Sexy Time: Back Door Booty

womans buttI’ve always been very hesitant to try anal sex. After all, that’s where poop comes out! And I always heard that it hurt like hell. So, while I knew I would try it at some point (I believe in trying everything at least once) I had no problem putting it off. I decided to wait until I was with someone I knew would love me even if I pulled a Zack-and-Miri and pooped all over them.

Well, I found him. And I tried it.

Any guide to anal sex (like this one) tells you to start small (i.e. with a finger) and be generous with the lubrication. So we did, and it didn’t hurt like I expected, but it was a really strange feeling, kind of like the feeling you get when you have to go to the bathroom but can’t find a toilet (not that girls poop, of coarse!).  Since the finger didn’t hurt, we decided to move on to the real thing. The real thing, however, did hurt (like HELL), and we barely got anywhere before I called an end to it.

The experience confirmed what I’ve always suspected: anal sex is something boys enjoy much more than girls. I can’t speak for all girls (one of my best friends claims she can orgasm from it), but I just don’t see how it would be pleasurable. Not that I’m swearing off anal forever, but I definitely think I need a lot more prep-time (both physically and mentally) before attempting to go all the way again. I’m sure some day it’s something I’ll be able to tolerate, but can’t expect to ever enjoy it, at least not the way I enjoy sex. I would enjoy the fact that I’m making the man I love happy, but I highly doubt there will ever be an orgasm in it for me.

This doesn’t mean I would ever discourage anyone from trying it. After all, how do you know if you like something before you try it for yourself? Everyone has different preferences, and some women may really enjoy anal, at least this article on claims they do. They say: Women love anal sex because it can feel absolutely incredible. It’s different in sensation and it doesn’t feel like anything else she may have felt before — it’s deep inside, it’s not her clitoris and is not in her vagina, but feels strangely like both in a sort of mixed-up combination in another part of her body.

Now, I’m not fully convinced the guys at AskMen aren’t pushing an agenda of their own (“Come on honey, this article says you’ll love it!”), but hey, if there is a possibility anal sex could feel like they’re describing, maybe it is worth pushing past the initial discomfort to find out.

Even you don’t orgasm from it, I’m sure it’ll make your partner happy. Guys’ obsession with anal seems to keep growing. It provides a different, tighter sensation and has the lure of a forbidden fruit – how can you expect them not to want to try it? So, as long as it’s not painful for you, why not give it a go once or twice for your man’s sake? Maybe you’ll get something special in return…

Have you ever had anal sex? What was your experience like?



    1. matt says:

      My gf actually likes it in the bum more than the old fashioned way. I dont like anal as much but I'll put it where Im told.

    2. Kelly's Secret says:

      I tend to find that the girls who like anal love it, and the girls who don't absolutely hate it. The first time will ALWAYS hurt like hell, no matter how many fingers or but plugs you have had up there. However, Remember ladies not to go from pinky to penis all in one day. Start with the pinky, then work your way to bigger fingers, then a small butt plug, then your guy. And work your way to bigger objects over a couple of weeks or so. Also make sure you use anal lube. It desentsitizes the bum and will make you feel less pain and more pleasure, regular lube doesn't do that. Most guys don't prefer anal, we just like girls who explore. I for one rather the vayjay but nothing is hotter than giving my partner great orgasms. Therefore, I always recommend that my partner try it at least a couple of times to see if it can bring the ultimate pleasure. Women who enjoy anal tell me that anal plus some other form of stimulation brings them their strongest orgasms by far. Kelly, Its both cool and sexy that you are willing to take chances, spice things up, and try things. It doesn't really matter if you don't like it. But keep experiencing new things and exploring your sexuality is healthy and sexy. You're the best!

    3. M says:

      i had anal with my last LTR and did not enjoy it. the first time hurt like a biotch, but after that it just felt really…awkward. it was still a little painful but not in the 'omg i want to cry' painful, just like 'ugh, charlie-horse' painful.

      i think we had anal about 4 or 5 times, 3 of which were for special occasions–birthday, anniversary, i started a really big fight and needed to make it up to him.

    4. Asia says:

      I've tried anal, many times, and I still can't bring myself to like it as much as my partner does. And once a guy knows you've done it before, they seem to like bugging you to try it with them with the promise that "it'll be different" or "I know how to make it not hurt for you, make it feel good", when they don't get that no matter what any men's article says, some women just don't enjoy anal. Tried buttplugs for hours on end, fingers, lots of lube, him, whatever, still not inclined to opt for anal at anytime again in the future.

    5. Erich says:

      I have never tried this and nor do I want to.

    6. Casey says:

      The first time I tried anal my, then, boyfriend surprised me with it when we were having vaginal sex in the doggy style position, it was like "in, out, in, out, SURPRISE!" We were still in high school and he didn't know that you were supposed to prep it first, so no prep, no lube, nothing. However, it didn't hurt either. But since I wasn't prepared for it he got a pretty big surprise himself (use your imagination, I'm not going into detail on that), needless to say he was turned off of it from then on.

      I have done it with my current boyfriend though and I actually enjoy it, although he's not too into it, but more so than anal sex I prefer when he fingers my back door when he's eating me out, if you girls are adventurous enough to try anything with the back door area have your guy finger you (he doesn't even have to go in all the way) while he's going down on you and it makes oral a million times better (and I thought it couldn't get any better).

      Anal's just one of those things, you either love it or hate it, (like someone said above) if you're just really open to it, like not scared/ worried at all and just go for it, it probably wont hurt as much and will actually give you some pleasure. I think if you're nervous, scared it will hurt, or just not completely open to it your body is going to be more tense, even if you're trying to relax, and that's probably what makes it so painful at first.

    7. Gloria says:

      For me its a huge mood thing, somethings I can almost orgasm from anal beads alone and other times I don't want anything near that part of me.

      My first time with anal sex itself wasn't really 'bad'. My boyfriend would enjoy sticking a finger or two back there and he kept loosening me up and though I told him I'd try anal later that weekend, he kinda just went ahead😡

      At first its strange, a weird 'I have to poop' sort of sensation but if I can tolerate it long enough and I open up, it begins to be more and more pleasurable.

      I feel that a lot of arousal from it is psychological, the idea of such a taboo and 'naughty' act.

      This is definitely not an act I would ever perform with someone I wasn't in a long term relationship with. I'd be too embarrassed (I'm embarrassed enough with my boyfriend of 3 years!)

    8. Brittany says:

      I agree with Gloria.

      It is definitely something you want to do with someone you really trust because there are potentially embarrassing results.

      But I do find it kind of hot because of the whole taboo thing.

      I actually really enjoy it but I definitely have to have a few drinks before hand because otherwise I am way too tense and when your tense, thats when it hurts.

    9. Kat says:

      Actually, if you or your boyfriend stimulated your clit while you're having anal you can orgasm even if its not from having anal itself, that's what I always do. In fact, I say the more clitoral stimulation the better!

    10. Jenna says:

      With my boyfriend, I tried it a couple of times (we'd been dating a long time…and are still). If you really take a while–at least an hour or two–prepping yourself, it shouldn't hurt very much at first, and then not at all. One time, during vaginal sex when we were both a little drunk, he accidentally put it back in the wrong place; I couldn't walk right for a while it hurt so badly.

      However, after a few times, I found I wasn't really into it. And my boyfriend found that, even though the taboo element is what turned him on, he wasn't as turned on by it unless I was also excited by it. So we found sort of a middle ground with it. I'm like Casey, in that a little back-door play is fun when being eaten out. This way, we can do something a little taboo, but we both enjoy it. Just make sure whatever goes in the back door–be it a penis, a finger, a toy, or whatever–doesn't go anywhere near your vagina. That just screams yeast infection.

      Oh, and I don't care what Cosmo says; I will never, ever go near my boyfriend's back door.

    11. B says:

      *rolls eyes* as I was reading this article I thought to myself "Hmm… I wonder if Casey is going to have a story for this one, like she does with every other article…" and sure enough…

    12. Casey says:

      Ugh, seriously B? Why do you and so many others concern yourselves with what I do? It's a little sad that in reading the articles you think about an online persona whom you've never actually met. Obsessed much?

      If it bothers you, skip over it, don't read it. I'm not going to not post because a couple people get annoyed that I "have a story for everything". Sorry I live my life and have experiences to share, and think maybe someone, somewhere can find something beneficial in my stories and experiences (yeah, I'm not really sorry).

      Ironically though, now when I'm writing out a comment I think, "hmmm, I wonder if someone will comment about the fact that I'm posting" and sure enough, here you come.

      Personally, I think comments like the one you just made are a waste of space in the comments section and add needless drama not to mention they derail the discussions. If you don't want to read them, don't, no one is forcing you.

    13. Casey's story t says:

      Hi yall. I am Casey's story time. I have a story for every single article ever written on this site. I am so much cooler than everyone. I am the best girl in the world. I tell stories like it is my job. I won the gold medal at the story time awards. I am just a cool kind of girl like that. I am going to the world championships in story telling land to compete for the grand championship of story telling. Wish me luck yall!!!!

    14. Emily says:

      @Casey: just ignore them. I find your stories interesting, and I'm sure others do, too. If someone doesn't want to read about you, they can just skip over your posts like you said. But I tend to think that anyone who resents someone sharing their experiences is just jealous that someone else is out having fun, while they sit at their computers judging people.

    15. Casey says:

      Can't the discussions every just stay on topic?

      Would it appease you all if I just posted under various names? I mean, shit, what's the point of reading a blog if you're not going to interact with it? I don't think the authors write them to NOT get responses. And if we weren't meant to comment then why is there a comment section? and if we weren't supposed to discuss them then why do they always ask for our opinions, and if we aren't supposed to share our personal experiences then why do they close the articles with lines like, "Have you ever had anal sex? What was your experience like?".

    16. Casey says:

      Thanks Emily.

    17. Marie says:

      Has anyone else found that you get to a point after so much anal sex that there can be accidental slippage into the wrong hole without you realising it 'til the day after?

    18. Star says:

      They're just upset because they've never done anything they read about on this site and therefore have no stories of their own to tell. And it's not exactly like these stories are "I flew to the moon" kind of stuff. It's normal stuff that lots of people have tried and probably all have stories about.

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    21. Erich says:

      @ Star–

      Somehow I doubt its jealousy or being upset.

      People are gonna post whatever they want.

    22. c says:

      it really doesn't hurt if you're turned on enough and relax your ass completely. i didn't think it was so bad the first time, i even came, but i think thats because there was a lot of clit stimulation. i tried it again and it was just kinda 'eh..' and it really just felt like i had to poop(which isn't a good feeling to me). my bf and i tried about 2 more times and the same "i have to go to bathroom" feeling resulted it started to just be a turn off… and i eventually told him i didn't want to try it again for a long time. if it didnt make me feel like i had to poop i'd be into it. i don't think its "naughty" or taboo really. i just hate the way it feels:/.

    23. Victoria says:

      I'm one of those girls who enjoys from anal sex. There are a few things that have not been mentioned thus far in the comments though…

      -If it hurts, you're doing it wrong. And you should stop immediately. Your back door is a very sensitive area – in that it (tissue) can rip if you're doing it wrong, too hard, too fast. So if you feel any pain, you should stop immediately and either reposition or end it.

      -That being said, you shouldn't use lubes that numb that area. If you're numb, then you can't know if you are feeling pain and something may very well be going wrong, which could have potentially awful results (such as explained above). Use a silicone lube, not a water-based lube.

      -The first position that comes to mind for anal sex is almost always doggy style. However, with doggy style it is difficult for you to control the angle, speed, and intensity he's coming into you with. If you're experienced with anal sex, then doggy style can be really fun, but if not, it can hurt a lot. So try a different position. I personally prefer being on top for anal sex because I can make sure it feels good for me, he can chip in too either by thrusting upward or playing with my clit, and I definitely orgasm. Also try spooning, you get a bit more agency that way too.

    24. Boy says:

      My girlfriend absolutely loves it, can cum anally and wants it more oftn than not. Now just have to convince the wife also!!

    25. Karen Affeldt says:

      I never would have thought I would like it until I tried it. Fortunately for me it was with a guy who knew what he was doing. Technique is everything when it comes to that.

      My experience back then was most times, during our regular love making, he would stretch me with his fingers by inserting one at a time, eventually three and four fingers. I learned that completely relaxing while he fingered me anally like this made for some mind blowing orgasms. Finally one night during the heat of the moment I asked him for it and I'm sure glad I did! He was just wonderful about it too by making sure I was completely comfortable with him and being so very careful.

      Over the years I have found it to be much more easier and tolerable and I have surprised several men with my willingness and knowledgeable talent.

    26. b says:

      Obsessed much? Hardly, more like I can't read an article without stumbling over one of your comments.

      Defensive much?

    27. Casey says:

      And why is that even an issue? So someone comments, big deal, get over it, or better yet, skip over it.

      And yeah, when people are offensive toward me I'm going to get defensive. *rolls eyes*

    28. Dave says:

      My wife and I tried it after one of her gfs repeated over and over how great it was. She referred to it as the "fun hole". So she prepped herself for a few weeks (without telling me) then asked if I wanted to try it, so we got the lube… but it hurt so bad she swore off it forever. Not a big deal for me, the vag is nice, but after a few kids maybe something new would be a little snugger!

    29. bella says:

      Snap! what's with B? Seriously!!! If you don't like it, and have nothing to add about the ARTICLE itself…then shut it.

      Another great article Casey…I think I might give it a try. I like your motto of "you have to try everything at least once"

    30. Casey says:

      I'm not the author, Kelly is.

    31. B says:

      Good luck trying it Bella- maybe next time you could try reading the author's name.

    32. Chelseigh says:

      Im terrified of it. A shame I know… Im kinda not too on big sex in college. But I most deff cant knock it till Ive tried it.

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    34. mollination says:

      I read college candy all the time and in no way have I memorized who commenters are or how often they comment. I have school and a job and a dog, and there's just not enough room or time left over for trivial "statistics" about blog-comments. Don't you have a job or anything B? If you do, you should seriously go see if you have photographic-memory or something because that's hella impressive that you still have time to concern yourself with Casey's online life.

    35. Matt says:

      My GF likes it occasionally. Me, I can take it or leave it. The novelty is nice, but the brown streaks aren't.

      What I love, on the other hand, is when she puts a vibrating butt-plug in, and I'm in her pussy. It makes her pussy tighter, and the vibrations are intense.

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    37. Pierced Male Slut says:

      hey Casey –

      dont worry bout what ppl say bout you. its just another experience of getting fucked in the ass

    38. Brad Wellen says:

      Lock up the women when this rock star comes to town –

    39. Karen Affeldt says:

      What Matt said is true. My guy likes it when I use vibrating toys during our love making. I can't complain about it either. It might be a good way to start for the girls that are intimidated with anal sex.

    40. Karen says:

      I found Casey's contribution interesting and worthwhile. Is there a problem with sharing our experiences?

      Anyway! I'm an anal fan and have been for about 5 years. In my experience there's definitely pain until my anus gives way to my guy's penis, so he knows not to rush it and to take as long as it takes for me to give way. But then there's a lovely pleasure as it slides in. If he cums pretty quickly it's OK and I will orgasm in those first few minutes, but if he has to work at it for quite a while, pain sets in again and I just want it to be over.

      Doing it one day doesn't guarantee it will be any easier next day. You just get "tight" days and "not so tight" days.

    41. Mike Nike says:

      I would rather eat some bum that pork it.

    42. Brad Sanders says:

      I'd always been kind of curious about Anal, and I'd asked my girlfriend to try it a couple times. When I finally got around to it, I found it was much tighter at first, but didn't stay that way. I'm not really into it or against it now, but I can say it wasn't a bad experience. I do, however, love toys more than anything when it comes to experimenting. It keep spicing things up beyond what I can normally do, and my partner loves it too.

    43. sauer kraut says:

      Having never tried anal, I cannot speak as to the pleasure or pain of it, but I will speak as to the morons who constantly complain about what others write. If you do not like that Casey has comments, B, why don't you move on to something which bothers you less? Or are you some slacker who Casey dumped because you bring nothing but negativity to a relationship? Since this article is about screwing, why don't you do just that, B? Screw.

    44. Sarah says:

      My first time trying anal I was totally unprepared. And it was horrible. He surprised me and I got so shocked I jumped straight off the bed and screamed.. then I fainted. Twice. And the worst thing was he didn't get it! he was just like "what's the matter baby? It wasn't that bad. It felt really good for me! Lets try it again." But my answer was "nope, not gonna happen." Thats a few years back though, and I've tried it again since that. I kinda enjoy it now, my new boyfriend and I tried it in the shower and that worked really well.

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    46. Elaine Elizabeth Bra says:

      My first anal sex happened unexpectedly, but it was a wonderful experience for me. I was 17 and making out with my boyfriend one afternoon at his home. He began to fuck me doggy-style as I leaned over the sofa, and he was pulling his cock completely out and then slamming it back into my pussy. It was totally hot and I was extremely horny. Then, he did something that I had never conceived of. As I leaned over the sofa with my legs spread apart, he suddenly slammed his cock into my asshole. I was sort of stunned at first, feeling that something completely off of my radar screen had just hit me. And then as I began to realize that he actually was inside my ass, my thought process was distracted by the intense sensation of it all. The initial penetration gave me feelings that were so acute. I could feel my sphincter muscle expanding with a tightness I had never known in my life. As I began to moan, his cock began to thrust back and forth deep inside my rectum, and I just went with the flow. I was amazed at the sensations. I was feeling both extreme pain and extreme pleasure at the same time. And yet, I found myself wanting him to fuck my ass even harder and deeper than he already was. As his thrusting accelerated, I felt my rectum being reamed out with rhythmic strokes, and I moaned louder and louder with a growing feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that I had never anticipated. As he continued to fuck my ass, I was consumed by my own feelings of ecstasy…and I was surprised at how much I was enjoying the entire experience…and how willing I was to subject myself to more and more of it. The pain was so intense and I could feel the warmth of his throbbing shaft, pounding away at my asshole. And yet, my pain was outweighed by an even stronger sensation of deep pleasure as my nerve endings inside my ass brought me to mutiple orgasms in the space of about two minutes. As my boyfriend finally came deep inside my ass, I already had cum three times myself and my legs were shaking like jello. It was a fantastic experience, and I'm glad that it happened spontaneously. I don't know if I would have let myself get talked into it otherwise. I'm glad it happened the way it did. And, now, my boyfriend and I actually prefer anal sex to other sexual activities. We now have anal sex on a regular basis, maybe five or six times a week.

    47. Avia says:

      I haven't had a lot of experience with guys only had sex with two different guys, and to be honest i really enjoyed it. I mean it did hurt at first cause they had no freaking idea what they were doing. I mean no prep no lube no nothing. I was kinda freaked out cause i was bleeding a bit but i kept it clean and everything was ok. I would suggest having you man read some how-to articles on anal so he doesn't make the same mistack the guys i slept with did. I also got finger fucked in the ass, so i would like to mention, make sure that who ever is fingering your ass has well taken care finger nails, scratches hurt bad. Even though me experiences with anal haven't been that great i still enjoy it, and i do orgasm from it.

    48. Petiteballerine says:

      I was into anal sex long before it's become as popular as it now is with girls several years younger than myself. When delivered with gusto from an endowed guy who really knows how to deliver there's nothing that gets me off more intensely. Taking it in the rear from a guy who has a really big one eliminates the need for clitoral stimulation in order for me to orgasm. I know it might sound intimidating for the newbies but with a little patience and a lot of practice, there isn't such a thing as too large a penis for fantastic, climactic butt sex. And that comes from someone barely five ft tall and 110 lbs. The new generation of girls have apparently picked up on this trend too, as my little sister informs me that the girls at her school who prefer anal know to date the guys who are "big boys" down there.

    49. kaitybug says:

      So my boyfriend and I tried anal sex for the first time a few weeks ago. The first time hurt like hell. As I've gotten used to the feeling, it's started feeling good. If he lays behind me (spooning style) nad enters me, he fingers me as he thrusts. It feels amazing and gets him off too. (:

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