The Budget Stylista: Cardi(gan) Hardy

cardigan 1 copy cardigan 4 copy

Last week we talked about revamping the essential cardigan from your closet and updating it.

But as the old saying goes: “make new friends but keep the old.” So while I’m not discouraging you from busting out that cardigan from sophomore year of high school, I’m also not your mom yelling, “You do not need and can NOT afford that new sweater, honey!”

Why? Because sometimes when things are so darn cute the line between want and need becomes very, very blurry. And to me, cute, comfy and – let us not forget – cheap cardigans are wardrobe essentials. Reason enough to make a new friend. Anything that makes me look instantly pulled together while hungover for my 9am lecture is a ‘must have a stockpile of these’  in my book, and cardigans do just that.

Trade out that oversized school mascot or sorority sweatshirt and pair a cami with a cardigan and flats and you can get away with wearing “workout” pants as an outfit. Well, as long as that cardi covers your butt, of course. Even with your hair on top of your head you can walk out the door and know you at least look somewhat decent. (Although, I would try getting rid of last night’s under-eye makeup that is now smudged down your cheek…)

Enter our new fall bestie: the cardigan. Here are a bunch of options for you, my budget shopper proteges:

cardigan 1 cardigan 2cardigan 3 cardigan 5cardigan 6 cardigan 7 cardigan 4 cardigan 8



    1. WorkItBerk says:

      Love this look! Simple, classic, perfection.

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