Duke It Out: Over-The-Knee Boots

over the knee

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The August mags are out and in the course of my monthly fashion binge I noticed one item cropping up over and over on the Fall “must have” lists: over-the-knee boots (aka thigh-highs).

I have to admit, I actually own a pair of these from last year and have never been brave enough to go outdoors in them, despite my many fantasies of walking around looking like a high-fashion sexpot. My worry, of course, is that people are going to think I’m slutty (and yeah, I shouldn’t care what people think, but if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have bought the things in the first place). So, do we now accept over-the-knee boots as a viable fashion choice or are they one of those things that only work on hookers and superheros?

When I was a kid, I watched the movie Batman Returns, and somehow, I don’t think I’ve ever quite gotten over my desire to be Catwoman. Last year, I faced much the same situation with liquid leggings and once I finally got up the courage to wear them outside, I freaking loved them. So can the same be said about these boots? They look sexy, they make a statement, and they’re actually really warm, which would rock once the weather gets cold. And if the magazines are to be believed, then maybe I wouldn’t be the only respectable lady out there walking around in them.

The downside, of course, is that there is some definite stigma attached to these babies – which, admittedly, is part of the appeal. These are the kind of footwear that your boyfriend, his friends, and basically everyone with a penis will notice… and not necessarily in a good way. And while it may work in a magazine or movie, in the real world, over-the-top sexy items tend to get you dirty looks from guys and a very different kind of dirty looks from girls. Not fun. Plus, I have learned from past experience that just because a magazine says something is in, doesn’t mean anyone is actually going to be wearing it.

So what do you think, ladies? Should I woman-up and put the big boots into my fall wardrobe? Will any of you be joining me? Or will over-the-knee boots join the plaid mini skirt on the list of fashion choices forever ruined by porn?



    1. WholeMilk says:

      I need to get some new boots for fall and winter!

    2. Mary (Schoolcraft Co says:

      I think that it's a toss up, depending on what ur personality is and esp. what ur major/current job situ. is. Like all those fashion majors with quirky style can easily pull it off, as well as the girls who work in high fashion retailers. The everyday average girl, may have a bit of difficulty pulling it off if only she walks around nervous and unsure. This is definitely a trend that she'll have to WORK — so if ur brave, trendsetting, and not afraid of a few curious stares, go for it!!

      On the other hand there are always ways around those glares if ur not exactly super brave but want to give it a try — pull them over a pair of skinny jeans and a loose top such as a boyfriend cut button up, or a loose white tee under a black vest (superchic and not too risque) Good Luck!! : )

      **disclaimer** not tryin to bash anyone not super trendy just statin the facts! ; D

    3. Liza - University of says:

      Ooh…I think they're super cute, but I don't know if I could pul them off/what I'd wear them with. But if you've got them already, rock them girl!

    4. melissa says:

      will this trend work for girls with athletic thighs?

    5. Sarah says:

      I personally don't like them when they have a stiletto heel or pointed toe. To me, it looks on the verge of trashy although I'm sure some can pull it off. I've seem some great ones that are flats that I totally plan on rocking.

    6. Emmie says:

      I would totally rock a pair, I've been dying for some thigh-highs since I was like… twelve. Now, would I wear them with a LBD with a plunging neckline? No. I don't need to have guys asking how much every time I step outside. But with skinny jeans and a casual tanktop or a turtleneck sweater dress they would be adorable. If only they weren't so expensive.

      1. Jasmine says:

        I know today is the day after Thanksgiving, but I found an amazing pair…they were originally like 80 dollars and I got them for 16 from Macy's. Of course they were giving out giftcards and everything but the boots were on sale for 39.99 anyway. They are suede and a gray color, which I was totally on a mission for when I left my house at 2AM. I saw someone before mention that short people can't wear them, but I'm 5'3" and I love them

    7. Dina (University of says:

      Who cares what other people think! We should completely take advantage of our youth and wear "over the top" stuff because when we are 50ish..come on, I don't think we'll be able to pull it off. Soo, be fierce and wear them!

    8. Jess says:

      I think they're cute, but you can't have bigger thighs or else you kind of risk looking like a sausage. Plus it'd probably look better on taller girls, and make short girls look even shorter.. so basically my two points rule myself out.

    9. Paula says:

      I'm loving the over-the-knee boots. I've been on the lookout, but I can't find them in Florida in July. Go figure.:) I bought the new Elle just to find out who the designer was of the boots Miley Cyrus is wearing. (I don't like her, but I love the chunky heel and the straps.) Unfortunately, you have to e-mail the designer (Rodarte) directly for pricing which = too rich for my blood.

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    11. Monse says:

      Hey ladies,

      Let's totally do the thigh highs because when done the right way they go from slutty to super glam. Of course lets not buy the patent leather pair at our nearest costume shop! Lets opt for more supple fabrics such as suede or leather in super black or in a taupe color! If you really want to avoid the slut stamp, opt for a dress the covers some of the boot as to make it look like pants! Just try not to show too much leg skin or skin period and we should be fine! Remember, thigh highs will only look slutty if you make them, so don't be scared ladies, lets do the thigh highs!!

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    13. nancy says:

      for the person in florida i live in florida and i just bought some. wet seal has some for like 60 bucks

    14. Dewita says:

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