How Many Drinks Can You Handle?


How many times have you been hunched over a toilet bowl/garbage can/bush after a night of drinking, promising God that if he lets you live through the night you will never drink again? Obviously, if it’s more than once, you are a big fat liar. But that’s not the point.

The point is that you went a little too far with the shots and now you are teetering on death. Or so you think.

Imagine a life where you wouldn’t have to have that convo with the big guy upstairs. A life where you knew just how much you could drink and still live to see another day. A life where, sure, you may barf up that Dominos Cheesy Bread you just ate, but at least you wouldn’t fear that regurgitated mess would be the last thing you’d ever see.

Well, it’s here. Just type in your stats and find your RIP limit.

I don’t recommend using this tool for real (especially if, like me, it says you can drink 17 shots of vodka and continue breathing…and you’re usually barfing after 6), but it is a fun game to play. How many mimosas can you have before a football game? Can you truly survive a Century Club? Can you really keep up with your boyf?

Find out and share your results here. I’d like to find other girl who can pound 28 Amstel Lights and still make it to class the next day. And make her my BFF.



    1. J says:

      This scares me. I really hope people don't try to test their limit. Stay away from that number.

    2. Candie says:

      Apparently it'll only take 14 beers to kill me. Thought I was more resilient than that😛

    3. chellechelle says:

      not true. back in the day i reached that limit (i think) it said 13 shots of vodka would kill me. or maybe i was lucky that is scary though. i def don't drink like that anymore. btw that was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE night. no one should ever drink that much.. EVER :O

    4. Jess says:

      No way I could drink 17 shots of tequila. I had 7 shots of tequila last week and a few screwdrivers and I couldn't keep it down. Yuck, never doing that again.

    5. Beverly says:

      It would take 8 screwdrivers to kill me apparently…That sounds about right haha

    6. Rebekah says:

      18 White Russians would kill me..

    7. Rebekah says:

      It would take 291 bottles of Clausthaler to kill me..

    8. Kelly says:

      What the hell is this shit talking about? I hope all of you girls are over 21!!!! That would mean that you would all be juniors or seniors in college. If not, you should be ashamed of yourselves for underage drinking. How embarrassing for your parents to have spent so much time trying their best to raise you right, only to see their daughters become alcoholics. They must be embarrassed to still claim you as their daughter. If you aren't 21, YOU SHOULDN'T BE DRINKING YOU LOW LIFE SCUM!!!!

      1. fuckkelly says:


      2. Danni says:

        You are aware people from other countries visit this website, right?

    9. Jess says:

      Geez, someone get Kelly a drink.

    10. Darwin says:

      Yeah, Kelly has to calm down. There’s underage drinking, it’s all over. Bad choices will be made and lessons will be learned. It doesn’t mean people will become alcoholics.

      About the site, it doesn’t really account for the time it takes you to drink that much and your tolerance. However, if you’re having that many drinks, you should be at least puking or something. Hopefully that tells you to stop drinking so you don’t die.

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    12. Lauren - University of Michigan says:

      “Geez, someone get Kelly a drink.” That is hilarious.

    13. Kristina says:

      Who said nobody on here was 21, anyway? Calm yourself

    14. molly says:

      "only to see their daughters become alcoholics."

      ppsssssstt…..Kelly….people over 21 can still be alcoholics. I know, it's shocking, but the law does not dictate chemical dependence….effing crazy!

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    18. Lily says:

      Also, 21 isn't a global drinking age…

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    20. rob says:

      it says 17 shots of rum would kill me but keep in mind that this is in a three hour period where as in an average night of drinking lasts me about 6 to 8 hours usually consisting of about 20 drinks give or take. I am only 17 but my family is french so they do not look down on it. i am nodody daughter though only someones son.

    21. Terry says:

      The other night i had 17 shots of Ketel One vodka 4 shots of Everclear and 5 beers…and i threw up but I was fucked out of my mind lol

    22. Ashley says:

      I am a girl. 17 shots, 1 vodka, 7 JD and 9 Sambuca ( black and white). NO HANGOVER, NO VOMIT. and i was still walking, having fun, maybe a bit slurred but not too bad:)

      is that good?

      1. John says:

        You're a liar.

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