It’s On: Pink Vs. Aerie

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America has more name brands than Law and Order reruns and while you may want to go unload your entire check at GAP or Abercrombie, you don’t want to buy something that you thought was cute and unique and later have buyer’s remorse when you see something identical for less.

I’m not encouraging you to start buying knock off Jimmy Choos from Payless and wanna-be BCBG dresses at Walmart (although, just throwing it out there, you may find some very GOOD knock offs). All I’m saying is you should know that EVERY store is competing with another store and when you shop competitively, you save money. Money that you can use to stimulate the economy…or your wardrobe.

So I thought I’d help you sift through the proverbial mall and figure out which stores are best for your budget. Each week I’ll be comparing apples to apples (or undies to undies) to give you the real deal and arm you with the knowledge you need to make the wisest wardrobe choices. Ready. Set. SHOP.

Aerie vs. Victoria Secret Pink
Whoa, didn’t see that one coming did you? In fact, some of you are sitting on your bed thinking, “Are you serious, there is no competition!”or “Those two aren’t even the same.” Well, ladies, think again.

You know Victoria’s Secret Pink.

You’ve been to Pink before so I’m not going to bore you with a description of the store, but here is a little info on that brightly lit store blinding you on your way to Starbucks.

* Since its creation, Pink has been hailed the #1 Loungewear brand in the World (well at least, according to LimitedBrands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret and Pink).
* In 2008, VS launched their “Exclusive Collegiate Co-branded Collection” and they currently own the rights to more than 33 colleges and universities in the country.
* They are best known for their loose fitting, extra soft sweatpants boasting giant peace signs.
* Some of their most popular items are their PINK tote bags and new, trendy college hoodies.

Thong: $9.50 (or 5 for $25)
Bra: (about) $30
T-shirt: $15
Sweatpants: $30 (or 2 for $50)
“Frilly” panties: $9.50 (or 5 for $25)
“Plain” panties: $7.50 (or 5 for $25)
Shoes: $35
Other adorable stuff: $20 (except for that adorable mascot puppy; he’s usually free!)

Now for the competition:

It’s new, it’s cute and, YES, it’s competing with VS Pink.

* In 2006, American Eagle Outfitters Inc., the parent company of American Eagle Outfitters, launched their “intimates sub-brand,” Aerie.
* They take a more pastel approach to the “dorm-wear” fad
* Their simplistic, yet dainty color schemes of light blues and pinks makes them appeal to less brazen crowd.
* On October 13, 2009, Aerie’s Customer Loyalty Pass (aka their A-List Pass that some of you currently own) surpassed over 1 million in a little over a year, which is pretty big deal for a newer store.
* The ambiance of the store is enough to pull even the most timid shopper in.

: $7.50 (or 5 for $25), $10.50 (or 4 for $25) and $12.50 (or 3 for $25). The most expensive individual thong you can buy is $14.50.
Bra: $24
T-shirt: $20 (or BOGO)
Sweatpants: $34.50
“Frilly” panties: $10.50 (or 4 for $25)
“Plain” panties: $7.50 (or 5 for $25)
Shoes: No shoes, they cut those about 6 months ago, but they sell booties and slipper socks that’ll run you about $29.50 each
Other adorable stuff: $ 20

You be the Judge
So, what did YOU guys think? According to survey of 30 girls or so, this is what you guys said:

– 81.8% of you guys said you prefer Pink to Aerie
– Every month, 50% of you girls spend between $25-$75 in Aerie or Pink
– 82.6% of you guys shop at Victoria ‘sSecret more than you do American Eagle.

When asked what you hated or loved about Aerie OR Pink, this is what you said:

“I love Pink because it offers me a variety of retail and it’s fun, flirty, and fresh.”
“Aerie just doesnt appeal to me. Something about it seems rugged and not sexy enough.”
“Sweatpants should never cost $70. Too expensive”
“Aerie is boring”
“I don’t like the way PINK bras fit, they’re too low cut for me and I feel like I’m falling out of them all day.”

At the end of the day, neither store is traditional nor is either store “cheap,” but in both, you can expect to find something that will make you smile and something super comfy to wear to class. Or maybe something you can take off for your male friend later…

What do you have to say? Which do you prefer?



    1. A says:

      I'm going with whoever is cheaper.

    2. Casey says:

      Both. They are the only 2 places I buy panties (well, everyday use, panties) because I haven't found anywhere else that sells panties with a lower rise than theirs.

    3. R says:

      Aerie is way cute and less trashy.

    4. Ness - Sheridan says:

      I was just in my first Aerie a little while ago, and I loved it. I bought a great push-up bra for about $40, which would've cost me about $70 at La Senza (where I usually shop). I've only been in a Pink store a couple times, but I never really found anything I liked. So, Aerie for the win!

    5. Hilary says:

      Pink can get really gaudy…sometimes their clothes/underwear looks too busy (think a crapload of rhinestones) or has an ugly pattern. Also the straps on their bras are wayyyy too long for me. Pink can be cute, but it can also be borderline trashy.

      Aerie I'm not too familiar with, but will definitely look into it.

    6. poppy says:

      aerie is so boring, but it just does depend on taste not price because they're very similar.

      A really great new undies store is Gilly Hicks but its not everywhere yet. Yeah there owned by Abercrombie but the store really rivals VS.

    7. Cait says:

      I've switched to Aerie and find it impossible to find anything I like at pink anymore. Sorry Pink.😦

    8. B says:

      I like Pink, Aerie seems too high school like for me, plus I need support.

    9. Maria says:

      I like Pink for their panties. I tried some of Aerie's once, but they never really fit me right. But for sweatpants, I like Aerie better.

    10. alison says:

      love aerie. their a*list is fabulous and you get a free gift every month, as long as you go in on a Thursday (which is my shopping day because I hate weekends in malls). This month, the gift is a perfume. a smaller one than full-sized, but it's not one of the tiny samples, for sure.

      for some reason pink annoys me.

    11. A.C. says:

      As someone with a size D bust…Aerie DOESN'T have a great selection of sizes. I went into an Aerie and found one D-bra. That's right in the drawers and drawers of middling cute bras was one lonesome size D. I left it there.

      As for VS Pink, I don't really want the word PINK written across my ass, nor to ALWAYS be able to see my bra through my shirt. I stick to places where I can buy comfy, well sized bras for fairly cheap.

    12. Kelly says:

      I used to work at Aerie and I still think Pink wins. We weren't allowed to call the underwear "panties" because that's what Victoria's Secret is for. The undies, clothes, and bras are all made for girls in junior high so the waists on the undies are very tight and not made for girls with a butt. i'm an xs in Pink and a medium at Aerie…totally going with Pink on self-esteem raising alone!

    13. Casey says:

      A.C. I forgot about that! But I totally agree! I hate that everything has the word PINK right across the butt, especially when people don't get it, "Why do your shorts say pink? They're blue!"

      Kelly, Really? I'm an XS in both, but find that Aerie's fit slightly looser, making them more comfortable. That's weird how things like sizes can be completely opposite for different people.

    14. Jenna says:

      I love Pink, but I'm biased; I get a 30% off employee discount. I have about 6 pairs of Pink sweatpants (only a couple of them say "Pink" across the butt!), and I'm completely in love with them. I probably wouldn't have paid full-price for them, though, since I don't like to spend that much money for loungewear.

      As for the bras, I wouldn't know. V's Secret is getting better at having a larger range of bra sizes (there are now 32-40DDDs online!), but Pink still doesn't offer anything over a D-cup.

      I will say one thing good about Aerie: I love their lip gloss!

    15. Abby says:

      PINK for the victory! I love their designs and think the little dog is too cute. Sorry, Aerie, your stuff is cute but I only buy loungewear there. Alllll the panties I wear are pink. I love the fun designs. Who said pink was trashy? It is def not!

    16. girl says:

      Neither of them make bras that fit.

      Why the hell does every cutesy store stop at size 36?


    17. Winnie says:

      I own mostly PINK stuff. (There was a big sale, okay? I got 10 Panties for 15 dollars!) But I personally like the way Aerie stuff looks more. I like it's pastel colors.😛

    18. oobunillaoo says:

      aerie forever❤

    19. Brittney says:

      I recently bought stuff from VS online along with some Pink panties. I L O V E THEM!! It's my first time ever purchasing from them and thought the money was well spent.

      I usually buy panties from Flirtitude at JCPenny which is kind of the imitation Pink, but still kind of cute I think.

    20. SW says:

      Love the boyshort undies there! And the bras are a good practical purchase if you're small/flat-chested like I am. The free gifts are a nice touch. Just can't stand having guys walk in while you're snooping through a pile of thongs!!! :O

    21. SW says:

      Ooops, sorry… I was talking about aerie in my last comment.

    22. Kelly says:

      Casey, the xs in Aerie fit but I can't stand underwear being even the least bit tight, and there's elastic on the legs…it just irks me!

    23. Casey says:

      Oh, true. I was only thinking in terms of thongs, but I know what you mean and totally agree.

    24. Tammy says:

      what pink store is she shoping at sweatpants 30 dollar more like 50 or 60 dollars

    25. […] out which stores are best for your budget. Each week I’ll be comparing apples to apples (or undies to undies) to give you the real deal and arm you with the knowledge you need to make the wisest wardrobe […]

    26. Catie says:

      I hate neon colors and words on my ass, so I am definitely on the Aerie side of this one. Cute, soft flannels and muted colors are much more flattering, and Aerie's bras fit better.

    27. Alina says:

      I absolutely love Pink! I have more Pink undies than I care to count and have a pair of Pink sweats, shorts, and PJ pants. I do own some Aerie undies as well, but shop at Pink because it’s about the same money- 5 for $25 and Pink just has so much more collection and a lot more designs. I wouldn’t say Aerie is all pastels though- I have one or two fun, bright colors from them.

    28. […] get out, as I’ve locked it away for a couple weeks and invested instead in a couple new pairs of Pink sweats. And let’s not even start on my hair. When it gets washed, it definitely doesn’t get […]

    29. Sarah says:

      I personally like PINK more just because the AERIE manager at my hometown store is racist, and shes really mean to her customers. Also becuase AERIE'S CLOTHING…bras…pants…hoodies, undies ALL get sent ot WINNERS…

      I see the exact same thing at WINNERs for LESS than half the price

      AERIE BRA $34.50

      Winners same aerie bra $7.99

      AERIE boxers $24.50

      Winners same boxers $6.99

      AERIE Undies $9.50

      WInners same undie $2.99

      It just makes AERIE look cheap…and seems liek a ripoff.. id rather go with pink.

    30. Tara says:

      Aerie, hands down. PINK is much more popular, but where I live they're really expensive and flashy. Aerie has more comfortable, casual clothes.

    31. Keemarhil says:

      I like both stores, but Aerie is better, to me. I have always felt weird looking around in PINK, it might be because I have never really found anything that I love. I love bright colors and PINK definitely has plenty of them. PINK does have really awesome beauty products, though. Aerie has better fitting bras, their underwear fits me better, and they have longer inseam pajamas (35" inseam, oh yeah!). Employees of both PINK and Aerie are really nice and always helpful! :-]

    32. C says:

      Keemarhil i agree with ya about the bras! I LOVE aerie bras so soft and cute! Great fits and almost half the price of VS and VS pink! They have lots of cute new stuff now too to wear out, good price and similar to american eagle but more feminine! Aerie is the winner by far. Every time I go in any pink (VS) store the girls are kinda helpful but not nice!

      1. Olivia says:

        I agree the bras in Aerie are adorable and way more comfortable! The people in Aerie are really nice but eh not so much in pink.

    33. ciara says:

      Aerie all the wayyy their bras have better, natural feeling pushup's and PINK's pushup bras are hard and make your boobs feel hard which feels very awkward. Although i must say i like PINK's design and clothes better but tooo expensive and NOT worth it. Aerie's prices are very reasonable and 100% worth it, never bra shopping anywhere else.

      1. Olivia says:

        I agree

      2. Mikala says:

        Totally agree

    34. Naomi says:

      PINK bras never fit me right. Never tried aerie anything. Pink I only buy underwear. I just buy the 2/50 vs cotton bras and they serve me well enough. But definetly go for the pink panties, especially on sale 7/25

    35. Christine says:

      Agree with a lot of the reviews here, pink is just too gaudy, and sometimes it’s slutty and trashy. I like how aerie’s goal is instead to be ” pretty” its kind of like comparing MAC to clinique. I’ve always been an aerie girl and will continue to be as long as they don’t sell out❤

    36. Alison says:

      I like Aerie. I have two bras from them and fit me better than any other bras I've ever owned. From now on, I am sticking with them. Victoria's secret bras have the most uncomfortable underwire and aren't very durable.

    37. Emma says:

      I like aerie so much better. I hate Pink only because when you go in, your bombarded with the color pink and little middle schoolers. I hate the color pink, but thats not the reason why i hate Pink company. Who wants to wear sweatpants that say PINK all over the butt? Its not cute, and it's annoying. Aerie is much more calm and cute! I love all their designs, and their PJS are super comfortable. Pink is too sexy. Sometimes i just want to relax and feel good, not have to feel sexy all the time.

    38. E says:

      AERIE ALL THE WAY. Pink's clothes are all bright and neon. I like it sometimes, but not when alllll the clothes are like that. I also feel all the clothes look the same. Aerie is my favorite clothing and bra store hands down. The clothes are such good quality and worth every penny. They also come up with the cutest patterns and designs that remind me of nature and being outside which is why i love it.

    39. Hals says:

      I personally like both stores, but I like aerie better. aerie to me is more laid back and simpler than PINK, and they have super cute sports bras and the yoga pants don’t have big bold letters on yo’ butt. I like the simpler pretty floral designs that aerie has. and it’s slightly nautical (I’m a Navy brat :))

      I like PINK because they have a variety of cute undies but I dont like the words on them and the bling. PINK is slightly more expensive then Aerie, and the initial mood of the store is more neon-high -strung, whic is the opposite of me! But I like it sometimes.

    40. Josie says:

      I like both! I just made an order online for both because they both offered free shipping. Let's break it down… I bought a panties promo from both stores. At Pink I got 5/$26. At aerie I bought 7/$26. The Pink panties were basic thongs, just lacy little numbers. You couldn't really mix 'n match so I could only get one style in several different colors. At Aerie, there was a big variety to chose from. My Pink one's I'd say are sexier. My Aerie one's are daintier. I think both are on my list for lingerie stores as some days I want to feel dainty, other days I want to feel sexy. I can't really chose. I also bought bras from both. My Victoria's Secret bras were 2/$20. My Aerie bra was $31.15 with 30% coupon applied. But my Pink bras were basic push up bras end my Aerie Ella Gel push-up is one of the best bras they sell advertised to have the most natural feel. I like both but I'd be more likely to buy leggings and yoga pants from Pink unless Aerie had a good sale. For tops and hoodies, I wouldn't go to either. I'm more likely to go to Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.

    41. Olivia says:

      DEFINITELY Aerie cuter clothes, cheaper bras but the same quality. Also u can buy bras that fit perfectly to your body.:)

    42. Katherine says:

      i like pink for long yoga pants and pullover jackets and i like aerie for their gym shortie yogas and their bras and underwear are wayy more comfortable. if i had to choose only one to shop at i would choose aerie their staff is super nice too!

      1. Mikala says:

        I totally agree on that one!!!

    43. Norah says:

      I adore Aerie. First of all, they have a MUCH wider variety of bras, and their clothes are just more…tasteful. Every girl on campus who wears Pink usually has the word PINK splashed across her ass, and we all know what kind of message that sends.

      Second, the atmosphere in Aerie is so much nicer. In my local mall, Victoria's Secret and Pink are wide open to the public and have huge pictures of scantily clad women with "come hither" looks in their eyes right out front, which happens to be by the children's play area. Aerie is much more subtle, with a smaller entryway. Their ads are cute as opposed to overtly sexual. It's just quieter and more intimate in Aerie. Being in Pink/VS makes me feel like all the guys walking by are looking at me and imagining what I'd look like in the larger-than-life ads.

    44. Mikala says:

      I personally like both stores, but I like aerie much better. I like to shop at Victoria's Secret Pink for there hoodies and the sweats pants and yoga pants and swim wear. I like to shop at Aerie for there bras and underwear and PJ's because they are way more comfortable and more feminine and not too expensive. I also like aerie because they have more of a selection on bras and underwear . I also like that Aerie has more simpler pretty floral and nautical designs for there bras and underwear which like and they are worth every penny for both products Overall I would go with Aerie for bras and underwear!!!

    45. Elizabeth says:

      PINK's bra are terrible quality and fall apart after a short time. I can't even tell you the last time I purchased a bra from there that lasted me close to a year. I have a couple bras from Aerie and I love them. So comfortable and super cute. I like VS for other things like their perfume and yoga pants but not for their bras and undies.

    46. Nikky says:

      I think pink is gaudy, it’s really hard to find a nice pair of anything in that store. I’m not seven, I don’t want peace signs, zebra stripes and rhinestones plastered on every inch of my body, let alone any inch. As a d cup I find it much easier to find nicer fitting bras at aerie, plus their undies are super comfy:) I find it vulgar that pink has things like “You wish” written on them. If he’s seeing your panties, hes probably getting what he wished for. Can we say skanky? Their newest line had a pair that said “teach me to value myself” on them. And thats just wrong, ladies, we dont need those kinds of messages being sent to us. We should learn to value ourselves for who we are, not how boys see us. Plus I hate Victoria secrets useage of the word “panties” I stopped calling them that when I was four.

    47. Carly says:

      I personally like both. But Victoria's Secret & PINK Are my favorite. I love the clothes but normally don't buy them unless on sale because they are super pricey, I buy bras from VS and Panties from PINK 5/$26 Mix and match (PINK is cheaper and you get more than on the VS panties 3/$33 non mix and match). If you sign up on the mailing list you get all sorts of offers for free panties, coupons, ect. So that always helps with the cost of things. And VS also offers a better range of sizes.But PINK barley carries any D-DD sizes so I can't ever really buy bras from there only VS. I like the Dream Angels & Fabulous bras. I feel Aerie seems to only carry smaller cup sizes but some days one can find the right size, being a D-DD cup (depending on the bra) I like the Emma, Ella Gel & Maddie bras. I also really like Aerie for the sales they always have online plus free shipping. Aerie is more feminine and causal, not so bold and in your face like PINK. So it all depends on what you prefer.:)

    48. Molly says:

      I like aerie's designs and clothes, but they NEVER fit me right. I love their underwear though, it fits like a glove. But their clothing always hangs awkward on the body, no matter what. I understand that the clothes are cut for thinner girls, and I don't want to sound conceited (forgive me) but i am a thin girl with a nicer bod and the sweatpants crotch goes all the way down to my knees, and their sweaters feel amazing until you wash them for about the second time.

    49. Emma says:

      Definitely Aerie. I've bought one pair of panties from PINK, and, although they were super cute, they were pretty uncomfortable. I've never bought a PINK bra (although I've bought VS bras). PINK's prices are through the roof for their mediocre quality. VS is better quality but the prices are much the same, and some of their new bras just don't fit me right. Aerie has the greatest sales (right now EVERY bra is $20!!) and there are so many more styles to choose from. Plus they're so comfortable! I always forget my Mia multi-way is even on! So Aerie > PINK (and, by extension, VS). VS/PINK are only more popular because they've been around longer and are good at advertising and claiming themselves as the sexiest store around.

    50. Maddie says:

      I’m definitely an Aerie girl. I love that they have cute lingerie that fits well and isn’t too flashy. I also really like that in the 4 years I’ve been shopping there I’ve only ever logged on once and not seen some sort of sale.

    51. Salina says:

      I like both but for diffrent reasons

      For bra i really like aerie but i prefer pink for underwear

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