The Difference Between Having Sex and Making Love


“I don’t know if we should talk about this…”

“And why not? Everybody has sex!”

“Yeah, but everybody should be making love.”

“Come on, how many guys do you know making love?”

–Salt N Pepa, “Let’s Talk About Sex”

In the past six months, I’ve had sex. I’ve been laid. I f*cked. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve made love, and I kind of miss it. Some people might argue that there’s no difference – physically, they are the same. But emotionally, passionately, and mentally, the two deeds are very different.

1. The First Time.

The first time you make love with your partner, it’s usually a very special moment. It’s often planned out in advance, especially in new relationships. There’s often sensual foreplay, and your bodies fit together perfectly.

If it’s your first time with a new partner and you’re just having sex, it may be spontaneous. Your partner may not be your boyfriend, or even your crush, and the decision to go all the way is frequently a hormonal (thanks, booze!) impulse. First time sex can be sloppy and awkward as you try to find the right position, and after everything’s said and done, it feels like there was something missing.

2. Your BAC.

I’ve heard of drunken sex, but I’ve never heard of inebriated love-making. If anyone has experienced the urban legend of wasted love-making, I’d love to hear about it.

3. The Setting.

If you’re about to copulate in a dim room filled with candles, on a bed covered with rose petals, you’re probably going to make love. If you’re going to do it in the backseat of a car, an airplane bathroom, an elevator, or another compact space that may have legal repercussions attached, it’s sex.

Al fresco sex/love-making is a grey area. Sure, sex on the beach or in the woods may sound like a fairy tale scenario, but dirt in sand in uncomfortable places can ruin the romance.

4. The Soundtrack.

Lovemaking songs include “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin or “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones (or any cover version, including Mazzy Star, Jewel, or the Sundays). F*cking songs range from “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry to “Every Girl” by Lil’ Wayne. Do you really want to ride someone when the words “You f— so good I’m on top of it” blare from the stereo? Likewise, “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih is a bit tacky.

Sure, there isn’t always music playing when you’re doing it, but if you could have picked a song to illustrate last night’s mood, which would you pick?

5. The Aftermath.

Lovemaking includes mutual orgasms, followed by spooning and cuddling. If you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend’s post-sex behavior could include promptly rolling over and falling asleep, or the phrase “That was great,” despite the fact that you didn’t get off. If you’re single, you’ll take the walk of shame after a long night of sex. In those rare occasions that you’ve made love to someone without commitment, it could turn into breakfast in the morning, a few more rounds, and maybe even a new relationship.

In my opinion (and experience), it’s far more common to have sex than to make love. However, this means that when you do find yourself both emotionally and physically stimulated with a partner you care for very deeply, you appreciate the art of lovemaking so much more than that one-night stand a few months ago with whatshisname.

Any other differences between “sex” and “making love”? Share your thoughts below!



    1. Bon says:

      Misunderstandings about the whole thng..

    2. Sam says:

      I definitely agree. I use to think there wasn't a difference, but that was because I was only having sex and had no emotional connection with any of the guys I slept with. Now that I'm with my boyfriend whom I love dearly, I can see how drastic the difference is. Since I care about him so much, the sex is even better, more meaningful, and just overall amazing. Plus, the look in his eyes when we're in the heat of the moment and then tells me he loves me makes it even better.

      And now that I sound extremely cliche, I will stop. haha

      1. somebody says:

        no ur not sam…seriously,i love the way you a virgin…and im only know i hear that in the US girls normally lose their virginity at this time…well…not here.not in the east.i dont know,i guess im just scared of getting fucked that the term "making love" scares me as much as the term "sex" does.ive never slept with intact.and i still see no difference in the two..i hope you be happy with him sam:)

    3. Ace says:

      The first time my man and I made love was after watching Amelie, cheesy I know. What's worse? It was to the Amelie soundtrack. I know, but no joke, best sex of my life.

    4. Whitney says:

      This is why I'm waiting until I get married to have sex…and I couldn't be happier about my decision.

      For clarification, please don't take this as I'm passing judgment; I'm not. I've made my decision, others make theirs (who cares what other people do?)

      My point is:

      I'm dating an amazing guy who feels the same way and we have never feel pressured to have sex…and our relationship isn't strained by it. Besides, we don't have to worry about how many "walks of shame" the other has taken.

      I just honestly don't understand the thrill of sleeping around in college. Maybe it's just me, who knows…it just seems more stressful than fun.

      1. Jurgen says:

        I have made the same decision. Looks im in harmony since then. However you are more lucky than me finding that guy cause i havent find my girl. I know we humans arent born with knowledge. We learn through our different lifes. I see relationship more profitable than sex. I think i just need to know it better, so i can enjoy it at most. No time and efforts for sex . Marriage seems more fulfilling. Too bad i don't have "practical proofs" yet. But i guess you have.

      2. Shola says:

        I am still looking for the right guy too. i av met some guys who dont believe two people could have a wonderful relationship without having sex. I strongly believe though that I will meet my right specia lguy and we will have a beautiful relationship.

      3. Cesar Abrogueña says:

        You are just realistic. It will come in an appropriate time by then!

      4. wyno says:

        That odd.
        i dumped my 34 year old virgin girlfriend like 2 month ago.
        i loved her. and she knew it. also professed the same.
        but marriage was the pre requisite.
        what does that tell you
        Most past age virgins have a sexual dysfunction
        And use the chastity excuse.
        Some poor man will be in for a shock.
        Good thing is.
        I will be nowhere near the scene.

    5. jeff says:

      ok then is it still making love if she has multi-orgasms but he has nonE?

    6. Amy says:

      there is such a thing as inebriated love making, I've experienced it. Me and my boyfriend were out with friends, had a few drinks (or a few too many) then went home and did it. Drunken, yes, but also loving and passionate and tender. It's the relationship that draws the line between sex and loving making, not your bac.

    7. Sophia says:

      During my early college years, I dated several guys without any real commitments (something I've come to regret but oh well have I learned my lesson). I eventually settled down and have been in a relationship for more than a year. The sex I had with past guys can neverrr equate to the sex I have with my boyfriend now. Like everyone else before me mentioned, once you've found someone you love, you just know. You know how to distinguish sex vs love making. You realize sex is more than just a physical connection. You also know that *this* guy cares for you more when he waits until you're fully pleasured and satisfied unlike the douches who would bust and then it'd be my cue to leave. God do I not miss that lol

    8. anonymn says:

      buckcherry sucks

    9. anonymous says:

      What's weird is that my current friends-with-benefits guy and I have by all of your categories, we make love, not have sex. But we're not in a relationship and neither of us wants to be. We're just both very sensual people…

    10. shari says:

      i have had the mythical inebriated love making! good times:)

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    13. rgh says:

      i agree with whitney. im only 18 and i think sex is reserved for marriage because thats how GOD designed it. I've never had a boyfriend or kissed anyboy.

    14. Kayla says:

      I am 30, engaged, not religious and very happy.

      I have found my own path and am now with a partner I love very much.

      I have had sex, in the past, which was amazing but now when I make love with my partner I know just how special it is in comparison.

    15. R says:

      I think love making is something should done by everybody. It is truthly wonderful, and completely different from sex. I like seeing my partner responding to my action. Touching, kissing, music, talking, smelling, blushing, and so on and so forth all plays important parts.

    16. Is- says:

      Me and my boyfriend would just have sex basically because we never really had privacy and I didn't expect it to be any different, but today we made love and the connection we both shared was amazing:) very different

    17. Anna says:

      WHy does one person always have to find trouble in an article (and turn it into some gender conspiracy) Jeff, if you noticed the phrase "your boyfriend…" is used a few time in the article, hence it's talking to WOMEN (those who are in relationship with MEN). Had it said "your girlfriend…" you would have the OPPOSITE, it's not radical feminist misandry view or anything – sheesh! Besides in general men tend to cum quicker than women. Stop looking for problem where there are none!

      I think the article was well written. Good job

    18. beff2jerky says:

      I will start by saying I BELIEVE this. Love making is the emotional sex between two people who's moral selves and sexual animal selves are connected. But to the people who's moral self is detached from the animal self, love making is not possible, there is only animal sex. IMO. Or maybe i'm just damaged.

    19. missy says:

      I have been with my boyfriend 4 a while nw and no we weren’t eachothas first bt i do wish i had saved myself for him… Anyways…. He askd me a question on this… He sed “have we ever made love?” n i thought it was a rediculous question… He shud no… He says he doesnt no the difference n i did so i didn’t answer him rite away and at da time we was watching a love movie… So after the movie i told him no… Dat i dnt feel we ever made love.. I always new there was no physical difference bt he always says he loves me bt i guess i dnt feel it wen we’re having sex

    20. Trace says:

      I had sex once it wz fun but den afterwards I couldn’t deal wit de guilt if I make luv nd still feel guilty wat difference does it make???

    21. Jenna says:

      Your description of love making sounds like a scene from a rom-com or pre teen magazine. Sex in committed loving relationships can be both spontaneous and tender without conforming to some overdone cliche. In my experience playing cheesy love songs and over thinking things doesn't add anything to the genuine love that's already there.

    22. Daviney says:

      Having sex with guys you r not emotionally attached to is just sex no matter how passionate it can get its not love cus most likely the guy is casual about the sex n wont b callin yu the next morning or spending all night with yuh. Making love feels different yu know what it is because it feels different its the best ever experienced it is sweet n kind and both enjoy it completely. It is unexplainable how much better it is than regular sex , its amazing and I doing ever want that casual sex again.

    23. chuck says:

      Why can't people use proper grammar anymore? The comments on this subject are really turning be off due to illiteracy

      1. gemakins says:

        How long does it take you to understand simple language, thought fellas are putting it way easier for people like you to understand….your comment has got me skeptical

      2. kchristian113 says:

        I agree Chuck! The constant grammatical errors as well as the internet "slang" and/or shorthand that people constantly use on the web annoys me too. It makes it appear our entire country is devoid of proper education.

    24. lisa says:

      love making is not in anyway just casual sex….emotions run deep and u can feel the love present. it feels like you and ur individual is connecting on a different level without words…its just ur bodies talking. goose pimples flush ur skin ur heart skips a beat each time he may whisper in your ears "I love you……u feel like your about to cry….thats wat love making is kinda about…. any thing else is just bedroom romping

      1. shewit says:

        waw i couldnt agree more coz i say the same thing and all i have got is nothing'like no one agrees with me

      2. shewit says:

        i just wish that'they all come to thier sencces and not make sex as a big deel of making love even more stronger

    25. Sugar says:

      I KNOW there's a difference between sex and making love, even though I av only had sex once it meant nothing coz we weren't inlove but you can make love without even having sex I did tht………………..its so much deeper and more meaningful

    26. adetolabo says:

      Ave had sex with 4 different guys both i never enjoyed it but now that i met some i love we don’t have sex but make love and its totally different from sex, because there is connection between both of you nd he says “i love you” trust M̶̲̅Ε̲̣̣̣̥, you will forget everything around you. S̲̅o̶̲̅ there is a different between it

      1. Bev Lake says:

        I have to agree, I am religous in a way but brock the rule of no sex before marriage. I have only had three men in my life time. I thought there was something there with all three of them but they never said I love you and basicly used me to have what they so called needed. I have now found the Love of my life and am planing on getting married quite soon. the differance is beyond words even in my most dismal moments it is more then I have ever had with the past guys. as a religous person I do regreat what I have done, and quite often can not get past this loving guys past flings and relationships, especially also because there are kids involved that he has lost because the ex ran from a court order. But i have left that in Gods hands, I basicly brock my vow to my God because I was first raped, I thought by going to bed with people would heal those hurts and it did not. I leave it out there for those of you that are religous that please don't do what I have done to heal hurts from sexual abouse it is not weath it in the end.
        I am sorry I have gone on and on.

    27. Maryjane says:

      I think luv making is very emotional. My experince in life makes me know that luv making is different from sex

    28. melody diamond says:

      luv making is far different 4rm sex becoz it is not selfish…it is 4 d pleasure of both parties..

    29. Abee says:

      U can’t change the act by giving it different name. Whether u call it love making or sex making it is one and the same bicoz in both the cases u loose ur virginity and loose ur character.

      It is a gift of Almighty God (Allah) to humanity to feel love and tranquilty.

      Before marriage it is called Zina, ie. adultry which is prohibited in almost all the Religions.

      1. rtl says:

        very true,i didnt had any sex until i got married,and im still with the same man i married 25 years ago

    30. kalzy says:

      ma boyfrend n i never have sex but make love but samtimes scared it might generate to sex coz am a virgin

    31. wahab says:

      love making is a gift from the Almighty God(Allah) doing love is alot more differnt love is with your spouse the person that (Allah) specially made for you to fell the love frmo ur wife having sex is just using the other opposite sex for pleasuer and one hell of a time when u have sex its zina(adultery) after u get married u will feel terribly sorry for doing it with out ur wife or i would hate knowing my wife's been f********ked at parties back as a teen. so thats why keeping ur virginty is smart while losing it before marragie is slefish and stupid.

    32. CO says:

      As we can c,only few pple nos d diff btw d is meant 4 d married pple but i can’t rily say much abt lovemaking cos to say the it’s confusing.more knowledge is required nd deep understanding for someone to be able to differentiat btw d two.All we need to do is to seek more of GOD.

    33. CO says:

      As we can c,only few pple nos d diff btw d is meant 4 d married pple but i can’t rily say much abt lovemaking cos to say the it’s confusing.more knowledge is required nd deep understanding for someone to be able to differentiat btw d two.All we need to do is to seek more of GOD.

    34. nky says:

      4 two pple to make love,emotions must be attached,cos u can give what u dont have.nky

    35. Rick says:

      The flashing 99999999 winner is a rip off & disturbs my viewing – get rid of the thing then we may have a serious discussion on this page!

    36. Bianca says:

      I think you're wrong about it being sex if you're in the backseat of a car, and lovemaking if you're in a bedroom with candles.. I think that no matter where you are, it doesn't matter, it's who you're with that matters, and that determines if it's love making or not.. And your feelings for them determine if it's casual sex or actually making love.

      1. bubba says:

        exactly. me and my boyfriend made love in his car, our first time was in his bed. their were most definatly insane emotional attatchments there.

    37. Daemien Nevarre says:

      I´m not religious… I´m not a pro-lifer (they genaraly support the death penalty… the hipocrisy is obvious), I support a woman´s right to choose… and I´m in favor of the abstract concept of sex… I believe that making love includes having sex, while having sex doesn´t require the making love part… Having sex is the act… its purpose defines the difference… The natural reasoning behind sexual intercourse is the perpetuation of the species… coupled with a human being's mental evolution and abstract thinking, it isn´t so anymore… We now have sex for physical gratification… Making love goes beyond that… it´s a union which requires attraction and chemistry… having sex doesn´t… Making love tightens that bond… Having sex doesn´t… Making love is two people merging as one all at once in one single motion… Having sex could be as crowded as one would please… Making love is a meeting of the heart, mind and soul… Having sex is the meeting of the genitalia and any and all of the rest of the body… When you make love, the eye to eye constancy carries high relevance… when you have sex your eyes are everywhere but on the eyes… While making love, your thoughts on the other participant bear nothing but fondness and permanence… While having sex, your thoughts tend to lean towards either doing a good job or just getting a nut… I love both… but whereas I´ve had sex with hundreds… I´ve only made love with three…

    38. Amycons says:

      Am 19 and i do hear my friends in the college discuss about sex and love making. i have not done it b4, bcos i vowed to remain a virgin at d alter. But i think dat love making is more enjoyin dan sex. cheers

    39. arcee says:

      having sex with someone is merely LUST!! pure lust actually

    40. Reese says:

      That’s funny because I am like the exception to these “rules” I have a boyfriend whom I have regular sex with and it’s just sex. Even when the mood is ultra romantic, I’ve never felt emotionally connected (not that I didn’t try!!) But before I started dating him I had made love to an ex boyfriend in the backseat of my moms SUV at 3am ( it was to Your Love by nicki Minaj though) so it doesn’t seem to matter where or when or what’s playing, it’s purely the person and how you feel about them :]

    41. PwincessZ says:

      i have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years we are in a long distance relationship so when ever we meet we have sex and then do other things but now moved in with him and we made love recently i used to think there was no diffrence but the other night when we were making love i felt it was diffrent it went really slow and he was hugging me tight and whispering in my ear telling me he loves me and how he beautiful he thought i was when we have sex my mind sometimes goes elsewhere but that night it was just me and him i found it truely magical it really touched me i had tears in my eyes because this was something completly diffrent to when i had sex with him before

    42. momo says:

      i agree wit davieny n lisa. I think dere is diff,big diff btw sex n lovin making,u jst cant really explain hw u feel during luv making. Bt d fact remains dat luv making can lead 2 sex. Taxs

    43. MaxK says:

      For F**** sake. It's so frustrating reading through some of those comments with terrible grammar and spelling. Anyway, I completely agree with the difference in love making and just plain having sex. The former has emotional and deep fulfillment while the latter is in my opinion carnal satisfaction. Setting doesn't have a huge impact in either case if you ask me, but it does set the mood😉.

    44. Evelyn says:

      For my side,i think i shud wait untill i get married tht i cud xperience lav making with my lovly husby…coz am sick and tired of having sex!!since i notice making lov iz much better!!

      ……afteral when u hav sex…u mind is not quit fresh compare to when u make lav!!cheers!!!!!

    45. Gabriel says:

      My girlfriend and I have had sex many times we want to experience love making not sex but we both get really h*rny super fast and just end up having sex… how can i change that?

    46. Unique. says:

      Wait till marriage and u wld enjoy lovemaking 2 d fullest.

    47. tobi says:

      i had never made love or had sex. But i think there is a difference between the two. Love makin can still lead to sex. Bye.

      1. wnoni says:

        shouldn't u be at home with momma?
        its past 7 pm

    48. Matthew says:

      Love making connect two different mind,heart,soul,emotion,love,desire…..and make them one.while having sex,is a matter of fun without feelings.

      Again, love making connect to sex

    49. Soroush Sadr says:

      tnx for your post , it was usefullllll

    50. Jacintha jacybaby says:

      I dn’t like SEX witout MAKING LOVE.There is a very big diference dae…so sure!

    51. Jacintha jacybaby says:

      I dn’t like SEX witout MAKING LOVE.There is a very big diference dae…so sure!

    52. joewixxy says:

      Love ,akin s ment for pre_matured relationship while sex is for martuered relationship as in love makin is for datin while sex is for married

    53. bubba says:

      having sex and making love are two very different things, however, the PLACE most definatley does not matter.

    54. AnnieLove says:

      I have only had intercourse with one person and its not just saying I love you at the end or cuddling that sets your heart rocketing to the sky. It’s that instant connection that you feel. Suddenly, it’s not ‘omg I feel good’, it’s ‘omg is she ok, is she feeling good, is she ready, is she hurting, am I everything she needs right now?’ it’s selfless caring:) it’s holding one another the entire time, loving every detail about the other person beyond physical attraction, it’s kissing her on the shoulder or forehead instead if straight to her lips. It shouldn’t be sex that your having. It should be love cuz love is what keeps two people together. I lost it to one person, I’ve been with that one person for four years two months and a day and I’m now engaged to that one person. I don’t need to do it with another person to know I’m making love. I’m experienced in love making to one person. That’s how it should be!!

    55. PweetieAngel says:

      Never slept wit any boy or had a boyfriend.BUT i tink dat love making is 4people who really love eachother and uses sex as a way of expressing their feelings to eachother while having sex is wen two people feel lust 4 eachother or just want to release their sexual orge.just like a ‘one night stand.’

    56. Genny says:

      My b/f loves sex so much but, me i don’t at-tyms we use 2 hav little misunderstanding b/4 having sex

    57. c. ungor says:

      Ladies, do you find it cheesy if a man says, " I want to make love to you."?

      At my work Christmas party a few nights ago, I was semi-drunkenly discussing seduction techniques with a few female co-workers. When I mentioned the phrase, they looked at eachother, laughed and told me. "No one calls it 'making love' anymore."

      So has any man ever said it to you? I admit I've used it a few times in the heat of the moment.
      Is it just semantics to say %&*$# or making love? Is there a difference between how you %&*$# someone and how you would 'make love' to them?
      Opinions ladies, pls!!!!

      1. Shola says:

        U go guy. U are one of the people who appreciate the beauty of the humans by using the term making love instead of having sex. Moreover in my opinion people should make love and not have sex and it should be with the right person too, if you know what I mean.

      2. Guest says:

        I used to because I never knew the true meaning of it, but now I do.
        Having sex with, or f***ing my partner is totally different to when we make love. For instance, driving somewhere secluded and being very naughty in the back seats is sex. Very pleasurable to say the least but just sex.
        Making love is when there is a certain look in each others eyes, more passion, greater sensitivity and it has a complete different feeling. The only way I can describe it for me is as though your heart feels so full of love it could burst and your emotions run so high you could cry at the drop of a hat. The emotional connection is overwhelming and that is what makes it amazing.
        To find a person you can share that with is one of the most special things you will ever experience.
        I am just very lucky I have found my soulmate.

      3. Nikki says:

        If you want an easy way to have sex with a woman, just strip her! Women love that!

    58. Dave says:

      Nice article. I was married for 20 years. I got every door, never once missed a kiss hello or goodbye, got her off 90% of the time, and we got off together I guess around 60%-70%, I never even flirted with a girl the entire marriage. Not even once. She wasn’t easy to get off either, nor did she have multiple orgasms. All women are different.

      She faked her feelings the entire time. She was a master liar for a very long time. That’s what you get for getting a 17 year old girl pregnant (I was 23) that you love. I suspect she ran around for the vast majority of the marriage, as I caught her on the internet (a ream of print out of her emotional and sexual encounters with many men), as well as in real life (text messages, hotel rooms, cars/trucks, etc.), after the first 12 years. That was the easy part, as we have kids and she is so sick that she wanted me dead to hide what she was up to, holding onto the part of little miss innocent (the false image of herself she wants others to see) . I actually almost died and my boys almost lost their dad. The storyline from 3-D Sex and Zen says, “…though her lack of passion cannot fully satisfy Wei Yangsheng’s sexual needs. His disappointment is no less than his affection for her.”, describes it partially. I actually know more about women then men.

      I have been with a couple of women over the last couple of years. I made love and had sex with them both. I lived with one for a few months. She was a hard core porn star. I blew her mind. I know how to get a girl off more than 60 times in fewer than eight hours.

      I can assure that marriage has nothing to do with making love or sex.

      Sex leads to addiction in many cases. Love can temperament this effect, if it’s real from both involved, but then you leave that to trust. You can’t respect a person by helping them to disrespect themselves. (shame)

      If you provide better than they ever expected, they always want more. I suspect it is the same for women. If you do not, then you are a disappointment. Either way, they always seem to want more and then innocent children pay the price frequently, as sex makes kids.

      It sucks, as there always seems to be problems because this world is very sick, as almost everyone is poisoned physically and physiologically, and don’t even realize it.

      @ Whitney – Be advised!

      @jeff – If you don’t know, then it was sex.

      @Amy – FYI, its still defined as rape, same as touching someone when they are asleep, even your spouse, according to the law.

      @Jenna – You must be hot!😛 great on spot comment

      @Daviney – What happens is that everyone wants the love only. One night love stands, for real. Anything new and exciting to grow and experience, becomes - only when real personal growth occurs for both.

      @Sugar – Kudo’s, but of course that can be with sex too. That’s for you to decide. Don’t let anyone define you.

      @Bianca – On spot

      @arcee – I assume you say that because you have never intentionally had sex to make a child.

      @joewixxy – Yeah, that must be it.😉

      @c. ungor – I am not a woman, but I can tell you this… Go find someone that has a female hamster. They go into heat every 4 days. Try scratching their lower back right above the tail. That’s a female reaction. When you understand that, you will get to the sex in less than 2 minutes after meeting girl, with a pause for ID included if questionable. You want the work, knock yourself out.

      1. wwano says:

        ever heard of short changing yourself?
        you did.
        n she left.
        There was no more challenge.

    59. Shahid says:

      I think that love is the most wondErful in world and differs lot from sex which is an animal act.To luv somone to share emotion and to have strng love attraction .To have sex is good when you have loved and got married.

    60. Art says:

      Now that you have heard the different meanings lets take it one step further. yes there is the animal in us to have and went sex. Then the emotional side, IS more meaningful. But lets put the frosting on the cake, and get to the spiritual. look into Tantra and see were that gets you.

    61. firdous says:

      trouth love is life for health

    62. angel goodness says:

      i have not have sex before and am 24.but i make love. In love making u can get the satisfactions u need from having sex.

      1. Icetea says:

        wow that great but sex is sometimes cool, try it and u ll see.

      2. Sex Addict says:

        thats not truu! when i make love it feels so wrong because it doesnt mean anythin to me. GO SEXXXX!

    63. Wow says:

      I have never seen so many stupid comments. If you can't use simple grammar, don't even post.

    64. Chaz says:

      Hi everyone I think that it’s not nice to have a go at people for not being well educated it isn’t the indeviduals fault it is the countries lack of intrest in the importance of educating everyone. I went to a spiceal needs school and have always struggled with my education and Noone has the right to try and belittle me because they can spell better or have the correct grammer.

      To the point
      Love making love I feel there is a differance between sex and love making I have been with my partner for 7 years now and very time we make love I love him more and more. I have never had a one night stand and the idea of them disgusts me everyone would be much happier if they fell in love.

    65. Teana Galego says:

      I LOVE having sex. its quick and easy with no hurt feelings at the end of the day. if u r waitin to make love u r stupid cuz ull never find da perfect guy. go become a stripper! it pays well and u can always find a hot guy that way. if u want to make love, u will only end up gettin hurt if the partner doesnt feel the same way as you! GO PROSTITUTES!!!!!!!!

      1. wnoni says:

        in other wordsgo to hell all ye
        self righteous bastards.
        i love this place
        called earth.

      2. Ava says:

        Love you baby

      3. Ava says:

        I LOVE HAVING SEX TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I would love to have it with you Teana Galego.

    66. loveth says:

      hi everyone, abusing others is not right. Like our saying gose’All fingers are not equal’. Learn to show respect to one another.. Now to my opinion, making love is different from sex. Y? Because making love gose with so much emotion,passion,heart felt and breath taking. so on and so fort it feels good when sharing it with your soulmate. while, having sex is just casual no strings attach just for fun no feelings. Having sex like a friend just said is only for a carnal satisfaction. I call it LUST! Thanks everyone i learnt alot from you guys.. God bless

    67. It's a secret says:

      I have never had sex before. I know a guy I would like to have sex with. Who knows how I should get his attention?

    68. Molly says:

      I have to say that there is a definite difference between lovemaking and having sex for the following reasons:
      1. Sex is just an action, meaningless unless in the context of lovemaking. Unless you are making love, it is pure lust.
      2. Lovemaking means you are "loving" (wow, what a concept!) the other person. You don't just get up and leave . . . that's not love. Love means commitment – even after the sparkle of sex and good feelings die down.

    69. Mel says:

      Good article:) I agree 100% with what your saying. Sex is just that usually spur of the moment, uncontrolled desire. Where as "making love" is more…….. intimate i guess is the word I'm looking for, more emotional. I thought I had made love with partners before, then I met my fiancee & oh how wrong I was!!! We had hung out over a few months & started out slow as we both had not long come out of relationships. However something about it just felt right, we just seemed to be drawn to each other & the sexual tension grew. Then when it did finally happen we had both already fallen in love. It just felt like the most natural thing in the world, it wasn't awkward or clumsy like first time hookups usually seem to be.

      Too all of you who say that with emotional involvement comes pain, I say with big risk comes big reward!!!

    70. Prof NKJ says:

      Love making is done by human beings. Sex for mere sex is done by animals. This is the difference between the two. As a human being we should love our partner and must not treat her merely as a commodity. Once she extends her valuable love, the relationship should be maintained for life. This is what our culture teaches us, which permits regulated sensual pleasure. An unregulated desire and lust ignoring our human values and concerns makes us animal or worst than that.

    71. roseline olamibo says:

      as for me i believe in making love on bed than having sex with my partner

    72. Ganymedess says:

      Sex for me is just a quickie. I have been married twice, each time for 13 years. My first husband was all about sex that left me feeling empty inside. I'm not saying never receive an orgasm with him, but the feeling was short and I thought that how it suppose to be, until I met my second husband, who by the is also my ex.

      His style of making love was so different from my first husband, he was passion, taking the time to relax me. That was the first time I ever made love with my eyes open. We stare into each other eyes, I felt as if my body and mind had became one with his. I discover what a real orgasms felt like, but it didn't stop there, my body continue have orgasms after orgasms.

      Too bad he couldn't keep it in his pants. I haven't dated over two years, Dating rules have change, I don't believe in the three day date rule than sex. Everything is about sex, people don't want to become friend.

    73. Viviangel says:

      I luv makin luv wit my guy cos he really kws hw 2 fuck nd suck me wat should i do 2 make him stay with me 4 ever

      1. Kandii says:

        You cant do anything to make him stay bc either way he will leave if he wants. you can be the best person you can be and have his back through everything even the bull shit bc at the end of the day love is rare and when you have something good you hold on to it. (dnt stay if he keep mistreating you or cheating)

    74. I think the author confuses romance with love. It can be love on the back seat of the car and sex in the bed – like when dreams are analysised – it's not what's happening but how we feel about those things. If I had to say that there was a style I'd say a carfulness and a williness to communicate. Sex is something you do TO something by yourself.

    75. Fortune says:

      In my own perception i think lov making seems synonymous 2 having sex.lov making is an act of showing care 2 yr partner by ways of romancing,kissing,tourching errogenous zone possibly show case best pleasure so far,and if care is not taking could possibly lead to sex.den wht are w evtin b cautions.

    76. kandii says:

      Making love is having sex with emotions and when your just have sex for the climax is emotionless sex. after the sex you feel good for a while then you feel this emptiness inside you knwin that you use each other and he most likely doesn't care how you feel later he got his and hopefully you got urs. sex isnt the same anymore. then isnt any feelings in it. the nut is what everyone cares about. love making is passionate and heartfelt.

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