I Kissed A Girl…And I Wanna Do More

Like Katy Perry, and probably many of you, I kissed a girl. And I liked it. More than once.

Most times it was the result of inebriation and the desperate urging of one of my horny guy friends at a party. But regardless how I got there, I’m always surprised by how pleasantly different it feels to kiss a girl than a guy. I guess the whole thing just feels softer and slower, and usually tastes better (like cherry chapstick?). You get smooth, pillowy lips as compared to thin, chapped ones. There’s no stubble. And with girls, tongue action is more equal, as opposed to some guys’ tendency to overpower your mouth.

Lately I’ve been wondering if kissing a girl is so different, what would having sex with a girl be like? The thought has left me awake at night with lots of questions, confusion and curiosity. When it comes to trying out the other team, there’s just so much to consider…

First of all, what does that make me?
I’m very, totally and extremely certain that I’m not gay (just ask one of the guys I’m dating). But I’m definitely not 100% straight if I’m thinking about girls this way, right? Bi-curious would probably be the best term to describe me and that’s totally fine. Actually, I think I read somewhere that most people fall in the middle on the Kinsey Scale of sexuality. There are definitely more bi-sexuals sitting among us in lecture than we think there are and, in my opinion, they’re get the best of both worlds!

How would this work?
And what am I getting myself into, exactly? What constitutes sex with a girl? Is it just oral sex? Are there tools required? Which one of us would make the moves? I wouldn’t really know what to do if I found myself in bed with another girl (although I’m sure Captain Morgan would help me out a bit). I’m not up to speed on lesbian sexual politics, and I’m not sure how I can learn. One piece of wisdom I have acquired (from my gay male friends) is that oftentimes, lesbians don’t like to mess around with girls who are bi-curious, on the fence, experimenting, etc., because they assume that when things start to migrate down south, they’ll just chicken out, reject them, and run away to the safe familiarity of a peen. I totally get that. But if gay girls don’t want to get involved with me, how am I supposed to DO this?! Which leads me to…

Where am I supposed to find a lady?
It might be easy to find sexually open-minded people at smaller, liberal arts colleges where there is a higher population of gay students. But at my school, I don’t really know where to start looking among the thousands of undergrads. Where are all the bi-curious girls? I should probably start going to Rainbow Alliance/LGBT meetings more often and try to make friends. And I guess I’ll just have to be extra alert at parties and see if I can re-wire my Gaydar to pick up on signals from girls, too. Flirting with girls at parties will probably have to happen too, but I’m still emotionally scarred from the last time I tried to do that…

But even with all those questions, why not try it?
I just feel like the time is now to try this out. It’s practically expected for people to experiment in college, and I’m ready to go. The last thing I want is to wake up one morning in twenty years next to my snoring, scruffy husband and wish that I had explored another option when it was more socially acceptable.

If only it were as easy as it sounds.
Is anybody else going through this or know someone who is?



    1. Casey says:

      I've kissed 4 girls, and didn't like it one bit. It is different, but for me, not a pleasant different.

    2. Jenny says:

      I questioned my sexuality after I kissed a girl (and liked it). But over time, I realized that anything beyond kissing is something I'm not really interested in. I think a lot of people do question their sexuality as they start really getting into the dating scene, so you are definitely not alone in your curiosity!

      I don't have any advice on how to find a woman interested in other women, but I wish you the best of luck in finding her.:)

    3. J says:

      I don't have much to contribute to the discussion, but I just noticed Kendra goes to Pitt too; yay for Pitt. haha

    4. TheBritishGuy says:

      A little experimenting is fun.

      When I was out in Canada I used to spend a lot of time with this girl I met and ended up becoming friends with.

      She had a lot of hot friends who also thought she was attractive but she never made out with any of them despite wanting to.

      I decided to hook her up myself and though she was pretty mad at me for a while she ended up having some fun with some of her friends.

      Kissing is a good starter because you can break it off in a split second if you don't like it but it can also be a precursor as to whether you want to go further or not.

      Girls seem to be so nervous about other girls though even when its mutual it's pretty unreal. I'm all for girl on girl especially if I get to watch or you know… lol

      Seriously though there are no real consequences for kissing and there is only one way to tell. If you wanna kiss a girl just let me know I'll arrange it. I'm good at arranging kisses for everybody apart from myself.. hmm.

    5. Steph says:

      This is pretty much everything I’ve been dealing with on and off since about 8th grade but mostly the last year or so. I don’t know any of these answers, so let me know when you get any. Only difference is I don’t have any parties to go to try and hook up with anyone

    6. honorarynewfie says:

      anotherfalsestart has given you some good advice there, to which I would only add… make sure it's someone you feel that you can trust. While Captain Morgan may help you to actually take that first step, don't let him cloud your judgement about the character of the individual concerned.

      After all, would you go experimenting with a guy if you didn't feel that you trusted him ?

      Good luck, I hope you enjoy the experience.

    7. cowgirlcasavona says:

      I have had these exact thoughts and I love hearing that I'm not the only straight girl that's been curious about hooking up with another chick! I agree that college is the perfect time to try this out and not regret it later. Just add it to the list of crazy shit I did in college. I would prefer to test this experiment out with a girl that I won't really ever have to see again. lol. But as you asked, how do you find another girl that's willing to indulge in this little fantasy with you? Let me know when you find out! lol.

    8. anotherfalsestart says:

      I am 32 and I didn’t know what to call myself. I am attracted to men and women. I have dated both most of my life and had experiments with threesomes (not recommended ever). A lot of women are Bi-curious. If you are going to do it, do it with someone you are attracted to and don’t do it if you are in a relationship. Let the other person know it’s your first time. No one should ever pressure you into doing anything you don’t like. Women are soft, gentle and erotic. It’s a different pleasure altogether. I personally think being with a woman keeps up my imaginations in the bedroom when it comes to pleasing a woman. Kiss a girl, if you like the kiss ask her to come home with you.

    9. no longer curious says:

      i had the exact same thoughts for the longest time, i was curious enough to actually tell people i was bisexual for a time but in retrospect i really only did it for the attention. i totally know what you mean with the whole "where do i find a girl to hook up with" i vaguely considered going to the GLBT meetings/club on campus but never built up the guts to go.

      after a lot (and i mean a LOT) of party makeouts and even getting to second base with a girl, i finally got my chance:

      it was in my second year of university, i was out of town for the weekend with my best girlfriend at the time meeting up with my old fwb (friend with benefits). we walked around looking for a dive bar and found one where we each finished a pitcher in under 15 mins. followed by more drinks.

      after some giggling and whispering, my friend admitted she wanted to sleep with him, and he admitted he was interested in her too, but made moves on me as well. this progressed to me and my girl friend making out, and we all went back to the place we were staying at to "hang out" which immediately turned into fooling around.

      to be honest it turned me off women forever. she was a squirter which i don't think helped matters at all (imagine that stuff IN YOUR MOUTH.) and the two of them were going at it like bunnies whereas i was just more curious in seeing what eating her out was like i guess (i was on a strict no penetration rule). eventually i left them to it and went and passed out on the couch.

      all in all, i felt awkward and out of place and most importantly, unfulfilled. she hadn't gone down on me so i guess i didn't really get the full experience but i remember feeling like i was just giving a lot and not receiving anything at all. i guess the thing with heterosexual sex is that you're generally receiving pleasure while you're giving it. i have no issue going down on a guy (as a matter of fact i quite enjoy it) but for me, theres just no replacement for a man (especially my man <3)

    10. Ace says:

      I too am interested in girls but outside of a few drunken make outs and a very pleasant threesome I've never explored it on my lonesome. I don't quite know how to pick up a lady, it seems awkward and I feel silly. All the same I would like to though. If anyone figures out a good bi curious pick up line I'm all ears.

    11. This is definitely something that i am currently going through. I kissed an Ellen(a girl who is more on the tomboyish side of lesbianism)and her lips were so soft and like omg ive been thinking about her ever since. But on my campus im known for being like every guys dream girl and deemed any and everything but attracted to girls. But i dont like girls I just like her.

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    14. DateDaily says:

      You want to know what that makes you? It makes you a LUG – Lesbian Until Graduation.

    15. Patty says:

      Agreed, and although I am engaged. (Proves I'm straight lol) would love to simply fool around with a beautiful girl for a night, no strings attached. Just hard to find. And hard to bring up.

    16. Lindsay says:

      Hey I was totally in the same position for the past couple of years, but one drunken party changed that in a big way. The difference was I just picked up on some flirtatious vibes (girls can often be this way with each other) and flirted back. We ended up sleeping together (no definition required, really just exploring our sexuality and sensuality) and then continued to see each other as often as possible for the next couple of days. It was really sexually charged and I was rather intoxicated throughout this experience. It left me really confused and terrified and anxious, but then I came to terms with the fact that labeling my sexual orientation didn't help me to find an identity or to sort out how I felt.

      Then after fooling around with guys again, I met another girl who was flirting a bit and I just decided right then and there to pursue her, and we just sort of clicked. She has only ever been with guys but we are just going with what feels right, and spending time together and it's been really lovely and fulfilling.

      Genuinely, sexuality is fluid for women, you don't have to be straight or gay or bi or bi-curious or a "LUG". Fuck that. Fuck the labels and the communities and the classifications. Just go with your gut and pursue relationships that make you happy.

    17. tryitinheels. says:

      I have wanted to fool around with a girl for a night, no strings attached. However, I'm with my boyfriend of a year and a half and I adore him. If I wasn't in a long term relationship, it' d be safe to say I'd be bi-curious.

    18. Igor says:

      Why would you want to go to a "GLBT" meeting to find a girl to fool around with? Those meetings are political, they're not dating services.

      If you're looking for a sexual encounter, find another bisexual/bi-curious girl and stay away from the militant lesbian crowd.

    19. Igor says:

      What's funny about this whole trend towards girls trying to get down each other's pants is that for the first time, women are finding out what it's like to be a guy! Fear of rejection, etc. — this is what men, who traditionally had to be the aggressors or initiators, have had to put with since time immemorial!

    20. Igor says:

      * put up with

    21. GenuineLesbian says:

      Lol Lindsay sexual fluidity only for women? Yeah right. Hey why dont you stop wearing your sexuality on your sleeve and acting like it's some badge of honor. It's not. Plenty of people around the world and even in the United States get tortured and killed

      Your probably one of those same broads that would look down on a male experimenting and call him "gross" and gay.

      Get over yourself. The only reason your bi-curious is because of the porn industry popularizing lesbianISM and making it look cool. Real lesbians are a far cry from porno lesbians.

      Lucky you live in the hypocritical US where your free to express your trend lesbianism, because if two men dare do that shit in public they would have been murkled.

      Pathetic attention seekers…ugh

    22. Patty says:

      Genuine Lesbian,

      your a fuck face.

    23. Emily says:

      Kendra, I'd go to a gay bar rather than a GLBTI meeting. I've been to a few of those, and they're either boring or filled with very angry lesbians. STAY AWAY!! Otherwise, you could try asking your friends if they've got any friends who'd be up for experimenting, I'm assuming you might find it a bit weird to try with an actual friend. Someone you know through friend wouldn't be as scary as a complete stranger, but it wouldn't really matter if you felt awkward around them. Hope this helps, I remember being freaked out when I first entered the gay community. But once you're in, it's fun.:)

    24. mollination says:

      hey girlfriend (wink, wink, nudge, nudge): I think I can accurately answer a lot of these questions as I was once in your exact boat.

      I'm a straight girl, questioned why I liked kissing girls so much, and did more than kiss one (once).

      While there's nothing wrong with more persay, for me, it wasn't like guys. It felt AMAZING, but there wasn't the animal attraction involved. I think the animal attraction involved with kissing a girl comes from the excitment, taboo, and cheers from horny males (which inadvertently feeds that hunger for satisfying someone else, only you still get to satisfy a guy).

      It's different for everyone, and obviously you could be actually bi (whereas I am that annoying bi that real lesbians aren't so fond of), but we just sound awfully similiar.

      As for how I met the chick, we were friends. AWKWARD.

    25. mollination says:

      of course, I do sometimes flirt with lesbians/bi girls at clubs, and that has never failed either. So, you could meet someone that way too.

    26. JASMINE says:


    27. morgan says:

      i don't think there's anything wrong with experimenting, i recently found a girl who's in the same boat i'm in, trying to figure out if this is how she really feels and if this is what she really likes, i've hooked up with a girl once but i was under 17 and really drunk and later i couldn't figure out what it meant to me, i don't want to label myself cause i've always felt comfortable loving someone in a sexual way regardless of their gender and idk if there's a direct label for that..? for me it feels more fluid, cause so far in sex i've found that it's always better when you actually care about someone and have legit feelings for them, but that's just me and it may not be that way for everyone, when i didn't care about someone it felt more akward and not genuine. i just want to figure it out on my own without the constant 'define youself' stuff.

    28. as a lesbian says:

      First you'll need to go to a gay or lesbian bar. I am sure that there is one around campus or even downtown.It was said that the women at GLBT meetings are political and that's true, and they might not want women who are just experimenting around. But also, those meetings are for a specific purpose and not for picking someone up.

      Second, once at said bar dont get drunk. If you're questioning your feelings blunting the experience with alcohol is not a good idea. Taking the edge off(1 or 2 drinks) is ok. But you don't want to give up control.

      Third, relax. Don't try to figure out exactly what "sex is" with a girl. There are people out there who think that giving blow jobs is not sex either. So you will always have some kind of disagreement on what constitutes "sex". Do what feels right, do what feels safe, if you are not comfortable don't do it at all. Your natural instincts will take over and you will have an incredible experience. Good Luck!

    29. mellomellon says:

      I agree with other comments. I don't enjoy kissing other girls at all. Too gentle, too soft. I love the feel of a man.

    30. Alice says:

      Yeah, mellomellon, there’s nothing like the feel of a man…Do you think girls become bi-curious – or whatever – because they haven’t found the right guy? Been disappointed? Too anxious maybe for a sexual partner? There’s sooo much sexual pressure out there…..

    31. shabooty says:

      I was in the same position this summer. My brother came out the closet recently and lives in NY. He's always hanging out in the Vil and everytime I visit him I go with him. one night we decided to go to a gay club in the city with a group of his friends. The only other chick in the group I actually thought was cute. We started flirting and she asked if I was gay, I told her no, but I would like to be with a girl before I get married (in the distant future). I actually considered kissing her and maybe go further, but I was too shy and I felt awkward. I decided to stop being as flirtatious because I didn't want to lead her on. I figured I can't get with a girl if I'm still a virgin. Every now and than I stilly think of her. It's such a relief to see so many other girls in the same predicament.

    32. chezza says:

      I've been with three girls sexually. Funny enough the TV show L Word got me to out on a curiosity I've had in the back of my mind for sometime. It wasn't bad at all and each time got better. As for going to LGBT meetings, that's definitely a no-go. I'm pretty sure the dicussions that take place there arent who'se going to hookup with who this week. My best bet would be befriend a lot of hot girls on campus and feel em out, SO many girls are commenting on this so you're definitely right about a lot of girls being bicurious. I think it just takes the right type of person and the right situation for what you want to happen! Thanks for posting this =)

    33. sauer kraut says:

      Seems like it's less about the bi- or gay-curiosity than it is about the plain old pursuit of sexual pleasure. If that's what you are looking for, at least be honest with yourself. Just don't let the church people in on your secret.

      If you truly have gay or bi feelings, don't wait until you are an old lady like Meredith whatever her name is.

    34. womanlover says:

      It has been my experience in the past that if you feel a certain way you are usually not alone. There are millions of women and men that are curious about same-sex experiences. Fortunately, women incur a lot less grief for wanting and actually experimenting with same sex play.

      With that being said, there are many venues in which you can experiment with these desires. Social networking sites (myspace) have a HUGE presence of bisexual and bi-curious groups. If you are concerned about anonymity, you can set up a profile under you “alter ego”, set your sexual preference to bisexual, confused or whatever suits you and go from there. You would be surprised at the number of hits you will get. If you are definitely straight but would like to experiment, threesomes are always an option. In a 3some situation things don’t quite go the way you anticipated there is always the familiar to fall back on. If you are involved with a guy there is a 95% chance that he will support you interest in experimenting with another woman (provided he can at least watch). If you are single, maybe try a roll in the hay with that wild couple that you are friendly/familiar with (every body has friends that are part of that “crazy” couple). If you don’t know that crazy couple or don’t think you would be comfortable with people you know there are other options.

      Believe it or not there are sites and members only clubs across the country that hold regular meet and greets for “bisexual, bi-curious, and sexually adventurous couples”. There is also an old avenue that seems to still get the “frown” from society that would be an avenue to test your boundaries, swingers and gentlemen’s establishments (strip joints). All of these venues tend to have stigmas attached, but if you can get past labels and are decently open-minded you would be surprised at how entertaining some of these can be.

      Most of the women (patrons and entertainers) in GE are bisexual or bi-curious at the very least. Not to mention, getting a lap dance is a pretty good indicator as to whether or not you will enjoy fooling around with another woman. If you enjoy your lap dance chances are you would enjoy a roll in the hay with another woman, but not a guarantee. If you don’t enjoy it any way, call it a $25-$50 education.

      Although “swingers” have a nasty stereotype (every stereotype is based on SOME truth, regardless of how small the truth may be) most (that we have met knowingly and unknowingly) are regular people with very “interesting” sex lives. Most people think of 70’s porn stars, shag carpet and “key parties” but that is USUALLY not the case. A large majority of the swinging population is based solely on soft swap (no intercourse with anyone but your partner) or girl/girl play only. The benefit is that women run the show; and as single or unattached women are in VERY high demand they pretty much do as they please with whomever they please….with no strings attached. Save GE’s, these venues are very often so accommodating to women that entrance and drinks are complimentary. Where else can you go where you get in for free, drink for free, and have everyone interested in you, but only engage you on your terms? The crazy part is the sheer number of very attractive women of every race/ethnicity and demographic.

      Good luck

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    36. Kendra says:

      You guys are so supportive and helpful! Thank you so much for your thoughts, it feels awesome to know I'm not alone on this one.:)

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    38. Bisexual Babe says:

      It’s not just bi-curious women who face the same complicated issues as you do. I am bisexual and also have a problem finding women. I get a lot of offers for threesomes, but I don’t feel comfortable having sex with some random man that I am not in a relationship with just to get to his woman. I am also not into having an audience. I agree with your friends that lesbians are not usually into bi-curious women, but they’re often not interested in bisexual women either- not because they fear we’ll “chicken out”, but maybe because they think we are doing it for the attention of a guy (many do, but not in my case) or that we are only looking for sex and will go right back to our men once we get it (which is very common among bi woman who will sleep with woman, but only date men- also, not in my case).

      Basically, my point is that women’s reasons for sleeping with other women are very diverse. Some do it for experimentation, some for attention or for another person, others for love, and some do it just for the sex. The best thing for you to do is to find someone who is looking for the same thing that you are so that neither one of you will feel led on or hurt by the other’s intentions. My advice is to spell out exactly what you want on a dating website (OKCupid, MySpace etc.) and you’ll be more likely to find someone who wants what you do for the same reasons. As for what to do when you find her, that will happen naturally depending on your mutual boundaries or you could discuss it online beforehand (consider it cybering /foreplay, which will make you more comfortable about what to expect and more turned on at the same time). You could also always read one of the many books on the subject. Good luck and happy hooking up!

    39. Murphy says:

      Everything you have said is exactly how I feel. It is really hard because bi girls can generally hide at parties as straight girls. We are very hard to spot. I really am trying hard to find myself a girl now actually that I am out of a long-term relationship. Hopefully it works out for the best. I have a huge crush on my bff since 7th grade, but I'm too afraid to say anything and ruin being friends with her.😦

    40. Atheena says:

      I actually am a lesbian and don't usually like bi girls. the problem with me is that I am attracted to women who look like women, i guess i am a liptick lesbian and usually the girls I like are bi. the reason I don't want to get too involved with bi girls is that they'll be too afraid to take important steps together cos they'll always want a 'normal' future like with a man etc.

      The only advice I can offer bi girls, or curious girls is to get online, on les dating sites and see how you go.

      I just broke up with someone and would love to just have some fun, i am totally fine with teaching curious girls a thing or two…

      But if i did feel like I wanted something more with the girl, it would be a tough decision, but i would still try it out. I guess lesbians want to keep their hearts in tact as much as the next person, we'll avoid heart brake and rejection at any cost.

      1. Girl says:

        Hey, so you said that you would be interested in teaching bi girls some things, well i am curious… if you ever read this again, my email is Send me an email so i can start learning…😉 Or anyone else who is interested in talking to me as well

      2. irishmaiden says:

        would love 4 u to teach me do like older woman who look younger and have big boobs

    41. Courtney says:

      I'm bisexual and in college, and I also love kissing girls. It's so different from men and so much more sensual. The first time I hooked up with a girl I was wasted out of my mind, which gave me the confidence to actually go for it. She was a friendly acquaintance who is also bi, and she was the one who suggested it. It was sensual but a little awkward, since it was my first time hooking up with a girl and she knew that, but definitely worth it. While I love being with men, too, there's just something so sensual and gentle about being with a woman. I think it is much easier to be under the influence of something, and you're much more likely to find a girl who wants to hook up with you at a party. You should be upfront that it's your first time being with a woman, and just do to her what you like a guy to do to you (minus the whole penis thing). I let her make the first moves, but I do that with men, too. In my experience, being with a girl is easier because I know what feels good on a woman, it just comes natural to me since I have the same parts, whereas it took time and practice to figure out how to please a man.

    42. ilovePiLam says:

      Dear Kendra,

      I'm a freshman at Pitt, and I find myself in the same Bi-curious boat. convenient? I think so. lol. so maybe i'll see you around campus…?

    43. Kendra says:

      how convenient! how are you liking your first year so far? maybe i HAVE seen you around campus before. haha. you need to wear a shirt that says ilovePiLam so i can pick you out of the crowd. :)

    44. Tay says:

      I go to Pitt and am bi-curious as well… maybe I'll run into you girl around campus?

    45. laryhanis says:

      I wanna kiss this girl and she wanted to kiss me couple months back but i didnt kiss her..

      now how can i initiate flirting with her to show her that i wanna kiss her,and how would i know she wants to kiss me?thanks—

    46. Kendra says:

      idea: facebook friend me, pitt girls!:)

    47. Evita says:

      I think in the back of my mind since I was about in my teens, I have always known I have been attracted to both men and women. Im pushing 30 and last week I kissed a girl for the first time in a bathroom stall it was really hott and intense. Shes very Bi and initiated the whole thing, I cant stop thinking about it! I cant wait to be able to see her again but shes dating a guy. So its complicated. I would like to meet some more girls that are like me, my close circle of friends do not know this side of me its all brand to me too!! Any advice would be great!!

    48. ing says:

      GenuineLesbian, take your bi-hate elsewhere… not everybody has the luxury of having a 'cut-and-dry' sexuality – some people are left confused for a long time.

      I agree that bisexuality is being used by some little girls to entice beer-bellied frat boys, but there are many "Genuine" bisexual and bi-curious women who don't need people from the gay or straight communities knocking them down because of a misunderstanding caused by a stereotype that YOU have fallen for …

    49. ing says:

      … and I agree with Igor on this one:

      "Why would you want to go to a “GLBT” meeting to find a girl to fool around with? Those meetings are political, they’re not dating services."

    50. Allie says:

      I was in a similar situation some months ago, so I consulted one of my lesbian friends. Let me tell you, a lesbian friend is your best ally in this situation. What she said was cut your nails short (makes sense when you think about it), and when the time comes you'll know what to do. I hooked up with a girl a few weeks later and she was completely right. If it's someone your attracted to, you won't have any problem doing to her all the things you want her to do to you. Just like gay guys give the best blow jobs, women know women way better than men do. When you find it, just go with it.

    51. Bianca says:

      I find this all really interesting! I thought there was no one feeling like me because whenever I try looking for a girl,its always a hit and miss. I've always dated guys and yes, I LOVE the guys but, girls are waaayy different. You can't compare the two.its comforting to know there's more girls feeling like me. : ). Thanks for the post!

    52. Lauren says:

      I know how your feeling. I've been trying to figure out what i was for the past two years. Then Finally yesterday I got my first kiss with my best friend and i realized i was attracted to girls.There is such a difference in how they kiss to guys. So much softer than guys really. I'm just glad to know that there are others like me.:)

    53. adriana says:

      Hey babe try craigslist. Look in the ads under W4W. A lot of bicurious girls post ads.

    54. babe says:

      well if i had the chance i think i'd like to have a real try just having a good time with another girl and maybe have my boyfriend join in to make it even better…i don't know if thats bi-curios or what but still, i'd like to try it at least once….anyone in southern california?

    55. justcurious says:

      i have been reading a few of these comments and decided to skip to the bottom and just write one myself…

      im bisexual, first of all it started when i was 14 i mooved schools and i had a MASSIVE crush on one of my (female) teachers, i was actually like inlove with her, she gave me all the feelings someone does when you really like them, like every time i saw her my heart like skipped a million beats, i would plan my day around seeing her, i loved her smile, generally just the way she made me feel. but obviously with her being my teacher nothing happened!!

      so i went to this "spring fling" at my school and met a girl there who i knew already was bisexual, we got chatting more over facebook and decided to meet up!!

      so we did, and it was in the march of 09 when i was only 14, we had a little to drink (not drunk, but just slightly more convident) and we kissed, i have to say it was perfect, the most beautiful feeling you could ever experience, like perfect pressures, amount of toungue, the movement of hands, just perfect.

      so then we became girlfriends, we have been together for a year and 2 months, it was the best decision i could have ever made!!

      were just stuck on more things to do, so now im 16 and can legally have sex, what do we do? anyone know anything we could experiment doing?

      i think everyone should try it, because if you dont how will you know if you dont like it or not?!

      if you announce your self as Bi-curious, more and more people will have the confidence to so then it wil be easier to find people!!

      i hope this helped?

    56. Koneko-chan says:

      Ah yeeaah defiantly don't go to the GLBT hahah yeah you only find people to date in a group like that if you're in highschool…. Yeah if you were still back here like inam youve got plentlynof sex derprived lesbians and bisexuals. My girlfriend and I were friends at first then we kind of became friends with benifitsnsort of thing…. Whig I know isn't really good but… Anyway the point is unlovely her to death now. But I do think you should start out by finding a friend in the same situation as you and test around there and if you decide you want to get Ito a relationship you do if not you don't and just stat as friends! I did that with a guy friend of mine… Haha we both told eachother we liked the same sex on the same day…. I wasn't surprised… He was but anyway the best way to go is have a friend and see where it takes you. Nothing has no strings attached…. Accept for whores but that isntthe way to go! Hope thugs work out for you!

    57. Koneko-chan says:

      *things I meant not thugs hahaha I'm typing on my iPod so it auto corrects sometimes sorry

    58. KendraStarclimber says:

      My best friend and I kissed the other day. It was caring, loving, and passionate, and I know she wanted to go farther, but we didn't. The next day it was almost an awkward silence between us. I'm worried. I know she still cares about me like I do her, but I'm worried that she might be regretting it. God, I need someone to vent to. My parents are also homosexual-HATING, so I'm screwed big time when I tell them… O.o They raised me like that. My entire life, I worried about, "What if I become a lesbian? What if I can't help it?!" And I would panic about that. My life is basically going to go uphill through high school, then run off a cliff and plummet, then hopefully back up. Is this normal for my situation?

    59. tinka says:

      I'm lucky because me and my bbest friend are both bisexualand after a few drnks, we get pretty crazy! I don't know if it'

      s wrong that we get like that together since we are good friends, but it seems like we can't help it, something just happens. It isn't romantic, but it's this attraction. It's been going on since almost the beginning of our friendship (two years) and it hasn't effected our friendship neggatively, other than it making our friendship have a bit more character i guess haha. Two nights ago was an example… we went probably the farthest we have ever gone. We were drinking (seems to happen when we'

      re drinking because we get the courage or something) we kissed at the bar and then she asked me back to her place because she's been dying to "go down on me…" :-0

      anyways, i won't tell all the details, but i hope u find someone u can share it with… because it's awesome.

    60. tinka says:

      p.s… she didn't end up going down on me, she wanted to, but I felt paranoid that I wasn't "clean enough" because i wanted it to be perfect for the first time.. but she fingered me instead and it felt sooooo good! I went down on her though and i liked it alot… only thing that sucks is that when you're drunk it's all over the place, it's harder to concentrate on what ur doing.. i would like to try it sober, but idoubt we would ever have the courage….i dunno? any advice? hahah.

    61. tinka says:

      p.s.s. i hope my posts weren't too graphic… i dunno what it is but it just feels good hooking up with her, i don't feel guilty or wrong about it. It's just fun.

    62. Confused says:

      I belong to a very close group of friends. Just a bunch of girls who love to snuggle and, after some red wine, get a little more physical. But it's always been pretty innocent: vertical kissing only. Until last night. My friend and I have grown closer over the last year, and some refer to us as wives. So after getting pretty drunk at a party, we went to hang out at a guyfriend's house. We all piled into bed (to sleep, not to be dirty). I don't know how it started, but suddenly I was on top of her. We were kissing feverishly, which left the guy awkwardly laying beside us. It ended somehow without anything serious. But now I feel confused. It wasn't like the innocent(ish) kisses from last year. We were in the dark, not giggling. I don't know what to do. She is my closest friend and I could never be with her for many reasons. I may need to not be drunk and in bed with her, or else I will lose everything.

    63. heatherprivate says:

      ok so i have kissed a girl also. but like some of yall i want to do more. i have hinted to one of my close friends but she has a bf and i dont want to mess that up. what should i do and how should i ask?

      1. cookie says:

        just tell her you are interested and want to experiment some things with her just go for it

    64. Girl says:

      I am bi curious. I have a couple of bi sexual friends who are also girls. About 3 months one wanted me to do some stuff with her, but at the time i said no. was really confused about how i felt after she told me this. I started talking to her and my other bi friend and after a few months of hell, i realised that i was bi curious. Problem is, i am too scared to go after what i want. My other friend wanted me to make out with her oneday after school a couple of weeks ago, and i got really scared and just blushed. I couldn't even say anything. She can sleep and do stuff with people without having any emotional ties so i know it won't make any difference to her. i will be with her after school in a couple of weeks, should i do it????!!! If so, how do i start it? I have never kissed anyone before so i have no idea what the hell i am meant to do in that situation!!!!! Please help me! If you can, email me:

      1. sabrina says:

        Hello Loveheart,

        So im curious. Did you try? How did it go?
        email me;

    65. Jamie says:

      Me! Theres a girl at my post-graduate school whom I think likes me. Her name's Megan. She has beautiful blue eyes. Anyway, I think she's interested in me and the other night I actually masturbated fantasizing about her. So yes, I am in the same sit. you are. Good luck girlfriend!

    66. nikki says:

      hi girlfriend just wanna let u know u r not alone. I am attracted to my best friend who I have known since college. she has been a good friend and these feelings have surfaced again after I was certain it was just a phase.somedays I look at women on porn sites and get off because I like tits. she has often given me that look and told the occcasional situation were other chicks have tested her. The trip is we r both married. We once had a girls nite out and one to many drinks.We woke up topless and have not mentioned it since. Although we suspect nothing happened she called the other day and I caught her stepping out the shower and asked me hand her a towel.omg! next time she test me captain morgan or not its on!

    67. Stardust says:

      Dear nikki,As I read yours and other post,I find that you are all just scared to death about your desires for other women.Your ok about the kissing part but never going any further.You woke up topless with your girlfriend and now your embarrassed about it.You saw her naked coming out of the shower,again more embarrassment.I think that you should just sit down and talk with her.That way you'd know for sure.She might be the same as you but don't want to say anything.I don't know her or that she has been with women before so I can't tell you anything about your situation.I do know that kissing is as far as most women will go and that kissing and touching anything below the neck is taboo in many cases.I hope that you have the very best of luck in your life.

    68. Rachel says:

      Just have sex dig into her vagina suck on it like a boys dick squeeze her boobs just have fun.:)

    69. Cherry says:

      I am a girl and would love to have sex with you. You are gorgeous!

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