Pink’s Sparkly Vagina and Other Questionable Wardrobe Choices

pink vaginaI see London. I see France. I see Pink’s…. sparkly vagina?

I wonder what was going on in Pink’s mind when she donned this nude jumpsuit for her audience. “Tonight I’d like to wrap my body in tape and have my vagina shine like the diamond-encrusted treasure that it is!”

Not sure what she was hoping for, but, personally, the image of Pink’s sequined camel toe has been be burned into my retinas and I fear I may never be able to close my eyes again.

Not only has Pink’s frightening outfit choice scarred me for eternity, but it also drudged up images of other questionable choices in concert costumes’ past. As far as I can tell, the trend can be traced back to Madonna‘s trend-setting cone boob attire. Since then, entertainers have found ways to take their costume choices to entirely new levels of indecency and utter fugliness.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

gaga blood

I get the obsession with vampires that’s going on right now but really, Lady Gaga? Don’t you think ovulating on stage is a bit much?

christina firecrotch

Well, this makes it quite obvious that Christina’s carpet does not match the drapes.

madonna costume

The costume isn’t so bad, but that microphone placement does answer the age old question: where does Madonna put her penis when she’s performing?

beyonce space cadet

I don’t know if Beyonce is singing at Comic-con or showing us how to Go Green by turning 1970’s lawn chairs into viable fashion statements.

janet jackson concert 110908

“Here’s what I’m thinking: sparkly sausage casing. Make it happen!”

rihanna vmas

Is it just me or does it look like Rihanna had a mishap with the toilet paper during Bike Night at her local watering hole?



    1. TheBritishGuy says:

      lol some of these customes are bloody hilarious but it just goes to show as long as it is skin tight or revealing a woman can get away with it.

      Us men have to be much more careful with our wardrobe choices. It's not fair.

      1. JJJ says:

        you call that getting away with it?

    2. alex says:

      For Lady Gaga I would think the proper term to be menstruating, not ovulating. Just a suggestion.

    3. S says:

      wasnt it her breast? that got exploded?

    4. DengDengDeng says:

      Rihanna kinda looks like a drag queen there…yea….

    5. […] Pink Shows Off Her Sparkly Girlie Bits – College Candy […]

    6. […] Pink Shows Off Her Sparkly Girlie Bits – College Candy […]

    7. teenie says:

      shut up alex

    8. Don Mack says:

      I never paid much attention to Pink until I saw her amazing Grammy performance which I've watched over and over and over. I'm infatuated with her right now, so she looks good in anything. I even ordered her "Funhouse" album. For the person who said he didn't notice her tattoos at the Grammy's, how could you miss the one on her left thigh???

    9. purple says:

      really its more like she got stabbed in her solarplexus thats where its most potent

    10. Dude says:


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