Ooh, Ooh, It’s (Not) Magic!


Like most people out there, I love and thoroughly enjoy a good orgasm. Honestly, who doesn’t?

Apparently, a lot of people. Cuz they’re not having ’em.

I’ve had countless friends tell me that despite all the sex they’re having, they’ve yet to show their O face. And statistics show that around 43% of women have not experienced the pleasure of the big O.

How can this be?! There is an orgasm epidemic out there and I feel like I must do my part to put an end to this madness! I know I’m no doctor with a fancy PH.D, but I am a twenty-something woman who has (thankfully) gotten off enough to say a thing or two about the female orgasm. So here are a few steps that will lead you to pleasuretown (population: you!).

1. Get Comfortable: The first step may be the simplest. You just have to learn how to be 100% comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. Orgasms only come after you’re at a point where you can relax and let the sensations (or hot man) take over. How to reach a good comfort level? Get a tan or catch some rays. Grab a hand mirror and explore your southern territories. Keep a journal and be honest with yourself. You just have to find a way to feel beautiful and love yourself first.

2. Self-stimulation: Yes ladies, I’m talking about good ol’ masturbation. After all, why would anyone else want to have sex with you, if you don’t want to have sex with yourself? Grab a vibrator or turn on a naughty flick if you need the extra help.

3. Downward Dog It: Practice your yoga, ladies! You’ll learn a ton of positions such as lotus, downward dog, and crane. These will not only lead to a healthy, happier you, but they will also make you limber. Improved flexibility will allow you to explore more advanced sex positions that often lead to intensified orgasms.

4. Find a Mr. McSteamy: This one is pretty self-explanatory. But a little FYI: for many women, the more emotionally intimate you are with a sex partner, the more deep and intense the orgasm. Don’t expect Mr. Let’s Go Back to My Place For a Wham Bam Thank You Maam to give you your first O.

5. Speak Up: Who knows your body better than you do? No one. Well, at least not until you tell them. Be vocal with your partner if you’ve been sexing it up without any grand finale. Tell them, show them! Just let them know what feels good and what you enjoy the best.

So if you’re one of the 43% that hasn’t O’ed yet, don’t worry. Follow some of these steps and hopefully you’ll have the toe-curling event that we all deserve.



    1. dale butts says:

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    4. Fox says:

      And I wont you to die in a hole. "Dale butts", that is.

      Good article though. I hate hearing how many women find it difficult to orgasm.

    5. Not Giving My Name says:

      And a woman who hasn't had trouble having an orgasm is going to tell me how to have one? I'll tell you right now that the tips here are not enough. Maybe for some women, but not for me.

    6. Also, I think it needs to be mentioned that only about 30% of women can orgasm only through intercourse. So get your partner to practice up his oral/manual skills in order for you to reach the big O. Direct clitoral stimulation is the way most women can get off — so if intercourse doesn't do it for you, you're not alone!

    7. rach says:

      invest in a vibrator. it is seriously the best thing you can do for yourself.

    8. dale butts says:

      i wont you to call me sap at 9.00 pm call me

    9. Jennifer says:

      Um, I was wondering (ok, maybe too much for yall, maybe not?) more about positions that work well. I'm, um, capable of finishing but it seems to take away and involve stopping or whatnot. So yeah, ways to make the self-stimulation part more part of the whole process?

    10. artchick says:

      honestly? these tips are just obvious things – they make me frustrated. it's not like i haven't tried all of those things. Except getting a vibrator, but hmm no, atleast i wouldn't like to be penetrated for the first time by that.

      i've tried, and i've failed. i'm comfortable with my sexuality. i can get turned on, but that's about as far as i go.


    11. shari says:

      ness: you took the words right out of my mouth! masterbation and exploring "down there" will help you realize if you need clitoral stimulation in order to climax.

    12. Rachelle says:

      How goddamn fucking hard is it to orgasm you fucking imbecils losers? Like Ness said, most girls need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm as they can't orgasm through intercourse. Have you fucking guy perform oral sex and you can orgasm you fucking idiots. Why are girls so stupid?????? Read a book or something.

    13. Vicky says:

      I can orgasm through masturbation but i can only do it when my legs are straightened and my feet are pointed. otherwise, i cant make ithappen, no matter how hard i try.

    14. Star says:

      Rachelle, please locate the nearest cliff and jump off it. Make sure it's really tall though; we wouldn't want you to survive.

    15. Rachelle says:

      Star- Shut the fuck up you son of a bitch!!!! Girls need direct clitoral stimulation in th form of oral sex to orgasm. That can be done by having your bf give it to you. WHAT THE FUCK IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT SKANK? Learn some manners before you start spouting off again like a crazed subhuman animal. Thank you.

    16. Maria says:

      Rachelle, take a chill pill. Everyone is different on their sexual needs, don't expect that everyone gets off on the same thing. Such as, some ppl like s&m and others like feet, while a lot of us think that is just REALLY weird. Namaste.

    17. iris says:

      rachelle…since you have referred to yourself as a guy, why are you telling girls how to orgasm? you would be the last person on earth to understand the female anatomy.

    18. Star says:

      Well Rachelle is obviously just someone fooling around for attention and I have to admit it made me laugh out loud to read his/her comments about learning manners and not spouting off like a crazed animal. At least she's honest enough to describe her own words:)

    19. Rachelle says:

      iris: What the fucking hell are you talking about? When did I say I was a guy cunt? I never said that. Learn some reading comprehension skills before you embarrass yourself and your family any further jackass. You must have gotten hit in the head as a child to be so stupid you worthless whore.


    20. Danielle says:

      Rachelle: Why do you hate everyone and everything? I feel like someone as angry as you wouldn't be attractive to men anyways. Then again, I'm not a man so I wouldn't know.

    21. Meg says:

      I hate oral personally, I couldn't say exactly what it is that gets me off, sometimes intercourse alone can do it, sometimes only manual, sometimes a combination of both. And sometimes it just isn't going to happen no matter what I/we do.

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