I Love College, I Hate School


I’m a total college girl. I love wearing college sweatshirts, cheering at basketball (so much so that I cheer for the school I transferred from and the one I currently attend) or hockey games, partying at all times, supporting student government, loving the gym and dining halls, repping NU right here on CollegeCandy, playing on intramurals and familiarizing myself with all the fun trivia about my school. Example: Did you know that Northeastern University is really the first place that the Red Sox played? Yep, the Red Sox didn’t always play at Fenway. Back when they were the Pilgrims/Americans, they played at the Huntington Avenue Grounds, which is now part of our campus. The area is immortalized with a bronze statue of Cy Young.

Yes, I love college. Probably more than Asher Roth. The experience of being at a University is incredible, my social life is banging, my sister goes to school right around the corner at BU, and I live in the “big city” version of a college town. The Boston area is home to over twelve major universities and I’m familiar with all of them. Or at least their frat houses.

Here’s the thing though, I hate SCHOOL. Ever since I was a little girl I was constantly reprimanded for not focusing and not living up to my full potential. I’ve always tested well, but I hate sitting in a classroom. I love to read, but if someone gives me a reading assignment it’s like pulling teeth to complete it. I’m a bright girl, but I find that I do the bare minimum to skate by with a B- average.

To make it even worse, my father is in academics, my mother is a librarian, both have Master’s degrees and my honor-roll little sister racked up more college credits by taking APs her senior year than I did in my freshman year. In actual college. Basically, she cries if she gets an A- and I cheer for a B+. And most of my friends adore classes and wouldn’t dream of missing a day.

I just don’t get it.
I heart my campus, but I hate the classroom.

However, I have always been super into working. Even when I wasn’t old enough to work, I was always trying to scam people into buying my old toys or writing newsletters to my mother with “WANTED” ads asking her to hire me to clean the house, for a price. I started babysitting at a very young age and then moved into administrative work, photo technician, being a teller at a bank and then steadily working retail from age 16 until my sophomore year of college.

So, my life has taken a crazy turn. I fell in love with my 6 month-internship (Northeastern calls them co-ops) and I have an opportunity to extend my work even further, for another 12 months, to be exact. I’ve been working in the marketing department for a beauty company and I adore it. I thrive in a work environment. I’ll half-ass any project for Sociology but at work I’m on my grind, putting in the long hours and tackling projects. The company I work for inspires me and going to work makes me happy, unlike going to class.

I know I need my bachelor’s degree, but converting to a non-traditional education might be the right road for me. My school offers an online program where I can finish my bachelor’s degree away from campus. However, in doing so, I’d have to give up my senior year experience, the flexibility and the general awesomeness of school for a full-time job and online business classes, all at once.

And I’m not sure what I should do. I love my job and I’m honored to be considered, but is it enough to give up my last year of college? Do I suffer through the classes to get one more year of the good life, or take this job (we all know how hard they are to come by these days) and kick-start my real life now?

I have a week to make my decision so any and all advice is welcome. Help!



    1. sarahmerion says:

      Opportunities like this don't come around very often. It may be a nontraditional path, but then again, no one ever got anywhere by doing what everyone else did. I say GO FOR IT.

    2. rebecca says:

      take the job, like you said jobs ARE hard to find, and if you love it go after it, chances don't usually come around twice.

    3. Lenna says:

      Do it!!

      If you will be happier working and then finishing up your degree online, then that is what you should do. Finishing school online would still mean you're a student, and thus you could probably still go to their gym and games (unless distance is an issue :p).

    4. tristanverboven says:

      If you hate classrooms and sweat assignments you are probably smarter than you think. Is school getting in the way of your learning? Check this out:

    5. Courtney says:

      Hey Melanie! I know exactly how you feel except I didn't wait until senior year to come to that decision. I really think you should stick it out for another year. This will be it for you! You've made it this far in traditional classes plus you'll get to experience the "senior year" experience, which I missed and regret. Don't get me wrong, I love online classes. I learn better and can usually go at my own pace but it made me a little sad seeing my friends' pictures and hearing their stories of the full college experience. Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it'll be the right decision for you! Good luck!

    6. Thank you for all the advice!

      Courtney, what exactly was your experience? Did you leave college and finish your bachelor's online? I'm curious.

    7. Casey says:

      Definitely take the job, the college experience is fun, but that's just it, it's fun, not reality (at least not after graduation). What are you going to do after school if you don't take this opportunity? And you're right, chances like this don't come around very often, if you take it you'll be set after you finish up instead of just another jobless college grad like most of your friends who will get the whole college experience are likely going to be.

      College is definitely an experience you don't want to miss, but you didn't, you got the majority of it, now cherish what you did experience and accept your easy (or easier) transition into real life, and relish in the fact that you GOT an easy transition.

    8. Erin says:

      I say go for it, today alot of people with good portfolios and excellent resumes are getting more jobs because they put more effort into something that matters more than AP Math or what ever people take that is not exactly a core study. This shows dedication to something and is what really matters to your employer, things that are relevant to your job. I may have never taken a Visual Merchandising class but with my credentials from other employers and my BFA I'm better than those that went to school for it based on the fact I'm looking at the job differently and I'm putting myself out there. Take the job, it will lead to better things than a 3.0 ever will.

    9. Dude says:

      Does a college degree really matter that much? I should rephrase that question. Does it matter so much is supercedes the type of job experience you have or are gettign right now? Ive never been an employer but it seems whats the word….Oh yea "gay" to turn a hot shit candidate becuase shes xx hours short of peice of paper ill never see anyway. Just two cents but unless your industry is highly regulated like law, or medicine…then I dont see how education is the end all be all if your good at what you do and people know it. Good luck by the way.

    10. belle says:

      From what you said about loving your campus, I don't think you should miss out on senior year. Online classes are nothing like the college experience and it's less about getting that degree than missing out on this once-in-a lifetime experience we call college. Never again will you be this age, with all your friends in once place, and all of the opportunities of college with so little responsibility.

      If your job likes you well enough to offer you this opportunity, I assume they will continue to like you well enough to hire you once you finish college (and if there are no openings, I'm sure you'll get a great rec from them). I worked a lot during college, at various paid internships, but only part-time. It made my resume look great, I made a lot of important contacts in a lot of industries and it got me a great job after college. But I didn't miss out on any of the unique experiences college gave me. And I totally don't regret making that choice. Real life is always there, college only lasts 4 years.

      I'm sure whatever choice you make will be right for you though:)

    11. annessa says:

      Great article! This is exactly how I feel about school. Even up to the the part about an over achieving younger sister. I was on co-op this past summer for 3 months and i had a blast. Though the hours were awful since I was working for a baseball team, I'd much rather be there than in class. I say stay with the co-op, take a break. Classes can be so overwhelming maybe a break will help to motivate you to do better in school. After getting a taste of the real world it will give you the extra oomph to make it to graduation.

    12. Ashley says:

      Fucking graduate. Life will fucking suck without a college degree. Whenever you are out in public, just look around at all the poor middle age people who don't have a college degree and who are poor as fuck and miserable now. It isn't worth it to not finish your degree when you are so close.

    13. Angie Marie....visit says:

      Graduate! While this job opportunity sounds excellent right now, all jobs are vulnerable. What happens if you LOSE this great job in a couple years? You'll have a terribly hard time finding a new job without a college degree! No job promises as much security as does the flimsy pice of paper that is a college degree!

      Coincidentally, my friends and I have just started blogging, and I recently (a couple weeks ago) wrote an article called "I (Mostly) Love College" which references Asher Roth and uses the same picture (found courtesy of Google, haha). Anyway, the topic matter is completely different, so yeah check it out guys and girls: The articles are all writen by different girls in the group and posted anonymously.

    14. Angie Marie....visit says:

      And yes, I see that you are planning on getting on online degree, at the least, but I've heard that many employers are much more impressed by degrees earned on-campus. Also, the fact that you left campus to get an online degree MIGHT suggest that you couldn't handle your college, which would also look bad.

    15. michaela says:

      as a fellow NU student in my senior year, i think you should put the co-op on hold and finish school first. continue working for them part time until then, because the job could always end quickly end and then you'd have to go back to college, or try and find another job – and there's no guarantee northeastern will re-admit you again, unless you took a leave of absence. and think about how much money you already spent on a NU education without getting a degree?

    16. Courtney says:

      I left but have not yet finished. My mom passed and it led to a chain of events that prevented me from finishing but I am back on track and should be finishing soon. I do want to add that you should keep try to keep working for the company you're at now if you can. Even though my friends had fun and all, it was hard for some of them to find jobs and I make more than a lot of them, even without my degree. Like someone else said, having job experience looks better to employers and with your degree, you'll be a better candidate than a regular college graduate or someone without a degree at all.

    17. Guy says:

      Ashley, Most people will be poor as fuck for a long time to come. By the time we are middle aged FICO scores wont even matter. Theyll be as relevant as horoscopes. Shitty times is the best time to be a maverick and do what you want. You fuck up and times get better no one is going to question why you left school and went to work during a recession.

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    19. Zoe says:

      I don't think the author said anything about giving up on college- there is the online option. Also, lots of successful people have/don't have college degrees- its depends primarily on your drive, focus and what kind of person you are.

      I say go for it and continue you education online/part time.

      This comes from a quote I once read which says that, "In matters of the mind, go with your heart and in matters of the heart go with your noggin."

    20. cari says:

      You'll have your whole life to work… I know a job is hard to find right now and everything, but just think about whether or not you'll look back and regret not living up your last year in college. If the company wants you badly enough, they'll wait until you're finished with school to hire you full time.


    21. Anne says:

      I agree with Cari — see if this company will agree to hire you after you graduate. You have your whole life to work and if you truly love your school I would graduate from THERE and not some online program.

    22. Casey says:

      Cari, I don't think that's great advice, considering we're in a recession a company likely wont wait for anyone, even a current employee. Offers like this usually have a time limit. If the company NEEDS someone in this position then they aren't going to wait for someone who turns it down "for now". To most companies, all employees are expendable, and they know if Melanie doesn't take it, in this recession they will have no problem filling the position.

      Melanie, maybe you can clear it up cause I think a lot of the commenters are getting different ideas of what you mean by "finish up online". I was under the impression that you will still be finishing your degree with your school, but taking online classes. Not switching to an "online program" with a different school or institution. And some seem to be under the impression that you aren't finishing your degree at all. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion.

    23. Clarification: Northeastern offers an option to complete your degree online. My degree will still say Northeastern University, but my last year and a half will be spent taking classes online as opposed to in a classroom on campus.

      As I said in my post:

      "My school offers an online program where I can finish my bachelor’s degree away from campus."

    24. Casey says:

      That's what I thought. Thanks for clarifying.

    25. http://www.itworks-i says:

      Many feel the same way as you feel. I also felt that way back when I was in college. Loving the campus but not the classroom. I guess it is about the pride your campus brings to you that's why you love it.

    26. Mel says:

      Well, I say take the job. People would probably tell you not to; that you "need to get that degree" or… whatever. But you did say that you could take the non-traditional path and complete school via online classes. So why not, right? You get the degree AND you get the job!

      Just make sure you don't overwork yourself.😉

    27. I'm floored by all the wonderful feedback! Thank you! Please keep it coming… it's great to have such involved readers.

    28. Sra says:


      I say take the job! But have you asked them if they will wait a year? I'm guessing the job is near your university since you've already been working there for six months, so you could continue working part-time during school and then go full-time when you finish. If they want you that much and know already that you're a good worker and that you really want the job, I'm sure they would be willing to wait for you. You should try asking the President or whoever is in charge of that and see whey they say. If not, then take it! This is a job you love and you may never get another chance at it. You can always finish school later, people do it all the time.

      Good luck!


    29. Colleen says:

      I completely understand where you're coming from!! Although I enjoy the academic experience and feel enlightened in the classroom, I definitely have my days where I despise the school work…and the whole "college experience" is about a million times better than the "school" aspect of it. However, I have a lot of friends that are in your boat, ALL of the time! And the first thing that comes to mind is, if you love something, why stop doing it? You only have one year left. Knock it out and have some fun in the meantime. You'll be working the rest of your life and will not have the same college experience or opportunities when it finally does end. If you're lucky, you might have some BS classes to get through in your last semesters anyway. Maybe you can even take less credit hours and use the extra spare time for work in addition to play. Online courses are easy to slack off on, though not for everyone, they can be OK. Good luck with your decision!

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    31. Emily says:

      I think we are the same person…I completely agree with your outlook.

      I say take the job. Do you know how many people are stuck in jobs they are miserable at?

      You already found one you LOVE, don't lose it!

      You don't want to look back in ten years and think "what if"

    32. Shiari says:

      Okay I think the job is wonderful but you expressed a dislike for college classes. So if you don't like the classes and wouldn't work and would even switch to an online program what makes you think your going to STICK to your online program. Its easier to skip a class online and say 'tomorrow' than if you constantly are surrounded by college.

      I believe if you switch your not going to get your degree, maybe you will but its doubtful.

      If you want the job take the job, sidebar though most of those jobs are entry and need a degree to advance, since i highly doubt with the online program you'll finish, you'll probably be in a dead in job

      And recession does not mean employers are scrapping for employees. I means they are WAITING for the right person to fill the job so they won't waste money, i'm pretty sure if your that important they'd wait.

      I know about 3 people from my high school who left the campus for the online and ended up dropping in the end…its not that uncommon.

    33. Gregor says:

      Hey!! I'm from Northeastern too! Although, I'm a stupid little freshman:) I know you probably wouldn't consider my advice as anything worthy, but hear me out! It seems like you've worked a crapload for the couple of years you've gone through. You only have one year left, and I say make the most of it and stick it out. I'm in the same predicament as your are in. I'm loving college, but I'm just not as motivated as I am in classes as actually participating in all other college events. It's great that you have the opportunity to receive a job, but in the long run, there's a chance you'll lose that job with the company who's willing to hire you now. Or perhaps, you may find that another company is hiring for a position you love, yet you may not have the credentials to get it. Unfortunately, in this world, a piece of paper which says you've payed thousands of dollars to take up the bitch work is a lot more important for some companies than sheer talent. You want to have that basis and foundation as someone who's going into the work force pretty soon. There might be a chance that you'll miss this opportunity with that company, but your degree will someday open up multiple doors for you! So I say just, "Do what you need to do, in order to do what you want to do!"

    34. ed hardy says:

      thank for this article

    35. ed hardy says:

      you’ve payed thousands of dollars to take up the bitch work is a lot more important for some companies than sheer talent. You want to have that basis and foundation as someone who’s going into the work force pretty soon. There might be a chance that you’ll miss this opportunity with that company, but your degree will someday open up multiple doors for you! So I say just, “Do what you need to do, in order to do what you want to do!”

    36. […] I Love College, I Hate School is an interesting article from our friends over at College Candy. I’m betting that this is much more common than you’d think! […]

    37. […] I Love College, I Hate School is an interesting article from our friends over at College Candy. I’m betting that this is much more common than you’d think! […]

    38. […] I Love College, I Hate School is an interesting article from our friends over at College Candy. I’m betting that this is much more common than you’d think! […]

    39. Dance_Stars says:

      I hate school too. And I say you go for it. But if you really don't want to miss senior year, does your college offer you to take online classes with a mix of in classroom classes? For example take at least one class on campus so you won't have to miss your senior year and take the rest of the courses online. I mean that's the best of both worlds. So I wish you luck on your decision, and I hope is the right path. And jobs do come hard nowadays.

    40. Danny says:

      It sounds like you're going to miss all of the things about college that you can enjoy without being enrolled. Follow the career. Go back to college.

    41. nerdygirlatw says:

      I didn't realize she said anything about not graduating – it just happens to be off campus… As a girl who lives and breathes academics (and obscure topics..i.e. Fascist history) I say go with what you are passionate about and feel the most fulfilled by. When I have done that I have always been the happiest – and regret the least.

    42. Bob says:

      This has been a fun read. Melanie, if you really are passionate about your job, and not the paycheck, then go with your heart. Getting your degree is more important than the school name on your diploma for the most liberal arts majors. Once you have established a work history, your experience and referrences carry the load. If you have the desire to do the online program at NU, that is a good option. If you get impatient, you can take a look at a credit by exam school. Check out, it explains another option.

    43. Kate says:

      I have the same problem. I hate school and I'm just unmotivated. I've recently decided I'm leaving the school I'm going to. I'm going to live at home and take cooking classes at the community college while I start a business baking. After two years I might transfer to a real college but maybe not. I'm just a freshman but I don't think school is the best way for everyone to learn, and if you're not going to do your best, then it's kind of a waste of money.

    44. Anonymous says:

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    45. […] College isn’t just about the classes. We’re here for four years. We make lives for ourselves. The people we spend our days with, eat lunch with, sit in class with, they become family. And next year that family will be scattered across the country. People move back home. People go to grad school. They make plans and they move on. And that’s what they’re supposed to do. That’s what they are in the process of doing. It’s what I’m in the process of doing. […]

    46. Tami says: Hey, this is free video chat that is better than Skype. Easy to use. Supposed to be a student but nobody is checking. I know because I'm one of the checkers. lol.

      Try it. You can insta chat during class. You can leave messages for your professor on e-mail. You can dump somebody w/a video message.

    47. gbgb gbgb says:

      It's not permanent. Grin and bear it. Take it from some one that barely graduated HS, dropped out of community college, and years later wonder why i was such an idiot.

    48. writtenstuff says:

      Hang in there if you can for the one more year. Everything changes and if it doesn't work out, you'll be glad for having completed the bachelor's degree. I'm with you 100%. I heart my campus, but hate the school work. >_> Best of luck, hon!

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