I Got Game. You Want Game?

flirtingI’m gonna make a bold statement right now:

I got some serious game.

I know that sounds incredibly cocky, but it’s actually quite the opposite. You see, until about two years ago I was the girl who sat on the sidelines and watched as all my friends flirted with and won over the very boys I wanted for myself. I was essentially the hook-up water boy, holding everyone’s cocktails when they went to the bathroom and checking to make sure no one had anything in their teeth.  I accepted my role and went on with my life thinking I wasn’t pretty or skinny or perfect enough to be seen as anything more than the girl best friend.

But then something happened. I had a one-night stand with a boy who everyone wanted and – like that – everything changed. I started walking with a little swagger in my step, approaching anyone and everyone I wanted and suddenly I had developed my game winning moves.

I’m not kidding, if there were a Hall-of-Fame for pick-up lines, I’d be its first inductee.

So, after luring in my own men and playing professional wingman to all of my friends (I advise them on making a move and they pay me back with vodka-on-the-rocks), someone who has benefited from my work countless times finally convinced me to share my secrets with the world. If you can master these few little tips, you can win over any guy, any time.

[Now, just so you know, playing the game isn’t just for ladies looking for some late night nookie. It’s for those of you crushing on a guy and looking for something longer term, too.]

To begin with, I just want to say that no one is going to fall in love with you if you don’t show them there’s something to love. And I’m not talking about your nipples, honey. I’m talking about your confidence. If you sit back or do the wallflower thing, you will not lure in the hottie from Chem. But if you do whatever it is you do that makes you feel really good/hot/confident (for me it’s black eyeliner, straight hair and a great pair of jeans) and approach a guy with ease, he will be like putty in your hands.

Yeah, you have to approach him. Or you could wait for him to notice you in your group of 12 friends, think of a way to bust open the circle you guys are standing in and come up with something to say to  you. Seriously, just think of something witty and walk over there.

Ok, so you’re standing next to him. Now what do you say?
I have a few tried-and-true lines that get the conversation flowing every. single. time.

– “Whatcha drinkin?” – Easiest line in the book. (Hm, maybe I should write a book!) He’ll tell you, he’ll ask you what you’re drinking, you’ll start some conversation about how the bar always waters down their drinks, soon your drinks will be empty and he’ll be buying you a new one. Boom.

– [Squeeze in next to him at the bar while you battle for drinks] “I think we should work together. How about you try and lure the girl bartender and I’ll use my cleavage to try and get the dude.” Not only are you being cute and openly flirty, but you got him to notice your sex appeal without really asking for it. Plus, teamwork always fosters flirtation and witty banter will follow. I promise you that.

– Bring up something relevant. So, if he’s standing against the wall at a party, say something cute like, “You know the party is more fun if you actually talk to people.” If he’s on the dance floor gettin’ his groove on, compliment his moves. If you run into him at the party store, comment on what he’s buying and ask him where the party’s at. Yes, it all seems cheesy, but these lines get the convo started without making you look dumb/desperate/cliche.

And that is that. All you need is a little self-love, a few witty lines (which, by the way, I use over and over again. The guys won’t know how many times you’ve tried them before!) and you’re good to go. Once you try these out a few times you’ll see how easy picking up a guy can be.

Just don’t spit this game in any bar or party I frequent. That’s my territory, ladies.



    1. Erich says:

      "Squeeze in next to him at the bar while you battle for drinks"

      This actually works for us guys too. I was at a bar the other night and saw these hot chicks all chatting it up at the bar, my drink was empty so I walked over to the bar squeezed in between this one girl and another group and just like that we were flirting.

    2. Anna says:

      Thanks for this Lauren! This article came at the perfect time for me, and its much appreciated and valued.

    3. Anna says:

      PS. Way uncalled for Erica. (If that's even your real name, doubt it.) Just because you may disagree with Lauren's choices doesn't give you the right to engage in libel against her.

    4. Zoe says:

      Thanks Lauren, good advice… maybe one day I'll work up the balls to try it out! But just one question, do you find (if this is ever the case) that if you approach a guy but you're not looking for sex they think you are. I'd like to be confident enough to make the first move, but I don't want to be sending the wrong signals if all I'm really interested in doing is getting to know the guy?

      Oh and ignore erica… although I guess you knew to do that anyway!

    5. Lauren - University says:

      To Zoe: First of all, I approach guys all the time not looking for sex. I know it doesn't seem that way from what I write, but I am out there looking for a relationship, too!

      That being said, it's totally possible to flirt with a guy and not sleep with him. You can strike up conversation, get to know eachother and then exchange numbers at the end of the night. If you've won him over – which you totally will – he'll call.:)

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    7. […] I Got Game. You Want Game? I’m gonna make a bold statement right now: I got some serious game. I know that sounds incredibly cocky, but […] […]

    8. Mickey says:

      Game? I don't think females qualify. Any girl that is not absolutely ugly should not need game at all. Just being a moderately good looking girl is enough to get guys throwing themselves at you.

    9. Kevin says:

      Mickey needs an update on reality. Ok so I would like to say this article is something that should be read by every single ladie out there right now. The reason is that Lauren is 100% correct that everything starts with confidance. I say it often, the sexiest thing about a woman is confidance – because honestly, everything finds its place from there.

      And as far as finding a boyfriend apposed to a one-night stand – its as easy as getting to know your partner. If you just meet him tonight, go with what's comfortable with you. Dont rush just because you want to run game, but dont hold back because you might only get one chance. If your looking for Mr. Right, you wont find him on the first night. Meet Mr. Right now first, and if you 2 click, you'll find out over time if he is ur Mr. Right. Hope this helps:)

    10. Capo says:

      Wait, so you:

      – are a woman.

      – and can get some men to sleep with you for one night?

      – have improved the numbers by approaching them yourself?

      And call that game??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!

      I believe you are projecting men game into what you do. Game for women is about getting quality men to commit, not getting quality men to sleep with them by being easy.

    11. Nice Guy says:

      Hear the Confessions of a Nice Guy:

    12. ucdima says:

      or maybe its the dude you're getting with thats got game hahahaha

    13. ucdima says:

      and you're just getting him the assist. haha

    14. ucdima says:

      either way, you go girl

    15. mollination says:

      erm, melanie – you're at home writing nasty comments under the armor of internet anonymity on a friday night at 11:00pm… Did your boyfriend like dump you for lauren or something?

      You, my friend, are impressive.

      Poor baby.

    16. Dan says:

      Girls don’t have game, girls can’t have game. You think you have game because you let a hot guy ball you? Sorry dear, that’s the equivalent of a guy convincing a girl to let him give her $100. I’m sure you’d love to believe he was into you for your personality, but the fact that it was a one night stand speaks for itself on that front. Anyone who thinks girls can’t get laid just by putting out is kidding themselves.

      Getting a quality guy is a different matter, of course. Mostly, it involves being a quality girl.

    17. Blake Gibbs says:

      Good advice, but generally speaking, Dan's right. As a girl showing you're interested should be enough. If the guy doesn't go for you he's either not into you, or a wimp. Not good either way.

    18. Laura says:

      To all the guys who keep saying that any moderately attractive girl will automatically have guys falling all over her:

      Uhm, no. Not true. Lol.

      I’m a pretty good looking girl, but until I up and asked a guy out, (no desperation, no games, mind you) I’d never had a serious boyfriend, nor did guys tend to hit on me.

      You have to put yourself out there. This is great advice, thanks Lauren!

    19. Chelseigh says:

      I agree with Dan…just cause you can get a guy to sleep with you, does not mean you have game.

      Now if you can get guys to commit to you, you have game.

      It is different for women and men.

      Great tips, just not a good way to find your self confidence cause you slept with some guy for one night.

    20. karisa says:


    21. Josh says:

      So from what I gather is, you got your validation as a person from someone else and now you are confident?

      Sounds quite the contrary to me.

      And the flirting tips, although nice, only paint part of a picture.

    22. Derek says:

      Um…..sorry to deliver the bad news but i would fuck any girl that is 6.5 and up on the 10-0 scale. Girls that fuck guys and have one night stands are great but that is not game. Tooling guy to take care of you, buy you stuff, etc. That is female game. Getting used by guys is not. I liked the article, i totally encourage the behavior and if you think a guy is hot and want to have sex with him, you only live once HAVE AT IT, or be left behind.

    23. risingalpha says:

      This is hilarious. Want to know THE definitive woman game? Flash some leg, smile, and tell the guy you want to watch a dvd at your place later. Your post is laughably ridiculous.

    24. […] misunderstand me. I regularly let women know how important it is to let men know you are interested because the slightly subtle signs you are sending are probably being missed and they are not sure […]

    25. kiddin me says:

      youve got to be kidding me…i could have written the secret to this "game" in two lines…to get a man: 1. show up. 2. have functioniung vagina and desire to share it

    26. jayne says:

      LOVE IT!!! my motto is Life's too short to hang around waiting for guys, I prefer to go get them myself. It's the 21st Century now ladies! Times are changing:)

    27. Robbie says:

      Lauren: I think I love you! – Seriously, you've hit the nail on the head! Never be afraid, and always be completely confident!

      As a male, and a shy one, I had difficulty for years. I'm not sure what tripped the "On" switch, but when I started, I had tremendous success. I was, at best, average looking, a little overweight, hair turning grey, and sure I would never attract a pretty woman. All of a sudden, I got confidence from somewhere, and found that the only thing stopping ne from picking up the best-looking girl in the place, was that I hadn't yet started talking to her. The best women, beautiful or not, are not all looking for the "hunks" – they want someone who will appreciate them and make them feel good about themselves. And guys: no matter what, NEVER take your eyes away from her eyes! Even if she stands there and takes all of her clothes off – just stare into her eyes, and smile like a kid in front of a loaded Christmas tree. The time for looking lower will come in due time – just let her know that you are completely into knowing her! I, a plain-looking, pudgy, greying shy guy, dated a lot of really great-looking girls, and ended up married to absolutely the most beautiful (no exaggeration!) and most wonderful girl I had ever seen in my life!

    28. Chris(tine) says:

      I find it hilarious that all the guys are saying it's impossible for a girl to have game. Think of that girl at the party who has 3 really hot friends, but she's just ok. Obviously, you're going to want to go for the hotties, right? Well, so does every other guy. No one wants to be the guy who hooked up with the ugly chick, and so she is left alone in the shadow of her friends. C'mon, fellow ugly chicks! Let's rise up and rebel!

    29. Ikari says:

      How to get a guy's attention:

      1.) Ask him back to your place for drinks and a rousing game of "hide the salami."

      2.) There is no 2.

    30. Squared says:

      Hahahahahaha, as others have already noted, what a retarded entry. The eternal solipcism of the female mind is strong with this one.

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