Project Runway Rundown: The Hottie Vs. The Hot Mess

the final 6

The Final 4. Plus two dudes who are lucky to be there.

That’s it. I am d-u-n-z-o with Project Runway. DUNZO! I love me some Heidi Klum and I think Althea is fantastic, but I refuse to support a show that I just can’t connect to anymore. If you haven’t watched this week’s episode (and you still care what is happening in this snoozefest they call Season Six) I would stop reading now. Cuz I’m about to get angry.

Ok, it’s pretty obvious that the girls are running the show this season. The judges got rid of the only guy with talent (Ra’Mon) a long time ago and it’s pretty much been a battle of the ugly for the dudes since then. Everyone knows Althea and (Meana) Irina will be showing a final collection sometime soon.  And the third spot will most likely be goin’ to Carol Hannah (and her annoying nervous laugh).

But the guys. Oy. Let’s break it all down for ya:

Yeah, I really thought he was the underdog/dark horse in the beginning too. Sure, I hated his facial hair and the weird rings he sometimes wears on his index finger, but I let it go cuz I figured he was using all his creative energy on his designs. But now I know he just has no taste. At all.

Bottom line: Christopher blows. Big chunks. Hard. And we’re standing there holding his neck beard back. He’s terrible and does NOT understand women at all. Especially in last night’s challenge:

“Yes, please put a lot of extra bulk around my thighs so I can’t sit in the dress and I look like one of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters. Awesome.”

He seems to think that he keeps sneaking by because he’s “meant to be there,” but the truth is, there’s just always someone there who does a little worse than him. And he should really give those people a big, fat thank you gift. Just not a dress; that would just be rude.

He’s hot.

Ok, so Logan isn’t very good, but he’s mighty good to look at. Even in those silver pants. And, yeah, his design last night was pretty effing awful/so bad not even Tila Tequila would wear it, but worse than Chris’s hot leafy mess?

And this is where the judges and I disagree. And I get angry. Yes, angry enough to pause the DVR, walk into my kitchen, grab a few Reese’s cups and resume watching. I mean I get it – Logan was bad. Logan has never won a challenge. Logan is bow-legged.

But LOGAN IS HOT. Why keep the guy who’s always making big, ugly ball gowny things (and don’t forget the beard!) and get rid of the one reason I’ve been watching all season?

WTF, Heidi/Nick/Nina/Other chick? WHAT. THE. EFF?

I’m really at odds with the judges this season and I just don’t know how much I can care anymore. Poor eliminations, paired with that absurd outfit Heidi was sporting last night, really has me questioning their fashion knowledge and abilities to judge at all. We need Michael Kors back. BRING HIM BACK.

Oh, and one more thing: If Christopher and his 30 yards of crap are not gone next week we’re gonna have a coup on our hands. I’m talking to you, Heidi Klum (and your pink, ruffly shirt)!



    1. Renee says:

      I stopped wathcing once Ra'Mon was gone. I mean seriously one slip up and he's out. Even thought the week before he made two amazing dresses no thansk to his crappy teammate. One they got him I could tell the show could only go down hill from there.

    2. tangerinefab says:

      Haha I agree entirely! Christopher… are they insane? He should have been gone so long ago. Even if they judge each challenge individually, they have to notice that he's consistently in the bottom, and just all around blows. I kind of like Carol Hannah, but that other girl is a BITCH. And finally, yes, what in the hell was Heidi wearing? I know they're fashion judges but… come on. And sometimes, what they find sooo chic, I find, something I'd buy… at target.

    3. Eric Frost-Barnes says:

      Solid article! My better half and I watch this show in the same way we watch the moments after a nasty car accident: we don't want to, but you simply cannot remove your eyes from the horror… We also watch because we like to hear Heidi replace all her R's with W's…


    4. shutterboo says:

      I haven't been able to get into much this season either. I don't watch it live, my DVR won't even record it so I catch in Lifetime's website when I think about it. It's like the "fierce"ness left the competition.

    5. chuck says:

      well if i had time to watch this show, i would probably be watching it, but its like all my other programs i just don't have the time anymore, but i do agree the girls look pretty hot! AY! CALIENTE!


    6. Manami says:

      Project Runway used to be one of my favorite shows, but this season has been sadly disappointing (which I attribute to the move to Lifetime! What is happening??). Christopher somewhat reminds me of Kayne from season 3 . . . but nowhere near as fabulous!


    7. Dawn says:

      I agree but I'm still pissed at last weeks ep. When they canned the other blonde guy. They should of gotten rid of christopher then and we'd of had a better show this week. And how could heidi judge anyone. Did she get dressed in the dark? Did anyone see the sappy crap going on MOTR? I too used to looove PR now I agree I feel the shows being hemmed in by Lifetime. And wth is Michael?

    8. tiffany2695 says:

      I absolutely love Christopher, i know he won't win but he is effing AMAZING in all senses if you know what i mean. I <333 him:)

    9. Annie says:

      I have laughed so hard while reading this. I thought I was the only one. This season is so lame … it makes that other show with the girl from Destiny's Child and that guy from Target(I am having trouble with name retrieval tonight) look like the Emmy winner. Great post & I totally agree!~

    10. Nisa says:

      loving Christopher gives scenari to all

      no one tackell some way funny


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    12. sunny says:

      I'm a big fan of project runway.

      I've watched all seasons,

      But in this season – everyone is soso.

    13. Stacey Jo says:

      I concur. I really have no reason to watch Project Runway anymore, After the first few weeks all the real talent was gone so I was watching because Logan is so yummy. Now the only reason I'd watch is to see if there's a fight.

    14. jojoba says:

      I think the shows pretty cool. I wish they would fight more.

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    16. Why are the two girls on the left wearing matching outfits? And why is that boring guy (the one on the right) still in? I haven't gotten to watch it in a few weeks…can't believe those two guys are still in!

    17. knudsandbaek says:

      Congratulations! And count your blessings!

      What does a show like that EVER tell you about real life, that you hadn't already filed under "Prejudice?"

      What kind of life is that, whaching other people lose their sprouting, yet blown off cool?

      Ever whach anything interesting, like John Pilger's documentaries?

      Who gives a rolling brownie about a handful of competitive bitches and their sorry excuse for self esteem?

      Vanity is not one of the deepest, most intriguing phenomena in the already narrowing world of mainstream, commercial and conformous media.

      You should be happy getting rid of something that is really wasting your precious mind!

    18. givenchance says:

      fortunately, i do not know anything about that. i do not like different "shows" or how they are called. whatever.

    19. I love this show but I think Chris needs to go. If I have to see him cry one more time I'm going to get pissed.


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    21. superhare says:

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    22. nolpol says:

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    23. Valentine Joseph says:

      I swear there's a conspiracy against the male contestants this year. The one who should have stayed was kicked out early and they kept the worst of the worst. I think they are doing this on purpose since its on Lifetime

    24. Nik says:

      the judging this season has been absolutely horrible. i stopped watching once ramon got the ax. there is no consistency in the judging this year and it's a shame. designers that should be eliminated are kept on not based on talent but because the judges like them, and others who make similar gaffes,and who have won challenges and consistently placed in other challenges are dumped. what a joke this show has become.

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