The Things Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Sharing…

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Upon some recent discussion with my guy friends, I’ve come to realize that we girls may just be a little bit “too close.” I happen to be one of those people blessed with an intimate group of girlfriends, and therefore we talk about everything from the specific color name of our nail polish to the exact millisecond of how long our most recent sack session lasted.

However, upon stepping back a bit and really paying attention to what I was saying, I’ve begun to wonder if there is such thing as too much information sharing. Even if it never gets back to your guy, is it alright to share everything? Below are the key things that, looking back, I’m thinking should just remain between a lady and her man.

How Big He Is…Down There:  It’s something I never really thought about, probably because if anyone wants to know the size of my practically non-existent boobs, they can just look, but guys are ultra-sensitive to what they may or may not have. Well, mostly, what they don’t have. It is totally okay to talk about how big last night’s drunken hook up was, but if your boyfriend is less than well-endowed, you may want to keep that on the DL from your friends…at least until you break up.

The time he cried in front of you: I don’t think it’s any secret that girls cry in front of guys, but when it’s the other way around it probably should be. When your guy finally feels comfortable enough to shed some tears around you, don’t go telling all of your friends how sweet and sensitive it was to see him cry. Help him stay manly in the eyes of your friends and keep some things just between you.

The time he couldn’t get it up: Again, this is just one of those unfortunately embarrassing things that happens to guys when they are a) nervous or b) drunk. While you may want reassurance from your friends that you are gorgeous and that it’s not your fault that this happened, can you imagine how mortified your man already is that he can’t get excited for the naked girl next to him? Just think about how much worse it is when he walks in the room and everybody knows.

Each and every fight you get into: It’s understandable if you and your man have a huge blowout and you need to bitch to someone, but don’t criticize everything he does wrong to your friends. Otherwise, you become too accustomed to trashing him and eventually your friends will only be able to point out his bad qualities to you. Not good.

As a disclaimer, I have talked about all the things above and more, including explaining exactly how long he lasted, read aloud text messages, stalked each and every Facebook photo, and have criticized wardrobe choices. And now I feel awful about it and thank my lucky stars that most guy conversations consist of
“You get head?”
Because I know for sure that I would not want to be talked about the same way that I have discussed these boys in the past.

So tell me: is it alright to tell your best friends your guy’s deep dark secrets?



    1. Maggie says:

      I am totally guilty of most of the things listed above, but only to 1 or 2 really really close friends. They tell me that I’m giving TMI, but we know that we’re just being funny & not malicious. But after reading this article, I definitely am going to work on toning down the level of info given to them.

    2. cLevo says:

      haha, one: guys talk A LOT more about if we got head last night or ever from our girl….just to set that straight. We talk to our boys about everything and even emotional things. When we love our lady and feel it for the first time. We tell our boys and ask how we should tell you because god forbid we just come out and say "I love you", because you wouldn't know what to say. So we need an approach. We also get tips on some things ( you think each guy just happened to develop the same bedroom skills all on their own, lmao).

      yes, men do cry. not often but sometimes they do. most of the time it's out of anger and not a sad emotion but still. it's tears, and don't go telling your girls because when everyone is together again your girls won't be able to shut up and it will cause problems, because lets face it. your girls all with you and your boy because they can't get a man of their own that's as good as what you have.

      About the size thing….yea, i feel sorry for you girls and would love to help all you, well, unfortunate ladies out there with that problem, but I just can't:) who have that issue, but still. If a guy isn't swinging, don't go and tell your girls because from that moment on, even when you break it off….they will make fun of him when they see him.

      And god the worst thing you can do is discuss arguments or dights you get into with us. All of us guys know that women exaggerate to make them seem like they did NOTHING wrong and it's all our fault. So what you have done is turned your friends against him and you've spent so much time talking trash about him that you start to believe that you %90 great guy is nothing but trash. You have convinced yourself he isn't worth it.

    3. Gary says:

      I have trouble with getting it up.

    4. Eric says:

      i really hope girls dont talk about my size since i def wouldn't say im well-endowed

      i also hope girls don't talk about when we cry since i know i have and don't like other people knowing

    5. Gary says:

      I feel for you Eric. I love it when a guy can admit to not being well-endowed or crying. It turns me on like crazy.

    6. Eric says:

      really? since i also thought we shared a bond since i also couldn't get it up once, the reason was that it was my first time with a man

    7. Gary says:

      Wow dude I was only joking. I am not gay. Wow. Just wow.

    8. Hatti says:

      I definately dish to my bestie about my guy… but he does the same thing in return. The worst part is that my best friend is dating his best friend, so we always get to hear what they've shared about us. It can make for some very funny and/or embarrasing conversations.

    9. Dirk Diggler says:

      most guy conversations consist of

      “You get head?”



      Quotes for Truth

    10. Erich says:

      I think that we men are underestimated about how much we do talk about our gf's. Especially if we have a female BF, you know the minute we hang up with you we're calling them to find out what everything you just said means. And really you can't blame us, half the time we are supposed to be mind readers. So we have to ask someone. If it isn't our female BF then we just talk to our guy friends and figure out how to tell you how we feel. should we go at it like poker and not show all our cards or just come out and say it. It is a very nervous time when us guys tell you women how we feel.

    11. sara says:

      I have discussed all of the above with my best girl friend, and some with my best guy friend (with him I won't mention size or skill but more emotional stuff). I don't think its a weakness of guys to cry, its a normal emotion. As long as guys (or girls for that matter) don't cry that often its not really a concern for me. Also, when I do talk about how long my guy lasted, his techniques or skills etc. I usually am doing it to find similarities and differences with my best friend and her boyfriend. If something seems a little off, its reassuring to know that she has once had the same problem with her man. Its never meant in a malicious way, more like I'm just curious if the same thing has ever happened to her (ex. not getting it up)

    12. I appreciate this article.

      I've been one of those ladies who constantly shares too much information, including all of the things on this list. In my defense, the one who couldn't get it up WASN'T a boyfriend, but I admit telling more people than I should've. Mostly because I just wanted to be reassured.

      Thanks for this article.. it definitely puts things in perspective.

    13. Marco says:

      Great article. Your guy conversation pretty much sums it all up right there. Most guys do not talk to their buds about chicks the way girls do to their friends. Sorry, just doesn't happen. If my friend suddenly turns into a "Chatty Cathy" I change the subject because really I could care less about what he and his girl do. So aside from the short and sweet "Did you get head?" or some variation about that, most guys don't share very much with their friends.

      P.S. to the author, I am new to the site, but you have a great sense of humor and I really enjoy your articles. So kudos to you!

    14. jeff says:

      my problem is i can get it up i just cant get it off coff…

    15. Ricki says:

      Thanks so much Marco!!

    16. Kelly says:

      Ever heard the phrase "A gentleman never kisses and tells". Substitute "Lady" for gentleman.

      Younger people these days seem to have some sort fetish with letting everyone know everything – IE: Twitter.

    17. anonymn says:

      I've never wanted to know what my friend does with his girl. Sounds nauseating and creepy.

    18. emily says:

      kelly: totally agreed, but it's e.g. (for example) not i.e. (in other words) for that case ;]

    19. the violator says:

      as a guy i know several other guys who are my friends and we do not talk about this kind of stuff. and i will make it clear to the next girl i date that i do not want her talking about this kind of stuff with her pals.
      i don’t go telling my buddies stuff that i think she wouldn’t appreciate them knowing. besides,what is the benefit of them knowing any of that stuff? it is just not cool.
      hey girl, i am dating you- not all your girlfriends too. it is none of their business.
      maybe clevo gabs to his pals but, most real men do not.

    20. Heather says:

      I agree with the violator! Sharing private details about a relationship definitely violates trust in a relationship. How can you expect your guy to "open up" and be himself with you if you just turn around and blab it to your girlfriends? My bf and I made an agreement early on in our relationship that we'd never share any information that could hurt or embarrass the other person.

    21. Eric says:

      Violator sounds like he has a small penis. And cries a lot.

    22. Henderson says:

      For any dude that says he talks about that shit, shit being emotions or sex beyond the point of yea we did it (cLevo) you can turn your man badge in at the next man meeting. Anyways this is about privacy and trust and the first time a person breaks either of those for me they are ostracized. In my opion people don't really change as much as they say they will and they will just keep breaking your trust again and again. A woman that can't keep quite is dumn gamby c*nt and shouldn't be dated in the first place. They have no respect for your or for anyone for that matter, you won't be the first they gossip about but at least you can save yourself from their habitual and eventual betrayal. Also if you are in one of these realtionships don't think you can change her, you will eventually just be blinded by your own stupidty and live a life of lies as her personal bitch.

    23. Justin says:

      whenever I have a relationship with a girl no matter serious (friend, sister, girlfriend, crush or whatever). I swear to god, their friends will know more about me then most of my guys friends do. I could only imagine what they told their friends and when I see their friends for the first time they talk to me as if they know EVERYTHING about me.

      I guess thats kind of flattering but I hate to try to live up to the image that is imprinted in their head without even knowing me.

    24. Jay says:

      I can agree with the article and most of the comments. In a trusting relationship you can't go around sharing all the bad details. Good is separate, but you should clarify with your significant other what's acceptable to tell people.

      During freshman year of college one girl I was an acquaintance of had been spreading word that her current boyfriend sometimes came while they would make out without her touching him. I knew the guy somewhat and never looked at him the same with that info. I felt so bad for him, knowing she'd told quite a few people in the dorms. I'd be mortified if a similar problem got out to those around me.

      Great article!

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