Knock, Knock…Who’s There? Sexual Interruptions

do-not-disturbYou finally made it over to the bed. His shirt is off, your underwear is soaring across the room. The lights are dim. The bed is quickly being destroyed. Lips are locked and you’re ready for sexy time. And then you hear the tap, tap, tap at the door.

Ah, interruptions during sex.

Everyone hates it, but in college, it seems unavoidable.  Maybe college students just don’t have the decorum to realize that if the door is shut, locked, and the person inside is yelling and pleading for you to go away, you should just walk away. Or perhaps since most college students are used to sharing everything from computer labs to showers, they think trying to walk in on their roommates sexy time is a-ok.

Seriously, whenever my boyfriend and I are trying to have some alone time, one of his three idiot roommates ruins the moment. It is usually like clockwork. If one of them isn’t sliding pennies under the door (yes, this happens. It’s strange, I know) to get my boyfriend’s attention, it is his annoyingly pompous roommate knocking to “inquire” about a bill. Oh, and my personal favorite is when they need to borrow my boyfriend’s stapler. It’s 1am on a Saturday, why the hell do you need a stapler?

If we wanted them to join, I’m sure we would leave the door open. But we don’t. And I don’t get it. If we just said goodnight twenty minutes ago, why are you sliding pennies under the door? What is it that makes people so oblivious to the need of alone time with a significant other? Maybe human beings secretly enjoy ruining the moment for someone; a little satisfaction knowing that a simple interruption can make a couple lose the desire for the moment. Or maybe that need for the stapler really is that imperative.

We’ve tried everything: Post-it notes that read “Do not disturb,” even a hammer on the door signifying that “hammer time” (as one of his roommates calls it) is happening. Seriously, what more can you do when you’re duct-taping a hammer to the door in hopes that you will be left alone for a couple hours?

I’ve heard that some people just leave the door unlocked and open, in hopes that the noises and the action going on will defer any interrupters, but does it have to be that extreme to have some intimacy in college? It seems like getting rid of privacy is the only way to get rid of the incorrigible intruders, but since sex is something that should be private it seems like the boundaries are truly being crossed.

Those times when interruptions don’t happen, well … those are times to be relished, but they really are few and far in between.

I know I’m not the only one with knocks coming from the other side of the door. So, what is the most awkward or persistent sexual interruption you have experienced? And what is the best way to stop the nonsense behind the door?



    1. Matthew says:

      It really is ridiculous. Honestly, I only close my door for two reasons. I'm either jacking it or sleeping and it is that simple. Every other time I have my door wide open. Why is it that when the door finally closes, everyone comes a knocking. There is no solution, people will overlook any door signs for shits and giggles. Here is one way I'm going to try next time. Open the door, member flapping, and inquire why they are inquiring. Maybe holding a whip or a feather wearing a leather mask, zipper unzipped, or perhaps a baby diaper and rattler.

    2. Jay says:

      This is absolutely hilarious and so true. I was fortunate enough to not have a roommate but there were other girls in my suite. 3 out of 4 times someone would knock on the door, quietly at first and then persistently louder. When that or me saying that i was "busy" didn't work…the conversations outside my door would start. Hearing about being someone else's cycle while in the act…definitely a mood killer.

    3. Casey says:

      Maybe the roommates just don't want to hear you two going at it. If you're the slightest bit loud, or the roomies just feel awkward knowing someone is fucking in the next room then that is probably the most likely scenario. They think to themselves "oh god! they just went to bed! In about ten minutes were going to have to hear them fucking, what can I do to put a stop to this?"

      I'm so thankful that my boyfriends friends don't do this when they stay the night, (but then again, it's OUR apartment)

    4. The first time I had ever experimented with oral (while the house was empty and the my bedroom door AND the front door were locked) in the middle of the act I heard *knock knock* "Auntieeee" at my bedroom door. Yeah, my sister decided to come over, and sent her 3 year old upstairs to get me.

      NOT COOL.

    5. Maline says:

      You better be using protection!!!! Why the hell are you already an aunt? How the hell does that even happen to a girl still in college? I hope you are on birth control and use condoms.

    6. Alex says:

      Maline, I am an aunt to two nieces and a nephew and I'll have another niece/nephew in October. I'm only 20, but the oldest of my nieces and nephews will be six in November. My youngest sister is 18, my oldest is almost 33. I don't see how it's so impossible for Ness to be an aunt and her sister to be of a reasonable age to have a three year old.

    7. Courtney says:

      Does Maline understand the concept of being an aunt, eg. you don't actually conceive/give birth to that child yourself, your sibling does? She seems a bit confused…

    8. Christina says:

      Oh my gosh, this reminds me of me and my boyfriend freshman year at university. We were fooling around/tops off and we hear *knock knock* My boyfriend asks who it is and it turns out his roommate. My bf asks him to come back later but his roommate demands that it's seriously urgent! Again, he says to wait like 5 minutes…please? And his roommate is like oh…well no problem! Just have her wait under the covers! My boyfriend agrees and I have to dart under the covers while his roommate comes in. To make matters worse, they start having a conversation and his roommate jokes that it might not even be me under the blanket D:

    9. Candie says:

      My boyfriend had an apartment-style dorm last year and their doors didnt have locks (outrageous, i know!) so we had no choice but to subtly leave hints to his roommates that we were going to be busy and didn't want to be interrupted. Thankfully the were very considerate, except for one time when his friend WALKED IN while we were having sex. Lucky for me all he saw was my boyfriend's ass😐

    10. My sister is 10 years older than me, Maline. She's also married.

      And last time I checked, you can't get pregnant from oral. Thanks for the concern, though…

    11. Erin says:

      Yeah, my boyfriend and I pretty much ONLY do it when the roomies are gone. The walls in our apartment are so thin that you can pretty much hear anyone having sex no matter how quiet. So for me it's just out of respect for them.

    12. Kristin says:

      Maybe you're dominating the room, by constantly being there. I've been on both ends in this case. The interrupting roomies as well as the being the roomie of the girl who was constantly having sex with her boyfriend in our room. In the latter case, it did get pretty annoying, so maybe you're in there way too often…it is a shared room after all. When I was doing it at college I tried to do it when I knew my room mate wouldn't be coming back for a while.

    13. Erich says:

      Maline– Really? You question someone else about being an aunt. What does it matter? Are you the new resident expert on what age you should be to be an aunt?

      Alex– Define reasonable age. It defers from person to person. Now I am a bit older, but my ex had 2 kids by age 22. I don't see this as an issue, I have two beautiful children. I think the reasonable age is a matter of opinion. As an adult you can do as you please.

    14. Genghis says:

      A sign on the door that reads: Keep out! Explosions in Progress! (showing the universal sign of explosives) didn't work. The sign in the common areas that was also ignored reads: Keep it down. Don't drive us up the wall.

    15. It's not a matter of dominating a room. My boyfriend lives in a house with three other roommates, and everyone has their own room. If he was sharing a room with someone else, I would totally expect interruptions ever so often.

      Maybe being noisy keeps people away out of disgust? But then again, who wants to take it to that level?

    16. morgan says:

      i guess i don't have the traditional freshman life, i'm living with my father which i've never done so it's getting to know my father and learning how to be my own person at the same time. but inevitably there will be a time when i need to be alone with a guy and i'm completely lost on how that's going to happen. i can't just put a sign on my door and expect my eight year old brother to get the hint. my dad and stepmom are pretty liberal about sex but i'm not, i destroy my nails just waiting in the gynecologists office. what do i do?

    17. Catie says:

      That's part of why my boyfriend and I both wanted to move out of the dorms and why we ultimately decided to live together. That and because I didn't want to live with girls again and partly because our apartment is less expensive than the dorms, anyway.

    18. Sam says:

      You're spoiled. You want privacy? Get your own place. I'm sure your boyfriend's annoying friends are equally annoyed that you're over there all the time.

      If you want to do adult things like have sex uninterrupted, then you need to do other adult things like getting your own place.

    19. John says:


      You are a whore and the Good Word commandsyou to stop these acts of immorality or face fire, brimstone and Satan on the Day of Reckoning. Are you to speak in defiance of the Lord Thy God, you wretched whore??? Bow in disgrace or be struck down like the leper you are.



    20. sauerkraut says:

      Holy crap, John… are you still having problems getting laid your first time??

      And Sam… sometimes a bit of courtesy goes a long way. I had a roommate like you whose world extended all of about 4 inches outside of himself. Try to be a bit less self-centered and give your roomies some space. My first college roommate used to walk in on me all the time, but it stopped after the 2nd time I popped him in the nose. My next roommate was a bit more considerate of human nature and needs.

    21. John says:


      When you have AIDS and rot in hell, Jesus will laugh at you for avoiding the flock of heaven-bound angels. I am married and can have God's covenant with my wife at any time. You will perish in the flames of the netherworld if you do not heed God's word immediately and leave your life of sin.

      Do as you wish, I only message the truth. It is normal for the wicked to miss the point of a higher calling.

      1. Antonio says:

        John thats funny cuz the last time i checked the ones in Gods flock that condemn another will also be condemn in the fires of hell by the Lord. so you better get your diseased crotch in check before your throwing out threats in the Lords name.
        read up on your Christian values before you make all Christians look like crazed lunatics.
        as for interruptions … whenever I am at my Gf's and its time… 1 of 2 things always happens like clockwork. either her three little teacup poodles start barking downstairs (which alarms us because that usually mean someones home} for no reason at all prolly cuz they see someone walking by. (gated neighborhood so people are constantly going running and exercising) or someone Always, Always comes home and calls her downstairs to do some stupid ass shit like the dishes or somthing. And its always always always within the first 10 min…
        As for when we are at my Dorm {usc} all my football buddies usually chill at my pad and we will play call of duty etc till like 5 in the morning sometimes but when i warn them that my girl is comming for the weekend you would think it would put some sense into them . Nope that just means every half 15 min to half hour they are standing outside my room making moaning noises and pounding on the door .. but seriously.. lol comon guys thats rediculous then my gf gets all mad and its just a shit storm lol.

      2. Redeemed says:

        Good message bro, keep sprading that message.Who has ear, let him hear.

    22. Amelia says:

      @John: If so, then God will judge all of us sinners in the end. You do not only warn us, you also judge and that is not your place. Only God can judge. You will be judged as you judge. So I advise you to leave us sinners be and have our sinful ways and you just concentrate on your own life. Never mind us sinners going to Hell. I advise you to concentrate on your own going to Heaven.


      Haven't yet had roomies walking in on me and my boyfriend doing it. But that's only because I don't have any roomies. I can see how it would totally ruin the mood.

    23. Genghis says:

      John, you said: ". . . . I am married and can have God's covenant with my wife at any time . . . ."

      What if your wife doesn't want to have sex with you because she is sick, has a headache, has her period or she is not in the mood, would you still insist on having sex with her? A husband having sex with his wife without her consent is still rape. You'll go to jail and God can't help you.

      You call sex "God's covenant." That's not true John. God did not give you or anybody the permission to have sex at any time when already married. And it kills the romance when a husband says to his wife, lets have God's covenant instead of let's make love.

      John, leave other people alone. Live and let live.

      I know you'll throw fire and brimstone at me. Go ahead, make my day. I can just picture you frothing in the mouth with your carotid arteries about to burst.

    24. Scott says:

      I've had a sort-of reverse situation. I was at my girlfriend's room when her roommate started having sex with her boyfriend. Three other people in the room facing their bed, wide awake (and studying for finals!), and they think it's an alright time to go at it.

    25. Anna says:

      The last time I had any interaction with my BF's old college roommate, he had just moved almost all his stuff out and we hadn't heard from him in over a week even though there was still some stuff there. We had just shut the door because apparently it was "steak and BJ day," some silly holiday guys made up to get a little loving. Well, he paid for the steaks and I figured why not if he wanted to pretend it was a holiday.

      … It's a good thing that I put the little loop on the door.

      Right after we started, we heard the key in the door and it opened a couple inches before the door stop caught it. We heard "Oh fuck, are you kidding me?!?" and the door closed again. Once I stopped laughing, we attempted to get back to business. The roommate didn't come back for a while and as soon as we finished we left so we didn't have to confront him about it.

    26. Brad Wellen says:

      Step one to avoiding these pesky interruptions: dorm room configuration

    27. Jane says:

      This sounds more like a roommate personality issue. I've lived in houses with 3 different sets of roommates, and never had this problem! On the rare occasions that a roommate accidentally knocks, I just say "sorry, I'm busy…" and whoever knocked will figure out that something is going on and shamefully slink away.

    28. S321 says:

      Sounds like no one is taking into account how often it REALLY does happen. Lets figure you and BF (or GF–whatever) do it 3 times a week (bear with me), and in a month of time (12) you get interrupted twice. you REMEMBER the two times you got interttupted and conveniently forget the 10 other times you didnt. So it doesnt happen often….or it shouldnt. If you get interrupted alot more than probably should become an a porn actress….and enjoy it with or without the audience.

    29. Kat says:

      All I have to say about this is…who is John and how did he get onto this website?? lmao…I think you're in the wrong place dude!

    30. Dafra says:

      It really is a matter of respecting others. I have had roommies all my college years (im a senior now) and every time i had my bf over, they were considerate enough to leave us alone. i also vanished whenever they had company.No issues!

    31. kaitybug says:

      Hahaha! My soon to be cousin walked in my boyfriend and I while we were going at it. His jaw dropped and he did an about face and walked away.

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