WTF: PETA Hates Fat People


Because the best way to align people to your cause is by totally alienating a large portion of the population.
Eff you, PETA.
I’m going to eat a big, juicy burger just to spite you.



    1. Hailey says:

      yummm steak

    2. Casey says:

      Ha! and I thought they couldn't give themselves a worse name.

    3. Hailey says:

      you can be a vegetarian and eat chips alllllll day long

    4. A.C. says:

      I know a vegan who eats junk food, albeit vegan junk food, all the time. Better life choices? Not so much.

    5. mary says:

      Can any of you honestly say you`ve met a fat vegetarian

      and you know eating burgers is bad for your body and the environment..in excess

      i mean i don`t agree with all of PETA`s campaigns but you have to agree that limiting your red meat is good for your heart and the environment!

    6. Since you asked... says:

      Here I am, a fat vegetarian. I'd like to reiterate the fact that a shit-ton of junk food is vegetarian – here is a list made up by PETA of "accidentally vegan" crap: http://www.peta.org/accidentallyVegan/

      Also, some people choose death-free eating for moral reasons, not health ones.

    7. Casey says:

      Mary, there are plenty of fat vegetarians. Just because someone's a vegetarian doesn't mean they eat healthy, it just means they don't eat meat (which by the way is certainly not the worst thing you can put in your body). Plus studies show that vegetarians are more likely to develop an eating disorder, which is just as bad if not worse for you than obesity. Of course burgers are bad for you, if you eat them every day, but as a once in a while meal, no way!

      I agree with the author, insulting people is no way to get anyone to listen to you.

    8. Kelly says:

      Yes I have, Mary. Prince Fielder plays first base for the Milwaukee Brewers, is a vegetarian, and is verrryyy overweight.

    9. Casey says:

      Oh and just to clarify, (I just re-read my comment) That last statement was not aimed at you Mary, sorry if it came off that way. I was talking about PETA.

    10. Gwenivere says:

      Mary, there are TONS of fat Vegetarians. Plenty of junk food is Vegetarian. Being a fat Vegan is harder, but there are still some fat Vegans out there. Many Vegetarians are Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians and that means they will still eat dairy and eggs, just not living animals.

    11. emma says:

      how many fat vegans have you honestly met though? in fact, doesn't everyone always stereotype vegans as pale & terribly thin? in the long run peta would prefer everyone to be vegan, not just vegetarian, but a lot of people think they could never be vegan, so advertising vegetarianism instead because it's more realistic is their way of attempting to slowly get people to go vegan.

    12. Nikki says:

      Yeah really, great way to get people to join the cause! Gotta love stereotypes! Chicken=great source of protein and I EAT RED MEAT AT LEST 3 TIMES A WEEK!!


      stupid vegetarians!

    13. Megan says:

      I don't see what is wrong with this billboard. Fat people shouldn't be allowed on the Earth. All they do is take up space, breathe too much air, and are disgusting to look at. They provide nothing of value to society and society as a whole, would be better off without them taking up space here on Earth. Just round up all the fat people and take them out in planes over the ocean. Then, open the door and throw them out. You would really have to make sure that you are over the middle of the ocean though. Because, if you miscalculated where you were and threw them out over land, their impact would likely be worse than a 100000 mile wide comet hitting the Earth.

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    15. criolle says:

      Hitler was vegetarian.

    16. Rachel says:

      This is really just touting what anorexics have known for years. If you tell somebody you can't eat over and over again, people start to get suspicious. But if you tell somebody you're vegetarian, nobody questions why you've gone four straight days eating nothing but rice cakes and lemons.

    17. bri says:

      megan, you're an idiot.

    18. Megan says:

      bri- Get your fat ass on a treadmill you disgusting pig and maybe you would actually agree with my correct statement. Nobody is forcing you to stuff your fat face with 15 big macs everyday. That is your own fault. Put down the super size bags of cheetos and go wash the cheeto crumbs off your fingers who filthy animal. Now, get out of my sight loser.

    19. Claire says:

      lolz @ angry Megan

    20. Sarah says:

      Megan you're a jerk and a moron. You have no right to judge others on their weight. Just because someone is overweight does not mean they overeat. There are plenty of medical issues for weight problems. And some people are just naturally bigger like some are naturally smaller. Fat-shaming is so awful and make you look like a horrible person. And EVERYONE is valuable as a person – being thin does not make anyone more valuable than anyone else.

    21. Megan says:

      Sarah- You're joking right? Nobody can say with a straight face that fat people are as important to society as skinny people. Don't kid yourself. Who the hell likes fat people besides when people need someone to make fun of? Since you must be fat, just stop stuffing your face and your turkey neck so much and get on a treadmill for a day or 2 straight. That should help you approach the weight of a human and not a dump truck.

    22. tara says:

      God do i hate this origanzation with a passion.

    23. Slim Jim says:

      Fuck PETA and fuck Megan.

    24. omar herrera says:

      MEGAN I feel your sentiments deep in my soul, but my feelings are centered towards ignorant,degenerate,wastes of existence like yourself. I hope a fat person eats you, digests you, then put you back out to the world in your true form A PIECE OF SHIT.

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    26. Angel says:

      LOL! I'm vegetarian, and agree with a lot of PETA's policies, but this is just mean. This add could've been nicer if they wanted to tell people to eat healthy and lose weight, all the while saving the animals.

    27. Angel says:

      PS: this "Megan" person sounds like an uneducated airhead.

    28. Casey says:

      Ha ha Omar! That was awesome!

    29. oobunillaoo says:

      it's such a disappointment to see grown women speaking to eachother this way.

      we are all free to eat and look how we choose.

      jesus, like lord of the flies up in here.

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    31. Heather says:


      Just felt the strong urge to add that. Please don't associate all vegans with those lunatics.

    32. Maria says:

      I've been a vegetarian for 2 years and I have actually gained weight since becoming one.

      So screw you, PETA.

    33. Ann says:

      Definitely call bullshit on this campaign (besides the obvious reasons to hate PETA). Of course vegans and vegetarians can still eat poorly. My brother has been a vegan for years and is on the chunky side. My sister-in-law says she weighed the most when she was vegetarian. But then my friend is vegetarian and is in great shape and my boss is in great shape and needs the high protein from meat for her running…Basically that was a long way of saying this campaign is idiotic. P.S. I am guessing that Megan is just trolling

    34. sauerkraut says:

      Megan my dear, I have a fat ass and I'd be more than happy to park in on your face. btw, I am a member of PETA.

      People Eating Tasty Animals and People Educating Trashy Assholes.

    35. Megan says:

      You people are idiots!!!! Fat people aren't worthy of living on Earth. They chose to eat 10 pizzas and to get fat. Nobody forced them to do that. That is their own fault. Don't make excuses for those wastes of life. They disgust everyone in the world. They can't even bathe properly because of all of their fat rolls so they smell like shit. People shouldn't have to carry noseplugs in their pocket so that when they pass fat losers in the street they have to put them on so they don't die from the stench.

    36. Amelia says:

      I am so laughing at Megan. I'm fat (well, not that fat but I am on the chubby side) and it's not because of eating. I have been eating healthy food ever since I left my mom's womb. I have exercised since I can walk. I am fat because of my genes – my ancestors were short, chubby people. I am fat because of an illness. I have never stuffed my face with crisps or burgers (they're so disgusting – they're often too fat). I am still fat. I do, however, contribute to society – I make money, I listen to other people's problems and I generally make people feel good. And I feel pretty good about myself as well. I'm sorry Megan, for laughing at you, but I'm just feeling so sorry for you being so superficial. On the other hand, you have a point that people who are fat because of stuffing their face should probably act differently. But I feel strongly that people should make that up for themselves, and not have some snotty troll decide that certain people shouldn't exist. There were some particularly scary people in history who had the same idea but about different people. So I advise you to concentrate on your own anorexia and leave us fat people alone – just so you won't have to deal with us😉


      Peta's just being mean, but hey; I've never heard anything positive coming from them. So… there.

    37. Marcy says:

      i'm sorry, but I agree with peta. i'm an animal lover, I dont eat meat, to me its gross. And fat people are also gross.

    38. Marcy says:

      see, this ad only angers you if you are not thin or if you are not a vegetarian. but we all have to agree this is quite funny. i'm thin and a vegetarian so guess what…..HAHAHAHA.

    39. Marcy says:

      and to megen, btw what about a person that was born with the condition of being obeses and excersise and eating right never helping it. btw fat ppl are gross when all they do is complain and envy you for being skinny. but ppl like that fat or skinny are gross in general. and also fat ppl with bad hygeine is a problem. but….megen your stupid. you must be starving yourself right now. this add was halerious btw, and i dont think its mean bc if you are overwieght you know the reason why and peta is just saying you can lose weight with changing your diet just a little sort of like weight watchers and the atkins diet and what not. its just giving you an option. plus some ppl that are overweight should remain that way bc thats how they are like gabriel iglesias, he wouldnt be as funny if he were thin.

    40. V says:

      I'm veg, an animal lover and all for the humane treatment of animals. But I cannot support PETA because they are such douchebags, I don't agree with their often sexist campaigns, their rampant use of celebrities hardly gives them credibility, their propensity to exploit shock tactics comes across as clockwork orange style brain washing rather than legitimate political action. All in all the organisation comes across as being made up of unbalanced fanatics. I would much rather support an organisation which endorses a balanced, systematic method of dialog and education.

      Use of animal products has always been a feature of human societies, I believe that global capitalism and mass production has rendered it extremely problematic to continue to treat animals as "products". However I don't think people who eat meat or where leather shoes are disgusting, cruel, murderers or "whales" and I don't think that attacking people over a difference of opinion (especially one which is so historically and anthropologically engrained)is a good way to go about resolving this issue.

    41. Brittany says:

      Im Lmao. This is freaking hilarious. I agree with the junk food thing…but seriously…where in the hell do they come up with this stuff. Proteins good for you….it helps you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism…duhhhh.

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    45. terrorbird says:

      Tell PETA to go and TAKE A HIKE i mean those pathetic fools who donate to PETA thinking their helping animals but instead end up paying for rediclous billboards

    46. AshleyLauren says:

      So honestly I'm a member of PETA, but just because of the good work they do in helping animals…not everyone who is a member of PETA thinks like this…I disagree with a lot of things they do, like this billboard. I have no problem with people who are overweight, and I don't push my beliefs on other people. If they ask me about being a vegetarian, then yes, I will give an honest answer. But I'm not trying to convert anyone, and I don't look down on people who eat meat.

    47. Steve says:

      i believe there is a place for all of God's creatures….right between my mashed potatos and greenbeans! go vegetarian? i think NOT!!!

    48. Catherine says:

      Megan!!!! you insecure nonmoralled child. You dont have the right to say fat peole dont desire to live? they are not much different from you you insulting peice of worthless shit. They are inscure-they eat. You are insecure- you insult. You need to get a fucking grip girl! and stop being such a worthless fucking bitchy whore.

      I've been a vegetarian since i was 5, im average weight and dont protest and force it on people, because that just as bad as a meat eating saying yummy meat to fuck you off, its pathetic lol it just just makes me lose respect for them, as i wouldlt abuse them for their lifestyle choices.

    49. Dezsuicide says:

      Its retarded..next theyll say that meat makes you a homosexual because its "meat"😉

      just wait and see

    50. Crittle says:

      Are you kidding me? A lot of vegans eat nothing but processed foods, with the meat replacers and fake cheese. Its disgusting, PETA are a bunch of animal killing hypocrites.

    51. whitney says:

      I actually lost a lot of weight when i switched to a vegetarian diet and it gave me a lot more energy. Americans eat MUCH more meat than they need to

      (it's been proven), especially meat that is packed with steroids and growth hormones. That's why a huge portion of our population is fat. Sticking up for fat people is like sticking up for smokers. When you fight for their rights to not be called fat, you're giving them another reason to NOT put down their greasy mcdonalds cheeseburger and forget all about the treadmill. Keep telling them that it's okay to be overweight if you really want, it's not like their killing themselves😉

      Props to Peta for recognizing that.

    52. whitney says:

      Rachel- Vegetarians who eat right are shown to be a lot healthier than meat eaters. Not all vegetarians eat nothing but rice cakes and lemons. Get your facts straight, and stop being jealous of people who are thin and healthy.

    53. Casey says:

      I eat meat, and I'm still thin and healthy.

      I don't think it's ok to be overweight. I think fat people are gross, but you know what, it's not my life it's theirs, and despite their poor decisions NO ONE should have the right to make someone feel bad about themselves, including an organization like PETA.

      Is it ok to be Obese? No, it's not healthy, raises everyone's health insurance costs and is just flat out gross (not people who have disorders, they can't help it, but people wouldn't look down on them either if there weren't so many obese people who shouldn't be)

      BUT is it EVER ok to make someone feel bad about themselves? NO! And PETA is just as bad as the obese "whales" that they are making fun of. Fat people are a problem, but rude ignorant people are just as much so, if not worse.

      You can eat meat and be healthy anyone who says otherwise is just ignorant and opinionated. The emphasis shouldn't be on becoming "vegetarian", but becoming "healthy" and that can be done in more ways than cutting out meat.

      And Whitney, grow up! Just because someone puts down vegetarians doesn't mean they are fat. Vegetarians are not the only skinny people in the world and you putting Rachel down is no better then her putting down vegetarianism.

    54. andy says:

      ok first of all im in very good shape megan i run and bike and workout twice daily, basically very healthy but i really dont feel the need to bash people that will never see me or know who i really am on a website. i also have more class and mental capacity than to say that a whole group of people should be dead because of the way they look, no its not amazing to look at but neither is a person (this one is aimed at you in case you couldnt figure it out on your own) who eats a meal a week then runs and throws it up to try and look good in a twelve year olds outfit from baby gap so give up on your little power trip on fat people….i hope someone you really care about gets huge and people make fun of them all them time and they come looking for you for support

    55. Megan says:

      andy- Stop the bullshit. Please. I am getting sick. How can you say fat people are as important or worth the same as skinny people? The only thing that fat people are more important than skinny people at is that they can be used as target practice for the military, and can be used as human shields on the battle field since their lives don't mean jackshit. Other than that, they are completely worthless to society. They look like shit, smell like shit, and eat their own shit, they are so fat.

    56. andy says:

      you idiot im a marine on deployment right now

    57. Yvonne says:

      Skinny people would be the better targets, I mean, they're smaller right? So it would be more challenging? And you'd be the first on anyone's list, Megan. Hope you like lead!

    58. Crystal says:

      Dear Megan,

      I find it very sad that your self-esteem is so low that you feel the desperate need to improve it by insulting other people who have done nothing to you whatsoever. You are a sad little person and it must really be very lonely to live in your little materialistic, prideful world where no one is worth a damn on this Earth if they are not skeletal and starving to death like you. I feel incredible pity for you because somebody must have said or done something to you in your life that was so horrible that it made you feel the need to lash out against people you don't even know in order to make yourself feel better. But there is a cure for you, my dear and it is thus: stop being an egotistical, selfish, and prideful bitch. It's that simple. Do that and you may come to find that people's opinion of you will change; that is unless you have done so much damage to your reputation already that it is beyond repair. Which, honestly, wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    59. andy says:

      there is another cure its called a 45.

    60. Isabella says:

      A brief summary of the comments:



      What the hell, people? What the hell?

    61. michelle says:

      hahaha omg Megan your comments made me laugh so hard.

      and i love the save the whales ad its kind of funny. some people really need to get healthier.

    62. neosildrake says:

      I had to smile at the poster first. PETA went a bit overboard with it thouh, You want to have people eat healthy or become vegetarians, you don’t do it by insulting them.

      Well, I’m all for healthy eating and respecting animals, but going vegetarian or even vegan? … not likely. I like my steak and turkey and salmon and eggs and REAL cheese and yoghurt and milk. That doesn’t mean I eat 20 Burgers every day. Actually I haven’t had a stop at a Fast Food Restaurant for about 10 years.

      I’m a little bit overweight, but my Doc says I’m as healthy as I can be, except for my thyroid gland, but that runs in the family. I also admit that I have not eaten very healthy as a child. It’s hard to rectify that as an adult, but I work and do sport (swimming 3 times a weak) and limit my kcals to a 2000 max a day. Slowly, slowly it’s taking effect. Still, I’ll probably never be as thin as Kate Moss and I really really don’t want to be anyway. What really gives me and many other people boosts in morale and to keep going is support not insult.

      I don’t think people really WANT to live or eat unhealthy. Most people simply do not know or are too frustrated by whatever the current science says (which often contradicts the one from last year). In a land where XXXL portions seem to have become standart and the smallest portion is still twice as much as it needs to be, people have forgotten how much is neccessary.

      And while eating rice crakers or low fat diet products every day isn’t the solution, eating Pizza, Burger and fries dayly isn’t either. We have to re-learn healthy eating habits, even if the industry makes it hard for us. t’s all about balance and how you feel. If you feel good and happy, then fine. If you’re not happy with yourself, change.

      to Megan, Marcy and co.:

      It’s sad that you are so intolerant towards other people, but people like you exist and will exist – unfortunatelly – everywhere. There are the ones who differ between races and skin color, those that base their acceptance of people on religion and those that turn their face only towards money.
      Intollerance is one of the main reasons for war, destruction, terrorism – may it be religious, economical or ecological. I’m not a religious person, but even I abide to: You reap what you sow. If you are intollerant, ignorant and rude to others, people will be not very welcoming towards you.

      Like criolle said: Hitler was a vegetarian. Do we all hate and despise vegetarians because of that? No. Only because one overweight person ate your last cookie doesn’t mean that all of them are only around to annoy you – even thouh you would deserve it.

      Sry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, english isn’t my native language.

    63. ScottyD says:

      I'm overwweight because I drink too much beer. I drink too much beer so that I can get a plumpy long enough to stick it down the throad of an ugly bitches throat like Megan; which everyone should appreciate because it's the only reason her stupid ass is taking a break from her trolling exercise here. Clearly she too is fat or extremely ugly.

      If there wasn't beer, there'd be a lot less people like Megan getting split in a grudge-fuck. But then again, there'd be a lot less overweight people. Then Megan would only be allowed to rant about never getting her hatchet wound boinked by anything outside of what she bought at a sex shop.

      Megan – hope you die a painful death of a chubby with a chubby screwing you so hard that if anyone pulled him out, they would then prounounce him King of England.

      Scuh a bitch face, you are.


    64. den den says:

      i don't see anything wrong with the ad. fat is gross and going vegan and being TRUELY healthy is an amazing way to NOT be fat.

    65. Так мило, но так банально…:)

    66. ShaeShae says:

      As far as overweight vegetarians, this is not impossible. I have seen my fair share; I just so happen to work with one. It's all about food choices, calorie intake and the amount of exercise.

    67. priya says:

      I am an obese vegetarian… trust me, it really isn’t that hard.

    68. Patrick Bacon says:

      Where were these cowards when my dogs were getting banned here in Ontario? For shame.

    69. egg & 2 strips o says:

      hopefully megan succumbed to anorexia and her skeleton is now hanging up in a health or science class somewhere.

    70. sks says:

      Is this ad real? I looks likes it's photoshopped onto a stock photo of a billboard.

    71. wangli123 says:

      This article has inspired me to begin writing on things similar to what you have here. I hope you continue to work on things like this. It’s a big help.

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    72. Sainaa says:

      While vegetarianism may be the route for some Jews, it is my opioinn that it is not the route for most Jews, even for those of us who keep kosher. What is needed is a return to compassionate shkitah (slaughter) for those who choose to eat meat on occasion. In the old days we did not buy our kosher meat in the grocery story. We had a local butcher whose method of slaughter was well known to all who bought from him. If he cleaned his knife blade with his tears, so much the better. When he said the prayers that allowed him to perform the slaughter, we knew he did so with the proper khavannah. Today, the animals are killed by people who do not care about the suffering of the animal and how they can minimize it. Their prayers are but mere formality. Their inspections of the carcass are effected by whether the number of non-kosher carcasses will cause them a loss of profit.We need to get back to a more localized shokkteem who will honor the animal for giving its life for our needs and away from these bottom line, profit based ethics.

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