No Facebook = Social Suicide?

facebook.jpgI don’t trust people who aren’t on Facebook.

It’s weird, I know, but FB is like peanut butter and jelly: you must be some sort of freak if you’ve never tried it. (OK, or you have some severe allergy, but that doesn’t fit with my analogy so let’s move on.) Facebook is at the epicenter of our generation’s world, so anyone who isn’t on there is weird, right? I mean, how do you live without Facebook?

How do you learn about people?
See pictures?
Know what’s going on in your friends’ lives?!
Update everyone on your own life without tons and tons of phone calls?

But maybe I’m not so weird for feeling this way. Matthew Myron, an author who recently studied online privacy, has gone as far as saying that not being on Facebook is social suicide. ”Many people feel they have to be a part of Facebook to socialize. Such sites are the modern equivalent of a mobile phone. They have grown into fashion accessories and they are a must-have for people who don’t want to be social outcasts.”

Myron speaks mostly in regards to status updates and wall posts, but his point is even truer than he knows. When people have parties, they invite guests via Facebook. When people have birthdays, we send them messages (and are notified!) via Facebook. When people have anything to say, we say it all on Facebook.

And when someone doesn’t have Facebook, we think they are freaks hiding something.

Are those things even replacements for in-person chats or phone conversations?  Is someone’s profile a fair way to judge them? Probably not, but that is how we roll in “generation me” and anyone who is not a part of that will be left behind and out of the know when it comes to weekend ragers.

We may not want to admit it, but Facebook is a huge part of (and maybe the basis of) our social lives in college. Not being on there might be worse for your social status than being “that girl” at a party or keeping your door closed the first week of freshman year. Or even being that annoying status updater who lets everyone know where they are at every possible second/puts up ambiguous statements that are just begging for attention. Ugh, those people are annoying.

But at least I can Facebook-stalk them.

Seriously, even my mom has FB. If you don’t, you barely exist to me.

What do you think?



    1. Star says:

      Ah Facebook. I do love it, but it's also a great way to completely ruin someone's life forever. Can anyone say hacking?

    2. elizabeth says:

      Oh spoken like a true college student that parties Thur-Sun and mooches off the parents.Facebook is not that interesting in my opinion. Just as myspace has slowly faded so will facebook.Not having a facebook doesnt mean you`re hiding something it just means you have a life besides constantly checking your facebook and updating it. You dont have to have a facebook to be someone to others if you think that way then thats unfortunate!!!!

    3. sarah says:

      elizabeth… COOL.

      facebook is important in our lives, it's just our generation and people like elizabeth are just going to have to face the facts that even people who don't party and mooch off of their parents have facebooks. I have a facebook and I'm paying for my own college. so take that elizabeth.

    4. michael says:


      The point wasn't that people mooch off their parents. It was that it might be a good idea to place value in things that are actually important, not whether or not someone is on facebook.

      Even the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece critical of social networking and twitter over the weekend.

    5. Stephanie PTY says:

      There's a difference between having a facebook account, and obsessively using facebook. People who don't have a facebook account seem to fail to acknowledge this. Having a facebook account means I'm open to social interaction. It doesn't mean I spend all of my time updating a useless status, playing FarmTownVilleCityWhatevs, or facebook stalking people. Facebook is what you make it… unless you refuse to use it at all.

    6. Sam says:

      I deleted my facebook a few months ago. I never really was into the trend of it. It always seemed like a popularity contest and bragging via photos of all the "cool" things everyone did.

    7. Lucy says:

      I have had a facebook for a long time and recently deleted it. I wasn't really using it anymore. I think I'm gonna be okay..hopefully I no one starts calling me a social outcast anytime soon😉

    8. Jenna says:

      Careful Cindy, you might fall off your pedestal and have to walk around down here with the rest of us.

      Some people who use facebook are losers. Others aren't. And some people who like to stereotype a large group of people as ugly, fat, girls with self-esteem issues and then immediately move to violent overreaction are bitches.

    9. E says:

      I don't have facebook, (probably because my mother DOES and would insist on adding me as a friend) I've just never gotten excited about the idea of making one to actually put in the effort of doing it; I know what all my friends are doing anyway and I don't particularly care to see a million one-handed pouty faced pictures of every acquaintance I have had since kinder, compete to get the most "friends" or show everyone who hasn't seen me recently just how hot I still am, by strategically selecting the most flattering photos of me that exist (I'm not saying that this is what everyone on facebook is like, but that these sorts certainly make their presence felt…). When I'm out or at parties I actually like to have fun, not just take pictures of myself seeming to have fun. I sort of feel like the pastiched simulacrum of individuals' lives which these pages become, are to some people, as important or real as the reality.

      As for my social life I've not yet missed out on doing anything because of not having fb, it's not like I don't talk to people I know everyday via phone, sms or in person 'Are you coming to…' 'did you hear about…' 'you're invited to…' 'we're going to…' etc. are all the helpful messages and reminders nobody yet has complained about inserting into our communications, that way at least I know people actually want me there too, because it would be easy for them to shut me out😀.

    10. Jenny says:

      I disagree with this article. I use FB and Twitter every day, my boyfriend doesn’t use any social networking sites, and hasn’t in over a year. We both have plenty of friends, and although it’s easier for me to stay in touch with old friends from high school and whatnot, he’s always making new friends. I’d go so far as to say that he has more friends than me! Then again, we are a tad older than the current college crowd (23), so the novelty of Facebook is kind of wearing off.

      …okay, I admit, I leave Restaurant City running all day.😛 That FB game is addicting.

    11. Monica says:

      I JUST got a facebook on Sunday… I guess it's a good thing i got it when id did!:)

    12. Dirk Diggler says:

      Does the author or anyone here really think that letting EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER FRIENDED ON FACEBOOK know your plans for the weekend or cool? You have to share how much your final sucked with a hundred or more people you don't even know?

      I have a facebook only because I noticed how PO'ed people could get if facebooking wasn't an option. Honestly though, I'd rather get a phone call or text message about that big rager that is coming up than a facebook invite for the world to see.

    13. Grace says:

      idk. If that is what it takes to be "accepted", I'd rather be a pariah any day

    14. Cindy says:

      LMFAO!!!!!! Today in class my point was fucking totally proven about the fattest, most worthless pieces of life being obsessed with facebook. So I was sitting in class and this literally 350 pound guy is sitting in the front of the class with his laptop on facebook. WHO THE FUCK WOULD BE THIS LOSER'S FRIEND ON FACEBOOK?!?!?!?! He is so fat, he can barely sit in the typical desk/chair combo seats in class because his fuckin fat ass stomach is pushing against the desk so hard I am amazed he can breathe. This is the typical facebook user.

    15. Sharon says:

      well, while i think its pretty pathetic how we all feel like we HAVE to have a facebook and constantly update it, i myself have a facebook. and im on there like a million times a day. its just the way this generation is wired i guess.

    16. Jenae says:

      Facebook is for insecure jackasses who try to portray a certain image of themselves to the world to make themselves look amazing when they are pieces of shit. I am so happy everyone agrees.

      1. L.C.T says:

        I Definately agree with you. I don't have a facebook and I truly don't care for making an account anytime soon. I think it's rather stupid. Think about it, on facebook you probably meet a person that seems outgoing, fun, etc. But once you're face to face with that same person, it's as if they are a completely diffrent individual. Nobody ever said that you "need" to have facebook in order to have a social life.

      2. Kobe says:

        I see this with a lot of people but to be honest I dont really think you can say this on behalf of everyone. I personally do not even have a facebook but I have met people on both ends of the spectrum. One kid I knew was a total douchebag and he used facebook to full himself, while in reality the only kids that like him are fellow douche bags.
        On the other hand I have a friends who just likes to do her own thing. Whether is helping people in africa or going to festivals she is always doing what makes her happy. I dont think she cares what anyone else thinks of her.

    17. Susan says:

      My x boyfriend used it as a platform to keep a cozy nest of his x girlfriends…one hotter than the next.

      His profile listed his interests simply as "Women".

      Enough said.

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    19. Jennifer says:

      No, its true, I hardly know anyone who doesn't have a Facebook account… I'm a die hard Facebook fan myself & while I was reading up on Facebook, I came across this great article on some crazy facts about Facebook. You can also read it!

    20. sean says:

      hey!… dont know what the F$%K your talking about go out and smell the flowers, you tech junkie, oh and dont forget to update your status, you have been poked =)….ps i dont have a facebook so suck it

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    22. al says:

      Im 70years old and i love it

    23. nyxmoxie says:

      I'm the opposite of you. People that aren't on social sites have more lives than people who are on them, perhaps you shouldn't be so high and mighty to think that you're better than others. You don't exist to me either.

    24. Dennie says:

      I just think it's fun. Connecting with old friends, looking at friends vacation pictures at MY leisure, shuffling through pictures of "friends" children without the face to face awkwardness of having to comment if you don't think their children are as adorable and perfect as they do, laughing or scoffing at status update (we all do it), and most of all NETWORKING! I have made several great connections through friends of friends that I have added to my client list or have simply learned something from about in my field(s) of interests. Also, many people on facebook have alerted me to news stories, websites, etc., that I may not have otherwise knew about. In summary, FB goes great with coffee in the morning!

    25. givenchance says:

      what do i think? well, it is a little bit strange for me that you do not "accept" people who do not have Facebook. What is the reason (except of the fact that it is "the epicenter of our generation's world"? And if for example i have a page at MySpace, not Facebook? Does it count? )))) Everyone is at different social networks today, not only Facebook. Do you think it is good and people who "live" in network are more "alive" than people who do not even think of such things as Facebook?

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    27. Casey says:

      Most of my friends actually don't have facebook. My boyfriend didn't even have one till I made one for him, and he only gets on it once every month or so. I actually only go on mine to check and see if anyone commented or messaged me (I rarely even comment or message people back) I don't understand people who obsessively update their facebook's/ twitters. Who needs to know, or even cares what you're doing at every second of your life. My friends who don't have facebook spend their time wake boarding and water skiing, going to the beach, doing homework, partying, going on road trips. They actually have lives so they aren't on the internet every moment of their day saying "Joe is now facebook stalking- 5:53pm", "Joe is looking out his window wondering why he's not outside- 6:15pm", "Joe wishes he had a life- 6:20pm", etc. Seriously, do you think people actually look at your millions of statuses? do you think people actually care about your minute to minute life? Hell no! Update once a day, with something interesting that you did or are going to do and leave it at that.

      Not having a facebook doesn't make people weird or anti-social, it makes them the exact opposite, because it means they actually value their lives enough to live them.

    28. Mia says:

      I had a facebook, and got rid of it because all of the pointless app invites and crap in my newsfeed wasn't worth the few updates I got that were interesting. I don't miss it, and I still get plenty of invites to do things. The people who are worth my time call me; the ones who aren't don't. I understand why people have it, I just don't like it.

      And as to how I learn about people, I just ask them. Yea, talking in person. That shit's crazy.

    29. Frank says:

      I don't really think about things like Facebook. I have a MySpace page (that I virtually got railroaded into making) that just takes up space for the most part. I don't look at it very often, and I don't go around pretending to be a gangster or something on the apps. To me, it's just not a big deal that everyone else makes out to be something greater. Connections and networking, I can see that being useful, but other than that, I don't look at it more than a tool, something to use when you need it, and something to put down when you don't.

    30. rene shrum says:

      I'm a bit shy so I think facebook is great because it frees us of the inhibitions that hold us back when we encounter people we don't know all that well yet. Or even if we are around people we do know sometimes, because if the chemistry is off between people they can't really communicate all that great. Facebook allows us to learn things we didn't know about people. It allows us to let people in on how we feel and who we are without all the talking lol.

    31. Me says:

      I don't have a Facebook account and I never will. All I use is Skype… for obvious reasons. I hate to have lots of applications on my computer as I only have 2 hands and A LIFE, besides a computer. No one asks me whether I'm on Facebook, I speak to people and interact with them face to face. Your social suicide without Facebook is just ridiculous. But I'm sure all of you Facebook addicts would actually commit a suicide if the network went down for 2 hours. Bless you…

    32. looika says:

      This is sick!

    33. Carah says:

      maybe as some say facebook will fade and be no more at some point but I love it and it's stupid hard to keep up with everyone without it. with the click of a mouse i see all the latest that a person has posted on thier fb. and know if the baby got here and what it looks like, if someone broke up and got a date. i know a million things about all my friends the things I just dont have the time to ask everyone and also even better! I dont feel obligated to send a half page letter to a friend becasue i dont know what up with them, i look at thier facebook and comments and ask about anything in thier life that we have a mutal interest in. my lil sis doesnt update very often and therefore I loose track of what up with her all the time and we still live in the same town!

    34. Curtis says:

      Here's a sad dose of reality for you Noa – you're 2.0's version of an AOLer.

    35. letsdestroy says:

      I think you're a tool. Anybody who is willing to socially exclude others for not having a facebook profile… they barely exist to me.

    36. Becca- Clarion Unive says:

      Unfortunately a number of people do get excluded on campuses because they don't have a facebook. I know a lot of groups, and information about dates for things, as well as meeting etc… that rely on facebook to share the information…

      It's a damn shame for anyone who doesn't have one… and It's kinda stupid that we rely on a networking site instead of things like… the phone or I dunno… PAPER!

    37. Darwin says:

      Might actually be a good idea. People would be so productive without it.

    38. Su says:

      My husband never had a Myspace or a Facebook and he still has tons of ppl (more friends than I have on both combined) constantly asking him what his URL is or forcing him to get a FB. He says no just because he doesn't care about everyone elses lives. Good point. (we're 20)

    39. groundlow says:

      This is probably the stupidest thing I've read. People are "hiding" something because they don't have a facebook account? God forbid you lived in a time before the internet existed. Your assumption doesn't even make sense because anyone can make up anything about themselves that they want to on the internet. In fact, using social networking sites is probably one of the easiest ways to make up complete lies about yourself and have no one find out. You can update your status to whatever you'd like, whether it be describing an actual event in your life or not. You can make up crap in your profile, add tons of people you barely know to make it appear that you have many friends, when you actually don't, and so on. Not to mention the fact that you can post tons of pictures of yourself which actually have almost no resemblance to how you truly look, because you've managed to select the most flattering photos in a particular type of light and have successfully mastered photoshop so that all your blemishes no longer exist.

      It gets really irritating when people I meet go "so do you have facebook?" No. I don't. And I don't want one either.

      Not everyone without a facebook is a "loser". In fact, when I find out someone doesn't have one, I have a tendency to think the exact opposite of them. I actually find myself liking people MORE upon discovering they don't have a facebook. Maybe it's because I'm tired of people insisting that I get one.

      I have different reasons for not having one. The first being I had a myspace and got really sick of it and deleted it, and from that point on have no longer used social networking sites. The second being that a few years ago I had an abusive ex who was stalking me and also finding all my online accounts and harassing me through them, digging up any information he could on me and my friends. So, I'm afraid that he'd somehow find my facebook, hack it, find out where I live now and what school I go to now, and contact and harass all my friends once again.

    40. Erika says:

      I had a facebook since sophmore year of highschool & yes, it's a great way to keep in contact with anyone & everyone…It also can turn you into a creepy facebook stalker that you never want to admit to being.It is now socially acceptable to facebook stalk,creep, and/or "poke" people you barely know… like, what?

      It can also make it completely impossible to have a normal relationship with anyone because you never know what they have "seen on facebook" that relates to you, true or not.

      It will drive you crazy because you know too much & now that cute guy or girl you've recently been hardcore crushing on considers you insane because the other night when you played a little too much flipcup, you let slip that you "saw his or hes ex all over their facebook& you just wana know what's going on bla bla etc.."

      Not to mention that future employers,exe's,parents & relatives can now also see who & where you & all of you friends are & just how embarrassingly drunk you were on cinco de mayo…I'm just saying lol.

      Well, it was at least it was starting to have these effects on me… SO, i deactivated my facebook a couple weeks ago. I'll admit, I made a new one but now it just seems like far too much work refriending & everything so we'll see if it ever becomes anything.

      As long as you're careful with what you put up & how much time you spend on it, facebook's great. But for me,sadly, it was getting far too time consuming & I realized I just don't care about your "top 5 fav movies" ,that you " found a cow on your farm" in farmville, or even that you're bored & your feet are cold, or so says your fb status.

    41. Frank P says:

      I totally disagree. Facebook sucks big time.

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    43. sly says:

      a) i hate peanut butter and jelly,

      b) and i hate these stupid social networking sites. all it ism is for people to make "friends" so they can show off how many people they have as "friends" but dont really talk to. i'll never use FB or myspace or any of these stupid sites, well i do have a myspace, but it's like my old sega saturn, fun to look at every now and then, but most of the time it's gathering dust under a stack of porn.

    44. F says:

      I think you overgeneralize.

    45. Eric says:

      So, in other words, you're saying you absolutely have no sense of imagination since Facebook is the only thing you can depend on?

      Or, maybe you're a conformist with big self-esteem issues?

      Or maybe you haven't realized that Facebook, like Myspace and Multiply, will fade away all too soon when the next big thing comes.

      Pft, loser.

    46. James says:

      The words 'social suicide' mean nothing to the introvert. It might however be social suicide when anyone under any old name can log in and see a lot of stuff about you. How will you feel about all those drunk pictures 10 years from now?

    47. lolwut? says:

      i guess not

    48. Jem says:

      I am not on FB and have no intention of being on it. I am sure there are some very lovely, interesting, intelligent people on it. On the other hand I know many people who are on it who are total morons. The implication seems to be they are 'cooler' than me because they are on there and I am not. Plainly ridiculous. I had a look at it when my mate (yes I do have mates) was on it just to see what all the fuss was about. It bored me rigid. It just seems like a waste of time. What exactly am I learning by going on there? Anything of any value? NO. If I am wanted at a party or someone wants to tell me something they can let me know via the 'old fashioned' methods and if they don't they can't be that fussed about me being there or about talking to me so who needs them anyway. I feel sorry for people who act like sheep, who go to where everyone else goes to just because everyone else is there. Do you have no originality at all? Are you so weak you must conform to social pressure? Seemingly so.

    49. M says:

      Only agoraphobic douches don't have facebook. They're frightened little people with little minds, little lives. Or they're over 40.

    50. brian says:

      I am not gonna lie im a good looking 20 year old guy that even beautiful girls consider "hot."in all honesty im athletic 6'2 and 215lbs of mostly addition I am well endowed in other regions of my body..i go to the university of maryland and am pretty smart and self-sufficient..I have a facebook but stopped using it after my sophomore year of college because it will fade away as myspace is and will soon be considered gay outdated only for stalkers or people who cant communicate verbally or in a real way like face to face…honestly who the hell has that much time…or who wants to spend their time looking at what other people are doing unless your a little bitch like yourself. I am 100% free of facebook because i dont need it to keep my relationships and im not a freak..and im more of a real person with real friends than opposed to you who needs the internet to stay connected with your "friends." I can confidently say, noa, without even looking at your pathetic as* that i am a lot cooler than you and that you most likely have no spine.

    51. brian says:

      oh and "M" based on your highly intellectual vocab and "spot on" response i can judge you as you have judged those without facebooks.

      You are either a complete nerd who was breastfed by your father or you have a mangina that needs to be flossed… you bitch fuck

    52. кyкyш says:

      Приятно конечно думать, что остались действительно блоги в этой мусорке рейтинга Яши. Ваш – один из таких. Спасибо!

    53. Nate says:

      Ha HA

      I think this is "kinda" tru, atleast in my case. I refuse to make a facebook & im Weird

      but Ive had no real friends b4 facebook even existed so…. yea ur point is just Halfway true

    54. Mike says:

      The writer of this article sums up the changes in thinking that facebook promotes: premature judgement and vanity.

      I'm sure you love facebook and it would be hard for you to see why others would not.

    55. Marcus says:

      Facebook started out as a really cool idea (keeping friends in touch when they go away to college), but quickly turned into a popularity contest amongst 13 year old girls. As a male in college, I really don't see a point in using facebook

    56. Dave says:

      If facebook is such a necessity and so central to an entire generation, why did the author use a website to post this article? Is it because it would become facebook detritus in a matter of days and become lost amidst millions of FB postings, unindexed by search engines and forever forgotten? From the other side of the fence, I see FB users whose very lives exist on FB as missing life itself. When a person ignores person-to-person contact in favor of social networking, that person is dead.

    57. s says:

      Im on facebook, but mainly just to stalk people I want to kill or have sex with then kill them after that… Its all good fun

      U should join, I can kill u… its great

    58. C says:

      I have one. It's really annoying how people pressure you to constantly update it lest you be ignoring them or being on there just to creep. It's like having a colic afflicted baby that never sleeps and never grows up and you're tired in the constant battle of trying to please it. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks it's degrading if you have to formally ask someone for permission to be their friend. One thing that is particularly aggravating about these things is how "me me me" centered they are and how people have developed unrealistic standards for friendships because of the 24/7 availability of online profiles. How dare someone not cater their schedule to talk to you everyday because they have personal/family issues to deal with! (/sarcasm)

    59. Cassie says:

      I was thinking about getting Facebook (caving in) but I realised that I can't because whether or not you intend it to be it turns into a popularity contest. Pretty much everyone has at least 150 'friends' (many people they barely know), and if you have a healthy number of real frinds (like 30) you come acros as some sort of freak. There are so many people who trawl through others' pages as well, and stalk people out- and because pretty much everyone facebooks aquaintances, you don't know how much they know about you.

    60. Kris says:

      This articles is one of the dumbest articles I have read in a long time. I think it is absolutely pathetic that you are suspicious of people who do not have a facebook account. I used to have a facebook account but I deactivated it. It was entirely invasive (yes I know about the privacy settings). However, you really don't know, as others mentioned, who or how much other people know about you. And like other people also mentioned, it also turns into a popularity contest. I mean, come on, I know you really do not speak to the 600+ "friends" you have on your fb page. And, with all the status updates some people do on a daily basis detailing where they are and what they are doing, you really do not know what type of creep/stalker is following up on you. As for the pictures, we all know you posted the ones that look the best. With that said, if you refuse to be my friend in "real" life because I do not have a "virtual" profile, it is your loss not mine.

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    62. Curt says:

      I'm a 22 year old college student, don't have a facebook account, and have little intention of making on soon. Okay, it might be useful post graduation to keep in touch with friends I won't be seeind face to face anymore, but the fact is I can't stand the idea of facebook in general. People are glued to it – I can't even concentrate in my Computer Science classes (which take place in a computer lab) because 9/10 other people in the class are on facebook during the lecture. This has reached the point of an obsession, and I feel like not having a facebook page at all is a valid choice.

    63. J says:

      I think this article is bullshit to be honest. I can't understand how you can think that not having a facebook is social suicide – it is in fact the opposite. It's really 'social' sitting in behind your computer screen every night, looking at what other people are up to and leaving status updates about your blatantly non-existent life, isn't it?

      Like another user above has said, I actually have more respect and admiration for those who don't have an account, rather than those who do. And when someone does cave in to it, I lose all respect that I had previously for their abstinence!. People only showcase the best side of their lives on there and if they're not doing that, they're begging for attention over a keyboard. I hate all the drama it causes and the separatism between people that it invokes – you may feel more connected, but in reality you're not. It's not real…You're consuming a product, facebook profits out of your 'friendships'. It's bullshit.

      I've just deactivated mine and I really have no intention of going back on…I'm giving it two weeks and then I'm putting in a request for my account to be deleted permanently. I absolutely detest both the site itself and my so-called 'friends' on there…out of 216 of which I only speak to in person less than 5 per week. I'm not a 'loser' by the way – however a pompous prick would define that – I just came to the conclusion that this is what is called real life. You don't have 200 friends. Stop kidding yourself that you have more friends that you actually do and your life is better than what it is because in reality (yes REALITY!), it really isn't.

    64. Oliver says:

      It doesn't sound like you enjoy using Facebook as much as you are afraid of not using it.

      I'm not connecting the dots between not using Facebook and not being social. Chatting with people and being online isn't something that I consider to be social. And not being online is certainly not something that I would consider to be anti-social.

    65. elm says:

      what a stupid fucking article……..this nation is done

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    67. Pete says:

      It hasnt been easy to resist the lure of unleashing the inner voyeur of all of us. However, i've never regretted it. It isn't easy explaining when people ask why YOU dont have facebook. I am not a social butterfly, nor I am the wallflower of the party. I know that I keep in contact with friends, who are really friends.

      (Its so funny I actually have a facebook group dedicated after me, for me.)

      Once in a while, i log on my friend's account (with their permission) to check on some of my friends, but that's it. To be honest, thats all I need. No wasteful spend of time clicking pages after pages.

      If I have to be invited to parties thru facebook, or talking to a person exclusively on FB, then he/she probably is someone I can live without in the first place right?

      One more thing – birthday greetings. How insincere can they get? When birthdates are displayed right in front of everyone? Shouldnt I have 500 "Happy Birthdays" on my Wall if I have 500 friends? How come I dont see that happening to any of my friends?

      I've no facebook account, and i'm proudly fine with it.



    68. fuck myspace n faceb says:

      anyone that needs facebook is a fucking waste of space and oxygen on this planet GET A LIFE!!! this generation of people are nothing but losers who only care about playing on myspace or facebook trying to be cool because we all know in real life your not or you would actually have friends and actually get a girl without these cancers you call facebook and myspace. I would love to see all technology just be destroyed and send us back into the stoneage and watch all of you pathetic wastes of life suffer and try to go on without your precious networks. anyone that depends on these to live their life deserve to suffer because you are a waste on this planet…..Now get up get off your fake life on your computer go out and make a real friend or actually do something that consists of more than typing you losers. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

    69. C. says:

      I guess I don't exist to the person who wrote the article. Asshole.

      "And when someone doesn’t have Facebook, we think they are freaks hiding something."

      That is totally wrong. You are mistaken on so many levels. Why would they be hiding anything by not having a facebook. what makes you even think they are hiding anything…

      This is the shallowest piece of crap I have laid my eyes upon. I don't use facebook because out of the list of people who are friends, I really only would talk toa handful and others very infrequently. I don't quite care about the others and their "status". The people that I would talk to are my real friends, not people who add you just to stockpile a friends list to show how fucking social they are.

      I don't hate people who have a facebook by any means. However, shallow cheesedicks like the author of this article are people I definitely hate.

    70. Playerxo says:

      It's funny that you can't trust people that's not on facebook. You are right, in a way. I decided not to make a facebook account because I am really the center and backbone of my social group anyway. Having a bit of mystery in your background and your thoughts is very attracting to the opposite sex as well. I am always in the loop about things, even before people make an announcement on facebook. I am a young male in the mid 20's and love to date different girls at the same time. I go to different clubs, bars and other social events with different group of friends with ease due to having a unlimited text msg account and unlimited talk minutes with my phone company.

      For example, when Thursday comes, I pick out a group of male friends to chill with, mass text about 20 girls I'm dating and most respond quickly because texts are more "intimate". I then get to pick which girl to go with to avoid any social interaction/mixup between the groups so I can live this lifestyle without getting caught up. The night outs always ends up with me hooking up with the girl, usually at her place and my other friends might get some action as well. If you have Myspace or Facebook you can't be doing what I'm doing…which is living my 20's to the fullest by filling up different cumdumpsters constantly. So yeah, be careful of the popular, good looking guy with no Facebook or Myspace. Funny how I slept many girls that thought I was weird for not having either accounts. My answer was stalker exes and they ate it up.

    71. RIKO says:




    72. Charlotte says:

      I'm considering deleting my facebook account. The only time I even see my particular circle of friends is at a couple of bars, anyway. Everyone else lives too far away for me to worry about missing birthday invites, or whatnot.

      Alcohol > Facebook.

    73. Jenny W. says:

      As a 25 yr old woman, and soon to be professional, I'm embarrassed to be on facebook, and truly don't understand why everyone I know around my age is on it? I'm turned off by my bf being on it, just because I feel that's it's so juvenile. The reason I decided to get back on it was to follow my bf haha-(I was on it when I was in undergrad for a short period, and then got off after finding out where past friends were. Even back then I thought it was kinda silly.) My parents refuse to ever get on facebook as they consider it immature as well. I feel that facebook may be fun for some undergrad college students and highschool students- However, I feel that it's pathetic when people above a certain age feel the need to collect 100 or more "friends", or update their status to let everyone know what's happening in their important lives on a daily basis. Don't people want intimate relationships anymore? As I get older, I prefer more intimate relationships with only a few people, and therefore facebook is a complete waste of time for me.

    74. Noah K. says:

      Noa, writing is not for you.

      You project too much; Living real life is more important than a freaking social networking site.

    75. anme says:

      This is one of the stupidest and most superficial things i ve ever read.

      And there are actually people who agree with this elementary-based "article".

      Most people with real lives do not have a facebook or do not update at all and experts also dont advise people to have facebook for mainly two reasons:

      -it is a waste of time; people spend too much time on it and they do not realize it and become dumber and dumber each day

      -it doesnt respect privacy and zuckerberg can sell the information he gets(including wallposts,"private" messages, your tagged photos etc) if he wants to

      So, yes. You are stupid.

    76. LOP says:

      It is pathetic that you think that you are cool for making an account on a social network

    77. EL says:

      "….and zuckerberg can sell the information he gets"

      Yes. And Zuckerberg WILL sell this info to the government once they begin to created a database profiling everyone. Having a Facebook will make it so much easier. Facebookers are mindless idiots. I had a Facebook account but felt so guilty for having one. I deactivated it but I know once you create one it's there forever whether it's deactivated or not.

    78. MrSosa says:

      U can actually completely delete ur FB if u wish to do so.

      My thing is i understand why ppl r constantly on it. They're young so following trends is one thing. Some r ugly, insecure. Its all good not a big deal.

      Problem comes into play when u overdo something. Anything. FB,sex,sports,spending money…doesnt matter. So when u tell me its "social suicide" thats mos def overdoing it.

      If u have family and friends overseas like myself and u keep in touch. Sure, it can be a great tool. But to have 1025 friends? To be facebook friends w ppl u see/interact w daily in life? Updating ur status every two hours (i still dont believe ppl do that)…i dont understand how those things appeal to a mature, confident, intelligent person.

    79. Bob says:

      Total fucking bullshit. Social Networking is for the LAZY and the financially unsuccessful. If you’re constantly updating a record in a database, then you’re most likely making 30k stuck in an appartment and getting drunk on Fridays.

      1. actually, financially successful people do use social networking and social media marketing as a means of generating traffic and revenue to their businesses. not all of it are for the lazy and underpaid.

      2. Alex says:

        True, but it depends on what type of marketing we're talking about here. I understand business make money by advertising, although these days, I feel they've gotten out of hand (especially on facebook). A valid point nonetheless, Michael.

    80. Wiz says:

      Sorry but Attentionbook is for sore losers who crave for other sore losers' attention so that at the end of the day they could achieve "social recognition"…… Get a life, socializing is overrated.

    81. Joe says:

      I got rid of Facebook about six months ago and I'm happy that I did. It's a complete waste of time and anyone that would ostracize me because I'm not on it can go to h–l. I don't need them in my life, believe me.

      Facebook is way too intrusive and most of the "information" and "news" that people present to their "friends" is not stuff that I need to know, nor was I comfortable allowing people into my life on that level.

    82. Krix says:

      Fucking Failbook

    83. Alex says:

      I don't have a Facebook, and I'm not a freak. If you don't have enough respect for me to remember my birthday or contact me personally about a party, you're a douche bag.

    84. Jadon Rod says:

      who's writing this article?? a little kid??

    85. Emil says:

      I don't have a facebook site.

      How do I learn about people? I ask them questions and spend time with them in real life.

      See pictures? I see real live images of my friends and relatives.

      How do I know what’s going on in your friends’ lives?! I take time to talk with my friends and ask what's going on in their lives, because I care about them.

      How do I update everyone on my own life without tons and tons of phone calls? I talk to the people I meet, and the ones who really wants to know what's up in my life will ask me themselves.

      That's my life, without Facebook.

    86. Jay says:

      The author sounds like a ditsy, annoying, loose-pussied spaz.

      Just the kind of people I want to avoid on facebook.

    87. […] of completely deactivating my account (I don’t want to be that girl without a Facebook account), I let one of my friends change my password (one I trusted enough […]

    88. Ciaran says:

      I signed up for facebook and used it a bit now I never really use it. I do what I want to do not what everyone else is doing. Yes the person who wrote this article really is a stereotypical plastic. Don’t live you whole life worryong what other people think of you.

    89. Dumos says:

      Dude, Seriously: Fuck Facebook!

    90. Gies says:

      i dont have a facebook and its goddamn annoying how people react to it when i tell them. cuz i just see them as the insecure, annoying, attention-whoring 'gotta have it since everyone else does' mindless sheep followers, addicted losers,

    91. Ben says:

      Lmfao…sometimes humanity's sheer stupidity makes me laugh. To the author of this article, thank you for making me laugh.

    92. Adison says:

      The articled above is highly subjective as well as offensive in my opinion. While I love keeping in touch with my friends, I don't feel facebook is a necessity. The reason why I quit facebook is b/c I feel it has become a popularity contest where people show off how many "friends" they have. And no I really don't believe you have 2000 friends. I mean if it's not someone I want to get to know that well in rl then I'm certainly not going to waste my time checking out their facebook status. Just my 5 cents.

    93. I have real friends says:

      Facebook itself is just a tool; its not good or bad. Unfortunately the majority of Facebook members abuse this tool (a great example being the author of this article).

      Let's think about life not too long ago when people wouldn't sit in front of their computer screens for hours updating others on how they feel or what they are doing, or checking up on 800 peoples' lives (all of whom they consider "friends"). Shit got done. Now I hate to sound like a preachy old man, especially since I am only 18, but it is impossible to say that people are more productive today than they were, hell, ten years ago. There were less useless distractions; office workers, college students, and just about everyone else got their work done more efficiently, not worrying about how Joe feels like at the moment.

      As for your weak argument that those without Facebook are losers and outcasts, believe me, every possible socially awkward "freak" is on there. In fact, Facebooking is usually their favorite thing to do (besides playing world of warcraft). And why wouldn't it be? It provides a fake sense of connection to the outside world, so who needs to go outside and actually do things anymore? Post whatever you want about yourself on the internet. Its about who you are in person. Not in the same superficial pictures with lame poses and facial expressions that you selectively upload. Facebook is a virtual reality, designed completely by yourself, displayed to those you do not see everyday.

      I don't know about you guys, but I prefer getting personal invitations or birthday greetings over the phone then having 10 friends and 500 other people write on my wall. Plus, the time I save from not Facebook stalking gives me three extra hours on every single day of my life to go outside and LIVE!

    94. Smoone hate facebook says:

      Facebook is a piece of shit and trespass human nature.

    95. John says:

      Wow what a worthless piece of writing and I do have facebook but seriously, the only reason I have it was to find some of my old friends, now i'm ready move on, perhaps you consider that too. You are coming across like a pompous @#$, why would we want you to be our friends?

    96. Jimmy says:

      "Facebook is a piece of shit and trespass human nature." Wow. First I have to acknowledge that little tidbit of infinite wisdom. (Unbelievable.) Was that even anywhere close to a coherent sentence? Secondly: John. Well said!! Now for my humble contribution to the subject at hand. I personally find the most annoying aspects of Facebook to be the idiotic teenage phrases; "Facebook-stalking" & even worse…"Creeping." And Gies….I believe that your short paragraph sums up the entire Facebook issue perfectly. Also very well said. My compliments.

    97. Alex says:

      Facebook is not for everyone.

      From my point of view of being a 20 year old male that has always been popular with people of my age and older, I find Facebook quite unnecessary and somewhat childish. I first created a Facebook account in 11th grade, played around with it till the middle of sophomore year in college until I deleted it.. As soon as I deleted it, I felt like I was truly free. And as a matter of fact, more people actually even felt more inclined to contact me due to keeping my life private. And guess what? They still loved me.

      Facebook is an immature and easier way for people who rely on the internet to socialize rather than picking up a damn phone like in the old days and having the balls to call a female or even a friend.

    98. Laurent says:

      Facebook is an application for simple minded who did not at all understand concepts, rules and threats of today's Internet.

      Privacy is my sole unique concern with Internet and Facebook is a non-sense by nature.

      I am French and work in IT and web industry for almost 15 years as a Senior architect and manager in a huge worldwide company, and we design the stuff you use everyday. We know everything of you, and we're not even Google or Facebook. My only advice is "run fools"…

      World War II and Cold War didn't teach anything to young generations. The next dictator will thank you so much for all this free and accurate data… And his arrival is never a question of "if" but of "when"…

    99. Stereophonic Analyst says:

      I HAD Facebook, used it for around 3 years and I only had family and friends. Recently deleted it, and it feels great and free, no more worries with the website. At the end of my time in FB, most people were not writing anything, just those who I talk with by phone or email meaning I need no Facebook to keep in touch with them. Only around 7 congratulated me on my birthday. Too much gossip and two or three people who wrote a lot of stupid things on my status, comments or wall. One of the things I hate more about the social website is how some people are one thing in person, and another thing in Facebook. They say hi to me, write me a paragraph but in person they never talk to me even if I see them. No Facebook = Back to reality. I don't need Facebook to have friends. If someone wants to talk to me and cares about me, he will call me or write me by mail or e-mail and visit me. Facebook USED to be a site to help friends to keep in touch but has become a gossip center and a whining zone. Many people in FB just show how much attention they want, writing stupid status of things that I could not care less about. R.I.P. Facebook and all social networks.

    100. […] Schools all over have been experimenting with social media lately – some of them getting into it and some of them encouraging their students to stay out of it. Now Harrisburg University of Science and Tech are blocking all social media from the school’s network including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and AIM for a week. They’re not the first school to try a move like this, but my question is, is it right? […]

    101. Niven says:

      Do you know what the irony of this article is? It made me 1000 times more determined NEVER to join Basefook. And I was already resolute on never having anything to do with it anyway. What I would like to do is get on with my life, and if there ever comes a point in my life where I am demonised for not joining a website, then this is one pretty sad world.

    102. nanananananananabatm says:

      The person who wrote this article is IMMATURE

      I feel sorry for u whoever you are, whether stalker or attention freak.

      Not all, but a lot of people using the social networks are introvert, childish, unsuccessful ppl making oneself wrong image via FB to get the attention from the world that they don't get in real life

      Stalking is not excluded, it's very SAD if you spend your life stalking ppl's profiles

      I hope you're not like that, I wish you a happy fulfilled life away from your computer, if you're worthy or at least try, you could actually have friends in the real world😉

      But I guess the author of this article is just a little 12 year old, born in the internet era not knowing other ways to socialize😛

    103. Vaughn says:

      "that's how we roll in generation me" !??

      well, at least you actually know you're a self-absorbed twat.

    104. Preferred Display Na says:

      Personally "Noa" I think you're a fucking idiot. I'm proud to say that I do not and will never have a Facebook page. If you must know why, it's because stuff like this is causing my generation (I'm 29) and those below me to envelop themselves in social ineptitude, to the point where these folks don't know how to handle the real world.

      These are the same people who whine that they can't get job offers because they're using shorthand on a resume, because they think they're talking to their YoVille friends, or whatever the hell it is.

      People who nix FB aren't committing social suicide, they ARE living life for what it's worth, and that includes all of the interaction that doesn't take place for the "terminally ill" students and individuals on a screen. Happily, this too shall pass, eventually, and maybe my generation will still have some hope with regard to social acceptance and status.

    105. Art Vandelet says:

      Facebook is for losers. End of discussion. Much better to experience the world from beyond the confines of a laptop.

    106. bobby says:

      I think its funny you said what you did.

      Im actually at a point where i wouldnt want to know someone because THEY DID use facebook! lol.

      Ive seen real 3D friends turn into total fucking freaks since this trend started.

      Ill no longer make an effort with them because i dont want to just be another number on their list.

      Cya LOSER!

    107. bobby says:

      Just to add:- You must be really dumb/naive/stupid to think that people dont use inforamtion against you.

      Nevermind the government, be careful what you tell your 'best friends'.

      People on facebook dont realise how fucking daft they are being.

    108. Me says:

      Facebook= just another fad. As for the whole peanut butter/ jelly thing that's only big in America, sounds a bit gross to much of the rest of the world.

    109. jamie says:

      In the words a Zen Master…….A quenching thirst with salt water, a pursuit of goals which simply requires the pursuit of other goals, a cluthcing of objects which the swift course of time renders as insubstantial as the mist, The very one who pursues, who sees and knows and desires, the inner subject, has his existence only in relation to the ephemeral object of his pursuit.

    110. jessica says:

      Social networking is for creeps.

    111. Mike says:

      This is a huge load of BS. If people turn on you just because you DON'T have Facebook, then they're not worthy of being your real friends. "Facebook friends" are nowhere near the friends you make in reality. Real friends are there for each other through thick and thin, not on some "walls." Speaking of which, whatever happened to a necessity called PRIVACY?

      What the hell is up with everyone knowing everything about everybody? Seriously! "Status: Bought a new bra. Oops, it snapped, wrong size!" Who cares?

    112. sean says:

      I am sick to death of all the facebook publicity and hype. When will it stop.. No i do not have a facebbook page, nor do i need one. In every part of our society whether its the news, product advertisements, or what i call brainwashing, there it is. Facebook is everywhere and i fucking hate it. All those stupid fucking ilike comments that people post on their pages to express their thoughs is so damn stupid. Is this what we have become?

      Now some facebookers have legitimate pages for keeping in touch with family. Which is cool i guess, but when your spouse gets online and uses those fucking ilike comments to slander her

      husband or anyone else then it becomes a site where people can use the facebook format to attack others with facebook harrasement. Facebook really needs to change their ways, before people stop caring and start going on shooting spree's. No one likes to be cyber-bullied. And not everyone likes their life advertised on the internet. And you know, i bet that facebook movie fucking sucked, Justin timberlake must be desperate if he starring in that piece of shit. Fuck social networking and fuck u people who defend it . Yes u know who you are, and when the end of the world as u know it starts coming to an end, i cant wait to see your reactions when you cant get on your social networks, because they will no longer exist. And then what will u do? Ill tell you, you will die because u have no survival skills, just social networking skills. As you can see, the world needs to be cleansed.

    113. Tiffany says:

      Hello, I'm a weird freak. Nice to meet you.

      You must lead a shallow existence.

      "How do you learn about people?" – How about asking them questions? There was a time without facebook believe it or not. How do you think people met each other before. Get off your lazy *** and make a REAL social life.

      "Know what’s going on in your friends’ lives?!" – Ask them. If you've ever had a real friend, you would know that. You don't need a facebook to be a friend.

      "Update everyone on your own life without tons and tons of phone calls?" – Nobody cares that much, get over yourself.

      This is very basic knowledge, I'm very concerned that you don't know this stuff. I mean, you are HUMAN, right? And aren't you suppose to be in college. What the hell are they teaching kids these days?!

    114. Chris says:

      I think the author of this article is a fucking cunt.

    115. Yanni says:

      If the only way you have of keeping in touch with someone is facebook. They are sincerely not worth keeping in touch with

    116. AC says:

      one thing I've noticed over the past few years is that with the emergence of the internet, social networking sites, and the continuous upgrades to phones (from local calling, to long distance calling, to wireless, to cell phones, to more portable cheaper cell phones, to AIM, to Text, to internet…) people are forgetting how to communicate face-to-face. Texting, facebook, and instant message services allow someone to spend as much time as they want trying to devise the perfect response, as opposed to a face-to-face conversation where you have limited time to perfect your thoughts. Our generation is losing the ability to communicate and carry on a conversation face-to-face.

      I took a year off of school, and in that year I spent a lot of time around older generations, being back in school it's amazing the difference in the way our generation communicates in comparison to past generations. It's actually pretty scary. I know people who will sit IN THE SAME ROOM and talk to each other through text, AIM, facebook chat/ messages, comments, etc. and not once open their mouth.

      I think the way things are going in the (very distant) future we will probably lose vocal capabilities (if the human race lasts much longer at all), but that's just a theory.

    117. Andrew says:

      I came across this randomly and I had to respond. I am a 21 year old guy and I couldn't hate this post any more than I do. I don't have a facebook and you are the kind of person that keeps me from ever wanting one. Why is it mandated that I have a profile on a certain website?? The fact that you think that you learn more about people by looking at their facebook page is sad. We should be talking to each other face to face more about one another, not hiding behind your fake self online…

    118. Andrew says:

      Ironic that I am posting this criticism online haha but if I heard anybody say "Anybody without a facebook page is a freak, weirdo, has something to hide etc." I would definitely argue with them, and in the process actually engage in social behavior, unlike facebook.

    119. Shar says:

      This articles a joke, right?

      Just my two cents, I'm a college student and I don't have a facebook. I have a feeling the person who wrote this article is the kind of kid you see around campus trying to talk to everyone, the kind who will do anything with anyone just to get some attention and to get their name out there, the kind who gets wasted in the dorms while everyone is just watching them make a fool out of themselves, etc.

      I enjoy face to face interactions with people and to be honest I don't spend that much time on the computer. Those that I actually care about enough to keep in contact with can be reached by phone or email.

    120. sha says:

      i've lost all hope in humanity.

    121. Chris says:

      Never had a facebook nor a myspace. I don't know whether some of you can believe it, but I am still breathing. I am pretty sure that I will be OK. Maybe the effects of nonconformity have yet to set in. Idk.

    122. College Student 69 says:

      I read the first and a quarter paragraph of this article and I couldn't finish it. The ramblings of a closed minded sheep were too much for me to stomach. Whoever wrote this garbage surely will do anything she is told without questioning its validity. Newsflash: life existed before facebook and still does without facebook. I just don't give a shit about people. Even those that are close to me don't deserve my constant attention. The world is a big place and living in front of a screen looking at facebook is no way to live. You wonder how do I get to know people, well it is very simple: talk to them face to face. There is no better way. You will never learn who a person truly is until you interact with them in reality, not virtual reality. People on facebook can make themselves into whatever persona they choose, so the chances of really getting to know someone are very slim.

      Point is: Facebook is just another silly trend that has occupied the meager minds of the world. Facebook will become a painful memory sometime in the near future when some other silly fad rolls around.

    123. Gia says:

      Oh my people, my people! Where have you been? Your postes were so refreshing to read…thank you! I thought I was the only one who felt this way about Facebook. I absolutely hate these social networking sites, and I have a very full life and an amazing social circle…but, as an adult, I prefer to maintain my relationships with healthy interaction. My relationships and friendships are mine and not for public consumption. I've always felt the MySpace and Facebook thing to be so sad. People spend more time updating and surfing than relating.

      But the nail in the coffin for me was when a friend of mine, who is 44 and is the biggest ringleader in his circle in terms of Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. There is NOTHING sadder than a grown man getting an award for being the mayor of his own house!!! Is it just me??

    124. Socrates says:

      facebook = population control

    125. Jana Kraybill says:

      Having just read your paragraph on your opinion of people who don't have facebook,I couldn't believe you had the audacity to diss people like that!I have no idea whether or not you have taken your precious time away from your facebook to read the comments that people just wrote about you, but I would highly suggest you take a good long look. Did it ever occur to you that for some people facebook isn't the best choice because of how their brains work? Not everyone can have a facebook and be discerning and careful while using it. And it isn't their fault either!Which would you rather,someone to not have facebook and be free from experiencing the dangers that can occur if you aren't careful, or to have soemeone with this disability try it and end up in trouble? I would hate to think that you would be so cynical that you wouldn't even care!You need to wake up to the real world and start paying attention to what is really important!If the only value that lies in people is whether or not they have a facebook account with you,then you are one shallow closed minded individual!I say all that to say that that is the reason I don't have a facebook account.I have a desire to have one but it isn't the best thing for me,and I will not let you pass judgement on me like that. As for the people who don't have one, leave them alone!It is absolutely none of your business to go around judging people who don't live like you. Hopefully someday you'll join the real world, and stop acting like such an idiot!

    126. Travis says:

      Well this might be one of the most ignorant articles I've read in a while.

      For starters… My friends don't need to know what I did after I got home from granny Stenson's house. They certainly don't need to know what I had for breakfast every day. The things people share on Facebook are redundant and stupid. If my friends or family want to be concerned about my life that's fine, but they don't need to know every last detail. Some people actually enjoy privacy. If I were having an operation, or something serious was going on in my life then surely one of my close friends would be contacted, but the details of every day of my life are unnecessary.

    127. Caligirl says:

      I'm not sure what your intention was in writing this article, but guess what? Thanks to THIS article, I have decided to take a break from Facebook and most likely deleting my account in the future.

      Honestly, some of the things that people share on Facebook have made me dumber I think lol It will feel great not knowing what everybody is up to or what school they went to or what they are having for dinner or who just forgot to brush their teeth in the morning. I stopped checking my Facebook yesterday and it feels liberating! Time to have some fun outside and enjoy life!:)

    128. Prof says:

      I don't think so! You see, most people who don't have facebook accounts are the real INTELLIGENT ONES. they understand what they want and they do know the real score behind privacy issues. Besides, they are not that dumb to just suddenly jump into the bandwagon. People without facebook accounts have MORE ACTIVE SOCIAL NETWORKS because they do maintain and meet up with friends in real life. Guess what, people who are hooked up in facebook, let's say 10hrs/day or maybe even more have actually dead social relationships in REAL LIFE. I mean, what do you do when you get off facebook? It is good for long lost friends yeah, but to make most of your current friends online? I've seen facebook buddies chat online but ignore each other in school halls as if they really don't know each other. I think that's weird.

    129. Prof says:

      also, let me re-quote your title Facebook=Social Suicide.

      You actually lose the real sense of socializing and meeting up with friends on facebook. Back in my day, friends eat out and even long lost ones come back for reunion. Keeping in touch? Well there's always email and the phone!

    130. Prof says:

      and let's rephrase your title FACEBOOK=SOCIAL SUICIDE

      because if you spend more time in facebook, then that means you hardly go out to spend time with REAL FRIENDS.

      Back in my day, socializing was eating out or spending time with people who matter,

      Catching up? well we have found the email useful, the phone too!

      There's always the reunion for bonding with long lost friends.., there are many ways, besides FACEBOOK

    131. Nathan says:

      How do you learn about people?

      you walk up and start a conversation with them maybe? i mean its not like when you see someone on facebook that you could be getting only half the image

      How do you see pictures?

      How about going outside and seeing this thing called the real world its nice out there it has more oxygen than your parents basement.

      Know whats going on in your friends lives?

      I don't know why the hell you would even ask this question you can walk right up to them and say hey man whats going on? or you can call them.

      Update everyone in your own life without tons and tons of phone calls?

      I'm sorry i guess i'm alone in the fact that i don't want everyone in my life to know what i'm doing and half the people i went to highschool with that i secretly hated but didn't want to be a rude jackass to will just send me friend invites on facebook just so i feel like an ass when i decline it.

      That being said i really hope i never meet you in person the way you talk about people is f***ing sad grow up and get a life that includes going outside maybe the fresh air will stop you from being such a stuck up waste of skin.

    132. Chizzbo says:

      'I mean, how do you live without Facebook?'

      Easy, I have lived without it for 16 years. There is more to life than Facebook, it's pretty sad if people can't live without it.

    133. bob says:

      well for me fb is my life…i've meet my klasmyt in college and now shes my girl…lolz…….

    134. Sid says:

      I do not have a facebook, I never will. Normally when I need to talk to my friends I turn my head and say how’s it goin

      1. Michael says:

        I'm glad I'm not the only one in this world without a facebook.. Is it just me or was this one of the most poorly written articles you've ever read?

    135. not everybody wants 2 be social…i dont wanna be social….im happy with the friends ive made these 24 years of living…i have people i know on facebook…and they all annoy the hell out of me…dossers i know who dont work but are wearing new clothes and out every weekend,…pregnant girls who think they love…useless mans with no plans….i have the phone numbers of the people i need in my life and i know if i ever need them they-ll be there…facebook or not….u stupid girl

    136. Agaetis Byrjun says:

      This post is the epitome of what is wrong with our social society – some of us like to get to know people in a manner that doesn't involve Facebook stalking – who is the freak? Those who want to genuinely have some face time with the person or the person who sits behind a computer and gets to 'know' them through their pictures and status updates?

      I used to have a FB and honestly, I became aggravated with the way people left empty messages and updates their statuses and thought they knew me through a few pictures.

      The real world is more my pace – sorry, but this article is ridiculous. Get outside.

    137. Brian says:

      Yes, people use facebook, and it is good for keeping in contact with people we will most likely never see again. (Highs chool etc)

      HOWEVER, there is people, such as myself, that don't feel the need to intereact with every person we ever use to know.

      To go and say not having a facebook is social suicide, is just showing the immuturity of society today. I dont have a facebook, and you know what? I go to parties on weekends, and have a great time with many friends (many of wich do have a facebook).

      Those whole feel they cant live without facebook are the ones realy on the brink of social suicide, if you can't have a real social life without facebook, then who is really the pathetic one?

      1. Maria says:

        I totally agree!!!:) and thank you for replying such a wonderful answer! I don't have a "Facebook" either
        (i might make one though) but that doesn't mean Facebook will change my social life! wtf? I have the exact life as you and I'm not a freak or hiding something just cuz i have no F.B. lolzz

    138. bbb says:

      I don't have facebook. I can't see the point of it to be honest. I have a normal life with normal friendships prior to the facebook movement, and post-facebook movement. I really don't understand the point of having a slew of acquaintances interspersed with a few good friends, and updating them all about the suspect spot that you found on your back.

      I think the author of the above article is irrational, exaggerating, and a poor understander of human relationships.

      1. Joe says:

        You nailed it. A poor understanding of human relationships is exactly right. I don't have a facebook and I am 100% fine with that. When I see people I want to get to know them for who they are, not how they are depicted on a web page. Being pretentious is becoming normal to so many people because more times than not, the real them is not who posts the status updates. People want to be the "funny guy" on facebook or the "hipster". What happen to genuine relationships with real people? Dont get me wrong facebook is cool in some ways but it has definitely become a vehicle for pretense.

      2. john says:

        did u try there you can see all kind of people sharing inf about religions and politics at least they are there for a point

      3. anonymous says:

        religion in politics is far worse than the jersey shore social networking website

      4. Tamara says:

        I had a facebook account for 3-4 years. However, I've decided to delete it. My reasons for doing so were that I didn't agree with the fact that your personal information and the photos you've uploaded will remain in the FB database even after you've deleted your account. I think this is unethical.

        As for the other argument that you are bringing up, the fact that people who don't have a FB account are social outcasts, I can say from personal experience that it's completely false. I still have the same group of great friends that I had prior to closing my account and I can surely say that FB was never a ''must'' to communicate with them. So honestly, closing your FB account won't make a big diference in your life, if you had real friends prior to opening it.

      5. Kyle says:

        Totally agree and the fact that's illegal into a lot of different privacy laws. Facebook is a waste of time. The funny thing is, I've made more friends and had more dates and done more social things with my life after I got rid of facebook. What a waste of time and space on my computer every second of everyday! Plus, does the kid who I said hi to once in jr. high really need to know what I'm doing in my life 12 years later. F@@@ no!!!!!!

      6. Cal says:

        Well said. I don't have Facebook, never been on Facebook, never will. I'm so damn proud of it.

      7. Didi,Univ Coimbra pt says:

        i dont have a facebook account even people at college keep on asking and telling me to create one. I dont find it necessary, theres no point.
        I have good friends, (mostly over 20 years old)most of us live in the same town and meet many times to have a drink, do some hiking in the hills nearby and also play music. We keep in touch for years, since we were kids. Some times i meet new people, friends from friends, but i am not in a urge to add and know hundreds of people just for the sake of it and its pointless. School mates from highschool , well we went to school together, we had our time, but thats it. I made friends that still with me, others we had never a connection not anything in common, just went away, and thats life. I dont have a facebook and i have great friendship relations.
        i dont have anything to hide, but that does not mean that i have to tell everybody everything i do every minute. i email pictures from travells when friends ask for it, but i dont need to make a propaganda out of it.

    139. lauren says:

      i am sorry but i agree with all of these other people. i am so glad and happy that i have found other people like myself who are not scared to voice there opinion about facebook! i have not had a facebook account for 1 month and i will never ever ever be getting it back . god you people are so motivating!. its strange that every single close friend of mine has a facebook account except myself but i have looked into the situation and realised its not private no matter how many privacy settings you have, its full of nosey people who want to delve into your private life and its for people who have no lifes. i used to envy the people i knew that didnt have facebook because i used to think they must have an amazing life.

    140. Lauren says:

      il admit i have thought of getting it back but after reading this i knwo i never will because ig ot rid of it for a reason and that reason simply is because i do not like facebook. its like why on earth would i want to write a "status" to inform my close friends family members enemies i didnt want to have as friends but accepted to keep a peaceful life school friends i didnt like and random people from japan who requested me who i dont even know to inform them of what i am doing its bizarre.
      i can say i wil never be a member of facebook because of the simple reason i have the will power and the social life without the social site and i dont actually like facebook :

    141. Desiree says:

      Im 20 and i have had literally like 20 people asking me to facebook, with a few of them even going as far as making me accounts and giving me the password.

      I just dont want bookface!

    142. Elle says:

      I deleted my facebook page about 2 years ago and i have no intention of getting it back- despite the ridiculous amount of people who are constantly nagging me to get it. Im naturally a very private person and so the idea of strangers being able to find out private stuff about me online just doesnt make sense. Since when did it make you a 'freak' to not want people to know everything about you? Id say its just being cautious and wanting to retain a mystique and an aspect of your individuality that is kept safe.

    143. YamiHual says:

      I agree with all of you guys, I actually dont see the point of facebook except for communicating with long distance friends! I currently dont have a facebook and it actually makes me feel different! I meant everyone I know has a facebook page except for me. But I will perhaps create one at the end of this year since I will be moving away and I've made some good friends I want to keep in touch with. Anyways saying that not having a facebook page is social suicide is just a bit stupid and irrational (huge understatement)! As some mentioned it is way nicer to get to know people face to face!

    144. CCL says:

      I used to have a facebook and the fact that everyone else has one makes me want to use it even less. i don't need facebook to talk to my friends because there's this thing called a cellphone. I feel like if those people were really my "friends" i'd have their number already. I don't feel pressured to do something because everyone else is doing it and not because i want to. i'm not in highschool anymore so there's just no point.

    145. John Smith says:
      Since leaving Facebook is harder than quitting heroin, we figured – why bother? Instead, we thought a day-off might do us some good, give our virtual friends a chance to miss us. Let them imagine our lives got so interesting all of the sudden, were just to busy to log on. Tuesday seems like a good day for that. Who’s with us?

    146. MaynardJamesKeenan says:

      The author of this article is too immature to realize "friend" on FB doesn't necessarily mean real friend. I have never had, and have no intention of ever having a FB page, and I'm in my 20s. My social life seems fine without one. My real friends have my phone number. The real world doesn't give a shit whether or not you have a FB, in fact, it could be detrimental to your career and REAL relationships. Did you know that a growing percentage of divorces are the result of FB?

    147. Keith says:

      I am still laughing at the immaturity of this article. Wow, I see dozens of people a day, I have tons of real friends anmd a wonderful wife/life. I am not on Facebook…I guess I should committ suicide now.

    148. Unknown says:

      This article made me laugh!

      How do you think people survived when social networking sites weren't around? You go around you mates house, phone them, go out and see them, all this facebook crap does my head in, its a waste of time even getting it, not only is it very addictive but it's creepy being able to see who looks at your profile!

      I'll certainly never get is again.

    149. Steve-O says:

      I think the author was a twelve year old girl. This article is ridiculous and I can't believe Google put it within the first five searches for "life without Facebook."

    150. jae says:

      This article has ignorance written all over it. I dont necessarily have to describe who I am just to indicate that I am not a freak due to my abstinence from facebook. Why judge others based on whether or not they have a facebook? It may be true that people like you feel that the only way to keep in touch with all of your “friends” is through the use of social networking but people like me rather have a few genuine friends who are worth keeping in touch with via phone, letters, post cards, or text messages. After-all, people come and go for a reason and this ultimately leads to the conclusion that the ones who stay are the ones that matter the most. Why would anyone feel the need to share what he or she is doing or experienced with strangers or old acquaintances? From my perspective, I feel like people need to accept that relationships, love or friend-wise, fades away….just like how facebook replaced myspace…people get replaced too. Sooner or later the fading away reaches a certain a certain extent and social networking becomes ineffective due to the fact that we canceled out the ones who were just there and found the ones who cared enough to stay, thus, your definition of anti-social becomes inevitable…no matter how you look at it. Now, I can go on about my definition of anti-social, but that would be too judgmental and I don’t want to follow your trend of ignorance.

    151. Brittney says:

      This article is so ignorant
      No facebook=Unique

      I don't need a facebook page to define my social life. I already have a great social life without the need of facebook. Because I can call, text, or email my friends when I need to.

      I'm not some antisocial person with no friends. I have very good friends that I see quite often. And the ones that I don't see often I call. I have no need to have FB and I don't understand why other people condone people for not having one. FB is for some people but not everyone. Some people just don't need one and choose not to have one. Get over it, it's not the end of the world.

    152. B.B. says:

      I don´t think people need something like facebook or myspace. What the h*ll would you do with so many "fake" friends who just want to fill their list with contacts.
      No, i'm more like the odd ones.

    153. John says:

      Terribly written and ignorant article. I'd love to read his opinions regarding twitter though. Great comments though. I don't have an account either and I get by just fine. Maybe we all should start a face book group and really show 'em.

    154. Chris says:

      LOL. The ignorance of this article.

      F@C3B00K 1$ !@WES0M33333. Not.

      If I don't have a Facebook account, I don't exist to you? Lewlz. That's one hundred and ten percent fine with me. I don't care to "exist" to someone who is to lazy to shoot me a phone call/email/text every once in a while to see how I'm doing, but has to rely on Facebook because she's a lazy slag who is to scared to actually communicate with someone without Facebook.

      As for your questions, I'll answer em'.
      How do you learn about people? Um, how about me talking with them FACE TO FACE. How about me TAKING THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW THEM, and not relying on the "About Me" section of Facebook that isn't even filed in all the time.

      See pictures? OMG. I think I'll die if I don't see pictures. Yes. Pictures are oh so important. If you didn't see pictures of your friend at that party, you're a loser. *rolls eyes*

      Know what’s going on in your friends’ lives?! If they're a friend, I will know what's going on their lives. I call my true friends. I skype my true friends. I text my true friends. I email my true friends. If you're not a true friend, I could not care less with what's going on in your life.

      Update everyone on your own life without tons and tons of phone calls? Ever heard of text messaging? Emails?

      Noa, you're truly ignorant. You're probably one of those Facebook crazed cheerleaders that are too scared to communicate and socialize in person, so you rely on Facebook because it's "quicker and convenient."

      LOL at your ignorance.

      1. sharlet says:

        i so totally agree with you. you have the best comment on this page.😄😀

      2. Ready to Dump FB says:

        "too scared to communicate and socialize in person, so you rely on Facebook because it's "quicker and convenient." – believe it or not, I've experienced this type of person. They really do exist. This chick told me that she was available via email, and that she would occasionally be on FB, but phone conversations would not happen. Who does that??

    155. gandhi says:

      Facebook sucks!

    156. young gun says:

      What a complete load of tosh!! Seriously, just because someone doesn't have facebook puts them into some sort of weirdo category? What is the world coming to when we simply judge people for not getting involved in social networking. I do not have facebook, not because I decided to be a non-comformist, just because I find social networking to be an outlet for people to show off (oh look, look at me!!!) .
      The cultural paradigm nowadays is too expose oneself to the world. Just because I don't plaster every nuance of my every day life on facebook, or decide I don't want to be cyber chums with someone with whom I was once acquainted 15 years ago, doesn't make me strange; if anything, it makes me more normal. Frankly, I think there is something inherently off with the notion that a person has to engage in social networking just to feel less of a social pariah. It is nonsense, and if this is the barometer for measuring a person's social popularity, then overall I would not want to be part of that, and I am, overall, glad I have not joined facebook.

    157. eclipse79 says:

      I googled "people who are not on facebook" and it led me here. Having watched my roommate take pictures of himself and post them, having watched him go insane as he could not handle his breakup by spying on his ex and seeing pictures of his ex with her new boyfriend, doctor whatever, I must thank FB for keeping me entertained. I do not have FB and I am quite alright regardless of the "social network" and "friend" BS. How I couldn't care less about people that line up to get what everyone has, how we all could use a break and just accept the fact that you are unique and well….do not need to slap personal information and idiotic pictures of "who you're f!@#$%^" and the oh so important "I get drunk " pictures on public display to prove so. Back to the "People who are not on facebook" isn't it great")

    158. Vishwajeet says:

      your last line is meaningful not on facebook and I dont exist to you …which clearly means all the people who're on facebook exist to you, and thats why you post them your updates ..which they really care about ..

      Learn how to make friends ..not 'friends' ..

      Get a life 'friend' !

    159. n/a says:

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      Whoever wrote this is so small minded it hurts. I actually choked from laughing when reading this. "if you don't you barely exist to me" THANK GOD I DON'T HAVE FB THEN! grow up and get off the damm computers the lot of you. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    160. hellbettie78 says:

      It's a false dichotomy that lack of a social site = lack of or reduced social life. What is true is that most of the people who choose not to have a social site do so due to their feelings about privacy, or their lack of interest in being online. Based on perusing some of these sites, I've come to the conclusion that I actually get out more and do far more recreational traveling than most people who are mentally tied to their online lives.

      Some people I know can nag away at me to contact them online. Outside of email, I'm not going to. Privacy is tantamount to me; not only do I not want people to know every interest, activity and thought I'm having, I don't want to know everything about my friends and acquaintances either. A little mystery is fun, finding out that people you know are addicted to Farmville isn't!!

      And this notion of affecting your social status works both positively and negatively with these sites. I work in a field where it's typical to check out a prospective employee's Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter accounts. You can't believe how many people (who are undoubtedly decent overall) negatively affect their employability by their partying pictures, comments about drinking, getting high, cutting out of work, complaints about their current job and co-workers, etc. I'll also add that while more younger people are technologically savy, a number seem less proficient at basic social interaction and social cues.

    161. Scott says:

      It has its advantages and disadvantages. But you're taking it to the extreme. I don't have one. I don't know if it will ever come to a point where it actually benefits me.

    162. qkin says:

      i dont like the feeling of being judged on facebook(number of friends, how frequently people post on your wall, etc)

    163. legendary says:

      is that so ? i dont have a fuckin' facebook and doing fine yo ! it's all bull shit.neva had i tha intention to make an account never even will. Fuck this world order

    164. Kim says:

      Some people are just not interested. It seems like you give too much thought of what other people think of you. Personally, I use opposed to Facebook because I like their im messenger better. It really just depends on what you like.

    165. Lena says:

      Just wanted to say Thank you to all these people who support not having a fb account. I deleted it about a year ago and it's true, people do see me as some kind of a freak. But you know what? I really do not care. I have my closest friends supporting me and even if everyone was against my opinions about Facebook, I'd still not give a damn. I like my life the way it is and only those who do not have an account will understand. I enjoy reading your comments people! It's great to read opinions similar to mine. Cheers!

    166. Kimini says:

      I have made myself a challenge, no facebooking between Feb. 1st and June 21st (my birthday). at all! Let's see what happens. I am up for it, because I am more addicted to it than I would like to admit.. read about it on my blog. I believe that it will not lead to social suicide, but maybe even make my social life more valuable.

    167. Natalie says:

      My ex boyfriend called me and told me told me that he is friends on Facebook with two of MY old girlfriends from highschool that he absolutely HATED when we were dating. I told him its sad when you are "friends" now with people you didn't give two shits about in high school. He was like "past is past" and I said, "Well, actually it's not–since you gets status updates on them now"

      Pathetic. You couldn't pay me to have a FB

    168. Ruby says:

      This article sums up all the reasons why I don't want to join Facebook. I know there are good sides to it, like keeping in touch with people, etc.
      But it's sad that in order to be 'social' you have to update a bunch of people, some who you may barely know personally about what you at the weekend, or worse, what they eat for breakfast.
      I'm 20, I have good close friends, I go to college, I enjoy my life. I just don't need the world and it's dog to know about it.
      Seriously, it's like people need to prove they exist by blabbing random nothings into a computer in the hope that people will see.

      "Is someone’s profile a fair way to judge them? Probably not, but that is how we roll in “generation me” and anyone who is not a part of that will be left behind and out of the know when it comes to weekend ragers."

      'Generation Me'? How empty, boring and pathetic.
      Honestly, if this generation wants to appear as shallow as a profile picture, fine. I would rather be a 'freak' any day than be just another brick in the wall.

      Each to their own, but really just be yourself and stop trying to appear to be living your life, just live it, who cares who's watching.

    169. Anand says:

      As everyone has said….it is retarded to think that without joining a website, you commit social suicide.
      I do not have an account and may miss some pics that my friends post on facebook. I dont care because if this person is close enough you can ask them to upload it in picasa for eg, and see it. Most of them just show off with filthy, useless, crap status messages and video uploads which are a waste of time. If you can go to a library and read some books on real things by real authors with content and try to pen your thoughts on interesting topics or pursue a hobby, then it would be far better and fulfilling than just going around in circles with facebook/any other social netrworking site where even the discussions lead to a no-man's land. The older way of life is extremely refreshing, only if we care to give a try.

    170. Anand says:

      Noob of the day. Just STFU. You're my son.

    171. nofb says:

      i think you are sick.

    172. Allison says:

      I am proud to say I don't have a facebook. I live in a sorority and go to parties often, and whenever I meet new people they always say we should "add" each other on facebook. But it's funny to see how surprised they are to know I don't have one. Most of them give me props and encourage me not to get one.

      So just to let you know I am every bit social and don't need a facebook to stay connected. If I want to hang out with people I call them. We meet face to face, which is not possible with facebook. In all actuality I'm not the one who's anti-social, it's you who has a facebook that is. At least I have the audacity to meet with my friends instead of sending them a halfwitted message on their wall.

      But that's just my two cents!

    173. sueming says:

      i am actually quite shocked to read this post.
      i never knew people could be so judgemental until the point that they are so self-absorbed.

      since u are so judgemental and likes to make assumptions.
      i would assume that you being a severely judgemental person, would be never be able to find HAPPINESS ever, in your life.

      why would anyone befriend You, a judgemental attention-seeking woman(people with facebook wants some attention either way, not saying its a bad thing), i dont think anyone would like your personality and attitude.

      i never like people who are judgemental.

    174. Matt says:

      I don't like facebook. I don't like showing off. I don't like putting pictures of me anywhere. To people like you who say: you don't exist to me if you're not on facebook, I reply: I don't care. To me, dependance on facebook to communicate with people is pathetic, and praising it — straight funny. How do I learn about people? I talk. See pictures? I don't care about them! I was going to say something more but this post just makes me laugh. Go back to your artificial, facebook-driven life.

    175. Anon says:

      ugh! like seriously, even your mom has one… and so will your future employers, and if you are not careful, a druken semi-nude picture from one of those "awesome weekend ragers" that you were invited to via said site will come back to haunt you. I understand privacy settings can be set in place, just as I understand that facebook can be very useful. It is just, simply put, a waste of my time.

      My life is much better off now that I deleted my facebook account because without it I ACTUALLY live. When I am not perusing online articles, i am experiencing REAL connections, FACE TO FACE with REAL people, so I don't need photographs- I am already there

    176. Cos says:

      I think you're a stupid brat

    177. Hamburgler says:

      I love people who constantly update their Facebook. Now I know when to rob them while they're eating out, shopping, or on vacation. And I don't have to claim the riches I find on my taxes.

    178. Brett says:

      I don't have Facebook because I don't want to keep up with the lives of more than half the people I know. My good friends call me when they want something. Socially I do fine, I am liked enough to be called and invited places even without a face book page.

      I actually am registered on the site, but I have no photo, friends, or pictures because when my friend made me the profile I kept forgetting to log in. Whenever I'm online eats up my social time and eats up my career time. Why have facebook sell my info to third parties?

    179. fb ruined dating says:

      Facebook ruined dating.

      The dating scene is ridiculous anymore. Facebook, for many, is a dealbreaker. Every women I meet requires me to have an active fb page to continue what should be a natural progression into a relationship. It seems phone calls and getting to know a person in the physical has been replaced with reading a persons fb profile along with that persons friends fb profiles.

      Are women so naive to think people don't lie, fake, or embellish their fb profiles?

      Unfortunately I may have to sign up for this very reason. 😦

    180. Guest says:

      People like you (Noa) are so selfish and stupid. I don t have Facebook. When I want to say something to my friends, I just visit them, I go to a restaurant or a bar and have some fun. That's what friends are for, isnt it? You say that people who don't have Facebook are hiding something. Well, I think that people who are on facebook, have something to hide. Apparently they are shy, they arent able to talk to someone and just brief: THEY DON T HAVE A LIVE!

    181. No value says:

      Facebook has absolutely no value for me. Google mail does.

    182. Alicia says:

      So insecure that you need to have 4589 "friends" that you have and will never see, who pretends they love you ?

      I don't care about facebook and I probably never do.

    183. Obamabinladen says:

      u r the stuppidest dick ever, youre thinking thazt the only way to share fotos and shit is FB? on facebook most of the things that are toled arent even interesting, shure its an easy way to share shit but it wants to be more than that and youre a Fbwhore that falls for it, FB IS gonna do something evol youle see!! just like obamma..

    184. Arielle says:

      Maybe some of you Facebook haters can make your own site? Seriously though, if you don't have a Facebook and everyone you know does, you are out of the loop, and no one wants to hear you whine about it and no one wants to talk to you on the phone for an hour to update you on their life. It's like communicating with someone through a time warp.

      1. Niven says:

        Do shut up

    185. ellie says:

      i agree completely with all of these comments! to have a relationship with someone then you might as well march yourself up to them and talk like a normal human being.. not cyber-stalk somone on facebook.

    186. ??? says:

      I belive that it's the ones that have a facebook that are the wiredos. I mean what kind of freak just stare at a comptuer screen forever to see if somebod's mood has changed?Who would rather stay there instead of living? They seriosly have no real life it' just so sad and pathetic. If your younge go live your life instead of wasting it on a idotic webstie that will go out of style in one year.

    187. Ivan says:

      I guess I'm a loser because I don't have a Facebook account…. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    188. judy says:

      I had FB 2 times and my only intention was to find friends,I did not find any first time,so I left.Then 2nd time,I found them and half of them we're very fake and those few who rarely updated every 2 seconds which are out of 52 only talked to 3 in the end.All this to say,that in end someone posted on my wall they will miss me when in reality they never gave me there number.Oh,then had random stalker who text me to go back to school acting total judgmental bitch.
      I hate FB and those who have it,should GET A LIFE.I hope they close fb a offical day and wonder if ppl will commit sucide!! I don't wish it,but it will happen since,people have no lifes and don't know how to interact with ppl anymore only with FB and TEXTING,making are human race more stupid by the mintue.I got a lot of ppl hating me when I left yesterday..I put in my status the HATERS and FB is dead!! classic.The hater never answered.She was a real bitch and acted real stuck up..k half of all FB ppl are narassic and need HELP..they post millions pics of themselves and they have kids and act like the baby will feed themselves..even ppl leaving there babies to check fb and letting them drown very sick.

    189. CanucksRULE says:

      I dont have facebook, but i live in a town with one highschool with about 1500 kids, so before fb came out i had no problem having friends, because i did things outside and remain friends with them now, they know where i live, my family etc. i Know where they live, got their cell number that kinda shit, they all have facebook but ive known them forever aND anyone that means anything to me knows whats happening in my life, or other ways to contact me, or we talk in PERSON. a few people have told me to get it, but i tell them why im standing in front of you ask me something haha dont fuckin creep on people. Fuck man i see people creepin bitches and shit, its like go talk to them, get their number, and fuck that pusssyy. Facebooks gay. fuckin americans ruin the entire world

    190. phil says:

      great idea! you shouldnt trust people who dont use facebook. after all, facebook has wonderful pre-screening systems and background checks before people sign up! they wouldnt just let ANYONE on their network!


    191. Nivedita says:

      Very true… social networking sites are for people who are insecure and constantly need to be reassured and adding any tom dick and harry to friend's list who dont even care a damn abt u….

    192. Dochelle says:

      I only think people use FACEBOOK for attention,they don't get attention in their real lives so they use facebook as a tool like uploading 1000 pictures a day and updating their statuses 24/7, 7 days a week. I think its all about compettion and people on Facebook only report the good things in their life, but between me and you I bet half of the facebook users are suffering with depression.

    193. Fresh says:

      Facebook is cancer. We’re nearly dead.

    194. Adder says:

      You're in college and you write like that? I think you should spend some time away from Facebook and spend it taking a few writing courses. Believe me, you need them.

    195. hannah says:

      well I think you just made yourself look like a fool,I mean seriously,so what if you don't have a fb account?big deal!!!,i don't know what sort of problem you have,but you probably don't have any friends,who'd want to be friends with you?and if you do have friends,god bless them!,I don't want people to get information about my life,fb is for people who have nothing to do in their lives,you match that description perfectly!and looks like nobody here agrees with you! I am so sad that you don't trust me(NOOOTTT)

    196. Mr. D says:

      As a 22 year old male who has gone through four years of college without a facebook, I found this article quite intriguing. It's impossible to deny that socialization will continue to become more and more impersonal as technology brings more people around the world together and by choosing to abstain from such things as facebook, twitter, etc you're putting yourself at risk of being "left out." But left out of what, precisely? Friendships can't start with the click of a button. How many people would think of friending a random person on facebook just to start a conversation with, say, someone who lived in a different country? The ONLY thing of value facebook does is help people maintain existing friendships. Say you meet someone cool at a party, you friend them later on on facebook. But you could just as easily keep up with them by phone or email! Who needs all this facebook bullshit when you can just do that?

    197. Budmaude says:

      I don't have facebook, never did. This article is quite meaningless. It's personal opinion more than fact.
      You do understand that facebook plays into the most primitive of human psychology, right?
      I don't have any interest in knowing what people did last night and I don't have any interest in sharing with the world what I did. And I don't give two damns about peoples lives if they're not family or friends, and if they are I rather they tell me about themselves personally instead of me reading it on a lifeless page. Seriously people who are addicted to facebook are like stalkers, what happens when you run tired of spying on each other and facebook collapses? Pointless article, pointless website, the facebook bubble is going to pop sooner or later then you will all move to a new trend just cause you were told to, meanwhile I'll wait for you all in the real world, cya:) .

    198. Roberto says:

      is also the whole idea of having everyone stuck in an enterprise, in this case, facebook. Also like the old relations, I had a russian friend I didn't email in 2 years or so, and I emailed her the other day, (or writing letters) I mean, of course is better to be in touch with people but really like you lose feeling with relations, I don't know how to explain; is like maybe 60 years ago, if you didn't smoke you couldn't get friends (or some sort of friends) but also, those friends got through those habits aren't really friends, of course is cool and so to know more people and so, but with perspective, knowing what's going on.

    199. fuck off you whore says:

      i'm ashamed to share the same universe as people like you.

      "freaks" because they're not on some website? those "freaks" are the people who are actually intelligent and understand what it means to be human being, people who are wise and have interests other than obsessing over pictures of their friends or what everyone's plans are for the next 2 years of their life and what every person they know is doing at any given minute of the day.

      those "freaks" are genuine. they're original. they have something that cannot be taken away and that is called integrity. i hope that someday that you and all of the other people who have deemed us "freaks" will come to understand how idiotic and sad their viewpoint is.

      life has existed before facebook and i am so grateful and proud that there are at least still some people out there who have experienced enough or are simply wise enough to have already known who they are and what they love and who they love without facebook.

      there are some people who actually have relationships strong enough to withstand life without facebook believe it or not and there are actually some people who have OPEN MINDS and actually THINK.

      i hope the world ends if people like you are all thats left behind.

      and again, maybe you should realize that things like facebook exist for people with simple minds and simple ideas. those "freaks" are obviously greater minds and of greater ideas so,
      if you can understand this,

      fucking christ why wasn't i born in the 70's, this is bull shit.

    200. Iris says:

      It seems like there are a lot of judgments here. Not every man or woman who uses facebook lives in their parents basement. Likewise, staying away from the social networking site doesn't make you an "agoraphobic douche." The most troubling part of the current generation isn't how much time we spend online, but how much the digital age has promoted rude remarks and ignorance.

    201. nick says:

      facebook is for narcissist…. i have a myspace, myspace was a fad, and so is facebook.

    202. corritt says:

      to be honest, i think you are very narrow minded. Yes, you are weird for feeling like this, you think people are freaks for not being on facebook? You assume that every young person, or any age, have plenty of confidence and are always social, and have to follow the crowd. what about people who are shy, aren't naturally outgoing, or have some form of social anxiety? i am not on facebook because i am shy and i wouldnt want people who i dont know to know everything about me – my age, what i do, even who i am in a relationship with – to any shy person this is very intrusive.

    203. corritt says:

      The only goog thing about FB is getting in contact with old friends, but these people who take vain pictures of themselves and constantly 'check' their facebook accounts for new comments just makes me glad that im not part of this. You take your confidence for granted, try living with social anxiety, then i think you will change your views. Oh and you made my day by saying that i barely exist to you, im not just saying this but im so glad that i dont know you, even happier that im never going to know you. I just dont think our personalities would click. If being on facebook makes you happy then fairplay to you, to each their own and all, but im so glad that im not in the majority. Just dont assume everyone is the same and has the same high levels of social confidence.

    204. Tony says:

      "The information posted on all social networking sites is hardly information. Knowing what your friends are having for lunch or what movie they saw last is not beneficial to friendships." -Mark Bauerlein (The Dumbest Generation)

      This is a very enlightening book, you should read it.
      Oooh sorry i forgot you don't read, you spend your time gathering trivial knowledge about people's lives…I have a great life and I do not plan on wasting it infront of a computer,

    205. Sam says:

      the author of this article is stuck in middle school

    206. Freak says:

      And why are these people outcasts….becuase they dont drink the kool-aid? Theres nothing wrong and a big argument for the ones who decide not to partake in the new opium of the masses. Substitute facebook with "church" in this article and you would think the writer was a 1950's housemom who was also worried about the "coloreds" and "gays" up the street.

    207. disgruntled says:

      uggg I have facebook and absolutely loathe it, I'm contemplating deleting it because I rarely check it and people are giving me a hard time saying they have been trying to get a hold of me for so long. Really? You have my phone number. Lazy and impersonal is what I find facebook has turned some interactions between friends and I. When is a saying Happy Birthday on facebook a better choice than a phone call? When you actually don't give a sh*t, that's when. So I guess facebook has shown me the ones who could no longer bother to call when they can leave a text message on facebook instead.

    208. kendra says:

      I deleted my facebook account like three years ago and have no intentions on making a new one. all my friends know me by that and though they are constantly nagging me to open one again, they know that that'll be the last thing i'll do. facebook annoys me and depressed me. Not to mention I found it hassle having to post pictures and check other people's comments. i felt like i was constantly competing to have better pictures, have more friends, bring more updates. and i had mutual friends who commented on pictures to get me jealous, it's insane. and don't even get me started on having to deal with the random girls, exes, and strangers from my school and whatnot stalking me. PLus there's something really creepy of having to know that there will always be at least someone looking at my pictures. Examining every single detail and judging me.
      besides, i like having my life completely private. the only people i talk daily or the weekends are the people that are important in my life, everyone else does not matter. and if i meet someone new that I click with, then we exchange emails and numbers. my pictures and list of friends shoulnd't be important; if they are curious about my interests then they could just ask. Simple as that.

    209. seb_hfx says:

      reactions reactions reactions, Any technology can be used for good or bad. Everybody is reacting but nobody mentioned the good aspects. what about people that live away from home. Its one of the best ways to exchange ideas and links and videos. Im not gonna start FTP"ing everything to my friends that don t live close to me. The thing is that people that react here are not better than that young girl that wrote that article. That's the era we live in. you re against it or for it. Instead,why dont you realize its good for a lot of people. It sucks on a lot of aspects. Seriously, It s the times we live in. People reacted against television when It was commercialized. i m not saying to conform but hey,I dont have a phone and sometimes using Facebook is the same as using Hotmail . And about having a life outside of social medias: Philosophically speaking our lives are shaped by the way we interact with our environment and that includes social media. so even what you call outside or nature has been modified by humans.nothing is pure anymore. think about it.

    210. lol says:

      College huh? Solve this mathematical problem. Stupidity > Ignorance. Can’t solve? Either your ignorant or stupid. I’m leaning towards stupid.

    211. lol says:

      I apologize for laziness. You’re*

    212. WhySoLame says:

      I don't find anything wrong. I think u are juz being stupid.

    213. sharlet says:

      HELLO. just cuz we don't have facebook doesn't mean we're hobo freaks with sad, miserable lives. sheesh I don't have facebook cuz all my friends gossip and swear and etc. so i basically have no use for it. whenever they pester me cuz i don't have facebook, i say to them, "am i going to die if i don't have it. will i get cancer? NO!" so basically if i'm not going to die without it, I'M PERFECTLY FINE. DONE.😡

    214. Rayquaza says:

      No one has to have facebook,it´s a personal choice. Just because someone doesn´t have it,it doesn´t
      mean they´re some sort of serial killer/psycho who´s just waiting to kill you.
      Get over it.

    215. bonjovi says:

      I don't have facebook because I prefer to make friends with real people in the flesh and blood rather than some punk on the internet that I did not meet in person.
      To those who are facebook nerds, don't just sit in front of your computer all day, go out and and meet some real friends!

    216. Ready to Dump FB says:

      I agree with what everyone else is saying. Facebook has caused lots of unneeded drama in my, used to be, very, private life. I've often times felt like I "had" to post things on more than one occasion. I would love to just delete my account, but as others have said I hear a lot of complaints from friends who want to keep in touch via FB. Oddly, those same friends who want me to remain on FB are also the same who I spend real life time with outside of a virtual reality.

      1. Ready to Dump FB says:

        For me, FB just seems like a way for people to do one of 3 things: brag about how great their life is, bitch about how bad their life is, or to publically announce to everyone they've ever known every private thing their life has to offer. It's sad to think that social interaction has come to this. *can't wait for FB's popularity to wane so that things can return to normal*

    217. sassafrass says:

      It is called Fakebook for a reason, you have to be very shallow and dim-witted to accept it as the only way to socially interact.
      That was proven when you said you were happy being a stalker. Really? Kewl, lets totally hang out sometime.

    218. Leo says:

      I think this article author is a 13 y.o. girl…

    219. […] Internet Generation (or Generation Z), is almost like you are not existing. It is even perceived as social suicide. So the values that hyperreality poses on individuals, makes them participate in it. Because think […]

    220. Grande Johnson says:

      I use to have a FB account. But I think im on my 3rd week without it. There is def some stuff that I think FB was very helpful for. (Retrieving a friends number, checking to see if she is hot or not)
      Why I deleted it: Facebook is essentially making every person a commodity. For some people like myself who have lived with social anxiety (phobia), whenever I would check my FB account to see if anyone had posted anything on my wall, I would almost always see nothing. This made me think do people not care about me? It wasn't what people said that hurt me it was that people never said anything to me. I felt like there was becoming a greater distance between me and the people i called friends. I would see them talking to each other but never write anything to me. I eventually realized, whats the point and deleted it.

    221. Gle says:

      Seriously!? if you donn't have facebook u don't exist!? … Doesn't sound very "manly" to me =P

      Pschhh! I say quit facebook, and "give it back" to whoever started it. =P

    222. J the Logical says:

      While I enjoy chatting with friends, seeing old faces and the like, that takes time. Not everyone wants to socialize with everybody they knew. Even a little bit more contact with old faces would consume too much of my time. Hell, this post is taking up too much of my damned time but a title like that with a conclusion like that pinches my angry nerve… probably triggered via a convergence of the neurons in my brain that handles belligerent, thoughtless & biased commentary. You may be a proponent of Facebook, the world wide phenomenon, but your mind-state proves your world is about as small as a coldesac.
      Some people don't put social at the top of their list. Some people, like me are expected to work for 65 hours a week getting paid less then minimum wage because their family took out their savings and retirement money to start, out of all things, a grocery store. Some of these 65 hour working people have dreams and aspirations. Also it's possible these very same people spent at least $400 of their (unloaned) money on books for the past 3 years solely to get good at those (rather further) those dream/aspirations yet haven't had the time to get to it because of a hectic work schedule. Also some of those people need to get their car fixed/get a hair cut/get new cloths/go to school; but just don't have the damned money to do it all at once.
      Point is, just because someone isn't on facebook, doesn't mean you should judge them as some sort of "freak" – they are human just like you and maybe if you looked passed the no facebook thing you'd realize that they are legitimate people that don't sign up for their own legitimate reasons. Besides Noa, there are so many other ways of communicating other than Facebook. For instance you could be an arrogant narrowminded prissy bitchy 4 eyes-rolling c*untrag with a dialogue that includes labeling people that aren't on facebook as freaks via a blogging service.
      I'll tell you what though, I think I'll finally be signing up for a Facebook account because it seems to be the primary method of chatting for many people of interest these days, and I could ask your mom if she's DTF. It's not my fault though, I'm a reforming freak, even my dads been accounted banging your mom on several occasions… seriously.

    223. Princez says:

      People without facebook are hidding something?Great! Then I have maaany things to hide!
      Yes, here is one more FREAK without facebook. And one who is living countries away from family and close friends and STILL managing to make new one in new place and MAINTAIN relationships with family and close friends.
      If someone will judge me by NOT HAVING FB, or will be in contact only over that – well, then I choose not having that person in life.

      And SERIOUSLY, your mom has facebook? Wow! Lucky you, now she can follow all your conversations with your friends.
      Where is any kind of privacy nowdays?

      By the way, I cant believe how many people on here are without facebook. I though we are so rare. Seems like its more of us than I thought. We should have little group hehe:)

      Cheers to all!!!

    224. NoFacebook says:

      I enjoyed reading these comments and feel much better having deleted my account several months ago. Amen.

    225. Joel says:

      Add this word to your"search tags" on your little post…""TROLL"!

    226. Joel says:

      You are correct about facebook and the whole party thing, and you are also right about your mom having facebook, in fact she just invited me to a party…in her pants!

    227. adt says:

      less Face book, and more face time.

    228. May says:

      It's better to spend the time OFF facebook to actually MEET people in PERSON, and have actual real friendships and relationships. I think your article is exaggerated and immature.

    229. Joshua says:

      You must be really damn shallow or really young, innocent and stupid to have this kind of opinion. Didn´t occur to you some people just simply don´t have the patience for that crap? Didn´t occur to you some people really prefer to spend their lives livin them THE REAL WAY, not in front of a computer screen? Didn´t occur to you some people just want to keep their lives private, not sharing every dumb thing they do to the whole world?

      You really are a fucking laugh and like millions of other teens, you seriously need to get a REAL life, not virtual life.

      I find this new generation amazing, spending their fucking lives in front of a computer screen. I miss kids messin around on the street, not this chewing gum-lady-caca facebooked zombies

    230. justinwadethompson says:

      Social Suicide? Check out my story: My wife has a facebook. I don't. We've been married almost 2 years now. I can count on my fingers how many times she's left the house to go hang out with actual people, actual friends. She mostly just looks at photos and posts on facebook and that's it. Human interaction occurs once in a blue moon. I don't have a facebook, so the only way I know what's "going on" is by actually going OUT. I go out every other night. I see people, I talk to people, I meet new people. And I'm talking about real people, not internet profiles with peoples photos next to a name. I honestly feel like facebook has kept my wife from needing an actual social life. No facebook = social suicide? in our case, it's the other way around.

    231. Alex says:

      I don't have one because I don't feel the need to see 1000 pictures of you and I surely don't give a fuck about what you had for breakfast this morning. If I like you and want to talk to you or learn about you I'll just do it in real life. Facebookers are the real social retards in a way. Interacting and expressing yourself online is the safer way to be "social".

    232. Noooooooooo says:

      I wipe my ass with this useless article

    233. Eden says:

      Thank you for writing this article, as it only set more firmly my conviction that all social networking sites are vapid, annoying, and pointless. As we become more and more reliant on facebook, twitter, and the like, our real-life connections (not to mention our grammar) are deteriorating rapidly. I am 13 years old, a high school freshman, and am guilty of having had a facebook when I first started middle school. In the middle of my eighth grade year however, I deleted it, and have since found my relationships unchanged, my friendships just as good – if not better. I don't need to know what you ate for lunch, thank you!

    234. Mikey says:

      never had a fb account but I learned through myspace that putting all your friends together on one page leads to disaster. haha. i don't give a shit what people do when the sun goes down. If you don't invite me to your birthday party because I didn't see your fb message, then you're not really my friend.

    235. wangli123 says:

      wow ,this article is pretty cool ,it's so fantastic ,which led me find a new life style andnfl authentic jerseys

    236. Cath says:

      I found this blog on a search engine. Anyway, I'm a 30 y/o female and I have a GOOD excuse for not having a facebook. It's simple….. I refuse to sit my ass down in front of the computer on some social networking website wasting my time when I could be doing something else that is more productive for myself. For example, I would rather do a longer exercise workout than spending time on facebook. Facebook and Myspace is just another tool along with video game systems to lure kids to sit their asses down all day long and get fat/obese.

    237. Enzer0 says:

      We actually spoke to each other before facebook – Thats how we communicated. Facebooks for "Cool" Kids with Ipads and nothing better to do.

    238. meh says:

      There are people who say "well it allows you to keep in touch with people you haven't seen in years" I am a very straight talking person. If I didn't get their number or email from high school it was because I didn't like them, didn't have time for them or thought they spoke a load of shite. So why would I want to keep in touch with them now?
      You can opt to be private but you never truely are. It can ruin relationships. I would never use it, cos I rarely go on the internet anyways because I work, have uni, gym, friends, boyfriend, make dinner or pick up the phone and talk to people who mean the MOST to me…my family. facebook attracts a lot of fakes (i.e. Noa). People edit their pictures to the point that you cant recognise them. My sis photoshops her picture so much that she's barely recognisable.
      A lot of people use it to find men/women (photoshopping their pictures). The dead giveaway for a person not actually being attractive in real life is them using internet to look for blokes/women.
      I can gladly say I have never had to use FB or any social networking or even the internet for that matter to get myself a partner. Because I'm actually a good looking girl.

    239. Daniel says:

      Whomever wrote this article should be drawn and quartered. How dare you pass judgement on someone for not being part of a virtual social club. You should take a look at yourself in the mirror before speaking on " the big picture " ever again. I hope you parish for your ignorance.

    240. Ally says:

      facebook is pathetic, how can you sum up a friendship in a webpage? I happen to have more respect for my relationships, plus I don't want to be bothered by constant crap people post about their lives.. I have better ways to waste my time. Hope you're enjoying being another tedious conformist..

    241. Renee says:

      I'm so glad about all the negative comments this article received. I was beginning to feel like I was the only person left in the world with any convictions, the only person who didn't have a facebook account and didn't want one, the only person who bothered asking "what the hell to it?" — and then I come across a bunch of people after my own heart.

      I had a facebook account for about a year — and rarely went on it. When I did, I realized how easy it was for time (and life) to fly by while you're messing around on the stupid site. You'd be much better off spending that time reading Dickens, practicing your Russian grammar, going to the park with Rover, or just hanging out doing nothing with your loved ones. I can think of a million better ways to spend — and even waste — time than watching others "live" their lives and "living" your own via facebook.

      The majority of my so-called "friends" on facebook were people I didn't particularly care about in the real world, and I don't miss knowing what they're up to, and I doubt they've noticed my absence. The friends I had before and during my facebook experiment I still have. If you can't be bothered to get to know and befriend someone in person, a social networking site is not going to do the job for you. Nor will facebook maintain a relationship.

      This article's wrong, and stupid, and is a perfect demonstration of what's wrong with today's society.

    242. dyuti says:

      why are we so lost in forms? in believing we are something, in collecting information, in proving what we know and what we are capable of being(based on that ever changing knowlegde of what we 'can be', within us). think about it, its madness. its forms and more forms floating trapped inside a virtual screen, simulating all of everything that living it is. how can people be so consumed with living and doccumenting what they live, being and proving who they are- without ever realsing how much effort that takes. to me its absurd and effortful.
      i hope you have been told by atleast a few slightly more individualistic people in your life, how narrow your sense of yourself is to think as you do. i dont blame you, youre where you can only be, and no way of being is better than the other. on facebook, i can imagine you panting secretly for those 34 people to comment on some meticulously posed picture of yours with "Sexy" or 'hot', or in making a comment that assures your tiny floating ego of its intelligence by puking the litle intellect you have trapped inside that body at 700 odd poeple by having some stupid war of wits with someone relatively dumber or suscpetible to impressing.its EASY, its very VERY EASY to be hear what you want, and facebook essentially is doin that.yes, we are trying to do that in real life too, but facebook is more sinister in that your intention lies in making those 500 other people except he who spoke to you, KNOW how cool you are. just a sucker for being a part of the mob, the majorities in life- from a fear of seeming to not fit in, or the inability to question yourself. the problem lies in our system itself, from the start we are fed "knowlede", fed information, fed ways of being- we are trained to 'believe' and be certain, not to question. its critical insecurity on your part. come to think of it, ANYONE AND EVERYONE can get to be "hot" pretty or sexy on facebook,or talented, in their own relative way. its all about wanting to hear it, or wanting or not wanting to prove to the rest of the world that others think you are that . if collecting those accolades, of being considered "in", of being considered "intelligent" or "hot" or 'rebellious' based on how many people type it out to you, or proving you are the life of a party/ the social event attending intellectual etc is what drives you to live, then facebook is the place for you. a rebel is not one who joins facebook to prove how rebellious he is(by posting pictures of how different he looks from others,or speaking/reacting/expressin himself in a way others dont) but one who doesnt feel the need to conform to doing so. people like you lack the individuality to not be like everyone else, it would drive you to great heights of suicidal fear just doing anything that does not fit into the norm. well, even if youre one of those who try to prove you don't conform, screaming it out by conforming to something eventually makes it just a garb you wear- to make yourself look "different" from someone else on your list. but the point is, youre all the same- bec each of you has illusions about who they are and wants to prove it to the world continuously.
      I got on facebook, and i left it. i needed to join it after maintaining i would never join it so as to get better tuned in to the 'reality' of our world today-something i deperately needed to open my eyes to,but couldnt keep up. i think its stupid, bec its so fucking easy to be anything on it. i dont like convenience. I have many men chasing me, i do good art, i have friends i just need to call and can party with, i attend events around the city that interest me, and i love feeling and looking desirable. yet i dont feel the need to prove it to 600 others who only know me by a picture, and have probably never spoken to me in my life, and i sincerely have a problem telling them what im thinking or doing in order to feel good about myself/feel intelligent/sexy/witty/well read/fun. wake up, LOSER. think a few many years from now, youll be older, maybe married, maybe just old, youll still be on facebook doing the same old shit, trying so hard to fit in and be cool, and hell, you might even achieve it by all "fb" means, while youll still remain just one tiny dot in that whole hustle of people doing the same thing. perhaps, therell be no facebook, even, and something new- which ofcourse youll be the first to follow the world into. but really, what was the point of your life apart from sqeezing yourself to fit in-to every construct you were ever introduced to?

    243. Fuck Facebook says:

      Yeah, why interact with people in real life when you can stalk them on the internet? If people didn't have a Facebook account where else would they hear twelve year olds ramble on about how they 'luv mah boyfrend omglolfuckmewitharakelol<3333 ;D'. Where else would we witness the complete slaughter and rape of the English language on a grand scale?

      I assume there was an original draft for this article written by a thirteen year old that was later edited by his/her parents.

    244. LANNA says:

      Its sad when people feel they have to update their status every few hours. .. just got up…. at work, train is busy!!…. having a coffee at costa….. having a shit, feeling fine…. etc etccccc

      Its as if their lives and activities aren't valid unless they have imformed a load of (mostly near strangers) of what they are doing, where they have been etc. And all the while LIFE is happening for real, step out the bubble lol

    245. haha says:

      Don't have one. How ego-centric does one have to be to report everything in their lives?? If you ask me it's creepy…

    246. Brianna says:

      Some people's comments on bookface (when I had one) made me dumber. Comments about taking a shit and constipation just made me go like; Ok, that's it. I'm deleting this shit. I've been bookface free for over 10 months and I fell great about it:)

    247. gail says:

      i am so happy this site exists so I can tell the world how much I hate facebook

    248. Bananaface says:

      omg i really need to no tht you made out with Bob two nights ago and it sucked ass. OoOps sryy i missed it. really i wannt a facebook, but they only reason i want it is becauz i live in New york and i have met people from around the world i will probally never see again. I thnk tho as soon as i get it, another fadd is gonna take over and then wat. Ohh i already see google+ coming up.😛 srry ur a real retard t who ever wrote this gay ass article. BTW i think tht ppll who say facebook = life are the fuckin crazy ones.

    249. Walter says:

      YES! You guys are amazing. I feel the exact same way. I mean i had Facebook for years, then i thought to myself, i'm better than this. It sounds kind of egotistical but it's the truth. Whatever you post on Facebook can't begin to describe what you really are inside. So I deleted it and I mean, i'm not hooked to it anymore. I step back and realize it was sort of like an addiction, constantly checking updates. It's kind of scary when I come to think about it…

    250. dude says:

      i dont have facebook or eat peanut butter and jelly. Guess im a freak.

    251. nancy says:

      so true you guys , who cares to keep in touch with every single people you ever met , when in reality no one even gives a rats ass abt you, if they did they would of gotten in touch with you before facebook and who really has 500 + friends . please !!! these people are pathetic, a need to be popular is so so sad ,facebook is ending up to be a meat market anyways ,take it away and see them all go nuts !!! lol

    252. carson says:

      to tell you the truth im proud to not be on facebook , it means im not a follower , these days too many people are , be original people !! get a real social life ,not an imaginary one like facebook

    253. Jamie(St Louis MOI) says:


      i try to give a girl my # and she says why not look me up on FACEPOOP! then IT BEGINS….
      the long exp of how i fell and how i'm not some psycho killer just that I'M NOT into hearing what some asshat I want to school with did today, and PRIVACY is # `1 with me even if I have nothing illegal to hide I'm not ok with someone sharing everything I do with whom ever they want even when I click on the privacy settings….

    254. Thisguyrighthere says:

      You don't trust people who don't have a Facebook? What did you do before then?

      Let's see: How do I learn about people? I ASK. You know, face to face. Pictures? I typically don't care about people enough to see their pictures. How do I update people on what I'm doing? I don't, and I don't give a rat's ass what anyone else is doing. Facebook is good if you want to hear a bunch of naggy people bitch about everything that goes on in their lives. How do I know what my friends are doing? I ASK.

      If you ask me, you have to be very naive to not trust someone who does not have a Facebook. That's like saying you'll believe everything they TYPE, but not anything they'll actually say. Congrats, you have thousands of friends because a website says so. How many of those people do you actually know?

    255. haha says:

      Yea, you should be worried. Cuz I don't have a facebook or a cellphone and I'M FUCKING CRAZY and when you're texting–waiting for that white man to appear to tell you to walk across the street–I'll pretend to walk so that you walk too and get hit by a fucking bus. lol.

    256. Lin says:

      This is exactly what No Facebook Tuesdays is for!

    257. noema says:

      It is ABC to me.. I just do Not like share my private life with people who I do not even like anymore or did not see years ago.. therefore is pathetic know everything about their life either …. and my real friends are my friends whit or without faces-book.

    258. noema says:

      It is ABC to me.. I just do Not like share my private life with people who I do not even like anymore or did not see years ago.. therefore is pathetic know everything about their life either …. and my real friends are my friends whit or without faces-book.

    259. Rahul Desai says:


      That’s a nice one! I’m sure a big mass of Facebook population can closely relate to and think in the line of what you’ve mentioned here.

      Irrespective of one’s opinion, the reality remains that Facebook has become a parallel online social civilization – which (seemingly) is equally important as a real world.

      I tried jotting a few points why being on Facebook can be a problem ( and here’s the summary:

      1. Facebook becomes Primary Communication Channel
      2. He, Who Is On Facebook, Only Exists
      3. You Are Your Facebook Profile – And NOT Vice Versa
      4. The Matrix World Is The Reality
      5. New ‘Me’ No More – Only New Facebook Profile

      More at 5 Reasons Not To Be On Facebook

    260. David says:

      Sorry don't do FaceBook

    261. DRP says:

      No offense but this article spits out complete ignorance.

    262. ... says:

      Thinking that not having a Facebook account is wierd means that you are narrow minded.

    263. […] a positive as they don’t believe they need to be hooked up on this, want for a better word, cult. But others don’t think these people are to be trusted if they are so private they don’t want people seeing their photos or […]

    264. Goran says:

      What absolute garbage I have just read. There was a time without Fakebook you know. I have found FB to be full of narcissists who feel a need to fabricate their lives through this medium in order to feel good about themselves. Smart people DO NOT USE Facebook, they value their privacy and make use of more common and accepted communication such as telephone or email. I am only young, and probably 90% of people my age are on FB but they are not seeing the big picture, they just blindly sign up and preach their lives to their hundreds of 'friends' not thinking that what they post will be there for eternity. Imagine if a hitler type got ahold of all your FB profiles!

      It is NOT neccessary to be on FB and is certainly not 'social suicide' I see friends everyday at school and when I am not there I would rather enjoy my time alone.

    265. jose says:

      "· 60 weeks ago
      I read the first and a quarter paragraph of this article and I couldn't finish it. The ramblings of a closed minded sheep were too much for me to stomach. Whoever wrote this garbage surely will do anything she is told without questioning its validity. Newsflash: life existed before facebook and still does without facebook. I just don't give a shit about people. Even those that are close to me don't deserve my constant attention. The world is a big place and living in front of a screen looking at facebook is no way to live. You wonder how do I get to know people, well it is very simple: talk to them face to face. There is no better way. You will never learn who a person truly is until you interact with them in reality, not virtual reality. People on facebook can make themselves into whatever persona they choose, so the chances of really getting to know someone are very slim.

      Point is: Facebook is just another silly trend that has occupied the meager minds of the world. Facebook will become a painful memory sometime in the near future when some other silly fad rolls around. "

      AGREED. Waste of time, waste of life, fuck facebook.

    266. jetplanefly1 says:

      wow i thought i was the only one who thought like this. The author is right about the fact that people think ur a loser if u dont have a facebook?!.. Since when did being friends with variouse profiles that u dont even talk to become cool?..I bet i have more friends in real life than the people who are on facebook and have like 7,000 friends! This is ridiculouse everyone wants to know my business without asking me! If u wanna know something about me strike up a conversation or something!Thanks to facebook our society is a bunch of social rejects trying to show how cool they are..

    267. Brandi says:

      FACELIFE instead of FACEBOOK!! Life is a beautiful thing.Talking to people that actually care about you and what you have to say.I love that I have a handful of true friends I can count on for anything. I have never had a desire to have hundreds of "friends" on fb that I don't even know. At the end of the day, fb is here to distract us from what we should really be doing in life. Learning to love and treat each other with respect. I know fb has helped with lost family and whatever but i'm talking about people my age (20) who are obsessed with it. Life seems much sweeter not having a fb:) So I say FACELIFE to people who ask me why I don't have a fb. No matter their response, I smile knowing that later they won't get the satisfaction of being able to creep on me. Life is good:)

    268. youareamoron says:

      you are an idiot. Really. I had FB since 2007 and decided to shut it down, not because I have decided to commit "social suicide", but because I am tired of wasting my time. You know, there are people in this world that can afford to waste time… there are real problems to take care of and while people like you don't do anything to improve this society, others have to.

    269. waddup says:

      have u got one good comment yet lol

    270. Guest says:

      "I don’t trust people who aren’t on Facebook."

      Because I forgot that the internet is always a great place to trust people.

    271. sharpe says:

      who wrote this ? a teenage girl with an iq of 60 and a need to talk more than an elephant's appetite. i dont wanna knw what some gal i studied in kindergarden with had for breakfast and most of all what i dont understand is why ppl would 'like ' it.

    272. […] Internet Generation (or Generation Z) is almost as if you are not existing. It is even perceived as social suicide. In other words, the values that hyperreality poses on individuals, makes them participate in it. […]

    273. Samantha says:

      Oh my goodness! I feel so relieved to see the other people also dislike facebook. I dont have a facebook, and sometimes I feel lots of peer pressure to have one. The worst part is that people expect you to have one. I think fb was ok in the beginning, but now with timeline etc its getting wierder than ever. I like the idea of having your email on there and maybe a quote, but why would I want so many people to see my photos. Either they know me, and know what my mom/dog/sister look like b/c they actually met them and NOT b/c they recognize thier face from fb. And another thing I hate is that people judge you if you dont have fb. I makes me so mad. If fb was still the way it was 2years ago I might get one but have just 1photo and email addresses (no wall, no friend lists). However, now in 2012 you cant even limit your profile picture visibilty to "only friends". Also, soon everyone will be forced into having timeline and that is scary.

    274. Timothy says:

      I don’t have a Facebook and I will never get one. I’m not even considering it. Frankly, I don’t care that my friend’s dog learned how to do a backflip through a ring of fire two hours and thirty six minutes ago. In a world where potential employers do background checks on popular social networking sites, I think it’s best not to have any.

      1. Tamara says:

        I totally agree with you!! Even though I have a facebook I dont NEED it!:)

    275. Kathy says:

      I totally disagree with this article. Besides the fact that real relationships are sustainable without facebook, as covered by many of the previous comments, facebook puts a false image on people. You're conscious of the fact that everything you do and say on facebook is for all to see, making people narcissistic and image obsessed. I got rid of mine because it was giving me anxiety and making me feel like a failure to see other people's amazing statuses and pictures, even though I knew in my mind it was more of a show than the actual truth. Besides not wanting people to be able to see anything they want about me at any time, there's a lot on facebook I just don't want to see.

    276. Danny says:

      Lots of people are so fake on FB so why would anyone put thier trust in a profile where you can say whatever you want to look important.FB is not important and it shouldnt be thats the problem.People are getting more and more insecure about them selves so this is just another way for them to feel good about themselves.FB or no FB take people as they come and not how they look on a socail networking site thats meaningless.

    277. Kyle says:

      Fuck facebook. It’s such a pathetic waste to try and micromanage every aspect of your life let alone every aspect of your image. There is no romance in the world anymore and nothing is left to chance. Everything is a cold calculated move made after hours of studying a persons FB page. Companies now base their sales on the information we put on it and we base our judgements of people on it even though we know their pages are like plastic surgery. You can imagine with this opinion how annoying it is to hear someone say “you’re a social outcast” if you don’t have one. if everyone in life is a creepy, fake peeping Tom I’ll just go be a “social outcast”. I don’t want to live a life of small talk and spoon feed consumer goods.

      1. FFB says:

        So fucking true. So fucking true.

      2. Monica says:

        Thank you Kyle. I actually do feel like a bit of a social outcast, not because I'm antisocial, but I simply don't enjoy being surgically attached to my computer. I don't like Facebook but from time to time wonder if there's something wrong with me. Then I think about all the people who lived and got on before the advent of online social networking and feel a bit better about it. I do use email and have a phone. Is that not enough?! I just want to live my life without making a huge show of it, that's all!

      3. Cats are the shit says:

        Hell, I'm really attached to the computer, but I barely use social networking sites. Maybe Reddit could be considered one, MAYBE, but not really. I only made a Twitter to catch when people did livestreams.

        If you need a Facebook to have a life, I don't have a soul.

    278. Jenny says:

      Well I dont have a facebook, and im more social than one friend of mine that has one…the true social life is not on internet but in real life…what do you think ,that puting " like" on a photo is going to make you more friends? of course not…people that use facebook too much have no life…

    279. Melvin says:

      the only reason facebook excist is getting as much as possible information about you to sell to advertisers, they dont care about privacy. Facebook is banned from my computer:) No single bit are going to them:)

    280. Mike says:

      "I mean, how do you live without Facebook?"

      Is that a serious question because my answer would be: probably the same way you lived before Facebook was created.

    281. a Guest says:

      In all honesty… I don't care if I barely exist to you. Why should I care what some average joe thinks?

      Proper social skills is making the effort to meet someone for real, sitting around a table and talking to them face to face, over a coffee / beer / dinner.

      It makes me laugh when people say they have a 1000 friends on facebook. They are not real friends, they couldn't give a f*** about you, a REAL friend is someone who will do anything for you, not some random on facebook.

      1. Edw says:

        well said !

    282. Jerome says:

      People who use Facebook are just following the trend, seriously, I think Internet and social networking is for nerds, keep it real guys.

    283. Tamara says:

      . Our online social networking in today’s world causes many serious conflicts through taking the "Personal" out of "personality". Cyber bulling, online dating and how young Facebook users start causes; unnecessary conflicts, problems at school and even can result in suicide.

    284. Louisa says:

      I do not have facebook, and I am sure people are under the impression that I am living in the 20 th century. However I do value my privacy, my personal space. With the schedule I keep I do not have time to update pictures, and provide meaningless facts on my life, instead I rather live. Why is it that we feel this need to document us having fun? The question is are we having fun or a more in depth question would be are our lives content, are we looking for meaning or validation is fb providing a superfical way of making us appear this way? I do not want to speak to my past, that why it is called "MY PAST" gone over done with. I want to adhere to my future, I don't want people to use my fb page as a way of summing me up. Don't get me wrong I am not dissing those of you who have fb, I admit sometimes I wander if I am the odd one out when annoucements are made on fb. But I feel my privacy that is slowly being encroached upon ever so slowly is at stake and I rather stand up for it than fb

    285. Inessa says:

      I lost two years of my real life while useing facebook, but at that time I had no idea, what that social network is doing with me. Now I often deactivate it, during that time I feel better. And doesn't matter it's fb or some other social network. We all know good and bad sides of that kind of virtual networks, but I do really hate that kind of communications, where people are obviously minimized to numbers and pictures on blue screens. We are spiritual natures, and if I need a conversation, I should be sure, that I can shake a hand of my friend, that I can give a hug to him, and not just stare on his/her fb face. Keep you, your life, and your nature real guys .

    286. Facebooklessyouth says:

      I regret not having facebook sometimes because you are right, if you don't have it you don't get invited to as many parties.
      But I think that what facebook really does is let you hold on to people and know too much information about them (so you can stalk them, or as facebook users say, "see what they are up too"). You can only really manage a few friends for meaningful relationships. Having more "friends" than that is unnatural, and you waste a lot of your time trying to "keep up" with them.
      People respect you more knowing that if you genuinely want to connect you will just give them a call. or text.

    287. Julie says:

      “how do you know about your friends without facebook?”
      Well , if they really are my friends I know. And there’s a lot of things I don’t wanna know about my friend like what they eat for dinner with a picture of it.
      Try to not have a Facebook for a while. If you feel like you don’t have friends anymore it’s probably because you have any and you probably receive the party invitation because the person just select all their contacts….

      I deleted my Facebook a while ago thinking that its gonna be weird not having it but you know… The private policies always change and nobody see to care giving that much information about yourself even tho people and company can buy it all…

      So yeah no facebbok and I meet this guy who doesn’t have any too. He’s a successful man very smart and not spending his precious time looking at everybody’s profile everyday day every minute…

      I came back on Facebook via a friend account because of course I was curious about people’s life…. I saw nothing interesting really! I just saw how much of a losers people are. And I realize that before I was one of them needing poeple to like my things and finding me interesting…. Today can say I’m proud of myself.
      I read real books and I am in the part of people who I don’t find weird but smart.

    288. Leif says:

      "meeting online" is an oxymoron. Comparing socialising to Facebook is like comparing fresh squeezed orange juice to Tang. I don't trust people who are on Facebook but that doesn't matter, because I don't know or care who they are. I'm perfectly popular and seriously, just HOW MANY parties can you go to in one night anyway?! I have this thing called a phone, and I can phone any friend any time I want and they can call me too – so I'm not sure how FB helps me stay in touch, it seems more like a barrier or a huge mob that my friends got lost in and separated from each other. When a job applicant comes to me who is not on Facebook and is self-possessed enough to have their own website at their own domain, I'll hire them first. People on Facebook are interacting on the cheap and stupid, and more with Facebook than each other.

    289. No Fakes says:

      Hahah I have real friends. I don't need shitbook to tell me what people are up to. If those people wanted me to know i'm sure i'd know.

    290. dirk diggler says:

      fuck facebook

    291. Brian of Nazareth says:

      I committed social suicide LONG before Facebook was even heard of. And it ain't gonna help me now!

    292. Nick says:

      Facebooks scary and probably something that will fade out or even die off like a fad. If you're not using it don't be worried it only means you're not a mindless member of the flock.

    293. cam2cam says:

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    294. dane says:

      I also hate facebook.
      And came here because I was looking for others, who like me, have no facebook.

      omg GUYS
      we should start some kind of … no-face book

    295. turban says:

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    296. 594 says:

      i think you are a girl

    297. Guzz says:

      I have had facebook for quite a while but it don't use it much as it distracts you from real life… what amazes me is that many people don't admit it straight up but beneath the surface many feel they are better off w/o it..I feel it pushes you to share too much information with people whom u don't want to…the hear and now is gone with facebook …people communicate up to 70% (or something like that ) through body language…facebook is replacing real interacting time with screen communication

    298. Franky says:

      I mean yeah its nice to have contacts from all round the world and get in touch with ppl whom u haven't seen in ages but then again i don't want to see what is going on in your life everday and feel as though i must share likewise..

    299. Really says:

      "Research shows that 55% of communication is conveyed by the body language we use, i.e.; Use of eye contact, gestures and facial expressions. 38% is conveyed in the voice, it's quality, use of tone and inflections. Only 7% is conveyed in the words we use." *

      People are socially retarded these days, and they create hypo versions of themselves on facebook that they can't live up to in real life. How many people on your "friends" list have you seen or spent time with in the last month? How can you truly convey your character or unique traits when so little is determined by the words we use? How well does sarcasm translate over text? The only thing we can really communicate is anger, like this: FACEBOOK IS NOT REAL LIFE! My suggestion, go uber hipster and throw away your iphones and delete your facebooks, and go outside, take up an active hobby, read a book, smoke some weed, go to a bar, get in trouble, meet real people, establish real connections in real world settings, if something happens get their fuckin phone number and call them if you miss them, need to talk to them, or want to see them.

      * Thompson, Delia. Body Language and Communication. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 May 2012. &lt ;;.

    300. Drewski says:

      Fbook is garbage, just like alot of things in our society today.
      Privacy invasions and government control, uh no thanks I'll pass.

    301. Emma says:

      Why I don't have facebook because every person can count their real friends on one hand so what do I do I meet up with them I don't Need to see what they've been up to when I don't even live 5minutes away from them

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    304. Marce says:

      Some people just prefer to actually meet themselves in person. I think Facebook is pretty pointless unless you have relatives or very close friends living permanently outside of the country. And what's with "you barely exist to me"? Who the hell you think you are, Hillary Clinton?! None of my friends sound this douchy, so unless you're my stockbroker or my bookie, you don't need to exist to me either!

    305. Warren says:

      Beacuse people dont want to know what is going on in your life!! Why would you think they do?? Why is your life so empty that you would need to know what is going on in other peoples life?? If you had a great night out great!! If you had a nice meal great!! But why on earth would you think that other people would care?? Its almost as if people are doing things to show others. Crazy world. Just dont get it. Love your family , go for a nice long walk and stop worrying about others and what others think of you!!! Stop trying to glamourize your life. Surely if you have 300 friends only 20 or so can be real friends?? Why would you want to share that information with all those people?? I know!! To get attention and a nice comment whenever you post a picture or blog!!! BE A REBEL NOT A SHEEP , GET OFF FACEBOOK AND GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

      1. BEN says:

        well said

      2. freakk says:

        you r totally rite ! if am not updated on facebook it doesn mean im a social outcast or somethin…its jus that i have a life and im busy wid it..!

    306. sinnerexnf says:

      Stalk? What the fuck? To begin with, you don't have to stalk your real friends, you just ask them. They are more than glad to tell you. In addition, you say that you are a stalker, but have you ever thought that you just troll yourself? You can't stalk fake information man. Or you thought the information they upload is actually real? Jesus… I really pitty my generation.

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    312. jaydee says:

      im a college student and i just have no interest in posting my life and my childrens pictures on the INTERNET. girls posting pix of them half naked w/ their kids pix on the same page. please! how do girls w/ tons of kids even have the time to sit up logged in on fb all the time anyways? guess the tax payers should ban low income single mothers from fb because you dotn see any of them doing anything w/ their lives. every one at the foodstamp office on thier smartphones on fb! ha! and yet for the ones w/ no fb, jobs and student status, we are considered weird? antisocial? ok , when i graduate from college i'll be the only one not on fb BUT not on welfare either. fb & welfare… how many unemployed are socializing people are on facebook that arent even looking for a job?

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    314. Tunika says:

      How to live without facebook? Well how did you live before it?

      Facebook is not a good thing anymore. For majority it's not about friendly socializing or seeking for knowledge … it's mostly about gaining respect by feeding your super high ego. I find it simply disgusting when I see how most people socialize and represent their virtual self to everyone… it's just cold, empty and dull . If people get spiritually satiation from that… I'm really disappoint.

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    323. dew it matter says:

      people and facebook lmao nothing to hide i just like real interaction with people,i have my own mind and if peeps thinks im wierd for noy being on fb who gives a shit,heres my kids all my information for most of the world to see you see i have no real friends and this makes me feel special,lol and im wierd FACEBOOK is the devil and the goverment game of chess all its users the pawns…

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    334. Brian says:

      What do I think?

      I think you're petty. Why does someone need a facebook? So I can let everyone know what I ate for dinner, what I bought at the store, what type of soap I use? Facebook is mostly filled with useless garbage information that really people shouldn't care about. If something major happened to a friend of mine, they would call me, message me through our Instant messenger of choice, or talk to me in person. I haven't used facebook in three years because all I saw was nothing of value and people filling my front page with pointless self indulgent crap.

      I'm not the type who goes to parties, or really cares about what others are up to in their free time. I'm not some freak who has to know what their friends did this week, it seems like people who are like this must have extremely boring lives and want to escape by knowing what their friends did so they can either envy or despise others. I'm so glad I don't use social media anymore if people are this stuck up about it I want no part of it.

    335. Bonnie says:

      Hi there, I check your new stuff daily. Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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