Are You A Facebook Stalker? Your Secret Isn’t Safe Anymore!

facebook stalking

[This post is old. To get the real, updated deal on Facebook creepin’, click here.]

My day started off bad enough with ultra frizzy hair and sweat in every crack, crevice and fold on my body (thank you, hot and hazy NYC summer!). I didn’t think it could get much worse than swamp ass, but it did. Oh boy did it get worse.

Upon signing online for my morning FB stalk sesh I learned that Facebook has added a new application:  The Stalker Check app.

What is it, you ask? Why, it’s a way for everyone on FB to see who has been looking at their profile. Yes, that includes the guy I’m crushing on, whose pictures I may or may not (read: totes) check every day. And those cute boys I’ve met at the bar, whose profiles I check the minute I get home at 3am.  And my ex boyfriend, whose wall-to-wall with other bitches I tend to monitor. And those very bitches with their skanky photos and annoying status updates….

It’s not my fault!
I’m not a stalker at heart, Facebook just morphed me into one.
And now they’re going to ho me out?

Well, no not exactly.  As I desperately researched more about this app to figure out just exactly how much of my stalkerish self would be revealed, I learned some uplifting (relatively speaking, of course) things.

1. Although Stalker Check does show who is looking at your profile, it does not reveal just how many times you refreshed to see if Mr. Hottie had any more topless photos uploaded.

2. But there is a ranking list.  So the objects of your stalking desire don’t know how many times you looked, but they can see that you looked a hell of a lot more than anyone else out there.

This is just….awesome. I call bullsh*t on you, Mark Zuckerberg. What happened to the Facebook policy that “Recent activity will never be shown about whose profile you view”? Huh? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT? It’s fine if you want to let my mom on, or implement the annoying Newsfeed (which, I admit, I sorta love), but this is going too far.

If I can’t stalk in the privacy of my own home, what’s the point of Facebook anyway?



    1. Maggie says:

      Omg, is this real?! That's ridiculous! Facebook should have given us a warning before implementing this app, especially when they were against the whole "showing whose pages you look at" thing before. =(

    2. Marisa - Wesleyan Un says:

      Actually, StalkerCheck compiles its data based on how many interactions (likes, comments, etc.) you and the person have had in the past month. It doesn't show people who simply look at your page.

    3. thanks says:

      Thanks for the warning/update!

    4. Carla says:

      Yup, i agree with Marisa. I've been looking at my friends profile, havent posted anything or interacted in his page but I was surprised I wasnt in the list!

    5. Maggie says:

      Okay, I read over the article & it seems like you're kind of making a big deal over this. I tried out the Stalker Check myself & it wasn't even based on your Facebook activity over the years – only the recent activity that showed up on your wall. Also, if you just look at someone's Facebook & don't click anything, you won't be counted in the list of Top Stalkers. Please get your facts straight before freaking other people out about Facebook stalkig.

    6. Jill says:



      Oh gawd.


    7. Anon Y. Mous says:

      Marisa is correct. The application is misleadingly titled; it has nothing to do with page views. Rather, it uses an algorithm based on how frequently people comment on your activity, "like" it, post on your wall, etc. to develop a ranking list. Maggie is also right that you should be doing actual research before writing articles; taking a product's claims at face value without evaluating their accuracy is reprehensible in terms of journalistic ethics.

    8. Alisha says:

      Yeah, real stalkers are completely protected by facebook's privacy rules..this app, nor any app to come, can show who looks at a profile/ how many times they do.

      Faceboook would go under if there was a way to see that…

    9. Erica says:

      What an idiot. The person who wrote this article has a link to an article explaining about the application and yet doesn't have enough sense to actually read the article. How stupid can you get? If you are going to write shit like this, don't even bother writing another article jackass.

    10. Casey says:

      Fuck…Bill O'Reilly is gonna find out…FUCK!

    11. Anna says:

      Yeah, cc writers: DO YOUR RESEARCH

      The app shows how often someone does something like POST on your wall or LIKE your status, not views.

    12. Liz says:

      I personally find it aggravating that the last article I read on this site about ABORTION had an incredibly intellectual debate going on in the comments with no foul language or insult throwing to be seen and yet something as simple and light hearted as this article recieves such disgraceful commentary. I thought this community was moving foward positivly but I guess I was wrong.

    13. samantha says:

      leave her alone, she was only trying to give everyone a heads up! you don't have to be so mean about it. does anyone know if the crushbot application works the same way?

    14. Al says:

      I second Liz.

    15. T says:

      I don't care if it shows picture crap or not. I hate this application. I get SUCH anxiety over it.

    16. anna says:

      does the application show if you check/view pics?

    17. Tara says:

      I don't think the app works very well anyway. A friend of mine screencapped her "Top Stalkers" page and posted it, and for some strange reason, I appeared on the list. I never visit her profile, like/comment on her status updates, or have any contact with her on Facebook. I don't think I've ever even looked at her pictures. :S

    18. […] The masses are addicted to social networking utilities like; Facebook and Twitter.  Well Facebook is aware that 6 out of every 10 people are really probably on some stalker late night park ish.  They’ve added some stuff just for them Lol…..click here. […]

    19. J says:

      how about if you save someone's picture to your harddrive, is there any way they can find out about that?

    20. ally says:

      it only judges on your wall postes, comments and likes. it says it right when the app is loading. it says "How does this work?

      This application ranks your friends based on how often they interact with your Facebook wall. Interactions counted include wall posts, comments, likes, gifts and other public items posted to your wall. In accordance with the Facebook Privacy Policy, we do NOT count page views or private messages."

      so you can creep people all you want and it still dosent show up ..

    21. […] recently I spent hours, yes hours, playing with my friend’s iPhone: I visited FMyLife.com, I Facebook-stalked, I discovered there are health and fitness applications! It was the most fun I’ve ever […]

    22. Chris says:

      Research first, write second.

    23. Rhoda Ochoa says:

      It should be either or… Either the FB should count views, and be really up front about it, or, it should be completely anal about blocking anything that shows who has visited your profile or anything on it. The thing with "secret" tracking on a site that is generally thought to be tracker free is that people who are nosy, curious, and/or bored will become "stalkers"?! FB is still new for me, and I "stalk" dozens of people daily! Oh yes, even old boyfriends I never want to talk to again😛 I could just see people reading way too much into it… "She wants me! Look at how many times she viewed my page!"

    24. Freaked out! says:

      Does it check when you click to see an album or click on a picture???

      In other words, Stalker Check doesn’t appear to track page views, but rather keeps track of the clicks on your profile page only. So you can look all you want, but as long as you refrain from ‘touching’ a friends page, you’ll stay under the Stalker Check radar.

      That's from the source. Duh I have commented on a few pictures of someone, does it mean I'm now hooked by this application? This sucks! Everytime I click on their profile I could show up on their stalker list? Wtf.

      However, it’s drawing much skepticism and even outrage from users who know Facebook’s policy of ‘Recent activity will never be shown about whose profile you view’ and expect them to adhere to that. <— amen to this. They should take it down.

    25. Freaked out! says:

      StalkerCheck has changed name as FanCheck.

      – Official Fan Check.

      Lol so you guys know. Apparently the other application has gotten too many reports or problems, so now they changed their name. I'm going to report this.

    26. Freaked out! says:

      Check this out: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-out-whos-check
      Find out who's checking your pictures !

      Follow the 3 simple steps below to activate the application

      ►1. Click "Become a fan" (link is at the top)

      ►2. Next click on "Suggest to friends"

      ►3. Select all the friends you wish to include in the application and click on "Send Invitations"

      You may aspect a delay of 24-48 hours before the menu shows up. In case of any problems, please verify that you followed the instructions correctly

      So how does this not violate privacy settings huh? The person becoming a fan would give all of their friends names when sending the invitation. This really sucks.

      I'm gonna keep browsing for info but refraining myself from posting not to bore you all lol.

      It's worse than what Melissa thought initially lol

    27. candy says:


      What if I click on my friend's "see more comments" in my news feeds, will that count in her FANCHECK? thanks!

    28. Victoria says:

      You know I don't get why everyone is so freaked out about this app—if you feel that your looking at someone's page a little too much you don't really need an app to tell them that you need to get a life. I don't care who looks at my profile or how many times they have—-I don't post things to FB I don't want the rest of the world knowing and if someone gets their jollies by looking at a g rated picture of me so be it. If your upset about the fact that people can see if your looking at their page too much quit looking at their page! And your ex and his 'skanky hoes' really? He's your ex just because he has moved on and you have not doesn't mean the girls he talks to are skanky—unless you are skanky too because he talked to you too remember?

    29. brokenhearted says:

      Is it true that if you click on someone's pictures and have interacted with them in the past – you are going to show up as a stalker????

      My ex defriended me yesterday and I still do not know why???

      I was definitely looking and clicking on the pictures and I am still dealing/hurt with the breakup!

      1. sean says:

        LOL. I got defriended too….by an ex….yeah, defriending sucks….but she has a new BF….and the new BF wears "the pants" in the equation. So when he said: DEFRIEND that ex… or else…she did what her man told her to do. It was either DEFRIEND me or she had to pack her shit and spend the night at the airport baggage claim area…so she DEFRIENDED. Have a couple of one night stands with some of the local skanks, and in the future, don't be so quick to become emotionally attached to a woman. On your next relationship forget about the Facebook connection. I that relationship doesn't work out, you'll just get DEFRIENDED…..again.

    30. Anonymous says:

      what if I am viewing pictures and personal information of a person who is NOT on my friend's list (i.e. he's not my friend)?

      Is there a possibility that he can find out that I've been 'stalking' him?


    31. TrickyRicky says:

      My opinion is that Facebook has a creepy kinda stalkerish element to it that is definitely a rather LARGE piece of the pie for them….

      Oh yeah, and a lot of these questions, that sounded like genuine nervousness and worry- Why do you care so much if someone else could possibly see whose profile your checking up on—??

      I say fuck it, stalk away- especially lookin at pictures of fine ass women, and I know that you women do it to us too =]

      and it's F*ckin facebook- come on now people!!

    32. Damo says:

      You can still sign up under a fake name. Why do you think there are 300 million profiles on there. You didn't think there were 300 million actual people did you? And everyone is stalking someone, so who cares?

    33. ZOMFG says:


      This cannot happen ;A;

    34. Ashley says:

      I am just so relieved to know that other people stalk exes too. I was starting to wonder if I might actually have psychological issues. But recently all of his friends have been putting up privacy settings ;-( I thought maybe they knew I was looking at their pages. The part that sucks is that I really enjoyed reading one of his friend's walls – c'est la vie. No way I can try to friend him, that would look really pathetic . . .

    35. Ur Done says:

      Check out the newest post by Mark Zuckerberg and panic?

    36. Guy says:

      Ur Done I didnt see anything new offered to my profile about seeing stalkers…so what do you mean.?

    37. Molly says:

      The application isn't valid. I showed up on my friends stalker list and I haven't as little as looked at his page in the last 6 months.

    38. Andrea says:

      So, I'm pretty sure that application picks from your online friends and puts them on the list… I tried it three times and each time the list was different. Plus, I'm pretty sure my high school teacher isn't checking out my page more than any of my other 200 friends. That would be creepy and awkward. I happened to be online and three guys whose pages I *never* looked at all messaged me to ask why I was on their top 5 stalker list. It's got to be a random thing.

    39. Scarllet says:

      OMG!!! If I dont have them in my friend list, can they know that im looking for their profile ??

    40. Brian says:

      i loved reading that, and totally agree
      ❤ brian

    41. Peter Melrose says:

    42. DUMB says:

      I just looked at facebook of an old friend yesterday. I am not his facebook friend. Will he know about this? I am unable to get any info now. Photos gone!

    43. NOPE says:

      Firstly its not stalking so please quit the "stalking" "creeper" stuff! Secondly if you dont like people seeing your profile then gtfo of facebook. Thirdly there will never be a valid way to see this information nor is it anyones buisness whos been where and remember this also applies to you [no one way tracking] and i dont think you would like people knowing where youve been and if by some chance it ever does happen alot of people including myself will be leaving.

    44. Beck says:

      Can I know who’s viewing my profile or how often it’s being viewed?

      Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users track profile views or statistics on the views of any specific user content. Third party developers, however, may offer applications that provide some of this functionality. Please keep a few things in mind for these applications:

      Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users to track profile views or statistics on the views of any specific user content. Third party developers, however, may offer applications that provide some of this functionality. Please keep a few things in mind for these applications:

      Applications CANNOT track profile visits for users who simply go to another person's profile; Facebook has made this technically impossible.

      In order to be tracked by an application, you will need to specifically agree to allow the application to track your actions.

      Adding an application that provides this functionality is purely optional. If you do not want to participate, please do not add the application to your account.

    45. Beck says:



      Hope this answers everyones questions.

    46. Derek says:

      Ive always wanted to meet a girl that admits to having swamp ass.

      Oh, and who cares about this app or whatevr, just make a new profile, get them to accept yuou, and stalk em from there. lol. Old fashioned style.

    47. Tash Love says:


      QUOTE:"how about if you save someone’s picture to your harddrive, is there any way they can find out about that?"

      that is the funniest comment ever! and NOOOO it can't tell that. These apps are not very reliable a friend of mine was on someones stalker list at number one and I know for a fact that he hardly ever goes online and he has been on vacation for the last month with no internet.

      Also you should remember that these apps only work if you Add Them so when you get a notification that Sally has 'Just found out who has been viewing her profile" before you go ahead and "Click here, to see who has been viewing yours" don't do it, coz then you will have to add the application and its free to spread your name around the internet.

      A good friend of mine has just done it and I haven't come in the top ten list… and I comment and look at photos and tag her photos and 'like' most of her stuff…. yet I'm not on her list…. WHY???? because I never was curious enough to add the application in the first place!

    48. Tash Love says:

      Don't add the application in the first place and you won't have any worries!

      And anyone who has already added the application may appear on peoples list but it will be random and you will probably be on a list of someone that you never even look at their facebook profile… its all rubbish.

    49. Mark says:

      "Oh my, those guys I met skanking at the bar at 2am were hot."

      "Ugh, my ex-bf was such a JERK but actually I really think he wasn't that bad so I'll Face-stalk him and speak shit about the girls he talks to IN AN ONLINE ARTICLE AVAILABLE TO THE WORLD even though it's none of my business but secretly I still kinda like him."

      "I'll talk cute about it and make light of my situation by pretending to not be a stalker, even though the truth is my life is superficial and empty and I have to resort to clogging Google search with my shitty life to feel better about myself."

      I stopped reading after a couple of paragraphs.

    50. weird says:

      I dont think viewing your friends profile considered as stalking, unless you added someone you dont know and keep viewing to get to know everything about the person for personal intention.

    51. NTStalker says:

      The application no longer works so there really isn't any point discussing about it, but whoever thought it did not work..hah I have a bad news, it did. The application did say that it protected the creepy kind of stalkers who never interact with you but that's just it… it did not count your views if and only if you never ever interacted with the person you're stalking. I had written on my crushes wall once or twice..like literally, but i used to stalk him daily… and you know what I was number 1 in his stalkers list. it was the most embarrassing thing ever.

    52. Mew says:

      I wish it did show people who only view one's profile, and I wish Facebook would allow such a thing on their site. Recently a crazy woman who I got banned from MySpace for harassment has joined Facebook, and I'd love to know if she's stalking my profile.

    53. techsavvy says:

      This article isnt true at all…it only uses wall posts and comments to create stalker rankings…for reasons most of you can't understand, you can not see how many times you're profile has been visited and neither can they

    54. Facebook Application says:

      Yeh you are right that information on Social networks are not safe at all. We should be care full about posting our personal data on Facebook.

    55. Muhammad Saeed al-Sa says:

      This is amazing. The article is blatantly wrong, and there's no retraction, update, or apology. I'd rather trust the Iraqi Minister of Information or Fox News.

    56. Alan says:

      Applications CANNOT track profile visits for users who simply go to another person's profile; Facebook has made this technically impossible.

      SOURCE: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=840#!/help/?fa

    57. Krystal says:

      alright so can people find out im looking at their page if they are NOT my friend on facebook?!

    58. :) says:

      haha i am sooo happy i found this

      now i know im not the only one who facebook stalks!

      il just have to resist the urge from now on

    59. brans says:

      is there anywhere of knowing if someone has viewed your Profile and they are NOT my FB friend ?

    60. Lilly says:

      honestly do your research! No application in facebook allows people to see who is looking at your profile. That's not allowed in FB because it goes against its policies.

    61. Dionysus says:

      Man screw the app and the creator😛

    62. Hooligan on E says:

      i don't have the application, but i received a notification that said, "(insert name) looks at your profile". im not sure if that person has the application but im positive i dont, yet i was able to see this. i just got the new facebook layout, is that why?

    63. Aditya says:

      yeah..i totally agree with u, it sucks, im shocked when the person who i recently visited often post an app message on my wall, saying that im ranking in #1 with 3 click on her profile..WTF!!! this is wrong…give me my privacy backk…

    64. Becky says:

      OK, this chick got some facts wrong. This was still a pretty entertaining article. How can some of you people even type your outraged comments from way up there on your high horses? Conan was right about you, Internet!

      Oh and "Mark," clearly the writer was using a little thing that most people know about called "humor." Try looking into it. Because I'm willing to bet that most people stop listening to you after a few miserable sentences.

    65. TPQ says:

      I check out peoples Facebook profiles so what? Now if I'm harrassing that person then I'm a stalker. If I'm just browsing people that I don't really know well it's not stalking it's just curiosity. You display yourself on Facebook for the world to see, then that's what you'll get. The world to see!! There are a few women that I like and I go to their profiles.

    66. […] spoken to him ever or laid eyes on him (intentional or not) in years?! Well now, instead of simply stalking you via your Spring Break photo albums, he can just come on down to the beach with his X-ray binoculars […]

    67. chrisc says:

      LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. mailboxarson says:

      calm down people she’s simply writing a funny article about stalking people.. and if you want an article that is facts and one you can complain about dont look for it on “collegecandy.com”
      this article is funny and meant to be

    69. carebearsissy says:

      your so right! I was so shocked when my friend did the stalker app and I found out I was the biggest stalker. Now it's not a secret anymore. Facebook made me a stalker. I wasn't one before

    70. RIKO says:

      What's more disturbing than the article? Some of these comments!

      @TPQ, please don't try to justify what you do as not stalking. Going through random people's profiles that you don't know and looking through them? that's stalking. We all do it, it's not a big deal, it's the internet! But don't try to justify it with bull that it's not stalking. Obviously, it's not in the literal sense…but it's still creepy.

    71. joe says:

      she is hot

    72. Miranda says:

      The more mainstream Facebook has become, the more it becomes just another myspace, breeding ground for virus activity. Think about it, clutter your profile with these bogus applications that ANYONE can program. Causes a a lot of problems. Half the time facebook doesnt work–the newsfeed is usually a day off and pictures NEVER load. But why am I still hooked, WHYYY?!

    73. omgomgomgomg says:

      i just beat my jimmy to the crush of my life. will this program snitch on me???

      oomg omg omgg ohh no ooo god

    74. Silban says:

      What about 6 friend's portrait position on your wall ? ok I'm kinda noobish on fb but as I refresh my profile often I see portraits of my friends changing position, I thought it is totally random but now I supect it has something to do with the regularity people visits your wall, I tend to see more often some of my friends on the up/left corner..

      Am I wrong ? (sorry for my bad english)

    75. smurf says:

      hrm~ and I wanted to stalk this person I know =[ better make a fake account and make friends with her so I can stalk with that!!!

    76. lavahme says:

      Guys, she's not trying to freak people out. Calm down. I stalk people all the time. Hahahaha

    77. Jamie says:

      If they are a friend of one of your friends and I view their images. Can they track me? Is the app even around anymore?

    78. serenitybliss says:

      There are applications like Who loves you today, and Who missed you today and I've tried it, it doesn't have anything to do with the person's activity on your page?

    79. RoseKnows says:

      FB stalking is wonderful. I can sit on my couch and stalk. No dressing in dark clothing and trekking through the darkness. I can stalk while having a nice glass of Melbac and some cheese & crackers. I stalk in my p.j.s, jeans, skorts or…dare I say…naked. If you have joined Facebook, you put it out there for people to see. Lock it and only your "friends" can see it. Who cares anyway? Be honored that people are interested (or bored) enough to look. Worry when no one cares enough to look. Don't do a "reality t.v. show" and then be upset when people watch!

    80. JustMe says:

      Just an FYI, not only is this app fake but it also phishes your account information and will then hack your account and solicits your friends as well.

    81. sick-of-this-bs-sens says:

      This is pure BS! FB has made it virtually impossible for this to work. PERIOD! It is NOT even a real app. Now, there could be a form of this as an app by a third party, but FB does not allow it. Besides, for it to even work, onw would also need to download and allow the app for it to collect data from you. Bottom, it is a hoax. All the fake app does is randomly collect a group of your FB friend names and compile them on a list saying they stalk you. It sends it out too. You can untag yourself from the photo but you will remain on your friend's STUPID list. Now I ask anyone why in the hell they would post their profile and allow ffriends to view this information, then turn around and claim anyone is "stalking" them. What a strong word to use in this instance. Get a clue and stop this senssationalism. FB isn't that great anyway. Wow, you claim any and everyone you ever met in your life as your friend and one can have an astounding number of "friends" (as if you were building the numbers) and be lucky if you even really know 5 of them! Then you go on there and post idiotic things, like "I made yummy muffins for breakfast" and who the hell actually gives a damn? STUPID! You have your sister, your cousin, your parents, etc., all as your friends and then you engage in 'public' conversations with them and take offense if anyone else sees this? Guess what? Your stuff smells as much as the next person's and YOU are no more special than the next person, either! And this goes for celebs too. Who the crap cares if so-and-so is doing such-such-such? It's getting ridiculous.

    82. tati says:

      Completely agree with Liz (Sat, 1st Aug 20094:46 am )

    83. b=rad says:

      who cares if someone looks at your profile anyway. thats what its there for. if you don't want a certain person to see it, all you have to do is block them. you can even control what people can and can't see on your privacy settings, so i don't see what the big deal is.

    84. Ashley says:

      Been stalking on my boyfriends's ex. Damn!!!!! I really want to continue but Mark Zuckerberg wont allow me. Who cares any way. I'll continue stalking on her and if she finds out, she better block me from viewing some of the information she doesn't want me to see. I'm not even her fb friend………Will she find out?

    85. taydial says:

      uh…a guy i havent talked to in like 3 years just left me a message today saying 'hello'…in randomly surfing last night, i clicked on his profile and scrolled thru a couple of his pix before i got bored and went to someone else's profile.

      SO, explain THAT to me. we are 'friends' on facebook, but i dont talk to him and havent seen him in years. it seems a little coincidental that he JUST HAPPENED to leave me a message (something he hasnt done, ever) the day after i visited his profile (something i never do).

    86. Bobbie says:

      you could not have been more right on this one!!!

    87. sara says:

      hey guys…i don't know about this paticular application, but there has to be something like this out..I have heard of many people who have said they looked at peoples profiles many times, and when they did again, the pictures were blocked or a certain album or tagged photos were blocked!

      the same thing happened to me. I was cheecking this girls facebook page, and when I did it a third time, her pics were blocked or "removed". another person's profile i was looking at whole account was blocked where I couldn't even search her or look up her name. I don't know if facebook is doing this to decrease instances of stalking or if there is some sort of application online that makes this possible.

    88. Jesus biotch. says:

      @ Victoria…

      I think you're the most judgmental person in the world. Are you a mormon or something?

      Good GOD! Who the hell made you the "everybody should be as cool and perfect as me" princess?

      Get the stick out of your ass.

      Are you a mormon for reals? You sound like one, I know a lot of them, they're all just as goody-two-shoes-hate-the-rest-of-the-world-cuz-they're-evil-and-wicked…….

      Piss off. The world has no need for people like you. And by the way, you're far from perfect.

      Yeah, so the article could have been researched. So, yadda yadda yadda there could be free money and jobs and food falling from the sky too. People could not use sarcastic humor in articles calling girlfriends of their ex boyfriends sluts too.

      the obvious answer is that we're at the end of the world, and jesus is bout to come back and burn the hell out of everyone, and save a couple of the best I suppose – the few who don't use sarcasm in articles, and probably those who do tons of fucking research before they pound out another article online.


      Jesus F'ing Christ

    89. Blissful stupidity says:

      Wow! I won't lie, there's a girl that left a flirty post on my boyfriends wall and I've been on her like stink on shit. I check her wall to see if he responds for the past couple of days and all of a sudden all the info is gone! Pics, everything except her boring ass interests. It's really creeping me out that they're tracking the trackers! Doubt the author's site is cause for concern, but I wonder about the others… :: strokes imaginary beard::

    90. you are all retarded says:

      …and so am i.

      here lies complete disinformation. the author of this fictional article is a GENIUS! this article likely exists simply to draw attention to itself. this makes the owner of this site a lot of money in ad revenue. each time this page is loaded, the advertisement banners also load. the owner cashes in on this crap and will never take it down. if a retraction was written, it would cease to be a spectacle. you are a bunch of fucking sheep. there is no need to think when you can just stay with the flock. baaaaah! thephoneyshow.com

    91. blahbikca says:

      Get a life you bunch of stalkers, seriously. If there were no facebook and you was to follow people and spy on them you would be comminting a criminal offence. If there was such an app then i would most certainly use it to block any undesirables

    92. Lookup 411 says:

      It seems like you can't do anything online anymore and remain private. Anonymity is a thing of the past. Facebook and Twitter do get more traffic daily than Google, so I guess it is in their best interest to attempt to give their users a little more control over their personal profiles.

    93. calorieman says:

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    94. rr says:

      1st. why would you care who is looking at your profile? You control who you are friends with and FB has the ability to provide limited profiles for individual friends. So why would you be friends with someone you thought was creepy in the first place. I think all those "see who's viewing my profile" fake apps are a load bunk and scam people who desire ego boosts.

      2nd. Facebook doesn't allow it. So relax, that is the whole point of a SOCIAL NETWORK. you and THE PEOPLE YOU CHOOSE i.e. your friends AGREE to SHARE information with each other.

      Below, the following Q&A is taken directly from the FB help page.

      Can I know who’s viewing my profile or how often it’s being viewed?

      No, Facebook does not provide a functionality that enables you to trac…

      No, Facebook does not provide a functionality that enables you to track who is viewing your profile, or parts of your profile, such as your photos. Third party applications also cannot provide this functionality. Applications that claim to give you this ability will be removed from Facebook for violating policy. You can report applications that provide untrustworthy experiences by clicking the "Report Application" at the bottom of the application’s About page, or by clicking "Report" at the bottom of any canvas page within the application.


      Can others know when I view their profiles?

      Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users t…

      Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users to track profile views or statistics on the views of any specific user content. Third party developers, however, may offer applications that provide some of this functionality. Please keep a few things in mind for these applications:

      Applications CANNOT track profile visits for users who simply go to another person's profile; Facebook has made this technically impossible.

      In order to be tracked by an application, you will need to specifically agree to allow the application to track your actions.

      Adding an application that provides this functionality is purely optional. If you do not want to participate, please do not add the application to your account.


    95. Trish says:

      There has to be something. I looked up a contractor I was having problems with. The next day he was a "friend suggestion". Yesterday I was looking at an childhood frenemy's photos – today I'm blocked (could be coincidence).

    96. JR MAfia says:

      Wow this is beyond stupid. They messed with the whole point of facebook…which is to creep on other peoples business! People want you to look at their profiles thats why people have Facebook in the first place! Now people know whos looking and what not…this ruins the concept of facebook. Jeez.

    97. student_forever says:

      cool so a lot of ppl stalk someone or the other…its normal.. glad i found this webpage!thot i was losing it..

    98. creeping_quietly_in_ says:

      i guess ill have to go back to the old fashion way of stalking. sneeking thru the bushes and dodging watch dogs once again!

    99. AlbumFeed says:

      You wouldn't believe it but I've wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You're a lifesaver, it was an excellent read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers,

      PS : Check AlbumFeed – http://apps.facebook.com/albumfeed/
      It shows a feed of all the pictures that your friends uploading to Facebook…

    100. Rachael says:

      I think this is stupid. who cares who viewing whos profile. if they aint bothering u, then whats the f****n deal. abviously if your so concerned about whos looking at ur profile, u must have some kinda issues of ur own. this is stupid and pointless and it shouldnt even be talked about.if your being harassed then yall can say something like drake said. stop being so jugdemental about people who looks at somebody's profile cuz it aint right. if u feel like looking at your ex's profile then do it cuz obviously u love them and u just checkin up on them. now if they block you just for checkin up on them every now and then, they the ones with the problem and they need to just go ahead and delete their account. wit they bitch asses!

    101. Rachael says:

      s**t like this jus pisses me off im sorry.cuz i feel like im being treated like a stalker everytime i go and look at somebody's profile. even if its just one time. nobody deserves to be treated like that and im pretty sure everyone will agree with that cuz i look profiles of people that i care abut every now and then but they wanna be assholes about it so….thats all i got to say bout that.da s**t is a hacker anyway!

    102. Facebook layouts says:

      A facebook stalker (noun) – An individual who secretly looks up people on facebook, going through albums, comments and personal information to piece together a picture of this person.Report it to Facebook. MySpace has an option to report fake profiles and I'm sure Facebook must have one also.

    103. Dave says:

      I'm fucked.

    104. Sshh... says:

      …we're all fucked, Dave. We're all fucked.

    105. willsy says:

      it hurts wen i c wot my ex is up 2, so i dont luk at her profile. move on wiv ya fukin life simplez

    106. heartquake says:

      i hate when you have to "like" an app to use it.

      who knows if I will actually like it before trying it??

      definitely not trying this out….and having "stalker check" show up in my profile, haha.

    107. […] finding out which of your long lost high school peers has gotten knocked up – if you want to keep your creeping under wraps, remember these few things when you go on a stalking […]

    108. sam says:

      gusse it's nice

    109. Kreepin' Ain&#0 says:

      Here is some facebook "kreepin'" at it's finest….

      1. Min says:

        No, no. THIS IS..

    110. August says:


      My heart is beating pretty fast and I'm starting to get short of breath. I'm so confused right now am I safe or what? What I heard was there is a good chance that these people i've been stalking on facebook regularly may know about it!?!?!?! Someone said this article is wrong another person is saying that's only if you click on something. I'm on their profile looking at their pictures and everything. Someone please tell me this isn't so. This is a life and death situation!! Don't Screw around with me!!

      1. sophie says:

        this is true :)) but I think not too many ppl know about this..:)

    111. Anonymous says:

      People, let's just clear this up right now.

      If you would just read the Facebook's Help section, you'd find out quite easily that it is TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to track profile clicks, visits, whatever you like to call it.

      For the lazy, here's a link:

      In simple words, Facebook has coded the site in such a way that tracking is not even possible. The only people that can see user statistics or anything remotely similar is the people that work for Facebook. THAT'S IT. You will NEVER see an app or service that is designed to show users statistics like these. Quite frankly, this Stalker Checker or whatever is a load of crap.:)

    112. Jacklyn says:


      Im screwed..feel like shit ha

    113. Col says:

      I am a bit worried. There are a few people I have deleted off of my facebook friends list, but their profiles werent set to private. I have been looking at them and slowly, one by one, they are becoming private. It's like they can tell I am looking.

      And everytime I find someone new to 'stalk' in a few days they have changed their profile to private too. I swear they can tell somehow… How does this keep happening?

      1. toy says:


      2. Harinni Lati says:

        exactly..!! tht's hpng with me toooo..:P lol..i don want them to make it private as i cant enjoy their stupid updates…:P

    114. Sexy Kitten says:

      Mine too I'm so parinoid and there are some people that deleated me off my friends list that are friends with the person I've been viewing

    115. fffafa says:

      Guys, its all easy, just make a new account randomize name photo (dont even need one) and info, than add the friends you wanna stalk then ahve fun. for peeps that wanna carry on stalking

    116. julie baxter says:

      i am really worried now as i regularly go on my friends profile and look at pictures when im bored, does this class me as a stalker?

      1. Siah says:

        Julie, No it doesn't classify you as a Stalker. People post these things on Facebook FOR you to look. But at the same time, I don't even believe these apps are legit nor will they ever be. Who really wants to be a Facebook Member, if every single move you make and thing you do is noted and notified?!!

    117. @amclellan says:

      Don't post bullshit things like this until you know what you're talking about. Facebook would lose half its users if people could see who's looking at them. It will NEVER happen. Ever.

    118. Doortheshut says:

      Seems to me that facebook IS all about voyeurism ,
      read this from wikiwotsit
      In clinical psychology, voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other activity usually considered to be of a private nature.[1][2] In popular imagination the term is used in a more general sense to refer to someone who habitually observes others without their knowledge, with no necessary implication of sexual interest.
      Voyeurism (from the French voyeur, “one who looks”) can take several forms, but its principal characteristic is that the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of their interest, who is often unaware of being observed.
      Now I’m going to look up a good term for people who obsessively post on sites like this! The most important thing about all this is people(us) are losing the humaness of interaction and sitting isolated on our laptops,blackberries,iPhones blah blah blah and ignoring the real world! So I’m going to put down my iPhone and go and have breakfast and maybe have a converstion,remember that quaint old practice

    119. oniadeolu says:

      Are you sure about this stuff I need 2 no oo

    120. BWD says:

      Well, that is why you add people to your list – so you can look at what's going on with them – it's the whole f$@king pint, isn't it?

    121. […] Are you a Facebook stalker? your secret isn’t safe anymore! – College Candy […]

    122. @ppitrick says:

      glad i'm safe to stalk _

    123. Rania says:

      Great article! It's insane how facebook stalking has become so acceptable and widespread! http://blog.hudsonhorizons.com/Article/Facebook-S

    124. Tony says:

      The stalker check app was short lived, I would like to know if someone is stalking my facebook account but it's a violation of that person's privacy.

    125. Tony says:

      It seems to me that most of these tools do not work very well.

    126. CRCoffin88Redo says:

      I'm a Facebook stalker, and nothing bad's ever happened to me.

    127. sorrytostalk says:

      There HAS to be a way because I was viewing this guys Public profile for about a month. Never typed one word just looked at his cute picture. He didnt know me. No one knew I was checking him out but the man upstairs! got scared about this tracking stuff. Made a fake account up. Never Looked At any OTHEr profile or typed a word off that. all of a sudden my fake account got pulled immediately from facebook with no warning. He had blocked BOTH of my accounts. No this cause I could get him off my bros. waiting to go to jail! I know he knows. He has to!

    128. Lindsey says:

      I know its called "Stalking" but I'm pretty sure its just curiousity. We are curious by nature. Of course we want to know who our high school boyfriend is dating, or who our enemy married.. Its just normal curiousity. We don't want to ADD these peious .ll cu rio us.ll curious.

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