Six Things Every Girl Secretly Wishes Her Boyfriend Would Do

"I really wish you'd give a little more between the sheets..."

Girls are known for nagging. It’s not something we’re proud of, but, honestly, do we really have a choice? If we didn’t pester our boyfriends we would never get them out of their man cave and into a civilized restaurant.

But despite the fact that guys don’t whine and give us puppy dog eyes when they want us to do something, it turns out that they their own list of secret wishes when it comes to our behavior.

The dudes over at recently shared all the things they secretly wish their girlfriend would do. While we won’t be enjoying Fantasy Football anytime soon (seriously WHAT IS THE POINT OF IT?!), we do understand the allure of the sexy Halloween costume and promise to continue sporting it every year.

This little list was quite enlightening (guys like funny girls? Score!) and got us thinking (as usual) about the things that we secretly wish they would do.

Our boyfriends are wonderful; we love them more than anything. But if they did some (or preferably all) of the following, we’d be sending a mass text for a girls night ASAP to brag to all of our girlfriends about how absolutely amazing our guy is (and chances are they’ll be getting a little luckier then usual come bedtime…).

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What else do you girls secretly wish your boyfriends would do?



    1. C says:

      Wow. Okay, my first thought is: why "secretly?" Are you dating a mind-reader? If these things are truly important to you, they need to be revealed and discussed. No man can fulfill your expectations and desires without first being aware of them.

      Second of all: I hope my man doesn't accidentally come across this blog. (Different isn't necessarily bad…) My fantasy football team is second in my league. I coached little league football; my man coaches baseball.

      Now flowers are good, but for all you guys out there, I also recommend you change things up every once in a while. A card is also nice, as is a particular magazine you know we like, a book, or breakfast in bed. The key here is just be thoughtful. Women like to know you're thinking about us.

      Shopping. *sigh* I hate shopping. End of story.

      Take control… I definitely like the sentiment behind that one. Again, the key is thoughtful. Take control, but show us that in doing so you are taking care of us.

    2. Jenna says:

      I would hate to take my boyfriend shopping with me, ugh. I do agree with a few of these, although it doesn't have to be these things exactly. Like flowers cost money, so even something like coming home and finding that my boyfriend's cooked dinner for me is a nice, thoughtful touch.

      I do agree with C that if something is important to you, speak up! And be grateful when your boyfriend (or girlfriend) does something nice, so he/she will feel appreciated. And one last thing…these things are not limited to boyfriends! Women can do them, too.

    3. Darwin - New York Un says:

      Wait, you WANT to go to Olive Garden? Sign me up! Now that's an easy girlfriend to please.

    4. d says:

      yea….i tottally disagree.I hate flowers, love football and would never take my bf shoe shopping. Theres no reason for him to see me drop that amount of money on one pair. And why date a guy who's selfish in bed?

    5. TheBritishGuy says:

      I think you ladies missed the point.

      In a relationship a lot of what you do is a gesture with a connotation. If you come home, open your doors and find a bouquet of roses on the table where you put your keys it puts a smile on your face and lifts your mood.

      If you are with somebody that is thoughtful they can take things and change them around. If your man shows up at work to take you out to a nice restaurant or something to that effect again it isn't the action itself it is the gesture more than anything.

      Only thing I'd add is just do what naturally comes to you. A lot of guys it doesn't come naturally to and they seem awkward or nearly trying too hard when they try and do nice things so find the woman that is right for you.

      For everybody else though a nice gesture is a great thing. The saying goes "It's the thought that counts" and after a long day at work getting a surprise waiting at your door or being wisked away from work to a nice restaurant is something that is positive and uplifting.

      Little surprises here and there keep things fun.

    6. SomeGuy says:

      "We love knowing that we can satisfy you sexually … a little visit down under (or perhaps an extended stay…) would be amazing, especially if we can take a night off from our duties"

      This doesn't really make sense to me. First you say you enjoy being able to satisfy a man sexually, but then you go on to make it sound like that's a "chore" that you're pleased to take a night off from.

      Besides, paying attention to your woman in bed is in an entirely different category than sending flowers – your boyfriend shouldn't be giving you flowers every day, but if your sexytimes are consistently slanted way towards his pleasure and not yours, that's more of a legitimate relationship problem and less of a "nice thing I wish he'd do occasionally".

    7. TheBritishGuy says:

      Someguy its Thursday, about 7pm and youre watching TV. Your girlfriend comes around and youre both sitting on the sofa(or couch) and you start making out.

      She has a sly grin on her face as she grabs your crotch and unzips you, tugs on you takes you in her mouth etc.. ill skip the details but lets just say she takes her time working you up and then finishes you off when your at bursting point.

      Wouldn't you just kill for that kind of completely random surprise on a boring night in?

      Sometimes its good to give somebody a random surprise, take them there and then give your farewells. It's especially fun between classes lol.

      She may enjoy satisfying a man but she wants a surprise every now and then where she is the center of attention and he won't be satisfied till her knees are weak.

      Her entire article is just about getting a nice surprise every now and then shes not talking about this stuff like she wants it every day, thats the impression I get anyway.

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    9. shari says:

      ummm…i love fantasy football

    10. neckas says:

      Since you invited may I add:

      I wish my (ex)boyfriend would notice what I'm wearing. And not so secretly by the way, as sometimes I would just throw a fit and demand to know why he failed to notice my new dress and my pretty/worked out legs.

    11. s says:

      i'd just want him to compliment me sometimes. he used to when we first started dating then he just stopped. when i tell him this he usually responds with a "i've told you how i feel, obviously i'm attracted to you. I don't know why you need to be reassured all the time." great. but i still compliment him..

      i would also like HIM to plan things once in awhile. i'm sick of being the one that alwayssss has to plan shit.

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    14. Megan says:


    15. Bunny says:

      I didnt read it because of one thing:

      it is THAN not THEN.

      *head explodes*

    16. Rae says:

      I hate it when my boyfriend plans stuff. He isnt creative at all so if he plans something its usually boring, like a movie at his house and then dinner. Or going out to see a movie and dinner. Thats about the only thing he can ever come up with! Im so sick of him planning the same thing. Maybe thats just me though, I am pretty adventurous and love to go out and do different things ( ex: go on a picnic, go to the lake or beach, go to the zoo or seaworld or other attractions like that) So instead, I would love for my boyfriend to go along with whatever I plan out =]. He usually tells me he just wants to relax all weekend long and not do anything fun like that.

    17. ashe says:

      okay, every boyfriend i have ever had has not locked me down. now that stupid list on guyism i meet all but one of those little things, i dont understand fantasy football but ill watch the damned game. whats worse the guy im seeing now is everything on the cc list, he cares more about me coming in bed and being happy in bed than if he does, though i always make sure he does.

      i need to stop reading relationship stuff…

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    19. Salome says:

      I liked this up until the last one. The whole "man's space, woman's space" thing is pretty sexist and regressive in general. But why make the assumption that EVERY girl has zero interest in "man" things like playing Xbox? I know a lot of girls who, rather than forcing a boy away from his Xbox, would rather join right in themselves! I personally have never found that I can watch someone play games for a long time without wanting to hop in, and I'm not even that big of a gamer. (And not every boy likes video games in the first place either.)

      And now that I think about it…some of the others are pretty sexist too. Not every girl likes shopping, and personally, while I love shopping for things like books and music I find shopping for clothes and make-up exhausting, and I really have to be in the mood for it. And (gasp!) some boys actually do like looking at clothes, and not just the gay ones!

      I like College Candy a lot because the dating advice you give is generally pretty modern and feminist-minded, so I'm always irked when I see articles like this that reinforce gender roles. I hope to see better next time.

      (I also don't really like getting flowers. Of course, that's probably just a personal thing; my name is Rose, and if you have a flower name every guy thinks it's the ultimate romantic thing to buy you flowers, and like he's the first guy to have ever thought of doing this. It gets cliched and annoying after a while lol. Give me chocolates instead!!!!)

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    21. Dan says:

      I'll throw a +1 to Salome. I'd like a post about guys that doesn't mention football, video games, beer, or pizza. Remember, there are guys who don't give a sh*t about sports, don't play video games, and can cook for themselves. Ok, beer's universal.

      I'm not quite sure where you're coming from with the "take charge" spot. It's a good thing, but it's no secret. You're a man, take the lead. Not all the time, but most of the time.

      Rae, break up.

    22. Star says:

      Usually the guys who don't play football, video games, or care about beer and pizza don't need to read this list in the first place.

    23. Star says:

      Also why is it that girls automatically tear this apart and start saying how they hate everything on the list like flowers or that they love football? Personally, I like a guy being old school romantic from time to time.

      Part of being a feminist is being able to enjoy those things without seeming unequal, not being like "Look how manly I am! I don't need attention and I like football and chugging beers because I'm equal!" That just makes it look like you're trying too hard. I know some girls actually do enjoy these things, but I find it hard to believe every girl commenting on every single article like this feels that way. It's not so much about actually liking them as it is a competition to see how "manly" all women can appear, which defeats the entire point of being equal.

      So bring on the flowers!

    24. Emma says:

      I completely agree with this list.

      And for everyone nitpicking; I believe (as others have pointed out) it is the IDEA that matters. She is using the MAJORITY of girls as examples. i.e. most girls like flowers (seriously who hates flowers?), most girls do not play fantasy football, and most girls enjoy shopping. You can replace items to fit your own needs rather than freaking out.

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    27. amelle says:

      eeeeewww is like the most douchebag-ish website EVER in the internet

      like ever ever ever ever ever ever

    28. Somebody says:

      I totally agree with you. Other people need to just relax.

    29. ChuckRoxx says:

      just be thoughtful.. both ways.. there won't be any complaints… it'll be flattery both ways. a root beer float will be enjoyed. giggling ensues. warm fuzzy. nice.

    30. Brittany* says:

      I'm all for my boyfriend 'being [more] thoughtful.' I'm the only girlfriend he's had that actually has had/currently has a steady job. I have my own car, which I use to drive 25 miles away from the direction of my house to see him EVERY day AFTER I get off from my job. I've never asked him for anything at all, and if I have I know I paid him back for it. We've been best friends for over 7 years and we're dating now, for about 8 months… I was hell bent on being the 'best friends turned into a couple' that was going to prove everyone wrong and actually make the relationship last and not ruin the friendship… Now it just seems that I'm pulling all of the weight and being taken advantage of. He works for the family business and rarely has any obligations, opposed to my 11am-9pm set hours. I feel, and I don't think it's selfish of me, that the least he could do after being free ALL DAY and doing whatever with his friends, and BLAHBLAH, is just be at his house when I show up after working all day… I don't HAVE to go see him, but I choose to because I like spending time with him… I'll get there and call because he's not home and it's always the same, "Oh, well, I'm here at so-n-so's doing such-n-such…" and then he gets pissed because I'm mad he's not at home… It'd be different, but I've had the SAME JOB with the SAME HOURS since we've known each other, so it's not like he doesn't know what time I'll be there… Ughh… I don't even know anymore. I feel like I'm just rambling, but I'm alone, because he's my bestfriend, and also my boyfriend, which leaves me no one to talk to anymore!

    31. RandomGuy says:

      i know i am somewhat out of place here but from my personal understanding i have come up with the following

      -smell good

      -be there for her, but give her space when she seems irrated

      -Be spontaneous



      -respect her, love her, care for her, make her feel like she's the only one in the entire world.


      You all have your own lists:)

    32. Ciaran says:

      I dont have a problem going down for longer? I think its nice to let my girlfriend have a few nights to herself.

      RandomGuy has a pretty good point, all women like different things. Just gotta experiment. And thats the fun part😀

    33. yowza says:

      Did anyone catch the one about “please try not to be a belligerent, angry, pissing-in-the-bushes-outside drunk?” That one strikes me as setting the bar a little low, much lower than the other suggestions. I also concur that anyone not pulling their weight in the bedroom should probably just be dropped.

      Like other posters have noted, it seems like the common thread is a pleasant surprise once in while. It also seems like women want their mates to take some kind of proactive role in the relationship. Shopping is not exactly my thing (that’s why I need the extra help!), and I do play the occasional videogame, but what we’re looking for is actual social interaction as in eye contact and a 2-way conversation. Ladies, don’t settle for less!

      Brittany, by the tone of your post it seems like you’re looking for advice. He needs to come see you once in a while instead of the other way around. If he’s not willing or able, it’s a sign.

    34. Doe_sie says:

      I want to say that i love this list. I have been dating the same guy for 4 years now, and i wouldn't complain if he were to spice it up a bit. Suprises from him would be amazing expecially after a long week of school, work, and homework. Just some kind of sweet gesture to know that he still cares would make the whole crappy week worth it. AND yes i love it when he makes the plans to do something different, or takes the time to just window shop at the mall with me. Its not what we are doing that makes it worth while its how we are spending our time TOGETHER

    35. niels says:

      Ha Spot on! Except i wouldn't say that these wishes are secret. Not to me anyway, my wife has emphassised them for me ever since i meet her. She ecxpeckt me to plan weekends and "night outs" And get excited every time i do. She will even go off-roadíng with me in my 4×4 just as long as i have planed the trip. She is crazy for shopping with me and love to see me buying clothes she likes to see me in. Well i could go on, right down to the last paragraph. This should be campained to every man as a sort of manual on how to maintain your woman. And may I ad that occasional flowers or even a small present like a nice shirt is as essential as regular oil-checks on your truck?:)

    36. no says:

      you are an idiot.

    37. no says:

      i seriously hope this poster is not wasting space in one of our educational institutions.


      you've created frustration, congrats!

      perhaps you can write for cosmo or maxim!

    38. Angeline says:

      Why is it that men have to do everything?

      Maybe you're not doing enough yourself? Giving is always better than taking and I get more pleasure out of doing spontaneous things for my partner than just sitting around moping.

    39. kii says:

      wow! well all i can say is in a relationship,both sould pan nights out,its nice to do what you want, but also to do something they want..but if one persons making all the gets frustrating for both. instead saying goin shopping together, id say just go out more and do something you both enjoy..(i hate shopping) cringe😛

      and so does my boyfriend. and if your saying you want more spontaneous gifts from your man, well then you should return the favour too. stop moaning bout what you want men to do …tell them, and do the same back..easy

    40. kii says:

      plan* haha oops

    41. lui says:

      lol i relly hate it wen u do something for the girl u dating and she dosent appriciate what ur doin…some girls are too busy with their lives that they just dont have time 2 think about their boyfriends so why should guys always be ones 2 think about their girlfriends…

    42. Thatguy says:

      Hilarious read obviously by probability not every one of the points is going to be accurate etc, but its a nice light-read & truthful

    43. tash says:

      ok yes a lot of this is true we all want our boyfriends to do that little bit more for us but we never look and see if we can do anything for them. like do what the want once in a while not all the time. im not that big video game girl but i will play every little bit. if they can step up so can we so that makes things equal between us.

      1. natie says:

        I believe 2 what you are saying equality is important to makes things works 4 us

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