Taylor Swift Is Overrated

Ok, before you jump down my throat, search for my coordinates on Google maps and hunt me down in my sleep, please hear me out.

First of all, I like Taylor Swift. I like that she’s sweet and wholesome, I like that she writes her own music, I like that they play her music all the time on the radio so I can turn it up loud when I’m driving and sing at the top of my lungs. I think she’s got awesome hair and love that she doesn’t let her 5’11 frame bother her.

I really do like her.

But all that being said, I also think the Taylor-mania is getting a little out of control. When she beat out Beyonce at the now infamous VMAs this past September, I agreed with what Kanye said. (And that made me rather unpopular, to say the least.) Sure, Taylor’s song was catchy and the video was cute, but it was not better than Beyonce’s jaw-dropping choreography for “All The Single Ladies.” The lyrics weren’t anything new or brilliant, the tune wasn’t anything we hadn’t heard before (assuming anyone ever listened to country music before…) and while the song was good, it was by no means the best.

And it was at that moment – when Kanye acted a fool – that people started looking at Taylor in a new way, putting her up on some pedestal that she never really deserved to be on.

Just last week Taylor beat out Martina McBride and Reba McEntire to take home the award for Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs. Then at last night’s AMAs, she took home 5 awards, even beating out Lady Gaga, KOL an MICHAEL FREAKING JACKSON for Artist of the Year.

Now, I get the love for T-Swift, but really?
Better than Michael?

This is a little much.

Taylor Swift has done a lot to bring country to the forefront of the music scene and she knows how to write a good sing-along jam (I can’t help but belt out some Love Story at the bar), but she is not the artist everyone is touting her to be. Her voice isn’t strong like Celine, she doesn’t dance like Beyonce and she’s not really pushing any envelopes like Gaga.

So what is all the fuss about? What is it about Taylor that is so effing great?!

I’m sorry, but she’s is just another run of the mill sugar coated pop star with a great PR team around her making us all believe she’s something that she’s not. And when she looks at those 10 new statues she’s taken home in the past 3 months alone, she better be giving thanks to the one and only Kanye West.

Homeboy handed her career to her on a Hennessy-soaked silver platter.



    1. Britt says:

      I could not agree more!! Taylor Swift is SO overrated!

    2. Lisa says:

      I don't think she's overrated, I'm not going to fight on that the only problem i have is that you were all amazed that she beat michael jackson. I'm sorry, but the dude's dead. Move on, sure give him a lifetime achievement award or something, but seriously. Also, as for beating reba, etc in entertainer of the year, she's been more entertaining. If you'd gone to her tour that would make more sense. (that's not meant to sound mean) But yeah. While yes, she's been hugely glamourized by the media, I think she deserves attention and the media is just being stupid. Don't hate on Taylor.

    3. Amanda says:

      THANK YOU!

    4. Kelly says:

      You're my hero. I don't get what all the fuss is about her, it's not like her songs aren't something we haven't heard a million times before.

    5. NG says:

      Um, I'm sorry but Beyonce's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, her songs may be catchy and you can sing along to them but her voice is absolutely HORRENDOUS. At least Taylor can SING. She also writes her own music, from her heart…."All the Single Ladies" is the single most annoying song of 2009……yes, it even beats out that LOL Smileyface or whatever song…..it was written to make people shake their asses……as proven by all the idiots who felt the need to tape themselves jiggling all over their rooms and post it on YouTube. No you're child is NOT cute mumbling "single ladies…ring on it" over and over …they just look like a giant dumbasses and they're probably going to want to murder you when they're in their teens for posting that shit for the world to see.

      Do I think Taylor's song was the BEST of '09….no……but neither was Beyonce's. Stop putting either of them on a pedestal. PLEASE.

    6. Kelsi says:

      the only reason MJ won all those awards is because he died. Good artist and all but he didn't even bring out any music this year. So screw the pity/grief party and props to T-Swift.

    7. Brianna says:

      Trust me, you're definitely not the only one. I like her too, but this is getting out of hand. I think Kanye helped fuel this whole thing when he stole her moment.

    8. Vicki says:

      I totally agree with Kelsei. Michael Jackson has not put any new material out in the past several years, and he was only nominated because the world suddenly came to an end when he died. I also have to agree that Beyonce is way over-hyped. I don't care for her voice all that much, and don't really see what was so great about "Single Ladies".

      With Taylor, I think that it's great to see a young woman such as her who can be so successful and still maintain such a clean image, providing young girls with an actual role model. She may not have the most innovative and fresh songs out there, but she has a really good voice, and does a good job of bridging both country and popular music.

    9. MC says:

      like others have said..if Michael had not died no one (including this blogger) would have even remembered he used to be great this year, and he would not have been up for 5 awards based on stuff he did 20 years ago. Sure he was great but he should have won some sort of lifetime achievement award, not artist of the year. That hype was just the media and people that had forgotten him and believed him to be some weird, screwed up man abnormally fascinated with children and childhood. Taylor worked her ass off for everything she got this year, and she earned it all on her own, before Kanye and after Kanye. Kanye should be thanking her for keeping his name out there. He wasn't buzzed about before the VMAs and his action was a bigger offense than just a momentary taking of her spotlight. His action brought about all these ill-founded blogs like this one that try to take away Taylor Swift's accomplishments and hand them to Kanye for an act of boorishness. Your whole premise is no different than what Kanye did at the VMAs, you want to take away all that Taylor has done and credit it to other artists and their PR teams.

      Your logic is flawed and your knowledge of the events and the accomplishments of all the parties is incomplete.

    10. I agree. I love Taylor, she's cute and fun and talented for her age, but she is no artist of the year. Give her a few years to grow as an artist and develop her talent and she may be worthy of the pedestal she's on now, but I think all the attention is a little premature. Right now she's a young girl writing cute songs about high school.

    11. Mel says:

      I've only got two things to say:

      1.) Taylor Swift is freaking adorable and I have to say that I love her for the same reasons Lauren-the-blogger-from-University-of-Michigan does.:)

      2.) And Lauren is also right that her video is not better than Beyonce's "Single Ladies" (though at the time, I was SO sick of seeing that music video that I thought Taylor rightfully won). But the only thing that was terrible about the VMA bit was the fact that Kanye got his stupid butt on stage and decided to be so ridiculously rude. I mean… if someone walked up on the stage while he was accepting an award, he would have flipped a shit. It comes back to my constant question of "What happened to treat others as you would like to be treated?" And I'm going to end my rant before it begins.

      Otherwise, everyone else said what I wanted to about the Michael Jackson bit. It would have been more appropriate if they had some sort of "Legends of Music" acknowledgement or something, for all of the dead folks out there–because let's face it: it happens every time someone famous dies, especially if they had a project in the works. But it's also like a double-edged sword–people will either win something and everyone will think they didn't deserve it because they're dead or they'll lose something and everyone will think that the winner didn't deserve it and it should have gone to the dead person. But hey, what can you do?:)

    12. dora says:

      totally agree 100%.

      I think she's ridiculously overrated. She's totally awesome for all the reasons you said, but really… her musical talents can not beat out some of the top divas we've known for years. and I know everyone thinks people are making a big fuss about MJ because he's dead, but he's truly an amazing artist! His music simply got rediscovered after his death. There's no way Taylor Swift's music is like that. All her sounds have the same tune and same thing about a girl, about a boy. Honestly, this craze is ridiculous and out of control!

    13. Natalie says:

      I can't say how much I agree with you. I am so tired with arguing with my family and friends about this – no one seems to get my point. Taylor is okay, but she's nothing great to rave about.

    14. Casey says:

      Ok, first of all, Beyonce DID win best choreography AND best video, did everyone just forget that? Why should she win two awards for the same thing? Besides, I certainly don't think she had best video, her video was JUST DANCING! that's not a music video. Taylor's was an actual video, with a plot, and a story, not just some lame dance routine that you could see at one of her concerts.

      Second, Reba McEntire and Martina McBride, Really!? Taylor Swift is a newer fresher face that reaches a MUCH larger audience than either of those two artists, probably combined. While they appeal to Country music lovers, not too many other people like them, Taylor fits into the country AND pop category making her a better entertainer.

      Lastly, I agree with what everyone else said about Michael Jackson. He deserved an honorary award, but considering he didn't put out any new music this year, and his old songs were only top of the charts again because HE DIED this year, he definitely didn't deserve entertainer of the year, or any other award that would have taken away from someone who actually did really great things THIS year.

      Taylor may be young, and new to the biz, but her music is actually good, and she's a talented WRITER as well as a talented singer, and considering most artists these days don't write their own music that's all the more reason she deserves to be commended for what she does.

    15. Dia says:

      one or two of her song is bearable.. but they play her so much o the radio its over bearing(i mean how many songs can you write about boys and love?), she played the victim well at the VMAs even though Kanye has done that not once but TWICE before. and shes only winning these awards because the fans are calling in droves. and just becasue Michael died doesn't mean he should have won he hasn't had a song out in years. shes 19 almost twenty she needs to grow up and defend herself

    16. JMB says:

      I agree – I am a country music fan – and Taylor is far from a GREAT country singer in my world… Take away the music and her voice is HORRIBLE to say the least!

      My wish is she goes to the pop world and stays there – she won't be there long… she will deflate soon – her PR people did their job – but they need a voice much better to work with!!!

      Again – she has a HORRIBLE voice – when will the screaming little girls – stop screaming long enough to listen and say enough is enough….

    17. Anna says:

      I agree, Taylor Swift didn't deserve ALL of those awards but neither did Michael Jackson. Yes, he's the king of pop but he won them POSTHUMOUSLY. It's not like she beat him while he was alive and putting out music. Props to Mel and Vicki for pointing that out.

    18. lilmisschatty says:

      I agree! Her vocals are mediocre, and though I am impressed that someone so young has written and composed her own stuff it's not like she wrote anything earth-shattering. Her songs are about high school crushes, first broken hearts, and other things that I'd rather not relive about high school! I don't disagree that she puts on a good show with all of the costumes and special effects and theatrics, but she definitely isn't the next Martina or Reba or LeAnn. I'm ready for her to trip and fall off of the pedestal that everyone else has put her on!

    19. Katie says:

      Taylor Swift teaches young girls to stalk boys

    20. Erika says:

      Overrated is a bit harsh. She doesn't sing like Carrie Underwood & she doesn't dance like Beyonce, but she has achieved an incredible amount for such a new artist. She's 19 & as for winning Entertainer of the Year, she was, she's the most talked about in a good way, & sold a record breaking amount of music. Lady Gaga's different & awesome but she's in no way relatable with her fire blowing-diamond bras & bearskin capes, whereas Taylor Swift's a real life role model that hasn't gone off the deep end yet ( e.g Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus etc.. ).

      As for MJ, ya he was talented & defined a generation, he's a legend bla bla, but he also died.. Let him go,he has enough awards.

      Taylor Swift wins awards because she puts out music that everyone can listen & relate to from kids to adults that she actually writes. While I think it may be blown out of proportion, her non-party-girl reputation sets a good example for her younger fans.

      So I do think that out of all the "run of the mill sugar coated pop star"s, she's the ONLY one I would want & respect for getting this many awards.

    21. MC says:

      wow such a lot of hate for a girl that has worked her ass off for years to get to where she is, and did it without the benefit of a multibillion dollar company like American Idol or Disney behind her. That's the problem with the world today, people want to tear down those who work hard and achieve something and are rewarded for it, and want to take away their well-deserved rewards and recognition and give it to others. I'm ashamed of the human race sometimes.

      I love Taylor's voice, it is perfect in it's imperfectness and expresses her songs and feelings and emotions that people of all ages, races and sexes can relate to, and does it better than any formulaic diva with interchangeable power voices.

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    24. kk says:

      michael wouldn't be all the rage if he hadnt died and she wouldn't be all the rage if she wasn't humiliated at the vmas, nuff said

    25. Stevenson214 says:

      Just had to say Taylor Swift doesn't molest children. That may have had something to do with it? Maybe?

    26. J.S says:

      As far as I`m concerned, she won the award for the best video, not for the best song. And the video was way better than Beyonce`s (I mean, the dance might be awesome for some of you, but there are just some repeated moves all over the song).

      With the rest, you`re totally right. My ears hurt when I hear her singing live…but I like some of her songs.

    27. T says:

      Taylor Swift is soooooooooo overrated. Yes…she is in my ipod but she is nothing that I havent seen or heard and subsequently been annoyed by 308570293 billion times before. I kind of wish the hype around her would die down. She will really have to prove herself with her next album. Good luck living up to all the hype Taylor.

    28. oobunillaoo says:

      casey's post was spot on.

    29. Sascha says:

      Very impressive! Very well put. You should write for a magazine. I love this post!

    30. Alice says:


      Holy crap!! No wonder she was taller than Kanye on stage.

      Anyways I agree completely with Kelly. All the attention and accolades are premature and mostly based on her popularity rather than actual, inspiring talent.

      I love Taylor Swift too, and her songs are enormously catchy but I feel that themes are so repetitive in her songs. Boys and love and love and boys. Yes and her voice is consistent, but only okay at best but mediocre compared to some singers out there. But you may not notice because her songs are suited to her voice.

      And I feel that the only reason Swift won her VMA award is because it would be repetitive for Beyonce to win that and Best Video. It seems mostly that her video treats film as a medium for translating the song into visuals as opposed to an art form in itself.

    31. AshleyB says:

      I like Taylor swift she has catchy songs, cute lyrics clearly nothing too profound, shes not the most beautiful artist of all time and she's got a good voice but nothing to freak out about. She's entertainer of the year because she sold more records then anyone thsi year with #1 songs this year she came in second to the beatles. She's entertainer of the year not because she's the greatest artist of all time but because she is EVERYWHERE. shes at her peak so who cares is she won 5 awards she's the most popular singer right now.

      And as for michael jackson even being nominated for the AMA's which I think its bullS(*&. Yes i love michael jackson i listened to him growing up and his death was a tragedy but he's dead like many other great artists before him. it would have been nice to honor him in some way but entering him in categories with songs that were popular 20 years ago is a little ridiculous. He shouldn't even be put int he same category as today's artists he has already had his time and im sure he picked up a few AMA awards back in his prime too.

    32. hp says:

      first off, i'm not into country but i have to give it to taylor swift. but i will agree. it's going a tad bit too much. winning over beyonce i can go with. only b/c the only thing i saw in beyonce's video was girls dancing around w/ no background to a song that repeats the chorus entirely too many times [but i do like beyonce]. now winning over michael jackson, so wrong. yes, if he hadn't died he wouldn't have been up there. but that's how the AMAs work. based on sales, etc. that's a jaw-dropper right there. but props to taylor swift for being as young as she is and doing as well as she is doing. if she goes down from here, not saying she will, at least she can say she got this far =]

    33. dane says:

      I dont agree with you.. every great artist have their own moments.. and this is taylor swift's moment .. this is taylor swift's year.. she has accomplaished a lot this year..There are so many new singers evolving every year trying to make it big in the music industry and only a few will standout.. you know what makes them standout.. because they are different… there can never be another MJ, there can never be another Celine dion..and we dont want another clone of Tina Turner.. Every great artists have their own style of singing and performing… that's what make them special and that's what make them a favourite among their fans..

      taylor swift is like a breath of fresh air in the music industry… her music is awesome and i really like listening to her voice..True..it's not a strong vocal.. not like Celine dion's or Reba's who are well-known for their vocal prowess…but it's sweet and melodic…and as i said before we dont want another Celine..we want someone different. Her voice goes really well with her kind of music..and that's why she has these hit songs and that's why her album is the bestselling album of the year

      MJ had his moment and should be given a lifetime achievement award or something but here is the fact he had not been releasing new materials these past few years and as i read on the articles these past few years some people ..even some of the fans and the music industry had turn their backs on him at time when he really needed the support.Michael is a legend and shall be missed.

      anyway.. Congrats to Taylor..she deserves the awards.. wish her all the best in her future albums..

    34. A says:

      I like Taylor swift, but I totally agree.

      Honestly maybe she's just the right blend of cute, but not super talented to win all the awards she's won. She appeals to masses of people both in country and pop, and that's probably why she's so popular and thus why she won. (with a little help from Kanye, no offense, but I don't watch the award shows. I wouldn't have even heard that she had won if it wasn't for Kanye) She walks the line between the 2 genres just right and gathers enough fans from both.

      As for writing her own songs, I really wish she would develop them more. I'm not saying that they're bad, but they just feel a little immature. I am really excited to see what she come out with as she grows older. I think she has a lot of potential, but I don't think she's the artist of the year material.

    35. Aik0 says:

      Tay-Swift's music isn't good. All her songs sound the same and say the same things over and over again. the melodies are simple and boring. Sure, her voice is sweet. She's young. People like her because they hear her so often. Media has given her a halo so people think of her as "the GOOD Disney girl" but if she had started out virtually unknown as an "iTunes Single of the Week" I doubt she would have as many fans. People would not jump onto the bandwagon so quickly.

      Sorry to diappoint the fans out there. She's not good.

    36. Jessica Keys says:

      Taylor Swift is regular. I mean her voice , her songs, and her looks are just regular. Definitely overrated . And she shouldn't have won the best artist of the year award at the AMA. Does anybody listen to real music anymore instead of this pop-teenage-shity-ass music. It's getting really annoying.

    37. mary says:

      you have the same opinion on this as do i. i've told this to my friends again and again but they're all under the spell.

    38. FADZ says:

      I say,"Best Starpulse Gallery EVER!"

    39. C Gosnell says:

      I so agree about Taylor Swift being over rated. I couldn't believe she beat out Reba & McBride. To me she is so flat tuned. I believe what's selling Taylor is she's young. To me her personality is just so phoney. I hope she moves aside soon. so people will let the real talent shine!

    40. Roberto says:

      you are all of most ignorant girls on earth if you think Taylor Swift is an amazing songwriter… PShh please

    41. Erich says:

      Actually Taylor is a very talented artist. If you dont think so, then why not ask Def Leppard why they let her do a concert with them, her singing thier songs.

      I think all the hate is that she's this goody to shoes girl.

    42. Casey says:

      You know, all the comments on here saying Taylor Swift isn't good, and that she can't sing, and blah blah blah, well hate to break it to you, but OBVIOUSLY you guys are the minority. She's winning all of these awards based on POPULAR VOTE and RECORD SALES. That means more people like Taylor than anyone else in the running, and that is a FACT that you can not argue, so get over it.

      Most of you also said you listen to her music. Well that means YOU'RE HELPING HER WIN HER AWARDS! Did any of you who are complaining about her winning actually vote for anyone? If not, then you have no right to complain.

      You might not like her, but the majority of the population does.

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    44. Jessica says:

      FINALLY, someone who sees it how i do.

      i mean, let's face it, haven't you guys heard her live? she sucks.

    45. TROBS says:

      I actually hate you for writing this article. I have been a dedicated taylor swift fan for years, she's been at this for well over 4 years now. All kanye west did was make dumbasses like you notice her and then want to attribute her fame to his outburst. Um, she sold 10 MILLIONS albums this year. well before kanye. She is not run OF the freaking mill. The girl is talented vocally, lyrically, and has a radiating charisma and just plain kindness that will get her through life unscathed. I wish her nothing but the best. Her fame won't be short lived, so get over it.

      10 million BEFORE KANYE, so get your facts right. kanye did not do shit, besides ruin his own career.

    46. F says:

      Do you really want people to find out where you live? stop talking smack about taylor swift.

    47. Casey says:

      I completley agree. Shes overrated and personally I think she's annoying. She's so been done before, plain and regular. Ugh please let this swift phase be over with already.

    48. Roberto says:

      If by the majority of the population you mean girls from the age of 10-22 then I suppose you have a point.

    49. Vesta says:

      Most artists these days especially the pop younguns. Have you seen gaga live? She's off a lot of the time. They just don't have the experience yet— too hyped up at being some legendary star when they haven't even been in the business that long.

      Taylor swift isn't a bad singer, she just exploded too quickly. How long of a career can they have peaking imediately on the scene? We'll find out.

    50. Vesta says:

      *most artists are bad live these days. That's what I get for typing on my iPhone!

    51. Jenna R. says:

      NG: Your comment is the most ignorant comment I have ever read. Beyonce actually has a voice, Taylor's the one that can't sing worth a damn and EVERYBODY knows it, but God forbid anybody actually SAY anything becuse we might hurt the "kid's" feelings. She's almost 20 years old and she's still singing about high school boyfriends and playing on that role, it's ridiculous!

      Seriously, Taylor Swift is the biggest joke in country music right now….first of all she's NOT EVEN COUNTRY! She's only popular for three reasons: #1, Because she remixes her songs so they can be played on pop and hip hop stations and she gains a more mainstream fanbase, #2 Because little tweeny/teeny fangirls can relate to her lyrics, and #3 Because of the whole Kanye thing. THAT'S IT! Her songwriting skills are EXTREMELY overrated: Alan JAckson, Brad Paisley, and Miranda Lambert all write their own songs too and they don't get HALF the praise for it, and they're lyrics are 10x better.

      Her vocals are just pathetic. She couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag….she is the most overrated singer I have ever seen. She's either singing flat or off key, and she clearly doesn't know HOW to sing (she pushes her voice out the wrong way, she sounds very nasaly and weak). And yet EVERYBODY buys into this bullsh*t because she's "nice and sweet". Fame has gone to that girl's head and if you can't see it's because you don't want to see it. Over the past 3 years she has become extremely full of herself because she's so used to hearing how "good" she is.

      IT'S BULL. She can't sing, her lyrics are unimpressive, and yet you all praise her….get your hearing checked and wake up people, take notice to some REAL talent. Taylor Swift is nothing but an overrated poser that is the current "it girl" among the teens and tweens, just like the Jonas Brothers once were (where are they anyway?). In 3 years you won't be hearing about her anymore, she does not have the vocals to survive in Nashville.

    52. Ayana says:

      Yes she wom Entertainer of the year at the CMA but reba and martina have got plenty od dues. Yes she beat out Beyonce but Beyonce later won at the end of the show. And are you really mad she beat out Michael cause If I remembr correctly Michael won 4 out of 5 awards at the AMA so why all the hate. I mean dont get me wrong I love your articles but your examples are TERRIBLE.

    53. Sam says:

      i'm starting to think one of her PR people bribed Kanye to do that.

      And i'm not crazy about Beyonce but whenever i'm working out and single ladies comes on my ipod it pumps me up so much that i can stay on the machine for another 10 minutes, thank god for that song!

      And no one will EVER beat out MJ, NO ONE!!! i could care less if the man's dead, he IS the king of pop! LOL

    54. Gina says:

      No kidding! Taylor Swift is one of the worst singers I have ever sing, and her stupid cliche lyrics are not country. She gets all this praise for writing her own songs, but she has yet to write a TRUE country song, and any real country fan knows what a true one is. (And no, it's not writing about Drew or a Love Story) Thankfully her fan base consists of tween and teen girls….the phase will be over in 2-3 years. You can only shove someone down peoples throats for so long before a person throws up.

    55. Chloe says:

      This article is SO TRUE!

    56. b says:

      Gina… how do you "sing" somebody? And anyway, "teardrops on my guitar" is most definitely country.

      Like another commenter said, she's been around way longer than most of you non-country listeners know… several years, in fact. She has been number 1 on both country and pop charts WAY before "kanye-gate."

    57. mollination says:

      I knew this was coming.

      Someone needs to coin a term for this: when people like to be the first to naysay against something gaining in popularity.

    58. justme says:

      I just actually heard from an insider that Taylor Swift does not really write her own songs…it's a hush hush.. she was born into rich parents and they pay some people to write her songs.. she just gives a theme or an idea and the songwriters wrote them..

      i liked her but her live performances are not that impressive if you watched the VMA ad with her singing, it was so flat… i don't know if i was the only person to notice…especially the ending part of the song…

      This insider also added that it's so sad nowadays because artists become recognized because of how they dress, behave, how they look like and how rich they are. Not necessarily because of talent think about a lot of artists who are as good or are even better than the popular singers nowadays…they can't even have a break because they have no connections. I actually try to watch local NJ and NY talents perform and oh boy a lot of them are really good.

    59. justme says:

      oh and i wanna add something.. I think her appearance helped her a lot too.. i mean she is tall, blonde and pretty. If she is not pretty, do you think she will be as popular now? I don't think so…

      Taylor Swift fans … I cannot believe how deaf you can be.. oh my gosh she is usually off key when she performs live.. even on TV!

    60. Kim - Stanford says:

      i just loveeeeeeeeee me some tayswift.

    61. Andrea says:


      OMFG!!! What was that about? Winning awards she doesn't deserve… GRRRRRRRRRR!

    62. tyler says:

      this post is win

    63. Susan Mueni says:

      Been wondering the same thing myself, I mean, its not like she's so amazing or has more than four hit songs or anything (personally, I only know 1). But, judging by the number of times she has flashed the satanic hook 'em hand sign, I bet she sold her soul to the devil that's why all the music awards are exaggerating in their nominations of her….

    64. X says:

      I totally agree with what you said…i've been saying the same damn thing since the wannabe-country but actually-pop-tart began her climb to the top of the pile o' sh*t. When her music comes on I immediately change the station. Taylor Sh*t is a fad and you know what that means? Fads fade. Look at LeAnn Rimes FFS! And look up Taylor Swift sucks on youtube…she gives the most horrible live performances I have ever seen! She only wins because Kanye hurt her wittle feelings (sniff, sniff.) Gaga and Beyonce are performers with real talent… Taylor Sh*t, is basically a watered-down soft version of Avril Lavigne! You belong with me is the corny, pop-infested 'good girl' version of Girlfriend! She even copied the video by playing both girls! F*CK!

    65. laurie says:

      i don't mind taylor swift so much, since i tend not to listen to the radio that often. but um…about beyonce's "jaw-dropping choreography…" it's not hers. it's bob fosse's. all she did was put on a robot hand and ghetto it up. look it up on youtube; i think it's called "mexican breakfast."

      she's just the ghetto christina.

    66. Lily says:

      I'm probably in the growing number of people who fully agree with you. Her voice is mediocre, and her songs may be catchy yet also somewhat juvenile, considering that she's practically in her 20's and doesn't seem to be letting go of the prom dresses and high school boy crises anytime soon. Taylor Swift has become just that: Taylor Swift, another full name, another over-marketed, overexposed celebrity figure and "it" person of the moment. Personally, I don't care how sweet or unassuming she seems, as it's obviously just a part of her well crafted image. I don't see her as having staying power and becoming a great or classic ever, though.

    67. sauer kraut says:

      Not only is Beyonce over-rated, her voice is muy irritating. Kanye isn't worth mentioning. He's got less value than a broken screw driver.

    68. MissTJade says:

      First things first – there are plenty of artists – PLENTY of them – that don't write, can't really sing, can't dance, can't do much of anything "really". But they still win things for other reasons, whether that's popularity, their PR, etc.

      Second, does anyone at least want to give credit for the fact that society reacted correctly to what Kanye did? Whether or not what he said was true or you agree with it, Taylor deserved at least to a point to get her confidence back. I mean, an established artist who many people already look up to INTERRUPTED her during an AWARD speech. Whether that award was for best hair or best video, it doesn't matter.

      From Taylor's perspective, getting these awards for the first time is a big deal. Yes, she has a lot of fans but she obviously feels personally that she has a lot to prove. And so she needed her confidence to be boosted just a little bit when someone people already listen to comes up and basically says she's not worthy. I mean come on, wouldn't you feel like absolute crap? You would start thinking about hm, maybe there are other people who think I don't deserve this too if this guy made it such a big deal.

      All I'm saying is that yes, Taylor Swift is played WAY too much on the radio (especially after this), she is not the BEST singer (but, to some of you others, have you listened to that "winner" Carrie Underwood lately? Talk about screaming in your ear…), but she has guts, she has charisma, personality, and a talent that not everyone has. She has a long way to go before she may be the "star" people already see her as, but the point is that they know she'll go far and that's why they support her.

      Again, it may be annoying, and I myself say all the time how tired I am of her, but in this argument all I can say is that I'm no more tired of Taylor than I am of Lady Gaga, Beyonce wars, Carrie Underwood and plethora of others who very undeservingly receive so much attention for the weirdest things.

    69. UGH says:

      Beyonce's jaw dropping choreography?!?!? Is this some kind of a joke?!? Her Single Ladies video was basically 3 women who look exactly the same, in granny panties spreading their legs….one of the most BORING videos I have seen in my entire life. No meaning, no sence, no message there and to top it off, it's set the most annoying song ever made. The only thing the video prooves is how little originality Beyonce has and how average looking she is.

      Maybe Taylor didn't deserve the award, but she definitely deserved it MORE than Beyonce.

    70. ........ says:

      I don't understand people who say someone doesn't deserve an award. Says who? You may think she doesn't deserve it, but the majority disagrees. Personally, I do think she's overrated, but it remains a fact that she did win fair and square, because the most people voted for her. And let's face it, Beyonce is a billion times more overrated. She could probably get the most overrated female of the century award. She's really not even good..she takes other people's choreography/style/looks/beats, changes it just a bit and then uses it as her own. That's not an artist, that's a copycat.:)

    71. laila says:

      first off, İ don't like Taylor Swift's music and İ am very suspicious of her image and songwriting. İ know she doesn't have much of a voice. İ personally don't think her lyrics are anything to boast about though they are catchy. But İ lso don't think she writes her own songs. İ think she puts an idea or a few phrases out and her ''co-writers'' actually write it for her but are paid to keep the full details hush hush. İ think she has gotten as far as she has gotten because of her looks and teen fanbase. İ do think she is a pretty girl and should be a model rather than a singer. because she is mediocre at best. People are so amazed by her because supposedly she writes her own songs and hold a guitar. İ also see her playing the same 3-4 chords that everyone learns on guitar and all of a sudden they declare her a guitar player. İt's all about image. The modelesque girl with her shiny guitar and America's sweetheartsmile. She has great PR.

    72. The Dude says:

      She may be over rated, but who isn't these days, Lady Ga Ga ? Are you shitting me, Amy Winehouse? Ditto. MTV did all it could to destroy real music, they were and are and always will be the single biggest disaster to ever befoul good old Rock & Roll with their poison touch. First it was ramming Rap and Hip Hop down white folk's throat, so they tuned out and CMT hopped on the bandwagon and invented truly shitty pop music disguised as country music. White folk's bailed in droves and who the hell could blame them. MTV made it all about the look's and all about the big money video, if you had neither you were shit out of luck. So Taylor Swift is over rated, who gives a shit? She is amazing to look at and she could sit her over rated purty little ass down on my face any damn time and then I could die the happiest man on the planet. Hell I'd settle for Jessica Simpson for damn sure, talk about over rated, but with the beautiful petite but built like a brick outhouse body she had, damn, the same, if I was going to be executed I would request her sweet little pie for my last meal. It hasn't had a damn thing to do with music for at least a decade or two now, people have been so brainwashed by listening to mediocre pop bullshit they could care less , as long as they have a pretty white face to "sing" it they will buy it and pay to see them in concert. Get over it, welcome to the reality of the idiot box controlling everybody's brains, and other part's, we were warned that television rot's your brain and now you have all the proof you need.

    73. Jen says:

      This is so true. Has anyone ever heard this girl sing live? She's terrible. She sang at the New Year's thing in NYC last year and more recently on Dancing with the Stars..omg. The girl couldn't find her key if it bit her in the ass. The biggest star in country music is tone deaf and that's sad. I'd hate to be the guy that has to make her sound presentable on the recording. That's gotta be the most difficult job ever.

    74. Jacob says:

      Taylor Swift is, in my opinion, quite the overrated "singer" if you'd call it that. Honestly I might not hate her music as much as I do if I didn't have a little sister that plays the same two songs over and over. I do give it to her promoters and her record company, because honestly they made her what she is. If you don't agree, then set your personal Taylor craze aside for five minutes and watch a video of her live performances. It sounds nothing like her studio recording, and its pretty painful.

      Yeah, thats about it… Ohh on MJ, he really didn't deserve to be nominated but he was amazing in his day. Ehh and Kanye… I agree, but he didn't have to be so rude about it

    75. Michael Goot says:

      I agree!! But just one thing Michael Jackson didn't put anything out this year but yet some how we have to recogniz him because the drug addict O.D. Everything else your dead on. I also like her, for my own perv reasons but ya she good but not great.

    76. L.A. Rag Mag says:

      […] Is Taylor Swift overrated? var linkwithin_site_id = 32804; (function () { var elem = document.createElement('script'); elem.type = 'text/javascript'; elem.src = 'http://www.linkwithin.com/widget.js?rand=' + Math.random(); document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(elem); })(); […]

    77. Chris says:

      I don't like either of them. Taylor can't sing, and she needs to grow the hell up. She's 19 or 20 years old and she's writing songs for 13 – 16 year old girls.

      Beyonce a really annoying voice and 'single ladies' or whatever that songs called is a piece of crap, and the video to it sucks.

    78. Nikki says:

      Wow, i totally agree with you. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's cute, and down to earth… but not comparable to some of the musicians we have out there. Her songs are cute and catchy, but not multi-award worthy.

    79. Chris says:

      "Taylor Sh*t, is basically a watered-down soft version of Avril Lavigne!"

      That's pretty sad if you're a watered-down soft version of Avril Lavigne, who is a watered down version of pop-punk, which is a watered down version of real punk.

    80. Anneliese says:

      This is COMPLETELY true!

      Everything about her is overrated!

      There are SO many more talented artists out there in the music industry, who are struggling to be recognised because of pop culture!

      Soon enough, everyone will look back and think, 'Oh yeah… Taylor Swift… I remember I used to listen to her songs! Wonder what she's doing now…'

    81. […] Taylor Swift is overrated – College Candy […]

    82. Danny says:

      I will not disagree that taylor swift is overrated. I will say, however, that she is far from a country singer. I am not a fan of country music myself, but being brought up a musician and playing for 14 years, it is in my opinion that country music usually needs the country lyrics, jangle and pedal steel guitar sound… I dunno. Maybe I'm just old fashioned?

    83. Tinkerbell says:

      Too busy to read all comments. Cute girl, cute tune, not country, more what we'd call bubblegum in my day. Hence the popularity, bubblegum reaches the masses.

      On par with the mature artist MJ grew to be? Please, come on.

      That said, I like her, she is refreshing, positive, blah, blah, blah. I hope this girl can manager her fame in a way MJ couldn't. His fame, ultimately destroyed him. I, a person who never knew him, still feel culpable somehow in the destruction of this great talent clearly a gift from God. I think this girl (Taylor) had the fortune of a childhood. Ironically, it likely means she will never be the worldwide mega star MJ was… The hunger to find external love isn't as storng as it was with MJ.

      Ok I'm gnatering, cute girl, cute song… will be surprised if we know her name 10 years from now… but, I welcome surprises!

    84. J says:

      Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

    85. Val says:

      OK, I have been a country fan forever. Country Music. Brooks and Dunn, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Wynonna Judd, Kenny Rogers, you get the idea, Taylor Swift can technically win the same award as Johnny Cash, are you kidding me? Her voice is NOT only country, its whinny and annoying. How the hell did she ever become famous?

    86. Casey says:

      All of you complaining and saying "she's terrible" "her voice is like nails on a chalkboard" and "how did she ever become famous" need to realize that what constitutes who is a "good" musician or not is popular opinion, and the popular opinion is that Taylor swift is good. So sorry, but it's time to face the fact that you guys are WRONG.

    87. yoli says:

      I felt sorry for taylor the first time I heard her sing live..terrible, the second time I held my breath hoping she could stay on key…. Taylor is very cute but cannot sing live. (but I must say her music on the radio sounds way better)

      I agree with you!

    88. lacey92122 says:

      Ok, I'm a Country music fan, and IMO Taylor Swift is not only over rated, but she is not even Country. She is a pop singer with a slightly country sound. She is only a so/so guitarist, and her voice is thin, she is often flat or off key. And while she may write her own stuff, it is very juvenile stuff. I compare her to Leanne Rimes(Country) and Jonny Lang(Blues/Rock) both of whom at 14 had an amazing and unique sound, and sang songs with a level of maturity usually only found in much older performers. Both will be able to sing their early stuff till the end of their careers. Leanne is one of the few performers I've heard successfully cover both Patsy Cline and Janis Joplin. Taylor doesn't come close.

    89. orangeinsomniac says:

      I could really like Taylor Swift if she would just stop writing the same song over and over again. I was done with her after Teardrops on My Guitar. Seriously, Taylor, you're like 20, get over high school.

    90. Me says:

      This is the best article i have ever read about her…her songs are all the same with the same rythem and beat…beyonce cant sing either…i cant agree on that…but she is by far the most overrated star …EVER!!! I'm so glad someone decided to say this…

    91. […] 4. Taylor Swift – As much as I could do without Kanye, I could also take a break from you, lovely Taylor. You really racked up the awards this year. Good for you, but I think you’re a bit overrated. […]

    92. haylie says:

      I dont think beyonce's video was any better than taylors, all she did was stand around in a leotard and shake her fingers back and forth… thats all i saw anyways, taylors music videos play out the song, and i love any artist who does that in a music video instead of just stand around and sing.. but thats just my opinion..

    93. Anna says:

      I think michael vein nominated for all of those awards and winnin most of them was complete bull shiiit. Those were all sympathy awards. and the same goes for Taylor. I mean freaking vocalist of the year?!?! YEAH RIGHT. her song you belong with me was a total copy of saving jane's the girl nextdoor. nothing original whatsoever. she needs to find something new to write about.

    94. michelle says:

      All these taylor swift fans are getting all upset for the ones who give good points for not liking her. Here's how i see it,she is a ok singer but for goodness sake shes 20 still writing about the high school days honestly,if she wants to be able to get in the grammys next year she may wanna change the stuff she sings about and i agree with anna you belong with me was just the 2009 version of girl next door

    95. Atlantis says:

      I'll go one up on you and tell the whole freaking world, I CANNOT STAND HER MUSIC AND WISH SHE'D FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! I don't care how sweet or "innocent" she is, I'm sooo sick of hearing her voice on the damn radio that I immediately change the station or shut it off. I would welcome with open arms the sounds of nails on a chalkboard over her little whiney non-singing voice. Plus, I don't care if MJ is dead or not, she should have never even be put in the same category as him as she DOES NOT RATE!!!!

    96. jack says:

      She sucks and can't sing!!!!!

    97. jack says:

      Where did atlantis' post go? Atlantis was right on when she said Taylor didn't rate to be put in the same category as Michael!

    98. Sharon says:

      I guarantee you Taylor Swift would not even qualify for going to Hollywood on American Idol!!!


    99. Marina Kofman-Garcia says:

      I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE LAUREN! YOU ROCK! YOU INSPIRED ME TO CREATE A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE from your Writing! I could not have it better myself! – *don't worry, I gave you the necessary props"! I AM SO SICK OF PEOPLE putting this girl on the same level as giants like Reba! cammon now! Spread the word! goal is to get 1 million + members by the end of the year! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716226554&…

    100. jacob says:

      shes hot

    101. Moriah says:

      i'm sorry, but i def disagree with you! taylor is amazing and she worked hard for all of those awards and she deserved every single one she got and gets. and yes, michael was amazing, but he's dead. you have to put the past behind you, and we have to put michael behind us. everyone will always remember him because he is unforgettable, but we need to move on and see the great artists that are standing right in front of us. i think taylor is WAY better than reba and gaga. beyonce is amazing and i did love her single ladies vid, but taylor's you belong with me was awesome and very true. when she dances around her room while singing with a hairbrush, is so lifelike because if you're any fun at all then you do that. so sorry, but i STRONGLY disagree with you.

    102. mitch says:

      DUDE. best article ever bro. I'm glad that someone FINALLY gets it.

    103. Kaitlin Kayte says:

      i think a lot of taylors songs have the samw lyrics and there all about the same thing maybe she should stop writing songs about love and what not and dont get me wrong i love her songs i think theyre great and a lot of them are my favourite songs but i'd like to see some more diversity in her songs..

      but in my opinion she is a great artist but maybe shes getting too much attention for her work.

      if that makes sence at all ..

    104. Jana says:


      she is GREAT


      she is way overrated, i mean okay, i can literally listen to a song of hers for the first time and sing along with the lyrics even though i havent heard it before. thats one thing that bugs me how, even though her lyrics and tunes are catchy, it's something anyone can write, and her voice isnt all that great, i know people who go to the same school as me and they have like WAY better voices.

      i love taylor shes amazing, but overrated? i agree. and i agreed with Kanye, he was speaking what most of us wouldve thought anyways.

    105. Darren says:

      NJ, I listen to Taylor Swift, and Beyonce is way better than her, and to everybody who thinks MJ (the greatest entertainer that ever lived) only got all his awards after his death is because of his death, you are so wrong, MJ had more albums sold last year, which caused his songs and albums to renter the charts. Michael Jackson, Long Live the King of Music, R.I.P.

    106. autumn says:

      Look shut up!!! You shouldnt talk bad about her i am country and i sing so stop being a city girl and get you butt over here and see what it is like to be country you are probely one of those stuck up preppy girls so shut up ok country rules who is with me ok see my point so shut up jealous!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    107. autumn says:

      i am srry i just love taylor swift and my dream is to be a singer as great as her it is my dream i love taylor swift and she is my insperatshion ok

    108. sweatpie says:

      i am country to so be quiet taylor swift just wants to live her dream

    109. Justin says:

      shut up

    110. Justin says:

      I am country

      so shut up

    111. Eric says:

      I agree with a lot of what Lauren said above. Taylor is cute. Her songs, talent, looks, everything about her is mediocre and I think that's what underlines the reason why she is so popular. She is mediocre. She doesn't intimidate people. She's more like all of the random no ones out there who have the same feelings. She feels like a real person and I don't think that's something to reward her for. She is everywhere. But that being said Lady Gaga and Beyonce are even more places. Both ladies work very very very hard. Speaking on the intimidation factor. Beyonce is this larger than life personality, presence, and talent that many are threatened by. She can't be stopped and won't be. She's not just a dancer lol. Her voice does not sound like nails on a chalk board lol if anything that's Taylor. Lady Gaga also intimidates people because she's different and people don't like what they don't understand most of the time, they're afraid of it. Many though can't relate with Taylor Swift. I relate more with Beyonce and Lady Gaga. All of this being said, Beyonce is more talented and will continue to be, same with Gaga. Beyonce could walk away without a single award at the Grammys and it won't matter. She's a near legend in this business and her talent is what keeps her going. When she wins awards I can tell that she doesn't even care about them up there. I don't salute mediocrity in music or anywhere. Let's stop with the Britneys, Janets, and Ciaras and now the Taylors, and start rewarding hardworking talent and vision. Also, I know from someone who knows all of Taylor's people, she's a known bitch.

    112. Eric says:

      Last words.."laurie says:

      Thu, 3rd Dec 20099:49 pm

      i don’t mind taylor swift so much, since i tend not to listen to the radio that often. but um…about beyonce’s “jaw-dropping choreography…” it’s not hers. it’s bob fosse’s. all she did was put on a robot hand and ghetto it up. look it up on youtube; i think it’s called “mexican breakfast.”

      she’s just the ghetto christina."

      I would call you a few Bs and some Cs and some other stuff but you're not worth it. Paying homage to amazing choreography and updating it, bringing it to a new generation is not unoriginal. People sample songs all the time, yet no one says anything until Beyonce does it. That video was mesmerizing. She ghetto'd it up? Haha, that video was very classy. Besides that, Beyonce is the ghetto Christina? Christina acts more ghetto than Beyonce most of the time. Beyonce actually isn't very ghetto at all. You say that because she's black. Actually she's Louisianan Creole which is a very diverse mix. I'm glad you made the comparison actually. Christina is an amazing singer and guess what so is Beyonce. The only difference is that Beyonce continually gets better. Her growth from the late 90s til now is nothing short of amazing. And I guess you would be right in saying she's the ghetto Christina. Blacks do do it better. It's no coincidence that two of the biggest pop acts ever Michael and Beyonce are black, they worked so hard and up until his death michael still was and Beyonce won't stop. All racist comments aside, everyone in music respects Beyonce because they know she's one of the most talented artists to come through in a long time. Paul McCartney was just commenting on how if something was good enough for BEYONCE then it is for him too. Take that take that! Take that take that! That's a little Chris Tucker for you.

    113. Justin says:

      taylor rules you suck

    114. G says:

      THANK YOU.

      You make some really valid points there.

      To all those people who say Taylor Swift is better than Beyoncce, Lady Gaga, or anybody else out there with -talent-… all I have to say is “seriously?”

      Look, Beyonce is a great dancer, and she pops out vocals left and right reaching ranges that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston could. Yes, Single Ladies was definitely annoying, but if anything, her triumph with Destiny’s Child and her catchy solo tunes, I’d say she definitely wins the spot when it comes to “being better”.

      (I’m not a pop lover. But I can see the differences.)

      Take this for example: Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera.
      Britney Spears needs to autotune her horrid vocals in order to sound somewhat legit. On top of that her vocals without a machine can only reach to a certain range. Same with Taylor’s. In fact, Taylor has the range that Hilary Duff and fucking Miley Cyrus have… which is basically equal to nothing. Their highest note is a Mariah, Whitney, and Yes Beyonce can reach with NO PROBLEMS.
      Christina Aguilera doesn’t even have to try. Her vocals are amazing without ever sounding like she’s trying to gasp for her breath while singing live. Same with Beyonce’s. Taylor’s doesn’t do a naked mole rat’s voice justice.

      Just think about it: this logic is COMPLETELY logical.

      Also, Taylor is the definition of the kind of pop that is disposable. Her lyrics aren’t as original, and her voice can’t really do anything to make them memorable. Country -is- disposable these days. I liked country (And I’m freakin HISPANIC) when it sounded almost bluesy and folky. Patsy Cline in a way. But Taylor takes “country” and makes it pop. You can’t even tell her song from a Hilary Duff song, let along a Demi Lovato or whatever her name is song.

      Another good point this article makes is that she isn’t pushing any envelopes. She isn’t doing the Lady Gaga thing, where everytime there’s something new and exciting (and I HATE lady gaga too).

      As you can see, talent is observed through many eyes, but the obvious is apparent. Sure you can say she’s the “all-american girl” with the positive edge, but PLEASE, Mandy Moore filled those shoes long ago, and even Taylor Swift can’t compare to Mandy Moore.

      I think Taylor should thank Kanye for his douche move. Now she’s all over the place, getting pity parties thrown for her sad and pathetic music and cheeky cheesy pop album.

      If I haven’t made a point, I don’t know WHO has.

    115. Casey says:

      G, while you're right, she's not as good as some people in the past, that really isn't the point. The point is that the majority of people in this country LOVE. HER. MUSIC. And THAT is why she is so famous and all over the place. She was big and everywhere BEFORE Kanye, DUH! She was winning a fricken award when he made that douche move! So while she may not be the most talented she is THE BEST because people want her to be and vote for her, and THAT is all that matters.

    116. Acer says:

      This is all a big charade that the white western media publicize and hyped up Taylor Swift for what had happened to her at the VMAs. I know that she is young and a talent singer to a lot of younger fans, however, I still think that she is surely not the BEST because there are a lot of people who are better than her. And for those who think that Kanye aint s**t, let me say this for one, I know that he pride himself too much and what he did was wrong and it was unfair for Taylor, but he was also right about his opinion about the VMAs, saying Bush don't care about black people which took a lot of courage to finally call him out, he done fund-raising in the communities, and he have done more good than bad, so why call Kanye a scum of the Earth, while you have Adolf Hitler and other a-holes like him who were responsible for killing a lot of people in the past and something like that I would consider them scums but not Kanye, Despite that little incident why do we really hate this guy, is it because he rich, dress fancy, is it because he's black, or is it because we don't like him very much or even is it because what the Media wants us to think. I don't really care if people disagree with my comments because they have their own opinions and I respect that. I am not really a fan of both Kanye and Taylor, but I wish both a good luck in the future and people please think about the things that I have said on this comment.

    117. joe isuzu says:

      You didn't have to sugar coat your opinion, you are correct. She is at best an amateur level singer, she writes ok songs but nothing we will remember in ten years.

    118. Nicole says:

      I agree with you.. She's just another pretty face. Also, music is poetry, not some high school girl's diary.

    119. millie says:

      Ok, I'll hunt you down in your sleep just to tell you that I adore you so much. This is what I've been trying to say. But obviously my friends will eat me alive for that. I thought it was impossible to s/o that has the same opinion as I do. And here you are…

      By the way I don't hate Taylor. I do love her, I mean who doesn't? She's cute, talented, writes such amazing songs. But still I have to admit, her voice is not good enough to beat Beyonce,Martina McBride and Reba McEntire or even Lady Gaga. Btw I think everybody was overreacting by saying bad things 'bout Kanye. B/c whatever they think, he's kinda right.

      And finally, I'm srr but she's not as good as people said she is and I think she's not where she was suppose to be right now.

    120. Bob says:

      OMG !!!! What has happened to the world ? Taylor would NOT make it to Hollywood on freaking American Idol !

      God help us —- standards have dissolved to 0 !!!!!!!

    121. Daniel says:

      What the big deal is that you don't have to dance like Beyonce to be an artist! Since when is dance and choreography grounds for musical artistry? Seriously? And you don't have to have a voice like Mariah or Celine to write and sing good songs! She is an artist like none other- not singing others songs like Reba, but all her own from her own life, in her OWN VOICE!

      I think she is the new standard for musical artistry. Lose the autotuners, fake voices, and fancy dance moves. We want REAL music from a real voice.

    122. Shea says:

      THE MOST OVERRATED PERSON IN MUSIC HISTORY! She's cute and makes catchy songs but her vocals are very avarage. I am a professional singer and I know vocals. She has the same voice as any other 16 year old (even though shes like 20). My daughter is 12 and singers better than Taylor Swift.

    123. Michelle says:

      I personally do not agree. Taylor swifts video was much better and less ANYOING then Beyonce's song All the single ladies. Beyonce is a great singer but if i were to chose i would have to go with Taylor on this one.

    124. Randy Fox says:

      Taylor Swift is so overated. She at best is no better then Miss Cyrus. They are both bubble gummers who for what ever reason have sold the goods to the uneducated or maybe lets say some promotional guru. Her duet with Steven Nicks was totally crappy and she is constantly flat, sharp, and couldn,t even make the top 100 on American Idol. Get real people lets call it at as it is. No more fluff.

    125. Ted Twifford says:

      Taylor sucks and we all know it or lets say any one with some what a ear for talent. Some one is pushing her false image around and making bank on it. She is one of the worst I have heard and especially one making a crap load of undeserving money to boot. She is a disgrace to the music scene and should step aside and let the ever so unappreciated real talent of the world the room to make a deserving income.

      Sara Paline might like it who knows. Taylor should run for a senate seat. It all seems to go hand n hand.


    126. […] said it before and I’ll say it again: Taylor Swift is overrated. And if I was at the Grammys last night, I probably would have chugged a bottle of Hennessy and […]

    127. cheryl passmore says:

      Some listeners are tone deaf, and they are the ones who think

      Taylor Swift sings good ! She is terrible doing live performances, and only fair on the radio. I feel sorry for whoever has to make her sound good on albums…that has to be tedious at best. She writes OK songs, but she should have other qualified singers SING them. She cant sing. The main reason she is so popular is because of all the teenagers who relate to her. All the teens I know only listen to the music and words, not the quality of the singers voice! I saw a video of one of her live gigs where she was in another country. It was so bad I felt sorry for her band as well as the audience. When it was done only about 10 people clapped (or less)

      The audience knew it was awful and didnt know what to do.

      Im sure they were wondering as a lot of us do…How in the world did she get a recording contract ???? And truthfully she wouldnt last 1 day on American Idol…she wouldnt pass the audition !!

      Clean out your ears and really listen to her voice, It isnt very good at all.

    128. Truth says:

      Movie awards shows are full of awards for actors in movies you never even saw. Thats because awards are for talent not tini-bopper popularity. We have lost this rule in music awards. If anyone here has commented that Taylor is tenented you are being childish. Name one singer in her age or type of music that she is better than…Go ahead I'll wait. You can't. Taylor should not win awards because millions of little girls or immature adults think her song is catchy. No singing talent and probably only co- writes her music. Swallow your pride and at least admit this much is true.

    129. Casey says:

      Truth, I agree with you 100%. But that's not really the point here.

    130. nini says:

      michael jackson is dead but the difference is that he cared about real situations and not silly things like sex etc. Artists these days sing but they do not touch me like michael. very materalistic and fake. iF BEyonce dosent not shake her bum she cant sell, hideous role model its entertainment but we need more than that. Many people sing meaningful songs but awards like the grammys have failed to look for subsatnce in music. Mj is dead, Music is wack now. What are we going to teach our kids. Figure it out

    131. JOJO says:

      I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    132. DeeDee says:

      You are SO SO Right. She is a little girl who wants to play grown up. I did like her singing – but its certainly not near as good as they would like you to think it is. She proved that on the Grammys.

    133. Truth says:

      JoJo, Are the judges on American Idol jelous? Is the whole world jelous when they vote for for one person and not the other? We're just giving our opinion. My opinion is that awards should be awarded for the right reasons. You said enough by saying Lady GaGa is cool. Thanks for nothing.

    134. Harvy LOpez says:

      Taylor brought country music to a higher level…she's really a phenomenon!!!

    135. […] agree, College Candy. Thank you for having the guts to expose it all. And might I also add, undeserving and […]

    136. Kaytee(: says:

      I agree about Taylor Swift being overrated, I dont like her at all! I think she gets involved to much into her music and expects everyone lover her and what she does. Also, she wants everyone to give her all these awards. But truthfully, to me, she's not that great at all, Single Ladies from Beyonce should have one t

    137. Kaytee(: says:

      hat award, I think what Kanye West did, she deserved, and i don't care what he did, but Beyonce is soooo much better!(:

    138. MJJ:D says:

      "Taylor worked her ass off for everything she got this year, and she earned it all on her own, before Kanye and after Kanye"

      Sure,look at this.

      Our dear Michael Jackson worked his ass off until his album "Thriller" sold 110 million copies worldwide.He earned it all on his own.And he still has alot of unreleased songs.

      Don't misunderstand me.I like Taylor.I enjoy listening to her songs.But I agree with some of the ppl here that most of her songs are about Boys.Love.Love.Boys.High-school romance.Her fan base is mostly 12-16 year olds.And after listening to her songs for some time,will you get bored?10 years down the road,will the radio stations play her songs?

      ONLY if her fans are loyal😀

      For me what matters,as an artist,is that you are able to influence,you are able to have that kind of pull that makes your fans crave for more.

      Compare Michael's Grammy performance with Taylor.

      You get what I mean.

      "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work." -Michael Jackson

    139. courtney says:

      taylor is the best singer ever and i like her song lovestory and you belong with me

    140. Truth says:

      courtney it prab past your bed time.

    141. Payton Fleet says:

      "TROBS". okaay. well if you're such a freaking dedicated fan.. get out of here.

      the girl clearly said I LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT. and how many comments do you need saying " i have nothing against her" to understand the point ? you really need to RELAX. this is an opinion-based piece. that means she giving her opinion.

      shes not giving yours, and she not giving anyone else, shes giving her own. so theres no need to get all passive-agressive and defensive.

      BEETEEBUUDS. im sorry if that sounded bitchy. it really wasnt meant to be. only meant in a poisitive light. cause i like t-swifty too. i've just been on the writer's side of the computer.

    142. […] I didn’t see this much hate on CollegeCandy since one writer expressed her disdain for Taylor Swift. And rightfully so. Yes it was meant to be a joke, but we in Canada aren’t entirely laughing […]

    143. agreed says:

      i agree. taylor swift is sooooo overated. i mean i like her,she's ok, but to win every award wherever she turns, its like, cmon now! her songs are catchy –like one time i couldnt get them out of my head, but they arent brilliant and its all about the same subject. im not hating on her, again i like her, but i just have to agree that she is overated.

    144. hammy116 says:

      Taylor Swift is a simple, pure songwriter with a heart of gold…that's why people like her. She doesn't have to dress up like a freak like Lady Gaga or take most of her clothes off like Beyonce to shine. And if Kanye's rant boosted her career, well, so what. Give the girl a break and let her shine. Michael Jackson definitely already had his moment in the spotlight and so have most of these other musicians you're using to compare.

      This article sounds more like jealousy than anything else to me.

    145. diane haynes says:

      I like Taylor Swift,I think she is humble and sweet.I also like Kellie Pickler,she is so funny.But,i can't stand Carrie Underwood,she thinks shes hot stuff.Her career has gone to her head and on her new video un undo it she struts around like a chicken.If you ask me a lot of people are just jealous of Taylor,she sets a really good example for these young girls,at least shes not half dressed and out partying.

    146. dave says:

      i don't like taylor swift, but i'm not sure why you think beating michael jackson was wrong…what has michael jackson done to earn artist of the year? die? yeah, that's not much of an artistic accomplishment…

    147. Belesh34 says:

      Hellu I feelt like Making this thread so.. hi:)

    148. […] What a miserable, miserable performance. Did anyone notice she was barefoot the whole time? I am so sick of this girl and our recap put it best saying, “I was really hoping this new song would be called […]

    149. […] run, I was probably thinking the same thing as you.  Wait, you were actually surprised to find out she wrote a song about someone who did her wrong?  Right, because she’s never tried that one before.  (Ahem: Tears on My Guitar, You’re Not […]

    150. Tired of Taylor Swif says:

      Thanks GAWD someone is speaking out against this.. what is all the HYPE for ? she is OK, all of her songs are actually starting to sound the same (and getting WAY overplayed), she is nothing special, just ok, seems like a nice person but we don't really know her, average stuff..

      I hope she goes away for a little while and gives us all a break:) maybe get a new sound, change it up a little… no offense to her, but it just feels like she played the sympathy card and a lot of people went awwwww, poor thing, and now praise her because of her age, that's not the real world…and her whiney voice is really getting annoying😉 hope she grows up and gets some womanly vocal cords:)

    151. Tired of Taylor Swif says:

      lol, just read above there about carrie underwood, I agree, and she has a funny shaped melon head

    152. […] high-level music critics are just like us: they love a little gossip.  So when T.Swift released a collection of new material that smashes a whole new group of men, they tried to piece together the deadbeat target of each […]

    153. Miki says:

      I agree with this article. LOL. Still, she is not, and certainly won't be the last, over-hyped musical artist. Its ALL through out the entertainment biz. I am constantly saying, "WTF" when I see these actors, actresses, muscians, etc. raised up for NO particular reasons, and yeah, I go check them out to see what the hype is about, and then after my initial disappointment from wasted money (recession) I am again like "WTF." I went to a Taylor Swift concert, and I was thinking the entire time, "What would happen if she just sung up there with just her voice and the guitar." Fill in the blank people. I have been to concerts where real singers have done this and left me breathless. Now THAT is a real singer.

    154. […] important global issues on our minds right now, such as “Is Prince William suddenly fugly?” and “How good is Taylor Swift, really?” And then there’s that new “desire drug,” something I certainly wouldn’t want to find in my […]

    155. […] Our gal pal, Taylor Swift is nominated for vocalist of the year (and loyal CC readers know we totes agree with this nomination), so that means you’ll get another chance to see her her “oh I’m so shocked I […]

    156. none says:

      There really isn't a reason that Taylor Swift, or pretty any other pop star for that matter to be popular. None of them have a clue what music is, but that's because the are entertainers. Her lyrics are whining dramatizations of how it is to grow up as a highschool girl in white collar america. There isn't that much drama, there are not that many problems, grow the fuck up.

    157. Judy says:

      Completely agree! Taylor Swift seems like shes a lovely girl… but can she sing about anything besides love, crushes, and getting hurt? Someone needs to tell this girl there is more to life than boys boys boys boys. When you're 15, yeah, I can see your life being about boys. But shes not a kid anymore… bring some more substance into your music!

    158. elvira says:

      even if she is overrated i still love her to death she's my favorite singer! i'll tell you what's so "effing great" about her it's because she's just taylor swift i mean without her the awards would be going to some other artist anyway … i mean do you really think that people like celine dion and miley cyrus have more fans than her? and people love her because of everything you said at the beginning
      even if you're the best singer on earth but you do drugs and act like a complete douchebag I ASSURE YOU that nobody's gonna vote for your ass anyway so why not let the sweet darling down to earth girl win? it's not like beyonce hasn't ever won a fucking award

    159. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Thank you for posting this.

      Couldn't have said it better. I used to love Taylor Swift, and she has offered a lot of new stuff to the stands, but she is overrated to hell and beyond. Her vocals aren't anything to be shouting Hallelujah to the skies about. Her songs may be relatable to teenage girls, and because they're mostly about unrequited love or breaking up, obviously that is going to be the case especially in a high school standpoint. She's a role model to kids. She doesn't do drugs, smoke, wear flashy clothes or excessive makeup (usually). I get all that. But what about the actual MUSIC?

      And those awards? I find her undeserving. Just because I believe those other artists are more talented than her. She beat MJ? Hocum.

      1. Annonymos says:

        I have to agree with you. I used to like Taylor Swift until I realised that her voice was not really that nice live and her voice in her album songs seem to have a lot of editing. I moving on the another singer now.

    160. Briana says:

      I'm a Taylor fan,so i'm not gonna rain on your parade and start disrepecting because I don't do that. But we're her fans for a reason; we love what she writes about(sue us[T Swift fans]). We all have different taste and lets face it, she wins those awards because they're fan voted and she oviously is very loved. And her voice,well it's not the best but that doesn't matter. When you love an artist it's because you can relate to them and thats how many of us feel. Oh and by the way i will also defend her by saying that she is not fake at all. Not like those 20 something year old's being so scandalous just to be in the spotlight. If some people disagree i don't know what the wrold has come to. Oh and by the way many of her fans go from 12 and up.. not 16. I'm 22 by the way but i still love her cute girly songs. It'd be good if she wrote about other stuff but she's still has a long way to go.

    161. Noopur says:

      music today has gone down the drain. at least taylor swift writes her own songs. beyonce sings mainstream songs with catchy tunes that she can't even relate to. single ladies? what does she know, she's been with jay z for a while now. taylor swift's love life has been a roller coaster, and we have all seen that in the tabloids and so we know the songs she writes are genuine and relatable. she won the award because she's all in all different. her video told a story that her fans related to. beyonce's video showed that she's a kickass dancer, with an even more kickass voice, and that she can learn choreography from someone else and sing a song she doesn't relate to. taylor swift isn't perfect, but she deserved that award. if anyone's run-of-the-mill, it's beyonce. especially recently. leave the lady gaga stuff to lady gaga.

    162. Jackie says:

      I'm starting to agree with everyone who think Taylor is overrated. After the Kanye thing and the Fearless Era, girlfriend has been in our face nonstop! I thought what Kanye did was rude….BUT IT WAS SO TRUE!!

      Not only that but she sings about the SAME things all the time. Past boyfriends, breaking up, and just boys in general. It's like, "DAMN!!! How many boyfriends did you have?!".

      I do like her songs and I won't hesitate to belt out one of her songs, but Taylor Swift needs to STFU and GTFO.

    163. Gray Sods says:

      At least she doesn't think she's overrated.😀

      But still, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      I'm a Swiftie, but I don't go bashing an article. We all have our own opinions😀.

    164. Sophia says:

      The Difference between you and Taylor. You- Your not famous and dont have many fans worldwide! Taylor- A beautiful Singer who does not need your dumb ass website or anyone else stupid comments to prove that she is good. Instead of sitting on your computer and wasting time writing about horrible somebody else is, go out and make yourself better. Get a life you freak show. Taylor is Beautiful and she gets judged everyday. I would like to see you live her life for a day and she how hard she works, she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is now . Taylor, dont let those stupid haters like these dumbasses bring you down, keep going and we all love you !

      1. lexy says:

        i think people have the right to exprees what they feel.and i dont see why you have to be so worked up about it??

      2. alex says:

        well aren't you a hypocritical bitch, sitting at your own computer and wasting your time reading an article you don't like and then writing something horrible about something else.

        are you american and/or christian?

    165. guest says:

      She's not very good, but I guess it's not considered polite to say so because she's so cute and her aura is all about how her feelings are so fragile, so I guess you just let it go. Pop music isn't what it once was. That's just the way it is.

    166. electronic says:

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    167. Agree says:

      i agree with most of that. By winning king of pop once or twice wont make you any better than him. Finland won world championship in hockey but still canada, usa, russia and sweden are better than us. Winning is so much about a moment. So after you continiously beat someone and he is still alive so to make same efforts for voters than you, you are better. Tay is okay singer and gonna good looking but do you really wanna listen songs about her boyfriends when you are like 35? Well i dont.

      But anyway its an art… There is no best and the worst

    168. Anne says:

      soo true!! thanks for writing this no offence to tay but those people are way better,there just to phenomenal. Beyonce choreography was amazing and she isn't even close to be as good as the king of pop and tays songs are pretty much all the same there wasn't anything really special about that video and her voice isnt as powerful as theres….

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    173. Miss_Taylor_Hater says:

      Fuck you Taylor Swift!❤ Please do the world a favor, and suicide! That would be the perfect ending to your silly, lovesick life, wouldn't it?:)

    174. Clark Brenner says:

      What the fuck? How could anyone think that Beyonce sounds like nails on a chalkboard? Taylor Swift is obviously one of the worst singers in today’s music. She’s so generic and a lot of times her voice sounds like shit! Get it?

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