CollegeCandy’s Gay Men Of The Year

GQ magazine has unveiled its annual “Men of the Year” list. They have men in every category from Leader of the Year: Obama, to Badass of the Year: Clint Eastwood. While GQ did a comprehensive job of compiling the best men out there (who will all have starring roles in my sexy dreams tonight), it got me to thinking.

What about Best Gay Man of the Year?

It seems like every day I fall in love with yet another unattainable man. There are just so many of them out there showing off their goodness and reminding me that I can’t get a slice. But I love them anyway. So I decided to compile a wishlist of my favorite gays; the best of the best from all corners of the entertainment biz. And no that does not include Dwight from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (Editor’s Note: Wait, he’s gay?!) That dude may look great in a pair of heels, but he’s got some real ‘tude that I don’t appreciate.


Anderson Cooper is my personal hero.  An anchor on CNN, author and television personality, he is living my dream. He epitomizes journalism eye-candy and for that I admire him. Although he keeps his personal life private, his recent trip to India with his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani left women’s hearts shattered across America.

Fashion Design:

Just looking at Marc Jacobs makes me giggle. As far as fashion designers go, he definitely tops the charts of the cutest gay men in the industry. Honestly, who can pull off a Spongebob tattoo and the red M&M dude on the same arm? But all of his poor body art choices aside, I would die to sport his threads. That man knows how to create a show-stopping look and if there’s one thing I want (besides a chance to bring Marc back to our team) it’s one of his signature quilted bags.


Neil Patrick Harris had me at “Hello, my name’s Doogie.” And he may be gay, but I still chuckle at his womanizing antics on How I Met Your Mother.  What’s not to love, really? He’s cute, he’s funny, he’s sexy, and maybe the only example of a child actor not gone horribly awry in their later life. He has been dating actor David Burtka since 2004 and admire them for being an openly gay couple in Hollywood.


If anyone is going to publicly humiliate me on television, throw out my entire wardrobe and mock me to my face, it better be Clinton Kelly.  A fashion consultant known for his role on What Not to Wear, Clinton is the only man in my life who could tell me I look fat in these jeans without getting smacked across the face. Partially, because he knows what he’s talking about, and partially because he won’t care if I withhold sex that night.


Sometimes the only reason I tune in to Oprah is in hopes that Nate Berkus will be giving me design advice. He’s super talented, totally generous, funny and pretty much the sexiest guy alive. If Nate was my interior designer and decorator, I’d have to seriously consider re-doing every single room in my house. He’s just that fun to look at.

Style…again (Come on; gay guys just know their style):

Tim Gunn always has that quizzical eye when he’s looking over designers’ work on Project Runway and he may instill fear in the contestants hearts, but not mine. It’s all love and adoration for Tim Gunn. The man knows what he’s talking about and his presence just commands respect. Plus, there’s something about an older gay man in a suit that just makes me swoon. When he tells you to make it work, you better make it work, or you know you’re screwed.

If only I could find one of these fabulous men wrapped up with a bow under my Christmas tree this December. We would have the best time getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve together.



    1. Darwin - New York Un says:

      The guy from White Collar is a spicy one…

    2. tissue says:

      RUFUS WAINWRIGHT!!!! Who can not love him for his music and general adorableness?

    3. poppy says:

      ahh i love clinton kelly and tim gunn!

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    6. Greg says:

      Your feature was quite relevant to me. I loved reading it and will return steadily to see what’s new.

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    8. Chelseigh says:

      Anderson Cooper's gay?

      CNN had never been so hot.

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    10. L.A. Rag Mag says:

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    11. Nessa says:

      Whaaaatttt noooooo, a lot of these guys are attractive… I swear they're either gay or taken these days…

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