Dear Fall, I Love You

leaves.JPGI freakin’ love fall. I actually don’t think I can communicate in coherent sentences how I feel about the season. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking of the crisp air, the cozy sweaters, whip cream melting into mug of hot chocolate….I think I might have just wet myself.

It is impossible for me to pick just one fall thing as my favorite. And, believe me, I have tried on more than one occasion to pinpoint what it is that has forged this intense love affair.

So perhaps I can’t make a neat little list, but I can rant about it for a while. If you love fall too, you might want to prepare yourself. This little listicle may send you running towards your nearest Starbucks in leather boots and all the scarves you own in search of a latte and a scrumptious baked good.

Fall is My New Years
I know January 1st is when most people set a resolution, sign up for gym memberships and dump their dud of a boyfriend in hopes of upgrading to a new hottie. But my personal New Years is September 22nd (….the first day of fall if you haven’t caught on yet). This is when I find my surge of motivation. I crack open my new books (with the help of a yummy caffeinated beverage, obviously), get my ass back on an elliptical (with the new fall line-up to distract me from the burning tingles running through my calves) and reconnect with people who I may not have seen over the summer months (if this reconnection happens to occur over, let’s just say, a Pumpkin Spice Latte, then so be it. I’m just sayin’). Just like New Year’s Eve, fall instills in me that ambitious hope that come Christmas I will be a smarter-happier-8-pound-lighter version of my current self.

Fall is My Fashion Show
I have my share of designer sandals and flirty Forever 21 dresses, and by mid-March I take any peek of sun as my go-ahead to slip into a tank top and pretend I’m not freezing my ass off. But come September I am so sick of the skin baring clothes I could throw them all out the window (and then run outside and pick them all up again). This fall couldn’t come any sooner. I’m ready to break out my flannel shirt-dress, my patterned tights, the suede chunky heeled boots that are going to look amazing pulled over a pair of skinnies… I’ve already accepted I will not be able to control myself; I am well aware I will be over dressed for every and any occasion on my agenda.

Fall is My Buffet Table
I pretty much celebrate Thanksgiving for the entire season (which may explain why I have to ask for a new pair of skinny jeans, one size bigger, for Christmas). But how can you stop yourself from enjoying the Apple pie? The mashed potatoes, the creamy soups, the whipped-cream-mocha-caramel-latte-twists? Seriously, it’s only around for a few short months and I am going to enjoy every last bite/slurp/lick and munch of it.

Fall is My Amusment Park
How many awesome activities emerge during the season? (Which I take as a testament to the fact that deep down fall is everyone’s favorite season.) There are all sorts of festivals, movie outings and big group dinners. And did I mention football? Now, I’m not one of those girls that grabs a beer and talks witty banter with the men of the house (the extent of my participation is: “Why’d he throw that flag? What a jerk!”), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the sound of a football game lingering through the house, or all the jocks crowded around the TV in the student lounge.

Is anyone else completely obsessed with this season? Please share what fall is to you, so I can sit at my computer screen and drool all over my keyboard.



    1. Chelsea says:

      I am completely obsessed with this season. I celebrated the eve of fall with a pumpkin spiced latte! I am craving cranberries, turkey, and dressing. yummm. I live in Tennessee so fall doesn't really get into full swing til October and the summer weather keeps lingering, but I have already pulled on some lace tights. Its a little early for boots, but that doesn't keep me from wearing them around in my room!

    2. Jenny says:

      Fall is my favorite season, too!:) Something about the air is just so different and calming – moreso than the rest of the seasons. And of course, Halloween is my favorite holiday.:)

      Also, I'm glad to hear that you consider fall as your personal new year. I do that, too. I make a fresh start for myself every fall.

    3. Tammy says:

      I love fall.

      I love when the air smells crisp, and the green tree leaves slowly, but amazingly, change to beautiful shades of yellow and orange.

      I love the perfect temperature, not nearly cold enough for snow, but not even close to being so hot that I'm sweating balls.

      I love wearing sweaters and jeans and cutes sneakers. I love cardigans and hoodies and socks that you put in the dryer for a few minutes to cure your cold feet in the morning.

      I (still) love raking leaves and destroying the piles with my body as i fling myself into the fallen leaves that had taken me so long to form the perfect pile.

      This is my FAVORITE season. I wish it could stay like this forever.:)

    4. Jess says:

      Fall = best hair season. end of story.

    5. Lauren - University says:

      Amen, Jess. No frizzy issues here. Just smooth, perfect straight hair!

    6. Darwin says:

      1. Fall sucks for not having enough breaks. My school only has Thanksgiving off. 1 short short vacation for a whole semester? FAIL!

      2. Best part is the weather. The jeans are back. Pull out the hoodie and t-shirt combo. Yess!

    7. shari says:

      fall is my absolute favorite season! i'm beyond obsessed with everything you just mentioned and more. fall fashion, food and acitvites are definitely the best it gets.

    8. lucia says:

      Fall fashion is to die for and the air is definitely crisper. It also makes me feel like getting cozy and snuggling up next to someone, which is always fun!

    9. Globals says:

      all good things

    10. Miss M says:

      I actually read somewhere that most people DO prefer fall over any other season!

    11. Sabrina J. says:

      Fall has been my absolute FAVE season for the past few years, but I never knew just how much I love and crave it until last year when I was living abroad. I was in Australia for the better part of last year (and this year), and come September through November, I spent every single day sitting in front of my boyfriend's computer, looking up pictures of New England in Autumn, photos of pumpkin patches and kids running around apple orchards, and I cried my little eyes out. I missed the novelty of being able to walk into a Dunkin Donuts and get a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte and Muffin, and walk home listening to the sound of fallen leaves crunching under my feet. Being away from it was torture. I just flew home from Australia 8 days ago, and I couldn't be happier! I took a hayride at a farm just the other day, and I was giggling like a school girl, looking at the hills and woods filled with colorful trees. Autumn is my version of heaven. There truly is no better time of year.

      One of the many benefits of Fall: the bugs go bye-bye!!! How can you NOT love that?!?!

    12. Doctorset says:

      This is the welcome page for the Association web site.

    13. roberta says:

      I absolutely ADORE everything about Fall. The coolness in the air, the fluffy sweaters, PUMPKINS!!, pumpkin seeds, apples, (and trying new recipes for baking apples) the dead leaves on the ground and sound they make when a car goes over them, thick thigh-high socks, apple cider, hot cocoa, fall colors!, going to a pumpkin patch, hay rides. That's it.

    14. amber says:

      I love fall so much, I googled "i love fall" and found this article. I went to Target today to see if they had any fall decor. Not that I have any money, but just to look. I love window shopping fall decor. I've already bought my 2 year old a ton of clothes for fall, and have already alerted my friends that i will be coordinating the pumpkin patch and Apple hill (placerville, ca) trips. They could careless right now….

      It was a breath of crisp autumn air to find out someone feels the same as I when it comes to fall, and lattes…

    15. amber says:

      Oh, and I bought a day-after thanksgiving sandwich the other day made with rotissere chicken and stove top on wheat. It was ssssooooooooooo good.

    16. Heather says:

      I googled "I love fall" too! Fall lovers unite!

      I'm itching to wear cute boots, hats, and scarves again. I cannot WAIT for the leaves to change and start dropping to the ground. Roaring fires in the fireplace, pumpkin spice tea, and NANOWRIMO!

      Bring. It. On! Summer sucks!

    17. Tessa says:

      I absolutely love the fall season. My birthday is in mid-September, making autumn even more amazing. My birthday weather has been the same for as long as I can remember. The sun shining, breeze blowing my hair. The air is so crisp, it seriously completes my life. I love autumn. I love back to school, I JUST LOVE FALL!

    18. Casey says:

      LOL! I just went to Michaels and bought a gorgeous new fall wreath for our front door and centerpeice for our dining room table. The centerpeice is fall leaves, fall colored berries, a hurricane vase and a three-layer pumpkin spice candle. I love love love fall! The colors, the clothes (can we say Uggs, skinny jeans and big comfy sweaters, girls???) the hot spicy lattes, the cool, crisp breeze, pumpkin patches, piles of leaves, hay rides, hot apple cider… ahhh I can barely wait!

      And I, too, found this article by googling "I love fall" =)

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    21. patra smith says:

      You all are sooo precious its so nice to know there is others out there that think like me..I'm looking out my window and watching the trees sway with the wind and I'm loving it.can't wait to over do it with my fall wardrobe and head out to the park….thanks guys it was really lovely reading this!

    22. paula says:

      I love fall just as much as you! my favorite part are the sights and smells.Like candy corn!

    23. Theresa says:

      I just googled "I love fall!" and it's funny to see that so many others were brought to this website the same way!! It's only Aug 16th, and I'm ridiculously excited for fall!! My next door neighbors are both teachers (wife, third grade and husband, high school, plus he coaches like everything) so I even get to soak in the whole back-to-school excitement. And I'm dying to pick apples – at the local Orchard where we also get to glance at their Christmas trees that will also be almost ready!! Great article – maybe you should follow-up it up with one for this year!!:)

      1. ann says:

        Same thing happened to me!

    24. Kaitlyn says:

      I love fall too. It is my favorite season, mostly because it gets cooler, but not enough to wear I'm freezing my ass off. And the beauty of it all! All those bright reds and yellows, the NFL theme music of a football game, SNUGGLING, the fresh air that lingers of burning wood. Fall does not get any better than this, and for some reason, this year's fall has me more excited than any other, probably because I'm turning 18:) in October. And October would be my favorite month, because of (you guessed it) my birthday, it's smack-dab in the middle of Fall, and HALLOWEEN, which jump-starts the whole holiday parade up until Christmas, my favorite holiday. A good scary movie on some windy night makes me so happy. And no, I don't still dress up in a costume (I think I've outgrown that) but I still know people who do. All I have to say is- you're RETARDED. But I'm not going to let that ruin my night. I love Halloween, but honestly, it's for kids. I just like creepy stuff (vampires, werewolves, suspenseful mysteries like What Lies Beneath) and the cool decorations, like cute, fuzzy spiders and little black cats.

    25. Anna says:

      Fall is when all of the good things happen. Or, so it seems. Fall is when it’s a nice cold that makes you want to snuggle, but nothing that a simple turtle neck can’t keep out. Fall is the season in which, when I go running the back of my throat burns, but it’s still not too cold to run. The wind blows and the leaves around me crackle. I love those throat burning runs, because, well, I love fall. Fall is when it becomes socially acceptable to eat candy corn and to light a fire. Fall is when those people like me (who get cold when its 70° out) stop getting asked: “aren’t you burning up?” Fall is when even though its chilly out I feel warm inside, because, that what fall does. Most of all, why I love fall, is that feeling you get in your gut. The warm one that just makes you want to wrap your arms around yourself and smile. It’s the feeling that goes along with pumpkin and nutmeg, eggnog and ginger. And it lasts; it leads into winter where the focus is one Christmas! And so many great things go with Christmas, but the feeling I get during that season, it starts in fall. Fall is also when you can get excited about scary things, and be chilled but still feel warm inside. Fall is a feeling that protects you and just makes you happy; no matter what. Fall is when my birthday is too; adding to the excitement. But I wonder where all these warm fuzzy feelings come from. Does everyone feel them, or just a few. I wonder… were you fellow “I love fall” googlers born in Fall too?

      1. Nikki says:

        you hit it right on the head–"be chilled but still feel warm inside". reminds me of bonfires, hay days, leaf piles, i could go on!

    26. kdub says:

      i love fall too, and i have always wondered if anyone else shares my mysterious love for the season as well. i just happened to google and came across your site. so glad you put my love of fall into the words that i couldn't. i also love the spooky Halloween side of fall as well.

    27. Amber says:

      I hate the summer, and even though its July, you can bet fall is on my mind. Fall is the most beautiful season in my opinion hands down. I am obsessed with fall. I plan our fall activities around July/August! I live in California and although we don’t get the typical New England colors, we do gave our own pretty shades if fall. The pumpkins, lattes, apple picking, uggs and hoodies! Plus the smell of the air…Ahhhh hurry up summer, I’m ready for the fall already!

    28. Isobel says:

      Fall❤ The best season ever. Not only is it not totally freezing,and its not totally humid all the things the season has to offer are incredible. From pumpkin spice lattes,to all the pretty leaves, to downright Halloween (that im a bit old for, but that doesn't stop me from dressing up :D). I simply don't see why anyone Wouldn't love this season!:) & im a redhead and all the leaves totally make me look fab.😉

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