WTF Friday: It’s a Freaking Candy Bra!

What the eff is this? Why would someone make this video? Why would this guy make this video?
And why can’t I get this song out of my head?

Don’t you just love it?



  1. Sarabeth - Universit says:

    My mom bought this for my sister for her lingere shower. I have such a classy family.

  2. Krista says:

    ahaha I totally saw a candy bikini set when I was at the beach one time, on a mannequin thank god. And that video is disturbing.

  3. Ava says:

    That poor cat.

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  5. callahan says:

    omg I really wish I didnt see this. scarred for life… and yet, I couldn't stop watching

  6. Magali says:

    That would make a good punk Valentine's Day gift.

  7. Sarah says:

    Ahhh, that video was so disturbing!

    I actually got one of these bras at my bachelorette party but I never used it because I hate being sticky. It seems like it would make a mess…

  8. maria grafs says:

    Cool Women. But how should a hot man open this freaking bra??

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