over it

    89. zella says:


    90. Jennifer says:

      Hey, yes she is a hottie! She's still very young. Don't go using a mere child to make a point. Atleast she's herself and not trying to be fake. I would rather see a woman burp…fart…and talk a little sailor than to be some uptight stressed, anxious, fake museum of false character. That's the problem with Hollywood and some fans they think someone is not suppose to be human! Dont condemn the girl or judge her until you shine your shoes and fix your character first! We dont even know her you just know one or two little things. A lot of young Hollywood get under all these stresses, anxiety of what the fans…Hollywood VIP people want and they turn to alcohol or drugs…leave em alone and let them grow into their selfs…common give me a break!! I think Megan Fox is a great young actress and yes their is a lot of people out there jealous and frigid…sorry its true! Let Hollywood be human not robots!!

    91. Spirited says:

      Unfortunately, for Ms. Fox, we all know that no one is holding a gun to her head to star in movies where, by her own admission, she doesn't act at all. Not only does she admit that she 'hasn't done anything at all yet', she seems quite content to use her 'beauty' to fill up the screen, as if her mere presence is enough to 'entertain' a movie audience. Well, beauty isn't everything. Ms. Fox comes across as a 'fake', supposedly not caring for her looks, but using this to get everything she wants. If she knows she can't act, then what is she doing up there, really? Superficial, vain, stupid, uncouth,narcissistic, immature, and a perpetual wanna-be seem to be Ms. Fox's main attributes. She is no Elizabeth Taylor, that's for sure. Taylor was not only an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman, she has class, can act, and has a million-dollar personality. Ms. Fox has a lot to live up to and I don't think she's up to it, though time will tell.

    92. Grace Pool says:

      I believe that continually cutting someone is not good. Yes Miss Fox is gorgeous. Hopefully she will get roles in movies with more substance instead of skin. Celebrities are under stress to look perfect. Society encourages this. GP

    93. Mac says:

      I think this article gives her to much attention. She's not all that, and no I'm not gay😛

    94. trenese says:

      Okay she is beautiful but the comment she made towards scarlett johanson was silly and uncalled for. Megan has no intellegence at all. When I look at her I just see looks. There are other actresses that can really act. I think life is good for her cause she is attractive. But she has beauty and not much talent.The upcoming movies she is doing don't really seem or look interesting. She just seems really stuck on her self. I'm sorry people can be that way. But she is beautiful not talented.

    95. Holdin MaGroin says:

      The woman who wrote the article is probably fat and ugly. Her behavior is understandable for someone of her low self esteem. Go Megan!!! You're smokin hot and we love you.

    96. jo hendley says:

      Megan Fox is bad for women like obama is bad for the black man.

      there are haters everywhere. Megan is as successful as she is because of who she is – A hot, beautiful, talented woman. she's a success because she's perfect.she's a success because we love her.

      i'll bet the lesbian that wrote such detrimental crap is a fat pig of a woman, void of sexuality and femininity.Women like the author are bad for women. always hating and degrading true femininity.."ooooh, take me seriously. we're not sex objects. blah blah blah"

    97. Noelle says:

      I think Megan Fox is exceptionally, unusually, stunningly beautiful. Men react to the sartling contrast of her azure blue eyes and her raven hair. those looks make her stand out amid a sea of cloned hollywood blonde bimbettes. She sounds incredibly stupid though and crass. If i do bother to read any of the crap she utters, she never has anything substantive or interesting to say. She has no idea who she is, except that she wants to copycat a young Angelina Jolie at her skankyiest and trashiest. she does not seek to say what is in her heart or soul, because she appears only to be concerned with saying what will make doofy dudes think she will make out with another chick to entertain them. He tattoes are ridiculous! soooo ridiculous and ugly. But Trashalina Jolie has “Tats” so der Megan has to have them too. How original! then she has to threaten to further desecrate her beauty with more tatoos. yeah man cuz it’s like, cool! like okaaaay! If idiot dudes thought it was hot for chicks to have a 3-way with a Granny and a spotted owl, Megan Fox would be like “yeah, I do it all the time! it turns me on!” the only thing hotter would be owl sex with Trashalina Jolie. Then I’d like bang Brad Pitt and John Voight, then Trashalina’s brother while takin a strap on to Cloris Leachman! wait, that might be a little too orginal for her to think of! She’s not exactly a wit either. Her idea of wit is to say “if you eat Chinese food your farts smell like chinese food!” hardy harr har! so cutting edge! She should be writing for Dennis Miller or Robert Smigel. She’s bad for women,and bad for dudes who are doofy enough to claim liking her “personality,” because she has none. Therefore other impressionable young insecure girls will say the same kind of BS to get attention. She desperately lacks inherent graciousness. Translation: She needs to get those toe thumbs outta her ass! and “thumb” them through a book. First, a book of manners and then try and learn something interesting, or maybe have some conviction about something other than tatooes and talking about all the other skanky assed chicks she “wants to hook up with.” If she is feigning resenting her success based on her looks, well there are peeps who can hook a bitch up with knowledge of something other than the nuances in aroma of stench biscuits!

    98. Carrie says:

      Megan Fox believes she is "all that and a bag of chip". Just like Angelina Jolie, she thinks she can pick and choose all men she is entitled to – be damned with who gets hurt. She comes across as a low class hooker and will never ever be held in the same sentence as a Michelle Pfeiffer or Grace Kelly. Can anyone say "ho".

    99. John says:

      Really? Megan Fox is going to be the one picked on? Out of the dozens of horrifically bad female "role models" out there today? God forbid they target Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc. Compared to that lot, Megan Fox is Michelle Obama.

    100. beverly says:

      She lacks any type of class..beautiful, yes, but it bothers me that if any woman criticizes her that are called fat and ugly. Can we not have a conversation without attacking each other?

      I like that Megan is outspoken even if I don't agree with her comments ( taking a dump??? who would say that?)

      I think she's smarter than she comes off, but she's parlayed her looks into a lot of money and seems to know it. Not stupid, just sad. But, no different than Playboy, a world full of pornography, etc..

    101. melissa says:

      Why be jealous of Megan? For me, that is laughable in itself! If you are a woman…and intelligent..then you are attracting men that value that. You are not going to be well suited for the men…that value lack of brains, anyway! You would be bored with that caliber of men.

      On the other hand, if you are intelligent…you can use her as a tool to rid yourself of men that find her…appealing. You know immediately…that the man…either lacks confidence in himself (hence desiring a dim wit)…or is brain deficient. Really, we as women, should be thanful…that people like her exist…to get to the heart of the matter..with men.

    102. Sean says:

      wow. Since when did it hurt anyone else to use your gifts to your advantage? Isn't that what this society was founded on?

      Bill Gates is smart, but frankly I look better than he does. Does that mean that he's worse off than I am?

      Megan Fox is H-O-T (yes, she really is), but apparently isn't in the running for any scholastic awards. Does that make us better than her by being "smart" enough to point that out?

      I've got an idea, instead of pointing to "society" and begging the faceless masses to fix our problems, why don't we look to our own lives to help fix the problem? Why don't we raise our children to understand that beauty really is only skin deep, and although many of these women are fun to look at, the fun ends there and they may not even be worth enough to spend money (and TIME) on dinner just to tap their pretty little behinds.

      Really, YOU'RE the one promoting this agenda. Not by talking about the problems with it, but by not creating and promoting an alternative. Anyone can be a critic, show us what you've got to offer instead of just speaking poorly of others.

      Unless of course you're not quite as "smart" as you think you are…

    103. Maribella says:

      HEY "jo hendley" straddling a motorcycle with your ass pointed high in the air is not "true femininity" – while some woman may see and use sexuality as a tool to empower themselves over men, which may be a "real" result, the other result is in some way you do lower yourself and lose respect of others – I wouldn't say woman are jealous of her I would lean more towards envious, of her looks of course, she is beautiful no doubt but lets not confuse the two words, they are different. There are so many other beautiful woman who don't go to that "level" to gain success or attention in films, we can still admire and perhaps "envy" their looks and remain "not jealous". I am not a fat lesbian, I have a Fiance and I look and feel sexy without being Ho-Like. Justify your own lack of self respect however you want, people like you will just never get it and continue to put it out there for the whole world to see – Blah, blah blah ……………………..

    104. Sean says:

      Oh, one more thing.

      I see a link on the side of this page to http://bricksandstonesgossip.com/2009/07/10/shia-

      Wow, look at those abs! He must be a better man than I am.

      Darnit, here's "another damaging prototype" I have to contend with😉

    105. FRANK says:




    106. michelle says:

      I'm going to be considered old to most readers…none the less I have a little more experience. I first saw Fox in the Drama Queen movie with Lohan. And yes, she is beautiful. The type of beautiful that needs no make-up,push-up,or even the hair done-up. It is a shame that she has been so crude and vulgar with her interviews… just flat out not caring about what she does or says. Wake up…it's not "refreshingly honest"…it's just rude and stupid and ignorant and uncooth as can be. Sure, every man that has seen her will definetly say she is hot and would love to dirty things with her. Let me ask you, would he want to take her home for dinner with his parents? Would he maybe be scared of what would come out of her mouth? Women that are jealous…eventually, gravity will hit her too:) Until then, she is one of many gorgeous women out there that we may never look like. And I don't think that she is going any where too soon, so either keep up with her in the tabs and continue to feed the fire or move on to something else and let her fizzle.

    107. Becca- Clarion Unive says:

      I find Megan Fox to be absolutely stunning, completely gorgeous, and rather intelligent considering the minority of stupid actresses that we hear about (let's face it folks, the smart ones aren't often in the tabloids). However, I do not want my little sister looking up to her. Megan fox is beautiful, and a lot of that is a natural beauty. Her face is well structured and she has gorgeous eyes, and her hair suits her. My little sister, who is beautiful in her own right, would easily try to change herself to look like Megan. And as far as your comment within the post about taking on roles that portray her pornographically, shouldn't we be more worried about our siblings, and younger member of our family "sexting" and sending inappropriate pictures, than worry about a stunning piece of eye candy, who in my opinion rocks!

      You go Megan Fox, I'll keep your picture up on my wall.

    108. Jess says:

      Airbrushed women in mags and perfectly done-up stars on the silver screen often have a detrimental affect on females, especially those with low self-esteem. There is no reason to pick on Megan Fox however, she is no different than all the rest in that respect.

      In terms of intelligence, I don't know how many of you have actually heard her speak or read things she has said (that are not intentionally aimed at making her sound stupid), but she sounds like one of the most intelligent women in Hollywood in my opinion- shes against partying and the whole Hollywood scene and is quoted as saying she doesn't really have any friends.

    109. Samantha says:

      Megan Fox has tryed more than enough times to express to the public that she is not just a pin-up girl, that she has thoughts, and things to say. Just because someone is obviously attractive does not mean that shes not smart. Honestly i think that everyone who is hating on her is just jelous, stop being so goddamned envious of her. Shes gorgous and smart. That may be hard for some of you to grasp as a possibility but yeah its possible. im so sick of people being immature, do u really have so little of a life that you have to spend your time bad mouthing someone whos so much above you that shes never gunna hear what u have to say anyway?

      Move on with your lives!!

      She's hot, shes famous, and shes intelligent.

      STOP bashing her to cover up how much you wish you where her.

    110. miyokozuma124 says:







    111. miyokozuma124 says:










    112. christina garcia says:

      ok. seriously?!?!?!? who wrote this article? you must be ugly. your boyfriend must find this young woman incredibly amazing an you cant stand it….. if you even have a boyfriend! Why are you hating on megan? so what if her interviews and comments in articles are not up to your standards….. maybe she gets nervous speaking in public. I've known peole that could act their little hearts out on stage and as soon as they get up to be interviewed they're as entertaining as a box of rocks! who are you to speak of her intelligence and talk about her sex appeal being bad for women. Megan fox is a beautiful woman that seems to be paid well for the job she's SUPPOSED to do which is to act and BE sexy. Be mad at her parents for making the beautiful creature if you're going to be mad at someone. And now you need to be paid to do what you do best which obviously is NOT writing articles.

    113. Deci says:

      It's funny how the majority of male comments here are in favor of Megan. Men are so blinded by outward beauty. And men? How many of you ever think about how you make your wife or girlfriend(if you have one) feel when you can't take your eyes off girls like Megan Fox, or when you mention her as being "hot"? Yeah, you probably didn't realize that it makes them feel cheap & inferior. Your wife/girlfriend, like me, may never be a movie star, where every 5 minutes she has someone fixing her hair & airbrushing on her make-up. But she has inward beauty that is SO priceless. Men need to love & respect their wives/girlfriends.

      Women, I'm not leaving you out either. Why do we continue to compare ourselves to these girls in mags & on screens? I know, I do it too. But I have to realize something – THEY ARE FAKE. We are real. We will never look perfect all the time like them. That's just reality. We need to start thinking about where we find our value. Is it in what beautiful movie star we try look like? Is it in the designer clothes we wear? Is it in how smart we sound? We should find our value where it truly lies – in God. So let's be strong women, confident in our value, & stop looking at people to give us our value. God has already given you value.

    114. Marvin says:

      Megan Fox are you serious? First off, her hair is what is hot..look at her when she had her short, red hair and tell me if you think she is hot? She doesnt even look like the same person. She is trying so hard to be different its a joke. Talking about your sex life, putting your fingers in your mouth and your tongue hanging out is all a ploy to say "men look at me I am sexy". Frankly she looks like a dude to me and like someone else said, she cant hold a candle to a real sexy, classy woman. There are so many beautiful women out there that dont have to try so hard. She wont last, she cant act and she is a classless person and once she cuts the hair its all over

    115. Tony says:

      American's have no lives they still like the old days with the kings and gods need to be lead and worship something or some one. She is a good looking girl with a great paying job. She does not fight alien robots, save the world or cure cancer. Pay more attention to your own lives and you may better yours than bitching about others. Wesley snipes is not the day walker in real life, arnold is not an alien terminator, people must stop putting these people on thrones like they change the world. Ok back to fox she is pretty but not drop dead and she appears to be growing in the movie industry as a good actress why are there always people that want to dog someone out. So what men want her she is a woman that happens to most women. Let these people go to work, you watch their movies for your own entertainment or down time from your real life. Speak your mind if you liked it or not and move on. They do not have to be perfect, the best or even able to do in real life what they do in movies. Already Megan Fox went from beautiful new star to ok is she bad for women. NO PEOPLE ARE BAD FOR THEMSELVES YOU ARE NOT HER YOU ARE YOU. I AM NOT BRAD PITT OR GEORGE CLOONEY BUT I AM A VERY HAPPY NORMAL MAN. GET A CLUE AND A LIFE TALK ABOUT YOURSELVES AND WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE OR TO LIFE AND OTHERS. HOW ABOUT YOU WRITING ARTICLE ABOUT HOW BAD OUR GOVERNMENT IS BAD FOR WOMEN AND MEN BY SPENDING ALL OF OUR MONEY ON THEMSELVES AND NOT TAKING CARE OF AMERICANS. THATS A GOOD TOPIC I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT FIX THAT PROBLEM BECAUSE MEGAN FOX IS NOT A PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW IDIOTS.

    116. Elizabeth Martinez says:

      I agree with Miyokozuma124. We need to scrutinize what our children are doing on myspace, facebook etc. We need to make sure our young women value themselves for who they are and not for what they look like, and that starts at home. We need to have honest conversations with our children, not only our girls, but our young men as well. We can't blame Megan Fox for using what God gave her to make her way in Hollywood as an actress. Megan Fox isn't doing anything any other woman who is an A list actress in Hollywood hasn't already done. People tend to fault women that are that beautiful for being beautiful, and criticize them for using that beauty to get ahead. It's hypocritical. She knows that in Transformers she is eye candy, and she is honest about it. We all know that none of the men who were responsible for making the Transformer films chose Megan for her acting abilities. So why isn't anybody dogging them? We all know that sex sells, and Megan is the epitomy of sex. She exudes it. She is beautiful and sexy and before she opens her mouth, she will be judged on that first. She will have to work hard to make a name for herself in Hollywood as a serious actress. So she is being nothing but honest about her status right now. It seems that famous people get judged for being phony and self absorbed, but when they are honest and speak their minds they are called emptyheaded and dumb. My advice to Megan Fox is do what is best for your career and ignore the comments, just don't get lost in the hype and lose track of your goals, or your soul. Fight for your right to be taken seriously as an actress, perfect your skills and don't let those sexist pigs in Hollywood use you up!.

    117. VG says:

      The fact that she has landed on this pedestal of worship for her beauty is indeed a blessing she had no hand in choosing, but to say she's bad for women is ridiculous. People are way too focused on her because of the fact that her looks attract men (and there is NO changing that sex… men will ALWAYS look at women that way. sorry ladies you cannot change what evolution failed to change!!!)and she's not using said looks to give a voice to empower women. Perhaps she just wants to be in movies folks! If you don't like her unfortunate lack of intelligence hence the oversight that she has the power to convey a message to thousands if not millions of young girls, just simply change the channel… go see another movie… or just GET OVER IT. Not everyone on the silver screen has pursued a career in hollywood to become a role model or make some monumental change in the mentality of their sexual counterparts, that's not the motivation- it's MONEY!!! DUH! Get past your own angry inner thoughts about the opposite sex and work on your own life rather than cut someone down because they don't represent YOUR THOUGHTS.

      Poor little you! Megan Fox won't be what YOU think she should be😦 awwwww. Rally a boycott if you feel so strongly LOL

    118. AlexBellis says:

      I don’t think Megan Fox is lacking intelligence. I think, if anything, she’s just a little bit socially awkward. I saw her on Letterman and she was not only stunningly beautiful but she also possessed an usual brightness. She is a self-made and independent women and, in that way, she’s a perfect role model for women.

    119. Robin L. Johnson says:

      I think people think too much: especially about Hollywood types. However, it also seems to me that people who are less physically attractive than another, always seem to want to cry foul whenever a person with great beauty says anything at all. It seems that their opinion is that it is alright to be beautiful, just don't say anything.

      I am curious. The person who wrote the article that started all of this… what do you suppose they look like? Does anyone have a picture? I, for one, would like to see it.

    120. Paul says:

      Okay, so she's rude, crude and really beautiful. So what? Any man worthy of the title wouldn't get within ten yards of her. Why? Because she's a product of Hollywood. Nothing she says or does should be taken at all seriously and no normal man, despite his fantasies, would want anything to do with her.

      Ladies, you have nothing to worry about, nothing to be angry about. You're beautiful just as you are. Most guys want to get to know a woman who's just normal, with no hangups, someone they can talk to. When it comes to real-life, Megan Fox fails.

    121. Adi says:

      some of the WOMEN on this thread have posted shallow, inarticulate, baseless responses that exude lack of intelligence or any real depth. they're just as shallow the men!

      to be honest, i feel like Megan Fox is a prime example 90% of attractive girls out there. depthless vixens who assume their good looks will get them everything they want. and men are the dogs that fall for these manipulative – but still pea-brained women – thus making men ever dumber.

      it's a vicious cycle that is promoted by our sickeningly-shallow culture as Americans. Media is responsible for making us shallow, and we're responsible for staying that way even when other cultures have shown us the capabilities of human intelligence.

      that's not to say other cultures are any better – they ALL stink with the filth of the human ego. and most are centered around it.

      So continue to bash each other, you'll never realize that you're ALL stupid for getting into the argument in the first place.

    122. Mel says:

      On that note: THANK YOU JOHN!!! Who said, "Really? Megan Fox is going to be the one picked on? Out of the dozens of horrifically bad female “role models” out there today? God forbid they target Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc. Compared to that lot, Megan Fox is Michelle Obama."

      Huzzah!😛 But besides that, I really don't remember her body being shown too much in the movie–the beginning not being taken into account with her on the bike (you have to admit, it was kind of expected…) and her random dress change (I thought it was a cute dress… XD)–I mean she was in a tank top, jacket, pants and knee high boots over the pants for the rest of the movie. If anything, I was more disturbed with that frat party than with Miss Fox. (I personally thought it was too… club-like. XP).

    123. Joe the Drunk says:

      megan fox is smokin' but what ruins it for me are those nasty tattoos. that marilyn monroe one is ridiculous and takes away from her hotness. it just shows me that she's pretty stupid to tarnish that gorgeous body of hers with those white-trashy tats. even the tramp stamp tattoo i think is trashy. some guys like it cuz its something to look at while you're doing her doggy and a place to put down your beer.

    124. Gabriel says:

      Listen to the statement: Is Megan Fox bad for Women? We are really going to put an entire gender against one young-up and coming hollywood starlet that just happened to score high on the male "HOT-O-METER". She's probably no different than Marilyn Monroe in her day when she happened upon an escaping vent in a white dress. As for whether or not she's crude and rude she's just a chick with attitude, we've all encountered the type in high school as the cheerleader who wouldn't give you the time of day if you couldn't bench press her one-handed. I told my girlfriend recently that Megan Fox was hot, and she agreed, however I also said that I probably wouldn't date her. In short: Breast Cancer is bad for women, Yeast Infections are bad for women, Megan Fox is just a girl. I support teaching girls to be comfortable and happy with their bodies. I wouldn't encourage idolization of young celebrities i.e. Lindsay, Paris, etc, but at the same time I'm not going to paint a bullseye on their foreheads and throw them out in the middle of town square for a public stoning. I've learned to just change the channel or watch the movie, by the way bashing on her and hating is viral, so really your only helping her career…Jäger

    125. Jared says:

      No! Seems that if women are so worried about being devalued, they should do more than complain about others. Act, themselves, as if they are more than a object. Teach their acquaintences to be more lady like. To avoid flaunting even for the occasional lay. Maybe if sex weren't so easy to find,Men would then respond by being MORE. More women being free with their body isn't helping their cause. HUH! Men too.

    126. […] But then you watch her on a late-night talk show or read an interview with her in a magazine, and you wonder how any guy can find her sexy. […]

    127. Maria says:

      She’s beautiful!!! and if that’s all she has going for here so be it…. at least she has that, some women don’t have anything to go on and 9 times out of ten if they are smart they are not that hot…. Ladies I ask you this… What would you rather be if you had to choose… Beautiful or Smart?

    128. A says:

      I believe this argument is totally unnecessary. Yeah Megan Fox is hot artificial or not. I dont believe that she is bad for women, I think women that rely on stars appearances as a basis for comparison have a lot more problems then just confidence. I think an average looking woman with brains is far hotter then a gorgeous woman with none. People need to realize that the dumb blonde act is only cute for a little while in the end when the men finally mature and want something substancial Megan Fox doesnt stand a chance. Its us average women with natural looks, brains, and confidence that actually amount to something all the while maintaining our pride.

    129. ha! says:

      So I read through all these comments, and was all ready to have some feminist response, but i decided to read her quotes first.

      Anyone who idolises her, or wants to sleep with her, needs their head checked. She may be hot, but it clearly comes at the cost of self-respect.

    130. the violator says:

      i don’t get what the fuss over this woman is. i mean yeah, she is getting compared to another over-rated turd ms. jolie but, i don’t think she is even particularly attractive.
      she has that sleazy, crackwhore look going on and whatnot and i guess those with no standards will dig that shit but still, i see better looking women on my campus on a daily basis and i am not kidding.
      if you want a woman who IS worth raising a fuss over how killer smoking hot she is then, look no further than actress danielle savre. she IS the epitome of perfection.

    131. Maggie says:

      Don’t say that it is against women’s rights to say Megan should shut her trap; There’s a big difference between a woman fighting against oppression/objectification and Megan Fox saying stupid shit and calling it “speaking her mind”

    132. Phil In Reno says:

      Speaking as a Man who is 41 (and thus grew up with the women's movement) I can safely say that if you were to take your well thought out article back in time four decades, substitute Megan Fox with Shannon Tweed, that you would still not be saying anything new.

      Megan Fox is hot, and nothing more. Furthermore, we Men don't want her to be anything else. Men do not fantasize about sipping brandy by the fire and discussing the current issues of the day with Megan Fox. No we dream of pounding her so hard that we leave a permanent indentation of her body in our mattress. Our fantasies do go a little beyond that, but decorum forbids me to give those graphic details here.

      It is as simple as that.

    133. Alex M says:

      megan fox is ridiculously hot. Thats all she needs to be successful, so why should she try to show off smarts or put effort into speeches? Ugly women, quit being jealous and writing these dumb things. Go back to the kitchen and make your dissatisfied husband a sandwitch.

    134. Rock says:

      “but we seldom see such pandemonium over one actor/actress”

      Really? Think on that for a minute, because over the years I’ve heard plenty of women go goo-goo gah-gah over Brad Pitt or some other male celebrity. If not more so.

      Men usually say, “Megan Fox is hot”

      Women often take that way beyond making a simple observation and pretend that “Brad Pitt is my husband”.

      Which is more insane?

    135. Joe the Drunk says:


    136. Melissa Morrell says:

      Ladies, now now….

      By hitting the 'genetic lottery' you do know that means purchasing her 'beauty traits' with said winnings. Now get over her, she's fake like the rest.

    137. Melissa Morrell says:

      And by all means, DO feel free to peruse Google Images. There you will find 'vintage' Megan Fox…pre-surgery and pretty fug. (She had more to be concerned with than just her mere thumb deformities)

      Now go get her doctor's number, but don't continue to believe she was spawned this way…she's from right here in Tennessee…where trash is commonly born and raised. Surprising?

    138. Melissa Morrell says:

      I don't have the time, but from what I've read thus far…I can only scoff at this…what GOD gave her?

      Let's weigh it out, shall we?

      What WAS honestly bestowed upon her, by God himself? Anyone care to take a scalpel, I mean, stab at that?

    139. K2 says:

      I cant beleive the things people will put on a person. When will we take responsibilty for ourselves? Why would she be to blame for an individual that has low self esteem or care so much about what another person is doing that it has a negative effect on their outlook on what ever the subject may be? If some men or women thing she is hot sooooo what!!!! If they think she is dumb sooooooo what!!!! Or even smart for that matter so what!!!! Parents do a better job of raising individuals and not followers and no one will have to worry about what Fox does. Know who you are and if you are comfortable with you what the next person does wont matter. Cause no matter what you or I say she is still gonna make money and go on about her life. Really people no one said you have to like her so why be so critical about people who do. Look at the peson in the mirror….what have you done in your life that could have had a better outcome if you made a better decision? We are not perfect but we are human. Leave her the fuck alone.

    140. Al says:

      This article was almost okay until it said, "impossible beauty". WTF? This girl is not beautiful, or really THAT pretty. What she has is sex appeal. Which is fine, considering that most guys find any girl with a nice figure (perfect chest-waist-hip ratio), pouty lips, mysterious eyes and demeanor sexy. However, I know plenty of women who are just as if not MORE "beautiful" than this woman. People need to realize that celebrities, or people in the public eye, are not the "most beautiful" beings ever created… sure, they are good lucking but it's really lights, retouching, star trainers (plus ana diet), and make up that amplify their "beauty." When will "regular" or "ordinary" girls realize that people in the spotlight are not MORE anything than them, well, maybe richer. Please woman love your bodies and stop believing what the media likes to hype up as beautiful, because you are not less than.

      And if that logic failed, remember, men are stupid douche bags whom only care about flipping you over and sticking it in!

    141. Ramon says:

      Well, I think she was being honest. Her role in tranformer was empty.She definitely needs to raise her level of acting. I particular didn't like her role or the movie.In my opinion,she just another pretty face. Now, is she bad for women because she is attractive ? Only if you are the opposite. Sounds like femenist rhetoric.

    142. jennifer kyle says:

      i think people are just jealous of ms. fox im a plus size woman im 22 and ithink we can look however we want yeah shes sexy as hell and we all wish we could look like her, but if we put down the food and get off our asses we could look hot as hell too.and if women get jealous of their husbands watching her then helloo get over it!im married with two kids i dont care if mine watches her yes shes beautifull but shes on the big screen and my man is with me, and i dont feel like shes a bad example against women. and so what if men fantasize about her i dont care and i think people who are jealous and angry at her are pretty freakin ignorant, and petty, come on man is all yall do is sit around and bitch and complain about women how are prettier then us …. if your a real woman you wont care what ever body else is doing or how much hotter they are than you. instead you will be taking care your business.

      yall people are so freakin weird .

    143. Brian says:

      I am in love with Megan Fox..I am one of those guys who doesn't care how stupid she may sound, she is the hottest female on this earth in my opinion..her and Adriana Lima. Damn you could have a 90 iq and I'd still marry either one. I think she has nothing to do with how men view woman and is uneducated to say so. She is merely a fantasy, of course most men would want to get with her.. but men know reality from fantasy we know it isn't going to happen therefore we only feel she is so F***ing hot we don't act upon it and judge other woman by her. What a stupid assumption. Honestly this woman probably heard all her guy friends say how hot Megan Fox was and she got pissed and wrote this. Other woman are extremely attractive and intelligent why would they let Megan Fox..maybe it's because most woman thing they are fat when they are actually a size 3 or 4 or 5 or it's ridiculous and frankly annoying, stop being so self conscious about your bodies and stop drooling and wishing you were as perfect as Megan Fox. Maybe if her parents wouldn't have shoved her into modeling and let her life that way she would have been just a regular girl. She is what her parents made her. A lifetime money supply.

    144. Alex M says:

      Thank you jennifer.

      to the people making fun of megan: You people have lives right? dont you think there is something better for you to do than make fun of a multi-millionaire supermodel/actress? Really? you insult her thumbs. her thumbs? i dont care if she doesnt have thumbs she is still beautiful. come on. All of you make fun of her acting, yet none of you could even dream about being in a hollywood film. i bet none of you couldve even made the lead role in your elementary school play. Shes not the best actress in the world but why make fun of her for it? She will never even read anything that is written here. all you are doing is trying to get other jealous people to agree with you on megan fox's shortcomings so that you can feel better about yourselves. is that a healthy life? i have read her quotes and i think they are funny and original. Its nice to hear fresh honest things. She is not trying to threaten women or take over the world. she is not stealing your husbands or boyfriends from you. Nobody in showbuisiness has a problem with her, no one that matters has anything bad to say about her, so why should you people? Find something interesting to do in your own lives so that you dont have to make fun of people who are so so so so high above you to entertain yourselves. to Marisa- Wesleyan University (by the way we are all very impressed that you are in college. it makes your comments that much more meaningful*sarcasm*), if megan fox is a "crude simpleton" with a lack of intelligence and social graces, yet she still is a millionaire with hot boyfriends and lead roles in hollywood films. What does that make you? you havent even come close to any of her accomplisments so that must mean you have a severe case of downsyndrome or maybe you look like a fat horse. wake up and stop making fun of people who could own you if they wanted to. it just doesnt make sense.

    145. Jay says:

      Girls are just hatin because they're jealous of her looks, her appeal both on and off screen/camera, the fact that she's already a great actress, even with films she's not proud of, and her all around modesty for that, and most importantly her instant success and every thing she's accomplished and attained in such a short time, whether it's because of her acting or just her sheer beauty and because all their boyfriends and every man they date, hell every straight man on the planet pictures her while they're having sex with them (be it girlfriends/fuck buddies/or one night stands). Women die to be treated equally, went through hell for back in the day, have come so far, many exceeding men in their own fields, and still, somehow some women aren't satisfied. Some girls just ain't happy unless they have something to bitch about. Stop hating on her, and show some damn love and respect. She should be a role model and inspiration to some/most women to step their shit up, men want her for a reason. Every guy you can't get would cut their own arm off to have lunch with her, what do you think they'd do to sleep with her?! Ever wondering why that is or what you're doing wrong? You're not her plain and simple. Don't hate on what you can't have/be. She's a sex symbol and in the top 3 of the hottest girls in every magazine all over the world. Just be happy the one of you made it like that and stop being petty.

    146. Al says:

      Wow, the past three comments are proof of how stupid people really are to idolize and deify celebrities as more than themselves and human. American youth, woman in particular, are falling victim to this celebrity culture. It's one thing to actually believe Megan Fox is pretty, but another to assume that she, or any other, celeb is the BEST looking woman in the world. Well, first, beauty and looks are completely subjective. Secondly, I don't want to brag but I'm very hot and even if I wasn't, professional make up, lighting, surgery, and retouching would make anyone appear 10 billion times better looking.

      Anyway, I would never be jealous of any other woman, period. especially the type whom get attention from solely marketing their sex appeal and DTF-ness. However, I'd probably admire any female who had greater substance AND sex appeal. The jealousy argument is flawed, btw, because what about the guys who don't find Megan hot… are they jealous too? Whatever, males are exactly like sheep by nature anyway, "of course she's hot!" translation = "of course she's hot, because every other guy says she is and the media too! i don't want anyone to think i'm gay for not liking her. i mean, she's pretty don't get me wrong i'd do her, but this is just hype"

      Oh whatever, you people don't read or think for yourselves anyway. Enjoy masturbating to Megan Fox and believing everything the media tells you like the sheep that you are.

    147. Ryce says:

      I don't think either. Yes some people may be jealous and yes some may feel Meagan Fox sets a bad example, but personally I feel that if we do our jobs as parents, teachers and authority figures and teach the children we influence diversity and that there is beauty in all people no matter what you look like, than we can keep our 10 year old little girls from thinking that they have to look like the tiny little perfect preteens on the disney channel. Meagan Fox has every right to run her career the way she feels necessary. If the only way she can get a role is through her looks, then that's her business, but hopefully she knows she has something more on the inside or she maybe she's striving for more.

    148. S says:

      meh. give her 5 years ..the implants will fall out, the facelift will sag and the lips will deflate. you reap what you sow.

    149. Ana says:

      I'm hotter than her, so I don't really care. Guys jerk off to me more than her anyway.

    150. Belley says:

      Can we just remember how old she is and give her a break, none of us knew everything at her age. Under everything she is just a young girl trying to succeed in life.

    151. Megan says:

      Not all straight men think she is hot, and the ones who are so devoted to her that they claim that any women who criticizes her is jealous and any man who does is gay…are just easily influenced and don't really think for themselves. This whole "ranking" hotness thing is ridiculous as we are all different and like different things. As an art student who has seen a lot of naked men and women I find those with something unique much more inspiring than the women I would be fed to believe is "more" beautiful than the rest(or the many I've been fed to believe is "more" handsome). I can also look past the photography and the line of her body and know what's real and what is exaggerated by the pose. My point is she is attractive, but she's really nothing special. She's mediocre, but many would find her attractive enough and the larger the audience the more money. This is how the "most" hot women are selected and how their fed to us. So they have a mediocre women that many would find somewhat attractive, and they exaggerate the cliche parts of a women that many would find attractive(her breasts, legs, etc) and soon enough she seems exceptionally beautiful. In all actuality she is mostly plain. And that's why it works. She's a medium, a symbol of all women, a starting point for men where the rest they can fill in with their mind; A trick of light; a subtle message. We each have our own taste and I hope everyone pulls away from the corporate web and finds what they likeand not continue to be conditioned to think that there's a one unified beauty. If not than they are settling for the "happy" medium.

    152. Ista says:

      I have a big woman crush on Megan fox! Yes, she does say things that are out of line. But, I don't think she's bad for women. I've never been one to let a single person determine a whole group of people. Who cares what she says or how she looks. She's doing her own thing and I don't understand how that could harm all women. If you don't like her "image" that's too bad. The way I see it is everyone woman for herself. Represent yourself well and respect yourself and it shouldn't matter what some silly actress does or says.

    153. Katiiiie says:

      I have no idea why everyone likes her so much. I never thought she was so pretty or anything. The hottest? I don't see why. There's just something about her that you just can't help but hate her. I don't know what, but it's there.

    154. Ray says:

      Megan Fox is seriously hot she might not be the best actress ever but she tries and shes only ever had 2 big roles and she wasnt bad yes she isnt the most intellegent but what actors are in the end she is seriously hot and im sure im nt wrong in sayin this shes all guys dream girl as she is mine.

    155. MAC says:

      Megan Fox = Hotest women alive

    156. S says:

      it's utterly shallow to think Megan Fox is the "Hottest woman ever"…And no, that doesn't make me jealous. I have no envy of the attention a DUMB individual with zero substance gets..especially if her fans find implants and thousands of dollars in other plastic surgery to be sexual appealing.

    157. Sarah says:

      To all the guys saying girls are hypocrites because of the hype surrounding hot male celebrities: There is a difference! I know I – and all my friends – can think someone is physically extremely hot but if he's a complete tosser when he opens his mouth, I write him off completely. Conversely, if someone is just average-looking, being intelligent, humble and warm can make them much more attractive. Johnny Depp is hot and while he has a bit of an attitude sometimes, he seems kinda shy and awkward in interviews. I happen to find shy, awkward guys really cute (provided they're not too shy)! Matthew Goode is hot as well but he's an arrogant wanker. This is how most girls respond to "real-life" guys as well – personality comes into it a lot. Guys, on the other hand, will put up with anything with big boobs and a pornstar face.

    158. Angie says:

      shes gorgeous no doubt about that but shes dumb and arrogant

      I think she should dump movies and just work for playboy

      thats all shes good for, her looks

    159. Natalie says:

      You all take what she says so damn seriously. Just admire her hotness and if you don't give a shit about what comes out of her mouth then don't pay attention to it. Stop being jealous and stop talking so much crap about women and society and blah blah blah. Shut up please.

    160. […] Is Megan Fox really bad for women? – College Candy […]

    161. AZAX says:

      ur just all so effing jealous. u disgust me. faggotss.

    162. Francoise says:

      Wow~ This post is generating so many comments!

      Megan Fox's not hot, and neither is she bad for women.

      She is so bad, that women should never find her a threat, because real men would not want a female companion anything like her. She is nowhere near Angelina Jolie, and to put her name in the same sentence as the Oscar-winning actress is BLASPHEMY.

      Hot is Emma Watson, and perhaps Kristen Stewart on a good day.

    163. whit says:

      i used to think she was super hot and loved her, but now it's just megan fox all the time nonstop and the oversaturation of her image in the media has made me not give a shit. plus, she's way too skinny and the only reason it looks like she has boobs is because of her bras. i like boobs on my girls. she only has them in transformers because she gained 10-15 lbs. if she looked like that all the time, i might start being interested again, but otherwise, she's got nothing to drool over.

    164. Julie says:

      "the girl totally won the genetic lottery"

      Won the genetic lottery? First, you inherit what your parent give you, not by random luck. (I guess a lot of you must have "lost" the genetic "lottery" when you know, their mother decided 'against the abortion'and some of you may be ugly both inside and outside ) Second, the parents of that girl must have been pretty ugly physcially because she had fake implants, fake nose etc , the whole deal. At this point she's more like a walking plastic surgery ads more than anything. I question the heterosexuality of a man who can't even tell fake from real. True beauty is something you are born with, not bought. Sucks to be you pal.

      Lol @ the internets

    165. jerichogirl says:

      Megan Fox is still really young. Give her a break! She will have a lot of growing up to do in the spotlight, just as Angilina did.

      Give her a few years to wise up.

    166. neojam says:

      Someone else wrote above


      whow so much venom you must have a pretty crappy life or abused to be this angry. but yeah, hollywood is just that don't take it so serious

    167. redblue says:

      I didn't saw that movie but really? she was the sole reason the movie was made? lol hahaha

    168. Kes says:

      I am so happy to have the one guy who can't stand Megan Fox and isn't gay! …. sorry to rub it in lol… While I can agree she has beautiful eyes, the woman is so fake that she must be a life size barbie by now. How are real women supposed to size up to completely unrealistic expectations? I believe that without her cult following, she wouldn't be all that mentionable among the thousands of other beautiful women in the world

    169. Chritine says:

      To girls hating….quit being so obvious in your meanness towards those girls you see to be better than you. Well guess what? I AM in fact better than you.Yeah you. But it's not because I can get any handsome man I want based on my good looks (I can). But because I do not put myself in some league of any sorts but my own. And that is actually the league of a intelligent, confident and attractive woman who do know what she wants and is not complexed to go out and go after it instead of you know, sitting around all day whining over it's hollywood's fault and the mags fault and society's fault and etc. It is your damn OWN fault. Learn some responsabilities.

    170. bobie says:

      she is really bad for women i mean look at her boobs there HUGE and i think that she thinks shes all that.

    171. bobie says:

      shit shes a bitch

    172. bobie says:

      my brother zach thinks shes is so so so so sexy

    173. born2.sparklee says:

      "She may not be setting us back sixty years quite yet, but she certainly isn’t helping women achieve the level of respect in the media and in society that they deserve"

      Women should stop looking up at stars and expecting a representative.Megan is an Actress, it's not her job to be a role model for women or young girls.

      Be your own role model.

    174. JamieMac says:

      I think that Megan fox is a very gorgeous girl with a lack of brain. I dont think shes "bad for women" because…well, why would she be? Its nice to see attractice things. Humans are naturally attraced to beautiful things, like megan. For the women that are jealous, there's just nt much they can do about it because she will be appearing on the web for at least a little while.

      I think she knows that shes getting all these roles because of her looks, like she was offered to another sequel of the Tomb Raider series to play a younger Angelina Jolie, but she turned it down. If shes okay with the fact that shes getting roles because shes hot, people should be okay with it too. Its not so important.

      I think that she might be trying at least to be a better actress, since shes not a very good one.

      As for me, i wish i could like that.:)

    175. Annie says:


    176. Maria says:

      Seriously, this is not things I say "just because I'm jealous":

      She's good looking, yeah,.. But not that good looking when natural, and if anybody knew, she has been taking surgeries.. I know, you just compare her pictures from earlier and from now, you'll see a big difference..

      People are talking about her boobs, but they're not out of the ordinary.. Even I, still in puperty, has bigger boobs than her.

      Her "incredible" body is just of working out 30 hours a week, but you have that much time when everything you want gets served on a golden plate–

      If she's intelligent or not, I seriously don't know.. But I really don't think boys should be drooling after a NORMAL girl with a plastic nose ect. You see prettier girls every day.. Espesially in Scandinavia.. I PROMISE

    177. melanie says:

      I'm a little frustrated that people who criticize Megan Fox are automatically written off as "jealous, lesbian, fat pig-women." Personally, I'm not sure what there is to be jealous of. While she is pretty, she's not the best looking woman out there, and what's more, she presents herself as an idiot. Charlize Theron and Halle Berry, in my opinion, are two of the most beautiful women ever to walk this earth – why have their careers lasted so long? They are talented and CLASSY, which is something Megan is clearly lacking. Honestly, who the fuck decides who's hot and who isn't? Its like one guy decided she was hot and everyone else just agreed.

      However, I'm not going to condemn her as being "bad for women." She's just one person, and one person can't set an entire gender back to before the women's movement. What WILL set women back, however, is the power that we give her. Women – while your significant other would most likely hop into bed with Megan Fox, its not like they're ever going to get a chance to, so stop worrying about her. Notice how no one gave a SHIT about her in the two years between the Transformers movies? Well, if she keeps acting like an asshole (and she will) chances are her luck with landing movie roles will run out, and when that happens, no one will give a SHIT about her once again.

      Men – go ahead and drool. What's the harm in that? We all know who keeps your bed warm at night, and it ain't Megan Fox (unless you're Brian Austin Green, which, uh, what the fuck)

    178. Mike says:

      She is super hot and I really think most of you (women) are just jealous. She comes across as somewhat crude, but at least she's real. I'm sure most of the women on here that are questioning her intelligence are scholars, yeah right. Face the fact that you wish men wanted you like they want her. Men like hot women and don't try telling me that men want fat curvy women because we don't. We just settle for them if we have to. Unfortunalely most men will never get a chance to be with her unless they're rich or famous since women want different things than men do.

    179. George says:

      It's funny how some people negativily judge megan when 100% of us posting comments on this site have never met her, sat down and had a conversation with her to even gain the right to openly insult her intelligence. Besides, I've never heard megan say anything that made her come across to me as a stupid person. Really, I find to be very intelligent. She's a very well spoken person. And she's honest on top of that. Now there's a difference between honest and stupid. Stupid is the word i'd use to describe Fox

    180. George says:

      I meant stupid isn't the word i would use describe fox. She's actually a very intelligent person. And she's definetly smarter than the bitter individual who put this article together. Since when was Megan responsible for the way women are portrayed ? That's like saying she's responsible for the way your kids grew up. It doesn't make sense. Some people need to take responsibility for themselves and not put the blame on someone for their shortcomings when that person has nothing to do with them.

    181. George says:

      So it's Megan's obligation on how we raise our daughters ? No. That obligation doesn't belong to someone who doesn't even know you exist. It belongs to you. They're your daughters. You make them grow up to the women you want them to be. Don't leave it to someone who doesn't feed your family or pay your bills . Think people. Oh wait, i can't expect that from people ranting about a millionaire they know nothing about and don't have to pay attention to. Really, how do you folks live with urselves?

    182. George says:

      I think megan is very intelligent and a very frank and open person. That's why i like her so much. I'm tired of tight lipped celebs being what Hollywood wants them to be in order to draw in a certain audience. Her honesty is refreshing. But, because of this she's always being portayed as stupid when her quotes get publicized and sadly taken out of context. Yet, none of us know her so our opinions hold no substance or basis to back them up. But since fox doesn't meet ur standards , She's bad for women?

    183. George says:

      Megan is intelligent & a very frank and open person. I like that. I'm tired of tight lipped celebs who has hollywood tell them how they should present themselves just to appeal to a certain audience. She's refreshingly honest. But because of this, her quotes get blown out of context, so she can look dumb, which seems to be a hollywood stereotype. Fox doesn't meet ur standards oh well but she's not responsible for the way a gender is looked at. You make up ur own individuality MWU. Not a 23 year old girl.

    184. Brian says:

      I hate to sound shallow or stupid but Megan Fox is hot. Her level of hotness is up for debate but the fact that she falls into the category. Next I would like to say that her comments don't actually reveal any lack of intelligence. At most the reveal a consistant defiance of antiquated social protocalls, the motives for which are unknown. Finally I would like to say that intelligence and adherance to social protocal are not all needed for men to be attracted to women and even when they it is a personal choice. In fact most men find that hotness/sexiness and intelligence are evaluated separately and are linked.

    185. A girl says:

      okay.. I have watched a few interviews with her and honestly, I think when she comes off sounding "dumb" she's actually been very sarcastic, but she does it with a smile. I have a friend who reminds me of her with the way she answers questions. The girl is smart as a whip, and if you were engaging in conversation with her, you would realize she was messing with you/stating the painfully obvious in an attempt to be sarcastic. It goes over many people's heads. That's what I pick up in her interviews- I actually think she's a lot more intelligent than people give her credit for. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I am secure with myself. Why be threatened by an actress? Would transformers have been THAT big of a hit if there was a mediocre girl playing it? No. That's the business. Girls are responsible for their own self image- noone should be looking up to an actress as a role model. I am well aware that's what happens.. the media influences life; however the whole business of entertainment should not change because girls can't handle themselves or have low self esteem.

    186. […] OUT OF ME. Really, how painfully insecure are some girls? I started reading this article called “Is Megan Fox Bad for Women?” and it just enraged […]

    187. Asia says:

      I agree with many of the comments here, but also disagree with the point of the article. I don't believe any beautiful woman would find the need to write an article about someone else's looks or influence. I think the only females that do this are threatened by the attention that Megan gets even if they are correct that she is not exactly an eloquent speaker. I do think that jealousy plays a part in this. I have not and probably never will see an article about any good looking woman / actress, criticizing her looks, that has been written by a male. I agree that Megan does not sound intelligent, but who cares? I think she is stunning, but I am aware that she has done things to her looks the last few years like all actresses. They are really pressured by Hollywood to follow the plastic surgery route. I find it distasteful and wish that many of them would not fall into this. I saw some pictures of Megan from about 5-6 years ago and I didn't even recognize her. She had thinner lips, smaller brows, many freckles, darker eyes, almost no tatoos and of course a smaller chest. She was not anywhere near as attractive as she is now, but at least she was probably more natural. I guess anyone will take good paying jobs in Hollywood if they can get them, and if we don't like her movies we shouldn't watch them. If not her, than it will always be another hot girl from the flesh peddlers, so why be concerned? We have so many more issues in this world to worry about or focus on. One woman is not setting back women's lib in any way, but your teenage daughter might if you don't teach her correct values from the start. Oh and no actress or actor will influence your child if you instill within them decent morals right off.

    188. Asia says:

      I agree with you Mike, just read your post. I think the jealousy thing like I said before is a big one. It a shame that so many women in America are so threatened and insecure about other women, especially beautiful ones, and where do they get this? Answer: From their mothers that are the same way. I was not brought up anything like this. I had instilled in me my own uniqueness and to appreciate everyone else's. I accept my flaws and use my pluses as well as I can. I know there is always someone younger, more talented, thinner, prettier etc, and there always will be. Why do people have to constantly compare themselves to everyone else? I have noticed since way back that if a girl is very attractive, other girls will always pick on her, find flaws, say nasty things, say she's easy, or just say she isn't that " hot ". Check out Megan on Imdb for an earful of this. High school and Junior High were the starting ground for that crap with the girls. The best part too are these girls that post as men and criticize her, too funny that they are that pathetic. I am not the huge Megan fan,or a fan of any one actor, but I am sick of these sad women who have to pick on others. Ignore Megan if you don't like her, or any other actress for that matter. Oh and you were right on target Mike about women using the " I have curves " to cover the fact that they are plain fat or obese. You made me laugh with the comment about taking them when that's all there is. Too funny.

    189. Daniel says:

      I think Megan Fox in not all that. I Like the movie transformers no doubt, but I think the producer is trying to sell more sexuality. After all, sex sells!

      I didn't like the idea that she was in the movie too much and for too long in both movies. Specially at the dessert attack. She was wearing tight white jeans but has no ass to back it up with. What's up with that?

      The chick we guys call "hot" has flat ass…. I know she had nose, cheeks and breast implants prior to the shoot. C'mon fellows! She is a skank!I hate women with foul odor and plastic to try to make her look good.

      Another thing, you should look in YouTub and type in Megan Fox even hotter for the new movie and you will see how her hot self is all computer simulated through out the movie.These two dorks who help produced the movie gave up all her hidden beauty secrets.

      She is so fake! Take the computer simulations out and the make up and the cosmetic surgery and you get a cheap Megan NOT so Foxy after all!!!

      Personally, I like women who are more down to earth and natural. As for Megan, it will all wear off now that Transformers are out and about. I really wished the producers focused more on the robots instead of that no ass Megan fox not so hot skank.

    190. 90210 says:

      In my opinion Megan Fox is not all that. There a lot of gorgeous women out there and way more beautiful than her! My girlfriend looks exactly like young Christie Brinkley with baby blue eyes, 5 foot 9 and waist long blond hair. Her name is Chelsea and plans to be a doctor. She is a freshman at William and Mary School for medicine. I am 20 and she is 18 and I wouldn't dare change anything about her or have fantasy for another fake Hollywood chick. My girl is gifted and has beauty and brains. She is humble and down to earth. If I had to choose between the two last females on earth, Megan is out in the streets where she belongs. She looks like a cheap hooker to me. I know there are some Megan fans out there. But I think you guys are fanning a lot of hot air and plastic burning…

    191. Proud2BanAmericamboy says:

      I think is is ok. But not as the media makes her to be. They are pushing sexuality. The girl is not all that pretty. Take away her make up, plastic surgery and computer graphics and whala! You get a really dumb girl! Congratulations Megan for being one of the fake beauty of Hollywood and the dumbiest bimbo of all, other than Britney.

    192. Dan Bushey says:

      BULLSHIT!! Megan IS hot! And rest of the world can kiss my butt!!

    193. Mesion @ Univ of Pen says:

      Women are always hating on other women because of looks a good example of that is Rosemary Port calling Liskula Cohen a skank and a ho anonymously on a popular web site because she is jealous of her. Goggle was mandated by a federal judge this week to reveal Rosemary Ports identity and now Rosemary Port wants to sue goggle for revealing her identity. Both of these women are models and very pretty. But women's hatred of each other over looks runs so deep that even someone as beautiful as Rosemary Port is consumed with jealousy from someone who she thinks looks better than her. Women are obsessed with looks which is why they have a million beauty products but they wanna cast all the blame on men for objectifying them when in fact the secretly want to be objectified for their looks which is evident in all the time and money spent on their looks. I think women need to first be honest that they want to be objectified that they want men and other women to find them attractive. And to grow up and stop being so jealous of the woman who they think look younger and better than them. You don't see men hating on Brad Pitt or George Clooney for being objectified by women.

      Personally I think American needs more women like her slutty and dumb. She is the reason why men cheat and the divorce rate is so high. Classy girls maybe classy but they suck in bed and they lack sex appeal. It would be nice if classy women tried to embody both both slutty and classy qualities versus hating on what they don't have. You don't hear Megan Fox hating on anyone. I wonder why ? lol

    194. BGB says:

      Personally, I think she's laughing all the way to the bank.

    195. Sarah says:

      Big deal…Jenny McCarthy was doing the whole "hot girl who says dumb things and farts alot" years ago.

    196. V says:

      Seriously? I can't believe this topic is generating so much talk.

      Women hate her and call her dumb because we are threatened by her physical attractiveness (let's face it ladies, we are always measuring each other up against someone elese, and we try to find all the flaws we can to make us feel better about ourselves for not looking "like her").

      And then there's the whole "she says things that are not appropriate for a young lady" — as a woman, I hear that and think: They're trying to put her in this little mold of what a "sensible young lady" is — which is just as dangerous to the emancipation of women from their traditional gender roles as any other outdated stereotypes/ideals.

      She's an adult and she has the right to say whatever she wants; whether that makes her look ignorant or unhygienic is HER problem, it's her image. She's not the first one to say such things, nor will she be the last.

      As a sidenote: Have you ever thought that maybe what makes so much more appealing than just her looks is the fact that she's not afraid to be "real" and not this "perfect young lady"? It makes her seems less stuck up and much more approachable than an uptight person who's only concerned about what others see/think (like many of the women commenting on this, I'm guessing). It might not appeal to women, but let's be honest, that's not her core fanbase anyway!

      If you don't like her, then ignore her instead of making more publicity for her by publishing this kind of trivial nonesense.

    197. A says:

      1.) I'm not gonna lie. Of course I'm fucking jealous of Megan Fox. She's so goddamn beautiful and you have no idea how much I wish I had her looks, she is just gorgeous. But 2.) In my opinion, there are other woman just as or much more beautiful than Megan Fox, such as Jessica Alba for example. Megan Fox I think that she is getting so much negative attention, she shouldn't be seen as nothing more than something to drool about or jack off to while your girlfriend it out, or an image that millions of woman should be jealous about. I bet that she is much more than that. So why is it that she only gets this type of attention? At least it seems that way. Anyone of the opposite sex might wanna fill me in?

    198. Tony says:

      Wow people should lay off. Yes she is incredibly hot, and although i believe she is in fact intelligent, what is she honestly doing wrong to harm anyone? Should she make herself "uglier"? Or should she quit her job as an Actor which pays her well, in order to become a ROCKET SCIENTIST. To say the least all Americans LOVE money so i see no harm there. Guys like what they like and bitching about a babe is not going to change that. She is doing nothing wrong, guys are doing nothing wrong by naturally liking what we like, so the only problem a see is a group of jealous women forming to shoot down someone who is doing amazingly well for herself. Oh, and have any of you read and deciphered the meaning of the tattoo on her back? There is most definitely some serious intelligence and thought put into that William Shakespeare quote.

    199. Tony says:

      Ladies, consider yourself OWNED by Megan Fox.

    200. Tony says:

      By the way V, i like your side comment. I am a male, i tend to like females, and that is true.

    201. George says:

      I can't believe this is getting more attention.What did Megan fox do to any of you? I don't want to do, but i got to tell it like it is. People want to know why anybody criticizing Fox are noted as '' Jealous bitter women ''. Well, here it is. These people never have a solid reason to back up their dislike for her. They use the same overused BS with no substance to back them up such as ''she's a bitch , a slut , she's fake , she got plastic surgery, she's stupid'' blah blah blah. Please, STFU!

    202. George says:

      And i agree with V & Tony. I'm sure these women attacking Megan have IQ's that exceed 150, yeah f@*×ing right. Well excuse her for maintaining her authenticity and not formulating this facade to be this ''perfect ideal woman'' that you all want her to be. You women are threatened by her beauty & don't know what to make of it so you hate her. End of story. Sad but true.This stupid article fails stupidly and the stupid people formulating stupid biased opinions do too.

    203. Ron says:

      Im with george here. Seriously women are the ones who have to get over themselves. Im tired of hearing girls say "Ah that girl is pretty but she is most likely Brain Dead". And that is about every single girl that happens to be pretty. Dude stop it already, some girls will be smart some will be Hot, some will be Megan Fox. And Megan Fox is really that HOT…. deal with it. At some point i believe i saw something like this about Angelina Jolie when she was younger and even another about how she was going to ruin Brad Pitt. I just have one last thing to say Jealous Much?!?!

      PS Props to Mesion for that awesome Comment.

    204. ash says:

      I know I am a woman but I really do not see what the fuss is all about. I mean, I know an attractive woman when I see her, and Megan Fox is able to photograph well when she is all done up and touched up and in her tiny little tops, but she is really just not that special in my opinion…I see girls everyday who are so much hotter than her.

      I think guys just drool because she plays up her sex appeal in most of her movie roles and just because of the hype (ie they hear the name Megan Fox and instantly associate that with a sexy image in their mind)…but lets face it, guys arent all that picky and there are tons of other actresses out there that many of them would say are way hotter than her.

      So to sum it up, in my opinion she is way overrated…

    205. minniew says:

      She is both bad for women and male fantasy. Megan Fox is looking out for Megan Fox. She knows she has limited acting abilities so to distract from her limitations as an actor she keeps herself in the public eye by being physically and verbally provocative. She clearly knows the art of the soundbite (or a very crafty publicist does). She has to work the "woman as the perpetual male thing" because that is what gets her employed. Look at all of her film roles, she is nothing more than a blow up doll–in "Jonah Hex" she even plays a prostitute.

      This girl is terrible for women. She basically is playing right into what many men want–for women to disrespect themselves so it doesn't look so obvious when men do. If she is freely willing to be a feast for men (OVERTLY sexual and PRODIGIOUSLY unintelligent), then how can men be blamed for drooling all over her, when clearly that is EXACTLY the response she wants? Ideal woman for men. Ideal headache for self-respecting women.

    206. Kristen says:

      okay, ive got 3 things to say to all of you:

      1)All you str8 girls that are hating on her are only hating on her because you're jealous. Why? because she is sexy and because she has the courage to do what all of you are too chicken shit to do.

      2)I love megan fox because she is REAL. My infatuation with her goes beyond her looks. There are many beautiful women in hollywood, but Megan just says what she wants to say, without paying any mind to what other people want to hear. She is confident and tells it like it is with no sugar coating or bullshit. I am just like her in that sense(but none of you can call me stupid because I'm in university for mathematics. Math is not a thing stupid girls excell at).All of you who call her stupid and classless..well, there is a difference between being classless and being uncensored. If your calling her a slut for admitting to her sexual desires, you are jealous of her courage to display her sexuality (all women are sexual, whether they choose to hide it, or not)

      3) If you don't like girls, you don't have a vote (you may have guessed i'm into chicks by this point).

    207. Mel says:

      …. This topic is still alive?!

    208. Amber says:

      k ya we know that we are all annoyed with megan fox cuz guys are sooooo obsessed with her.. And its not that shes NOT hot.. its just shes not THAT HOT. And girls look at her like k ya shes hot but how many hot girls have u seen just like her. what the hell does she have right. yeah well they make her out to be some god. But she hasnt nearly achieved enough or done enough in her career to be getting this much attention. Thats why its so annoying because its unearned. She wants to be like Angelina Jolie, but the difference between them is Angelina is deep and self expressive with her beauty. Megan Fox is just a hot chick that really should be last years news already.

      Its not that shes bad its just shes over over rated and its getting kinda pathetic cuz its making other girls think they have to be like her to be so called "worshipped". But whatever

    209. C says:

      I agree with Kristen! How could you pass judgements on a person by reading what the press says? I'm a straight girl and I respect her! You haters honestly need to get a life. Leave the girl alone she never did anything to you. She's completely stunning A. B she is human…This is a new time ladies. We need more uncensored people like Megan. Just because she's counter-culture and doesn't give into corporate bullshit doesn't mean she is classless. She is just her. So stop criticizing.

    210. C says:

      Oh and she IS that hot.

    211. C says:

      Oh and BTFW Megan was NEVER UGLY. Just rent Holiday in the Sun or Confessions of a teenage drama queen. She looks the same except a few years younger. In Holiday In The Sun she was 15!!! 15 years old and you could tell it was her. She didn't change that much. And no…there aren't hotter women. Megan Fox is the hottest thing ever. I would lez for her and her only.

    212. Biia says:

      GOSH! Seriously. I guys have to START MANAGING your OWN LIVES! People are sooo obsessed with Hollywood, that they take time of their lives to talk about it (like me)…I mean, if there's something that is RIDICULOUS its the *HATER TYPE*…

      Like, its ok to show somebody u care, some love…But why the hell people go on pages saying how much "X" is dumb, ugly…WE NEED LOVE gzus!

      I mean, everybody has to right to their opinions, but in some pages 98% of the people are haters! It gets annoying, and see all those negative comments make your day BAD!

      Oh My God!

      Aah, about MEGAN FOX : You guys don't know her, seriously…who the hell you think you're to talk about a person you don't even met? I don't know her, that's why i don't talk shit about it!

      Like, i can't stand Hannah Montana…THAT'S WHY I DON'T READ NEWS AND THEN COMMENT – ABOUT HER!


      Peace & Love.

      And good luck Megan, i hope you get a wonderful career =)

    213. Biia says:

      aaa…i forgot to say it, and…to some people it seems weirdly important:

      I'm a girl, i think Megan Fox is hot, yes i am bisexual…

      Peace & Love

    214. Biia says:

      AGAIN : My opinion about MEGAN FOX : She seems a good person. What she says, and what she does it's her problem, and no one else's…

      I like how she isn't in that "barbie" mold…She's a strong women and i love it.

      Ohh…sorry 'bout my english…i'm from Brasil so i speak Portuguese =)

      Peace & Love

      Paz & Amor

    215. Katey says:

      Megan Fox is gorgeous! I used to love her. MY boyfriend always makes a big deal about her, and it was fine at first but then it just started to hurt me, time after time It makes me feel no adequate enough. I think girls should just think of how dumb she is, even if she is the "hottest girl on the planet". Just think of what is going to happen. This phase will end.

    216. Joe says:

      Hey Marissa, step off with the male stereotypes. I am a guy and I don't "drool all over myself" because some cookie-cutter white chick sticks her ass out. Truth be told, women are bigger pigs than men these days, with all of the psychotic ass-flaunting. Grow up!!!

    217. melanie says:

      I came across this article expecting to read something interesting, intelligent and feminist. Boy was I mistaken. This was nothing more than shallow drivel about how you're mad that she is hot. As if the fact that she is attractive is a inherently a bad thing for women.

      Plus you say that she is not smart. Why? Because she discusses her bad hygiene? Give me a fucking break. If anything it's refreshing to see that she is not playing UP her femininity and just being REAL. The fact that you label her stupid universally is really pathetic. I find her to be pretty articulate. There is no person on earth who always says intelligent things 100% of the time. This article you wrote, reaffirms that.

      Get over yourself and your insecurities. Megan Fox is way more of a feminist than you are. And maybe a little smarter too.

      Any woman who publicly crisizes Disney and calls out a sexist boss is a woman I am a fan of. PLease go back to writing about fashion or something because you are not someone who should be making statements about what is or is not bad for women, because from what i can tell–YOU are what is bad for women.

    218. […] But then you watch her on a late-night talk show or read an interview with her in a magazine, and you wonder how any guy can find her sexy. […]

    219. George says:

      Melanie is right. Megan is very intelligent, but if we're debating on her intelligence , anybody with half a brain will agree that posting this idiotic article easily trumps any stupid thing Fox has ever said. I think the only reason why people label her as stupid is because she isn't your average celeb who sugar coats what goes on around her. She just exposes it the way it is. She's real. But judging from these comments, it seems people will be able to breathe easier if she was fraudulent.

    220. George says:

      Oh yeah ladies, Megan Fox is flat out gorgeous, whether your sorry asses like it or not. It's funny how women say that she has no class but can come up with comments like '' She's a bitch, a slut, a skank, she's fake'', etc. That's not very classy. If any of you women had class, you wouldn't even give anything she does that you don't like the time of day. But, apparently, not everybody has a life. So they got to do something for a living, even if it means hating on someone who's doing good. Like Megan Fox.

    221. Shanaynay says:

      I will say she is a very attractive girl and would love her looks. But looks are not everything. Her acting experience is horrible. To be quite honest I am sick of watching movies where she is trying to be a sex symbol all the time. Nobody can respect a girl like that. Sex is so overrated in my book. Really what my question is, what is Megan Fox going to when her look fade in time?

    222. Damian says:

      wow, you must be retarded. I am that 1 out of 10 guy and im not gay, the girl is not hot AT ALL! its amazing that people are retarded now-a-days and think that makeup makes people beautiful.

    223. Brent says:

      you can tell a woman wrote this article. That's all I have to say.

    224. Keri says:

      Thank you, Damien! I know 3 STRAIGHT men that don't think she is all that hot. My fiancee, his best friend and his best friends SIXTEEN YEAR OLD BROTHER! They agree that while she is attractive (I mean, c'mon, shes NOT ugly) there is nothing special about her. My fiancee says she looks like every other girl that tries to hard for attention (fake boobs, fake tan and/ or too much makeup). What do I feel? Pretty much the same. I don't hate her. I honestly don't envy her and I think it is rediculous that just because a female disagrees with the typical neanderthal brain dead pig-bat type of men and their definition and dictation of what is supposed to be "hot"…..that she "must be jealous" PROBABLy in many or MOST cases, but there are those who can think for themselves. While she has gorgeous hair, she really isn't anything you havent already seen! She in my opinion is a Generic-looking "hot chick". BORING!

    225. Owen C. Western says:

      I think that any guy with even half a brain understands that she's trying to market herself the only way she knows how. She may be a fantasy, but that doesn't make her the sort of woman with whom a man would want to build a future. I would hope that the many beautiful and intelligent women on the planet know where she's coming from and, knowing that the worthwhile guys also see this, have no further concern.

    226. MaryO74 says:

      Megan Fox is proof that plastic surgery can do wonders for an actor/actress career. Although at the rate she's going with the plastic surgery (she's only 26) men will lose interest soon cuz she's gonna end up looking like Michael Jackson b4 long. LOL! Men will have wet dreams about her – sure, but in those very same wet dreams they will have a HUGE roll of DUC TAPE! :b

    227. Guest says:

      Everybody who hates her is either jealous or just an idiot. Some say she's uneducated with the way she speaks her mind. Newsflash if your too shallow to read between the lines or accept that it is her opinion and everybody is entitled to it or even just give her the benefit of the doubt. Then i think you my friend is the uneducated one…ok perhaps you've been educated…but alas, what a waste. I feel so sorry for your parents for even spending time and money to send you to school!

    228. nick says:

      I await for the day when Miss Fox "hits the wall" looks-wise.

      When all she has left is her mind and personality, we'll see how many poele give a sh*t about anything she has to say then.

    229. Cheyenne says:

      OMG you guys are seriously disturbed!! Megan Fox is GORGEOUS!! END OF STORY! So not everyone is brilliant who cares! She makes great movies and makes a ton of money! So what if you dont like her. All it is, is completele jealousy so get off the computer pop in a Jennifer Aniston movie and grow up. Megan Fox IS sex appeal! I dont understand why people get on here and say all these negative things about someone. Has she done something to affend you? Yeah i didnt think so. All I have left to say is GO MEGAN FOX!! WOO HOO!! YOUR HOTT!!!

    230. Zilly says:

      In my opinion, most guys are just drooling over her simply because she's hot (fake or not) and that most of them probably never actually really paid attention to her interviews and only google her pictures so they can drool all over them. But yeah, sad..she's gorgeous but incredibly dumb.. She's lucky that she's found her boyfriend who can stand her for years.

    231. Nika says:

      Megan Fox is not going to last unless she changes. She truly is vapid. There is just something wrong with her. I think it's the fact that there doesn't appear to be anything genuine about her. Yes, I'm aware that many actors are fake, but Megan seems to be the worst of the lot.

      I have to laugh when people talk about Megan's hotness. There are many more that make Megan look like a troll. Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Freida Pinto, Vivica Fox, Penelope Cruz, Famke Jansen, and, of course, Aishwarya Rai.

    232. Leigh says:

      I used to be really pissed off at Megan Fox for perpetrating the "stupid pretty girl" thing… but you know what, I decided, she is hot, so let the girl do her thing while that kind of hotness lasts for her (which, really, it probably won't- I'm not some jealous hater, it's just fact; people change as they age, and she might not age well- no one can tell 'til it happens). If she's hot now and knows it, why not let her be proud of it for the time being? If you're looking for the intellectual role model type, yeah, go elsewhere, but she's made it pretty clear that being hot is what she wants to be known for.

    233. Zoey says:

      This is kind of a late reply, my friend sent me the link to this blog, i thought it was pretty funny, so i'd thought i'd share my opinion.

      Megan Fox is very hot, she has striking features, she is the woman all 'boys' want, ok, alright, you got what you wanted Megan Fox.

      As for me, one of my favorite actresses is Catherine Zeta Jones she has proved her AMAZING acting abilites while being sexy at the same time. She is one of my female role models because she is intelligent and beautiful at the same time, i don't like Megan Fox because she is "pretty" LMFAO, no. I don't like her because frankly i think she is pretty stupid, but then again what hot chick isin't? I'm not jealous of her AT ALL i would much rather be myself because i think i have awesome hair and an awesome personallity, i don't hate Megan Fox, i just don't like her.

    234. adam says:

      megan fox is 1 hell of a fox she turns even the dirtyest dick hungry hoes in to dikes.you are all fat slags hu are just poo.she cant be that stupid shes worth billions

    235. Chole says:

      It's more a case of envy. Almost every woman secretly wishes they were as beautiful as her, as much as they bash her idiocy. She says outrageous comments to get publicity and everyone buys into it, so she's laughing all the way to the bank. She was also hot to begin with without all the plastic surgery, but having surgery has improved her career. She is more clever then most make her out to be, using her beauty to its full potential. The fact that so many people give her so much attention just says how much we value beauty as a society. That might include me to, but I just wanted to prove an important point.

    236. kittykat says:

      you are so jealous. im a female and i think shes hot (no homo). if your hot and confident in yourself (LIKE ME) you wouldnt care if men are drooling over her. only ugly women get jealous of hot women who play sexy movie roles.

    237. T.T. says:

      Okay I’m not @ all against Megan, and I don’t intend to offend anyone by saying this.

      I think people (especially women) need to stop trying to model their lives off celebrities (like fox). There are so many (beauty) products on the market today that are targeted to us ( so called “normal” or “infamous” people). I’m Christian and I am strongly against the standards of the “world.” The media tells us (women in particular) that we need perms/relaxers, concealers, make-up, airbrushing, extensions, hair dyes, to wear revealing clothes, and the list goes on and on to look and feel beautiful. But the God-given truth is beauty is on;y skin deep. God created us in “HIS” “OWN” image, not anyone else’s image. Ask yourself how must God feel when we want to look like other people. Everything has a reason. There is a reason why some of us were born with black hair instead of red hair and so on. There is a reason why God has given us his holy word to seek instruction. If your’e looking for (all) truth from man (people in general) you are not going to get it. If we had all the answers, we wouldn’t be asking questions and there would be no need for God. I am trying to stress this the best way I know how: Com’n. Do you really want to spend the rest of your lives buying/looking for products that “reverse the signs of aging” (com’n we get older everyday; we can so call “reverse the signs of aging with certain cosmetic products,” but that doesn’t stop us from aging), hide your flaws (with some knowledge and common sense you can get pretty flawless skin with a healthy diet/plenty of fluids (h2O), proper skin care (on the cheap/affordable), enough sleep, eliminate stress, etc.

      All you have to do to get flawless (or almost flawless) skin is do the things I listed above. It’s so sad how many women spend hundreds or thousands of dollars or the latest beauty products. I am 20 and I can say (I’m not bragging btw) that I have better skin than most of my friends and many people younger than me. Go back to the basics. Get educated. Ask yourself, “What were beauty routines for women in ancient times?” After some research, you may find that many women used organic/all natural products. Not all these pore-clogging, chemical-based products on the market today. Just pure aloe (only from the plant of course) can work miracles. It can help you internally and externally. If you have old and/or new scars, don’t waste your money on Bio Oil (it contains chemicals and doesn’t penetrate well) use (pure) aloe. If you
      have a sunburn, don’t buy any products that “relieve” the symptoms of sunburn, use aloe. If you have indgestion, forget medicine, use aloe. Pure aloe contains nutrients that we don’t get from most foods. Okay I know I am talking about beauty products instead of Megan Fox. But, I just want to let you women (and men) know that you can get beautiful on the cheap with pure, all natural ingredients and encourage you all to focus on your inward beauty.

      Okay sorry that I was a bit off topic. I can get very carried away.

      Also, I have many beauty tips that you don’t hear all the time in the media (like the use of ProActive). If you have any beauty questions, don’t be shy, just ask.

    238. Jasmine says:

      This post has just proved to me that the sad fact that some women (i'm assuming this was written by a female) are so insecure and jealous hearted that they would take their petty and envious 'concerns' and try to make them legitamite. If your supposed to be so pro-woman and be a feminist you should actually, in an odd way, respect Fow. Here is this sexy woman who gives interviews and answers them in a way that shows she's not afraid to speak her mind; no matter how idiotic the remark. She's an excellent example of how women COULD be! She says sexual things, speaks openly about how she plays the game just like men do, only better. If your afraid to do the same thing because you're trying to uphold some bullshit feminist standard then you are holding women back, not propeling them. So to conclude I say to all you jealous, 'feminist', petty, pathetic, and insecure women go get a tampon and shut the fuck up with all this jealousy. Smooches!

    239. Pippi says:

      If you take classic cinema as anything to go by, my most beloved film Singing In The Rain is the best example of this situation. The Megan Fox character is a blonde Monroe type girl who is beautiful on screen but off screen has a shocking voice and is almost incoherant with the string of lines she produces. The movie crew and other cast members are so embarrased by her they send her to acting classes. The leading male falls not for the dumb blonde without a brain but for the classy, remarkably average woman. He loves her because she is beautiful to him. Yes he must think she's pretty but he is attracted to her personality. So whenever I think of Megan Fox, who yes is beautiful, I think actually I would rather be a good all rounder than a crude woman with the looks. As boys in this post have said before, they wouldn't want to take her home to mommy and I have no doubt that most, if given the chance to speak to her properly, would promptly change their views. And all this about "jelousy"? Ridiculous, she's pretty yes but jelousy doesn't come into it. We don't hate her for her looks, thats petty. We merely hope that there's more to life than men who idolise the face and body and see nothing but that. Let me tell you, there is!

      (Great article by the way!)

    240. Dani says:

      I think Megan Fox is a complete embarrassment just in general. She has NO talent, she was lucky genetically but is still caked in make-up and photoshopped to hell. The males that are attracted to her are only attracted to what she has. . .EASY, TRASHY sex appeal. There is no intelligence, consistancy, or set of values within miles of her nor does she have self-respect, respect for others or class AT ALL! If the only talent a person has is being naked (which hello! is NOT a talent!) then she should stick to porn and allow talented people who can actually entertain the masses, not just immature boys with one thing on their minds, to play in MOVIES! There is a difference. . .although the lines seem to be getting blurry. I am a woman, and I LOVE women. I love myself and people in general, but people like this make me sad and embarrassed. If anything I feel sorry for her. I most certainly would not be proud of leaving the singular legacy of being, at best, the most wakt-off to skank in the business.:/

    241. Dani says:

      oh and yeah, its definitely not about fear or jealousy. . .what an immature thing to assume! it's about being a decent person and valuing GOOD THINGS IN PEOPLE. Instead of promoting disgusting, selfish and ignorant behavior.:)

    242. Joe says:

      To the other men commenting on this trying so diligently to explain how Megan Fox and everything she does is not about objectifying women. . .GIVE ME A BREAK!! you tell the women that it is not attractive to lie, but you most certainly are! And newsflash geniuses. . the intelligent ones know it! Megan Fox is about nothing else besides sex. For example, every movie I've seen her in, her lines consist of various moans and almost nothing more! (uuummmm yeah I just get embarrassed for her!) Yes, sex sells but please, women are not just there for us to oggle like ignorant little boys who have never seen any other female besides their moms.:/ Lets catch up here, its 2010! Lets stop talking the talk about respecting women and walk the walk please! Real women want real men, not horny school boys. . .

    243. Kate says:

      wow! so much hostility over people posting OPINIONS! I don't think anyone is trying to say that Megan isnt pretty, hot, sexy, or whatever else. . and if they are, WHO CARES! its their opinion:) The point is that people should value something besides how easy a girl is. . .lol This isn't about feminism (?) or anything that deep. Its just another blog about another celebrity that isn't a good enough person to be an example to our kids. . .HUGE SURPRISE! Also, I truly hope no one is jealous of her. She is pretty, but there is SO much more to life than being the cutest or most naked chic in the room:/ We have much more than she ever will I am sure. . .besides no matter what she does at this point how will she ever know if a guy or girl even really loves her? she's crossed the line sooo far into trying to make her "I dont care what anyone thinks, your boyfriend wants me, I'm so sexy" point that I don't see how any meaningful relationship could ever be for sure:/ And if I was a self-respecting man I definitely wouldn't want anything to do with a fake woman like this. She "answers so honestly"? NO, not really honey, all her answers sound like some cheesy line out of a porn mag telling men exactly what they want to hear. ei "I LOVE straight whiskey and men with hairy backs" under a pic of a girl who looks like she could be 20 that is only wearing full body make-up. . .this sort of stuff makes me laugh til I cry. ..

    244. Isabelle says:

      I think Megan Fox is hot. I think she's hot because she doesn’t give a shit what other people think of her. She’s outspoken and somewhat bitchy. She lays it all out there; she’s honest. Yeah her acting may need some work, but she’s not pretending to be a great actress or a role model for anyone. She knows she's a sex symbol. She knows that's why people go see her movies. At least she’s not going out and getting wasted, doing coke in club bathrooms. I think she’s definitely a better role model than Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton. So she says things that are unconventional. Who cares?

      Besides, if you actually watch more than 5 seconds of her interviews, you'll notice that 8 out of 10 of the things she says are pure sarcasm. They’re jokes. They’re OBVIOUS jokes. But people like the author of this article like to get all serious and act like she’s somehow totally OMGCRAZZYYY! You're the stupid one if you think she's actually serious about everything she says.

      She’s not. She’s sarcastic. She actually seems pretty smart. She’s also clearly very honest. The main reason she gets so much attention in the tabloids is because she doesn’t seem to put up the incredibly obvious and fake front that most celebrities do. That’s why she’s interesting. She speaks her mind, and she’s not afraid to joke around with an interviewer.

    245. grace says:

      I bet how only teenage boys can get turned on by stuff like Megan Fox.

      She's pretty, maybe somewhat gorgeous but there's not way she's hot in the way where she's oh-so-sexy, smokin and arousing.

      The only source of bad comments on her it seems have to come from jealous women and those obsessed about how she shouldnt be a shit actress in Hollywood, where the truth is – Fox just isnt that hot at all .

      Megan had tons of plastic surgery (and yes she was bad looking before that) and almost zero sized boobs. I am a woman and digg female's beauty and i am totally adoring Jenna Jameson, now thats what hot n smokin all about, and given her sex appeal women must hate her, but there not.

      Starlets come and go, but if you look into timeless perfection in men's fantasy you'll see Jenna there, or Pam Anderson (of course younger versions), not someone like Megan.

    246. Reya says:

      the 'holier than thou' attitude feeds on jealousy, and its poorly concealed in your article. when do social graces define the value of a woman in a feminist context? if that's your claim then megan fox is doing more to break gender stereotypes than this piece proports to. Actually, so much more than this piece since the bitterness is hopelessly transparent. thanks for perpetuating the "venomous jealous bitch" stereotype and attempting to mobilize female readers to a misinformed and self-defeating cause. What she says/does is crass, but refreshingly so. many of her remarks are, on some level, informed and intriguing.

    247. MK says:

      Okay…I'm completely indifferent to Megan Fox. She's just a person, doing her thing. Whatever, that's her deal, she can't help it.

      I get upset because men ejaculate over her beauty, and nothing more. I've asked most guys I know, "Why her?" and they say, "Because she's hot." It makes me sad, because it confirms how biologically hardwired we are towards reproduction.

      And no, women don't do the same thing to men, not to the same degree. We might see a guy and think, "He's cute." But it won't disrupt our day, or thinking process. Sex appeal alone will never conquer a woman, because she are neurologically stimulated by mental attributes, as well as physical, where as men only want a vessel for the seed. Why? Because the male can leave once he's got a female pregnant- which is why guys don't think of living with Megan Fox, they only think of doing her- while the female has the primary role of seeing that the infant survives into adulthood. I'm saying all of this well versed in the ways of evolutionary and animal behavior, keep in mind. That's really all we are- animals. Things like this confirms it.

      Which means the ugly ones that compensate with intelligence- like me- will not be allowed to mate, will never have a husband. Thus the jealousy so many women have- it's a biological frustration at the inability, or reduced chance, to reproduce.

      I think it's important that people get a scientific view of the mixed feelings behind Fox's existence…Sorry it took so long.

    248. Reya says:

      "Which means the ugly ones that compensate with intelligence- like me- will not be allowed to mate, will never have a husband."

      That's pessimistic to put it mildly. whatever short sighted males say, intelligence and the way someone carries themselves [confidence/manifested wisdom/dignity however one interprets it] hugely impacts the entire package. it can make a plain looking girl appear special and visa versa with dudes. Im not sugar-coating anything, that's how it is.


      the physical matters to a point. however, its not the end all and should not be used as an excuse to ferment self-destructive feelings whether it be low self-esteem or jealousy.

      as for evolutionary behaviour, I remain skeptical. if that were true then intelligence should be just as high on the list as physical beauty, particularly for humans. if men cut and dry want vessels then why are they not as romantically shallow as evolutionary psychology paints them to be? if man were not expected to leave once he's "planted his seed" because of societal culture then shouldn't he have developed a different set of expectations for women? human intelligence does promote a certain level of awareness and agency. although I do allow for the leftovers of animalistic sex expression eg. male's generally haveing a fixation with sex and valueing attributes that represent physical fitness. women gravitating towards assertive men. however, none of these tendencies have bound people to evolution's prescribed choice. we're more influenced by the individual enviroment we cultivate our understandings and prefrences in. intelligence is valued on both sides of today's gender coin. you can tell which side of the nature vs. nurture schism I'm on.

      not to knock on MK's area of expertise, but evolutionary psychology/sociology is a highly speculative science in the first place (as is widely understood, although MK's prof is entitled to his/her opinion).

    249. Anna says:

      Megan Fox has flat out said that women should be okay with being objectified and being "products" in a sexual manner (with actresses). That really does harm to the actresses who used their intelligence, social graces, and TRUE talents such as Audrey Hepburn (a timeless beauty icon by the way), Grace Kelly, Reese Witherspoon, and Scarlett Johannsson to just name a few. These actresses have tried to define women in terms of their talents, while the beauty happened to be the icing on the cake. These are actresses who I respect and can look to as role models; Megan Fox will never make that list.

      I think Megan Fox knows that what she says at times will strike a bad chord in people, which is why she gets all the attention she does. She knows that people are very reactive to sexual topics– which is why she prides herself in being overtly sexual. That's honestly the only thing going for her right now. Overrated would be also be a good descriptor.

      This has less to do with insecure women being jealous over her, and more to do with the fact that Megan Fox is all about sex and uses that in a way to backpeddle what women in Hollywood have tried to achieve. It's one thing to be very attractive, but at least be graceful about it! If not, your target audience won't be any older than 21.

    250. Chris says:

      someone was born Megan Fox, what if you had been put in her body and born into her life and ended up like her… would you still be making these judgments about your own behavior, because you're obviously not perfect and obviously have ego insecurities and sound like a judgmental arrogant snob if you can't accept another human being as they are just because they don't meet your (1 in 6.5 billion) ideals of what someone else taught you from childhood (and you never questioned) was right or wrong.

    251. Chris says:

      someone was born Megan Fox, what if you had been put in her body and born into her life and ended up like her… would you still be making these judgments about your own behavior, because you're obviously not perfect and obviously have ego insecurities and sound like a judgmental arrogant snob if you can't accept another human being as they are just because they don't meet your (1 in 6.5 billion) ideals of what someone else taught you from childhood (and you never questioned) was right or wrong. At least she's open, honest and recognizes that she's skin and bones with flaws EQUAL to everyone else and not some prude like you.

    252. suzie says:

      Im not going to start this off by saying shes ugly and fake.

      However, shes just a skinny girl with a pretty face and long brown hair. There are a jillion and one of those all over the world.

      It is frustrating though, Megan Fox is that average girl who wears what men want her to wear and acts how men want her to act and then men turn to us and think, "Why aren't all women like that?!" ugh.

      if a female says one thing about that shes deemed FEMINIST or PRUDE or JEALOUS or SNOBBY. It makes me sad there are beatiful actress's (intellectual, proffessional, charitable, ect…) that are respected and revered by men. Then there is Megan Fox -____-

      The first time Megan Fox got national attention she was bent over a truck all sweaty in denim hotpants in transformers as the girlfriend of a wimpy nerd who owned a robotcar.

      in conclusion, I personally feel that Megan Fox is a sad misrepresentation of women all over the world.

    253. Melissa says:

      It doesn't matter that Megan Fox is dumber than a dog biscuit. She's a pin-up, not an actress. Whether you like it or not, there's a valid commercial place for pin-ups, since men are visual creatures and a sexy image is entertainment for them. It's not a long career for the woman in question, because there's always another, newer pretty girl to distract the audience. Basic biology.

    254. Hermione. says:

      Its sad that so many people care enough to start debating about her, she is someone that most of us will never meet. Best thing to do is let men dream, if its not Megan Fox its some other celebrity and if its not them its porn. Men just like looking at things and fantasizing about things they can not have. Like expensive cars.

      Its all harmless fun really no one gets hurt by her picture. Women should just be happy with what they are, men know that women like Megan are things that they will never have so one can only dream.

    255. Ronnie says:

      You cant put the complex of all male minds into one little box, so I personally find it extremely irritating when the guys that do like her (for whatever to me unfathomable reason), they assume that I'm going to agree, just because of my gender. When I do express my view, I get a less than understanding response. What gets me is a world of Natalie Portmans, Kat Dennings & Anna Kendericks (and personally I find them much more attractive) why do they get half the attention when they have 100 times the talent, am I going to preach this mentality of having the best of both worlds, no but I certainly am not going to roll over and give in to peer pressure when I am expected to go along with something I disagree with

    256. B. says:

      im a girl, and megan fox annoys me so much. i don't even think she's pretty, i think she's FAKE and yes she has had plastic surgery! nose job and boob job as far as i know, who knows if she's even had anything else done! but it bothers me that guys just adore megan fox so much, and it feels like us girls are expected to be like her or something.. but i don't want to be like her, she's gross, and it think guys should appreciate natural, REAL beauty. not fake megan fox "beauty". i think run way models are beautiful.. they are just real, natural, and stunning.. megan fox is just gross and fake. and has toe thumbs.

    257. Hailey Hall says:

      oh how i wish i could marry Adriana Lima, i just love her complexion and pretty face ..

    258. AnduinX says:

      I find the most attractive women are the women who aren't afraid to just be themselves and show genuine feeling for me. That's all I'm looking for – I couldn't care less about her career or school or any other triviality.

      I think these women who gather in forums and bicker about Meagan Fox are really pathetic and most likely jealous that their career-obsessed materialistic lifestyle is driving away all of the good men.

      I personally am not attracted to dumb bimbos with no substance or wit, but I find women who put their career first are even less attractive.

    259. javie says:

      Megan Fox overrated. period. there's more to a girl than physical attraction and i'm a guy

    260. Kira Deboard says:

      unbelieveble news admin

    261. every man in this planet is wishing to marry someone like adriana lima,–


      Females are just jealouse of her sexyness.

    263. Jamie says:

      Actually….I've heard a lot of guys say that they hate her or that she's not that hot because she's so annoying…or they say she's trashy, and I have always said "Oh come on she's so hot!" and they're like "no, she sucks" hahaha. I'm a girl and I think she's really really really hot as hell and wouldn't mind looking like her but, yeah I dunno…I don't think she's bad for women at all.

    264. nessa says:

      Personally I like Megan fox. As a woman, I can be outspoken, sarcastic, and said t be a bitch, because I too speak my mind, and have an opinion. I don't think its a bad thing to be that way. I think some woman are too sensitive, and can be jealous, because thats how we are hard wired. but personally i like megan fox because of her outspoken nature and that she isn't the sweat girl next door type who is always nice to everyone.

    265. Ras Trent says:

      She's hot. Get over it.

    266. Florida says:

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    268. Holiday Destinations says:

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    269. Lilly says:

      Ah. Trying to rationalize your vitriol and jealousy for a woman because she's gorgeous. I'm not buying it. Try being happy for someones strengths. She's probably trying to humanize herself by talking about her personal hygiene so jealous women will give her a break. Surprise! It didn't work. A gorgeous woman could be the sweetest woman in the world, but for a jealous woman that''s just another reason to hate her. This woman has feelings too, so stop trying to destroy her with your words.

    270. Jenni says:

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    271. jenny says:

      I think sometimes she is too extreme, but I like her style and got many Outfit Tipps from her…

    272. gothic war 535 554 says:

      Danke for stirring me to go look up my own research. Yours was way more comprehensive than mine.

    273. christie says:

      I am a girl and.I would admit that i have a huge girl crush on her and if i were a man i would totally drool over her and would be my fantasy.I believe so many women wish to look like her but most of the women dont admit it because they're jealous.:) Megan dosnt look like Angelina i would say she is awesome and gorgeous in her own unique way and Angelina is gorgeous in her own way.Angelina tops my list and Megan comes second.These two women are gorgeous and i dont care what people say about how many plastic surgeries they get done or that Megan is trashy and whatnot.Nobody's perfect! Period

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