Tweens Skank It Up for Halloween

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When I was 13 years old, I dressed up as a homemade Christmas tree for Halloween. I was covered from head to toe in ornaments and Christmas lights. The battery pack was held securely in my underwear, which made for awkward and slightly dangerous times in the bathroom. Regardless, I was a-glow in the Christmas/Halloween spirit and I looked stunning.

Recalling my Halloweens past, my costumes of choice were a far cry from what teens these days are wearing. And what is it they are slipping into on Halloween? Not bunny costumes or scary ghouls. No, upon perusing the aisles at my local Halloween store I learned that the middle schoolers are taking a hint from their big sisters/Paris Hilton and getting into the spirit…of looking skanky.

It took me until my freshman year of college to embrace the sexy, slutty side of the holiday. And while I may have been a late bloomer, the pre-teen purchasing “Striped Prison Girl aka Mis-Behaved” is DEFINITELY ahead of her time.

I always thought this generation’s youth was one step ahead of the awkward curve with the invention of the straightening iron and a slightly more advanced sense of fashion. (We’ve all seen Suri Cruise in those great kitten heels.) But then they see their precious Hannah Montana posing nude on the cover of a magazine and doing a pole dance on stage, and so the door was shut on the age of modesty.

And opened wide on the age of showing their lady parts in exchange for Twix bars.

For every 12 year old I see this Halloween dressed as a street-walking Little Red Riding Hood, I will say a prayer. What child’s parents are letting them walk out of the house looking like they’re cruising for more than just candy? I hope they at least put a can of Mace in their trick-or-treat bag to ward off child molesters and Roman Polanski.



    1. maria says:

      Thank you, somone finally paid attention to the fact that teenagers and pre-teens are dressing in a more innappropriate way. My 12 year old niece told me that she wanted to look 'sexy' for Halloween. SHE'S 12 FOR GOD'S SAKE!!

      This is just the type of attitude that needs to be changed, it all comes from the influence celebrites, especially teen celebrities have on kids.

      I think it would be a great achievement if teens can understand that sexy does NOT mean cool!

    2. Michelle says:

      Really, you're going to say a prayer when you see the pre-teens whoring it up on Halloween? That's effective.

      I'm definitely against "sexy costumes" for anyone in junior high (and pretty much everyone not in college…or currently modeling for Victoria's Secret), but it's up to each individual how they want to express themselves. Halloween is a time to step outside yourself and cloak reality in a costume.

      Just saying…prayers probably aren't going to change the mind of a 13-year-old intent on being a sexy fairy for a night.

    3. Lauren - University says:

      Ok, I'm already skeeved out by the sheer amount of slutiness on Halloween and this is just ridiculous. This is why so many young girls are getting knocked up. Thank you, 16 and Pregnant.

    4. Johnnie says:

      Behavior Modeling

    5. Darwin - New York Un says:

      Time to get my trench coat and lollipop filled, tinted-window van ready.

    6. Lisa says:

      Point one for living in a place where it's snowy and cold on halloween. Skanky costumes tend to be saved for the bar.,

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    8. Mary Kennedy says:

    9. ChugsandJugs says:

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    10. shari says:

      when i was 12/13 my friends and i dressed as "typical teenagers", which basically meant we wore the sluttiest, most revealing clothes we could find. i'm shocked our parents let us go trick or treating looking like true prostitots.

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    13. Harriet Handley says:

      I think it’s sad that 12/13 year olds are wishing away their childhoods and trying to be grown up so young. Being grown up is rubbish. Having to work, bills to pay and all that crap makes me want to be 12 again.
      Have you seen that episode of Southpark ‘Paris Hilton is a stupid F**king wh**e’? Your post just reminded me of it. it’s very funny. a good poke at the media that don’t know how to market teen idols.
      In my opinion it’s not right that these young girls are dressing so provocatively, but i can’t see anyway in which we can change it.
      LoveHoney blogger

    14. Anon says:

      I've grown up in this society, I have to point out it's the parents that cause it . You don't have to let your kids watch the Disney channel Mtv or Nickelodeon. The media go's so far but parents not paying attention to their kids, being absorbed in their own lives, pushing their kids to fit in, not disciplining them and acting like they are their friends instead of their flippin parents is what causes this tripe.

    15. Hank Williams says:

      Best. Halloween. Ever.

    16. lul wut says:

      obvious troll is awesome

    17. Allaiyah says:

      A coworker who moved to Washington from the southern states told me that in Alabama, the average girl gets her first pregnancy scare or abortion at 13. Since young girls are in such a damn hurry to grow up & have horrible celebrity role models, it’s no suprise slutty costumes are in demand with them.

    18. Smackalot says:

      Don't hate, appreciate!

    19. Skon says:

      The reality is that these costumes are no different then what these kids often wear to school. There are incidents of the school telling a student that they had to go home and dress more appropriately because there reviling cloths were prohibited by the schools dress code and the parents have taken the school to court stating that there was nothing wrong with what the child was wearing!! I remember almost 15 years ago while doing a delivery job being shocked at what I saw some of the grade school students wearing while they waited for the school bus to pick them up. One little girl who could not have been more then 6 or 7 was wearing a black leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, huge hoop earrings, and lots of makeup. It was not Halloween or even near Halloween. Sad. I can just imagine in the intervening years that she has probably had several children out of wedlock, multiple failed relationships and is quite likely to be on welfare. One misstep often leads to another and another in a domino effect.

    20. GRAMMAR says:

      peruse – (v.) examine or consider with attention and in detail


    21. aposaoberlin says:

      GRAMMAR: Thank you so much!

    22. anon-54279 says:

      Am I the only one out there that finds it strange that people are baffled by this stuff?

      We as a species are a million years old, only in the last 100 years has our life expectancy exceeded 50years old commonly.

      It is pre-wired into our brains through thousands of years of evolution to procreate as soon as we are able to because we only have a limited time of viability. Regardless of what "modern opinion" is on this, 100 years of our current view is not going to trump hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

      I could go on about many famous Queens, Princesses, and many other women being married or whatever way before 18 but that would just be too easy.

      What really concerns me are women who wait past 30 to start having children, can it be done? yes. Should it? no. It can lead to a host of problems, down syndrome,autism etc.

    23. dinker says:

      Never too early to get girls used to the idea that sex isn't evil.

    24. That numbers guy says:

      @Lauren: If you're preggo at 16 it's because you're an idiot, you can get several different kinds of birth control long before then, especially if you're open with your parents. If your parents are uncomfortable with you having sex, and thus won't assist in getting you on BC, well, then they're either irresponsible, or simply foolish to expect abstinence. It's far better to allow sex and make the individuals knowledgeable about it than to attempt to demonize it and taint an amazing experience with shame and doubt, potentially ruining sex for said individual.

      @Skon: your imagination is just as offensive as it is ill-informed. You seem to think that only good, boring, ignorant, orthodox people can have good relationships, or successful jobs. I look forward to you living in the secular world that all countries are headed for. It'll be a hoot for those of us who've been here all along.

      @OP: Aside from the last fear-lines of the post (which, statistically speaking, are a slim-to-none chance), the "Age of Modesty" is both an annoying term and a poor view of society: Society is the same now as it has been for decades, only now, instead of all things unorthodox being uncommon, unknown, and hidden to others, they're being elevated to an art form, and publicly entertained.

    25. Southpark is quite funny but some of the scenes maybe a bit too morbid even for adults.~-`

    26. k says:

      get over yourselves, let people dress how they want.

    27. Brennan says:

      Any father who lets his little girl go out dressed like that deserves to be beaten.

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    29. 25 year old mom says:

      I agree! There are more and more younger kids dressing skanky for Halloween. Its the new "thing" so to speak. I can understand adults dressing that way, as they are ADULTS! But for all the young kids from 11-14….. be careful what you dress up as, you might just walk up to the wrong house Halloween night! =O

      Young kids should alway be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or always stay in a group.

      I know one thing… I would never let my daughter go out dressing like that when she turn 11 or 12… or even at 16! And she is only 5 right now!

      I am worried about how fashion will be later on as the years progress. It seems that less and less clothes are getting way too popular these days. Why cant kids dress "age appropriate" anymore?

      Parents out there should be more aware of how their young children are dressing… this is how kids get raped and kidnapped! There are alot of sick people (monsters) out there!

    30. Good Old Fashioned J says:

      When I was 13, I tried to look "sexy" by dressing as a whore, and my dad smacked me and told me that if I wanted to dress up like a prostitute I would not be allowed back home. Parents need to bring their kids up right; with a firm hand. People say it's not right to hit their kids, HELLO, All of our parents turned out fine, and they lived in the age where parents were expected to beat their kids. If your little girl looks like a slut, smack her and don't let her leave like that. Remember parents, you don't owe your children anything, they owe you their obedience. You brought them into the world, and in this day in age, taking them out of this world is JUST as easy. You could straight up tell them, "I could have just had an abortion, so you better listen to me, you owe me your whole life."

    31. aussie jules says:

      @that numbers guy

      Is a typical nasty little secular fascist.

      Secular humanists are ok. This type of ratbag would ban religion in homes and oblige all schools to show leabian pornto litttle 8 yr olds. Imall for punks and whatever doing their thing, swingersetc. But parents shld be allowed to educate their kids. Secular atheismisoften not life enhancing, leads to poor self esteem in girls. And shitty or broken marriages due to lack of commitment.

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