Beer Bong In Your Butt (For Serious)

Ever have one of those nights where you just really wanted to get drunk (we’re not judging!) but no matter what you throw down the hatch it just won’t happen? You try everything: shots, bongs, mixing your beverages. But even after all that work, you’re still far, far away from making poor decisions.

Yeah, it’s pretty sucky, I know. But no matter how desperate you get, you wouldn’t do something as sick, disturbing and really grosstastic as this, would you?

Who thinks of this sorta stuff?! Sure, I’d like to get drunk without all those pesky calories, but sticking a beer bong up your booty is a bit much, no? Plus, one of the best parts of drinking is the social aspect;  I can’t imagine my friends would want to join me in the bathroom as I shove a (super sized) vodka-soaked tampon in my cooch.

I am incredibly disturbed that people actually think this is a good idea, but even more disturbed by the fact that my mouth has touched many, many beer bongs in my time. Lord only knows where those things have been before.

I need a cocktail.
In my mouth.
Not my lady parts, thankyouverymuch.



    1. Sandy says:


      i had a friend that did this. I was not present but from what I heard it was one of the most disgusting moments in human history. Yall don't want to know anymore than that. But it did apparently get him very intoxicated.

    2. B says:

      that's fucking nasty.

    3. oh god … i'm gonna hurl, oh wait no I'm not, becuase I drank beer through my ass not my mouth…good grief!

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    8. The Claw says:

      lol, obviously the phrase "beer bong" means something completely different in the USA to what it does in Australia..

      1. Rocko says:

        down unda😉

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    10. EE2 says:

      Back in the bad old days of communism in Eastern Europe, university students used to do this, but usually with the cheapest booze they could find. It took far less alcohol to get hammered anally than by drinking it, so it was a way to stretch a zloty.

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    15. knjmhbgfvd says:

      OMG I do this all the time with women. It's called a wine enema. You can use warm beer too.

      It works SOOOOOO well.

      The girl gets so aroused and very horny! And, there is no need to drink anything. Plus, moast women describe it as not drunk at all, but more like X, or some drug.

      I do gentle anal play all the time with girls, so i quickly introduce them to this.

      After just a single time, they get addicted to it, and want to do it over and over again.

      There's a technique to this, to do it comfortably and erotically.

    16. ohyjugt says:

      Not only do you get drunk, but it happens FAST! Much fasterm than drinking.

      Do NOT do this with hard liquor!

      Just warm beer or wine, diluted with warm water.

      OK, you guys are all little children, with no game, i guess.

      I do all sorts of sex fetishes with women.

      I blow off plain vaginal sex. Too boring. Too basic. No fun anymore.

      I'm way past that!

    17. bubba says:

      it’s pretty pathetic that people have taken getting drunk to a whole new level. The risks that people take to get drunk is beyond me. Really sticking something up your ass to feel more intoxicated is retarded, eeeeeeeeeewwwwww your not suppose to stick shit up your ass shit is suppose to come out.

    18. Derrck says:

      pure genius. this is why were americans. we find better and better way to get drunk. yes its your asshole and yes its dirty but think of it as another hole in your body for you to engulf liquor in.

    19. Derrck says:

      and btw… i jss did it… and it fuckn works bro.

    20. Leroy says:

      derrck makes a point i guess…. jss another hole lol
      expect gay sex… now thats jss fuckn sick.

    21. nathan says:

      It preatty different of a feeling my girlfriend and her friends found out about it and talked me into doing it with my friends around. It is a very intoxicating drunk but clean one at that

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