In Defense of Kanye…Yea, You Heard Me Right

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We got your back, Kanye. Even with that stupid haircut.

Okay, before you jump down my throat for defending Kanye’s outburst at last night’s VMAs, let me explain. Yes Kanye West is an ass 95% of the time. And yes he’s a douche bag the other five. But with all the rants I’m hearing about his public humiliation of poor Taylor Swift last night, I’m doing all I can to silence that little voice in the back of my head whispering…“Was he really that wrong?”

Obviously, no one really gives a rat’s ass who Kanye thinks should win for the best music video, despite his deluded belief that he may just be God. (Although maybe that was a theme of last night, did Lady Gaga’s blood-drenched performance feel frighteningly like a crucifixion and resurrection to anyone else?!)

But in his defense, he was right, wasn’t he? Don’t get me wrong, I love adorable-ringlet-curl-I’m-all-innocence-and-love Taylor, and I also happen to be a fan of her music (we can all identify with not being able to snag that guy, right?). But Beyonce’s video was 20 times better. The choreography was amazing and caused a much greater stir when it debuted than Taylor’s jumping-on-the-bed-in-coke-bottle-glasses did.

It’s also vital to note his mental state at the time of this occurrence. When we saw Kanye arrive on the red carpet hours earlier, he already had a drink in his hand. And not just a red Solo cup; an entire bottle. So chances are, by the time he jumped onto the stage and accosted Taylor he was severely inebriated. Not that I am condoning his public intoxication at a nationally broadcast event, but it would be a tad hypocritical for us to judge him on his outburst when we know we’ve said some not-so-appropriate things ourselves when under the influence. (My boyfriend has silenced me on more than one occasion from bitching myself right into a fist fight with too loud comments about “the slut in the red dress” or “the girl who obviously got dressed in the dark”)

I think where Kanye went the most wrong was in his choice of opponent. This guy really needs to learn to pick his battles. Snatching the mic out of the hands of a lovable “kitten” (in the words of Katy Perry) isn’t going to win you any friends. Now if he had tackled Russell Brand right off that stage in all of his obnoxious mega-perm glory, we might have even heard some cheers from the audience.

Maybe we should look at the bright side of this whole situation: for once Kanye was talking about someone other than himself. Perhaps he’s moving in a new direction. And he handed Beyonce some amazing PR on a silver platter, as she walked away from last night looking like a Saint after she graciously gave up her own speech to help little miss Swift out (mascara tear…).



    1. sam says:

      I think if Kanye had chosen ANYONE else to interrupt, besides taylor swift who seems like she's the nicest, sweetest person ever, than it wouldn't have been as big of a deal. But since Taylor is somewhat of a media darling, and Kanye is, well, a douche, it's a much bigger deal. There was an article talking about how Taylor has revolutionized teen country pop, and that the other people nominated pretty much split the pop vote, allowing taylor to get the country vote, as well as some of the pop vote. It's like in politics, when you have a couple of similar candidates and then one candidate who's different, you're going to get a lot of people voting for the similar ones, but the vote is split, whereas there's only one person for the others to vote for.

      I think a quality moment would have been a Lady Gaga/Kanye West showdown. That I would have tuned in for.

    2. truth says:

      if it hadn't been a cute little white, country-singing girl kanye wouldn't have said shit. i personally love kanye as an artistic and usually love his cocky attitude but he did that out of pure ignorance. beyonce's video was good but it didn't have a story or anything to it. she danced with 2 other people. taylor's was creative and adorable.

      and beyonce won best video of the year, which should have made kanye happy. he should have just sat his ass in his seat and waited for the show to be over. then if miss b didn't win 'video of the year' he could have ranted on his blog like he does every other time he disagrees with something

    3. Bumpshack says:

      Taylor has outsold Beyonce by millions and deserved the award..esp her first.

      Defending Michael Vick or OJ Simpson next?

    4. Honest-Truth says:

      Kanye was right in what he did. Although he did it in bad taste he was acting in the only way that he knew how. We all know that her video had not real value and did not deserve to win the award now if it was for the song then that would have been understandable but she did not deserve to win and from the look on her face as she walked up on the stage she knew it too. but i can trash talk her too much because i do love that song.

      and for those of you who have read Kanyes response on his blog you can understand where he was coming from with his outburst. He compared it to him giving away the award that he won to the people that deserved it. And in that case he felt that she should have given the award up.

    5. collegethriving says:

      Wow I totally commend you for doing the seemingly impossible. I read the title and thought this article was going to be ridiculous but you did a really logical defense and I totally see what you mean. Yeah, it's all being way blown out of proportion. And so true- haven't we all said something stupid/bitchy while drunk?

    6. R says:

      Umm… no? He could have voiced his opinion on his blog (like he did his half-assed "apology")or somewhere else. Rushing the stage and taking the mic out of T's hand to say that someone else deserved the award? DOUCHEBAGGERY AT ITS FINEST. I don't care HOW drunk you are, I've been beyond wasted and still know how to keep it classy. Taylor deserved her award (Beyonce got Video of the year – of course she had to be nominated for Female Video, but they couldn't give her the moonman for every category!) AND her moment which 'Ye destroyed. Whether he was right about who should have won is completely beside the point. He is a self-centered asshole. The award and the moment has NOTHING to do with him, but he turned it around and made it about him. I hate Kanye and everything about him. He is coming off of my iPod… NOW.

    7. Becca- Clarion Unive says:

      Okay… seriously… Beyonce not only won video of the year, she also won best editing… Obviously she had a better video, hence the winning of VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!!

      Kanye was completely out of line, and everyone bitching about how Beyonce was better, and what not… she was, which is why she won best video…as a whole. over male and female categories, as well as all other categories… whereas taylor swift only won best female video… I'm gonna say that Taylor swift deserved her award, and a true heartfelt apology from kanye, who was completely out of line. Kudos to Beyonce for giving taylor her time to shine, she is very much a classy lady.

    8. Lola says:

      He is entitled to his opinion, but that was not the venue to express it. You are an idiot for condoning it. Whether Beyonce's video was better or not is all a matter of opinion – opinion which will vary from individual to individual. That is no justification for his actions. Kayne is a GIANT d-bag baby who has a tantrum every time things don't go his way and then there are his enablers like you that support his ignorant antics which I am sure only adds fuel to the fire for his next outbreak bc he knows he has people supporting him. If Beyonce's video was better so what? Clearly, her video was good as she took Video of the Year. So NO, he wasn't right and neither are you.

    9. Casey says:

      I don't like Beyonce's music, I don't like her dancing, and I don't really like her too much. So I totally think the award should have gone to Taylor. I HATED the song "Single Ladies" It was my least favorite song of the year. And the music video for it, eh, it's just dancing. Music videos are about more than just choreography. I don't like a lot of pop/ hip hop music videos where all it is is a bunch of dancing. I like music videos because they are the visual version of the song, basically I like to SEE what the songs story is. Not just a dance to go along with the song, that, I think, should be saved for a live performance. Music videos should be a different kind of creativity, one that you can't mimic live so you get 2 different categories instead of just one.

      So for people like me who prefer this kind of music video Taylor's was definitely better and deserved to win.

      I LOVE Kanye, but this was just fucked up! Taylor was so happy and he basically just told the entire world (during her acceptance) that she didn't deserve it. She looked like she was going to cry there should be NO defense for him.

    10. Lauren - University says:

      Bumpshack, really? You are saying that stealing a mic from Taylor Swift is the same thing as OJ murdering his ex wife or Michael Vick abusing defenseless animals?

    11. Crittle says:

      I'm sorry, I don't care if Beyonce's video was better. The nut jumped on the stage, took the mic away and made an ass out of himself, basically said she didn't deserve her award to her face. Who cares if he's right, that's not the issue, the issue is that he behaved like beast, I was glad he got kicked out.

    12. Breda says:

      No way, there is no condoning what he did. I don't give a shit if Beyonce 'deserved' it or not. It is unacceptable and completely class-less to go up and stage and embarrass the poor girl like that. She writes nearly all of her songs by herself where as beyonce just gets a writing credit on SOME of her songs. Kanye is and forever will be an asshole in my mind.

    13. Emily says:

      No, not all of us have done something stupid while drunk. Personally, I think that half the time someone is doing something stupid while drunk, they are just using alcohol as an excuse to finally initiate and blurt out the stupid things they were thinking in their head.

      Kanye and his fat ego would be in trouble regardless of who he chose to interrupt. Sure, the fact that it was Taylor Swift made it a bigger deal…but we all know that Kanye is so full of himself that any interruption of his would be doubly stupid and doubly annoying.

    14. Gwenivere says:

      Wow Jess. This site is about different college girls opinions and experiences. No one on this site would purposely try to be insensitive towards any readers. It is just that everyone has different opinions, so it's impossible to please EVERYONE with every single article that is written.

      I don't think Brianna was trying to be insensitive by stating her opinion that the Kanye tantrum is getting way BIGGER than it needs to be. She is just stating that she can see his state of mind and why he was upset by Taylor winning over Beyonce.

      Was Kanye an ass? Yes. Was he smashed? Probably. Does he need to appologize to Taylor for his rash actions? Yes. Did she actually deserve to win? Probably not.

      Drama at awards shows happen all the time. We just need to move on. The person you want to win won't always win. End of story.

    15. Brittany says:

      So, all of you blasting Kanye did the same type of blasting last week when Joe Wilson did the same type of thing?! Yall are sitting here talking about this man did to a teenage singer, but what about the disrespect showed towards the PRESIDENT OF THE US?!?!?! Woooow…. the human race never ceases to amaze. All Hail Queen Taylor!

    16. Cait says:

      Ya, and Beyonce won video of the year, so she did get what she deserved eventually, and luckily, being the c;assy woman she is, she took Taylor up on stage and gave her the moment she deserved in the first place.

      Who cares if Kanye was drunk? That's his own damn fault and he deserved to get kicked out, you can't defend him for making the choice to drink on national tv.

      And ya, maybe he wasn't talking about himself, but he sure as hell got up there for himself, he loves being the c enter of attention, and he doesn't care if the subject is him or not, he just wants the spotlight.

      Taylor deserved her award, and her moment, without interuption from douchbag Kanye.

    17. Brittany says:

      In addition to the fact that 1)..ummm he didn't jump on stage out of nowhere.. it seems as though he walked from backstage. 2) Taylor came from backstage on cue with mic in hand when Bey called her. 3) MTV is known for its scripted reality… so why would this be any different….?

    18. Cait says:

      and yes, it would have been just as wrong and people would have been just as upset if it had been Katy Perry, or P!nk, or Lady Gaga, it has nothing to do with her being a little sweet innocent country singer

    19. Linda says:

      I agree with Brittany.

      Everyone is getting so worked up and its hilarious…because right after the whole Kanye incident, there were like 3 Taylor Swift/Rhapsody commercials. . hmmm.

    20. Positively Present says:

      I think Kanye was completely wrong and mean-spirited but I do agree that it's a good sign he's no longer talking about himself. Also, I agree that if he'd interrupted someone else, someone not as sweet as Taylor, people would be less upset. That being said, he's still a jerk and hopefully feels terrible about what he did.

      PS – Apparently (according to the radio) he was quite drunk. As someone who used to be a huge drinker, I know what a problem alcohol can be and it has lead me to do more than one thing that I've woken to regret. Alcohol is NOT an excuse at all, but it's something to think about if you're a heavy drinker… Do you want to be the next Kanye?



    21. Rosey says:

      I totally agree wit kanye! He was right! Maybe his "better than everyone attitude" comes from the fact that hes tired white people still getting over.The world needs to stop sugar coating everything all the time, that girl got that award cuz she white. Everyone sayin that shes some innocent girl why? cuz she a blonde haired blue eyed honky? Beyonce is a legend and that little girl aint shit. The whole world knows beyonce deserved that award. Kanye just said what everyone was thinking and what no one else had the balls to say!

    22. MP says:

      This is the typical liberal bullshit of excusing behavior because they are under the influence. He came drunk and intended to do so. I would not only kick him out, he should have been arrested for public intoxication.

      I don't give a rats ass if he was drunk or not, nor does it matter who was on stage at the time. They are not his awards so he should should the fuck up.

      He is just another display of the inner city "rules don't apply to me attitude of assholes like him.

      Burn his CDs and don't buy any more of them.

    23. bunny says:

      If you get so drunk you can't control yourself and are proud of admitting the fact you try to insult other people's lives (and yes, im talking to the person who wrote the article almost condoning what West did on the basis he was "drunk") then you deserve to get dragged onto the street and shot.

      footnote: coming from someone whos mother is alcoholic and also, i enjoy a drink now and again, but TO ENJOY MYSELF. you deserve what ever happens to you when you get so inebriated that people can take advantage or fight with you on the basis you are drunk.

      GROW UP.

    24. bunny says:

      I'm sure your boyfriend is so proud of having a girl he has to drag away for calling another girl a slut.

    25. bunny says:

      ah, pressed enter and it submitted >…<

      was going to add the fact you can't even say the comments to their face and have to mask it behind loud comments is utterly pathetic too.

      Go play with fire and die, please.

    26. Rosey says:

      why did he have to be drunk to say that shit. Hes rich because he worked his way to fame bein one of the best rappers ever. Maybe he just knows hes the shit he didnt have to drunk to tell the truth!

    27. Anonymous says:

      Yeah um this article… no. Beyonce probably should have won over Taylor but there is no excuse for Kanye going up and and doing that to Taylor. And I actually really can't believe you would compare your own drunken comments that affect like 5 people with what Kanye did last night. He's an asshole and did the completely wrong thing no matter what the circumstances were. Not to mention that it was completely disrespectful… are you really going to defend something like that?

      And I know it wouldn't be very surprising if this WAS a scripted event, but I know from someone on the inside that it wasn't.

    28. Maddi says:

      "someone on the inside"… right….

    29. shari says:

      i understand that maybe he was saying what we were all thinking, but that is NOT the proper way to go about saying it! he was incredibly rude and selfish to have done that to another artist. his possible intoxication at the time is not an excuse either. i hate when people use that as an excuse (and, yes, when i do stupid stuff when i'm drunk i own up to it and dont blame it on my BAC). how are we expected to respect kanye when he doesn't respect an innocent young artist?

    30. A.C. says:

      Rosey, Beyonce won video of the year, as well as choreography and editing awards. How is Taylor Swift winning one award biased toward white people? Hatred is hatred, racism is racism, calling her a "honky" and claiming she got the award purely because she's white, isn't going to win you any sympathy or support for your point of view.

    31. Shellica says:

      Rosey, Kanye being an asshole has nothing to do with his race, wealth, or rapping. I'm black and if a white girl wins an award, good for her! It's not what color you are, it's who you are. They didn't give her best video for her blonde hair, they gave it to her because she worked hard and put out a quality video.

      Let's not get race into it.

      Being a jerk is never ok, no matter who you are.

    32. Rosey says:

      it doesnt even make sense for beyonce to win all those awards for the video and not the other one!! does it? they had to give at least one of the awards to the white bitch. and everyone referres to her as the innocent little girl why?….

    33. D. says:

      So…If someone drove whilst intoxicated and killed people, we can't blame him for his actions because people all do dumb things when drunk, right?

      Nobody cares if Beyonce deserved the award more than Taylor Swift, it doesn't make what he did any better. It would have been offensive no matter who he chose to interrupt.

      A lot of people I know are boycotting Kanye for this incident…If it were staged, why would he do that to his career?

    34. Casey says:

      I haven't heard Taylor Swift's song, nor have I seen her video. However, I have heard and seen Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It is one of the crappiest songs of all time, right up there with Fergie's "Fergalicious." Shallow, repetitive, over-produced schlock. Lemme see if I can recall Beyonce's song…

      "All the single ladies"

      "If you like it then you should put a ring on it."

      I just typed 80% of the song!

    35. Rosey says:

      yes being rich and famous has everything to do wit ur attitude "la la la la wait til i get my money right" thats why kanye sed dat shit now that hes rich and famous hes going to continue to be an asshole and speak his mind it doesnt have to have anythign to do with alcohol

    36. erin says:

      I'm sorry was the writer not raised to believe that drunkeness and rudeness are unexceptable in public and to steal someone's right to say thanks and have their moment is okay? Because what he did was the epitomey of rudeness. I don't care if you do it because you thought someone else should win or what ever you think, judges choose or how ever MTV does it, case closed, no one does this shit at the oscars but not too many of them are bat shit crazy, unless your mel gibson and can also say "I'm sorwwy, I was drunk" as a comprehensive excuse for a mistake you made. Being drunk is never an excuse, you kill someone drunk driving your very liable for the death, same with getting on stage and being an ass or making a racist comment. He should not be invited next year, or nominated.

    37. erin says:

      Ps college candy you've been a real crappy the last few weeks.

    38. Maria says:

      It's not WHAT he said, it's WHEN he said it. It was supposed to be her moment, and when Kanye stood up and did that, he usurped her time slot, and she was forced offstage when he finished.

      If he would have chosen a different time to say it, then fine, no big deal. But the fact that he had to INTERRUPT someone else's speech makes him, officially, the world's biggest douchebag. It would be the same way had he done it to Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry, or Pink.

      Also, the entire night I kept thinking of the South Park episode with Kanye & fish sticks… Was anybody else thinking that, or was it just me??

    39. Rosey says:

      if kanye would have interupted saying "yes i completly agree taylor swift has the best video" no one would have sed shit about him interupting and voicing his opinion but since his opinion was negative hes wrong. thats bullshit

    40. eugene warner says:

      Kenye Is a drunk and a total idiot and should have been draged to the street for his actions, Its not cool to be stupid and a ass hole at anyones expence.

    41. Casey says:

      Wow Rosey! Seriously!? "it doesnt even make sense for beyonce to win all those awards for the video and not the other one!! does it? they had to give at least one of the awards to the white bitch. and everyone referres to her as the innocent little girl why?"

      You are one racist bitch! Ever heard of affirmative action? You know, the law passed so minorities can get a fair shot. Get over the fact that a couple hundred years ago the world was fucked up. We don't live in that world anymore. I'm so sick of the fact that minorities can have their own schools, fraternities, television channels, magazines, etc. EXCLUSIVELY for them and they STILL BITCH ABOUT DISCRIMINATION. But if a white person tried to have something exclusively for them it would be racist and discrimination. Someone, please explain to me how that makes ANY sense, what so ever.

      Beyonce won 3 awards that is fucking awesome! but to win all 4 would have been unfair. Other people deserve a chance to win as well, even if they are "white". White people aren't the "privileged" ones anymore. We have a black president for Christ's sake! When are black people going to get over the "slavery issue" of the pre civil war era and stop trying to make up for lost time. Do people not know that before the civil war their were BLACK SLAVE OWNERS! That's one fact that seems to be left out a lot. You're not helping the racism issue, you're only making it worse. WERE ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER OUR SKIN COLOR! Skin color should not be a determinant in ANYTHING including a white girl winning a pop music award.

      Oh and as a side note. Yes, beyonce is better known, that just means she's had her glory, it's time to let a newcomer get some acknowledgment for their achievements. If we didn't we wouldn't have any entertainers left after the "better known" ones retire or die.

      Whatever, your ignorance infuriates me!

    42. Laurie says:

      Taylor Swift has never ever ever outsold Beyonce, check your facts. Beyonce has been in the industry for 10 YEARS HUN.

    43. A.C. says:

      Actually, Laurie, check your facts please. While Beyonce may have sold more records over the course of her career, for 2008, Taylor Swift was actually the bestselling artist, according to Nielsen SoundScan. She is also in the top 10 albums, listened radio songs, downloaded songs and singles of the moment. I don't know how we got on the topic of who's better, Beyonce or Swift, because in all honesty, both ladies behaved graciously, are excellent performers and I was glad to see their poise under pressure. Kanye was the complete idiot here, and while it's fine he has his opinion, that was not the time, nor place to have expressed it.

    44. Grim says:

      That obnoxious turd Kanye West doesn't when to stop sucking the teats of self-promotion and vanity. There's no doubt in mind that he would pulled the same repugnant stunt while sober,so please spare me your devil's advocate approach,Brianna…It's hardly applicable here,imho.

    45. Leigh says:

      I'm sorry, but I think Taylor deserved the award, I felt mortified for her when the camera rolled to her standing in front of hundreds after what Kanye said. Yes, he should have said it to a reporter, but he didn't. He interrupted her only moment and it's unfair, and nasty:/

    46. Sharon says:

      Sorry but I disagree; Kanye was as wrong as two left shoes.

      Too bad he had to pick Taylor; he wouldn't have tried that crap with Pink – she would have opened up a can of Whup *ss right there on the stage – LOL!

    47. Ratatouille says:

      You're a monster. The only reason you side with Kanye is because both of you turn into foul-mouthed little brats when you drink? Spare us.

    48. dncresearch says:


    49. erin says:

      Ratatouille, thats spot on. Wow some love connection between them.

      I also want to adress that for some race plays an issue which was part of my reaction last night, a little white girl won instead of a prominent african american woman. Somtimes I wonder if the only white person likes is mark jacobs. While I like and her style I think others deserve to win, and thats what happened. Thats an award show. He need to be kicked in the head for being a rude dumb-ass.

    50. erin says:

      Ps. the look on her face was pretty sad, I wanted to cry for her when kanye got up and said that shit. Thats some crushing stuff for a young girl who's playing in someone elses house. She's country and alot of people hate that music, me included, but thats a pretty big part of why that award meant alot to her. Could that be why Kanye felt she shouldn't have won?

    51. Olivia says:

      Ya know… Kanye was douchey and all, and Taylor Swift didn't deserve it, and maybe it's just the Metalhead in me talking, but I really can't be bothered to care.

      The only reason I watched the VMAs last night was cause my friends were, but damn, I am just not a fan of mainstream music. I'm gonna go back to my Slipknot, PAIN, Sonic Syndicate, and Rammstein and hope all this VMA drama blows over very soon.

    52. Anonymous says:

      and yes Maddi, someone on the inside. Believe it or not, there are some celebrities who attended the VMA's who do have friends and family members, and they do talk about things. Don't act as though it's so impossible.

    53. D. says:

      Rosey: People would have been annoyed if he'd cut her speech off for ANY reason, whether it was to agree or disagree, because he WAS wrong.

    54. Kayla says:

      Simple case of numbers: Taylor Swift outsold Beyonce in album sales. This is going to be reflected in the public voting. So it makes sense that she won. Especially with the younger audience voting more than the demographic MTV goes after.

      I can only see Kanye's outburst being justified if it had been the video of the year award, which Beyonce won. So if he had just sat in his seat an hour longer he would've seen it happen.

      He's only out for attention and that's what he got. And that's fine, whatever, be an attention whore but don't ruin someone else's moment for your bullshit antics.

    55. Becca says:

      So because he was drunk it was okay?

      That is terrible logic.

    56. Shaylee says:

      whoever wrote this in defenwe of kanye is an idiot. Give me a break. even in your explanation, you back track and admit he's an asshole. Bottom line is, it was an awards show, and he had no place on the stage with Taylor at that time. Let alone, never before has an artist had so little respect for the process and interrupt another person's acceptance speech. Par for the course with that guy. He's always been an arrogrant douche. Even the president gets no respect from this man. He should be ashamed of himself. Look what his legacy will be..Sad.

    57. Stuey Griffin says:

      Mon Sep 14 2009 18:31:09 By: Anonymous User



    58. Caitlyn says:

      Kanye was rude and inappropriate. It was not the time for his input.

      Rosey: People don't refer to Taylor as innocent just because she is blonde and white. Lady Gaga is also blonde and white and how many people do you hear referring to her as innocent?

    59. Staged Act.. says:

      Anyone who knows anything about live stage production knows that the master sound board operator has all of the power. Anything that happens on that stage that is not on the agenda, and the sound board op cuts the sound on any given mic or instrument in less than 2 seconds. The production manager has access to the board op's ear at all times (via headsets) and a number of production managers and/or stage managers could hv made the decision to cut that ass off! The fact that he was allowed to grab that mic from the speaker, and speak into it at length shows that he was enabled to do so.

      These are professional production crews members, these people have years and years of experience in live production. Trust me, nothing like this would have EVER gone down unless there was some enabling.

      And I agree, using common sense, and knowing what some of us know about stage production, it would seem that Kanye was the only one who knew about what was supposed to go down. The element of surprise is what creates the supposed authenticity and thus controversy

    60. Beverly says:

      It's wrong because, like it or not, she won the award. She got that limited time slot as her own, to use to thank everyone. He interrupted, knowing it was a limited time. That is beyond rude. I would say the same thing if he did it to any other artist. Get some class, Kanye.

    61. Beverly says:

      And by the way – being drunk is not a legitimate excuse. Especially considering he was at work.

    62. brenda says:

      people need to chill the hell out and take it for what it was. i like that someone took the other side and gave a logical standpoint from those who agree with Kanye West. besides, quit acting like it happened to you, those who were "mortified" because in 10 years, no one is going to give a hell. chill out, have a couple of beers (yes, please do, because some of you need to take that stick out of your ass and stop caring about celebrities and have fun in YOUR OWN LIFE) and relax.:)

    63. Deja H. says:

      Well, I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift at all(her music kinda annoys me and it annoys me even more that all these preppy chicks at my school are always singing "You Belong With Me").I'm a big fan of Kanye West and Beyonce, but what Kanye did was rude. He could've said that some other time. That was her first VMA award.

      And Stuey Griffin shut the fuck up you racist

      (Yes, I am African American)

    64. SS says:

      KANYE WHO???????? This uneducated, nasty looking, drunken nobody should have been thrown off the red carpet and not allowed inside. Who's fault is that??? This KANYE needs to go back to sitting on a sofa on his front porch where he came from.

    65. Sherry says:

      He's such a tool. There's no defense for him, it's not the first time he's shown his azz! I really wish he would have tried that crap with Pink. She would have taken him down. He really needs to get that chip off his shoulder and see if he can get some help for that racism problem he is ate up with.

    66. brenda says:

      "Kill Yourself Kanye" and "Katie"… two wastes of egg and sperm, please refrain from the racist remarks. grow up, and realize that there are people from all walks of life around you, we are all the same literally. there is no biological difference between you or i, or whoever else. and why is everyone so fucking torn up over this? Chris Brown beat the hell out of Rhianna, and no one was that upset over it…

    67. NOMAD19 says:

      Kanye sux and is a douch bag period….!

    68. NOMAD19 says:

      Did I mention he Kanye was an attention whore?

    69. brenda says:

      Christina that wasnt my point. the idea im trying to make, dear, is that there are more important things to be worried about. dont get it twisted honey, its okay, i know big words confuse people like you:) just worry about yourselves people… forget the celebs and forget the racists!

    70. Liz says:

      I do not think Kanye was in the right at all. You can have your own opinions, but you don't have to take the mic away from Taylor while she was giving her speech and was so excited about it.. That was the wrong time to do that and should not have.. He was a complete jerk for doing that..I felt so bad for Taylor. I loved what Beyonce did.

      ❤ Beyonce and Taylor

    71. Bunny says:

      Dudes, gross generalisation of all black people makes YOU look like fucking scum.

      Do y'all hail from the deep south, circa 1800s?

      I'm white, before you jump down my throat, but it doesnt matter, because WE'RE ALL HUMAN.

      Yes, Kanye is a douchebag for what he did.


      YOU are FAR worse for referring to them as "apes" or making rascist porch comments. Did your parents not raise you correctly?

    72. brenda says:

      OHMYGOD, finally someone speaks some sense… thanks Bunny, you and Liz both made some heads and tails of this stupid idiotic thing.

    73. Meg says:

      I agree with you 100 percent Liz. Everyone has an opinion but no one else got up there and said theirs. He is just a jerk and he always has been. Beyonce is so classy. You go girl!

    74. Stephanie says:

      Some of this comments are nearing lunacy. It seems so personal to some of you. Did Kanye do something to you, personally? Is Taylor Swift your family? It's sad to see peoples' true colors come out sometimes. I bet each one of you saying these slurs has an African-American that you claim as a friend… say these same statements to them and then try to justify your reasoning. Grow up (it's Hollywood.. these people have no idea who you are.)

    75. heather says:

      Kanye is ignorant and stupid for what he did, it was NOT his moment to shine but someone else's. To do that is wrong and disrespectful, what ever happened to people respecting others? It seems we have forgotten whats right and wrong these days and have accepted so much that is wrong. Irritates me when anyone

    76. sharon says:

      Everyone is making it out like kanye is an animal but he only did what no else would do,point out how m.t.v always try to show some racism shit.plus how come t got best female video pop and she sings country.kanye did the right thing,. maybe to some it may look like kanye verus taylor but not taylor its M.t.V EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THEM FOR WHAT THERE ARE AND BOYCOTT THE STATION.PLUS HE SAID HE IS HAPPY FOR HER BUT IF HE DIDNT DO IT THEN NEXT YEAR WHO KNOW WHAT M.T.V WOULD PULL

    77. […] In Defense of Kanye [CollegeCandy] […]

    78. R says:

      (I didn't read every comment on here so sorry if it has already been said)I personally loved Taylor Swifts video. If it was an hour and half long it would have made for a really cute romantic comedy. It was very creative and cute and gave the song a lot more meaning. I think that Beyonce's video had great dancing.. but that was all that it offered. Taylor's had a great story line and a happy ending and you could really relate to it.

    79. Brittney says:

      All these angry comments are hilarious.

      I don’t care who should have won (I have no preference toward either artist, I don’t listen to either of them). I don’t care if Kanye was drunk. There was no reason to ruin Taylor’s moment. End of story.

      Rude is rude, regardless of if you are drunk or who you are being rude to.

    80. B says:

      Rosie, you're fucking ignorant. Taylor's win has nothing to do with the fact that she's white, and everything to do with the fact that she's talented, and everyone loves her.

      I'm sure you think songs like that crap by Drake… how's it go…? oh yeah… "you da you da best, you da you da best" constitutes real talent? Songs like that, and "single ladies" and "umbrella" are nothing but repetitive shit- but I'm sure you'd be gunning for them to win grammys. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE IGNORANT AND HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF TRUE TALENT, people like you make me sick. So does the music I'm sure you like- songs about "hitting it from the front, hitting it from the back, flying off to NASA, drinking, getting high, strippers, abusing women and money (or should I say paper)" I cannot think of one of these "songs" that's worth the air it cost to sing them.

      Go back to collecting welfare and popping out illegitimate kids by several different baby daddies you ignorant fuck. It's all you're good for.

    81. BT says:

      Big effin deal. Kanye WAS right. MTV is retarded.

    82. aamina says:

      first of all i would have loved to see pink win so she can kick his ass right there

      but the thing is the only reason kanye got up and said his bullshit was because he was against a 19 year old girl!!!!

      he basically just bullied a kid and remember when kanye didnt win any awards so he whined and said he would never come back to mtv

      ahahahaha what a joke, kanye is a douchebag

      and what he did was wrong regardless of who won

    83. JGirl says:

      I honestly believe this was all staged by MTV. With Russell Brand hosting, how can anyone be surprised by anything that happened last night.

      I am disappointed that this has sparked racial comments by some – Christina, Ashley and Katrina that is really not necessary. The comment about his mother was really worse than what Kanye did to Taylor and I hope the comments are removed.

      Bottom line is that Taylor's CD sales will increase dramatically, Beyonce is no longer consider a snobby "B" and is now the angel that saved the night. Great PR for both. Kanye has always been considered an top grade a-hole. So, it doesn't "damage" his already shattered image. The ratings for Jay Leno's new show that airs tonight will be phenomenal. People will tune in to see if Kanye apologizes, if Jay Leno actually allows him on the show, etc…

      Entertainers and publicists are very smart people, but the American public and the media should be hipped to the game. And certainly not making this a "racial" issue.

    84. Brittany says:

      YALL ARE SOME DAMN INTERNET THUGS!!!!! LOL LAUGHING MY DAMN ASS ALLLLLLL THE WAY OFF!! I would love to see the day where Katrina, B, Katie, Christina, Kill Yourself Kanye, and any other person making racial slurs says that same shit to a black person in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MIGHT GET KILLED!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH talk the shit behind the safety of your computer screen, but know that one day your true colors will show to the ones around and believe when that day comes, youll either 1) get your ass beat if youre in the company of blacks or 2) get looked at like an uneducated, ill-mannered fool by whites (unless youre at a KKK meeting)!! WOOOOW open a book people and educate yourselves and prevent your stupidity and ignorance from oozing through your pores!!! Racism isn't 'Cool'.

    85. Casey says:

      Ok 1. I Doubt this was scripted, Taylor would never have agreed to that with it being her first award, and even MTV isn't heartless enough to pull that kind of stunt on a 19 year old.

      2. I doubt they would have turned the mic's off, they all wanted to hear what Kanye had to say, plus it made for great press, if they'd cut it off then no one would have known the difference and our society thrives on drama.

      3. Taylor's songs are pop/country. You know, they play on hit music stations not just the country ones. There's rock pop, hip hop is sorta the rap version of pop, "pop" means POPULAR. TAYLORS SONG WAS A "POP"ULAR SONG, that's why it was in the running. So no, Beyonce should not have won the award because Taylor sings "country".

      And "who should have won" is all based on opinion, and the majority opinion was for Taylor Swift to win, and she did, so it's not "MTV pulling a stunt" it's a talented singer winning an award she deserved. GET OVER IT!

    86. Brittany says:

      MTV isn't heartless? I think MTV is heartless as possible if ratings are involved. So MTV 'pulled that kind of stunt', and it worked. If people weren't watching from the beginning of the show–they were definitely watching by the end. Casey you said it best: "society thrives on drama". That thriving equals sky high ratings. Taylor not knowing beforehand gave the needed authenticity. A few tears at the expense of MTV's gold isn't going to kill her. These 100 comments are just the exposure that Kanye, MTV, and Beyonce wanted! Come on now people, don't believe the hype.

    87. […] In Defense of Kanye…Yea, You Heard Me Right Okay, before you jump down my throat for defending Kanye’s outburst at last night’s VMAs, let me explain. […] […]

    88. D. says:

      Brittany: Why do you assume that just because they're black, they'll beat someone up for being racist?

    89. Jay says:

      Ok, Brooke that is a tad on the extreme side. Why would you assume all black people are defending him? And calling African American people "blackies" is unnecessarily offensive. The issue at hand is about Kanye West's poor judgment.

      I feel bad for any of your friends that are of a difference ethnicity because they must face constant criticism from you and no one deserves that. Honestly, his problem is that he is probably an alcoholic and he never got to say good-bye to his mother.

      I don't listen to Kanye or Taylor, but you have to think she must have been doing something right to be nominated in the first place, correct? Why can't people just be happy for each other and give respect where it is due. From what I've heard, he could've just twittered his feelings about Beyonce later but being inebriated impairs your judgment. It doesn't make his actions acceptable it just means someone close to him should probably recommend that he attends an AA meeting.

    90. K says:

      I can't imagine being Taylor in that moment and how humiliating that must have been. She already felt like the odd man out and up comes Kanye making her worst fear real. He obviously doesn't give two thoughts about making someone feel like shit. As long as he's in the spotlight. This outburst hurt him more than helped him. I have talked to a lot of people that don't even want to invest in his music because he's such a pompous ass. He creates some quality art but, to steal a line from one of his songs, "How could (HE) be so Heartless?"

    91. Blue Melon says:

      Kanye is the epitome of asshole. The writer of this article is rather short-sighted. The quality of Beyonce's video has nothing to do with what took place on stage. We should be looking at this one incident and not extraneous variables. Kanye was rude. It was not Taylor Swift's decision to award herself – if he has a problem with Beyonce not winning, he should take it up with the people responsible – not Taylor. True to form, West acted like the little shriveled up dick he always was. The boy should be slapped – repeatedly.

    92. Sara says:

      "…are still fucking crying about fucking racism that they fucking never personally experienced in their lives."

      Seriously? Wake up, racism is still alive. My friends get pulled over by cops all the time, for no reason. The cop that pulled my friend and I over treated my best friend like he was an animal but treated me like I was a human being. The only difference between us is he's black and I'm white. My ex boyfriend got pulled out of a crowd of white people, because he "looked suspicious." My current boyfriend and I always get disgusting comments, because he's black and I'm white. And all of this isn't racism?

    93. Wren says:

      There's no excuse, regardless of any attempt to defend that useless waste of oxygen. If he was drunk, that's his issue. Nobody forced drinks down his throat (or yours either, I might add, since your boyfriend has to save you from yourself). As my grandmother once said, the drunk man speaks the sober man's mind. It doesn't manufacture reactions or commentary – it only bypasses your "don't go there" filter and lets you shove your foot in your mouth in public.

      That being said, wasn't there a group that chose the winner of each award? Once it's done and the awards are presented, it's no one's job to question the choice, especially during the acceptance speech. We've all thought "bad call" when someone won an award we though should have gone to another nominee. However, most of us have better manners than to barge onstage during someone else's moment of recognition and show a lack of even the most basic manners. Doesn't anyone think it's important to have some sense of the appropriate or any degree of class?

      To those who brought up the issue of race, I'd have the same reaction if it were some drunk white boorish loser committing the same offense. I have to wonder, however, what he would have to say if Taylor Swift had barged onstage and taken away HIS moment.

    94. iphonerulez says:

      Who's sticking up for this rude and obnoxious naggar? Just look at that guy's head. Fancy on the outside, empty on the inside. This is the type of guy that all the black ladies adore and he'll be able to spread his genes all over the planet.

      Was he really that wrong? Did you see anyone else jumping on the stage and loudmouthing it every time an unfavorable win took place? This dude is just a leather-wearing coon who doesn't have an ounce of manners. If somebody did that to him, he'd probably get a gun and go after them. That's the black rapper's code. If someone disses you in public, you kill them. Nice going, Kanye, keep fueling the racism.

    95. Matilda says:

      Kanye was wrong. I bet the same people defending him defended Chris Brown. Most of you people can't spell for shit, and STOP BRINGING RACISM INTO EVERYTHING LOSERS! Get the fuck over it, and get the fuck over yourself.

    96. jESSIKa says:

      IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE "THINKS" THAT BEYONCE'S VIDEO WAS BETTER THAN TAYLOR SWIFTS…I AM NOT A FAN OF TAYLOR SWIFTS BUT IN FACT A FAN OF KANYE AND I THINK WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG…THE BOTTOM LINE IS If Kanye wants people to win the awards he thinks they deserve, he should create his own event. Kanye is a guest at the MTV Video Music Awards. He does not determine the winners. The winners are determined by POPULAR VOTE……THE END!!!

    97. Matilda says:

      If some white guy took her mic I would of thought it was wrong too. The person who said "some white bitch"….If Kanye was white, would you think it was wrong..doubt it. Maybe you guys should go back in time where racism was at its height. That shit doesn't fly nowadays, get the FUCK OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! Majority of the world is tired of hearing it.

    98. Kathy says:

      Whether you agree with Kanye or not, what he did was just rude and uncalled for. Everyone has their own opinions, and they are entitled to them, but he had not business getting on that stage and stealing that moment from Taylor Swift (or anywone else)!

    99. raymond says:

      your a fkn idiot reporter like most brianna….they were'nt even up for the same award(beyonce&taylor….dumb ass female

    100. palmetto16 says:

      I don't care WHAT Kanye thought nor do I think that what he said was valid…..but even if it were, you can't just be allowed to jump up on stage and steal someone's big moment like that – what if EVERYONE did that – there'd be chaos! AND better yet……what if someone had done that to KANYE!!?? He would have had a fit of monumental proportions!! He's totally entitled to his opinions as to who should have/shouldn't have won…..but that was NOT the way to convey them and NO ONE should defend him because of the way he did it!!!!!

    101. mike says:

      Yeah right!, just another nigger with an attitude

    102. Charles McCray says:

      You are and ass like the rest….

    103. MSNESHARED says:

      i do believe what kanye did was rude and disrespectful, but beyonce should have won. I also believe he(Kanye) was wasted, and really doesnt he do this type of thing all the time??!! the only diffrence is he did it to some one who alot of people view as "innocnet and sweet".

      ……..At least he apolgized instead of remaing an idiot so hey just move on, but was pink out of line for saying she would be the man with brass knuckles??

    104. Yankee says:

      Kanye is at the level of his downward spiral that he needs to touch bases with Britney before the head shaving commences.

    105. Iwannaknow says:

      If George Bush hates black people does this mean Kanye West hates white people?????

    106. Angela says:

      Being drunk is no excuse for acting like an ass or a douche. Seriously, sober or not Kanya is a tool.

    107. ellshan says:

      The only thing on Kanye's mind was Kanye. When was the last time he was in the media? Now everyone is talking about him. It wasn't about Taylor or Beyonce – it was about Kanye. I don't care for him or his music, but give the man credit – he knows his marketing and any publicity is good publicity.

    108. Debbie says:

      Sorry, don't buy the "alcohol" excuse…. People only use that when they do things so obnoxious that they need to blame it on something or someone that takes the responsibility away from themselves…. Alcohol doesn't change the person you really are it just makes you think your balls are bigger……………

    109. kisha says:

      wow this started as an intelligent discussion and then just degenerated into a nasty rude racial tirade. i am an african american and a mother of male children. i really think you need to check your motives for commenting. blasting all african american males does nothing to change music or people. all you did was make me afraid to send my sons to college. where does your hatred stop. can you see differences in people. not just race. my sons are honors students that play heavy metal in a band does that make okay. or do you lynch first ask questions later

    110. ONO says:

      Drunk or not, no excuse. He horned in on another performer's time to bask in the sun. He's a rude, selfish jerk. And if he was drunk he needs to go to AA, not work out his issues on the VMA stage.

    111. Tammy says:

      She won – period. Who YOU think should have won is immaterial.

      There's such a thing as class, and that ghetto roach Kayne doesn't have it.

      Personally, I'd have loved to have seen him do this crap at the CMAs — Toby Keith and Trace Atkins would have drop kicked his thug arse out the door.

    112. Molly says:

      You are an idiot too!!! There's a time and place for everything and that was not the time or place for Kenye to share his personal opinion. He was rude and ignorant and tacky, tacky, tacky.

    113. Angie says:

      Pardon me while I puke in my cereal. Ok so he was drunk, BFD. Since you're saying because he was drunk, he should be excused for being the pompous @$$ that he is, here is my question. What is the excuse for the OTHER instances where he shot off his piehole without thinking? Was he drunk all those times, too, or is he just that big of a douchebag? My money is on the latter. Yet another so called celeb who just doesn't have it in him to shut the hell UP. He's his own worst enemy and the world would be a better place if he, and others like him, did what he said he was going to and try to scrape a decent human being out of his own misguided self importance.

    114. Sam says:

      Kanye needs to be banned from all future award shows. Being drunk is not an excuse for his behavior. If he doesn't know how to act appropriately, he needs to stay home.

    115. Ali says:

      Whether or not his opinion was correct isn't the point, the point IS: He did something truly distasteful and rude, and it was wrong. Obviously B's video was better, which, as so many other people have pointed out, is why she won Best Video of the Year.

      And regardless of whether or not you agree with something, you can't go ripping something from someone else's hands and then telling that person that they didn't deserve what they got. We learned that in kindergarten!!!

    116. Chuck says:

      I am a recovering alcoholic, so I feel I can speak with authority about this sad situation.

      It is quite obvious that West has a drinking problem. He showed up carrying a half-filled Hennessey bottle which he held onto during photos and interviews before the show. I have NEVER seen anyone do that at an awards show so blatently.

      One of the hallmarks of a true alcoholic is that their ego eventually runs rampant when they drink.

      It is ALL ABOUT THEM!! This disease leads us to do things and say things without regard for others.

      And it always gets worse, never better, if left untreated.

      I hope West does what he said on Leno last night, and takes some time to re-evaluate his life and get treatment for an obvious alcohol problem and an even more obvious ego problem.

    117. Debbie says:


      I don't care if it is a little miss kitten or a bad mr pitbull. Wrong is wrong. I will never condone (or defend) Kanye's behavior and neither should you.

    118. Mom says:

      Rosey, of all the remarks that have been made about this outburst, yours is the only remark that people need to take heed of. It is racist and wrong. Kanye didn't do this because he was drunk or because he doesn't like white people. He did it because he is an ass. PERIOD You are the racist. He needs his public (fans, people, whatever) to boycott his music and his actions and keep him out of the public eye long enough for him to realize people have feeling no matter what color, race or religion they are. Maybe if it hits him in the wallet he will come to some sort of revelation that his public doesn't care about his opinion, only his music. The awards programs are not for a puplic platform. They are to reward people for hard work. He (and you) need to work on your attitude and respect of others.

    119. Gina says:

      Greater is not better, and promotion come from the Lord.

      Who is Mr.West to say who get what. I recall and song Mr. West

      wrote Jesus walks with me. I think he needs to go back to the

      booth and reMIX the song. Do you walk with Jesus? All prays go out to Ms Swift 1st Mr.West 2nd.

    120. Shellie says:

      Let's be real people. Kanye has a racial undertone to many of his comments. If the award had gone to Alicia Keys or Rhianna he would have stayed in his seat. It's sad, but that's the way it is. Plus, alcohol never helps when you are prone to say ignorant things in the first place. I support anyone being proud of who they are and their heritage/ancestry what have you, but when it becomes racial supremacy/superiority….well, we've seen how that works out.

    121. Gina says:

      Mr. Mike I pray for you and your mother if that's how she raised you to talk and you for calling people names. You my man are on Mr.West level>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    122. BT says:

      I think most of the people who commented on here are douchebags. All this outrage…"im taking Kanye off my ipod" blah blah boo hoo. Racist pricks. God forbid somebody speak out about how MTV crushes REAL musical talent. The best music in the world is NOT played on so-called "music television".

    123. Dominique says:

      ok, granted. Kanye running up on stage taking the mic out of Taylor Swift's hand was out of line. I like Taylor Swift and I absolutely love her song but for her to win "Best Female Video" wasn't right. Besides Beyonce being in the category, Lady Gaga, Pink and Kelly Clarkson's videos were hot. The video Taylor Swift did for that song went right along with the words to the song. It was sweet and innocent. It wasn't good enough to beat the other women in the catergory. So even if Beyonce didn't win that category one of the other women deserved the award more than Taylor Swift.

    124. Ricci says:

      Does this mean, by your logic, that you would defend domestic violence and rape if the person was under the influence because we're not in control of our actions.

      I see no defense for this person if he were a MAN but obviously he is a self-centered boy in a man's body that craves attention.

    125. Callie says:

      The point is not that he interrupted a sweet young quiet girl or loud mouth big old man, the point is this was a program and not karaoke night in Tinsel Town.

      Would it be ok if some lame pissed off nut came out of the audience at the Lakers Basketball game taking the mic from the announcer and going on a rant about his favorite football team?

      Would it be better if a preacher got up at a concert and started preaching against drugs and loud music? NO!

      This was planned program and other than being rude he probably scared the crap out of several people just being able to get up on stage. Security!!! Put down the donuts and protect the artists.

    126. PattiM says:

      Ignorance is NOT an excuse for bad behavior. Neither is drunkenness. Kanye was the only one responsible for his actions, and being inebriated does not give him a pass here. I don't care who won the award. It was not his right, duty, or even place to get up on stage and correct a wrong. He was way out of line, and if somebody had done that to him during the acceptance of an award, he probably would have had a lot more to say, and again, it wouldn't have been good.

      He acted the only way he knew how? Come on. He's a big boy who does know the industry, protocol at an award ceremony, and he knew exactly what he was doing when he destroyed forever an award-winning moment for another artist.

      He is arrogant, selfish, and ignorant. I'm just sorry that there are people who are still also ignorant enough to choose to defend someone of such low caliber.

    127. Marilyn says:

      He is a ignorant jerk who thinks he is somebody. He was drinking a huge amount and who knows what else. He has no class and the only reason he spoke about it on Leno was because he knew he has hurt his career!

    128. Jasen says:

      Alcohol is no excuse to be be a idiot.Alcohol dosen't make you something it brings whats hiding underneath out.It was totally unexcuseable and shouldent of happened.If I was him I would feel like a jerk.I don't care what kind of past you have r who you think you are,we are all equal and should respect each other…..right?

    129. dawn says:

      how does selling really equate to who deserves a music video award? and yes he was right. some people are protected because of their cuteness or popularity and not their talent. this episode helped MTV and in some ways it helps Taylor. It will be interesting to see where Taylor lands in 10 to 15 years. I'm not convinced that she has very much talent and once her cuteness wears off, people will probably forget about her.

      bringing up OJ and Mike Vick proves that we as a society have a ways to go when it comes to racism, discrimination, etc.

    130. CND girl says:

      Everyone is just all over Kanye… Gesh! I know he's a butt hole, but whatever there are worse ppl out there. I don't like that he stole the girls shine, however, he didn't kill the girl. I'm glad that Taylor was able to handle herself in a lady like fashion. Do you think that Kanye is the only person on the planet like this? NO! ok.. there is so many celebrities that just say whatever they like.. it's up to us to just ignore it, and move on. Who ever wrote this piece is brave, not much ppl can decipher what he was trying to say compared to what he actually did.

    131. PDiddy says:

      Shame on MTV for allowing once again for this to take place. Scripted or not, every year there seems to be some big news story at someone's expense… but MTV VMAs are in the news every time. Coincidence? I don't think so. Kanye is an ass and may have just said what he felt, although personally I don't like his music or him, MTV still allowed this to happen. I have voted in the VMAs in the past and used to love MTV but now… I guess I have finally outgrown them.

    132. Tez says:

      I agree with Debbie and Deja… I dont like taylor's music, I do like the other two… it was taylors time to thank everyone.. its an honor no matter who you are getting the award. who cares if she deserved it over beyonce or not.. she got it..the end… all of america was watching.. what an ass he is.. he needs so much attention its sick. Why would some of you think its ok if he got up there like that? I knew he would come back and say.. "im so sorry I did that".. like its ok now.(Isnt that what all convicts say?, I'm sorry I killed your family)…. for you idiots who want to play the race card.. let it go. watch out for Karma!!

    133. Mary says:

      Stop making excuses for Kanye… He knew exactly what he was doing, not like it was the first time he shot off his mouth making him look like an ass (which he is)… He is only now apologizing because he seen how upset even his fans were with him that now he needs to do damage control… He is and always will be a racist ass… I stopped being a fan the minute he took the stage during a Katrina fundraiser when he took the opportunity to bash Pres. Bush on how if it were white people trapped he would of had them out by now… Don't blame him because the people trapped didn't have the brains to leave when asked 3 days prior too they had plenty of time… As far as Joe Wilson, he never took the stage and yanked the mic from Obama, he was just calling a spade a spade… LIAR

    134. spencer bussell says:

      well here is my opinion, the man has lost his morals (along with the rest of the world) we all,every one of us, need to stop and look, this is what we are becoming …me..me…me i love kanye's music and beyonce and taylors as well, they are all very talented and i thank them much for there efforts and contribution to entertainment, however we all need to take a look at this episode and stop and think what are we doing . lets refind god ,refind morals and character, what has happend to honor. he can think whatever he likes but be a true gentle-man, a good man a good person, this world is in for a shock very soon. if we keep going like we are g-d will owe soddom and gemorrah an apology. Kayne, myself, the world, lets regroup,repent,and repair, before it is too late.

    135. Fran says:

      Sounds alot like Serena pitching her temper tantrum cause she was losing and taking away someone else's glory. Whether you like it or not the "PEOPLE" voted for Taylor Swift not her peers and that's the way the cookie crumbles. And the fact that you can somehow justify it away is amazing. The devil is winning the war and his actions are proof of that. I would hope that his mother would be ashamed of him and maybe he will learn from it, but it sounds doubtful.

    136. BK says:

      "But in his defense, he was right, wasn’t he?" Are you kidding me? Since when does Kanye West get to speak for the MTV Awards voting committee?

      I don't care whose video you or anyone else thinks is "better" (and by the way, it's a completely subjective choice so there is no such thing as "right" in arts awards), because regardless of your opinion Taylor Swift won the award. Period.

      Let's break this down for the ethically challenged: Award Shows 101. Categories announced – winners voted – awards show begins – nominees announced – previously voted winner announced – winner makes acceptance speech – show moves on to next category. Where in that description is "Kanye West gets to rip the mic out of a winner's hand and say she doesn't deserve it"?

      Kanye IS a douchebag. And a jackass. And every other name you can think of. Whether he was drunk or not, it takes a special kind of moron to think he can barge onstage and steal someone else's limelight in order to insult them in favor of another performer. It takes an even bigger moron to defend him. Congratulations.

    137. Trace says:

      Finally, someone is defending Kanye. yeah!!!!!!!! I love Kanye he should have done what he did but he did tell the truth. I mean Taylor can't sing I am serious I heard from someone who toured with her that the soundboard make her sound good. All she really does is write. Even then her song sucks. I mean is she country or pop. You can't be both so CHOOSE what genre you want to be! I think that Kayne was drunk and Taylor deserve a slap in the face because she is not pop and can't sing!!

    138. Mike says:

      Kanye West = No talent, no shred of common decency, totally worthless sack of crap waste of breathable air; and that's when he's sober…

    139. Liana says:

      What the hell????????? He got drunk, did something INCREDIBLY dumb and hurtful, and this makes him a racist? LOL, I wonder what Amber Rose thinks about him being racist. Seems to me the racists are the ones writing in and calling him that. I didn't see him saying anything about Taylor being white, and that's why she won. In fact, since he WAS drunk, and if that's what he was feeling,, he probably would have said it, no?

    140. SIU Alumna says:

      Yes, actually, I think he was wrong. I watched both videos last night and not being a fan of either one of the artists, I think the Swift Video was better. I actually had to struggle to finish the Beyonce video. I kept expecting something to happen. There was no story the the lyrics or video. At least the Swift video was something to follow

    141. FUBAR says:


    142. Denny says:

      Oh, the ignorance in these comments make me weep.

      First of all, it's rude, tactless, and disrespectful for /anyone/ to storm onstage during someone's acceptance speech and vocalize their unimportant opinions about who should have won. We have Twitter, online blogs, and other shit for that kind of thing to be vocalized. Like in the matter of Joe Wilson, it's not so much /what/ he said as opposed to /when/ he said it (let's be honest– and I'm black, for the record– people are going to criticize and call Obama names; a joint session of congress to address healthcare was /not/ the situation to call Obama a liar).

      If a white person, Asian person, Latino/Latina person would have done the crap Kanye did, I would be just as irritated by it. There's no justification for what he did. And if he was drunk, someone should have been on their damn job and kick the douche out.

      I'm amazed that this has dissolved into a matter of racism– once again. If it had been anyone but Taylor, my reaction would have been the same. Only difference in reaction at the VMAs would have been that Kanye would have probably had his ass kicked (either literally or verbally). Or if it had been someone not as "innocent" as Taylor or someone who could stand up for themselves, no one would be crying as hard on these boards.

      If you're going to condemn the action, you should be able to condemn it regardless of who says it and regardless of the victim of it. Period.

      But Kanye was totally wrong. Taylor deserved that moment on stage, and he really ruined it. I'm a fan of his music, but his personality fucking /sucks/. This doesn't top the "Bush doesn't care about white people" incident, though.

    143. Fergie( No, not that says:

      I agree with "staged act" who Kanya was enabled Look at the facts

      1 The sound man could have cut him off when he took the Mic.

      2. Kanya is known for making dumb and stupid comments, he's done it before on other award shows.

      3. I think MTV Producers would "sacrafice" Taylor moment for ratings. That's why they had Russell "not funny" Bland on again for ratings.

      I'm sorry Taylor was used like that and Kanya was enable by MTV to make those comments. He's a publicity whore and MTV is the pimp.

    144. Mel says:

      Sorry, beyonce's video sucked. Taylor was very deserving of her award. Beyonce is a great singer but I do believe is hitting the end of her musical career

    145. buzemom30 says:

      I would say race was the last thing on my mind when all that happend…

      Just looked like Kanye disagreed and wasn't afraid to say so but He would have picked much better words. Like, "just like to say it must have been a close call on all these great videos"! before handing over the mic. Drinks due nake you do some stupid sh!t sometimes…we have all been there! Timing is everything…he should have apologized on air maybe he would not have looked like such an asshole!!! which we all know most of the time he is! He needs PR help bad!!!

    146. Ann Imirant says:

      KANYE IS A STUPID N—–!!! How else could he have done it but in his own stupidity!! There is no excuse if he was drunk or not!!! He was plain IGNORANT & STUPID!!! YOU CAN TELL HOW INSECURE he is…..too bad the award wasn't for one of his "colored" "sister" otherwise he would have jump for joy!! Well, someone deserves it & it's not Beyonce so he should graciously accept that!!! HOW IGNORANT!!! LET HIM KNOW THAT!!! CAUSE WE PLAINLY HATE HIM for what he did!!! Don't be going to a show & act like you're gonna cry.,,,HUSH!!! No one is remorseful for you!!! You're stupid & you don't deserve any better!! DOn't let your crying have people feel sorry for you cuz we're not!!! NOT!!

    147. Vicki says:

      He is nothing but a loud mouth, RACIST, stupid, low class THUG!! If that would have been a white person doing the same thing to a black artist you would have had the other RACIST pigs Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson on tv demanding a lynching of all whites!! Where are they now? It is clear where he learned this behavior, from his mother!! He is only saying he is sorry because some of the hollywood people are calling him out and he is afraid for himself and so called career. He needn't worry though, all the low class whites and blacks will still buy his music. These are the type of people he caters to. He will continue to do these things because he was not taught any better by his mother. His appearance on Jay Leno was nothing more than a joke. He has made it very clear how he feels about white people. Maybe it is time the white community started stand up to black RACISTS too!! Unfortunately racism does not only come in white.

    148. Taylor says:

      Some people feel that Beyonce's video was better. But in all honesty her video was just dancing. Fans choose the video because a lot of young people can go with it. They can relate to her video. I can see why Taylor won it was a good video. As for Kanye i don't feel he should be defended. He acted immature and for someone to go up there and say that to a teen girl is unprofessional and just out right mean. It was her first award at the vmas and to make someone feel like crap just because you don't agree with the winning is ridiculous. Kanye deserves all the bashing he gets. If he didn't have a problem doing it to Taylor then he shouldn't have a problem being bashed right back.

    149. Denny says:

      All of you guys dragging Kanye's mother into this are sickening.

    150. Heather Lewis says:

      I Think that He was in the wrong you just do not do that to someone Yea of course he is going to apologize I mean he did make an ass of himself. Besides if doenst oh he is RUINED or whatever he is in the public eye. What a role model I just thought it was rude and celebrities do not make good role models look what they are teaching our children all that mess about shooting people i know what people are sayin it is just rymes but if they listen to it all the time they think well TI doing it why not me and all them skinny bone ass thin women WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING???Not everyone has millions to spend on plastic surgery they can say they are just skinny but somehow they get that way


    151. m0ng00se says:

      College Candy… this is even MORE proof that we should separate the blacks. Send the porch monkeys to Kenya. Racist pigs, like Fat Al and Big Jesse. West… LEAVE if you can't take it!

    152. Cynthia says:

      Well, if you think you're announcing what everyone is thinking, so am I.

      Beyonce danced behind a white screen, with two other girls, in a black leotard.


      And this isn't to say Taylor's video was incredible either, but seriously? How about we just accept that everyone in the music industry today is pretty lackluster?

      Top 40 is probably the most unoriginal and disappointing genre of music today.

    153. Tanya says:

      No Kanye is an ass and maybe it wasn't about Beyonce it was about having his name all over the VMA's because he thinks it's all about him and he knew he wasn't going to win so he had to be on stage at some point and you know that afterwords Beyonce told him what kind of ASS he really is and she doesn't need him promoting anyhting for her she can do that all on her own!

    154. Winky WinkRBean says:

      1. Beyonce's video WAS better…in my opinion, though I like them both.

      2. I'm not much of a country music fan.

      3. Is this discussion thread about whether Kanye was wrong, or right, for jumping on stage and ruining an awesome moment for Taylor swift…or about whether the judges have different taste in music videos than I do.

      Regardless of whether the Judges opinions matched mine, or Kanye West's…if he were in front of me right now I'd b*tch slap his sorry, self centered, egotistical, inconsiderate little ass back to wherever the f*ck he came from. Voicing your opinion is one thing…taking a moment in time from someone elses excitement and life to show what a d*ck you are, only shows what a d*ck you are.

    155. mike says:

      there is no excuse for being an ass and having no self control.who twisted his arm to drink like he was doing?

    156. treshipp says:


    157. George says:

      I cannot believe that anyone in any shape, form or fashion would defend what Kanye West did! But to say he did it because he was drunk and we've all done things when we were drinking has to be the stupidest reason that someone could come up with. Wrong is wrong regardless of the reason. I can guarantee that if someone had upstaged Kanye West in that way, he sure as hell wouldn't like it. What he did was wrong and anyone trying to defend has even less class than Kanye does.

    158. Winky WinkRBean says:

      And D*mn…really? REALLY? Haw y'all gunna turn this into a race thing. Stupid don't know no color. I'm a caucasion white male and I've been repressed, beaten and torn up by people of all race/color. Ain't no one done it any better than the other…just differen styles.

      It's not the people that suck, it's the fear that we are all forced to infuse into our lives. Teach your children fear and hate, and they will fear and hate. Teach your children to love and support and the world MIGHT have a better chance of surviving the a*sholes…maybe….well…okay, we're screwed anyways…but at least we can focus on destroying ourselves with our inner hatred of ourselves, than hurting each other so much.

    159. James says:

      I'm thinking that anybody who actually thinks that Kanye was right is just another ghetto slop-can. The man already admitted it was rude and is apologizing? Oprah already made comment on how embarrassing it was for her to watch? Obama damn just shook his head. Shut up and stop commenting sistahs/brothas. Your makin it worse for him and all of us.

    160. Liz says:

      I think Kanye needs to learn some social graces and some one should also teach him how to act in public. If he was drinking, that is no excuse for his actions. Being a Celeb. does not give you the right to act like an IGNORENT A–Hole. He has no CLASS. His so call apology on the Leno show doesn't mean a lot in my book. Grow up Kanye, and learn to be a nice, decent, and God loveing Human Being.

    161. Lisa says:

      This article misses the point…This is why the world is so fucked up. Some of you have lost your sense of what is right and what is wrong to the point that you think that anybody can be a rude and arrogant douche bag and you just make up excuses for their bad behavior (and reward them for it). There is NO excuse for what Kanye West did. This not the first time that he was rude (or said something rude) to another entertainer. (Remember the Gretchen Wilson incident?) It doesn't matter if he (Kanye), or anyone else believes that Beyonce deserved to win that award. Taylor won it fair and square, and Kanye took away her moment. I hope this haunts him for the rest of his career…or what is left of it.

    162. Angel says:

      Although I agree that Taylor Swift winning the Best Female Video award was as big a shock to me as apparently it was to Kanye, the big point that everybody seems to be overlooking is why was Kanye up on stage fighting the decision of who won the award? Seriously, he could've just voiced his opinion on his blog or later on during the show. There was absolutely no need to run on stage, snatch the microphone from Taylor and voice an opinion that pretty much set an awkward tone for the rest of the show. When he said on Jay Leno that he knew he was wrong when he handed the mic back to Taylor and she just stood there stumped…well what the f**k did you expect her to do a**hole you just told her she didn't deserve the award.

      My biggest problem is that Kanye always rants and voices his opinion at inappropriate times. His fans will listen to him no matter what so tell them your sob stories about how you didn't win an award or that MTV is keeping you down, but don't fight somebody else's battle especially when you're clearly making them uncomfortable and feel embarrassed cause of you (we all saw Beyonce's face). The thing with Kanye is he is a spoiled, narcissistic, attention hungry fool that needs to realize that you're only great by the fans that make you great. Sorry from Kanye is no longer an acceptable apology even if you capitalize the entire word and put ten exclamation marks behind it. Grow up Kanye the world DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!!!!!

    163. Angela says:

      I love Beyonce, but honestly I did like Taylors video better. It is a matter of opinion. I usually love Beyonce's videos but this one just gives me a headache. I love the song, but hate the video.

      At least the women had class. Taylor handled it perfectly and so did Beyonce. After Beyonce calling Taylor up for her moment I really like her even more. Classy move for Beyonce.

    164. born2.sparklee says:

      Kayne is a prima donna and a tool.

      But who can blame him? He can't be too bright, look at his mom the stupid cow died of a botched plastic surgery, out of vanity.

      He is a lost cause with the IQ of a flea.

      His music sucks dogs bollocks too.

    165. mandy more says:

      Let's remember Patrick Swayze today and forget about Kanye.

      Kanye's a jackass but maybe security should have noticed the bottle in his hand earlier and asked him to leave-if he didn't maybe they should have escorted him out. Its up to the show's producers to prevent bad behavior- everyone knows musicians can behave badly! Hellloooooo – at least he didn't beat anyone up (CHRIS BROWN) or kill or maim anyone or run a ponzi scheme and take millions from widows. Give me a break–he is a talented musician but a jerk–like that's never happened before. Get over it.

    166. Anne says:

      Thank You U where so right Kanye was right on what he said but, he should have done it in another way ,I think he has a problem with drinking due to the fact that he has"nt dealt with his mothers passing,Ithink he need to get help With those issues. And hello What was up with Lady Gaga

    167. Mark says:

      If you think Kanye was in ANY way in the right, you are crazier than he is. He made a deliberate, rude move to get himself in the spotlight AGAIN ! He is an attention seeking lunatic with little or NO talent !! He threw a young person off the stage at a Poughkeepsie concert and was "Sorry" about that too ! Sorry he got caught is more like it ! He should be reprimanded and boycotted for the fool he was and is !!!

    168. DIANNA says:

      Kanye is an ASSHOLE. He could have simply said what he wanted to say in an interview or something later on… It doensn't matter if her video or if beyonce's video was better. I personally don't know who the hell she is, but why would anyone take the spot lite away from someone like that. She should have hit him over the fucking head with that VMA award and knocked him the fuck out. That would have been the best video of all time. :o)

    169. Mo says:

      Why is everybody feeling soo sorry for poor little RICH, MEDIA-DARLING, my-lyrics-seem-almost-always-about-high-school-romance Taylor Swift?

    170. cocoa says:

      I have no issue with what Kanye said and yes we have all said things at times that we shouldnt have but its different when you are in the public eye. When we say stupid things, we usually arent doing it live on national television and embarassing a 19 year old girl. It was disrespectful on his part, he seems to have no regard for anyone else's feelings. I mean like he just snatched the microphone out of her hand. So what if he said he was going to let her finish, who wants to say an acceptance speech after that? Nobody does. It was just rude and classless. And I totally applaud Leno for asking the question about Kanye's mother. It was valid and appropriate. Kanye needs to back up and show people respect and learn some class. There is a time and place for things to be said and he needs to learn that live national television is not the place to do it.

    171. Hope says:

      How did this become a race issue? What happened had nothing to do with race so everybody who is making all these stupid racist comments seriously needs to stop. End of story. Taylor should have had her moment to shine and Kanye took that from her. He had no right to do what he did. Beyonce being the classy lady that she is, let Taylor say her speech. Everyone needs to calm down and stop talking about it so much. We can't change what's already happened.

    172. cover-up says:

      There has been a push for over a year to remove a vulgar demeaning word from our vocabularies . It had been having some success , as there have not been as many incidents of racist tantrums shown on the news as there have been in the past . Then Kanye shows his a$$ and reminds everyone of what the word was coined to show . Way to go Kanye , thanks for reminding us why racism can't be eliminated .

    173. born2.sparklee says:

      Why is everybody feeling soo sorry for poor little RICH, MEDIA-DARLING, my-lyrics-seem-almost-always-about-high-school-romance Taylor Swift?


      I could not care less about the stupid talentless bimbo, but KW was out of line.

    174. judyb says:

      If you(the author of this article) or west can't hold your drink—then don't do it. How would you like me to get drunk and call your mother a slut—because I am drunk—it's okZ?

    175. gaynell says:

      How about the attention that is now being taken away from Janet Jackson and theres no one talking about her tribute to her dead brother. How about MJ's trailor (the big moment) that they allowed us to see of him hours before his death and just how incredibly good he still was on stage….theres not one word .???

    176. DIANNA says:

      There's not tribute to MJ because this article isin't about him……

    177. DIANNA says:

      And for those who think that Beyonce is so noble.. the hell with her too…she only did that because she was on the spot light…Does anyone really fucking think that she gave a shit…When kanye said what he said she was LAUGHING….HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO….Did anybody else see that or was it just me? She figured she would do that so the public would love her some more.

    178. willow says:

      When a human being is in utero (the uterus) he or she does not have the option to choose what color they will become. But as they grow, mature and flourish in life they do have the choice of being a kind, tolerant, selfless, giving human being who SHOULD and will be judged by their actions and heart and NOT THEIR SKIN COLOR – HAIR – EYES – NOSE – LIMBS.. Reading these emails it is clear there is much racism left to be addressed and sadly some will never see past their blind hatreds. But for those of you who are thinking, intelligent people I agree that Kanye's conduct was pretty bad – but hopefully he will learn from all the bad press he's receiving now to grow up and take responsibility for his behavior – On Leno last night he seemed quite humbled. Beyonce was truly a classy lady in her reaction and Swift will move on… Come on people – isn't life difficult enough without bogging yourselves down with this ugly, dibilitating emotion called hate? I'm not white – nor black – nor red – but flesh colored and God fearing and pray for all people. Thanks for listening!

    179. tdog says:

      Okay. The entire world knows that Taylor Swift is an annoying, non talent. OMG !sn't she Miley's best friend? Who cares? We also know that that MTV had to break it up because they get accused of favoring Hip Hop a little too much. They want to promote that that squeaky clean image for the tweens of America. Meanwhile the soccer moms can bug out to Beyonce, jay Z and Kanye on their Saturday night out. " All the single MOMs"!! To tell the truth, I did not love Kanye in the beginning, I thought he was so arrogant. However, after listening to his music throughout the years….I realized he is a major talent! Musical genius….lets not get confused jay Z is the man though. Kanye had a buzz on made a mistake…..he is human. Can we all move on now? Does anyone talk about Miley's racy pics anymore? Another lapse in judgement..sh#t happens.

    180. KC says:

      It doesn't matter who one the award or who anyone thought deserved the award. What Kanye did was wrong – absolutely wrong. He had NO right and drunkenness is no excuse. He can have his opinion but that does not give him the right to be rude to anyone – white or black – young or old. And, for you to excuse him is very sad…

    181. wheaty says:

      I agree with you about how he was talking about someone else and what not. I happen to be a Kanye fan he is my favorite rapper. But however I think that a) he needs to take the consequences for his own actions. He chose to drink it wasn't forced down his throat or anything like that, so with all of the people bitching about him is part of the consequence. I do think it was really out of line for him to do that. I like Taylor Swift too but I only listen to You Belong With Me. I consider myself a bigger Kanye fan really, ANYWAYS I think he was extremely out of line. Sure he has his own opinion on who should have won. Everyone does. But that didn't give him the right to go up and steal her spotlight. It was her moment. I think that if he was going to do something stupid like go onstage and do what he did he should have at least waited till she was done talking instead of stealing the mic from her and leaving her speechless and embarassed. I do believe that the VMA's are decided among voting. Sure there are plenty of teen bopper fans out there ranging from kids to adults that voted out the ass for her multiple times, but the win was decided by the public. Doesn't really matter wether she deserved it or not she still won it. Do I think he is extremely sorry for what he did? Of course I do. After all he will probably lose some fans in the process as well become public enemy number one in Taylor World. Honestly this is going to hurt him more than it did her. And that's the way it should be. Karma is a bitch and will bite back with every decision you do… But it did make the awards more entertaining to watch [lol].

    182. matt says:

      Defending his actions by saying he was drunk is rediculous. He was not at a bar hanging out with his friends. He was at an awards ceremony that is attnded by the elite of the entertainment industry and is watched by millions. The fact that he showed up with a bottle in his hands is appauling. Whether I like it or not men like this end up being role models for our children. I think as a nation we need to demand more of our "heros" and hold them accountable for their public behavior. Of course the other side of that is that we should get the hell out of their private lives.


    183. Anastasia says:

      SERIOUSLY??????????????? Too bad your boyfriend wasn't around to stop you from writing this, too.

      I can't believe you're DEFENDING THAT IDIOT!

    184. Melissa says:

      http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/436021/beyonce-win… I dont know if anyone remembers, but Beyonce did win Video of the year. So it has nothign to do with who Kanye interrupted and whos night he ruined, but the simple fact that he jumped the gun and is just an ass! And Kanye has so many outburst even before his mother passed, so it's no excuse to use grief as a way to act out. And don't the fans vote for the winners at the VMAs?

    185. gaynell says:

      Dianna, the entire music awards was built up for weeks in the media to be a tribute to MJ and how his sister was working 15 hours per day practicing for her opening act to Michael and just how hard it is on her emotinally to do it. So NO this article is not about MJ, but the entire awards show was supposed to be but instead of people everywhere talking about what it was really supposed to be about its all about Kanye. He has stolen Michael's and Janet's moment too. Kanye disrespected his own idol.

    186. JAMIE says:

      Ok..What the hell?? I never write on these boards, but after reading..I must express. How did anything that happened on the show, show any kind of rasism? It didn't. And as for this blog, it was a girl names Rosie who started it here. And as for who was right or wrong? Look at ur videos these days. What has happened? Especially in the pop and rap music. They all look the same now. Noone puts any effort into them anymore. Dancing half naked does not make a good video. I love both artists here, but really, was either video really great? Kanye was an ass!!No doubt. Race is not an issue here, and should not have been made into an issue..It takes ignorant people to say and do such..

    187. Crazywulf says:

      Lot of ppl drunk there…only one person crashed the stage…

    188. robert says:

      BULL-S#!T- Anyone white or black that defends this low life ghetto punk,. is just as bad, and saying that its excusible because “he was drunk” is like excusing Drunk Driving.

      I think he is a racist and a LOUD mouth with no class.

      He shoulda been LYNCHED

    189. Lamont says:

      Defending Kanye west? Are you serious? I mean I can understand what you mean in turns of sympathy for the inebriated but you cannot be serious by comparing a college girl’s drunken rants to a celebrity barging on stage and ruining someone’s acceptance speech. Yes, you’re right, most of us (if not all), are victims of saying things we didn’t mean while intoxicated but when you reach that celebrity status, you should know better than that. Aside from doing whatever they’re famous for, a celebrity’s job is to uphold an image as well as respect for other artist’s. He knows what to do and what not to do. There is no excuse for his behavior…it doesn’t matter who won that award… what he did was very uncalled for.

      I can’t believe you’re comparing it to you being at a party where everyone is drunk, things are loud, and fights are bound to happen. Let me ask you a question…when you graduate if you were to receive some sort of scholastic award, would you forgive someone interrupting your acceptance speech by saying that someone else was more deserving? I think not. You would expect them to have more respect.

      Arriving with a drink in hand, doesn’t excuse anything. That’s like someone crashing a car into someone’s house and then saying “oh well it makes sense. he did have a drink in his hand all night. don’t be too harsh on him.” Screw that. As I said, he’s a grown ass man who knows better.

      Kanye West has always been obnoxious and a big baby when it came to what he felt like he personally deserved. I was never a fan a Kanye West, just a few songs were good but I know that if there is anyone who still isn’t a fan of him, there is no way they will be now.

    190. GTF says:

      1. Rosey: learn to speak proper English
      2. Condoning Kanye because his opinion differed from those who gave the award or because (poor baby) he was drunk is ridiculous. He took a significant personal and professional moment away from another “celebrity” (as he called himself on Leno) because he has a god-complex because hes’s sold a few records. In a few years, none of these people will be remembered, anyway. He won’t be able to afford his expensive Cognac and will be doing Hardee’s commercials.
      3. Kanye’s “poor, pitiful me” act on Leno where he painted himself as Mother Teresa was like a pussy cat trying to cover up his own shit. “I have always wanted to do good” was the biggest PR attempt ever. But, maybe he’s realized that he is, indeed, an asshole who has let celebrity make him think that whatever he does is acceptible and will be applauded. Boo hoo, for misunderstood Kanye. I hope his record sales plummet.

    191. GTF says:

      addendum: all of you cracker-head racists, white or black (btw, I’m a white southerner) need to go back under the rock from which you emerged…….

    192. boredwell says:

      Whether or not Beyonce had the better video is not the issue: Kanye's mouth is a big trash can. When will he learn to put a lid on it!

    193. DIANNA says:

      Gaynell….you want people to comment about MJ..but honey this particular article is about KANYE and TAYLOR…so why don't you go make a blog or some shit about MJ and the 15 hours of practice….

    194. common sense says:

      Seriously…Kanye west should go to rehab….this is the only entertainer in history that is really really affected mentally by who wins some stupid AWARD,,,truly pathetic!

    195. Sam says:

      I don't think it matters who he interupted he had no business interrupting anyone. I don't care for Beyonce but if Kanya had done that to her I would still say he was an *ss and had no business up there interrupting.

      And that fake almost cry on the Jay Leno Show last night (9/14) was a JOKE. His excuse was that he has not delt with his mother's death yet. Well if that's the case then he should crawl in a hole and DEAL WITH IT and not come out until he has.

      If he had that much to drink before the awards show even started why was he allowed to stay and act like an *ss.

    196. Alma says:

      I guess the good old days are gone forever…whatever happened

      to the mutual respect of one artist for another? OMG..I got it;

      Kanye is bi-polar and needs medication to control himself.

    197. Lesley in VA says:

      This is not the first time Kanye West has interupted an awards show when the winner didn't suit his taste. You can blame it on the alcohol, his mother's untimely death, etc. but it is painfully obvious that he needs MAJOR counseling. His mother's death was crushing, but this behavior was going on long before that. I pray that he can get the help he so obviously needs because he is a very talented young man. His confession to Jay Leno that he's taking some time off sounds like a step in the right direction. He tried to blame it on his mother's death and constant work schedule, but deep down he knows that something isn't right. I pray he gets the help he needs, because he's just gotten a lesson in humility he'll never forget!

    198. eric says:

      Serena and Kayne- Giving black people a bad name one incident at a time !

    199. Casey says:

      Taylor should have taken the mic back and said, "Well, I guess it's a good thing Kanye West doesn't choose the winners" laughed it off and continued her moment. That's what Pink or lady gaga probably would have done. But Taylor is young and innocent and hasn't been around the industry long enough to have a thick skin.

      For everyone talking shit about Taylor, she was the top selling artist last year, that PROVES she has talent, not to mention she WRITES HER OWN MUSIC. ALL OF IT. And sings her own songs. Not many artists actually write their own music these days. Her songs top charts, yes they may be about high school romance, but HELLO she's 19! Get a fucking clue! I don't see how anyone could be cold enough to trash the victim in an incident like this. And It's just my personal opinion, but I would much rather see Taylor's video which actually has some substance than a bunch of dancing. If I want to see dancing I'll go to the concert, or cheaper, a club. I don't have to wait for a music video to come out for that.

    200. Josey says:

      Only a punk a$$ would do such a thing. Whether you like Taylor's music or not, she won the award and it was her time. Express your opinions on twitter or a blog. I wish he did it to Toby Keith, cause we all know Toby would kick his punk a$$, no he picks on a 19 year old girl. Like someone else said, it's like he stepped on a kitten. Now he's all sorry, bs he's only sorry about what it is doing to him, he doesn't care about her or anyone else.

    201. true says:

      they should of given the award to MJ (HA HA), why should we forget about salvery i dont see the jEWS forgetting about the holocaust, Let’s see how long you guys are going to keep this up for, yes Kanye was wrong or rude in his pursuit to tell the truth but he was one person. What does it say to have this many people gang up on one person, it say we have this many losers in our society, so he is just one of many of you. With all the sick behaviors we tolerate in today’s society this is what causes a stink PLEASE!

    202. Charlie Coulter says:

      Those of you who are defending Kanye(asshole)….You are as much an asshole as he is! Too many idiots out there! Or shall I say too many Kanyes out there! Morons! The issue isn't whether he's right or wrong….it's the way he did it! DUMBASSES!

    203. lesen says:


    204. Josey says:

      So what is it with these low life, classless men lately? Kudos to the women of the VMAs. Taylor, your composure, dignity, and humility is a lesson for everyone. Beyonce, that was a very classy move on your part, giving Taylor the stage so she could have her moment…….

    205. kiristy thomas says:

      rosey..you are a moron…i'm sure your life sucks because your great great great grandma was a slave…idiot

      kanye is a dick..plain and simple and so are you

    206. Audrey says:

      It doesn't matter if you (or anyone else)agrees with WHAT he had to say. The problem is where and when he said it. It was inappropriate and downright rude of him to take the mic from her and ruin her moment. That was her first MTV award and it was important to her and Kanye ruined that.

      Besides, the VMAs are awarded through popular vote. Why should Kanye's opinion matter over all the millions of people who voted? Really. The VMAs are for the most popular music, and obviously, Taylor Swift's is the most popular. The people have spoken, right?

    207. Jill says:

      Wow … I'm going to start walking around with a bottle of Hennessey so I can act like a jackass and people will "understand"

    208. sunnie6572 says:

      I hate when I read articles trying to justify his actions due to the fact that the writer thinks Beyonce’s video was better and maybe he was right?? That is so, so, so not the point here. He had no right to take that moment away, no matter who it belonged to. There are times when people need to keep their opinion to themselves and this was one of them. Haven’t we all watched awards shows like the Grammys, or Oscars and thought or wished someone else won a certain award other than the person who actually did win. But regardless, it would be classless to take the persons moment away when it’s none of our business. And no matter how great the writer of this article thinks Beyonces video was or how much fan fare it debuted to…obviously the fans (who voted and chose the winners at the VMA’s) felt that Taylor’s said a much better story and was much more interesting to watch.

    209. Vivian says:

      I don't care whose video was the best, past or present; what I do care about is Kanye's lack of control in a given situation. All men and women are created equal. His choice of best is different from a country western performer and he needs to appreciate art. I believe he was making a statement, profiling or something like that. Kanye needs to be deeply apologetic to both young ladies and change his ways. He is just so unacceptable. Hopefully this will affect his career in a negative way, and this will incident will serve as food for thought.

    210. Rick says:

      I have enjoyed Kanyes' music in the past but what he's done, if I know the song is by him, I now wont listen, or buy anything else from him. I just cant imagine how anyone in there right mind could remotely defend destroying what was a beautiful moment for another person and turning it to sh–. No excuse whatsoever. At the moment, I wouldnt piss on him if he were on fire. I wouldnt buy anything of Michael Jacksons after he started sleeping with children and was disgusted with the outpour of affection for him when he died, and I wouldnt buy or listen to anything from the Dixie Chicks when they made total asses out of themselves either. I was also disgusted by one of those responding on this board named "Rosey", who was black, she spouted so much garbage, total Racism against white people, pure and simple. I cant believe the ugliness of Kanye West and those that would begin to defend him.

    211. Heather says:

      No…your not right. The video Beyonce was nominated for was pretty much the same as a few of her videos before (even one from when she was still with Destiny's Child). Dancing around in a tight little spandex outfit on black and white film. It was nothing special…yeah she's a talented artist but her video definitely DID NOT stand out in any way at all. Taylor isn't the greatest artist but at least her video was something different. She deserved her moment and the win and Kanye is an alcoholic douche bag who needs to get help pulling out whatever crawled up his ass.

    212. kalfromcal says:

      No matter what the award show, we all have been personally disappointed and maybe even enraged when our "favorite" didn't win (and probably thought the judges were "wrong" and "stupid" to have opinions different from ours).

      Kanye's ego is so sickeningly inflated he disrespected the judges, disrespected the audience, disrespected Beyonce (who also won a big award) and stole a joyous moment from Taylor. That can never be undone. Alcohol is no excuse. That was a choice too. He shamed himself bigtime. He can apologize and try to atone, but he cannot remove the image of his cruelty from our memories or from the story of his life. What a low low moment.

    213. Sean says:

      Most of the post here and fking stupid…. The girl won!!! There was no need for some stupid a** white hater to climb on stage and take her moment. He is a sad drunk black man…his fame will disolve at some point and he will be gone… But Swif's music will still be around.

      If the dumbass can't keep his fat lips shut; he should dig a hole and jump in… and all you tards jumping on his bandwagon can follow him in.

      Just like the blacks to make it a race thing…go get your wellfare checks and stfu

    214. debi says:

      r u nuts? i think you wrote this just to get people to respond…you can't actually believe it! beyonce's song is the stupidist song i've heard- "single ladies" put a ring on it over and over and over and over…really deep writing there. and obviously since it's the fans that vote they don't think so either! her dancing was gross and swirling your hoochie in people's faces reminds me more of a stripper not great choreography or dancing. i can finally say i agree with obama- kanye is a jackass and so are you, actually maybe dumbass is more suitable moniker!

    215. whitney says:

      You're right when you said Beyonce had a better video, that's why she actually won 'video of the year'. Which is a much bigger award. Sure, Kanye disagreed and can voice his opinion but that doesn't have to be at the embarrassment of a 19 year old girl or ANY other artist/person. It was her moment and he was COMPLETELY disrespectful. He shows no class, just that he's a complete asshole who whines more than anything else.

    216. Melaniki says:

      If this were only about Kanye it would be different. But it isn't. Kanye's actions might have been rude or untimely but he was right. He was right because he knows what is going on behind the scenes here politically. Black women, for all their talent, beauty and contributions to entertainment and the workplace are still the last notch on the totem pole. Still overlooked and disrespected in ways not even Oprah seems courageous enough to deal with. Still portrayed as hookers and mammies and the "nappy-headed h's" nobody speaks up for or fights for or defends to any great degree. So Kanye did. And we get the reaction we always get when ANY BLACK MALE speaks up for a BLACK FEMALE. Exactly as Willie Lynch instructed. "Make damn sure no black male is ever in a position to protect one of his own. If he's not praising the white male or the white male you take him down. Make him regret it. It's the only way to ensure the black male never rises to power." It is why J Edgar Hoover said "We must never allow the rise of a Black Messiah." But that's not why Kanye's in the news. He's in the news to distract from the fact that there is a resurgence of racism and racist rhetoric centered around Barack Obama's presidency. Reagan's "revenge of the white male" in full effect whenever any black male rises to power. At what point black people do you start to get it?

      Frye: His body wasn't in the hole, we looked."

      Riddick: "Look deeper." — PITCH BLACK

    217. Meme says:

      Its called respect people.

    218. MOJO says:


      I am kidding though, there was no need to be that tacky but he knows it I think, and in the words of the greatest that have ever done it, the show must go on, he too will grow up just a little slower than others in the industry.

    219. Brena says:

      No. Sorry to say… Kanye was not right in anyway. Not in the way he did it, not in his opinion on it. In no way was anything he did right. Yes Beyonce's performace was AMAZING but when you get down to it, that is all it was. You have to look at the demographic as well. Taylor had the vote of the entire country loving population and those who have only heard her cross over versions. It took a lot for her to even show up being that it is completely out of her usual element… then to humiliate her like that… totally wrong. Bottomline is that no one in that category stood a chance when the pop vote was divided between all of them and then Taylor brought her country fans to the table as well. And sure… he was drunk… is that really a reason to give him a break? Do you excuse those people who drink and drive and then kill someone JUST because you may have gotten behind the wheel after drinking before? I don't think so… he is an adult… and a responsible adult wouldn't have consumed a bottle of henesy before going to a public LIVE venue. I mean really? I am glad he apologized and Taylor is such a sweet and gracious person that she will forgive him… but you have to ask yourself… how would he have been if someone had done that to him? I can bet he wouldn't have been so gracious.

    220. KYnow says:

      Jay Leno asked, "What would your mother think….would she be disappointed?" Kanye West said, "yes!" Enough said.

    221. kevin says:

      Waaah Waaaah Waaaah, all these people crying racism.. Maybe if they sang about other stuff then drugs, guns, murder, and ho's they would get some respect for their craft

    222. Riss says:

      I'm on Kanye's side. Granted the act was done at the wrong time and in a very un-classy manner Beyonce did have a better video than Taylor Swift. Beyonce's video was mimicked everywhere even on Saturday Night Live. Taylor Swift's video has been done before…Avril Lavigne has done it. I like Taylor Swift, her music is catchy and not half bad but when you look at the other nominees her video shouldn't have ranked supreme. I hope Kanye gets the help and support he needs.

    223. Denny Alan says:

      End result, it's like my Mother taught me when I was young.

      Money doesn't give you class….Beyonce obviously understood that and has class.

    224. wyliecoyote says:

      Kayne West is a punk a@$ black child with zero manners and even less class!

      There are NO EXCUSES.

      Story over!!!

    225. kevin says:

      Kanye is a douche. He can support these nuts on his chin

    226. Samuel Kirkland says:

      I told my wife last night, "You watch, some idiot will come out and defend Kanye within a day or two".

      Well, guess what? You win the idiot award.

      You have no clue how stupid you are.

      Musical tast is just that….taste….subjective. The award was voted for, and she won. Even her competitors understand. Your commentary shows just what an idiot you are. This has nothing to do with whether you think someone should have won or not.

    227. Kanye is a bitch says:

      taylor sucks but kanye is a piece of shit and all of you defending his actions should strongly consider going and playing in traffic

    228. Kanye is a bitch says:

      how could he be so heartless?

    229. what this world find says:

      I am appalled to think that someone could really be fighting the thought of wether or not Kayne was right or wrong in this situation , to ask yourself what he did was really that bad well then maybe you need to take a look at yourself for everyone is untitled to their own opinion but he could have blogged it after the show made statements among his friends etc… But come on it was very much in poor taste to actually take the mic from her (or anyone) and to actually make a statement like she was not deserving of the award apparently she was or she would not have won it! I can see that you are a fan of his and Beyonce as I am too well atleast of Beyonce but I would never defend someone for their wrong doing especially stating that it was most likely do to him being drunk I have been intoxicated before and I could control myself from speaking out or getting into fights and if you or anyone else out there cannot control yourself maybe you should think about just not drinking for that is just an excuse that to many people try to use for their actions in this world! As for Kayne I am sure he done this for pubicity for everyone is use to his behavior and for some reason they keep supporting him so I am sure he was thinking why not make a scene it will bring me more money and pubicity! I applaud Beyonce for her actions when calling Taylor back on stage but I am sure that this was not how she would have liked to got pubicity either! She looked as appalled as everyone else. Taylor and Beyonce both are wonderful artist and their work proves that, that is why they BOTH were up for the award so lets give them both around of applause instead of defending ignorant choices that Kayne makes!

    230. Melaniki says:

      Let's see black/brown people if you can connect the dots. Black people created blues, gospel, R&B,soul, pop,jazz,swing,ragtime,bee bop,big band,rockabilly(Lil Richard,Chuck Berry,Fats Domino, Bo Didley,etc.)Boy bands,girl bands,balladeering(Nat King Cole,Johnny Mathis, etc.) Female balladeers(Ella,Etta,Shirley,Billie,etc.)disco sound,social critique,rap,hiphop, all the dance crazes of the 50's,60s,70's disco, 80's breakin',poppin' and lockin',Samba, rumba,limbo,stompin',bumpin and grindin', shakin'and jerkin', etc. Innovations in sports like dunkin',football endzone shows, aside from excelling in all of these and track and field, tennis and golf. They destroyed him but Michael CREATED with Quincy Jones THE MUSIC VIDEO along with a whole new genre of music production. Two black brothers, Williams created cable by buying several small television stations and connecting them, an idea Ted Turner jumped on later. A Nigerian,, Phillip Emeagwali got an idea to string together computers and sync them into a single network in cyberspace, his idea laid much of the groundwork for the INTERNET. These are just a few of the contributions of black people to America's billions upon billions in fortunes and technology for which they get very little notice or credit. Without Janet Jackson there'd be no Britney. Without Tupac, et.al, no Eminem, without Motown and the boy bands no Beatles or Stones, without Lil Richard and Chuck no Elvis whose top songs were written by a black man. In short without black America there would BE no America to speak of. At what point do you get that is what was really behind Kanye's move to upstage the show?

    231. Ima Wright says:

      You're as big a jackass as….what's this idiot's name?? I've never heard of him…

      You're like, "Yeah he's an idiot, Yeah he was drunk, Yeah he did a stupid thing but"…but WHAT? As the father in Fiddler on the Roof once said…THERE IS NO OTHER HAND. You (and he) are complete and total irresponsible jackasses who probably play the victim and make excuses for every stupid action in your lives of which I'm sure there are many. The trick is to NOT BE STUPID IN THE FIRST PLACE…your life would be much easier.

    232. Wrong says:

      Wrong…This isn't Kanye's first time running on stage bc someone got an award he thought should have gone to someone else. He should sit down at these award ceremonies and keep his BIG mouth shut. Not everyone will agree with who won, but the person that won should have their moment and not have it taken away.

      I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan and have never been a Kanye West fan bc of his attitude. I am a fan of both hip hop and country, but will not tolerate ignorance from either side.

    233. Melaniki says:

      That's the problem, not enough BIG MOUTHS are open these days! And that's just find with people who want us black folk to become the INVISIBLE PEOPLE again. For all his clowning, Kanye at least demonstrated he had the testicles to stand up in front of a crowd and demand justice for the people who gave the WORLD the richest industry on the planet: music art and entertainment. Black people have NEVER gotten the credit OR the rewards they deserve for creating this field and building it into the most lucrative market in the world. Sure they are the performers, the low level producers, the choreographers, the songwriters and composers, but the real power is in the hands of the whites who wait for black people to create it, then as Michael Moore said "they appropriate it." Kanye is crazy enough to say it. Others are spineless cowards so afraid of the very effective white strategy of guilting, mocking, ridiculing or otherwise destroying your career for daring to speak out. In the 60's and 70's we didn't give a shit what white America's reaction to our exposing injustice was. Today, we are so damn worried about how THEY see us, we sit on our asses in silence. Well, that's about to change. We are slow to wake up but keep kicking a dog in the behind and he'll sooner or later bite you. Keep kicking.

    234. elby says:

      Ok, maybe I'm the odd ball out here, but how in the world is her choreography awesome? I'm not a huge fan of either act, although I don't totally dismiss them either. And maybe Taylor shouldn't have won. Besides the point. My point is, why does everyone think that choreography was so hot? Most of her dancing seems like she's either working out a wedgie or swatting at a fly, if you ask me. I don't understand what all the hype is about.

      To the idea that maybe Kanye was right, there's a time and a place for commenting, and a time and a place for sitting still and keeping your big mouth shut. I sincerely hope this takes a toll on whatever career he had left. If it were a first offense, I could easily be over it in a couple days. But the man has no self control and is in plain sight a douche.

    235. Jay says:

      I think if he had done the same thing to Pink…Kanye would stillbe in intensive care and Pink would have already been released on bond before the ink dried.

    236. Emily says:

      HE was out of line…pure and simple. Beyonce is amazing…but Taylor won the award. I wonder how Kanye would react if a Caucasian person did that to an African American. He has no class…unlike Beyonce, who proved that she is as classy as they come. I'm sorry Taylor had to have her moment stolen like that. where was security?!?!

    237. ... says:

      I'm appalled that the world has placed so much importance on this insignificant event. Some of you need to think about your frame of mind. Are you so intellectually simple that you revert to name-calling? You look like trash. Plain and simple. Where is all this hate and anger derived from? It can't be because Kanye took the microphone. But no of you wants to seem to address this—you all just address the name-calling with more name-calling. You sound like elementary school students.

    238. elby says:

      and by the way, when did this become a black and white issue melaniki?

    239. laine says:

      funny, first serena williams acts like a bully (and sore loser) then kaye. i guess obama being the president has really given these tools the sense that they can treat people like shit. i have a feeling if it had been the other way around someone would have been calling out the race card.

      so give beyonce the award because there is more skin and ass shaking (how original) then taylor's video?? by the way, that great choreography was not original, it was totally copied from an old channel 2 exericse like dance (look it up) so she had someone copy it and she learned it and they filmed it in black n white, WOW, great video. truth be said lady gaga should have won. we finally get a talented good role model like taylor n this idiot who cant even spl properly picks on her. wish pink would have won so she could have slapped his big puffy face.

      ultimatly kanye is racist and "KANYE WEST does not care about white people".

    240. Melaniki says:

      Jay, who the fuck you think is afraid of PINK, a white version of a black artist wantabee? That's the problem now, the frustration Kanye and all of us black artists feel is we are being shoved ONCE AGAIN out of the very fields WE CREATED in the first damn place! But it's cool. Maybe this typical "defend the white female honor while dissin' the black man for doing the same for a black woman" will finally wake up black America. Especially all the bullshit around Barack and Micheles Obama. Damn, you got white males who slam on the First Lady and call her every name in the book and none of you say shit because you don't give a damn about a black woman. Poor Barack can't even defend his wife without white folk screamin' he's racist. Black men you should be applauding Kanye whatever his reason for defending Beyonce. At least he had the balls to do it. What the hell are y'all doing for your sisters? Huh? You see any white males defending black women on these forums? Hell naw. And they won't. At what point do you wake your asses up to the truth!?

    241. ridiculous says:

      If someone did this to HIM, he would have FLIPPED HIS LID!!

      Beyonce won Video of the YEAR! Hello! Wake up – this means it's the BEST award she could have gotten!?! Much better than the award Taylor was receiving.

      Anyway – whether Taylor's video was better or not or who won the award is not the issue here.

      It's about who the hell is Kanye to get up there, say what he said and dispute it during someone's acceptance speech, taking Taylor's moment away from her?!?! No matter how many apologies he makes, she can't get it back.

      Beyonce is a class act, Kanye is far from it.

    242. SHARKY says:

      Kanye West:

      I never liked him or is unoriginal music before, now I totally can't stand the douche.

      By the way, I HATE country music and don't like any of Taylor Swift's songs, but that was EXTREMELY rude on his part.

      Maybe we'll all get lucky and Kanye will be so ashamed that he will go away forever (we'll never be that lucky).

    243. Ellen says:

      Being drunk doesn't excuse poor behavior, bad manners or anything else. He could have given her the award like any other presenter then done what all the rest of us do, chat with our friends, blog online, etc. etc. about how wrong we thought it was that "X" got an award over "Y." Maybe he should take some lessons in class from Beyonce and stop acting like a fool.

    244. Melaniki says:

      Laine why the fuck SHOULD he care about you? Do you care about black people? What have YOU done for any black person that they should care about you? That's bullshit, man. At what point should black people be angry about the shit they go through daily that you know absolutely zip about? How the hell are we supposed to feel GRATEFUL that you're not lynching us anymore? Grateful that we can finally vote without gettting killed? Happy that we can go to school without getting blowed up since all of what? 1964? You people are a freakin' hoax. And in straight up denial. If Kanye is crazy he's got a right to be. That black people in America are sane at all is a miracle of Grace. We should all be insane. That we are not is due to God and melanin.

    245. Phil says:

      Brianna, your premise is stupid. It doesn't matter who Kanye interrupted (and she wasn't his opponent, more like the victim of his rudeness). Who cares if Kanye's opinion was right or wrong? He didn't choose the appropriate time or place to offer it. There is no defense, but perhaps you've got the same sense of entitlement that Kanye does. It's all about you?

    246. […] some of us – cough cough, College Candy, cough cough – are more accepting than others, I think most of us can agree that Kanye West is a […]

    247. flo says:

      One thing worse than having money and being rude, it is thinking that you are above all civilities.

      Who is he to know that you do not walk with a bottle in your hand? Arriving on the red carpet as he did with a bottle of Hennessey and Amber was way out of line.

      With such boorish behavior he does not belong among human beings at least not until he learns basic manners and decency that he apparently failed to learn from his mother, may she rest in peace.

    248. flo says:

      Some people may be tempted to turn this whole event into a racial issue which it is not. This is about acting bratty.

    249. what this world find says:

      Oh wow Melaniki

      Your statements are beyond Rude They are RACIST you think because Taylor is white and Beyonce is Black that Beyonce should have won and you feel that Kayne was speaking his mind to defend the Black Women you are disgusting I am sick and tired of hearing the damn race card being pulled everytime something happens that is not in the favor of the Racist people like yourself What color they were played no part in this award! You are a disgrace to your own race please keep in mind that their are NO ONE IN THIS DECADE THAT HAS SLAVES NOR DO ANY OF US BELIEVE IN THEM SO STOP WITH THE RACE SHIT IT SERIOUSLY IS SO TIRE SOME! You figured with Obama as president people like yourself would realize this is not the 1900 or 20's or 30's or 40's or 50's etc….. When will I be able to tell my children that it is not your race but your actions , Intelligence etc… that count!

    250. angry at hipocrocy says:

      It seems that kanye west who is a very talented artist has a large chip on that shoulder. Its always a black and white thing with him…To bad that crap is getting old in my opinion. WAAAA the lil white girl beat the black girl and i need to say something. shut up and make songs that white people buy and fill your pockets and keep your bullshit comments and opinions to your racist white hating self.

    251. venusmann says:

      Much ado about nothing……."Get a life people".

    252. NAN says:

      I was glad to hear Kanye called Taylor to apologize. It sounds like he is remorseful and considering his past actions.

      I was disappointed when I viewed Beyonce's video, that it was only dancing. Personally I've always enjoyed videos that told the story of the song. I rem videos in the 1980's though, and dance-type videos usually won the top awards. I like Beyonce's voice though, and applaud her for making things right.

      This will only increase Taylor's (huge)fan base. For 19, she is a talented singer-songwriter, and esp in country, doing things her way. RS gave her album 5 stars. She was the top selling artist of 2008.

    253. Gina says:

      This is not about the artist or civility. This is about publicity. Best thing that could have happened this week for Jay Leno and Taylor Swift. She already accepted his apology. These artists are all over rated and over paid. They will be kissing and hugging at next years award show.

      People wake up!!! There is true suffering in the world-this is not anything to get too excited about.

      They are all winners here:

      1. Taylor Swift-America's Sweetheart

      2. Kanye-Guaranteed spotlight at every show, wether he is performing or as part of the audience.

      3. Jay Leno- 17+ million viewers!!

    254. angry at hipocrocy says:

      melaniki you are the reason that racism still exists. you were nota slave nor was your parents… although you feel that people owe you cause you are black. thats just stupidity. for god sakes we now have a half black president. meanwhile blacks only make up 8% of the us which means whites voted him in. Take the chip off your white hating shoulder and wake up. kanye west is a dumb spoiled racist who is a public figure that kids look up to im sure. He should act like a man not a cry baby drunk racist waste of life. i wish he tried to take the mic out of my hand id shove it in his behind…. i work with tons of black people whom i respect and treat as an equal but there are quite a few that are just like you. and i cant stand them. the world dont owe u nothing cause of what happened years ago. maybe the jews should be nuts to they werent just slaves they gased and burned them…. does that make it okay to act like an animal and always cry racism…. get a clue you dumb watse of life.

    255. RCC says:

      HOW F–KING STUPID ARE YOU ?????????????????

    256. Pat says:

      When are people going to act rather than talk…..We continually spend our hard earned dollars on entertainment (including sports,etc) even when we have a strong reason to dislike or disagree with the entertainer,player,news person…etc. We have become a soft nation of people that are almost robotic in many ways. What happened to ACTION!!!!! When a star, singer , actor etc does something or says something in the public eye that is offensive or mean or an all out lie…what do people do?…they "talk" about it. And what kind of change takes place? NOTHING….oh maybe a public apology…maybe. Any lessons learned? NONE. And we continue to financially feed them making them more important than they deserve to be..and certainly richer than we could even fathom. Are we so starved for entertainment that we sit and watch and pay good money to people that continually let us down and teach our youth that it is ok to be a jerk, its ok to drink like a banshee, its ok to be disrespectful…and on and on and on. SHAME ON ALL OF US!!!!!!

    257. Melaniki says:

      What this world finds…Kiss my entire ass! Unless you've experienced racism, who the hell are you to call a black person racist? For your schooling? Racism is an institutionalized ideology created and evolving out a system of white supremacy to justify black oppression based on the race and phenotype of people classified as dark skinned or black. It is the use of that system to suppress all who are not the shared phenotype of those classified as white. Black people have never lynched your ass, blew up your churches, bombed your schools,burned crosses on your lawns, sicked dogs on your ass, waterhoses on your ass or otherwise attacked your ass for the color of your skin, wanting to vote, eat where you pleased or live where you pleased. SLAVERY was an institution established on racism and the false premise of white supremacy. It was NOT the only form of racism expressed in America. All the shit above happened in the past forty years. So where the fuck do you get off thinking owning slaves was the only form of racism? Grow a brain! Finally, I couldn't give a shit who won what! I just know Kanye's stand on injustice and racism in entertainment. And I know a lot of people who agree with him even if they don't agree with how he expressed his frustration. What black people need to do is quit apologizing and hiding like puppies from the truth. The more you do that the bolder white people will get about coming down on your ass. Wake up and STAND UP!

    258. angry at hipocrocy says:

      you are a sick racist …. blacks are never racist is a damn joke. look at fdny blacks sued cause they couldnt pass the test to get in because it was bias to blacks. how is a test bias? read a book we r equal right? ohh i geuss your not as smart as us so now u sue cause your black and cant pass a test. some of you people are just plain racist and cant get over it. maybe if your parenst didnt put that hate into you as a child you would see that you are acting and speaking like a total ass.

    259. Melaniki says:

      angry at hypocrisy…Can you spell FUCK YOU??? Like I give a shit about your opinion of black people who expose racism they deal with daily. And where the fuck do you people get the notion racism is only about slavery? For the record dumbass, I don't need to go back to slavery to expose racism. I deal with it every day. It was only a couple of weeks ago that black kids in Massachusetts were turned away from swimming in an all white swimming pool because the owners thought the water would be contaminated. Only a few weeks ago there was another dragging death of a black man in Texas by three whites, that got swept out of the media. Everyday there thousands of incidents that are clearly racist in nature that are not covered. People carried pictures of Obama as a witchdoctor, and these picx all over blogs and the internet, not even his wife and kids are spared ridicule and defamation. So you go straight to hell with your fake ass righteous indignation about black people "like me" who continue to expose racism. I don't give a damn what you think! And take that fake ass "all my friends are black" stereotype with you.

    260. Matt says:

      There are people losing their jobs, homes and health due to the stress of it all, but we are all more outraged about this!!! Gimme a break!!! Kanye, Beyonce, Taylor laugh their way to the bank. The real divide is not a racial one, it is an economic one. The rich and the poor.

    261. Burl Beavers says:

      My Grandmother pretty much sumed it up:

      "Why is that big man making that little girl cry"? No racial content period.

      And we wonder why the White folks don't think we are ready to be equals.

      It"s not the color of our skin it's the way a lot of us act.

      What he did, set us all back another 30 minutes.

    262. Diane says:

      I can't beleive that you are defending him in any way. And no I don not beleive that Beyonce should have won over Taylor. What are we going to do, let him get away with this outrageous, rude indefensable behavior. This just sickens me even more that some one is saying he is right. You all have a right to your opinion on who has the best vido, but come who won! Are you telling me that you think the voting was rigged. Give me a break amd let's be realistic here. Taylor obviously got the most votes because more people beleive that her viedo was better. Kanye was so wrong on so many levels and so rude and now your trying to give him an excuse or an out! It is not like it is the first time he has done something so terribly wrong. He needs to realize that what he did any other things he has done are unacceptable behavior.

    263. happy to laugh at yo says:

      melaniki you sound familiar maybe your related to that negro maid my great great grand daddy had on the cotten field. hey girl! you need to get your self a good white man who works and can take care of his kids. not like those other niggas. iaaaaght

    264. Bummer says:

      What a total bunch of nonsense on here. We sit and wonder why there is still racism today. It is very obvious that black people are the ones that are racist, this had everything to do with etiquette, sorry most of you can't understand that, but Kanye is a racist Piece of Shit.

    265. Bummer says:

      Maybe black people should quit blaming all their problems on racism. It is getting a little old.

    266. Belinda says:

      Wow just think I did'nt know Taylor Swift until Kanye’s out burst. she should thank him for all the attention she's getting and Beyonce should be a little mad at him for taking the attention from her. Cool down people she's an atrist that's just how it is in the the business.

    267. happy to laugh at yo says:

      hey melaniki can you back that fat ass up on me or what girl… work the pole sista

    268. happy to laugh at yo says:

      kanye west makes me hate my kids hamsters. im gonna take them out side and string em up. tghe hamsters not the kids

    269. Sheesh says:

      Melaniki – give it a break. You're the reason racism continues.

      The world does not OWE you anything. You want racism to stop? Then start by looking in the mirror! You can keep wallowing in the past or you can step up and make a change for the better.

      There is no moral, ethical or psychological excuse for Kanye. Period. I don't care who he did it to .. it was less than zero in class and off the charts in hatred. People are just sick of his crap!

      As far as your comment that the entertainment industry was created by the black man? You've got to be kidding me???? How far back do you want to go? I'm giving you credit .. blacks made changes .. but they are not the be all, end all of entertainment and do not deserve every award given.

      As far as the music .. its a matter of opinion, plain and simple.

    270. Melaniki says:

      And how many on the jury of the FDNY were black? Shit, you still run the fucking system? You think whites on juries judging cases like these don't bring their racism with them? You think they wouldn't jump at the chance to prove reverse racism? Every chance a white racist gets to prove something bad about a black person, hell yeah he's going to try. And whites who aren't as racist will sympathize because they are looking for the opportunity to prove racism no longer exists and reinvent history. The bottom line is what white people did to black people is horrific. What they did to red people and brown people is just as bad. You just choose to ignore it. Black people make easier targets and you've done a better job of demonizing them by making people who look closer to white think they are different. It's a divide and conquer strategy between the melanin recessive and the melanin dominant. And it has worked for centuries. But your shit is just about up. And it ain't black people you gotta worry about. It's the sun. And nature herself. So keep talking shit until 2012. Peace out.

    271. i love blacks says:

      hey melaniga you is crazy girl, these white folks keep us living. if it wast four dem my welfare chizecks wouldnnt make it two my crib in the proojets.

    272. Melaniki says:

      Sheesh, I have to go or I would clue you in. Suffice it to say to you what I said to others KISS MY ENTIRE ASS! I don't give a shit about your opinion about Me. Okay? Owe me? You ain't got shit but you owe me your existence bitch. Every soul on the planet owes their existence to the black Eve whose blood runs in every vein that flows blood. Take a freakin' MtDNA test and then come back and talk shit about what you don't owe me or any other black person on the planet. Stupid ass joker! Gotta go. I've done my part black people. The rest is yours.

    273. Shawn says:

      The guy is classless.People like him doing things like this bring the world down a notch or two.No one should ever think it was just kanye being Kanye,that it was ok for him to do something like this.Lets hope this doesn't become the norm in our society.Respect.That's what it's about and it's bigger than Kanye.Nomatter the outcome.

    274. Sheesh says:

      Melaniki … you're beyond stupid. And go look up your history … who betrayed the African man? wasn't the white man…. it was your own. Get your facts straight.

    275. Beth says:

      The fans vote for the best video. Did you cast your ballott for Beyonce or just decide that those young fans of Taylor's don't count?

    276. dogsoldier says:

      Kanye West is an egotistic, drunk who thinks he can do anything because he has money. He acted like a Republican going against Obama and he showed his a** at the wrong time. It's going to cost him in the long run and apologies don't mean a da** thing. They are a dime a dozen. Once the genie is out of the bottle you can't put it back in. Too bad so sad Kanye. Take your booze and your ho and go back to the rock you crawled out from under. No respect from me that's for sure.

    277. Sheesh says:

      keep on hating Mel. *lmao* thats all you can do is cuss at people and spew your hatred and delusional bull. Now go take your thorazine like a good crazy person.

    278. Amy says:

      So Brianna is condoning Kanye's behavior because a) Taylor Swift didn't "deserve" to win, and b) he was drunk. Well guess what? Getting drunk in the first place was his first mistake. This was not a bar. This was not a frat party. He had no business being drunk at the VMAs. I'm so sick of people thinking that abusing alcohol is ok. It's not. Alcohol is a drug and people ruin their lives and the lives of others when they abuse it.

      Taylor won the award because she won the majority vote. If that doesn't mean she deserved to win, then I don't know what does. These are just stupid videos anyway. They don't mean shit in the grand scheme of things. It's an OPINION! There is no criteria by which to rate them to decide which is better. If you are voting, you look at the nominees and vote for the one you like best. That's all there is to it.

      What Kanye did was plain rude. He said so himself. You do not go up on stage and take the microphone out of someone's hand when they are graciously accepting an award, period. He embarrassed Taylor, he embarrassed Beyonce, and he embarrassed himself.

      Brianna, your defense of Kanye falls flat. If Kanye is an alcoholic (which I suspect he is), it is not a defense. It's an indication that he needs help. You don't get a free pass just because you did something wrong when you were drunk. BEING DRUNK was wrong. And you have no business judging whether or not Taylor should have won. It wasn't up to you, and it wasn't up to Kanye. It was up to the people who voted, and they voted for Taylor.

    279. Trish says:

      Hell NO! He was not right. I don't give a freak what this writer thinks, he was not right and he shouldn't have done it. If you are condoning his behavior because you think he was right and excusing his actions because you say he was drunk is as stupid as what your saying. I don't care who would have been up there, white chick, black chich, green man, etc………IT WAS FREAKING WRONG WHAT HE DID AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE YOU CAN GIVE TO CONDONE WHAT HE DID.

      BTW, Taylor Swift outsells Beyonce by a mile. You shouldn't judge your writing on who you think is the better video. Obviously whoever voted didn't think the way YOU do. Thank God.

    280. betteboop says:

      Very simply put,Being drunk or under the influince is no excuse however I can always remember my fathers words, He would say A drunken mans words are the sober mans thoughts………… take it for what its worth..

    281. Sheila says:

      Mel your a disgrace to your race. Go back to Africa B**ch!

    282. Brittany says:

      I don't get how anyone could call Beyonces video better,it was only 3 girls dancing provacately in ugly skimpy unitard looking thing,Taylors video had A lot of story to it and it told the story well, It was entertaining and had a lot more to it than 3 girls dancing. Obviously more people liked it than what they did beyonce, get over it. Theres no way Kanyes actions can be justified,it doesn't matter the race or what they sing. Kanye was a straight up ass and He deserves what he gets,he needs to learn respect and I hope to see his career go down the toilet, I know several people who won't ever listen or buy his crap ever again,me included, See ya Kanye!

    283. Pat says:

      And again I say:

      When are people going to act rather than talk…..We continually spend our hard earned dollars on entertainment (including sports,etc) even when we have a strong reason to dislike or disagree with the entertainer,player,news person…etc. We have become a soft nation of people that are almost robotic in many ways. What happened to ACTION!!!!! When a star, singer , actor etc does something or says something in the public eye that is offensive or mean or an all out lie…what do people do?…they “talk” about it. And what kind of change takes place? NOTHING….oh maybe a public apology…maybe. Any lessons learned? NONE. And we continue to financially feed them making them more important than they deserve to be..and certainly richer than we could even fathom. Are we so starved for entertainment that we sit and watch and pay good money to people that continually let us down and teach our youth that it is ok to be a jerk, its ok to drink like a banshee, its ok to be disrespectful…and on and on and on. SHAME ON ALL OF US!!!!!!

    284. Calm down people!!! says:

      I didn't know who Taylor Swift was until this happened and I never watched Jay Leno until last night.

      Publicity at it's finest!!!!

      Those award shows are boring unless something like this happens. Politicians also seem boring until they have an affair. It's our POP Culture. We Love the Drama and the entertainment biz knows it!!!!

      Your spouses and kids are probably more disrespected and bullied at work and school but nobody cares!!!!

    285. David says:


    286. sherry says:

      I have never been compelled to write a blog but your article was ridiculous….defending Kanye? This is not about who's video is better or race, or talent. I have..up until now…loved Kanye but his ego is out of control. It's about the fact that drunk or not, Kanye felt that he had the right to get up on the stage and voice an opinion. That's what blogs are for. Wow…haven't we put up with his self-centered attitude enough? It's outshining creative Kanye. Time to check yourself brother!

    287. jen says:

      Okay this is the problem with "freedom of speech"…I was once told "opinions are like assholes we all have one"…there you have it…

    288. Rhue b says:

      i'm so happy u wrote this article b/c i was thinking the same exact thing although i didn't like his antics, i think this kanye uproar is going wayyyy 2 far. sheessshhh chill out!

    289. Fred Wright says:

      Until blacks admit they are racists also, things will never change and besides, how niave for you to think that there is still racism in the world and you shouldnt be so surprised its from blacks most of you blacks are racist but toooo cowardly to admit it, so you urge on racists like west, jackson, sharpton, nobama stop hiding behind your skin color and stop using it as a sheet to hide your true face

    290. Tweety says:

      Your an idiot. It doesn't matter that you or Mr West thought that Taylor should or shouldn't have won, the fact that he pulled that crap and humiliated at that moment was just wrong. Why couldn't he voice his opinion in the tabloids??? He is just a plain ass… Jay Leno let him off the hook if you ask me.

    291. Sheesh says:

      Oh and by the way Mel – you're contradicting yourself .. if we're all black .. then I STILL don't owe you jack!

    292. TIA says:

      Honest-Truth says:

      Mon, 14th Sep 200912:43 pm

      Kanye was right in what he did


    293. Gus Sadler says:

      BS, you are so ignorant and totally classless to even think of condoning such behavior.

    294. Linda says:

      Rosey I am ashamed of you as much as I am ashamed of all the political AH's who bash Obama in these posts just because he is black.

      And you can damn well bet that Kanye's attack will have serious repercussions for him..in spite of his fame, money and hard work!!! ANd he knows it…He has lost a great deal of his following already..It was just plain rude!! But …not as rude as your posts… FYI many white people voted for Obama, including myself… I also happen to agree with Kanye,My three and four year granddaughters knew Single Ladies right after the song came out, and we tried to dance it too! Last month my daughter and I went into NYC and saw a Fab Beyonce concert..just Awesome..she is beautiful,Talented,and I love her singing "At Last", "Halo" "ave Maria" and on and on…But he was just plain wrong!!!The wrong place and the wrong time. I am sick of black and white bigots, yes bigotry can also be toward whites also…Our country is evolving…Man..check it out, We have a Black President ( well 1/2 black) Thats Progress…your attitude throws all progress Blacks have worked towards back into the 50 and 60's. Its time for you to grow up..and be a USA citizen..AS a Black Eye Pea"s song says "Why cant we all just get along" ?

    295. chris says:

      Ummm…to the author of this article- I'm 39 and have been in the music industry in Nashville for 18 years and I have NEVER said anything while drinking that I wouldn't have done any other time. It's because I exercise CONTROL and MODERATION…you should look into it. If you call girls rude names when you drink, QUIT DRINKING! Your BF must be so proud. And to top it off, you must be drunk to write an article defending Kanye to any degree. Nauseating.

    296. Nikki Sweet says:

      Mental State? How does your mental state equate to being drunk!

      He is not mental he was drunk and maybe other…

      And Taylor Swift isnt part of the folks that voted that her video won.

      She was up there to get it.

      What does anyone think that Kayne would have done if that happened to him?

      And why for God's sakes is he picking on tween age girls?


    297. Shelia says:

      Brianna there is no excuse for the inexcusable. Kanye admitted that it was foolish and hurtful. It wasnt that he was just having a drink. He was guzzling that bottle of Hennesy!

      He was having a Kodak moment with the bottle. Kanye is an exhibitionist and a young foolish artistic genious. He has to learn to behave in and out of public. He would do well to take some time off and pull himself together! Some of his close friends need to pull his coat tail before he self destructs!

    298. chris says:

      Melaniki, you're a fucking idiot just like Kanye. What do you mean white people don't experience racism? My friends own a club that has mostly black patrons and when I go in there most of the black patrons act like I'm below them, yet they kiss the white club owner's ass as long as she will over pour their drinks or give them a free shot now and then. She had to raise her drink prices because they don't tip for shit. I'm nothing but nice to the people in their, but they call me all kinds of hateful racist names so know what the fuck you're talking about before you open your dicksucker!

    299. mrsgreen says:

      It's funny, when I heard Kanye say to Taylor "I'll let you speak in a minute" I was floored!!! First of all you rude filthy pig, who are you to "ALLOW" her to speak in a minute? You never had the authority to allow her to speak and/or take it away from her to begin with. She earned her right fair and square!! You are a thief!! Where has the integrity gone in this world? It's funny, they say don't make this a race issue but Kanye, you wreak of hatred towards white people. It's funny though, your pretty girlfriend looks pretty darn white to me. Not only are you ignorant but you must be color blind. And as far as defending Kanye…ARE YOU FREAKIN' SERIOUS?! AGAIN-WHERE HAS THE INTEGRITY GONE IN THIS WORLD?

    300. mike says:

      You’re right…Kanye showing a little disrespect to a fellow singer is not at all like disrespecting the President. You know, like Kanye did when he said George W. hated black people (which is interesting considering both of his Secretaries of State were African-American, including Condoleeza Rice, who may have been the advisor he respected the most).

    301. Pat says:

      This is a simple case of Right/Wrong

      No riding the fence on this one.

      Used to tell my grandson….Yes means Yes, No means NO and Maybe means probably not!!!

      THINK about it

    302. Scottford says:

      Kanye West is a class act. Unfortunately, he is a LOW class act. He took it upon himself to ruin what would have been one of the highlights of Taylor Swift's career.

      It's too bad Taylor didn't have a NFL linebacker boyfriend with her. That would have been the end of Kanye.

    303. Tiny says:

      I agree with our President on this, Kanye was a "jackass". Not only a jackass but also a coward for assaulting such a kind and gentle young lady. I am still hopeful that he gets assault charges for his behavior.

    304. S321 says:

      I'm tired of hearing the EXCUSES given for Kanye. IT DOESNT MATTER if 1) he was drunk 2) so called experts say Beyonce "deserved" the award 3) "apologized" later. IT DOESNT MATTER. The idiot, acted like the idiot HE IS. If you dont like who won…go and cry to the judges. I dont think Micheal Moore or algore or Tipper Gore deserved ANY of their awards, but stupid people give stupid people they LIKE awards. I havent seen Beyonce's work that you think is so much better than Swift's, but I DONT CARE because for the most part I am NOT a fan of her or her style of "singing" , "dancing" etc… But thats fine that others like it. I know many dont like country or pop. Lets hope the idiot Kanye develops some humility, honor and integrity.

    305. kevin says:

      First of all, Kanye West is a racist bastard, he has made that publically clear. He wouldn’t have the balls to do that to someone a little more intimidating. I know that I for one would have probably spit in his face or smacked him with my award. F that, he is a fake ass thug.. He should stick to what he’s probably best at robbing old WHITE ladies.. What a bitch.

    306. cyn says:

      BRAVO CASEY well said,,, they keep bringing up the slavery shit and there was just as many black slave owners,,,,,,,,and every time something happens its always the poor blacks,,,,,your right, they can have all their black things but let the whites try it, OMG,, it’s racist,,,,,they are hypocrites,,,,,,,,I have news for West,,,,,,,,,Taylor has more talent in her pinkie than he has,hes just rude, crude and vulgar……shows you,money doesnt change a zebras stripes…….the NAACP,,,,is as bad as clan,,,,,its just they lie and hide it,,,,,,,and the clan doesnt

    307. Me says:

      I totally agree, drunk people do dumb sh**t, he is probably in pain from his mom's death and to top it off, he has always hated the slanted and skewed perspective of the award show decisions. This one was a bad call as well, for Kanye and the VMA's!

    308. Snobarr says:

      It make no difference if he was right in his thinking, how he did it was inexcusable. Very poor behavior on his part.

    309. DougHwrite says:

      There is no defense of this obnoxious little prick. I don't care if he's right, or the King of Botswana, he's a rude ASSHOLE. What he did is absolutely wrong.

    310. mandy says:

      Sounds like Rosey is pulling the same race card bullsht as kayne!! Everyone knows that kayne is as racist as they come, only the public tolerates it because he is black! So what if Taylor is a blue eyed blonde, get over it, at least she does not act like a ghetto reared azzhole!!!

    311. natalie lugo says:

      First of all, Kanye was wrong on both accounts. First for what he did, and he should be banned for life, but, while i did like beyonce's video, it was a dance video. Shes a class act and always will be but woman dancing in leotards, danceskins, whatever is still just a dance video. There is nothing special about it. Like i said, i liked it but come on, give some else a chance and just accept it. Kanye is an ass.

    312. kourtnee says:

      i love kanye as a artist but his mouth is getting him in way too much trouble here recently. He had no right to do what he did! I'm african american and to me this isnt a issue against a sweet country white singer, who i actually like very much, and a black singer, beyonce, who i also like. It's just a big mouthed man who think he can do and say whatever he wants!!! and he needs a serious wake up call. and yea he said sorry but did he even really mean it??? i don't think so. and yea it is poor taylor swift cause like beyonce, she has worked very hard and she deserves respect like everyone else!!! Regardless of how old she is, what color, or what music. And moreover if beyonce wasn't trippin i wonder what made him even feel he had the right to open his mouth? did you see beyonce she was just as surprised as evryone else! But thank GOD her mother taught her well and she gave taylor swift a chance to tell her fans how much it meant to her to recieve that award. So codos to Mrs. Beyonce!!! i knew you rocked girl

    313. Clausman25 says:

      This is reference ROSIE, She is displaying the same assnine racist tendencies as the great and wonderful KANYE,Yes rosie is a rasist bitch and thats a fact!!!!

    314. JAMIE says:

      Just to help out with the bullshit rasism on here…MELANIKI…All those black artists u have mentioned are great!! No doubt..But really look back…And u will see that it was a white man who made all ur artists mentioned popular..It was a white man who made all that music possible..One white man made the black artists known for the public. Who was this white man?? Anybody know? Look up ur history before running ur rasist mouth!! You are an ignorant bitch..And u and people like u are the reason people hate each other. Grow up !! And buy a brain. Cuz people like me who are trying to raise our children the right way without rasism would prefer for a dumb ass like u to shut the hell up..

    315. Holly says:

      First, I want to know where the security was?? They should not of let him up there.

      Second, Taylor has sold more albums this year than Beyonce and Kanye West combined.

      Third, Taylor has more talent than Beyonce EVER will and Taylor is almost 10 years younger than her. Taylor WROTE You Belong With Me. I don't think Beyonce wrote Single Ladies. Even if she did though it is a HORRIBLE song. She says the same thing over and over and over. That is NOT a song.

      Fourth, Taylor's video was way more creative than Beyonce's. We have all seen Beyonce dance in a video to a song with no meaning to it.

      Fifth, TAYLOR DESERVED THE AWARD MORE THAN ANYONE. She should have been nominated for 9 instead of Beyonce. Which brings me to another point. Beyonce was nominated for 9. Taylor won one of those, the only one she was nominated for. They can let her have one. Beyonce isn't they greatest singer/dancer anyway.

      Sixth, By Taylor winning, it showed that she has WAY more fans than Beyonce. It was a FAN-VOTED award show.

    316. Katy says:

      No, he wasn't right and neither are you.

      His behavior was wrong and his opinion does not speak for everyone.

      I loved Taylor's video, and I thought it deserved to win for being more romantic and clever than the rest of the other run of the mill bump and grind ho hum videos.

      Again, no.

    317. ramon says:

      Kanye…like everyone else…is learning as we go along. Once you think you are bigger than life itself…you do or say something stupid. You are humbled and embarrased – then, start over…hopefully not making the same stupid mistake. If you do make the same mistake…guess what…you get to be humbled and embarrased all over again. The person hurt…can either fight back and be stupid…or rise above and let it go, knowing that ignorance is what triggered Kanye's stupidity in the first place. He is boy learning to be a man…that's all.

      Ms. Swift will continue to glow as country's kitten…and even more so now.

    318. J.London says:

      WOW even Barack Obama has an opinion of Kanye……WTF is Barack doing watching MTV? FIX THE ECONOMY AND STFU!!!!!! And people are saying kanye is racist,isnt he fuckin a white girl right now?

    319. J.London says:

      and f@#! what u think BEYONCE SHOULD HAVE WON,but its had nuthin to do with kanye so he should have shut those venetian blind shades of his and kept on walkin.

    320. kchristie1 says:

      He's an adult. He made a teenage girl cry. There's no excuse for being that much of a tool. He had no right to be on that stage nor did he have the right to take the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hand. That'd more than being rude.

    321. kchristie1 says:


    322. Pyg says:

      Oh, Beyonce's video was how many times better? The new U.S. So squeaky clean, nice, sweet, girl is not what Americans are about anymore. Pimps and ho's, that's what it's about. Show some skin. Who needs a brain? I saw Kanye last night on Leno last night. That guy has to be on crack. Leno was so surprised. Was the guy speaking english? Stay in school kids or you'll wind up like a large percentage of kids growing up in all of the major cities, depending on the government for your food and shelter.

    323. Gennie says:

      Honest-Truth? and all of the others,

      In HIS opinion Beyonce had the best video???? Hell, in my opinion she had the best video, but unless I am mistaken it was not Kanye's choice, was it??? He didnt decide, just like I didnt decide. He is all sorry now but he can never give back what he took from that kid when she stood on that stage. No opology, no publice display of remorse can give back that moment to Taylor Swift. He is an arrogant ass and the quality of his music does in no way excuse his actions that night. Thank God Beyonce had the class to at least try to make it up to TS.

    324. kels says:

      fine if you agree with him

      but what he did was rude

      end of story.

    325. Chrissykat says:

      I just want to say that, while I can see the logic behind the arguments in this defense, Kanye jumping on stage to state his opinion during Taylor's acceptance speech was just not the appropriate forum. On that note I would like to say that its MTV and in my mind what better way for MTV to boost ratings then to let Kanye "I think I'm God" West do something like this, especially if he does it during such an innocent young ladies acceptance speech. I can't see why MTV even has VMA awards anymore, do they even play music videos anymore? To my knowledge its mostly reality shows now. I digress, I have never been a fan of Beyonce, but I think her giving up her acceptance speech time for Taylor was very classy. Personally, I think Kanye did her an injustice with his statements because in one sense it makes her look like she had something to do with his shennanigans. Just my thoughts.

    326. Ellen Lynch says:

      These awards are not always "fair". Who the he_ _ is anyone to act as if they are judge and jury and get up there and take somebody's moment away!?

      Personally, I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, and don't really get it about her. I also am not a fan of Kanye, as I find him predictable (yes, predictable) and I think he sounds the same most of the time: a little "conscience" and a little "womanizing/belittling". He is talented, no question.

      There is no justification for Kanye getting up there and getting on a soap box. Was he standing up against racism, homophobia, torture, animal abuse, genocide? NO. He was making an assining stance on behalf of an artist who has not been overlooked,, who has not been blacklisted or treated poorly. Beyonce has been treated well, and been given every opportunity to be heard and appreciated.. She has had a great career and this will continue.

      What Kanye did was immature, selfish, and totally indefensible. He was in bad taste. Simple as that. He acted like an ass.

    327. new york nick says:

      kanye is a dumb fuck. taylor swift deserved her award, beyonce is a very talented singer and she won plenty of awards that she also deserved. im so sick and tired of kanye and this assholes who defend him……….he serious has a problem with white ppl if you ask me, you can always find him speaking his mind crying like the little bitch…..you can bet your ass that if the roles were reversed and that was bonyonce on stage with the country hit and taylor was the one that had the best video of all time, kanye wouldnt have said shit. a white girl won and award that he thought his dark friend should have won. so showing his true colors and ignorance he did what he did. i hope he falls off the face of the earth……….oh yeah kanye ! your not a slave anymore and the white ppl that made you a slave are no longer alive……….so get over it and let us all live in peace black/white/latino

    328. paul ash says:

      Who the dickens is this Kayne guy?

    329. Shai says:


      I agree with this article. Kanye West told the truth. Beyonce's video was the best of them all!!! He did not lie!!!

      Furthermore, for all the non-booksmart people on here, THIS WAS NOT ABOUT Taylor Swift. This is about MTV NOT being fair in all forms of music and what the consumers are really listening to.

      #1- Beyonce's music crosses all races.

      #2- Taylor's music crosses the white people (or shall we say, we are really not bumping her music in Crenshaw.)

      So people, please get over it!!! Taylor is going to really have her moment to enjoy all of this extra success because of Kanye-then we will be able to see it all fade.

      Thanks and have a good day.

    330. donnie says:

      I think Kayne dont like white folkes

    331. Erica says:

      Im appalled by the fact people can defend what he did. How dare he take away her moment. Who is he? He is no more important than the next guy, so he should not be invited to anymore award shows because obviously he is a sore loser, and crazy!

    332. me says:

      As much of an ass that he is, he was right in what he said. Kanye has just never had the best timing in the world. In all honesty, I'm actually a little put off that Beyonce won Video of the Year, but not best female video (what Taylor won) because if Beyonce won Video of the Year then she should have won in her sub-category.

    333. tpatty in the bay says:

      video?? when do we see videos? all that is on is reality shows. get back to the videos on both mtv and Vh1. can't believe ya'll like asses. he's a good singer and performer but doesn't excuse his behavior and i wouldn't have accepted his apology. yeah he was intoxicated and oh that makes him great. maybe the Beyonce video was better but hell to the nah do you act like that.

      let taylor/kan-ye roll up a song together. hug it out!!!!

    334. Nancy says:

      Leave Mrs. West out of it. Let her rest in peace. That is a low blow to drag her into any of this.

    335. Jackie says:

      Quite frankly, I wish Pink would have won. Not because I think she has a better video than Beyonce or Taylor, but because I think if Kanye had pulled that shit with her, she would have punched him in the face….and THAT would have been one great TV moment!

    336. Kimberly in Watertow says:

      As I watched him standing behind Taylor Swift, I kept hoping Taylor Lautner would turn into a werewolf and rip him to pieces.

      I know people that claim they acted like an ass because they were drunk…..and I think "okay..it happens" but then I remember that said person is an ass even when sober. It is no excuse.

    337. dee limma says:

      oh!oh! ya'll need to get out and the sun and walk around, smell a bird, watch a flower or sumthing.

      now, if taylor had gone upside his ugly head with her award, split his skull open and laid him out in the hospital for a coupla months, till he couldn't remember what a docuhe bag he his, then ya'll have something to get all moist about.

    338. Kelly says:

      He ruined her "Moment" with his selfishness and total rudeness!

      I personally would BAR KAYNE from any other MUSIC AWARD SHOWS simply by the fact of how we view the "OSCARS"…We all sit back…and wait for that special moment for when they begin to Select the TOP 5 Movies…and Im sure a LOT of US felt ONE movie was BETTER than the OTHER Movie…but NO IDIOT got onstage and did what that stupid jackass did….So….like I said…I'd ban him from any future Music Events simply due to his ignorance and inability to not control his impulses.

    339. Candace Springstead says:

      The author of this article is an IDIOT and so is Kanye West! Stop making excuses for rudeness and crudeness and hold people accountable for their idiocy. The only person happy about Mr. West's behavior is Chris Brown who is now out of the spotlight for making even worse decisions and actions.

    340. Lori Staggs says:

      poor manners–poor taste. when is it ever ok to treat another person like that? we as a society let celebrities get a pass just by apologizing. come on people! golden rule always applies no matter how much fame and money you have. i saw kanye on jay leno last night and felt he was sincere, but defending him? really?

    341. heather says:

      I hope he harasses more people

    342. May says:

      What Taylor should have done was hit Kanye over the head with her award. He wanted it, let him have it.

    343. Michele says:

      In regards to Kanye West, the worlld needs to realize that he is an individual with a brain injury. Yes he is creative in his music but when it comes to social situations he cannot inhibit himself. I am a speech pathologist who worked with individuals with brain injuries and he is the poster child for it. I feel that what he did and has been doing in public situations is wrong and rude but their is a reason beyond him just being a a$$. I wish a trauma doctor would step up and say it to the world so everyone would know and then maybe he won't be given a mic without censorship.

    344. Kanye Hater says:

      This was a racist comment.. If a white person did that then the blacks would have called the "Race" card.. Kanye is racist and thats all there is to it.. Beyonce's video sucks it was just 3 girls dancing… Honestly Rosey ur one dumb person…

    345. Putang says:

      WTF? are you serious… most people here have already said everything that needs to be said, but HOW THE F*** can you defend that?

      you are a fucking idiot, so what if he was drunk and so what if beyonce's video was supposedly better… to take the microphone away from someone who just received her an award shes never received before… its completely inexcusable…

      how retarded are you?

    346. Holly says:

      Last year, Taylor Swift sold more albums than Beyonce and nearly twice as many as Kanye. Also, all the country fans voted for Swift, the rest were splint between the others.

      Music is subjective, some people like see talented young ladies perform wholesome songs with their clothes on, and some like…..well….basically all the other music videos we see. Beyonce is wonderful, talented performer, but come on, in the end it's just a video with her dancing. It wasn't really so ground breaking, that fans have to pout because the cute, little, country girl won.

      Taylor deserved her VMA….do the math!

    347. susan says:

      first of all let me say that kanye was wrong wrong wrong everyone deserves there 5 minuets of fame, he had no right to take that away from her. No one ever stepped on him like that.

      I might not like everything that Beyonce sings but i still give her alot of credit she is very talented. BUT I AM OLD SCHOOL. SEX is the factor now days to sell records. I remember when groups like the miracles the temptations the ojays and singers like gladys, aretha, marvin, sam cooke, luther,. james brown, did concerts world wide and they all were fully clothes and yet their music is and always will be TIMELESS. Please do mnot act like these artis dont matter because without their influence music would not be where it is today. ALL IM SAYING IS IF YOU REALLY HAVE TALENT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SHOWING TITS AND ASS TO MAKE THE WORLD HEAR YOU, YOUR VOCALS WILL DO THE TALKING FOR YOU. As weird as we feel Michael Jackson became in his later years there is not one song he sang that the ENTIRE WORLD did not know the words to and in all his videos he was totally dressedl. My point is I think we've taken this music video thing to a whole new level it is not cute when you see these five year old little shaking their butts and dropping it like its hot. Most of these little kids and sing every word to a song yet can.t read a book. It is not cute we need to wake up as parents and grand parents and see where all this is heading. HAVE A BLESSED DAY

    348. DAB says:

      Honestly, it really doesn't to me matter who wins what, but there is no excuse or tolerance for rudeness. I don;t care how many drinks he had. This is not the first time he has opened his mouth about his opinions, regardless of who he thinks care to hear them. He should be banned from all nationally televised events. I personally will not any award show when he is slated to be in attendance. Nice he apologized to Taylor, how about the rest of the nation?!!!

      Lots of people who should win awards don't. That's life.

    349. jessie says:

      i kinda agree almost everyoe in the category deserved it more than her,but he shouldnt have taken the mic out of her hand it was rude but he was saying what we all were thinking

    350. Jzazja says:

      Ok so CASEY, I''m black and I never pull the race card so for you to come out your face and say when are BLACK PEOPLE going to get over the slavery issue. I believe you should of said when are SOME black people going to get over the slaver issue…I don't care if you didn't ask, but if you did I would say that you're one racist asshole. You just categorized all black people still being stuck on the slavery issue. Yeah Rosey was a tadbit off the hinges, but damn to categorize all black people was a shitty thing to do on your part. Kanye did what he did.. We all have lives how about we start living them and get over it. Shit happens. I don't know why anyone is soo suprised about his outburst he's known for that shit. It was messed up…WE GOT IT. GET OVER IT. It should've been chalked up like damn he did it again and left it at that. I'm done.

      Jzazja (ja-za)

    351. Doug says:

      I really don't know which video was better (and I really don't care). If Kayne wanted to make a cooment about his thoughts on the winner, he should have waited until after the show! I don't know if he was drunk,or if he is just a plain old loud mouth jerk. I bet I can guess what his reaction would have been if someone had done that to him! Beyonce proved that she is not only a great singer, but also a great human being. Maybe Kayne could learn something from her!

    352. mally mall says:

      HA! KANYE HAS A DOLLAR FOR EVERYTIME SOME SQUARE CALLS HIM A DOUCHE OR AN ASS. like he gives a damn. all haters have less bread than him. how yall like that

    353. Eliot says:

      If I remember correctly, Taylor won "Best Female video", (only females can win that) Beyonce won "Video of the Year" which is a more prestigious award. Therefore Kanye had no reason to do what he did, and is as the President called him "a jackass"

      Beyonce and Taylor, congrats on your wins, and Beyonce thanks for bringing Taylor back on stage- it was a classy move.

    354. Doug says:

      Okay, so it's alright to be an ass or a douche as long as you make a lot of money? Good argument there!!

    355. Michael says:

      Beyonce is another Shakira, don't want make music, so you just move your hips as much as possible on stage to get noticed. Destiny's child put out more songs that paople hated than anyone else. Kanye East (on purpose) who is that or 'ya that's right another person not wanting to make music either, he just wants to make NOISE. Quit regarding RAP as music and none of this rapper thinks their god garbage will happen. Ship this douche over to Afghanistan to play his noise non stop and I'll guarantee you Osama the mama's boy will come out of his cave to give himself up, and soon as he hears that garbage, some call music. The only apology K East can give Taylor is to never record anymore albums, K is an insult to musicians everywhere. Referring to this douche as musically talented greatly degrades musicians into a category with no talent. I've seen Taylor Swift twice in concert, but never had any inclination to see Beyonce ever. Taylor's video was better than Beyonce's hands down, but the pop music audience is racist against against anything country. The pop audience just covers their ears at the first notion of country. How many pop stars can go out on their own tour where they are the main act themselves and sell out complete arenas 6-12 months following their second major album release–not very many, but Taylor Swift definitely can hands down. Kanye crawl back into the hole you came out of, being drunk is no excuse, if you can't handle your booze, that is your own fault, it's not up to others to hold you to another standard because you were drunk.

    356. Ian says:

      Firstly, Kanye Wests last album was terrible. College Dropout and Late Registration were legions beyond his overly autotuned cliche ass 808's and Heartbreaks, so I didn't understand why he received half of the nominations he did. Secondly, Taylor Swift won, and he would have saved himself from looking like more a total douche bag if he would have just bitched about it later. It's like he thinks hes the ODB circa '98, except ODB isn't a douche. and btw, has anyone else noticed how similair Taylor swifts song was (lyrically) to Saving Janes 'Prom Queen'?

    357. timothy raybourn says:

      Brittany, Brittany, Brittany,…

      How dare you even try to compare an intelligent person like Taylor Swift and a moron like President Obama. I do give Obama a little credit for calling D-bag West a jackass for what he did, but he's an idiot when it comes to running this country. Taylor Swift for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    358. kailey says:

      i don't agree with you at all. KANYE WEST IS A RACIST DOUCHE BAG!!!!!

    359. timothy raybourn says:

      Well Cocoa,

      You should have an issue with what Dickhead said to Taylor Swift. If not, than you are a careless prick just like him. That's what's wrong with the world today. Nobody cares about anybody else. All you liberal pricks think anybody should be able to say anything to anybody else and it's OK. I'm a retire Marine and I'd love for dickhead West to get in my face and say anything about me or my family. I'd end that fucker real quick. Let's see how bad he is up against someone his own size. He wouldn't have even got the words out of his mouth before my fist went down his throat and my foot went up his ass. Anyway, have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!

    360. timothy raybourn says:

      megan is a mindless dumbass

    361. Jzazja says:

      Bummer and Happy to laugh: As I said to Casey you guys made a shitty comment. I'm black and never once pull the race card. My family and friends and their family and friends don't either. I believe that you all are showing your true colors on the racist issue.. I was offended (don't care if you care just letting it be known) that you would actually used the word niggers how racist is that??? Aside from Rosey I don't know what black people you all know but not all of "US" use the race, slavery issue. Please stop catergorizing all black people. What you mean to say is ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE you all know use the Slavery/race issue. SOME black people use it. I've met some that have used it and I looked down on them for it. It makes no sense, make the race better, build up not down. Again you all were wrong for categorizing all black people and using the word niggers that's tasteless and soo not classy.

      Melanki and I love blacks: Both of you just set us back. You guys comments makes the race look ignorant to the world. That's why we get stereotyped. Making us look like we sit at home with our three or four kids by different men who then leave and move on to the next chick, collecting welfare instead of working, making our own way out of no way. I work two jobs and go to school fulltime and am in my senior year of college and guess what I'm black, no kids or criminal record, 3.5 GPA. Re-evualate yourselves please before trying to represent our race because you guys didn't help.

    362. kailey says:

      Jzazja, it's funny that you said it was "tasetless and soo not classy" for someone who had previously used the n-word, but Kanye West as used this word PLENTY of times in his songs but for some reason, that's ok to you. white people aren't the only racists out there. Kanye West, himself, is one. he made fun of Bush when he was a president for not doing anything wrong but he won't do shit about the fact that Obama called him a jackass because he is a fucking racist pig who is retarded. he probably, stupidly I might add, voted for Obama

    363. Slap Happy says:

      YES, Kanye is an ASS. Yes, he is a douche. And Yes, he was THAT Wrong. He was rude, disrespectful, hurtful, irreverent, asinine, egotistical, narcissistic, this-is-what's-wrong-with-the-world-wrong! And, uh; Thanks, Tim. You're THE MAN. Right on target with what I was thinking should happen to this disrespectful Jackass. Let's flush the toilet and rid ourselves of this bacteria on the butt of life asshole! He is incapable of being sorry, just regretful he got called on something. He's too full of his own shi_ to be apologetic and mean it. By the way, how's my hair look?

    364. Debbie says:

      Whether her video was best or not is not the issue. Nobody will ever agree that one particular video, song, show, etc. is best. There will always be people who like something else better. The point is that she DID win and it was HER moment, not his. He is stupid and gross, but he makes up for it by being unattractive and cocky for no good reason, unless of course he has found the cure for cancer. But last I heard, he was just one among a big bunch of singers. Nothing special and despite what he claims, not the spokesperson for this or any generation. Actually, all he really is, is proof that God does make junk.

    365. CL says:

      College Candy, You better go back to College. To defend this idiot brings you down to his level. THe best way to pay him back is for people to stop buying his cds. Maybe he will learn he is not King Rapper.Had he taken the Mic from a man he would have been picking up his teeth. The MAN IS 100% a worthless jerk.

    366. Debbie says:

      This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with class vs. a complete lack thereof. Class has no color. Neither does the lack of class. His move was classless despite his color. I don't even understand where anyone on this planet would think that has something to do with race. We have a black president for heaven sake. Race. Ridiculous. Grow up.

    367. Slap Happy says:

      On second thought, after reading most of these post; We're all doomed by our collective ignorance and intolerance…maybe most here riding shotgun with Kanye, whether they realize it not. It's not race; it is ignorance, narcissism, classlessness; Jackasses come in all shapes and colors, like millionaires, schizophrenics, and politicians. God help us all.

      Screw the Jackass, can't WE just all get along?

    368. Jzazja says:

      Kevin: RunDMC, Kool Moe Dee, Billie holiday,The temptations, Frankie limen, Etta James, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Ginuwine……just to name a few but not all black artists shake their butts, wear skimpy clothing, talk about drugs, ho's and money in their songs there goes that categorizing again.

    369. Thatzlife says:

      Casey you infuriate me more than Kanye did with your racist rant!

      Its scum of the earth like you that make American such a despised nation!

    370. Mr.Damick says:

      "But in his defense, he was right, wasn’t he?" Um, NO, but then that is my opinion everyone else has thiers. Even if everybody thought Beyonce was robbed of the award Kanye still had no right to jump up on stage like he did, it was bad behavior period. Doing it while drunk just makes it worse. He could have taken to the internet and the airwaves later and bitched till the cows come home and that would have been fine but embarrassing Taylor was very wrong.

    371. Jzazja says:

      Kailey you are soo right thank you for calling me out on that. I simply repeated what I read. I don't use the "n-word" with my friends or family and neither do they. The people I associate with look down on people of all races who use that word. Some blacks get highly pissed off when a different race uses that word, but says nothing when our own race uses it. So thank you for correcting me. I'm not really the hip-hop/rap kind of person more of the jazz, R&B kind of girl. I still stick by what I said though it was tasteless and un-classy to say the least. But again thank you for making a valid point

    372. Rediculous says:

      I commend you on writing such a logical and well thought argument in defense of Kanye's actions, unfortunately none of it justifies what he did. The argument here isn't which video was better, it's weather or not Kanye was justified in stealing Swift's spotlight. Taylor had nothing to do with the decision and deserved a chance to give her acceptance speech without being interrupted by a drunk asshole.Anyone with the slightest common sense will understand that. As far as the videos go, I really didn't find either all that impressive, Beyonce' danced and swift swooned… nothing particularly original there. Correct me if i'm wrong though… don't the fans vote, and therefore if her video was more popular it would mean it's essentially more successful and rightly the winner. But again, that's neither here nor there. Kanye was wrong period, and even he knows it, publicly apologizing as much as he can to try and salvage his media face.

    373. Jzazja says:

      Also Kailey I never said any race was racist. I never said whites were racist nor did it ever come out of my mouth onto this blog that whites were the only racist people out there. I'm also half-white. So I'm biracial….This issue wasn't a race issue, it was about ignorance on Kanye West's part. I only spoke when I saw it became a race issue and saw categorizing an entire race because of two or three people have an opinion that even I didn't agree with.

    374. elaine says:

      My goodness! Kanya has a history of speaking without thinking and this time was no different. Shame on you that say, “Race played a part in his bad behavior and how America reacted.” The winners were chosen. Beyonce did win one award. Whether YOU think she deserved it or not it does not give him the right to hurt/humiliate another person on national TV. I believe he has bigger issues than just his mouth. I think he is on his way to a BIG breakdown. You should be more concerned at the train wreck you watched last night. Bringing your own bottle and trying to share it with others….no cup by the way. IT IS A CRY FOR HELP. (Some people are not strong and never get over losing their mother.)

    375. Paula Forenski says:

      His actions were selfish and degrading to young women. Some people in America still enjoy a good clean video. You kind of get too much of the bootylicious thing in your face all the time. I know sex sells, but the joke is on Kayne, Taylor won anyway. He disrupted one of the coolest moments for a performer and her fans, and by the look on Beyounce's face she wasn't too happy. You go girl.

      Taylor was the first country singer ever to win that award.

      Kind of like if Montly Crue jumped up and took the mic from Michael Jackson winning his "Thiller" video awards. That would've sucked Big Time.

      Where is Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson when you need them?

    376. taylor says:

      ..,because being intoxicated is an appropriate

      excuse for anyones actions. he has done this

      kind of thing at awards shows two times

      before this, whether what he said was right

      or wrong is not the point at all. everyone knows

      he's a selfish douche bag, that isn't new.

    377. EK says:

      I think it's funny that so many people have been coming onto message boards and say things like, "Everyone should stop listening to Kanye." or "Burn his CDs" or "Delete him from your iPod." Why are message boards so full of boycotting? Yeah, what he did was stupid, mean, and inappropriate, but he personally apologized, and if Taylor Swift says she was willing to accept his apology, why can't the rest of the world just simmer down. Either listen to Kanye or don't listen to Kanye. There's no reason to promote mob-minded thinking.

      What's more, I really don't think boycotting Kanye will go all that well because if you want it to be a true boycott you can't just delete Kanye's tracks from your iPod. You really should delete every song Kanye has ever produced from your iPod—see how much music you have left after that.

      (ps–please don't respond to this message and say, "I'll have lots of music left because of 'some reason.'" I really don't care, I was just making the point that Kanye has produced amazing tracks for tons or artists.)

    378. Tanya says:

      Your Race has nothing to do with whether you are displaying class. Kanye was did not show any class by disrespecting that younglady. whatever your view is –it's only your view sit down and shut up or Take your Ass home he didn't have stay at the awards, but don't be rude and hurt people because you don't possess any class!

    379. L says:

      Hey college:

      My question to you is how many drinks did you have before writing this defense? This is a true once in a life time experience to receive an award for the first time. How dare anyone take that moment away? It actually sickens me. How many times have we seen movies, videos, singers, actors or actresses win that at least someone thinks someone else should have won. Does that give any of us the right to jump up on stage like a shameless boy with no brains or class at all? I truly don’t know any of Taylor Swifts music or Kayne West who proved to be a low life, no class, trashing up bring boy. but one thing is for sure. I will never listen to his music ever now, not to mention ever watch or buy anything that involves him. I myself believe that if not Beyonce’s herself, perhaps her people (managers, choreography, Put this low life up to all this, maybe they think like you, that” Beyonces video was 20 times better. The choreography was amazing and caused a much greater stir when it debuted than Taylor’s jumping-on-the-bed-in-coke-bottle-glasses “ That would be like a classmate jumping on stage when you were name valor Victorian of the class, but thought someone else should have it other than you and ruin your moment. How much did Beyonce or Beyoncess people pay you? Is what I would like to no. Kayne West is boy with no class what so ever, should not be allowed to go to any award shows or sing or perform, he is a jackass who was brought up with no class. End of ditty.


    380. DJ says:

      Dear Brianna, you are an idiot!

      No I am not going to cut him some slack because he was correct or drunk and neither should anyone else. The real point here is that it was not his decision to make. You say that he was drunk and that is not an excuse but to judge him for that is hypocritical thereby providing him the excuse you just said he didn't have. When someone acts so clearly outside of what is appropriate behavior, it is absolutely appropriate that they be judged. You say for once he is talking about someone other than himself which is a nice change. Idiot, its still about his ego alone since he feels he has the right to make that call in the first place. Bad manners are bad manners though I understand that no one much cares anymore. For those that still do they are right to call him out on it no matter who the victim is, even if they are less cute than Miss Swift. Don't forget that Beyonce, who always carries herself well and actually knows the meaning of the word class, must have been horrified and embarrassed so let’s not pretend he did her any favors either. Oh and drunk or not if you comment on strangers while you are out as being "the slut in the red dress" or "having gotten dressed in the dark", don't blame it on the booze, blame on your own lack of class, maturity and self image.

    381. jay says:

      wow, rosie is total black trash. her and kenye are two racist peas in a pod. here we are, almost 2010, and reverse racism is taking center stage. i honestly hear more black racists than whites anymore. is this ever going to end? rosie, you and the racists like you are whats wrong with this world today.

    382. mike says:

      Kanye is an asshole first off. If it was the other way around, than that person would have been called racist to black people.

    383. DJ says:

      Scollard: to bring up the constitution and freedom of speach as an excuse is most liekly the stupidest thing I've heard this year! Suppose you were at you mothers funeral and someone walked in and said "thank god we're finally rid of that old bag!" is that freedom of speach or an asshole in need of a beat down?

    384. Andrea says:

      There’s no defense for what he did. Yeah, we’ve all said something stupid when we were drunk, but saying something mean about someone’s outfit and doing what he did are completely different offenses. That’s like saying hey, we’ve all taken more than a penny from the jar on the counter, so can we REALLY fault Kenneth Lay?
      Yes. Yes we can.
      The fact that you think there may be any reasonable defense for this makes me think you’re probably a pretty big jackass yourself.
      You may agree with his opinion, but that’s irrelevant. Those awards are vote-based. You get a vote, he gets a vote, I get a vote, etc. If he’s such a fan of pop-culture he should be more in-tune with what the American public likes, which in this case was little lily-white Taylor Swift. I don’t think we can even begin to pretend that race didn’t play a huge role in his actions- he’s a racist, he’s a jackass, and he should be banned from every future MTV event.

    385. Cate says:

      Whether people think this artist should’ve won over another, it’s Mr. West’s attitude that is in question. I was starting to hate the person until the big bully showed remorse. THEN he was bullied by the President no less. teehee!

    386. JoeyDiablo says:

      it doesn't matter who he interrupted he is still a douche he didn't win anything therefore he shouldn't be on stage!

    387. charles says:

      what that attention whore kanye west did was inexcusable. we all know that you dumbasses on here can try to "logic it" right all you want.he did it on purpose, he wasn't trying to help anyone.he took a talented young star's moment, and ruined it for her in front of the whole world. you can't defend that. i don't give a damn what you say…..oh, and by the way, the only reason beyonce called her on stage was because beyonce's dad, matthew, arranged it.

    388. heff says:

      Your an ass hole like kayne

    389. Mark says:

      Kanye is a racist 100 percent. He has made stupid ass comments before. It is always about white people. When are people in this country going to show some class and not support a racist like Kanye. If a white singer/rapper did this he would be destroyed in the music business. I will have to give Beyonce great praise. What a classy and talented woman to do what she did.

    390. shortyrock says:

      This is a responce to whom ever is defending kenye! Regardless if Beyounce's vidio is better witch in my opinion it was, who is he to jump up on stage and voice his opinion. She had already won fare n squar! what goes threw this mans head that makes him think that he is better then everyone else (witch he is so0o not,) and can do what every he want no matter how inapropriate it is. Someone needs to bring this guy back down 2 earth! Pluse in my opinion letting stardum go 2 your head is so0o out of style!! N lets not forget the fact that he was druck as hell the whole night witch is not AT ALL an excuse 4 his actions but who dose that… goes to an award show drunk off his ass n were was the sacurity at, letting him bring in a bottle of henny they should have known that nothing good was ganna come from that. It was a live show 4 gods sack n this is not his first out burst AKA temper tantrum… I love Kenye's music but the way he acts just rewins it 4 me n make me not buy his CD's at all and I bet a lot of other pll feel the same. Hey Kenye ur not god, ur so0o0o far from it n ur no better than ne one else not even me and I am just a normal Jersey Girl. I say ppl start boycotting his music till he starts acting like an artist insted of declaring himself the next king of pop. I no I am, and all my friends 2 and trust this I know a lot of pll who have already agreed to boycot keney… N I will keep putting the word out and judgen by his actions it should not be hard to get a lot of ppl 2 join. N Iam sure that the allmight kenye thinks it wont even make a dent in his pocket LOL WE WILL SEE.

    391. Theresa says:

      I think that no matter who he did it too people would have been mad. It was worse because it was Taylor Swift, though. I think people are getting fed up with Kanye. He's so full of himself. And how can you defend him? Because he was drunk? That's ridiculous! So we can say and do whatever we want and its ok, so long as we're drunk? Ok, good to know. Beyonce's video was not better. It was plain, but that's neither here nor there. If the a**hole would have sat in his seat and minded his business, then he could have stuck around for Beyonce's big win at the end of the night. Kanye is an ass, he has been, and most likely always will be. Unforgivable.

    392. Megan says:

      geez, i happened to find this page by pure accident. i read a few of these heartfelt comments and laughed my ass off. who gives a shit what kanye did. i’m glad all of you media obsessed people have nothing better to do than sit here and type your sappy ass feelings about something that was more than likely a publicity scheme. go kanye (;

    393. Laurel says:

      I thought that would just interject a new theory as far as why Beyonce didn't win all the awards. Ever stop to think that maybe the voters decided that Beyonce had the best video of the year so why not give Best Female Video Of The Year to Taylo Swift. Personally any 3 idiots could shake their ass on a video camera so I don't Beyonce's video was all that. Taylor's video on the other had told the story that was in the song and made the song come to life. She gave a piece of herself to her fans through that video, where Beyonce didn't even try. She recreated her damn video when she sang Single Ladies at the VMA's, where as Taylor once again told a story in the New York Subway. I think Beyonce is great and I generally like her music but Single Ladies blowed chunks. If I wanted to watch her shake her ass in a sequined leotard for three minutes I'd would go to a concert. What I want to see in a video is the story behind the song, not some over-choreographed dance routine. If I had had the oppportunity to vote Beyonce wouldn't have gotten a single from me, except maybe choreography.

    394. kailey says:

      timothy knows what he’s talking about!
      that’s what’s up man!!! haha

    395. Marie says:

      There is NO EXCUSE for what Kanye did. Absolutely none. Period!

      As for saying that everyone has said/done something stupid while drunk – does it occur to any of you drunks that not everyone drinks. Believe it or not it’s possible to have a great time without alcohol, therefore dispensing with the worry of acting like a stupid drunk.

    396. Bigeye Joe says:

      so, if truth is a defense to bad behavior, I guess the liberals ought to get off the case of Joe Wilson of the Obama "you lie" fame. People forget that there is a time and place to be seen and heard and that was neither the time nor the place. Bad behavior is bad behavior and the truth of the comment (if it is in fact true) is irrelevant

    397. Laurel says:

      Melaniki- You seem to have a lot of hatred toward whites. That is very sad. If the situation had been reversed and let's Toby Keith(white country artist with a hot head) had snatched the mic from Beyonce and said that Taylor Swift had the best video of the Year would be sitting there calling him a redneck racist and calling for his death. And FYI, I don't owe my existence to you, my family doesn't contain and racist assholes. BTW, I am White, Black, and Arab and my family also has Filipinos and Vietnamese in it. You need to look at yourself hard in the mirror before you start calling anyone else a racist.

    398. Zack Stevens says:

      A black man imposing his will on a young white women… what's knew about that? He did it because he knew he could. This man has issues…

    399. Scollard says:

      As a fan of Kanye, ya he was in the wrong to just snatch the mike, but he was right, i havent even seen beyonces video n i can tell you right now its better than taylor swifts, now i myself like taylor swift too. But her stuff is getting kinda old and repetitive with all of her hits being about how she wants the guy or cant have the guy etc. especially considering the fact she could probably have any guy she wants. besides that fact her video did indeed suck. so kanye is in the process of apologizing, he made an ass of himself, what else is new

    400. michelle luttman says:

      i think whoever is sticking up for “poor little” kanye is an asswhole. if he knew he was going to a red carpet event it was his responsibility to act like an adult and not get toasted before the party even started! besides, when most of us regular people get drunk and lose control of our mouths it is not broad cast to millions of people and stealing their special night!!!!

    401. Scollard says:

      America… 1st amendment… freedom of speech.

    402. keith jones says:

      Frist of all,this is really sad once again divided race.When will it all end,every thing is always about black & white do anyone in this world stop for a second of the day,and realize hey!!this world is not ours,the house we live in ,the clothes on our backs,the places we go nothing is ours on this earth why???Because it all belongs to GOD..And people need to stop what there doing,stop hurting others of any race,stop finding fault in people,stop pointing the finger,about small things.QUESTION? FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE,DO YOU THINK GOD isn’t WATCHING everthing the is taking place on this earth? Do you think he’s dead? Do you honestly believe at night when you go to sleep & close you eyes will that be you last time on earth,we all need to be scared & very careful how we treat all people on this earth.For come judgement day what will we say as a nation?What will be our answer to GOD in defense of our actions on everything we have done here on earth GOOD & BAD.what will we say the he dosen’t already know or,have heard & seen he watches our every move,so that we will be judge under his holy kingdom of our good deeds here on earth.WE all don’t like to think about these things,But someone has to be honest & tell the truth which is IT IS TIME FOR ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD TO GET YOUR SOUL RIGHT WITH GOD,HE LOVES THIS WORLD SO MUCH,THAT HE SENT HIS ONLY SON HERE ON EARTH SO THAT WE AS A NATION CAN HAVE LIFE,& LEARN TO LOVE,AND GIVE LIFE,AND HAVE JOY NOT PAIN & SUFFERING BUT TO LOVE,LEARN,TEACH,&HAVE RESPECT FOR EVERYONE,THAT WAS HIS MISSION.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PEOPLE,STOP & TAKE A LONG LOOK AT YOURSELFS AND ASKED WILL I BE READY,WHEN GOD MAKES HIS FINAL COMMING BACK ON EARTH,WILL I BE READY??? WILL I HAVE DONE MY WORK FOR HIM,SO THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO ENTER HIS KINGDOM IN HEAVEN,WILL I HAVE LOVED,AND HAVE RECIEVE LOVE,WILL I HAVE HELP OTHERS IN THEIR TIME OF NEED,HAVE I’VE GONE TO CHURCH,WHAT HAVE I DONE TO EARN MY PLACE ONE DAY IN HEAVEN.THESE ARE THE IMPORTANT THINGS WE SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON.NOT IF SOME ONE MUSIC VIDEO & SONGS IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER,OR WHAT ONE AN OUT SPOKEN YOUNG MAN SAID THAT HAS ALSO LOST A MOTHER SOMETHING,YOU CAN NEVER REPLACE.SO YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S REALLY DEALING WITH,LIFE IS SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL GOD HAS GIVEN US ALL,AND WHEN OUR TIME HAS COME,TO ENTER HIS KINGDOM,AND LEAVE THIS WORLD AND ENTER A NEW LIFE IN THE SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST,WE CAN NO LONGER COME BACK HERE.AND I KNOW SO MANY OF YOU OUT THERE KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LOSE A LOVE ONE,LIKE THE GOOD BOOK SAIDS “HE WHO HAS NOT SIN CAST THE FRIST STONE” MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.PS.IT’S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT KANYE WEST LET GOD BE YOUR SHIELD & PROTECTOR…WHEN PEOPLE HAVE TURN THEIR BACKS ON YOU OUR FATHER WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU,HE SAID HE SHALL COVER YOU WITH HIS FEATHERS,AND UNDER HIS WINGS YOU SHALL TAKE REFUGE.HIS TRUTH SHALL BE YOUR SHIELD AND BUCKLER.HE WHO DWELLS PSALM 91 PRAYER.BE BLESS KANYE

    403. valerie says:

      he is an ass!! i just wonder if he would have done that had it been a sista' who had won?

    404. Shannon says:

      Who cares whether he was wrong or right, who cares whether he was drunk or not, who cares whether it was Taylor Swift or anyone else. We seem to live in a society today when people (especially celebrities) feel like they can do anything they want and be rude to whomever they want and people just look the other way. I’ve hated Kanye since the minute he became famous and I for one am glad he is getting the shit beat out of him media wise. I think it’s important society doesn’t tolerate these types of actions anymore whether you are a celebrity or a loud mouthed girl in a bar. What ever happened to the word RESPECT? What happened to people taking responsibility for their actions? What happened to plain and simple SELF CONTROL?

    405. Jackie says:

      with Fall soon approaching, can anyone tell me the admission price to go thru the Corn Maze on Kanye's head?

    406. Gerard says:

      Birds of a feather flock together. From your article and your own personal confessions, it sounds like you have about as much class & character as Kanye. There is a time and place for everything, but this was grossly improper even if his point seems valid to some. I though Pink should have won. It a shame security didn't let her tell Kanye what she thought about it in person. He might be actually embarassed instead of just acting contrite. Are you certain you weren't looking in a mirror when you commented about the girl in the red dress? I'd like to run into you when you were drinking too much, you sound like a lot of fun, but don't expect to meet my mother.

    407. Dawn says:

      I disagree with the article, I liked Taylor Swift's song/video much more than Beyonce's. I liked Pink's better too. Music and video are subjective. If I don't like the song I can't like the video, and Beyonce singing lines like "I'm a single lady" and "put a ring on it" over and over and over in the same song is not what I call good music. I can't understand why the radio would keep playing the song.

    408. iceswallow says:

      PEOPLE!!!!WTF!!!!heres the deal plain and simple….that ignorant,moronic,drunk prick RUINED a once in a lifetime moment for that girl.HELLLOOOOO!!!!i don't care what fuckin color he is….an asshole is an asshole.neither 1 of those videos should even have been up for an award,they were both bland,boring,unimaginative CRAP

    409. Seriously?! says:

      Who's video was better is irrelevant! Kanye West is a self-absorbed, narcissistic, egotistical ASS! Although, I agree with another poster who said "at least he's talking about someone other than himself for a change." What race either party is, is also irrelevant. He was getting publicity for himself plain and simple. Being drunk is not a defense. If one cannot control one's behavior and/or mouth while drinking… it's time to stop drinking! (blogger included)

    410. Tracey says:

      Seriously, defending his actions???? Really???? There is NO defense or excuse for his actions. I don't care how much he had to drink. Not EVERYONE, has acted like an ass when they drink. So, to even say that is stupid. Maybe your boyfriend just needs a classier girlfriend, if he has even ONCE, had to silence you because you can't hold your alcohol. However,I am glad you added that little tidbit about yourself. It helps me understand why YOU would defend his actions. You, obviously can relate. That's pathetic.

    411. jjman says:

      Kanye is a dick,always has been,always will be and as long as we allow people to be accepted dicks they will stay that way.He should have been escorted off stage and banned to appear in any such venue again…same rule goes for anyone white or black or any other race for that matter.

    412. awsomamy1 says:

      Ok.. So is anyone reading the same thing I am.. As in what he said this article is going back to the video.. HELLO! Beyonce won best video, however, this category was not best video so why are you defending him again? He had no right bottom line and since Beyonce did win best video so what was the point in this article? This category was Best Female Artist not Best Video and Beyonce didn't seem upset that Taylor won so why was he? Like he said on Jay Leno, maybe he needs to take a break from music (for a long time maybe indefinetly).

    413. Esme says:

      Uh (Rosey) Check the albums sold by this 18 year old in the past 2 years compared to Beyonce's sold since she was 17 herself. Not even close. Taylor writes her own music, produces her own stuff and basically started the label for that guy that took a chance on her. Beyonce just goes along with other people's ideas. If you don't feel that this 18 year old deserves this or any other award for the great accomplishes and fame she has receive singing country, of all music and all you see is color, then you are just a sour bitch. All black women can do what Beyonce does. Few can do what Taylor Swift does all on her own. Alicia Keys is also someone deserving of similar talent to that of Taylor's.

    414. Casey says:


      You're right, I apologize. I did not mean to lump all African American's into one category. I was just extremely put off by Rosie's comments. I do know some very intelligent black people who don't play the race card. No, not all black people are the ignorant racists that everyone makes them out to be, but I work in retail and have seen PLENTY of black people use the race card (more do than don't). So I apologize for stereotyping, that certainly was not what I meant.

      To the other person who called me racist, did I say anything derogatory in my comment that would make me come off as a racist? No, certainly not. I didn't use any derogatory names, I stated facts, read a history book. I already apologized for making a generalization (which I surely didn't mean to do). But other than that, you can't call me a racist for stating facts.

      I'll reiterate one of the statements I made "WERE ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER OUR SKIN COLOR! Skin color should not be a determinant in ANYTHING including a white girl winning a pop music award."

      Sweetie, did you read half of the comments on this post? If you had I don't think you would be calling ME a racist, there is true proof of racism in most of these comments, and yet you chose to exemplify mine? I guess white people just aren't allowed to disagree with a black person without being "racist". But I'll disagree with whoever I want regardless of race. Like I said, skin color shouldn't be a determinant in ANYTHING.

    415. scrupo says:

      Who cares if he was right or wrong in what he said?! It was how he did it and the fact that he's a rude bastard! How humiliating for poor Taylor!

    416. JACKLYN says:


    417. 4more says:


    418. WEIRT.NET says:


    419. JONES says:

      YES,your so right weirt.net i agree beyonce should take responsibly for her part in this,sure kanya said what he said but in her damm defence,and your right she got her ass on stage with that fake speech,taylor where are you ,come and have your monment,please who is she kidding we all knew her father arrange for her to say that,it was comming for the heart,trust me what a fake mess she is hopefuly jay-z will see her for what she really is a big fake lier,and than she'll be singing "ALL THE DIVORCE LADIES PUT YOUR HANDS UP" she don't care who she hurts as long as she's on top,besides people is sick to death of looking at her & her music,we need some one different,for a change NO MORE BEYONCE…ENOUGH ALREADY.SOMEONE NEW 4/2010 PLEASE.

    420. MELVIN says:


    421. MMNI says:


    422. […] because I’m sooo tired of hearing about it AND because I see that I’m not the only that shares this point of view; I’ll proceed with my own comments. Let me say this upfront: I love Kanye’s music but […]

    423. Laurie says:

      Beyone needs to take her fat ass to the gym. She is fat as fuck.

    424. dee limma says:


      What you wrote is intelligent, so I'm gonna drop this.

      There is no such thing as race. Let me repeat that, that is no such thing as race. There is no genetic or scientific basis for such a term in the discussion of human beings, in the discussion of certain species of animals (but, even then it is more and more viewed as less and less a useful distinction ) but, it has no vaule at all in the discussion of human beings.

      Try and define the term race as it would apply to human beings and see how ridiculous and futile such an excerise is.

      However, RACISM EXISTS. Let me repeat that, RACISM EXISTS.

      Racism is the small minded evil prejudice whose history has origins of using non-scientific arbritrary attritbutes, such as skin color, in order to diminish the humanity of those with those attributes – the slave masters didn't seek to enslave people because of thier DNA make-up or thier culture, there was no meaniful definition of race then nor is there now.

      So, when someone uses the term like the white race or the black race, they are speaking from ignorance. There is no such thing. One can identify oneself anyway they choose, but try and define "Black Race", it's impossible. It's apples and oranges. If one wants to call oneself "Black" as a way of identifying oneself with the historical struggle of thier ancestors, YES, what a BEAUTIFUL term of PRIDE. But, race, oh my, by using such a term, dicing and slicing peoples with classifications that have no meaning and serves no purpose but to separate when there is no reason to. And in fact, what we all better wake up to, is that, by using the term race, we're perputating the arbitrary classifications of people that the first racists did in the first place.


    425. Casey says:

      Actually, dee limma, there is such a thing as race and it is pertinent to us as humans. Not every race is made the same. We are all equal human beings, but we aren't exactly made the same. African American's are known to be more muscular than other races, they also more easily develop certain diseases, like sickle cell anemia. Some diseases effect different races differently. How would scientists classify the fact that sickle cell anemia seems to effect the darker of the people more, if race didn't exist? Asian people have slanted eyes, it's a characteristic of their race. We all have different skin tones, which are characteristic of our races. We're like breeds of the same species. We're all equal we're just different.

      Race isn't a bad thing. I don't understand why you are making it out to be. RACISM is a bad thing, RACE is not.

    426. Hope says:

      This has nothing to do with racism. Why is everyone making this a race issue?

    427. dee limma says:


      You use the term race and yet you cannot define it.

      You say "African Americans" are more muscular than other "races". First, are you saying African Americans are a "race" distinctive from other African so called "races", what would distinguish African Americans from peoples from African Chad, (African Chadians?) or African Congoese or Africa Ghana, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Uganda? Do you see how pointless such a catch all term is.

      Race was originally used as a "quasi-scientific" term to clasify sub groups of species, such as birds, based on suface physical traits related to geographic dispersion and boundries of habitat of sub-species.

      Do you see how inane and pointless trying to define whole peoples with such a term. It's meaningless.

      The things you speak of, such as a pre-disposition to cycle cell, for *some* of a group of people from certain geographic areas is NOT CAUSE to classify WHOLE ENTIRE POPULATIONS as A RACE. Not in using the original (now outdated) meaning of race (since that meaning was based on superficial traits and, were the sciencetists then know what we know now, they would not lump groups together based on one disposition to one illness, and would not have employed the term race then, knowing what we know now, at least the non-racist scientists would have. No, the *science* back then was only able to classify by arbitrary traits which have no meaning now, when talking of human beings.

      So, again, the challenge to you is, define race and then see how any definition you can come up with is quickly refuted when trying to apply it to human beings.

      We as human beings as share 99.9999 of entire makeup as a species. It's our history and actions and thinking that has separated us, It's time to move forward,while never forgetting the prejudices and injustices of the past and that inform our knowledge of the present and motivate our action to build a better world.


    428. Mel says:

      Okay, for me, it wasn't because he did it to Taylor Swift. I, for one, do not think that single ladies is the best female video out there because, as you could see by the performance, you could get a whole bunch of female dancers to do the exact same thing. And had any other singer outside of beyonce did that, I feel as if they would not have gotten the same amount of attention. But that's just me.

      Now Taylor Swift's video, while it wasn't original, I was kind of surprised that I liked the song AND her video all in one because I usually turned the radio when she came on and don't tend to listen to country.

      Now the kanye thing…. I'm buying into the meam thing because I think those things are hilarious. I was more in shock as to how the hell he got on stage that fast rather than what he did to Taylor Swift. And nothing against Kanye, I'm kind of getting sick of celebrities being so disrespectful to one another and sometimes even fans. Kanye's off hand "Bush hates black people" (that was another amusing "wtf moment" that's at the top of my list), the Twilight cast just kinda being like "yeah whatever. I'm winning awards; yay; I hate this f***ing storyline" (that's a "then why the hell did you take the role?!" moment), Serena Williams' blowup, Kanye freaking out at the EMA's when Justice's mv beat his (HA! JUSTICE FOR THE WIN! THEY SO DESERVED THAT AWARD!!!) and some other person that I can't remember interrupting Panic! At the Disco when they won an award (I saw it on YouTube and magically remembered).

      So it's not Kanye. For me anyway. It was just the fact that he was pretty much the last straw. Even though people say they don't do it, people follow a celebrity's lead.

      … Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. It's been bothering me because people around here have a serious lack of respect for one another. >< And that's my 2 cents. Peace.

    429. Brittany says:

      Racism is a taught behavior. It will end when it is no longer taught. As educated, self-respecting people, why have we allowed this ideology to continue on for centuries? Do each of you expressing your racist views have a reason for the hate? Did a black person do something to you for you to say such things and now hate an entire category of people? We should all–as people, not individual races–learn from our past so that we don't make the same mistakes in our future.

    430. Zahra-Northwestern U says:


      You answered your own question. "Ever heard of affirmative action? You know, the law passed so minorities can get a fair shot." It's to get on equal footing. It's not about minorities getting to be above everyone else. Think of it as a race where everyone gets to run freely except one man who has his legs shackled together. Even if you take the shackles off, he's still going to be far behind the others. It's the same thing. Many minorities end up in sub-par schools, you can't expect everyone to have the same advantages in life when they don't have the same opportunities. Minorities are highly underrepresented in the media, or if they are represented, oftentimes it's as a negative stereotype. This is why there are shows, schools, magazines, etc. for minorities. It's about teaching minorities to embrace themselves when many people see being a minority as a negative thing. Being in the majority is usually a privilege and majorities of various types are ubiquitous in the media. Sorry if someone else explained this before, it's hard to get through all 400+ comments!

    431. Koko says:

      SMH . Kanye is a real dum ass , like he couldnt wait till after to say whats on his mind like damn. Taylor Swift won and Beyonce didnt , life goes on. Kanye must think he's some kinda king or sumthin, well he needs to get it through his big stupid ass head tht he's not.

    432. Steven says:

      Many things in the US are harder for black people because of the ever present spectre of racism. When you look at many events you have to try to filter out the racist component and then try to deal with the real issue, if you can ever get to the real issue.

      For many years there were no black women beautiful enough to be Miss America until Vanessa Williams. Yeah Vanessa is hot but I know several high yellow girls from Louisiana who are hotter than Vanessa in the same near white way as Vanessa. There were probably a couple of courageous entrants prior to Vanessa who should have won but did not win due to racism. I am sure other MTV awards have in the past been plagued by similar racism problems.

      What Kanye did was wrong for the specific situation but not wrong for the larger context of racist idology which informs the actions and rewards of the society within the United States of America. Many vital areas of life are influenced by race — employment, housing, insurance, wealth and health.

      Why is it such a stretch to believe that an MTV award could also be similarly influenced racism. Apparently this MTV award was not but given the rest of the social context it could have easily been. Kanye soldier on. You lost this battle but you must continue the war against racism but in a more measured and tempered manner. Being a hot head will not defeat the less overt and subtle forms or racism being practised in America today. Sometimes it will be like trying to pin down a shadow. Here is a saying paraphrased from Paul Atriedes — he used fear instead of anger.

      Anger is the mind killer. I will not give in to anger. I will let my anger pass through me and when it is gone only I will remain.

    433. Jeff says:

      Neither being drunk, nor even CORRECT, is an acceptable excuse.

      Just because you're drunk and the president is lying doesn't make it okay to strip naked and dance on the podium during his presidential address.

    434. […] I guess you can’t totally fault this girl for the things she says. She’s kinda like Kanye (minus the whole Hennessey thing); she is simply saying what everyone else is thinking. And maybe […]

    435. paddy says:

      Beyonce has, i suspect some friend other than her boyfriend in the

      music industry who is able to bribe officials or judges, i have not heard anyone at all in print or other wise say the truth, shis crap, and the ema award jay z?

      come on some one, its time to nut up and tell the truth,

      where was the cardiac trolley for bonos performance at the ema??

      fuck sake,

    436. paddy says:

      Kanye came on stage with the dark shades on and his head more up his arse than usual, he bullied Taylor and in his drug addled judgment stated that beyonce had the best vid,

      About power abuse, the band Duran Duran were completely overlooked in their prime,despite some world beating

      songs, whild the jackson machine trundled on and on trying to stifle all competition, one can get the same smell of black nepotism now, and hey! throw bono in with jay see, cos at least jay see can look smooth in comparason to thees oldies

      There is something wrong with this, how could he say that and claim to have written his own gear,

      the fucker then cribs and keens on tv in a self serving apology, looked on wiht glee by his own,

    437. […] a little out of control. When she beat out Beyonce at the now infamous VMAs this past September, I agreed with what Kanye said. (And that made me rather unpopular, to say the least.) Sure, Taylor’s song was catchy and […]

    438. […] – Kings of Leon it is. SHOULD I PULL A KANYE? […]

    439. IdntGiveAhFukAboutUr says:

      Its like this Taylot Swift sucked ass and should of gave the award up. Come on her song is nice and all but do you actually think she deserved it. And before you come up with some dumb ass reason about "Oh she is just so adorable And her voice sounds so nicee!" shut the hell up. Because i don't wanna hear it. Point blank is that Taylor Swift didn't deserve it for some suck ass song. And im ot saying beyonce should get it but at least someone that put hard determination into it at least.

    440. […] 6. Swine Flu I can’t believe I’m going to one day look back on Swine Flu as a serious “epidemic” that captivated the world and brought out those useless paper masks. Luckily, we were able to make them fashionable. 5. Jon Gosselin Gets Douchier, World Gets Dumber Forget about Swine Flu, Gosselin was the biggest pig of the year. I am so looking forward to 2010 where hopefully the media doesn’t concern themselves with what type of menthol cigarettes this a-hole father went and bought at the local 7-11 in his spanking new bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt. Woof. 4. Obama’s Peace Prize Seriously, why was this news? Slash, why did he get this award, again? Which brings us to another important, undeserved award… “3. Yo, Taylor. I’m Really Happy For You, and Imma Let You Finish…” But this had to have been the most unnecessary overplayed story OF ALL TIME. Also, cut my boy Kanye a break. […]

    441. […] tossed around quite a bit in regard to the spawn of the Baby Boomers.  Now, I’m not about to defend Kanye’s stage manners (and lack thereof) or the oft-terrifying rap stylings of Eminem, but I will say that young people […]

    442. […] am completely and unabashedly Team Kanye, so I should have rolled my eyes and sighed most despondently when I saw Taylor Swift on the cover […]

    443. […] since he started Good Fridays.  A new free Kanye track every week is pretty effing spectacular.  But his image still screams arrogant jerk, no?  Stick him in The Hangover 2 as an abused member of the hotel staff, perhaps sent on a […]

    444. […] The Kanye: How easy and tempting is it going to be for people to put on a pair of brightly colored sunglasses […]

    445. […] Someone needs to pull a Kanye. I think it would work best if this were to take place during the winner of Best Picture’s […]

    446. […] a little out of control. When she beat out Beyonce at the now infamous VMAs this past September, I agreed with what Kanye said. (And that made me rather unpopular, to say the least.) Sure, Taylor’s song was catchy and […]

    447. how to motivate yourself says:

      Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your site by chance, and I am shocked why this twist of fate did not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

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