And This Is Why Guys Shouldn’t Wear Skinny Jeans

guys no skinny jeans

End of story.



    1. Mary says:

      The thing is, those aren't skinny jeans — they're junior's flare pants. And that's not just a guy — that's a gay man. He's obviously cruising for a compliment…

      on the other hand — LOL !

      : )

      Peace, love and Happiness


    2. Trish - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says:

      So disturbing.

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    4. Alex says:


    5. Darwin - New York Un says:

      Wow, that is major moose knuckle. Also, yeah, if anything, more guys need to wear better fitting jeans. It's really embarrassing to step out the door looking like an emo high school skateboarder.

    6. jasiria says:

      Seriously! ZOMG By far the most disturbing image i've seen all week!

    7. the violator says:

      like mary said- that is a gay dude. he has a seriously sick idea of what looks good. this simply proves the false myth that gays always know style best. just the way he is walking screams nancy boy.

      and if the pants didn't scream gay- those pansy-assed flip-flops sure as hell do.

      very disturbing.

    8. sara says:


    9. criolle says:

      Howinthehell does he walk without banging … his problem!

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