I Want a Boyfriend. Do You?

I want that. Sigh.

With the exception of a short love affair that ended via email (which the boy addressed to Natalie), I’ve been single for a long three years. And I’ve been totally OK with that for the most part. I’ve really gotten to figure myself out; my good qualities (I’m incredibly generous to those I love) and my not-so-good qualities (I’m what some people might refer to as a judgmental bitch).

While finding a boyfriend has always been on my “things that would be nice” list (along with winning the lottery and looking like Rachel Bilson), it was never something that I was actively seeking. I don’t mind spending time by myself. I don’t mind making independent decisions. I don’t mind doing everything I want, including watching The Hills in my underwear while eating a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

But last night, as I was doing just that, something happened. When Justin Bobby handed Kristin his rocker leather coat and snuggled up to her as they watched the sunset I actually started crying. Yes, crying. Over an annoying fake couple on a bullsh*t show.

“I want that,” I thought to myself, as I used my sleeve to wipe snot from my upper lip.

My reaction surprised me. I had no idea how badly I wanted a boyfriend, but the tears-turned-deep-sobbing were telling another story. And then I realized that there were many other aspects of my life that were equally as telling.

Yeah, after taking a deeper look, I’ve realized that I am most definitely ready for a boyfriend. And by “ready,” I mean, “I’m sick of watching Sunday night TV alone and I need someone to play with my hair while I lay on their lap…now.”

Not sure if you’re ready? Here are a few tell-tale signs your jonesing for a BF:

1. Commercials for Kay Jewelers make you cry.
2. Your Netflix queue is full of movies starring Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts.
3. You lay a pillow lengthwise next to you in bed so it feels like someone else is lying next to you.
4. You start dressing up to run errands on the off-chance that you may run into your future husband.
5. You check Craigslist Missed Connections religiously to see if that cute guy you saw on your errands felt the connection too.
6. You take pleasure in the fact that strangers often mistake your guy BFF for your boyfriend.
7. You silently curse happy couples kissing/holding hands/breathing in public
8. You work out a lot more.
9. You break down and cry in the bathroom when your family members ask about your dating life.
10. You crave cuddles more than sex.

You got any more signs? Share them below!



    1. Angie Marie says:

      Actually, most of those supposed-to-be-funny signs apply to me. Sad, I know. I feel like I get plenty of attention from boys…just all the wrong ones. Ugh. And my best guy friend and I had a big fight and haven't had a real conversation (one that doesn't involve arguing) in over two months. We were inseparable last year, and I really (pathetically) miss being mistaken for a couple. The worst part is that I'm almost 100 percent we both secretly liked each other…and I just was too scared and verbally pushed him away every time he made a move. Ughhh.

      And I am subsequently so lame that a) I barey pay attention to cuter guys interested in me b) make all my friends sick by talking about him incessantly c) am pretty sure everything woud be solved if I were brave enough to tell him I like him d) AM RAMBLING ABOUT HIM ON A WEBSITE TO STRANGERS ughhhhh

    2. Erin says:

      I'm so there right now. fml.

    3. Em says:

      Wow, I could have written this myself; most of the time I'm okay with not having a boyfriend, but I tell my friends that I'm totally okay with it because they start getting on my case about finally finding a boyfriend, making me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

    4. Cait says:

      haha, born and raised in Colorado, so I may be bias…they just all have bad morals it seems, the second I go to another state I meet a nice guy, even Wyoming. And it's more than meeting and assuming, I keep in touch with one who went off to Africa with the military, we'll see what happens when he gets back, but ya, CO men, boo.

    5. kate says:

      You think Colorado men are bad, try driving to Utah, and then not being mormon. Ya, pretty much limits your chances tremendously.

    6. Cait says:

      That’s because boys in Colorado suck, especially in Northern Colorado…at least from my experience

    7. Dia says:

      LOL wow this came at the right time, #1,4,6,7 relate to me, those commercials are so cute, with the women getting proposed to. but im patient i can keep waitiing even though i want it badly

    8. Liz says:

      Hey I've lived in Colorado my entire life and the guys here are amazing, well unless you hang out in one of the military towns than ya its going to be bad because all those guys want to do is sleep with women.

    9. cara says:

      so freaking true.

    10. belle says:

      aww angie marie, tell him! i’m sure he’ll be ecstatic!

    11. Ally says:

      I totally agree with pretty much the whole list.

      I'm not going to lie, I would LOVE to have a boyfriend right now but I'm just not getting the attention from the type of guy I would like… I'd rather be alone than be with a jerk!

      And it's a bit annoying when you live with flatmates they have gfs/bfs and you see them kissing & cuddling; sometimes that reminds me of how alone I am! So sad😦

    12. Nessa says:

      When you're on facebook and you see "so-and-so in a relationship" and you get sooooo jealous

      Gaaahhh this upsets me and I've been single for a year and a half and ALL my exes are dating someone right now. And all my friends are dating someone.

      I'm frustrated….haha

    13. Zahra- Northwestern says:

      Angie Marie: tell him! If you have the gut feeling that he felt the same and that he'd want to hear it, tell him. Don't let it pass and then find out in like 50 years when you're both married and old that he felt the same way haha.

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    17. C says:

      I feel like winter is some kind of awful trial to make it through each year, starting with Thanksgiving when family doesn't do anything but ask about who you're seeing, going through perfect cuddling weather, and ending, of course, on Valentine's Day. I need a bf…

    18. CuteCalifornian says:

      Hahaha! WOW. oh em gee. u sound just like me, were like internet twins. Sooo glad im not alone on this.
      1,3,4,5,7, & 8 apply to me. Ive NEVER told anybody about the #5 LMAO….i cant believe some other chick out there does that too!

      its not that im ugly, or have no personality, im a total flirt…but the guys i attract already have girlfriends, or they are too intimidated to make a move.
      goodluck babe. he’s out there somewhere.
      till then i guess i will have to settle on falling asleep to sappy love songs on my mp3 while i am snuggled up to a body pillow and my cute teddy lol.

    19. Givemesomechocolate says:

      Oh my gosh…I'm pretty I could have written this article and it would have come out the EXACT same…word for word! haha…wow, AND it doesn't help that it's the holiday season…which just exponentially makes it worse for us single ones! I have been single for almost three years now, with the exception of the relationships that have lasted under three months, which I just don't count. I don't understand why it's so difficult to find a guy that isn't: an ass, a douche, a jerk, or attractive. I fee like every guy I meet that i'm attracted to has some terrible quality that makes it impossible to work. Or, the absolutely great guys end up being the ones that, i'm sorry, are absolutely heinous and/or just not my type. HELPPP! why is it so hard?!?

    20. ms_teacher says:

      can i add some pls:

      1. when your friends and family make it their goal to get you a man…and u actually consider it.

      2. you find yourself in the guy section of the store, browsing through possible gifts you would give to your boyfriend if you actually had one.

      sad, i iknow.

    21. lonelylove says:

      this whole list is so true unfortunately. its always the worst around the holidays too

    22. b says:

      so glad i'm not the only one!

    23. Sabrina~ says:

      While I was reading the first paragraph, I thought you were talking about me haha


    24. M says:

      I know how this is. Two people that I don't even like started dating, and I cried because I was so angry that they could find a significant other and I couldn't.

    25. hola says:

      If you were in your underwear, how did you wipe your face with your sleeve?

    26. Jessica says:

      Guilty: #3 and 5

    27. Jessica says:

      @hola: good point, perhaps she meant (underwear)bottoms with a long sleeve shirt.

    28. Riko says:

      I know what you guys mean. The worst part is when you see the LAST PERSON that you'd ever think get into a relationship have a boyfriend. Then you worry about yourself!

    29. iadmitit says:

      Totally guilty. And your article pertains to me (and I've noticed it pertains to quite a few others here) almost exactly. The current situation, relationship history, mindset etc. This is freaky how so many of us are in similar situations.

      I want a boyfriend! If for nothing else than to alleviate the boredom and motivate me to get away from watching soppy dramas on Youtube. I'm sick and tired of making an imaginary boyfriend (yea lol, and almost unconciously these days), tired of looking at my parents and going "awww, now why can't I have that?", tired of not being able to call someone at random hours of the day and just talk about random stuff. Gahdkfjk;ldja;lkndf.

      The ones that ask me out don't meet my standards, and the ones that meet my standards are too ambiguous at the moment for me to ask out. So frustrating… I'm thinking about asking one of them out anyway just to break up the monotony (they're all really good friends, so that might present a problem, though honestly I'm almost beyond the point of caring).

    30. lucky says:

      boyfrnd mean lover jo bhut pyar de this is nature every one need love fhir ladki ho ya ladka. ye baat or hai ki kisi ko 10-10 ka pyar milta hai koi ek k liye bhi tadafta hai bur everyone need love true love without love no meaning of life

    31. Steven says:

      As a guy born and raised in Colorado my whole life and headed to CU in the fall I'd like to chime in and say that as a guy the least appealing aspect of dating for me is the "dates" what will we do? What if I suggest something that isn't fun? How the hell do I afford it? What's the point when, as suggested above, you want someone to be your big spoon and watch TV but you won't just say that to us. Hell, the reason I read this site is because women are so closed with guys thy we never know what direction to go in. I would love nothing more than a girlfriend I could hang out with and just be mellow. I'm an excellent big spoon and a fan of cuddling. But I've actually found that I enjoy the friends with benifits approach is much better because it isn't the stress of dating. It's the spooning on the couch and watching a chick flick, maybe fooling around a little and then on your way without constantly having to try and be mr perfect. The emotional part I miss but I've just decided it's not worth it for now. Maybe boulder will change me. Doubt it though. Just my two cents that turned into 6… Sorry for rambling haha

      1. Eve Godson says:

        And u are?

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    34. PRABHU(CHENNAI) says:


    35. Jo says:

      It's all true. Especially 3,4,7, and 10 in my case. It's been three years since anything serious for me, and last week my most hopeless guy friend just fell into the most romantic first relationship I've seen in a while.

      I don't think I would even care if a guy turned out to be an asshole later on, as long as he held me close for a couple hours first. Need to find a casual cuddle buddy.

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