Is It So Wrong To Love Justin Bieber?

What....a dreamboat

Every once in a while (okay, maybe a little more often than that) I find myself adopting a new guilty pleasure. For a while I watched Hannah Montana on a regular basis, then came my Espresso truffle phase where I down one at Starbucks almost everyday under the pretense that if I finished it in 2 minutes the calories didn’t count. And I never seemed to shake the Spice Girls; if “Wannabe” comes on, an air mic, head bangs and some karaoke rapping will follow.

But recently a new contender has quickly moved to the top of guilty pleasure list.

Move over Miley Cyrus – Justin Beiber is my new tweenstar obsession. And boy am I feelin’ guilty right about now.

The kid is 15, but he looks about 12 and half. He’s got no body hair, he will still be mistaken for a little girl over the phone, and I honestly doubt the boy has even had an erection. But that hasn’t stopped him from releasing a CD full of romantic love songs, as if he has had 15 agonizing years of offering girls rides on his tricycle only to have them run off and play with another kid in he sandbox.

As wrong as it is, I just can’t seem to resist his sweet raspy voice and catchy beats. When his songs come on the radio I have a moment of reason: “You will change the station now, there is no way that belting out ‘One Time’ is socially acceptable.” Then I tell reason to shut-it, turn the volume to max and belt that baby like there’s no tomorrow.

About a month ago I sat in shame as my middle school aged cousins gushed over Justin, giggling and singing his songs out loud, accompanied by a dance they had made up with their friends.

“You guys are crazy,” I said rolling my eyes.

Then I left the room, shoved ear buds into my ears and selected GUILTY on my iPod, bobbing my head and shaking my hips to all 5 of Justin’s songs.

So sad. So wrong (I mean, really – this has to be illegal). So embarrassing.
But I can’t help it. That boy just…gets it.



    1. Kate says:

      Like you said he is 15 and singing love songs. Something is wrong there. I won't say his songs aren't catchy cause they are. But what does that have to say for the future generations when kids as young as 10 are singing his lyrics. What are we teaching them.

      He's going to continue to grow in popularity, yes. But for his sake he better pray that puberty is good to him, or he will be done.

    2. emily says:

      ugh he looks like a 13 year old lesbian, i don't why all my (21yo) friends love him.

    3. b says:

      haha- I have several friends who love him as well… but me, NO WAY. I hate this kid… I get major creeps listening to some little kid talking about someone being his #1 girl. No 15 year old kid has a clue- LOL. Plus, that song gets stuck in my head all the time- which I cannot stand.

      But who am I to hate… I still jam to Britney Spears, and occasionally Miley Cyrus.

    4. that guy says:

      His videos look like Andy Samberg skits!

    5. Joanna says:


    6. that guy says:

      in their unintentional hilarity yes

    7. Erich says:

      this is sorta like the Taylor Lauter idea: Just hear me out…

      The boy is 15, if college age guy wrote about his hots for a 15 yr old girl then he'd be a perv.

      Just like Taylor, I know thirty yr old women who say he's Hot and drrol over him, If it was me droolin over Miley then I would be the perv.

    8. K says:

      Kate-Did you not sing N*SYNC, BSB, and O-town when you were that age? Those songs were all about love and heart break, and we turned out just fine (so far). It's not teaching them anything terrible that hasn't been taught to tons of past generations of little girls who have had celebrity crushes. Young girls from my mom's generation were just in LOOOOVE with the Beatles, crazy about Elvis. Like I said, this happens with every generation, it's not really anything new that is going to destroy society.

      On a different note, I love Justin Bieber too. He's got more game than the college-age guys at my school haha

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    10. BG says:

      hahaha me tooooo! i am guilty 100%. sadly.

    11. EA says:

      OMgosh, cannot express how glad I am to finally know there are 21 year olds out there who like this kid. Loooool, guilty pleasure is definitely the word I'd use to describe this -For a while there, I was starting to think I was having some sort of early-life crisis…I don't find him at all attractive, it's not that bad thank God. I just can't get his songs out of my head and can't get over the paradox of a boy who looks like a poster boy for Disney being Usher's protegee and talking about "swagger".. and he actually does have swagger. Definitely one of those things I didn't think I'd live to see. Thanks college candy for your company in this guilty indulgence

    12. armi says:

      i am so not guilty because i mega love justin bieber

    13. isabell says:

      I love Justin, has a wonderful voice and is very beautiful

      is so sweet even I would like to know him but I do not think you have a chance: (

      I like his songs "Love Me", "one time"

      It's the best!

    14. angel says:

      stop fucking talk i love justin beiber

    15. elana says:

      i like him and i really do.

      he isn't that bad… i mean if he did go through puberty his voice would just be messed up and he wouldn't be famous.

      but like again said, micheal jackson had a high pitched voice but look at him now.. he is dead and really popular!

      justin can be like him,doesn't mean his voice hasn't matured doesn't mean you have to hate him. soon all those haters out there are going to regret what they said and they are going to see justin become more and more sucesful.


    16. Blue eyed girl says:

      It's sooooo hard not 2 love him, I mean come on he's cute, and his songs r soooooo awesome and fun

    17. charlotte bielieber says:


      well im charlotte (duhh) and im 12 (yes it wrong for me at 12 to love a 15 year old i cant help it) and im majorly obbsessed i love justin with all my heart i feel suicidal over him, i love him 4 his personality not money or fame(but it help alot xp) and i think about all day every min every sec not joking i dont want to love him,but i do, i want to hate him,impossible, i cry over him and cant sleep,i go to bed 4 am most nights searchin about him,weiiirrrrrddd, he likes girls with brown hair,brown eyes,fit body,can sing and a last name beggining wid b,i have blonde hair,blue eyes,i dont feel fit,i cant sing,and my last name is gill knowing all ov this I STILL LOVE HIM…..why…why? i dont like it i sat infront of my tv at 11pm and waited 4 hours 4 his song to come on 4 no reason , i want to b wid him but in the back of my mind i no its never gonna happen and it kills and i need help all i want is him and he still is going out wid caitlin his so called ex they just say they broke up but they havent his doing it for PUBLICITY if he was going out and his fans knew that they would go off him and justin wouldnt b liked so it hurts when i c pics of him kissing his "EX" i cry..i am tryin so very hard to get over him but it kills i think of him every day and the more i find out the more i get hurt i want him not his money and fame just him 4 who he is and he has a wonderfull personality and smile that melts me i have over 23 images of himon my phone and all ov his songs…i just wanna find someone who feels the same about him the way i do but everyone thinks im mental sniff sniff xx

      well if u feel the same plz send me an email i cant b the only one can i ??? i no loads of info anyone out there like me

      email me: xoxxbabycakesxxox@hotmail.co.uk plz do i need a friend like me :)))

    18. Sophiee says:

      Omgg …. I Lovee Himm x he des look younger than he actually is coz i thought he was about my age (im 13)but seriously his songs are soo catchy and he's soo talented i mean he can sing,act,dance,play loads of instruments and he can also skateboard.I mean he seems so sweet and when i missed his concert in manchester i cried my eyes out , i listen to his songs all the time and made my mum buy loads of stuff from america for me …. i also made her get friends from america to buy me magazines of his…. i loveee himm soooo much xx

    19. reggie says:

      I agree with all those unguilty peeps out there. I love justin he is so cute and isn't a lezbo. He has a great voice. And you people are just jealous cuz he can actually sing unlike you people. His songs are great and catchy. SO HECK WITH YOU GUILTY PEOPLE!!! GO JUSTIN BIEBER!!! YOUR HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!!!

    20. Caroline says:

      i feel the same way as charlotte bielieber and im 14 ..

    21. nava says:

      I think justin is a great singer ppl are just jelios because there not talented like him and if u dont like him just keep it to yourself. JUSTIN IS SOOO CUTE!!😀

    22. daniel says:

      any of u lads?

      i was watchin T4 music the other day and 1 of justins songs came on, i thought it was really catchy and i liked it straight away. i didnt know know he was 15, i didnt even know who he was and he looked about 10-12 i thought it was quite, um sweet?

      googled his name as i was interested who he is and where hes come from etc, then i learnt he was actually a poor regular kid who used to sing on the street.. then about the whole youtube thing to being side by side with usher..

      kinda inspiring ya know? id give him a pat on the back if i could

      now the reason im on this website is because i googled "why do i like 10 year old music?" lol. serious, i did. i am concerned about myself! i saw some site and hundreds of comments with a girls name and with there age usually 9-13.

      im in my early 20s, a male, and i think he is cool and like his music haha.

      wish i could get his songs out of my head too, beginning to become quite annoying….. mainly the fact that its a little kid singing cheesy pop love songs, i shouldnt even know these songs!

    23. Annie says:

      I love Justin Bieber so much❤ I wanna see him in live,that is my biggest wish ! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN MORE THAN ALL ❤❤❤

    24. Sara says:

      "The kid is 15, but he looks about 12 and half. He’s got no body hair, he will still be mistaken for a little girl over the phone (…)"

      So true.

      "(…) and I honestly doubt the boy has even had an erection."


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    26. sara says:

      justin beiber is so amazing i've never seen or heard of a person who has so much talent like him , he has evrything that i could ever ask for in a guy he's :

      funny,sweet,nice ,hot,sexy,cute,confident,talented,and adorable

    27. trey says:

      justin you freakin suck everybody likes you cause your looks and your friend usher you need to suck in some reality here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. trey says:

      you freakin suck! people only like you cause your looks and your friend usher you need to suck in some of the reality around you! think about that

    29. asshole says:

      justin you fucking suck

    30. hobo says:

      Justin you rock at singing asshole

    31. asshole says:

      just like me your an asshole

    32. your girlfriend shaw says:

      i love you Justin will u go out with me please type back.

    33. chloe rebbeca trexle says:

      Justin you sleep with your mom don't u i hate u bye.

    34. asshole says:

      navas fucking wrong and justins a ****&*****


    35. chloe says:

      i want to fuck you up

    36. sex addict says:

      you want to have sex with me justin i love you very very much mother fucker

    37. Patricia says:

      Justin Bieber is my guilty pleasure!

      So wrong but I can't help it…

    38. BIEBER LADY says:

      justin bieber is a great singer and for all u haters out their leave justin alone because he dosent deserve it the guys tryna make sumting wit his life UP JUSTIN BIEBER LOVE YA XXXXX

    39. Ke$ha says:

      i love u justin u fuckin suck buthole

    40. alym says:

      He is a decent singer, but there are so many people who can sing better than him, and have a better personality. Girls are crazy over him because of his looks. Talent? not so much.

    41. bieberfever says:

      I fell the same as charlote im obbssesd with this dude!!! but i just started being overly obssesed like this past week i feel like iv got nothing to look 4ward 2 in less i can just be with justin!!!!!!!!! i just want 2 be with him 4ever!! i used 2 feel the same about the jobros but i just kinda started not likeing them and instanly feel in luv with justin (like really really IN LUV) he is just sooooooo HOT,such an amazing voice,sweet,really kool!!!(: hes a ladys man!! ahahaha!! iv got bieber fever at a temp of 20000000000000000!! ya i no i need help!!!!

    42. ashley says:


    43. Aiysha Belieber says:

      i feel the same way as charlotte belieber and i am the same age too😀 x

    44. lexa says:

      omg justin bieber ask t me out and i saide ………..yes

    45. ashley says:

      Justin Bieber i want to have sex with you right

      NOW.Come on get me pregnent.

    46. ..!!!!!.. says:

      im not a fan of him neither a hater!!!!!but his music sucks and so does his voice!!!!i mean he sounds like a girl!!!ok i have to admit that he is cute and really handsome!!!but he stil needs a lot of work!!!!

    47. kyle says:

      OK i know alot of gurls like Justin, but im a boy and im 13 and I Luv Justin idgaf if you call me a fag or what but he is hot and the boys like him too, sooo just be a great fan cuz we wont really get to be with him:(

    48. kate xxxxxx says:

      im in love with justin bieber just like charlotte and i cant help it he is to fit i dont the money or the fame i just want him because of who he is ! i am the same age as charlotte and i do think its wrong but i cant help it ! i listen to his songs every second of everyday even in class i really wish i was his girlfriend i dont care if he likes brown haired girls or brown eyed people because im neither im blonde and blue eyed im really annoyed about it but im not gonna change for him even if i do love him like so much ! please justin bieber ask me out! i am only 12 but i love you ! please type back !!

    49. Emily D says:

      I think justin bieber is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    50. Haley says:

      Justin Bieber is a hottie and has a great voice. Shut the f*** up to all you haters!!!

    51. Anonymous says:

      He’s a nice-looking boy.
      His voice is not very bad.
      His clothes suits the nowadays teen (not the “player” style)

      BAD POINTS :
      Technically … teens like him should sing songs such as Hannah’s old songs and more appropriate songs.
      To make this clear … Take example of One less lonely girl and One time. We do not encourage children to have the idea of changin’ gf like clothes, but here you can see very different tone of voices and subjects. Kids who adore him would watch these videos and notice that right after their idol sang “I’m gonna put you first”, he immediately switched to “Me + you, one timeeee ~~~”. Now this is VERY different from Akon or Usher singin’ somethin’ like that, because, for Christ’s sake, he’s just a kid. And his audiences are also kids, this would affect, indirectly, to children’s thinkin’…
      Another reason (this is my opinion though)… maybe he should drop the make-up he put on in some songs because this would give others the feelin’ of seein’ a chestless girl wearin’ pants singin’ pop —> Which quite explains most of the comments here about him bein’ girly.

      Some people say that his voice is so girly, but I think it’s just because his voice hasn’t broken yet. And many boys from 15 to 16 still sound very much like a girl because of this.

      To answer the author’s question “Is it so wrong to love Justin Bieber” :
      *NOT considerin’ the upper facts : I think it’s NOTHING wrong to love OR HATE Justin Bieber. It’s just the matter of opinion, self consciousness and self-interest. Take this one as an example, when your mom says don’t eat ice-cream it’s not good for your teeth and it’s bad, will you stop eatin’ it in the future ? Nope, because you like it. And you shouldn’t listen to any haters who say bad things about him IF you still like your idol. On the contrast, if you find out somethin’ bad about him and don’t want to like him anymore, then it’s OK to switch idols, it’s YOUR choice (like people’s now switchin’ from Hannah Montana to Selena Gomez), so no need to ask stuffs like “Is it wrong to love Justin Bieber”

      *DO consider upper facts : I guess if you calculate Justin’s pros and cons… I think you shouldn’t like the love songs he’s singin’ right now but be free to idol his new songs once he has grown up a lil’ bit.

      In my opinions, appearance matters a lot when it comes to impress people (not considerin’ bein’ a celebrity), and Justin Bieber does have a good appearance. I’m not sayin’ that girls are bein’ all shallow and like him just because of the out-look. But think about it, girls like boys and boys… well… not so likey, especially the person who’s winnin’ the heart of thousands of ladies (I’m not talkin’ about the 3rd gender). So the thing that guys are speakin’ bad about Justin and girl are defending him is kinda like guys tend to like Hannah Montana more and more nowadays. IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL TO BE JEALOUS, WE ARE HUMANS. BUT, it’s not good to be a hater though, and it’s not good to post comments full of hatin’ words and trash someone’s screen. Talk logically and people will listen to you.

      (I’m a guy and sorry for spamming…)

    52. karolinka says:

      i love justin he is so hot and cute but i lovea most he is naice for everyone and iam a big fan of justin ! justin coll me

    53. Mzcherrylollipop says:

      Ok i think bout most of u can sgree that justin is hot and sweet etc but dang he prob like frighttin im think bout it ppl he dnt kno say stuff like i wanna have sex with u and get me pregnent and plz go out with me ur prob nice ppl but HE DNT KNO U NUTTIN BOUT U so y wuld he go wit a complete stranger and maybe girlz feel tat way like u wanna have sex wit him but dang dnt yall think tat wuld be scary if a dude waz like i wanna have sex wit u and u dnt kno who they r and wat they look like gosh ppl use sum sense i mean I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER❤ BUT I WULD THINK THE LAST THING U WULD Wanna do iz freak him out i mean if u talked tew him in person wuld u tell himstr8t up and say get me pregnent and hez 16 he iznt trying tew hav any kidz now

    54. Mzcherrylollipop says:

      and yall need tew calm yall horny little azz down dang itz called self control gosh if most gurlz cand control themselves includin me then yall can yall sum little nastyz

    55. Mzcherrylollipop says:

      and u can be nasty but be discreet bout it like "im feeling guilty pleasurez rite now bout justin"

    56. Emma says:


    57. The Settler says:



    58. louise says:

      ooooooooh i love justin he is soooooooooooo cute i wish i could kiss him in bed

      bye bye

    59. Nora says:

      i am really in love with you Justin And i dream about you and if i am crying and i hear your voice im stopping


    60. justin bieber says:

      Thanks 4 love guys,it makes me feel gud 2wake up evry day knwing der r ppl wu love me,nd dose wu h8 me,it wont help!sori!

    61. jacob says:

      ok all of you justin bieber likers shut up because all justin bieber is caring about is your money and support so don't call me a fag im tellen the truth he sounds like a 4 year old and sings about his fans can't he sing about something else or be a psycho about love

    62. jacob says:

      all of you girls and guys if you say he's got a hot voice wake up plz all im tryin to tell that he won't love you all becuz he's voice is truly a girl im not lyin he dos evryone in my class absalutly hatz him im not lying they all say he needs to get some hot voice before he became a singer and pluz i won the talent show 5yrz straight buy singin not lyin so plz don't call me a fag

    63. Mell says:

      Justin Freaking Bieber is mad o.m.g. Mess with him, & you'll end up looking like my grandma, & do you wanna look like my grandma ?! I bet NOT!

      I personally wanna lick justin from head to toe & give him a blowjob & oral & all that stufffffffffffff. I wanna 69 with him & I wanna make out with him in my bed!😉 I'm so serious, if we were alone I would FORCE HIM if he rejects me ! I donnnnt like rejects so I would just tie him down & do LOTS&LOTS&LOTS of stuff 2 him ;)! No jokeee. I wanna fUcK!G suck on his D!cK soooooooooooo hard dammmmmit. Call me weird & say $h!t but idgaf !

    64. Justin Bieber says:


    65. sexyhoe says:



    66. Selena Gomez says:

      Woah, Justin Bieber is totally gonna get angry! Oppsie, he's gonna be a mad ox!

    67. edna says:

      jb my lovee 4rever one time my baby ene meene

    68. Ellie says:

      omgggggggggggg u guys are mental ima Belieberright and just give the guy a chance who said growing up was easy i mean say you dont have the courage and the willpower to put a video of yourself up on youtube do youim sure it was hard for him he didnt say mum i wann be famous he didnt fins scooter braun (his manager) or Usher ( who signed him) they found him and we made him famous so dont be calling him a fag when you all know deep down he has done nothing wrong i mean cummon if one day u become famous you wouldnt want haters calling you gay and syaing you sound like a girl why cnt u keep your sick twisted opinions to yourselves and grow up the day when you make an album and get every single song from it in the top billboard 100 is the day i will say well done now u can start hating justin because right now he is just a teenager trying to do his best in this hard world i mean he has alot more fans than any of you haters . he knows a lot more important people than you i mean at the end of the day who is the ones gettin to perform for barrack obama haters or Bieber ? who is the one earing a lot of money Bieber or the haters who is the one who despite all the haters doesnt hate anyone himself i think every one in this conversation can understand that he doesnt want all this rubbish so give him a break i mean i have plenty more thing liek this to say so seriously if u want to have a go then u gotta come get me first bitches😉

    69. Ellie says:

      by the way Ellie or Natalya isnt my real name im using my friends name and my other friends email😀

    70. savannah says:

      I love u so much. i am going to see u on dec.15

    71. emmy says:

      I'm 12 and I am so I love with Justin Bieber. He's practically my life now! I mean, I have over 40 pics of him on my phone and I'm so fuckin serious! All Justin Bieber haters are just jealous asswipes and they need to shut the frickchizz up! Yes I said frickchizz. It's a new word I made up. Anyway, I am so in love with that boy that my answer to all questions is Bieber. But I'm not like so obsessed that I'd want an intimate relationship with him! Well, maybe… LOL! I may be 12 but I know a LOT of things that many dipshits on this site probably have never heard of! Losers… as I was saying, Justin is super sexy and I love his music so much. My favorite JB song is "Up". Hey, is it wierd to have a shrine of Justin Bieber in your room? J/K! LMAO!

    72. Giovani says:

      I just wana bang Justin Bieber. He looks like a sexy ass girl. Everytime I see his picture, my dick gets hard. I wish he had a pussy but it doesn't matter I will let him suck my dick and put my dick in his ass untill he scream.

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    74. MissNissa says:

      This makes me sad.

      Justin Bieber needs to be taken out the back and shot..

      His songs only get stuck in your head because he only ever sings 3 words at most in his songs.

      I loved spice girls and aqua and all those bands way back when (I still like Aqua =3) but Justin Bieber..

      Thats too far.

      -.- Music used to be cool.

    75. amber says:

      I don't know why you guys fucking hate. And just because he is like 15 or so and sing love songs? God, fucking get over it. I don't hate him or love him at all. I just think his music is catchy and fun to sing along to. I have heard many hate comments about how he is too young, he sings like a girl, he is a fucking moron, and so on. All I can say is, why don't you try being in his position(though not as young since I do agree, he is young). If you were famous like he was, what would you do if you got all of these hate comments? Would you be able to turn the other cheek and not care about it, or would you fucking curse them out? And, would you even have the courage to go out in front of all that people and sing? -I so know that I couldn't.- So, would you just give him some slack? He is just trying to make a living like everyone else in this world. -I somehow feel really stupid about being involve with any of this, or even writing this.- Y'all should think before you write hate comments. At least have some good facts behind it after you think it through. -Now I even feel stupider than before.-

    76. carola duran love says:

      claro como no ba a estar bn kerer a justin bieber si es un niño muyy agradable cn la gente y si no os gusta pos asin ba a ser… para mi es un xico encantador y normal…. xDD te kiero justin

    77. johcast says:

      jealous? No we are not. We just totally hate that fucking boastful beiber.

    78. […] favorite baby-faced singer, the Justin Bieber, is proving again just how much he loves his fans with his latest gift to the world […]

    79. […] favorite baby-faced singer, the Justin Bieber, is proving again just how much he loves his fans with his latest gift to the world […]

    80. Justin=Sucker says:

      Justin Bieber….thats the biggest peace of shit in the holy world, he is so gay, he owns money becaus little kids think that he has a big penis and buy hes cd-s. He has a gay head and hes sucking mom has enihe born from the asshole that fucking fucker sucker dickhead ps. 4 all that ashole bitches in the world FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU

      1. selena says:

        i really love justin bieber i am 12 and a half.__i am soooooooooooooooooooabset with justin bieber every day i listen to his song 10 times sometimes more!_i now all of his information.__i would do anything to just spek to him.<3

      2. juliana says:

        love you justin beiber

    81. Jamie says:

      justin bleber is sexy i love him that is boy!

    82. maria says:

      who dosent love justin??? I.F.L.U J.B!!!!!!

    83. katty says:

      i want to be your friend

      1. boy says:

        i so happy

    84. Cat-girl says:

      Tue 16th aug 5:41am

      omg.. Justin Bieber going to Kuwait on (nov1) u don’t know if it is real

    85. Justin fever Bieber fan says:

      Aug 16th 5:52 am I love justin Bieber he’s soo cute and hot boy he’s smile is soo cuter he’s hair make him hot he’s nice boy ever

    86. One lass lonly girl says:

      Aug 17th 6:19 pm

      I looooooooooooooove Justin Bieber soo much and more , he’s soo cute and I love he’s eyes and he’s lovely hair , I love jb wan I was 15 year old , I didn’t hate him cuz he’s soo cute I can’t hate him hes more then cuter he’s nice boy he give he’s fan more love that nice of him ,

    87. One lass lonly girl says:


    88. J.Sandusky says:

      The first time I laid eyes on justin bieber, i wanted to caress his soft body against mine and..whoa whoa whoa….yeah imma dude. Is that bad?

      1. john says:

        thats pretty gross

    89. Ody says:

      ya i @hawaiigirl58 ya i know!!!!!!! i seriously hate the new yotubue! its tiering just to look at! and i bet they will loose plenty of ppl lol! i seriously feal hesitant to even use it annymore

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